The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 7, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 7, 1939
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS .. THE nOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTIifeABT ARKAWMa i»n a™-™,-... •*• *«.«--• f f K^ VOLUME XXXVI—NO. 1/15. niylhevllle courier BJyllievllle Herald Blytlicvllle Dully AHKAKSA3ND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI French Troops Are Moving Into German Territory PARIS Sept, 7. (UP)-French and.British high eon mancls today prepared to rush large numbers of Krili»' troops arriving in Prance into positions on the wester . lioiU where French troops reported an advance into Cm man territory in the rich Saar Induslrial area Accelerated Franco-British milt- * • — tary operations against Germany coincided with disclosure that Genera) Edmund Ironside, chief of the British general staff, and British Air Marshal Sir Cyril Ncwall have been at their posts on French soil since Sept. 4, Aided by airplanes and big nor-ts ?„, -1"^, °. le T * re " ?l1 tl ' 00 ' )s were reported to have reached (he edges of .several towns In the Saar ba ' Artillery fire thundered all along the 120-mile front. It was made known officially that -British troops were now arriving in France mid would take the' ' places alongside the French in ti fighting lines. French official communiques wci most reserved but reports fro Luxemberg and Switzerland nort and south of tho active front Ii dicnted that the French had mac considerable advances in an opei ation Ts'hleh seemed only in i opening phase. As many as 600 tanks were use in one operation alone, ninone eral on the front at the northcas corner ot Prance, according to re ports. It was said further that tl French were net using the crac troops in the Maginot Line but ha sent newly mobilized reservist against the Germans. French troops wore nnderstoo to have attacked in several sectors The northeast comer area wa selected it was believed because tl frontier is not marked by n rive nnd the French troops and tank were able . to advance througl K-coded hills directly onto the Oer man advance lines. Thc Luxcmberjf and Swiss re ports said thnt the French ha< captured a series of pill boxes nnd artillery emplacements at the out side of their drive and thus were able to continue their progress.: Parisians had caught up on the! • sleep during .. the. night •; because thejre_ha.d_b<?tri -no-air-alarms,,'anc people going to work were cheerful Trains proceeded on schedule, newspapers appeared en tbne and cafes were able to serve both coffee ant rolls. As the result of three false air alarms, the government ordered that henceforth air alarms shoult not be given unless there was rea reason to believe' enemy planes were approaching. It was rncogni/.ed that will) thc front now active, there should be constant German fieiia! incursions which would not necessarily bring enemy planes here Though it was estimated that hardly mere than l.OOO.COO. people remained In Paris' normal 3,500.000, authorities continued to appeal to parents to take their children away, insisting that (here were still loo many people in the capital. There seemed no let-up in Ih. flow of reservists toward the front. The high morale of the people was shown by the humorous signs which tradesmen left on their shops to advise their patrons that they had been called to the colors. "Tomorrow I will shave people free at the front," said a sign on a barber shop. "Have an errand to do. Will lie right back." said a shoemaker's sign. "Gene lo Ihe opening of the hunting season," niniouiiccd a grocery store placard. "Be back for Easter, above all at Trinity," said a sign on a Trlnite Place shop. "Gone for the annual mobilization period. Return right away," said another sign. Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, III, Sept. 7 (UP)—Hogs: 10,000 Top, 9.25 110-230 Ins., 9.0D-9.S5 140-160 Ibs., a.25-9.00 Bulk sows, 7.00-9.00 Cattle: 3,750 Steers, 11.25 Slaughter steers, 7.M-H.25 Mixed yearlings, heifers, 9.00-10.00 Slaughter heifers, 1.00-10.75 Beef cows, 5.75-7.00 Cutters and low cutters, -1.75-5.50 New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 7. (UP)— Colton futures In all months rose to new highs for the season today on Inflationary buying due to the war In Europe. Prices ranged ur> $2.55 to $1.85 a bale. open high low close 909 9GO 90S 958 897 948 803 948 890 943 890 880 932 880 920 904 Federal Official Warn There Is No Shortagi In Foodstuffs WASHINGTON, 'Sept, 7. (UP)_ Secretary of interior Harold r Jckes said today the govcrnmcn will oppose vigorously "a rape o our natural resources" by war tlmi profiteers. Ickes' statement came afler Sec retary of Agriculture Henry A Wallace reported there is no prospcc fcr « shortage of foodstuffs anc basic commodities as i\ result o the European war. Wallace revealed that the a°rl- cnlturnl department has received several complaints charging unnamed processors and distributors of foodstuffs with spreading false rumors of shortages In order to increase prices. The complainl.s are being investigated, he said. Ickes sniri he could see "no legit imate reason for the present Increases in .commodities prices because of (lie war in Europe." Short Term Credits Are Held Permissible WASHINGTON, Sept. 7 (UP}_ President Roosevelt today officially ruled that short time credits for ordinary commercial- transactions with belligerents are pcnnissible under the neutrality law. His ruling was made public as IB summoned an emergency cab- net meeting to-implcmeut-hls neutrality- policy which already has established a peace protective front extending half way around the vorlcl. Mr. Roosevelt deferred a decision n summoning a special session of -oiigress and fresh doubts arose as o whether he Would call congress back before Us regular January ession. Norway Not To Hold Disguised German Ship TRONDHEIM. Norway, Sept. 7.— 'ho German steamer Frieburg, 'liich arrived yesterday disguised s a Scviet vessel, will not be iu- crned because she had no guns. The ship, with soviet funnel larklngs. new the Danish flag as In? entered the port, 'but hoisted '•IB Nazi swastika thereafter. Imminence of war was learned y the ship's officers while off Gl- raltar nnd the vessel put Into a pnnisli port nnd . changed mark- ig.s. She proceeded north past the ritish Isles Into the Arctic ocean I he Norwegian Staples Skyrocket Will European Conflict 0 Few Days Old When you go to buy your week', supply 0 ; staples tomorrow an< Saturday, don't 'cuss 1 the groec because prices have scared. It's I In war (at least source (Tracer Insist,) s beyond tin Deans have advanced so shnrplj m price that, none cnn be f|tiotei ami retail stores can't, get lliett •nipped anyway. Sugar, which soli lor 49 cents per Ion pound cloth sack two weeks ago at the clmh stores, was l>2 cents yesterday 05 cents this morning nml 67 cents this afternoon. Lard has doubled in price since two weeks ago. Meal Is up ten cents per 24-pound sack ami will be Uglier tomorrow. Hani is up live cents per pound. Loin pork Is nine cents per pound more than two weeks ago. Uncoil will soon be H usury if 11. continues to soar as t advanced four cents n pcund In lie past few days. Cheaper grades or canned corn are up two cents ier cnn, A» canned meals have advanced nd unwrapped soup Is due to rise oday or tomorrow, grocers have icon told. It isn't s shortage that Is caus- ig the