The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 9, 1930 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 9, 1930
Page 7
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THURSDAY, 1930 B1,YT1JEVIU-R, (ARK.)' COURlflR NEWS PAGE SEVEN- CLASSIFIED ADS TWO ceuu a word lor flrM la- •erUou uid cue «nt » word lor «wJa tubtequuit ln»r- Uon. No »dv«rtlMioentUk<u Jor leas tli&u Me. Count tb* woidi mil jend the cvb, Phone 30» FOU SALE LOU AUTHOPQF"QA8H ROMANCE" ^^ t 1Q5O /6y NEA FOU SALE—Cash or Trade—my equity in property at 103 West Ash if>.. priced ul a great deal helow value, Dr. C. A. Caluwell, Late, Ark. 23P—10-10 FOE SALE—Brown cloth coat, fur trimmed, size its. 510.00. Call 6W. OC-K10 I Oil SALE—Best bargain in town on Model A, 1929 Ford roadster with rumble seal, driven about GUOO Miles, in excellent condition in ciory way. See Morse ami Kindlier. 7C-KH FOR SALE OR TRADE—100 acres Umber, piling and ash, on canal mar l4iyiiN-*\iiic. 'taxes 5^V50 per jear. Will make line farm, bell cheap or trntle Icr licusc. Clear of cctt, abstract to date. Thoinas Land Co. |iO ACRES near Dogwood school house, oil in cul. house and barn, iirclly pecan trees around iiousc. Sold IR, 101'J 'for $0750. Owner moved cul West. Will let il BO lor 53000. Has 52000. loan against, i'.. 40 ACRES just olf BarfleM Rd. One inilu of Blylhevllle. Uind, team, tools, etc., $5250.00. Thcnus Land Co. 8C-K10 FOR SALE—Bargains. Pretty cot- lag;) on Kentucky cast ot Franklin, 4 resins am'; bath. Price $1800. 6 'ROOMS and bath, Dugan St. Rents al $20.00. Pries 51650. Thomas Land Co. 9C-K10 FALL CHICKS—Rocks, $8.00; Leghorns, 57.00; Assortrd, our choice, $0.00. Other breeds. Catalogue Free, prompt and guaranteed delivery. Send le per chick, balance C. p. D. Missouri Poultry Farm, Columbia, Mo. OP-K10 FOR RENT Hlvii'.N 111:111: TODAY Ai!\rulurr i-ali'ra the life ol rm.i.i >in<Tiii:i.L. ir. nbm .hi Iryrttn MIL- t.ilhrr fctir k:i* kiiii- IWAi-il ilc-nil u nlive tmj m-:illliy. .•»Ui- li-i|\r» IIIT uniirrlriitlou* l:nmi' In llfilfhmirr lur it Inline hi -Nm Vurk wllli bi-r, JOHN L'llimi-U.I ...... tl kcr iitUlucrilllc Si'in'cAiim 1 n on mix, h, r i»,illn>r. iliinr.'.-J MllL-lirll unit rr- n::irrlrU rttiU I* mil* n t\lc]mir. II.H:\i:k SHIKI.IK. >iiutm ia-11-- l^riivr l»bi»l-»[tr:i|ilU'r, I" (n hue *Ulti ill*- i;lrl mill Iji'lnrt- IvnvlnK li:>L!lmiin* Olln prumliril lu Iff li)}tll 111 M-. |4>VI-. ^lir li limriv En krr nrtr lionir. .vin-hi-ii iihks i:vi:i.v.\ I'Aiisu.vs. fii-:unirLil \\Erinw. [LI tnlri.'LhiL-t- tTic clfl In v ..... n in-null-. Jlr-,. Vat- M)!lx 1-inihlrCi-rn Ci-li:l a lurjinK 1i> 1^'n ^lllchrll'H Hircrtlnnft nnil )if:rrn>. Slit* Invlli,.! Hie ^Irl n> lift I. liny Ulnnil t ...... i- fi»r n »ci'l»- vlnl. •nil) .1011 (>\,V. Iriirlnnllnit liul ^vhTi ti ilnlilniiN rrimrnllim, U :ir- fi-ntlvt- di (YITn. mill Sir*. I'nr- >iniiH t-iu-uurjiHf Ibi- innrch. ^'hrn <l:r ntln-r «in-.*t^ Icijve Otrlln con- Iliuir* livr il>ll. l.lnl IM'\'CA.\. tcclnllr nriinil- nrnl, linllrx lirr ttt /lltrnil n I.M tniniliif: [inny. t-'i-Hn nnrniMly i-MMLK-jt ilrnunljic: nntl l.n rrst-tu-il l,j- .lnrit:in. llrr rtilhrr Itrnrx of III- n(T:ilr unit Ili-Llx Ilic B lil return linnn-. The •jinie rvt-nln}; -liirilnn rnlln. M)\v c;i> o.