Arizona Daily Star from Tucson, Arizona on October 18, 1988 · Page 2
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Arizona Daily Star from Tucson, Arizona · Page 2

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 18, 1988
Page 2
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STATE EDITION S 1 Page Two Section A gijf Arizona Bailn Star Tucson, Tuesday, October 18, 1988. NEWS AT A GLANCE METROSTATE Accountability. Members of a state task force say the state's three universities should face sanctions if they fail to meet goals in recruiting minority students and increasing the rate at which those students graduate. Page IB. Reptile poacher. Unswayed by the defense's twist to a reptile poacher's activities, Judge Raner Collins orders 20 weekends in jail, restitution of $7,000 and three years' probation. Page IB. Autopsy Inconclusive. An autopsy fails to reveal the cause of death of a 24-year-old UA student whose remains were found by hunters west of Tucson last week. Page IB. Classes canceled. Golf ball-size hail that struck with Sunday evening's storm smashed 179 skylights at Bisbee High School, forcing cancellation of yesterday's classes. Page IB. Scruffy's home. The year-old male husky mix who was found with a nylonlike cord embedded in his neck is awarded to a Tucson couple. Page 2B. Nobel Continued from Page One important honors for me have been meeting patients whose lives have been saved or whose children's lives have been saved by drugs I've invented." . Elion said from her home in Chapel Hill, N.C, that she could not believe she was awarded the prize and did not even know she was nominated. Asked about her greatest achievement, she said: "You can't discriminate among your 'children.' Each one in its own time was the most exciting." Elion and Hitchings broke new ground in finding the difference in the processing of genetic material between normal cells and cancer cells, protozoa, bacteria and viruses, the Nobel Assembly said. Researchers, knowing those differences, were able to attack disease-causing organisms by interfering with their replication without harming healthy ones, the assembly said. Black helped develop propranolol, a beta blocker used to treat heart disease and high blood pressure. Beta blockers block the stimulating effect of adrenaline on the heart, reducing the rate and the force at which the heart pumps blood through the body and reducing high blood pressure. "Previously used drugs acted by increasing the oxygen transport to the heart. In contrast, Black's idea was to decrease the oxygen demand of the heart," the announcement said. Specialists said Black also contributed to treatments for stroke and high blood pressure. Gold Continued from Page One now a little over $400 an ounce, and it's been in that range for 18 months or so." . Kissinger said the findings of the two Denver-based geologists, Gary Nowlan and David Sawyer, didn't surprise him because the wilderness study area is next to the Silverbell mining district, where copper and other minerals have been mined for more than a century. ' "It could be expected," he said. "It's an area of high mineralization." ! Terrell said records indicate that the Silverbell district has yielded 90 million tons of mineral ore since 1 885 resulting in production of 1.3 billion pounds of copper, 6 million Ounces of silver and 2,200 ounces of gold. ; Nowlan said the findings were so "significant from a geochemical perspective" that Geological Survey scientists collected additional samples in December 1987 and last March. Gunman slain taking jewelry of Liberace LAS VEGAS (AP) A gunman took a 74-year-old woman hostage after he was foiled in an attempt to steal $1 million in jewelry belonging to the late Liberace, but police shot and killed the man outside the entertainer's museum. "I just tried to stay cool," said hostage Margaret Bloomberg, who sat down to give police a clear shot at the man and escaped unharmed in Sunday evening's incident at the Liberace Museum. "The man had a bag of tools, including a crowbar, and was going to smash into the jewelry case," said Dora Liberace, administrator of the museum and sister-in-law of the late entertainer. Bloomberg was able to warn a cleaning woman, who slipped out a back door and called police. I i 1 I I I 'W . ..'V V 1 Rep. Pat Swlndall, R-Ga., is indicted by a federal grand Jury on perjury charges accusing him of lying during an Investigation of money laundering. Page 7A. r ' Sir James W. Black Physiologist Bengt Pernow, another member of the Nobel Assembly, said Black made "the greatest breakthrough when it comes to pharmaceuticals against heart illness since the discovery of digitalis 200 years ago." In 1972, Black developed another medication, cimetidine, which introduced a new principle in the treatment of peptic ulcers. "Black in the laboratory has relieved more human suffering than , thousands of doctors in a lifetime at the bedside," said Desmond Laurence, head of pharmacology at University College in London. Black said scientists are under too much pressure to produce immediate practical results. "I think there needs to be much more money for scientists to do experiments they are almost ashamed of because they're so untested," he said. The Arizona Daily Star "We