The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 24, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, April 24, 1947
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BIYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NUWSl'Al'EK OF NOHTHEA3T ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. ,XUV—NO. 28 Elylhevllle DaLlj Newr Blythevllle Courier Blylhevtllc Herald Mississippi Valley leader New Blytheville federal Savings Firm Chartered Rosco Crafton Heads Association to Handle Loans on Real Estate Judge Revokes License to Drive After Auto Crash Morris Jenkins, Negro, today was fined $50 and costs in Court on charges of reckless driving Hint grew on: of a car-truck collision at Main and Lake Bireels yesterday morning The fitic \s - as.sus- pended pending paymenl of damages and Jenkins' drivers license was suspended for six months. IM.YTHKVILUO,^Al< KANSAS, T1IUUSDAY, AI'KIl, 1M, I!)IV B. H. S. Glee Club Choir to Present Concert-Tuesday SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS A charter has been approved bs (lie Federal Home ijoim Banks Administration of Washington, D. C. far a iederal savings and loan association here and the new organ- isation's board of directors ant officer:; -.vere elected at an organizational meeting held vcsteiday.» The ]:urposp oi the organization, which will be known as the Bly- thcvillo Federal Loan Asociation, is to promote savings and make loans on homes in Blythevillc and vicinity. Ofiices of the loan association will be located at 124 West A-I-L Street. The board of directors elected at yesterday's meeting are: James Terry. It. C. Fair. W. L. Horncr. Roscoc Crafton. A. K. Wctenkainp, Dr. J. E. Bea.sley. and W. J. Pollard. Oficers elected were, Hosco Crafton. president; R. C. Fair and James Terry, vice president; and W. J. prulard. secretary-treasurer. It was announced that the new loan organization will formally open May 15. . , ..aiSii ^Vai!ace in Paris Talks of New War Fears Professional Diplomats Cannot* Avoid Another Conflict VARIS. April 24. (UP)— Henrj A. Walla ere said tonight that i mifOit already be too late foi stttU'-snieii to check what he de scribed as Hie present draft to ward a third world war, Wallace spcke at the Sorbonnc his first public address in Paris 5I C \vtli wind up his tour of Wes tern - Europ: here and return t thr Unilnci States. lie sketched wlmt he foresaw the potential course of a tr which ini^liL be culminated by "ei ther n sUipid accident or deliberat provocation (which/ may set th wnrkl ^.P^me once more" and addvn: t:ii -" "*'•••';"••* --.-•- "TL is with infinite hesitation that I »o so far as to say that I am Qfitkl the governments and professional diplomats may. not be able to change this course of events. 1 ' He saici the world needed ''a preat overwhelming awakening of public opinion to call hundreds of thousands of public meetings nil nver the world to proclaim our attachirent to peace and to world connection.'' He siiid the current world crisis wns psychological, economic 'and ' "Thorp is a psychological crisis ro.sultiii:^ from uncertainty and lack nf confidence." ho said. "There is an ei-onomic: crisis because every day it is becoming increasingly evident there i.s no international plan to reconstruct the war devastated nrras ol Eastern and Western Euro [5 r:. "Hut the RravesL crisis is political. Ii is caused by the basic fact Mint there is :i wall of distrust, fear and to a certain extent hostility which may divide our world into the West and the East." Soybean Concern Plans Expansion Contracts Awarded For New Buildings To Cost $40,000 Contracts have been let (o the Anuco Drainage and Metal Products Co. of Houston. Texas, and grading is underway for the construction of two large seed storage buildings here and at Leachville at a combined estimated cost •« 40.000. W. O. Reeves, president of he