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Arizona Daily Star from Tucson, Arizona • Page 3
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Arizona Daily Star from Tucson, Arizona • Page 3

Tucson, Arizona
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STAT E-EMTIfl Page Four Section A Tucson, Saturday, July 9, 1988 br Arizona Builn Sleir DeConcini DeGreen meets Reagan, criticizes Breakdown of expenditures made by then-Secretary of State Rose Mofford for VIP commemorative gifts and state and U.S. flags out of her budget. Money Year budgeted By Steve Meissner The Arizona Dally Star WASHINGTON The Republican challenger to Sen. Dennis DeConcini met briefly with President Reagan yesterday and said that Arizona's Democratic senator is masquerading as "the functional equivalent of a Republican." Keith DeGreen said yesterday that DeConcini portrays himself as a pro-Reagan conservative, but in fact opposed Reagan and Sen. John McCain, on "many substantive issues." DeConcini's campaign spokesman promptly dismissed DeGreen's charges as "truly bizarre," and a distortion of the incumbent's record. DeGreen, a Phoenix businessman who is seeking the GOP nomination for the U.S. Senate, said that DeConcini voted against granting presidents the right to veto specific parts of the federal budget. DeConcini also opposed the Gramm-Rudman proposal to force a reduction in the federal deficit, and also opposed the 1986 tax-reform package supported by Reagan, DeGreen said. DeConcini is a prominent supporter of a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution, but DeGreen charged that the support amounts to "lip service." Bob Maynes, DeConcini's press secretary who is leaving that role to run the incumbent's bid for a third term, confirmed that DeConcini opposed the measures cited by DeGreen, but defended those votes. DeConcini opposes line-item vetos, said Maynes, because both Reagan and former President Carter would have used them to kill funding for the Central Arizona Project. He also opposed Graham-Rudman and the 1986 tax reforms because of exemptions they included, said Maynes. But Maynes objected fiercely to DeGreen's comment that DeConcini gave only "lip service" to the balanced budget amendment. "Dennis has introduced a balanced budget amendment every single year, and he has worked hard to get them passed," Maynes said. DeGreen also said that DeConcini and McCain often vote differently, in effect "cancelling out" their votes. "My opponent canceled Senator McCain's vote out 147 times in 1987 alone," he said. "That's a lot of opposition." 1980 $2,400 $1,122.07 $2,179.76 1981 2,500 2,048.97 1,279.19 1982 162,800 1,294.26 1,717.98 1983 220,200 2,934.03 1.629.78 1984 193,300 3,331.85 1,109.62 1985 244,600 7,091.94 2,611.83 1986 309,600 11,589.69 2,949.39 1987 394,100 6,735.86 2,732.67 Figures for 1980-'81 are for the gift budget only. Mofford Continued from Page One terest and business dealings relating to 'potential conflicts of Collins said. "These elements simply do not exist in relation to these numerous technical violations." Collins also said the transactions "should have been reported," but that they "would not have made any difference to the average voter in regard to whether or not they would have cast a vote for or against Rose Mofford. "Indeed, it could be argued that disclosure of these items would have enhanced Governor Mofford's stature because disclosure of these items would have painted a picture of a person who stood by and maintained a caretaker role over her former husband through a prolonged illness after their divorce," he said. Collins also said the gift expenditures were "arguably" made in the interest of the state and lacked "any clear element of personal gain in a purely private capacity." "The secretary of state is authorized to use their judgment in making these kinds of awards, donations and ceremonial recognitions, and, as in any activity of this type, those judgment calls could be open to political question. "But they are judgment calls, which do not cross the line into the kind of activity that would be criminal conduct," Collins said. The allegations were made against Mofford after she assumed the governor's post following former Gov. Evan Mecham's removal from office by a Senate Court of Impeachment conviction on two counts of wrongdoing. Mecham was acquitted of six felony charges not tried in the impeachment court in connection with allegations that he knowingly failed to disclose a $350,000 campaign loan on his gubernatorial campaign and personal financial disclosure statements. His brother, Willard Mecham, Vetoes Continued from Page One city and county property taxes. In her veto message, Mofford said passage of the bill "would create an administrative nightmare" because tax rates would have to be set before the bill would have taken effect. Mofford said the bill also would have shifted "at least $5.2 million in property taxes from property used for local telephone service to other property, including residential, farms, apartments and business property." She also said the $202.5 million tax package "envisions a close examination of the entire tax structure in the 1989 session of the Legislature. Proposals such as the ones contained in Senate Bill 1361 deserve to be examined in the 1989 legislative session in the broader context of overall state public fiscal policy." Consumer groups had complained about the way the bill was passed in the last few hours of the session, without receiving a public hearing. Dana Larsen, executive director of Arizona Common Cause, said yesterday that he had urged a veto of the measure because of the way it was pushed through at the last min Where can you buy tires at night? Have you ever wondered why some retail stores close shop right before you can get there after work? 