\ WITH Tin: STOIIV CIIAPTHtl XXIV <pOn JOIIDAN Blood smiling at -*- Colin from tlie open French wliulows. He Innkci! handsomo lu his <lhmer clothes. "(iuoil "veiling." fio saiil "l"!niiL;lit I'd find yon licre. Mind If I come out?" "Of course not. There's a fine breeze. Here — won't you ell FOH KENT—One ol Shane apartments on West Main street Telephone 197 and 571. loll. FOR RENT—6 room house, 232 Dougan. Phone 334. llkktf FOR RENT—Furnished apartment. 108 Kentucky. Phone 683. 4P-K11 FOR RENT—Front bed room, adjoining bath, private residence. Phone •I'iDW. 8C-K.13 FOR RENT - Foui- room stucco house, mcdern 606 North Fifth St., Mrs. F. P. Carter. P1-K11 FOR RENT—Steam .heated, th/ec room, -furnished apartment. "603 West .Main, Phone 642. 8c-ktf FOU RENT—Rooms, one week Iree. U14 Hearn St. 8I--K14 FOR RENT—Modern stucco res! deuce 5li North First St., also four and five room houses. Dr. J. A. Saliba, Phone 410. 7C-K14 FOR RENT—On October 15th, moclorn five room house, garage and coal house at 305 North Bread- way, one block from Noble Hotel. Phone 1512-F-4, 1P-K10 FOR RENT—Modern 4 room house, 307 North Broadway. Phone 1512-F4. 9P-K13 FOR RENT—Two room jiouse OH East Cherry. Phone 8B8 o r -150J. 9-CK-TF Slie niatlo ronm for him on tlie K'U'licr MMI. Jonbn leaned back Civinforlably. "1 just dropped aronnrt to sec how you felt aflcr your— damp ad venture. Evelyn eaya yoiTro re covered." •Toitcclly. Hlil she tell you tin rest?" "I don't know. She saj-s you're driving Inlo town In the morntng Is tliat what you mean?" "Yes." Cclla snook her hca( mournfully. "Father pays I have 10 c.iniD. That's why I'm out b:ir< — say ing goodby to llio garden and the stars and the sky. 1 hate Icav Ina it all tiehlnd!" "Vou do? Can't say that 1 Dlanu: you. It's u beautiful place." He paused, then continued lu a care for mo a little. Next Jay you seemed different and I decided 1 was wrong. It doesn't change tlio memory, though." Ills hand closed over Celli'a. "Was 1—altogether mistaken?" Ho breathed tlio words slowly. Cella had uo answer. Gciitly ho drew her nearer. "You're uol answering," Jordan irolestcd. "Tell mo, Cella! It's errlhly Important!" She edged from him. "You know that 1 like you," sho aid. "I'd be awfully ungrateful t I didn't after this afternoon." "liul I don't want you to lie grateful! 1 want to know if you eel the way 1 do aboui~tho other (light. It's tho only [lino ve'vo met thai I've had you alunc. Cclla. do you care?" rjlS arm had gouo aroimil her. '••'• Jordan's fnco was closo to the Bill's. His dark eyes i>onghl hers illiugly. She couUl not look away. Cclla felt the warm rush of color to licr cheeks. Toil Jor- lan's handsome eyes so near—Tod Jordan's lips— It happened tiulckly. A kiss sweeping aslilo everything else In tho world. Tingling, delicious, terrifying! II real hi ess, Iho man aud girl stare<l at each other. "Oh, Celia!" Ho tried to take licr In his arms again, but Cella protested. "What Is il? What's the matter—dear?" -. Sho shook her head without speaking. "Dnt, Cella, 1 couldn't help it. I'm mad about you! Oh, won't you understand—1" Tho girl arose and walked to the railing of the porch. Jordan followed. "You mean," ho Bald huskily, "you don't care about ineT "It Isn't that," Cella hesitated. "Then