Blytheville Soybean Corp., aii- ouncetl today. The building here will cost an stimated $25.000 and Ihe si met lire t Lcnchville about $15.000, Mr. icevcs .said. These buildings will le completed in the late Summer eady for storage of soybean -and ither ficlrl seeds so that ample upptics will be available for next year's planting. The Blytheville building will b 80 x 30 feet, constructed of stec vith solid concrete floor, ami i o be creeled just behind and adjoining the present warehouse al 1800 West Main Street. To Provide. New Silling A new railroad siding will he pu to lake care of rail shipments •comodating eight cars which cai bo loading anrl unloading at th' ;iime time. The building i.s dc signed so Hint trucks can rl for unloading and loading any kind of weather. The Leachville buil'ding is of Hi same design and same type con slryclion but on a smaller scale Additional new cleaning equip ment will be installed, to do hot custom cleaning anrl processing; c the firm's -seed. Mechanical lead er.s and unloaders will be use which are designed for both sPcc anrl efficiency. The Blythevillc Soybean Corr operates stations in Cardivoll. Kr nftth. „ Horiic-rsvillc, .and Hollasv Mo. in addition to the Blytheville and Lcuchville plants About so employees are normally L'mpto;1'd W. O. Reeves, president, and E. 13. Woodson. secretary and treasurer, administer the business, with Ernest, Roc as office manager assisted hy Rudy Vrska and Miss Evelyn Blj'lhe. Mr. Reeves stated that in his opinion Mississippi County was fast becoming as famous for its soybeans as for its cotton, and the idea providing these additional fa- :ilities for the farmers in this see- on was to encourage production of soybeans as well as diversilica- ion of crops, lie said it has ahvavs >e.en hard for the farmers to oh- ain seed at the time they needed them, and that with these additional storage and processing facilities and ample supply could be red. Besides supplying the farmers in the locality cf their plants, the firm ships seed to all points n the South; and has filled government contracts for export. Moscow Conference Fails But Big 4 to Try Again in London i- dull ilioir, |iirlurr<l .iliovv, will Hie <iU-o I luh presi'iils :i c'liii-rrl I hi- hiuli M-lmol Miulcr illrcTl'oit of Itlyllirvill? !Ii(4h SHlool (ll prt-sent several mmilu'rs whni Tucstliiy nielit, 1:30 o'cluck, »l Mrs. Wilson Henry. Choir members ni-c, Icfl lo righl, Inillom nm : Mury 1'rniiri'S Uninrs, 1'alsy llrslicnrsi 1 , I.etn HUSK Custlio. K:ithrrinu Wislbruok, liarliiira MiiiutglKin, I'al Wilson, Jo;ni Trir sclnnann, Nuncy Klcli.iiils, TenKy l!;irlipr, ltoseni;iry Julinsttin, Mary Ann Turks. l*eg^y [Vli:- Alullin. Ivvulyn CiinnliiKliHin, Billic .lane ICotlcvis. ycctind row: JuH:i Ann ^^ r orMlsun, l'jnrn:i .lovuer, Marilyn Dcen, i\inUne Hamst-y, (lay Ma.vcs, Oclnrcs Aytock, llelly I, Dllsk'.v. ill Allili Janlc jX s. llelly iKll'i^iin, Nancy I Ir, -in. in, Htlly I'arllinv. U.i.l a oil Stiouk, Mary I. on (lurrip,:u], Marlon Third KIW: .lack ICIIii.ll. l'iciil[-.s .In-nlgim, Jlininii! l.imr, llcihliy Turner. Nathan Waile, faiinll liviuis, Dick <;ieeinicll, l',lll\- .hiymr. iMarlon S'niilh, (ii.lbain I'.irllcnv. I'ourlli row: .Ine niiick llt'slrr. C. (i. Ilcihuan, Klanle It. C. All.-n, II:.n Caldliell, lllll Wllliauis, f.lilv lloli Klllnlt, I .Ternli:an, <ifiald Illnini-ycr, 1-^llioU anil l>oii Smart. The clioir and llic boys anil girls iiii;an, c. G. Hcdmmi anil n C- Iro c]ul>s. n-hicli will al;:<> present Alien, \clio won liisl place this various .si-lections for the concert month in « Trl-Stalo Ucta Club oeently received top ratines at , convention tali-n: contest.' nncl » he s.atn Glee Chlb Festival in ' i;!rl s trio composed or Mary Little Rock. Joyncr. Uosetnary Johnston Specially numbers will lie presented by a boy.s quartette made ni> of Jimmy Henry, Freenian Jcr- Ann