rise, according to local gro- ers but it nil started because of icrcasc in demand. Products of these kinds, which an be used fov war purposes, are ot being shipped. A Blythevllle rocer received today only one- fth of his order for sugar and cveral other commodities arid oukl get no beans nt all! Local rocers say their pvolit is the same s before the war started and' that o effort will be made to proIHcer. With memories of high prices nrlng the World War days stlil ivid in their rfiinds, several local rocers. believe families will lay In ugmented supplies ot the basic oods that Blytheville people like o have on their Inbie every day ut so far lew if any local resl- ents are stockin uantities. up In .'i large War In Brief PARIS: I'Vonch troops nilvtinw- into Gcrmmw's rich Saar nuliiBtnal araa; big push imlk'ale.l will, oflcinl m SWi, B W, lMOP ",h Wv ! n|t l <> <'^ P'2 » inc uilli 'loiich; linliali roynl air force air force pianos operate will I'Vench aviation from Frcixjh bases. ' • i WARSAW; German trpops close in on Wai-saw ns Polish delomlers prepare desperate slam). musflw ils ' ol _ LONDON MVar _ cabinet iietenninps (o "smash Hitli is ?ii j 01* irocKi, ini it { jivv pvnoi'i tj 11 A! {jinn * i i , . , t>**" xi > iniiiiui ( > I.AJJVI if) iJiHH-VG IL DlflV llP "4/V re major bullies oil -western front IN> Oeniians minptmce occupation of I i.i.i I ~ .„ . .... i I *.. •. < i Poland'* imluslrial area/ptVUh* 11^ o , C S o Poland w German hands. High command lists hvo Polish divisions and three battalions "wiped out" in with Gorman forces. Hitler conliniies tn wislern armies. innvoli with his v: Diplomats, guiclefl by Mussolini, nmneuver lo ' ' , mamtri.n Italy's noutrnlily and .slill fulfill 'o ms o axis partner; Ilnlia,,, s tj|| j^ieule Ill0 y will not cute "war bCing b " 1 nRROli lhc >' c «« '"«*<> »<• lon foi' initmenta. long 1 com WASHINGTON: 'Armed forms mount protective vnli - noil nml nnti-Mpionago griaixl; Panamu cn ,1 /one \n - cler complete mili i n ry control by executive decree' „, "v cancels Inunmg cniiara to mako ships aVB i In | )lo fC0 '.' ^ Germans Claim Poles' Retreat South From Warsaw Is Cut Off I'nlkl, nil then down oust. Stock Prices NEW YORK. Sept. 7. (0p» — locks made an irregular advance Mlay with trading lighter than In ic past two sessions when the irnover was nearly 10.900,000 j Wicials Of Blytheville Company To Confer With Commission LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Sept 7 — tinirman Thomas FitzhugU of the ate utilities commission said yes- rday that conferences with om- cials of the Arkansas . Missouri Power . Corporation of Blythevillc and the Arkansas Utilities Company of Helena and other power companies have been scheduled with a view to obtaining lower cleetrHtv rales for their customers. The commission chairman pointed out that the Arkansas Power and Light Company, biggest utility •'ere only 21 miles from .Warsaw. t was announced officially. It had Ucen announced a few ours earlier that German troops nd tnken PultiiBk, 30 miles* north f Warsaw, Indicating thnt the nvaders were massing on h wide rout north of the city. The capture of Pultusk meant •ml the left flank ot the Pionsk- Olechtmow line hnd been .ndvnnc-- d :14 miles in a. fanlikc' !,'pret<! nd that' Ihere was a wide lino f German troops 30 miles from Varsaw. The destruction of bridges south f Warsaw, apparently by airplane bombs, would be designed to cut on the Poles' retreat. Thc government also announced that German troops had captured virtually the whole Industrial area in the south of Poland, on which the Polish nrmy depended for guns and ammunition. E. C. Gathings To Be Speaker At Legion Meeting More than 300 Legionnaires of ths Fifth district arc expected