did some stream-sediment sampling and some rock sampling," he said. "But data on those samples aren't available yet." Larry Bauer, the BLM's deputy state director for mineral resources, said agency records indicate there are 59 existing mining claims in the area. "Some of them are almost entirely in the area, and there are other claims partly in the area," Bauer said, "so it's hard to say ex Complaints of MINNEAPOLIS (AP) A bacterial illness linked to food served on at least eight Northwest Airlines flights since Sept. 15 may ultimately affect passengers on more than 120 Northwest flights, a state official said yesterday. "We have received hundreds of calls as this has hit the national media," state epidemiologist Mi chael Osterholm said at a news conference. Some complaints have come from as far as Japan and East Germany, which are on Northwest's flight v i WT i N- V 1 CZZ3 Vjo) v. 77r W-X Silverbell Mountain J Range V Tucson 1 5 nuns remain cloistered after indecisive talks MORRIS TOWNSHIP, NJ. (AP) Five nuns who locked themselves inside their monastery's infirmary two weeks ago said yesterday that they have ended talks with a Vatican emissary without resolving the dispute. One of the nuns. Sister John of the Cross, who has acted as a spokeswo WASHINGTON Cracking jet. A foot-long crack and 29 smaller cracks were discovered earlier this month on a Continental Airlines jet in roughly the same area where a similar Aloha Airlines jet broke apart in flight, officials say. Page 4A. NATION Double suicide. Two boys, 15 years old, share a rifle to take their own lives in South Milwaukee, Wis., during a visit by one whose family moved away. Page 7A. Deadly shoot-out. A gunman described as distraught over an attack Sunday night barricades himself in a Detroit apartment where he is killed after fatally shooting two policemen. In Nation, Page 7A. ELECTION '88 1985 AP photo Honing their attacks. George Bush and Michael Dukakis sharpen their attacks on each other as the days wind down to the Nov. 8 presidential election. Page 8A. ' ' -' r1i Gertrude B. Elion Black was born in Scotland and earned degrees in surgery and medicine at the University of St. Andrews. Elion has worked at Wellcome Research Laboratories since 1944 and as a senior research chemist since 1950. Since 1983, she has been a scientist emeritus at the laboratory, which is the research arm of the Burroughs Wellcome Co. pharmaceutical firm. Elion has been a research professor of pharmacology at Duke University since 1983. She earned her bachelor's degree from Hunter College in 1937 and a master's degree from New York University in 1941. Hitchings received a bachelor's degree from the University of Washington in 1927 and a doctorate from Harvard University in 1933. After teaching at Harvard and Western Reserve University, he actly how many acres are involved. "The area is still open for the staking of mineral claims," he said. "It's quite possible that there will be more people going out there (in hopes of staking a claim) when they hear about this." Bauer and Kissinger said the process of staking a claim involves selecting a claim area, about 20 acres in size, and filing the claim with the Pima County Recorder's Office. The managing agency, in this case the BLM, also would receive copies of the claim, they said. If no one else has laid claim to the land, the claim holder then is free to explore the area for mineral deposits. "Every year thereafter, they (claim holders) must file with the county an affidavit that they have done at least $100 worth of work per claim" in order to retain it, Bauer said. Bauer emphasized that staking a mining claim doesn't necessarily mean that full-scale mining efforts will be undertaken. "When you stake a claim, basi airline-food illness spread routes, he said. Confirmed cases of the illness, shigellosis, have been found among passengers who flew with the airline as late as Oct 12. Osterholm said it's not clear if food now being served on Northwest planes is safe. "I can't confirm that it is safe and I can't say it isn't," he said. The disease causes intense diarrhea and other symptoms that can last for five to seven days. It spreads easily from person to person. Of people exposed to the bacteria, man for the group, said the nuns remain set in their decision to stay in the monastery until they hear directly from the Vatican. "We are all united here. There's no division among the five," she said fn a telephone interview from the Roman Catholic Monastery of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount WORLD j ACCENT Jl Photos by The Associated Press George H. Hitchings joined Burroughs Wellcome in 1942. He became its research director in 1955 and was a director of the company from 1968 to 1984. No U.S. researcher received the medicine prize until 1933. But the United States has dominated in the past 20 years, with Elion and Hitchings becoming the 31st and 32nd Americans to be honored. During that time, there have been 20 laureates from other countries. Last year's medicine recipient was Susumu Tonegawa of Japan for his study of the body's immune system at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The Nobels were first awarded in 1901 as a stipulation in the will of Alfred Nobel, the Swedish