t'arks. Other members of Ihe Cdci are uoberla linicy. Kamona Ion. Catherine Graham, I'ahlcia liny. Hetty I.ayson. Ann Oi r, Mildred Aim .Short. Mury Mauiaiel H Amen. Don lluni:h, Klu-vim Cald- l.on ; well. I'aisy Chltwood. Susie Craf- and ton, Nancy Damon, Marv Jo i-;alon. Virginia Kaslcy. Jnekle "l-Mes. Het- Club ly Ann Graves. Hetty Ilarber..Nun- Craf-i cy Hamilton, t'ulsy Joan Haynes, hiking Photie Workers Aided UMW Gives $100,000 To Telephone Union For a Relief Fund WASHINGTON, A|»ril 'M —Tile United Mine Workers '/! today presented $100.000 I'l telephone workers' strike (nut federal conciliators intensified oi'ts to end the 18-rlay-okl ionwide walkout. The miners' check, boos'.i'.ii; ^Secrecy Debated For Discussions 0^ World Police 1 AKF, SUCCESS. N. Y.. April 24. (Ui'l—A move was under way among Ihe big powers today to bar publication of the forthcoming report on the United Stales delegation said it favored full publication and debate on (he document The American statement, possibly the forerunner of a countermove to assure public riiscussioi of Ihe loug-awaitrj report, was issuer! as a denial to reports that the united states supports a Russian proposal that the report and rlrliale o[ it be barred to the press nm! public. There were /> authoi HaCU-e inductions of which of the Big Five Powers had proposed keeping secret She report on tile M monfTis' private negotiations of the UN military staff committee and bar- riui; pies;; and public from security council discussion of it. N. Y. Stocks Judge Remits $2,800,000 Fine to cf- [Merchants and Manufacturers Support Price Reduction Plan ] NKWHUUYI'OKT, Mass., -|| _>|. (U.IM- The "NolvlHirypolt Plan" appeared lo be snowballing across the nation today m; inami- lactmcrs and merchants in New York. New Jersey. Pcllnsulyiina, Minnesota and California followed this city's example and voluntarily slabbed prices U) per cent or more. Designed lo create a coisl-to-* > coast rollback of prices, HIT plan was Inaugurated by most Newbiny- porl mcichaiils Tuesday on a 10- day trial basis and since hr.s been adopted in l,coministcr and Aixv.-. ah Daniel, .llnimy llciu.v, Harold iiiiiu-yc'iill, Franklin iinni. Hilly J.iincfi, Carulyn l.inl/i-nleh, l.'atllcrlne Martin, llelin Marlln, liamona Nceilham. I' rope, lionlta Klankard, Vivian 'I'liylor, Martha 'IVaylor. Mary Traylor anil .llnimy Hchnniller. \Vanda Uarham I.s Payments, Tax Cuts Urged WOSCOW, April 2-1. (U.l>.)—The Fm-eifjn Ministers ('(iiiiu'il (•(included Us Moscow coiiforeiicu louixhl vitli ii record <>!' fow iiccomplishiuonlH and agreed to meet again in London in November. 'I'lic Ditf, Four suiTiH'dcd iK'iLlifir in itKi'ccing upon a lii'tu'c lively Tor (icrniiiny nor upon ;\ treaty for Austria which liiul l)con Ilio niiiiiinnm accomplishment expected for "Ilio .si'.ssion. i T'he final ineclinrr concluded yt T.Xi p.m. und the foreign ministers of the United States, Franco and Ih'ltiiln will leave Moscow tomorrow aller a farewell baiunici cndered by GchcralLssini} Stalin it the Kremlin lonujhl. Sccrctaiy nf Stale tinaffc C Marshall lolil a press conCcrnm-l- Immediately :if»nr the sesilnli cilll- clmliMl Hull whJIi- lie was disap- linllllerl al tin lack nf l>rr>srcs« he felt there was a "fair elntncR" of reachlnu an eventual agrcc- Mrs. Marlmi Dickens of Newport "'fill within a reasnuablo lime. was elecled president ol (lie for- "('fore (luilllni! the 131.! rest City District of the Federation ol Woman's Clubs in Ini'.vi session yesterday atleriioon ol the district convention iic-d here yesterday iiiid Tuesday, OUIcers wen: elecled followlni; The ministers. In addition to the u luncheon at the Woman's Glul) l-ondoii session. agreed l.o hold a al whlrh Mrs. ICarl Ithndes Officers Elected By Club Women • Mrs. Marion Dickens, Newport, New Head Of District Federation bury. Mass., Spring Valley, N. Y.. Virginia. Minn., and