lo altad the all day meeting here SINGLK COPIES FIVE CENTS War Must See End Oi Hitlerism Is Britian'sStand ton iced Ami Soy Bonn Oil Prices Also Rise runners of this section nw Jnbl- ,1111 over llu. sharp Increase li puces for lint cotton, cotton sm ! nml soy boiui oil which if continue will menu millions of dollars them this fall and winter Cotton seed, which had' reached n new low, Is up Jr> per ton which means npproxlmnloly half of n million dollars lo Mississippi counly farmers nlone « s ,,| mos( , 2 OooOO bines of cotton were 8 | nn[ll | , n lu , s county last season and two tales of cotton will nraku one ton of seed. Although colton has deteriorated In this spfllon from bllgtil clurlne Die past two weeks, (ten familiar wllli thc nrcKliict hove believe Hint nil damage \uilch cnn cccnv is already over, In comparison with Hie 11)3000 hales ginned last year, some of which well-lied more limn the fioo >omid average bale. (t,o most con- iervntlve estimates or (his season's cotton crop for Mississippi County s at least 100,000 bales. Cotton hns gone up $.1 „<,,. |, n)c n lhc past week nficr havliifj reached n law cf B.35 somellmo during; U'c past four weeks. H \vns 15 at nine o'clock this morning Although Increase In coUou seed s partially due to the Eurcpean vnr. It u nlsp due to the activities Jf the Nnllonnl Cotton Council in he opinion of 'many fmnilinr with lie situation. This uroup has been iitlcmpiliiK o obtnin uetlcr prices on this ommodlty for flovcrnl m:nths with nidi nctlvitles by the group as n I'hole nnd Icudinu indivldualo, Mississippi County has u largo mount oi soy boons plaiilcd whloh re alTculcd by lhc Increase In soy bean cl). Steamer Manhattan (,',-•( , •. ^ .•••...mig nvi i; >>.undfty.when the Dud Casoiu post , . of- the American .- Legion will bo • Reaches Port Safely host, E. A. Rice, c:ir,,,,,, m : Fifth district, said today NEW YORK, Sept, 7 (UP)—The ::inmandcr of the United states Liner Manhattan nr- r ' v cd today from Eu t LI — * *'"ui Ajmi/fju Ulljiyjltg at the First Christian n record list of passengers Inellid- ' ... cllsl of the Hitlerism. Attorney Gen or a! Hoi Sees No Clash In Act Purposes . 7 (up)_ . Attorney General Jack 'Hall li today, In nn opinion Issued nl Ih rcmiest of Slate Treasurer Em Pnso, Uml Act '325 of the A.knn .1 ,n,° l! turc ' " vlllcl1 l >l>l>raprlntc< MJO.OOO nmmally lo pay band anc interest maturities for rood 1m jiiw-t-ment '"strlcls, does not con Illct with Acl 03, Act <I3 provides for payment bj the slate treasurer of certnln fund re for mnlwlllos of bonds nnc wi\v to * Any belief that Britain and France might tanporke with Adolf Hitler nn<! discuss a general settlement after tho fuehrer hns accomplished a lightning conquest ot Poland was dispelled by several factors.. The Polish ambassador was understood to have reported lo his Bovcrmiiont that the British nvnr cabinet In imnincliliiBly dctermmcd to end imierlsm for nil time Another factor wns the inclusion if Ihe cabinet of Winston Church- Ill nnd Anllicny Eden, strong foes of Nnzism. ' In addition too Influential London Times, regarded as reflecting oltlclal views, said Hltlcrlsm must o ca IrlcL- ° f lln '''' ovcm(m '- irolt snla tlic Icglslnturo mean fov net 335 to apply to raid Im provement district bonds lssu« since Feb. 4, 1027 to build farm-to market roads imd the same falUns, This docs n1)l iiffcct liimbncl limds as provided In Act 03, Hoi Any road Improvement dislvtc n-gnnlitcd since February •! lii;n s entitled to share In the fund ppra])rlalcd by Act 325, provide! such district has bonds, pnymeii of which is authorized under the act. Street nnd other Improvemen districts cannot share in the fmv Holt said. fine Bluff Receives ; er'"Electric "'Rat PINE BLUFF., Ark.,'sept. 7—, new "fninJly" electric rate cut bj . ! • . meeting. Tlie biulncss ses- United Stales ambassador to lhc Arkansas . Powci III t ii • ui") ".iivw.j "inuna.TUi.HJi til will follow n chicken dinner Franco and Postmaster Qcncrnl to be served at 12 o'clcck. B. C. Onthiiigs, United Stales congressman, will be the prlnclpn speaker during the afternoon session. James A. _. According lo these reports the 1 "* e n™™nl«tlvcs arc expected from Germans had advanced far by yond the boundaries of pro-World War Germany in the southeast. The army high command listed two Polish divisions nnd three bat- . nntl Triimnnn.- talians which It said had Been practically wiped out. It was an- tho. following posts: J;ncsl>oro Welner, Marked Tree, Tyrpmii, Marlon, Eiirlo, Caraway, Lepanto, West Judge, Manila, Blythevllle, Monette nounced that 25.000 Polish prisoners had been laken, mostly in tho corridor. - Tollsh General Captured BERLIN, Sept. 1. (UP)_A government nnnouncenicnt tonight saltl that Oermnh troops had captured General Goslarowski, commander cf tho 77th Polish division after a conference of the utility's manager, with thc commission. Teed, naconda Copper 373-3 ssoclatcd D. G ' 71-2 eth. Sleel 80 5-8 oeing Air ; Steamer President To Visit Caruthersville stall of the Polish armies. t, , . \ -' -- DQ -"v ., L .,,VJ -«^> V* Itiv; I nil rwllill U1VI51OII mm In the slate, had recently re- < and until 1936 the chief of eencrnl ducecl rates after the company's •-•-•officials had conferred with the commission and tliat the Citizens Electric Company of Hot Springs hnO voluntarily agreed to a rate re- oca Cola cneral Electric cncral Motors it. Harvester :cnt. Ward Y. Central Enroute from St. Louis to New 24 1-31 Orleans for the fall season thc ex- 82 5-8jCursion steamer President is scheduled to stop at CaruthcrsvlUe for n moonlight excursion on Friday, Sept. 15. This excursicn will be sponsored by the Sacred Heart Men's club and p. E. O. 109 38 3-4 51 1-4 62 51 1-8 16 3-1 ackard 4 Oct. Dec. Jan. Mnf. May Jill. 849 608 947 043 932 918 904 Spots closed steady at 979, up 41. . . . , i Chicago Wheat liillips ndio •chenley mnions ocony Vacuum . andard of N, J. exas Corp S. Smelt U. S. Steel Sisterhood. The boat is scheduled lo leave Caruthersville at 9 p. m "I 7 s ,,^!- e r>resillent is bringing Ralph "I J-" i Williams nnd his "Royal Com" '-"imanders", well known 12-piece TJ i pltlnilce band. Thc current visit will ,1 . i b « t-he last for the big excursion *» ] steamer in this vicinity, this sca- C4 3-81 New York Cotton NEW YORK, Sept. 7 (UP)— Cotton closed firm. Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. May Jul. open high low close 897 875 858 84C 952 942 936 92 G 913 894 89G 886 885 871 850 833 Luxora Negro House Destroyed By Fire LUXORA, Ark., Sept. 7.-Pire of ivi'sfc-rplatle Surrenders BERLIN, sept. 7. (UP)-The war ministry announced today that thc I M Polish Garrison at the Westerplnttr I Fort, off Danzig, had surrendered at 10:20 a.m. The Polish garrison cf from 70 lo 200 men had held out since the , war bcjnii six days ago, turning Rotarians Tell Of Embarrassing Moments Several members of the local Rotary club called In for Impromptu talks were asked lo describe their most embarrassing momenta at Hie weekly luncheon meeting of tVie club at the Hotel Noble today. . Joe Bill McHnncy attended the meellng today as Junior Rotarlnn for the month of September. H, A Crumley, cf Memphis, was n (jurat empliaitis Attend Townsend Meeting at- of 54 members back terrific German land, sen nnd „ thc loc " 1 ' Townscnd club, No. air attacks repeatedly. „ . . °" e ' nl thc court house last night. - - .......... ,-v.