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Mofford said she believes that the acceptance standard could allow higher courts to overturn convictions, so "persons who would otherwise have been convicted under the 'tolerance' standard would go free." She said she also feared that the acceptance standard a tougher standard than used in several U.S. Supreme Court obscenity decisions could allow the removal from library shelves and movie theaters of works that are widely recognized as fine literature or works of art. "I am also concerned that the bill would preempt the right of local governments to regulate adult businesses as Pima County has done after many months of study and work," she wrote in her veto message. "Members of the Pima County Board of Supervisors have expressed concern that this bill, by removing local control, will weaken their attempts to clamp down on In price list at right. 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Mecham was on a fishing vacation in Utah and could not be reached for comment yesterday. In the past, however, he has expressed sympathy toward Mofford in connection with the investigation. Corbin turned the Mofford inves- tigation over to Collins' office to avoid a possible conflict of interest because, in his role as attorney gen- eral, he is next in the line of succession to the governor's office. The attorney general said he had no conflict in investigating Mecham because he could not have become governor in the event Mecham were convicted of criminal charges. Max Hawkins, who encouraged Mecham to run for office and is leading an effort to recall Corbin, said he was not surprised by Collins' conclusions about Mofford. "I sure wish he'd handled Evan and Willard, and Evan Mecham still would be governor," Hawkins said. Collins offered several differences between the two cases, including the fact that Mecham's case was connected with political activity and involved a substantially higher amount of money. He also said Mecham's acquittal made no difference in the outcome of the Mofford inquiry, saying, "This was a different statute." Mofford, a Democrat, could have faced misdemeanor charges for knowingly filing false campaign statements. Mecham, a Republican, had faced felony charges that required proof of intent for conviction. While the Mecham acquittal was not a factor in the Mofford inquiry, Collins did admit that he was glad his investigation was not completed while the Mechams were still on trial. He said he had feared that his decision would influence the trial. percent. It was not reported on her 1983 or 1984 financial statements. TEMPE-MOTOROLA One-half share of the total 1 00 shares in a limited partnership involving the purchase of 40 acres in Tempe on Feb. 11, 1974, for $470,640, with $101,640 down. The land was sold on Sept. 14, 1978, for $720,000, with $175,500 down, balance at 8.5 percent interest. It was not reported on her statements filed for 1976 through 1982. It was not reportable as of 1983 because her share of the remaining principal was less than $1,000. TRACT El Mirage real estate, which was purchased July 25, 1978, for $30,000, with $9,126 down, balance at 8 percent interest. Her original share was one-fourth, but it increased to one-half on July 3, 1982, with T.R. Mofford quitclaiming his interest to her. It was sold July 29, 1982, for $42,000, with $10,000 down, balance at 12 percent. It was paid off on Oct. 8, 1986. It was not reported on her statements for 1978 through 1986. WEST BROADWAY One share of the total 100 shares in a limited partnership involving the purchase of 104 acres in Phoenix on Sept. 27, 1976, for $480,000, with $100,000 down. Ten acres were sold on April 18, 1978, for $120,000, with $22,000 down. The remaining acre- age was sold on June 9, 1982, for $665,000, with $166,250 down. It was not reported on her statements for 1976 through 1982. It was no longer reportable as of 1983 because her share of the remaining principal was less than $1,000. LIBERTY BANK Purchased i 100 shares of stock at $10.80 per share on Jan. 13, 1984. She did not report it on her 1984 financial state- ment, but she began reporting it on her 1985 statement. STOCKMANS BANK She co- purchased with T.R. Mofford 200 shares of stock at $5.25 per share on Feb. 11, 1980. It became reportable because of the death of T.R. Mofford in 1982. She began reporting it on her 1983 statement. SUN STATE BANK She purchased 100 shares of stock at $10.30 per share on March 8, 1980. She did not report it on her statements for 1980 through 1982. but she began listing it on her 1983 statement ute and because it gave preferential treatment to one company. "Not only will U.S. West be given an enormous tax break this year, in a time of serious budget shortfalls, (but) the difference in those lost revenues is expected to be made up by the state's telephone ratepayers through an increased phone tax and by the rest of the taxpayers