Sherman Oaks. Cal. The Lever cut was follower! by . , , , ,. similar reductions by the Colgate ,<as presented shortly after Ine [> : ,i m ,,u vc i> C et Co. of .Jcr.if the clcphone strike fund lo $157.000. UMW yot back, in federal court 2,KOO,CW rescinded from the SV 00,000 contempt fine levied .gainst .it for last Fall's sell coal viilkoiu. Government conciliators earlier ,ad said there was a 50-50 chance City, N. J.. and Lincoln Stores, hit., a department store chain with 10 outlets In New England, New York and Pennsylvania. Grocery I'rkcs Slit.sliril The Clover Farm CD. of Boston with 12!i New England s'.im-:; le- agreed to set up a special commls- hus- "'"" '»"<' " special technical com- iiilllce lo moot hi Vienna and study (he disagreed points hi the pro| pos-d Austrian peace treaty, following sa:; I'Vdcriilloil of Woilliin's Cllllw. wa:; uuc.'il, .spcukcr, OtllCV DHIcCr.S V.'DI KIMA'lt Hip 011- short mceUn;: In New Yurk nt DIG the Arkan- Him; of Ihe UN General Assembly inettliiK In 8i!|ituinbcr provided they lire all present at lhat meeting. 'I'he ministers ill reeled tl>u Allied year Include Mrs. Chari'.'S Control Council In llerlln to report Former Treasury Department Official Supports House Bi!i .eltiiis; lhc nation's 310/.1GO <|uced prices 10 lo :iO per ei nt on striking telephone workers back or, groceries sll|iplied to Inclciu uder.', stores in Massachusetts, Ihe job in a week or less. The UMW check, was presen'.ed i the National Fi-deraiion of Telephone Workers by John T. Jones or the UMW inlernaticiial ixcclttive board. Jones 1'iul not .earned of the federal couri re- 'und when he handed the money over to C. W. Werkau. . NFTW ' ccretary, The NFTW previously announced lhat its slrik-j fund hiul received $57,030 in contributions n the past two days. In accci't- iiB the UMWs offerin;;. Werkau .aid that "through such r.ffoiis we wiil carry the strike to a successful conclusion." The money will be used to help tardship cases among the strikers nnd to counter company vising Mid. 2 I'. M. Quotations A T h T Kit 5-8 Anicr Tohacco (i 1 . 1-2 /•iconda Copper 367-8 U~i Steel 04 3-1 Chrysler 0! WASHINGTON. Anril 24. I UP —Federal .indue T- Alan Golilsho rough todav lopped 82.800,000 of the S3.SOO.OOI) fine imposed agains John L- Lewis' United Mine Work ers for last year's coal strike ii defiance of a court order. Goldsborough. who had M'ithhel 1 ordering reduction of the [ini ruled that Lewis has complied fnl- y with the U. S. Supreme Court's order to withdra'.v his pending April I strike signal. H was on that condition lhat the Supreme Court ordered icciucUon in the fine. Lewis withdrew the strike noti<'° March 19. hut when his mine workers began a "safety shutdown" in the soft coal fields which lasted from April 1 (o Anril 14. lhc gov- ermncnt objected that he had not complied fully with the supreme court mandate. The UMW first sought return of (he S2.800.000 two weeks ago. hilt Gold.sboroiigh delayed it when the government asked for time to consider whether f^cwis was violati 1 ' ' the order hy the safety strike. Assistant Attorney General John P. Sonnelt said tcday. however, 'he government has no objection to '"e- riuction of the [inc. As about the walkout, the union Secret Conference Held bo the union appeared to tigyiny in for an indefini'ely lolj!; sUiKe, yovcrinntnt officials work- eii hauler than ever for ;i settlement. These were the <levlopmcr-!s: 1. The Labor Departinenf, iiv .'iletl the Aineriean 'J'elei>hone ^ TclCBrajih Company's long; citslnu^t:'. Vermont and New Hampshire. Ten per cent i eductions were announced hy the General Cable Corp. of Mi:'.,- Vork and Cowing Industries, a Boston hardware supply house. As Mayor James M. Curloy called on Boston businessmen to make tile Huh "Ihe first large city to lake concerted action" request.; lor information poured into New bury- poil from Worcester. Unveil, ilaveiliill and iiyannis. Mass, Bralllcboro, Vt., and Ansoni.i, Conn. In Chicago. Ihe Illinois Federation of lietail Association:; .ipp.