^. . The war ministry, In announcing ' Fowlcr Lcndcnnte and his orches- Ihelr surrender, paid tribute to the " mi " sllnl " Davis nnd his Dude | Ran di Wranglers played several I selcctka<;. Duets were sung by I Allen and Billte Dallas and Mr. nnd courage of the garrison. Hitler It Qull Front :,, p BERLIN. Sept. 7. (OP)_ N « Z |' ' °' 'and his two Thc ManhnttJin carried 2.747 persons 500 more limn the shl) ever before carried. Grace Monroe nnd Normn Shearer, nctrcssos, were aboard. sources snicl today that they expect Adolf Hitler to return to his mountain retreat this weekend or parly next week when It was reported he would confer with the Italian am- bassadcr. Hitler has been at the Polish war front. Resignation From Slate Board Accepted OSCEOLA, Ark., Sept. O.-Reslg- nalion of the Rev. Paul V. Onllo- wny of Osceola as n member of thc Board of Control of the Arkansas Boys' Industrial School has been accepted by Governor Carl Bnlley. No appointment to till thc vacancy was announced. Tltc Rev. Mr. Galloway, pastor of the Oscooln Methodist Church wrote the chief executive July 31, explaining he fe!t he no longer could spare- the time he felt Ills duties on (he board deserved In a letter lo the minister, Clov. Carl S. Hiitlcy said he accepted the resignation "with ijrcnt reluctance and sincere rcjjrel." Previous to his connection with the Indiistrinl School, Rev. Galloway was 11 director of the Agricultural, IWcchanlcal and Normal College for negroes at Pino Bluff 'or a period of two years. At that .Ime he was pastor of thc Method- st church In clarendon. The 'linngc to the Osceola pastorale icccssltatcd his resignation from 1ml position nnd Ills subsequent ippoliilmcnt to Ibe Industrial School Board. nnd Llgjlv ----Company becomes effective here this month. The rate schedule, called the "New Thrift Pinnlly rinto" by the A. P, & L. Is ns folloivs: First 100 KWII, 3-4 cents per kilowatt hour. Next 100 ICWff, 3 cents per Villo- l-wo cents per watt licitr. Over MO KWH, kilowatt- hour To Attend Cleburne County Fox Hunt .Sportsmen cf Blythovlllo and olher points of Mississippi Comity arc making plans lo attend Iho North . Arkansas fox jnml to bo held nt Heber Springs Oct. 5. Nolll Heed, who lived at Iteber Springs before lie moved to Blythe- vllle, will head thc yrotip which will Join the Clotiurne County hunters there. The hunt ihree days. Is lo continue for Gov. Bailey Visits At Stuttgart Today LITTLE HOCK, Sept. 7 (UP)- jov. Cnrl E, Bnlle-y left today for Stuttgart where he will deliver an address at the annual Visitor's Dny at the Hicc Experimental Slat-Ion of the University of Arkansas The governor will return here tonight nnd lie In his office tomorrow when the slate texlbook commission awards contracts. Refugees" From Enemy Torpedoes ^-"-fflyfefe^&H'-^-'ffi*^^ — • i\(:~K*':'>:i-°Z* y'tf&vSi. ^^K&fMK •-. 't'Sft ii'tfese-.--* Osceola Dentist Heads Dental Association OSCEOLA, Ark., Sept. 6. . Morris Nickol, Osceola dentist was elected president of the Northeast 950 1 935 : 833n : lie negro. this week. Other ofltcers were Dr. Jake Williams of A._ was vice-president, and Dr. l-vcd Clilld Spots closed nominal at 1000, l»P to'a lo 5I - ° S : I dollars, uninsured. nnd contents were n than a thousand I Chicago Corn open high low close Sept. 85 887-8 83 881-4 sent Dec. 88 831-1 821-2 88 Dec Old Age Goes lo Party ' sixty dentists. Dr. Nickol is !he only Jewish member of the ossocl- s a lion. open 57 585-8 high low 603-4 54 close 83thrn,rf CO 3-8 * C ° The group voted to hold their ext meeting In Jonesboro the last totaled 1,110 Thursday in February, 1940, Fifty j s ' Myra McEIr " sh 's ncxt meeting In Jonesboro the last be ended. nn overwhelming sit- periority in (he sir'" Chamberlain snld, "tho Polish soldier Is