industrialist who made a fortune on his invention of dynamite. The economics prize is to be an- -nounced today and chemistry and physics tomorrow. cally, you're just staking a claim," he said. "You're supposed to have made a discovery at the time you stake the claim. But generally, if one waits around until he makes a discovery before staking the claim, somebody else may have already staked it. "Staking a claim gets your foot in the legal door, and you can keep the claim alive by doing the $100-a-year assessment work," Bauer said. "But I'm not aware of any mining going on in that (wilderness study) area now." Bauer said he didn't know when a final decision would be made on whether the area would be recommended as wilderness. He said it was "too early to say" exactly what effect wilderness designation would have on mining claims in the area. The most recent major gold find in Arizona was the Copperstone mine, discovered near the town of Quartzsite nine years ago. State mining officials have said the Copperstone produces about 60,000 troy ounces of gold annually, and that the output is expected to increase over the next year. about 10 percent usually get sick, Osterholm said. All the illnesses confirmed so far have been traced to food prepared in Marriott Corp.'s airline kitchen at the Minneapolis-SL Paul International Airport. The facility serves 100,000 meals a week for Northwest The investigation began after 21 members of the Minnesota Vikings football team became ill after eating food prepared for a flight to an Oct 2 football game in Miami, Fla. Carmel, about 30 miles west of New York City. The Carmelite nuns oppose what they say are efforts to modernize the order with the introduction of television, candy and newspapers. The order has traditionally stressed seclusion and silence in its vows. Yugoslav crisis meeting. The Yugoslavian Communist Party Central Committee meets to discuss its worst crisis since World War II. The party chief calls for urgent reforms and "a fundamental renewal of socialism." Page 9A. Coup attempt in Haiti. An attempted coup against President Lt. Gen. Prosper Avril is thwarted by the government, according to a spokesman. Page 9A. "Running on Empty." The octane . level of this film is uneven, but the charming performances of River Phoenix and Martha Plimpton keep it moving forward, says Star film critic Robert S. Cauthorn. Page ID. War babies seek Gl dads. Two groups in Great Britain, made up of the offspring of British mothers and U.S. servicemen, pursue the search for their fathers. Page ID. TV land is dullsville. The Writers Guild of America strike is over and television is humming with new shows. But innovation has no role in them, says a syndicated writer. Page 5D. Takeover Continued from Page One pected to come from a worldwide group of banks headed by Citicorp of New York. Philip Morris said, moreover, that it was prepared to negotiate a friendly deal, a strong suggestion that, if Kraft were prepared to accept an offer, its $90-a-share bid could go much higher. Kraft itself had no immediate comment on the bid, but was widely expected to fight it, very possibly turning elsewhere for help. Trading has been heavy The news did not reach Wall Street until almost 6 p.m., two hours after the close of New York Stock Exchange trading. Kraft shares ended the day at $60,125, ahead 62.5 cents in slow trading. In after-hours trading, however, West Coast dealers said that buyers were bidding as much as $80 apiece but that no one was offering to sell. Speculators and individual investors are thought to have been loading up on Kraft stock since at least last July when it stood at $51 a share. Trading has been heavy in the stock for at least four months. Philip Morris, however, is thought to have Japanese passes Go, collects $15, 140 : LONDON (AP) A Japanese man who works for a trading company forced four other Monopoly players into bankruptcy Monday to win the eighth world championship in a record, 2iJ-hour final. "Most pleased!" said Ikuo Hiya-kuta, gasping for breath after his victory. "I really wanted to win. I was determined." The 36-year-old from Chiba City, Japan, defeated Chen Shabtai, 13, of Israel, to win $15,140 in cash, the same amount that comes in each Monopoly set. The final game, in which five players competed, was the longest of the eight championships held so far, organizers said. The game ends when one person has forced everyone else into bankruptcy. Hiyakuta has been playing Monopoly seriously for four years and is Japan's national champion. CORRECTIONS The Arizona Daily Star incorrectly listed the location of a memo- -rial service for Anna M. Sykes. The service will be held at 2 p.m. Sunday at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, 545 S. Fifth Ave. In Monday's Accent section, an editor removed some of the dates for the RC Cola admission discounts to the Arizona State Fair. Adults can get $1 off the regular admission with specially marked cans of RC Cola next Monday through Thursday and on Oct. 31. The Arizona Daily Star yesterday incorrectly reported the details of a gfjr Arizona Jlatlrj Siar STAR PUBLISHING CO. P.O. Box 26807 Tucson, Arizona 85726 Michael E. PuHticr Editor and publisher Stephen E. Auslander Executive editor John Peck Managing editor Susan J. Albright Editorial page editor Eml E. Routd Business manager The Star is a charter member of The Associated Press, which is exclusively entitled lo republish aH local news in this newspaper. To report a news item City news: CaH Jane Larson, city desK, 573-4 11 1 tor news about Tucson and Arizona. m Sonera, Mexico: Contact Keith Ro-senblum, (621) 4-67-89, Apartado Postal 183, Hermosilio. Tucson Today: Submit listings of meetings or other events in writing to Rutha Jackson. 