-alcrl to merchants lo "t;et In line with Newburyport," .„.„.„.., °"'V reported opposition was ill advci -' Portsmouth. N. II., where the Chnm- ! her of Commerce announced that ''the plan is inadvisable because it cannot create permanent prlcr reductions on a national sc:'l'\" business is nimmiii.; Meanwhile. Ncwhnryport re'ailcr:;. who started (he pricc-cu'. drive in response lo the President's request for voluntary deflation said hir-iness had boomed 10 lo f!0 prr cent. Starrs wore crowderl anil out-of-tiiwu customers [locked to this city ol i.>.wo to take advantage of the n Officers Arrest Burglar Suspects Alert Stcclc Marshal Makes Quick Cafch At Missouri Line Two Missouri men [ire helnc held in Ilio counly juil at Cnrulhersvllle, Mo. today In coiineetton fdh il'e Iliofl of npiiMixliiialcly t/JMO wiirlli or jewbli-y riiim I hi; Phlllberts Jewelry Kloro in aleclc. Mo. Tin: hrcak-ln occurred about 3:30 thl.'i morning. The men nre Ben Arnold. 21. of Slide nnd I.onzo Mosler. 21) of Tyler. Mr>. They u-ert; nppTCheiHled al (ho .stale line abnul an hour and a half nfter (lie burglary, eiuliiu: a chase by three olElcrr.s (U:it !)«'can when NiKiil. Marshal Mill Hiai.- fieid of Stet^Je hecaTiu 1 .snspiriiiiiii president; Mrs. J of llarrishurg, set dent, Mrs. George vine, treasurer. Mis. Khodes stressed ol Ihe convention, "Hi nf (he Home", pointing I In ' - - lirsl vl e L. Anderson mil vice presi- Lec ol llljlhc- hv Ihr lliein WAEIMNdTON. .April 21. lUI'l — John W. Haue:: told c;r,n:;rcss tc- flay Ihul it could cut la::es and reduce Hi.; national tlehl al lliu .same time. 1 lanes, who useil. 111 br relary r)T 1 rrasilt;,',' icj -cted admln- sl ration ariiuuicnls agnlnst imme- cilale (:ix rerluclliin as no good, lie urged Kcnutc passatic- of the House bill lo cut taxes from 10 1-2 per lo IIII per ccnl ut the bottom, ccnl at. Hi,, lop of Hie Income scale The eoimlry's industrial rlevelop- menl. Ihiiiei said, will peter out II money nnw Kolng frir taxes Isn't dlverlerl into \eli1ure capital. As lor Hi,, adiuilitslratlon's arguments that anv Ireiisliry .surplus shonli he applied on the national debt. Hanes said (hi-re woulri b[> enough money to cut both tlehl and laxes. O t h e r congressional dcvelopmenls: June 1. Meeting the American eorrcspon- denl/i Immediately after Ihe final mccllni! of lhc council, Marshall said: "We are naturally dlsanpolulcd thiil no Austrian trealy or four- Dower pad for keeping Germany onl lhat! disarmed was n'lrord upon nnre," home was the foundation ofj Mnrsliiill will leave hy special and should be the fo- plane nl 0 11.111. l-'rlrlay. of Interest. "Unless the ITe will nuiko a special report to It should he, unless Ihe American people either Sunday or Monday evening, He suit! Ihul when lip left Wnsli. hmtoii he realized there was little chance of mi agreement on Ihe German Ireiitv hero. He ntlded Mini hi! did hnpc for mi Austrian '.rrjaly before lenvlnu Moscow. Hrllliili I'ornlsn bicbrntury Firurst cal point home Is the children are trained frem birth us Ihey should !>•}". ;1 he said, "there is no hope lor a better world." •lAllhoiiKh thn school Is nf ut- tnost imparlancc," th[, speakcsr said. "a chilli must he iiropei'ly Iruineil before he enters school. "If he !s not. teachprs find It difficult In tench him." "A. m;>lor project of the Fcdcra- I tioirni-Woliiaii's Olnlis'li* She Yduth inderse::- \ C o n s e r v a 1 1 o n program/' Mrs. Rhode;; said. "The foutuUilloii for this program is laid In Hie h,orno." She continued by sayhi(! "The fif citizens we have upon tho molherri, what homcmak- ers <lo in their inosphere there. hoiiH: and tl^c at"If Ihe homos are Icher explained that the plan not a sales promotion idea: "This is no mark-down :/ilc, said. "It is a refund lo UK ers. Our retailers ate liyin : in ,^t;.i'L a movement which will Ijriii:: balance an economic macnme which is seriously out of acljuslineul." Itelail Triers T.rHvcml One Ulythevilln nierclru-.. l"ilny said that pi Ux's have bron 1-uvercd on many items in his store atid in other places of business ',vi.