what 13 it? What else in tlie world can make auy difference? Why, Cella—you're trembling!" Jordan took both ot tho girl's hands in his. Sho looked up at him with frightened eyea. Their gaze met. Then Jordan droppei her hands and stepped back. "Someone else?" he asked iu tho someone elso." No* I don't know!" "Doea that mean t hava a chanco?" Sho lioililcJ nor head. "You darllUBl" Again slia was crushed In Jordan's arma, This timo when Bho pushed him awoy slid w»s bright- eyed, laughing. "You don't know how happy you'vo rnado nio," ho told her, Cella reminded him tho had only said he had a "chance," and that future- decisions would rest upon EOOI] behavior. "Thou I'm suro to lose," Jordan told her gloomily. "I'm not accountable when I'm with you, dear. I only l;uow how much 1 want you." , Knch romantic speech thrilled Cella. Sho tried to pretend they did not. Jordan's experienced eye look In her aublcrfuge. For an hour lliey dnrhneas. talked, sitting In Iho wllli Jordan's arm tower voice, "I'll never forsel !l." The v.-ay he spoke made the girl turn instinctively. Light from the living room cast a broad, fioldeu rtWion across Hie porch floor, hut the divan on which (hey sat was in shadow. Jordan could not see tho delicate coloring that lad risen In Cclia's cheeks. "You liUe t -it, too?" she asked In fc rijttct vofcb. Jordan slnuggcd. —oh. I'm a fool, 1 you know the other evening when we were dancing hero I— well, I don't know— I just can't forget about it, Hint's all. It must have been my mistake, but TOU seo I tnougiit you were bcKinntn^ same throaty touo. T—don't know." "What do you mean by that 7 Don't you know It if there's some one else you caro more for! Tell me, Celia. Why do you want to keep me waiting?" Jordan was a romantic fieuro as thrown about tlio gtrl'a shoulder, Celia forgot tier scruples and her promlso lo Barney. At last Bho said oho must go. It was growing very late, Tho liny hands on her wrist watch pointed to 20 minutes after II o'clock. Jordan laughed ut tho Idea of that being a lato hour. Still, It she wanted him to leave— * • • lit; didn't want him to go, Cclla said. Sho only felt it was llnio hat a call Eliould end. Jordau In- Istod on ono more kiss, and then mother and another ono before ho finally said good night. "I'll dream nbont you, Cella," he whispered. "I.ittlo angel!" Sho watched him get Into hla car, smiling a last farewell from :lio door. Then sho went to the library to find Mrs. Parsons and her good tilght. Passing a mirror lu the hallway she caught a glimpse ot licr face. Celia stopped short. Sho hardly knew herself. It would never, never do to let Evelyn Parsons ECO her with such flushed checks. Tho bright eyes were tell-tale, too! Quietly she hurried upstairs, dusted powiler over her faco and citino down again. Sho found Jlrs. Parsons rca'JiiiR. "Is Tod gone?" Evelyn asked. "Yes. 1 really didn't know it was getting so late. I think I'.'l no upstairs lo lied." "Hun along." tho widow told her. "I'll bo coining soon." Celia undressed and crept into bed. that It seciucJ hours lietoro at last s-ho fell asleep. Then sho dreamed OUR BOARDING HOUSE E6AP, VoU M IDEA ThR V£ti, -fHA-f DOSS AWAV WITH BcstHeR oF A "BicrrTeR ?