contest- Ing every ynirt of the German advance. "in Ihe east tho Poles nro fight- Ing against n ruthless enemy who Is rclylnif on weight of numbers nnd materials to crush his opposition." Chamberlain told the' house In connection with tho sinking of tho liner Mhcnln thnt the admlrnlty had, Inkcn counter measures nnd arrangements for establishment of n convoy system for all .ships. He said the submarine peril would bo quickly oijdcd by Improved methods of dctecthiif nml destroying submnrine.9. Pnrllculiir Interest nttaclieU to thc Times editorial because of rc- pcrts clrculiUing in Europe that some sort of peace move might ba, made by Germany or In Germany's behalf ns soon ns Adolf Hitler felt that his armies hnd penetrated sufficiently Into Poland. • The idea was that Hitler wanted only n local war. . Also there were reports Uiat Beuito Mussolini might soon make.' some peace move, , . • '....""•'•-' ,..The.,Times;.said;.-,... ,'.. •"•/.;.-,-• : . -"If'and when (he German: aniP" lea linve ccmpleled •. n considerable advance; Hitler would: naturally: &t expected to make an oiler of penes : • . . llmt is already plainly anticipated by yesterday's transparent, attempt to persuade Prance, having declared war, not lo wage It. "On this tactical move It Is sufficient to say with the Prime Minister that the survival of Hitlerism would only mean that the world would continue to pass from one crisis to nncther nnd that It must' therefore be ended once for nil "Tho nlllcd nntlons nrc in this war with grlrn determination ;< to end ii Nnzl government utterly r ailhless mid brutal. They wllt'neg- cct no legitimate means nnd spare 10 effort to achieve this end.'; . Yugoslavia Mobilizes LONDON, Sept. 7. (UP) — The illnlstry of Information made pubic today wrir office reports' that he cabinet of Yugoslavia has dc- ided en general mobilization. Death List nt 128 LONDON, Sept. 7. (UP)— 'hcck of casualties In the sinking if the British liner Athenln indi- nted today that 128 lives had been osl although officials still hoped ,:nif missing persons .had been licked up fiy vessels without radio qulpment. Jot Springs Electric : Rate,Cut Is Announced LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Sept. 7.— Electricity users In Hot Springs •111 receive a combined annual re- liction, of 545,009 in their bills Dglniilng Nov. 1, Thomas Filz- «gh, chairman of the state utlli- ics ccmmtssion, announced today Chairman Fitzhugh said the re- liction was voluntary on the part t the Citizens Electric Co. and was ic result of a conference yesterday etween its general manager, Rnlph "eed, nnd the commission. D atterson Addresses Local Kiwanis Club The Rev. George W. Patterson, pastor of thc Christian Church, was the principal speaker at the regular weekly dinner of the'Ki- wnnls Club at the Hotel Noble last night. He discussed the major activities and divided these Into several classes—work, play ^ and worship. He said all n'cre essential lo a wdl-roundecl life. Guy Hants of Poplar Bluff. Mo. wns a visitor. WEATHER Three ocean Hnors, Including Ihe two blg gcst lit tnc world, are shown Ued up at New York-''refu*e»-' from the European war. The Queen Mary, between the little Italian liner nnm. ,i n m , " rug f e :' Mn>-vn n ,,ji« ..,,,..x ..,-,. -...j.. . . ' D '"man nner Roma (left) and the slant Arkansas—Fair tonight and Friday. Roma (left) and the giant i Memphis and vicinity—Fair and , ,, by " '' eeo «" "blackout run" from Southampton Thp (rtn nome! s! 'S llU y warmer tonight; Friday scheduled for Ihe Normnndle Just before w.r broke out W as cancclM to to mvners ^ ne ™»*' '«'*• f "»°^d by show- L I firs .silo coolsr. T r d ' safely eluded

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