- :.:id t i 1( , reductions apply t Coca Cola ................ 1481-2 Gen Electric cen Motors Montgomery N Y entral 34 1-2 Three Killed in Kansas si 12 When Train Hits Truck Ward 50 1-<| 13 5-8 Hit Harvester North Am Aviation Republic Steel Radio Socony Vacuum ... Studcbakcr Standard of N J ... Texas Corp Packard U S Steel 31 8 7-8 25 1-2 FULTON. Kan.. April M. <UP> — A speeding Frisco passcnecr train aiw a gasoline transport truck collided today at a crossing in Fi:'.8 1~° ton, killing two trainmen and Hie H 1-2 truck driver. 1!) 3-4 The Iruck and locomotive were G6 3-4 enveloped in flames following the 5? !•< crash. Firemen summoned from (5 3-8 Fort Rcott. nearby, 70 I Hie fire. department. the Soiuhwe..tcm I - Newlniryporl Mayor Joh.i M. K( I- TVlcphonc Co.. and the West- cm Klectvic Co. and their aflli- 'ted unions to move their niv iationa here under government sponsorship. The meetings were >_:l for this afternoon. AssistauL Secretary of Lnhor v'ohn w. Gibson flew to Nev York for .secret conferences w r ilh AT t t T President. Walter S. Oiffoid and .vice prc-sident c. F. Crs-h:. A federal conciliator said Gibsici would "attempt (o get the company to make its first wage offer to the striking National Fcd-'tial articles, and not'jus', t.i "lux- r-'ation of Telephone Worker.-,. ! m-y- iir-ms. 3. Federal Communications Coni-j In som- instances, it w.i; i:nl: :i'.- ini.-,Eioners Charles Ocnny and Ed-: nl, items are selling heie ar lei,-; warrl M. Webster ab:o confeired al limn th< ir 11 .placement >.)ls lenglh v.-ltli Oifford in New York j — -- one source close to the nccotia-; McLauqhlin Testifies lions hinted they might bo pivin«] ID L i n • c •* the company a "preview'' of'FCC '.'" arcac " ot rfOm/SO iuit reaction to a. rcqucsl !or incicased' HOT SPRINGS. Ark.. A nri: 21. telephone rales in event a ,;oncial v.-age increase, is granted Ihe strikers. The FCC is Ihe final authoi- Mty on lone distance toll rat-5. Spiiugfield. I O f Dm pair's actions when he split- led their car. Mr. Stiiilficltl pursued Ihe pair, hut when they outdistanced him. ho awoke Police Chief Henry I.ove- luce who in turned nolitird Chief Deputy Sheriff Jake Claxlon of Caruthersville. No charges have been filer! :( - gaitlst the [lair as vel and iir.-r-:.: i- galion of the burglary is si ill underway. Deputy Sheriff Claxton said. When aircsrctl, Mosier and Arnold were driving a lfl-11 Ford coupe and between $?.00 ami SI" 11 woith of (he loot was remveied il '.ias re|)orlcrl. Officers said this was believed to be Mosicr's firs' brush with Hie law. Ainolrl. however. K, former convict with a rccorr.i r>T three penitentiary terms, they said Many nf ;hr> Herns stolen a:' slill unrrcovered. Valued al about I S1500. the illlrceovererl jewelry in," he eluded an assorlmenf of dianlonrl -' r; m-| T inus. pearls, lockets, rrrtsscs. w-:Hches, wedding bands anrl ex- t pnnsion anrl other lypcs of liracc- Icts Entry into the store was gained through a door and rear window-, officers said. Temperature Soars The Icmper.ilurc climbccl within two dcsrecs of the j ear's high yesterday as a high of 83 degrees was recorded by Robert E. Blaylock, of- eslinr.iiishPd • fieial weather observer. nli;ht'. < : I low was giuiijcd at G4 dcgiecs. HOT SPRINGS. Ark.. A n • UPi —Kx-Mnyo:- Leo Mci.n took the stand in federal i(iu clay in his ilrfeiif,e of ,1 S breach of promise suit oi"ik atlraclive 32-year-old Liicilic filh. McLanuhlin foHov;ed oix ( Witnesses who teMltird thn had SCPU Mi>s Griflilh ::i stages of iuloxieation sei'oral Miss Clriffilh's attorneys their case eailier in the i:; after piosentinn three witnes. lestilicd ID hi r sobriety. PTA Leaders Conduct Forum on Education ii, by Giif- i hey • ik'us i lines, rrtled ,- v.'lso UTT1,R flOCK. Ark.. Ap;il M. (tll'i -A foriiin i>n "piiual eduia- tioual nppovtiinity Versus Universal Trainhu! Prrmram" will hi :h- lighl the second session of 111' '2.!iifl annual convention of Ilio Aikansas Congress of Parenl.s and Teat her 1 ; here today. Discussion leaflers will include T. M. Stinnett, executive seciei.'ry ol : the Arkansas l-Tducation AS.