-~-weLL, ipeA is -THis ~~ im -(He BARREL $ OF trfe TOUrtTAIHi PE(d 15 A BAT-fewY suppt-ies -Trie ELECTRICITV -fa A ^MALL. COIL L&TrTsipe cFTHe HEA-f-COIl. SIMPt-V DRIES'-ffiE IMK OF" A uioRp zTasf WRrT-feM, AS iffe 15 MmA'.p TO WRrfe -"'- J —™ WORD' -~ CLEV£R r /~>EI/1A hailo farewell to liviljn *•< next morning wllh genuine 10- gret. Sho considered Mrn 1'sr- aoiis^ her closest friend. "You'll coiuo to tea IIH, won't SsSSJaBTS you?" plleil her "Why, of course, the clrl. Sho wondered on tlio drlva bai'k whctlicr sho would ECO anything more ot Jlmmlo Webster or ruuus- ~^Ins Usl othern. almost bikini lo fed ihut sho VMIS ono of them. Ilul ot coniio Tuil Jordan would como lo She mtfacd most ot iho nBree- ablo scenery along tho rnad tlituh- Ing a^oat Tod Jordan. After all, In spile ot Its lerrorn, tho mlng adveiitnro had been roimuilEe, Tooting ferry and tnt; whistles cunpht her eyo as Ihcy croa?cd tho great K.ial liiver bridge, color uml motion of river aroused her Interest, they rcuc-iicd Manliallan It was n short thae btfore Iho llmoiislno halted befuro tho Mitchell home. Cclla £ut out am! ran up llio morning!" she s;ih! M ns ho opened tho door. StC|13. "(jood KJwnnl 'Where's grnmlmollicr?" "Upstairs, Miss Cella. You'ro l» go up to her Bitting room." Ouietly tlie girl cllmbcil tho staira anil knockoil at Iho door ot Mrs. Mitchell's tulle. "Come Iu!" a shrill volco called, and Cclla opened Iho door. "Cootl morning, grandmother!" sho Bald brightly. "Well, woman, good can't morning. yon even Young pay a week-end visit wlilumt gelling 3'onr naino Into headlines? Ughf What business have you got, I'd like to know, going swimming, anyhow? It's outrageous. Nothing ot tho sort when 1 waa a girl—" The girl, Biirnrisen, waited whllo the Indignant torrent raged. It developed Hint thero hail Iwen no "headlines." One ncwaiiapcr h:nl carried a small paragraph ol llio ucciUent, nnrl there hail Iwen r.vo calls for photograrths. That w - aa all. It ^vas suHkk-ut to convhieo tho aulocratlc Mrs. Mitchell lhat her . dignity had been outraged. For 'half an honr sho Icclurt-il on llic Eanctity at thu Mllcliell name. Celia heard It all demurely. At last Lhe wai excused and went to BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Martin Oil! ho ^st seemed there. tragic. I evei : ything about ills Ills him dark poso "Like It? I! dramatic. His perfect-fltting guess! Celia, jner clothes must have cost three times what ever paid mado suits. WANTED WANTED — Family '.Vashcd and Ironed by compe- Washings. tent white woman. 704 S- Lake St. Mrs. Brown, AT ONCE—SOUTH AMERICA OR I U.NTTED STATES. Permanent positions; clerical, mechanical, salesmanship; experunce unnecessary SEiarica S25-S1CO. weekly, iranspor- FOR DENT—D room Stucco liuns- alow near B!ythe\-ille Hospital. \utli tntlr. S22.&0 per month. 18 S. Franklin St.. L. A. Waters. Phone Office, 594, Phone Residence 472W QP-K13 FOR RENT—Front bed room. Garage. 719 Cliickasawba. Phone 2D5. BP-K14 V. R. WASH AM—Transfer Dally trips to Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight and 'ackagcs anywhere. Special •atcs on carload lots. Local Phono 8S1 Memphis rhone 3-Ob: tation furnished. CAGO, ILL. BOX 1175, PEKSONAL rURNITURF, and PIANO |-cpairir.g and rcfinUhing. Work guaraii 114 Railrcad Street, t'lionc 9P-K13 WERT He Makes 'Em See! PLATE LUNCH 20c Sandwiches and Fountain Service WRIGHT'S MVE-AND-TEN CF.VT STORE STRAYED—From my place at Promisr L-und, two light grey mare mules. Weight about 1,000 pcund. 