through higher local taxes," Larsen said before Mofford's veto. None of the sponsors of the vetoed measures could be reached for comment last night. Senate Majority Leader Robert B. Usdane, R-Scottsdale, shrugged his shoulders about the vetoes, and said, "It's the governor's prerogative. I've had lots of bills vetoed." He said he was not surprised by the telephone bill veto. "There was a lot of heat from the various competitors," he added. "I think you have to know the fairness background of it," Usdane said of the bill, adding that the telephone company's competitors all have lower property taxes. Mofford said she vetoed the anti-pornography and periodic payments bills because she believed that they were unconstitutional. In her veto message, Mofford said she fully supports the enforcement of tough laws to -eliminate obscene weapon. Our four day week makes it possible for our store managers, assistant managers and manager trainees to make wholesale calls on Mon days and Tuesdays. They sell large quan tities of tires to car dealers, gas stations and other tire dealers. This year we will wholesale approximately $50 million worth of tires. That gives us increased buying clout with the tire manufacturers. The more tires we sell, the more we buy from the manufacturers. And the more we buy, the less we pay. That's because we receive the deepest possible volume buying discounts. 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Mofford said she believes the periodic payments bill violates an Arizona Constitution provision that the right of action to recover damages for injuries shall never be abrogated. She also noted that voters in 1986 rejected a constitutional amendment that would have allowed periodic payments of damage awards. Calling the AIDS bill premature, Mofford said: "Although this legislation has good intentions, it raises more questions than it answers. "The issues of confidentiality, enforcement and standard of proof have yet to be fully analyzed in terms of the broader picture." Instead of signing the bill, Mofford said she will establish an AIDS task force to study all aspects of the disease. Two bills that Mofford signed into law yesterday increase the annual salaries of judges by about $10,000 and establish a low-level nuclear waste agreement with California. Under the waste agreement, California will take Arizona's low-level nuclear waste for 30 years, beginning in 1990. 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TJ 4r Kt tryiawe '45 13 Prices eetwe maiaM 7S eiripii te cwlictuce. excevt ttaciieiMi pnees. ariacb reflect a 4S incaaaal for caslicaiecti fc Stoi mnr ter Brrjctt po W. Oat SJOdi PtME 630 SVT3 I Me trrjaj RrrMr-tone btihajwial lyOBX. MOO Pres. Ojty a I rtnaK Ptet cat frst fe ctiai saxfn mirC agt cneed it wtvet wT 4Uy ainree jtarar'ee at ettri i Here is a list of the items that were reviewed in Maricopa County Attorney Tom Collins' investigation of allegations that Gov. Rose Mofford failed to report some business ventures on her sworn personal financial disclosure statements from 1977 to 1988: GOEBEL Promissory note to Robert J. and Christine Goebel for $45,000 at 16 percent interest, dated Jan. 12, 1984, and secured by deed. Her share was 26.67 percent. It was paid off on July 12, 1984, but not reported on her 1984 statement. KINGMAN Fifty percent ownership of 28 acres in Kingman, which were purchased for cash on Oct. 15, 1982. Mofford contributed $35,000 of the purchase price. It was not reported on the 1982 statement. MANSFIELD TRACT The El Mirage real estate was purchased on July 11, 1978, for $16,500, $3,500 down, balance at 8 percent interest. It was sold on Dec. 18, 1979, for $30,000. Mofford's original share was one-third, but it increased to two-thirds in 1982 after the death of her ex-husband T.R. Mofford. The buyers fell behind in payments, and the matter was settled after a civil litigation on Aug. 25, 1986. She did not report the transaction on any statements filed between July 14, 1978, and Jan. 30, 1987. RAMSEY VISTA One and one-half shares of the total 100 shares in a limited partnership involving the purchase of 157 acres in Sierra Vista on Sept. 10, 1981, for $510,000, with $90,000 down. The limited partnership still holds the 157 acres. Mofford's share of the equity is $1,350, plus appreciation since 1982. Not reported on her financial statements for 1981 through 1987. STANTON Promissory note to Allen Mary Carman and Charles A. Stanton for $20,000 at 16 percent interest, dated Oct 12, 1983, secured by deed. It was paid off on May 29, 1984. Mofford's share was 50 percent. It was not reported on her 1983 or 1984 financial statements. TEASDALL Promissory note to William H. Teasdall and Al R. Launius for $23,000 at 16 percent interest dated April 28, 1983. and secured by deed. It was paid off on March 12, 1984. Her share was 26.08 4dsiF fine stosBS i ii ii rr: rni ii i Tucson i I I Sun II Mon Tue II Wed Tnu Fri Sat Mill a ta mat mt hi tm niumllniimi wnmii tuimm I TUCSON 5255 Speedwav Blvd. 2 blks of Craycmft Rd 327-6546 Howard Schmohl. Open only during the 43 most efficient selling hours Developing maximum sales with l-shift overhead helps us cut tire prices. fj kW i SreU'ltH ttuctres w) 54 stores including Texas. Kansas City, Seattle, California. If you have a complaint help us by writing lo our president. 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