-IM iiitKpii : and Miss Willie A. I.awson. loriner . executive secretary. An .uleni'i >n discussion period will he loHoweil by an address tonight by Mrs. W. L. Hughes of Arlington. Tenli.. pic.l- deut of the National Con;ucss '.f F*areuts and 'fV^achers. Mrs. Hughes will disci: 1 .; r. four- point program for parents :ou! teachers which was ouiliMcd yes- lerday by Mrs. Edgar F. O:xor., Little Koek, state preslilent. John McDowell. 11.. I'a.. of a House UiiAtnei i.--an Aclivilics Siibi-ommit- Ice en I^.i.scism a.'ikcd th(. Com- Illin infornier. He C'omiuuni-.U'i and •.vilh iiiloriuatioll aljrtnl. r'asflsts would turn it over to hiri'ni. Unification — Secretary of War RobeM [>. I'aUerram tried lo i!on:il fears tliat unification ot I lie armed lon.-cs under a se"i clary ol nallnual detcnse wrmltl rrclKC!- Hie Marine Corps to a livre "thes-i ]:arade" outlit. Gen. A. A. V,i lirlelt;lli. Marine criijl:; eolinnan- rlant. har! loUl a r:oiu;ri..-,sional committee earlier lhat uiuler the unilica'irai plan thr rorp:; womtl be wifiked as a r-runi>:i1 force. Smear Campaign I'jolrslcd Interior Hep. i:<b-rt I-'. J">i It. O.. charill-rl thai a "sin campaign" i.: under way lo discredit th ( - iteimblir-io iiiaojorils ol Conftre-,; in coinir;-l ion witi draMn- (ills volcd by Ihe House Appir-pi iat inns Cranmiltee in Ihc Inlcrior DepartmcrU's blKlget Krhra^ion—A Kcnale Lal)ru- Sub cnmmittce w:is lolil dial $l.t)50.0"0. CCO in fctleral funds will be ucerl eri lo "[-.lare Aiiieriean schools t:l a sound basis." The csliruatc wa made by Irwin of the American Fcdoralinn of Teachers The senators are studying a mini h?r of fcrler::! aid-to-erlucatioi bill:-. .Snrplirscr. -Robert M. I.illlcjohr War Asset.'; Ailininislrator, uri:erl Coni;res'. to junk most piiorilies m the j.urrhasp of surplus war juoiH-rty, lie sairl tin' present sys- li-m is itelayini; s.ile s and will cost more money if continued. right the communities will be right." she said. 'Wnd It the communities are right, then the stale and the nation will be right." The slate president also dlscuv;- ed other projects of the Fcdera- llou, pointing out lhat iiiuoiig the most impnrlanl problems wcremar- riai'C and dtvorcu laws. She briefly discussed the reqlllre- menls of v/onien ^nirl (heir oryinii- y.rdlons In keeping pence "We women must, talk friendship and un- tlerslaudlng, we must lalk pear.e, we must be well-informed and keep abreast of the times to be able to meet the challenge of the future", she siitd She added that letters written to women of foreign countries disclosed Unit, no woman in any country wauled war. "They say,' don't Ihlnk war. don't talk war 1 '. Mrs Rhodes said £3 Attend l.inii'liccin Mrs. John Caurltll presenter! a piano sole, ns another pail, of the luncheon program and committee i cports were made bv Mrs. K F. Dlomeycr of IJIyl hcvll'lc. Mrs. J. W. Kdringtoii of Occcola, Mrs. P. S. Matlhews of Harrtsbllrg. Mrs. Oeorgp Crar.raft of :HcIcna. Mrs. Georue McNeil of PlggoU. Mrs fi I.. Gladlsh of nsrieola, Mrs W. Ci. nlnnliiK of Heleiln, Mrs. Gertrude I'arrish ol Rector, and Mrs. T'. T'. Marrtis of Harrisbllrg. Mrs. W. H. McCain of Forrest City, retiring president who will erve next, year as counselor, pre- licvln fallal in :i last minute cf- .?"-':', . l ft..''«f .-». ?"