573-4133. Sports: For scores, 673-3000. To report sports news. Chuck Kramer. 573-4145. Delivery problems Ca us at 573-4511 for newspaper replacement service, available 6 30 a m. to a.m. daily and from 7 to 11 a m. Sunday. SPORTS Reunion. Oakland right-hander Bob " Welch, who was traded by the Dodgers over the winter, faces his ex-team- mates tonight in the World Series. ., Page 1C. Worried coach. UCLA Coach Terry i Donahue is concerned about meeting-1 the Arizona Wildcats on Saturday after,., his team moves into the No. 1 spot in the latest Associated Press college; football poll. Page 1C. ; MONEY Growing facility. TETRA Corp., aN non-profit training center for handi-" capped workers, has outgrown its facil-J' ity and will break ground today on a newv, building that will enable it to expand its.-production and the number of people it can train. Page 4B. COMMENT District 11. The Star endorses in-"" cumbent Democrats Peter Goudinoff and John Kromko in the legislative Dis- '.z trict 1 1 House race. Page 10A. - only a token position in the stock, around 100 shares. . - "Pre-emptive price" ; J The shares of Philip Morris X climbed $1,375, to $100, on wild;,' rumors that it might itself be a tar- " get. . Emphasizing the strong points of -his offer, Hamish Maxwell, chair- f man of Philip Morris, said it was 51 percent over the market price of --; Kraft's stock last Friday and 261; times Kraft's earnings per share from continuing operations in the last four quarters. An executive close to Philip Mor-'.; ris maintained that the company purposely bid what he called "a prer emptive price." The phrase typically means that the bidder wants to send a signal to ! possible competing bidders that it means business. But Maxwell said in an interview i that neither was the case. '. ! Denying that there was a possible antitrust problem, he said, "We have nothing that Kraft makes and there are no real product conflicts." As for fighting off a takeover of Philip Morris, he said, "There's certainly not one that I'm aware of." Philip Morris' own sales last year amounted to $27.7 billion. The com-: bined total of $37.6 billion would It make it the seventh-largest indus J trial corporation in the country just slightly below the General Elec- trie Co. The runners-up, who each won $1,000, were Shabtai; Roger Ed- blom, 17, of Sweden; Carmen Ar-i royo, 28, of Puerto Rico; and Tony; Andrews, 37, of New Zealand. I Thirty players from 29 countries took part in the two-day event. ; On Sunday, all the contestants, played three 90-minute rounds in; groups of five. The players who fin:- ished with the most money ad' vanced to the final. '. $ The championships are held every three years. Monopoly was developed by Charles B. Darrow of Germantown, Pa., and he sold the rights to U.S. based Parker Brothers in 1935. The game has been translated into 19 languages and about 100 million sets have been sold worldwide. ; A Russian-language version was launched Monday. two-car collision that killed two peor-ple on the Old Nogales Highway. -Betty Jean Simons, 62, was a pa senger in a Volvo station wagon being driven by her husband, 62-year-old Henry Simons, when she was fatally injured. I Debra Shipley, 27, was a passerr-ger in a Nissan pickup that ar parently had crossed the center line, said Department of Public Safety Sgt Ed Slechta. Shipley also was killed in the collision. '. Henry Simons and the driver of the Nissan, Sara Ann Alirez, 19, both suffered serious injuries and were hospitalized, Slechta said. Business matters Executives for Tucson Newspapers Inc., agent for the Star: Harry Whipple, general manager, 573-4255; Larry Martin, circulation direc tor, 573-4480; Cathy Davis, advertising director, 573-4415; Ted Bergh, finance director, 573-4265; Wayne Bean, production director, 5734450. Subscriptions and biding 573-4511, or visit one of our offices 4850 S. Park Ave.; 110 S. Church Ave, Suite 197; 7537 E. Broadway; or 5151 N Oracle Road; open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Fridays except holidays. To i-82!-4&.OU,IVin9 arMS' ,0" fr6e Suggested retail prices At the newsstand: 35 cents daity, 1J$ Sundays. Home deRverv: S9 monthly, J 108 for 52 weeks, payable in advance. Prices sub-tect to participating carriers. Weekender package of Friday, Saturday and Sunday Star, S5.25 monthly. Mai rates: Arizona and outside Arizona (including Mexico and Canada) daily and Sunday $5.50 per week, $286 per year. Sunday only $2 50 per week, $130 per year. Payable in advance. Second-class postage P8d at Tucson. Arizona. USPS 030-540. The Arizona Daily Star is Published daily and on Sunday. Postmaster: Send address changes to Tucson Newspapers toe. P.O. Box 26887. Tucson. AZ 85776-6887 I-1

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