1 : each. Mrs. LutliCi- Gaincs. OC-K13 Kcad Courier News want aria. TOiONESTEAKS' THE liEST IX TOWN 50r. Good Coi'l'cc TO-Al'S CAFE 103 N. .Second SI. Phone 13 —Auto Parts—i Why Pay More? JACKSON AUTO 1'AHTS Main at 21st Call 6Q Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing 'n Income Tax, Bookkeeping Systems Phone 52 tneram Bldg. Blythovllle, Ark NOTICE Wllh OUT recent partnership rrith Mr. Gee* Carney, we now have the licsl equipped inrle- uondent shop in town. CARNEY-JENKINS GARAGE Firkwick linildinj: "We know we know how" fteaumable, H!,ACK CAT COFl'KE SHOiTK ouu IMIKMIUJI is Konil.s tu biiit \nur taste and Hie l>i i st workmai^lnp. ^Vc ilciivrr iirnmntly. Yon pay for wli;\t yon gel ami fcTt ivhal you p.iy for. lll\llicviilc Uplinlstery i- Kcpatr Shop J. If. Jenkins. Mjr I'honc 469 117 S. hi. St. WHY Trt VU«& WIO'.INO OS BttN VYVtETOLO Her heart '.vaa pounding so 1 her own room. ug to bo much aguln! llimchcon was dismal. Mrs. Mifclicll continued lo Indicate disapproval . of her grand'.hiughtcr. she was dancing with Tod Jordan on a moonlit platform. not lu dreams, but In a night club. Cclla retired to tl:o llhrr.ry as Boon It wa- a resort in a pleasantly re- as she could excuse herself. Martha found her thcro halt an hour Inter. "There's a sentlcinan calling tor mote portion ot Long Island sided over by a hostess whoso affairs often made "page one" of tho Miss Cclla," Iho maid said. Tho girl was repentant. "I don't know. Tod," she* said theio directly after leaving Celia. Tho bleader young woman in his arms was iivc LJrooks. With one hound Iho gHHre.irhcd tor tbo Instrument. JTo Uo Con(Jiinc<I) LOST AND FOUND New York Cotton New Orleans Cotton UP—On Oct. 1st., 1 bay mule, weight about 800 j. C. Ellis, New Liberty. 7P-K14 NFAV YORK, Oct. 0 (UP)—Cot- Ion closed barely steady. Open High Low Close Oct. (old) 1012 1001 1018 1022 1040 1040 1CH! 1032 1053 1051 1072 1014 1004 1005 1100 1111 Spots clorcd steady and unchanged at, 1020. NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 9 tUP) — Cation closed steady. Open High Low Close ... ions 1003 ... 1040 10-15 1017 102U ... 1050 ICjlt 1037 1031 ... 1071 1072 104G 1050 ... 1000 1092 10GB 1070 110« 1110 1088 10S2 Oct (new) Dec (old) Dec (new) told) Jan mewl Mar May July . 1005 1025 1020 1032 1030 1051 1070 '101)7 Howard McCormick, city, were dls- Spots closed steady Read Courier News Want Aih. HK7i Read Courier News Want Ads. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS OEC6, LISTER. FELLAS otJ UORSSBACK TMlS T'S WAT BlUM-tV F VJAS T6LUH' NvC AND FARBAR TMOS6 THO F6UAS OW HEADW UP THIS VJAY----IT'S AN' THAT BIMliLEY FELLA snu. HAMB OWE BULLET FT IN K,\Y SOfJ...VfjowoeR IF OJSHTA TAUE A SHOT AT :.'Al....rJo.,.soess I \MOWT. 1 . 1 l'LLTAV:6 A LOOM.. TUtV WUST E6' LOSi; Too .To QZ. IU TWE \'A'-LfTy Op tt&K Foe Me..- 1 JUST IT ! Til K \VIUTK JO15. PRODUCC SCHOOL t OUGHTA BC A-: f.'jTUOW.SO X'M GO,111 TO WRITE , VCO Be (\ 7,10 TM^^ 1 S xou Dir> THM LOAVED TOQ LONG

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