-\M .wittexui in rctHrir-Atirilriih nflsoner.i of war lo Austria before the treaty was complete i). 8ovlcl Foreign Minister V. M. Mololov blutilly replied that Russia was not prepared to nijree tn such a proposul at this lime. Thu ministers arrived at the final meollnn well equipped vvllli mopo- sals for selthiF! up a coniiulssion lo >vhleh to turn over the Austrian problem. Eventually they agreed 'to sot un u siieclnl commission to study nil open Austrian rmcstloiis plus a spe- <'l«! Icchnlcal conunlt.lee tn study Ihe toiiRh problem of German assets in Auslrla . • After weeks of debate, he.-c .in lhc Issue, the special technical committee will he directed to rcivivt bacik on the. "facts" rcgai'dini; the osset-s. Marshall Iheii niiseil the qufs- tflili of redllcinir Ihe armed forre.s In (Imnany— a move llrst mailc hv ForelRu Heorrlary James F. Ilyrucs larit Fall. Sec MOSCOW on Page Z sided at the luncheon niccling and other club officers spoke briefly. Pet!Inn for t'.'c ta women al the luncheon was formed with arrangements of ml.v-od - < ^;'inr! flowers featured the apple blossom, tlic organi/.atlrm flower. Attractive pl.n<;e cards also carried out a Spring inotlf. ; The convention wa-s couclurlorl! with committee reixirts and installation of officers hy Mrs. George Walker of district parliamentarian. Genera! Motors, UAW Peace Move Strikes a Snog DETROIT, April 24 (DPI— Ocn- nl Motors Corporation lorfay rejected a CIO United Auto Workers proposal for arbitration of a dis- pulc over rtivislon of a 15-cent hourly wauo Increase acceptable to both parties. GM and the union have ayreed In principle to the 15-ccnl boost hut disagree as lo how It should he pnltl. The UAW wauls a flat wage increase while the corporation has offered to pay a straight ll'(- cent raise plus the equivalent of three and a half cents in six paid holidays annually. UAW President Walter P. Reu- Iher suggested last night, that the 11'-j cent increase go into effect iminrdtatcly and that an arbiUa- lion panel decide how the remaining three and a half cents shaU" be Paid. Miner Dies in Fire; 11 Other Men Trapped NOKONDA. QllC.. April 24. lUl>) — One man was killed today In a fire at the F.ast Malarlio Mine a'acut W miles Fast of here anrl 11 men -,vrrc reported Implied nndei'- cround but believed sale. Hrsv-ue crews went lo work lo get (hem out. N. Y. Cotton Mir. May .Illlv open 2317 3010 2870 high 2838 3631 3419 2387 3M5 low 2501 35S3 33>0 2340 2R53 Rites Here Tomorrow For Mrs. Helen Stevens Funeral services lor Mrs. Helen Nicholson Stevens, wife of Fred F. Stevens of New York City and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. r>- Nicholson. 1115 Walnut St.. who. was killed in a highway accident Tuesday near Paris, Tcnn.. will DC held here tomorrow at 3:30 p.m. in the Cobb Funeral Home Chapel, nurial will follow ill Elm wood Cemetery. Pallbearers will be school faculty members. William D. Tommey. liamond S. Kcnncy. Robert McGraw. John M\vcs. Freeman Robinson and A. E. Caldwell. Music ...-will be hy lh c High School chorus. 2fP2| Honorary pallbearers will be 3512 members of the School Board. Ki- 335r> I wauls Club and intimate friends of 2!»l the Nicholson family. 2K80i Mrs. Stevens, who laught sciu Kiwanis Club Members Discuss Activity Plans Members of Ihe Kiwanis Club held a round-table discussion of projects the Rroup could carry on during this year at their weekly meeting yesterday noon at the Hotel Noble. Guests were L. L. Bolls of conwny. M. J. Holderly of Terrs Haute, Ind. and Robert D. Harris of Biythcville. Weather ARKANSAS—Friday partly cloudy and mild- at Sudbury School in 1945. was en route here with Mr. Stctcns '° visit her parents when the accident occurred. Mr. Stevens is suffering from a concussion but his condition is not serious. Ntr. Nicholson is superintendent of Blytheville schools.

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