The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 9, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 9, 1930
Page 6
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•:. PAGE : six BU'THKVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, OCTOBER Northeast Arkansas Grid Title^At Stake Friday The Victors—Macks Again World Champs BOTTLE CHICKS; Jig Crowd Expeclecl lo Witness Struggle at Haley Field Here Tomorrow •With what is expected to bo the ' iggest crowd of the season on the Ulelines, tlie Golden Hurricane r,l .'onesboro high, carefully groomed ''.to top form, and the hostile : hickasaws of lilylhevillc high will • acli at, Haley Field al 3 o'clock 1 riday nftcrnoaii. The two elevens rf-jiiesetumi; the • 'earn of football talent in tlih action will !><• striving to break ttic padlock left by (.vo ties in the las'. .vo games plnyci here iix 1038 nnd : J2G. Both games resulted in 0-0 • :aws. Last year the Huds'imicn l.ampled the Hurricane into the ' d of their own gridiron at .lone.s- .' .ro bcnealli n 25 to 0 .score. The teams are so evenly malcli- :.\ on the meager basis of comnari- • n this year ihnl neither r.ggre- • ilion will enter the game a de•'J«l favorite. The Hurricane will ;.-(bably hold a slight edge due lo leniiid showing ngalnst Lltlle )' 3ck high i wo weeks ago and the : ct that they wcva Idle last week, •- 'eferring to mi:i 11 game and •: )lnl for the Blytheville fray, nut .'.:c Hiidsonmen turned out such it • :tieshing "from behind" victory • ver Memphis Central lar.t Satin 1 - aiiotlicr year or two of the careful viy slight that the Jonesboro team ; couching tlie junior team bus lj?ci: • '.ceived little consolation and the : receii'liiB It would not surprise- L!U' ;-:cal gridders believe tha Memphis ! writer lo see the Hurricane a state • :me gave them Ihe needed exp?ii- championship eleven. . ice against a hard, opponent to > ..;ce Joncsboro. i Kljlit now Ihrre wnuldn't Ijr Reports from JoncOioro today! '"•"')' lc:ir!l sllnl1 a1 "' li(Ul ' Mlr - :idicaU? that Captain Vcrnon COY- I 1 ™ 1 " ln Sl - Il01lis i( s """y - 11 " 1 i.igton, the brilliant little spcctlster ! i the Hurricane may be out of • .'i™ game. According to the Jonrs-\ :nro dispatches Covlngton has n > boil, a bad attack of flu and ' : badly smashed nose. The Hud- • "Winen are taking this report wilh • •.everal large doses of salt however | •nd expect to see Covlngton In the • -ine-up as spcctty as ever. The Ilur- i .icane also Indicated that no'.hlng j \\ SERIES Tiic menacing t-hatler of those [JO'CT chamiiion rh:!a'Jvi:>iii.i Athlttlc-, i.\ t! Grr.vr, Hnns, !!oluy, W:ilL.-a. K.-h:u:n <• rii;:il, in tonv.vimr.Ui Illsal'Vi, It. i'^rk morrow. Clarence Gels, t!;? former Aikaasns .star, has instilled .semi crafty knowledge Into his bDvsfu]:! they one of the Uost p.v;shi.; and nnmiiiR attacks in the mtr. Jono.sboro had splrndid m.iicrinl lust year, a big rangy set of players and with n good niter in.- Hurricane should go far in state utiri circles. Tlio JonrsLoro sclio'i! h:is a lieitfr junior high team liy .s?vrnil louchdo'.vns than the avcragi! hi^h school team in the .state and with Hutlnmlry, the biff slrlkr nut kins of Use recently conrluiU'il world series .should lie iVadnl nui (if thp Cardinal troupe. Hottnnih 1 )' pr.iv- ril llic hnsl of tlic .scries and (E.ic .Mack pilclicrs slmjily tnycti with llu- Ijijr first baseman wlim he slet'pctl to the platr. would be a surprise to the Jones- I si|mi SA» HUT TRl.'i: Funs hi BIylhevllle and Mtr.sls- counly pl:lll " B s: ™"" The Hurricane accompanied by a 'arge ^legation of fans and iiu- dents will arrive here tomorrow from this city nnd ovrr t'nc county attended one ov more of the games at. St. Louis and all report n swell Enthusiflsm of Blytlievllh slu- ' predicted tha! Connie" Mack's ace ; dents will reach a high pitch to- -' pitchers would "slack the Ciu-cls." ' night when a b!g bonfire nt Hnlev ; > Field will be ignited nnd a Chick'- ! COMJTOTJOKES OKT .IL'Ml' i asaw war dance held with speeches | Football schtduies are rapidly . by members of thq Maroon and . swinging into the realm of tough • White squad nnd their mentors. A , games now and some of the teams j parade through the business s?c- | even stepped out In advan:e las', tion will follow and another par- Saturday with some jarring upsets I ade will be staged al noon Friday, —but, several were exceedingly Martha Robinson, Wocdrow Fisher Agreeable down here In the south— j Ted King and Peggy McKcd, cheer I particularly VanderbiH's rousinc 33 leaders, will head the parades. i lo l.vlclory over Minnesota. Which Officials for the game iver,; announced today as follows: Bill Merriweather. Hendrix college, ref- ero, Bob Mehrle. University of Missouri, umpire, Frank WhUworth, headltesman. Coach Hudson released a tentative line-up for the opening whistle as follows: Matthews, Cfnter, Luckett and Tipton, guards, Rayder anil Colston, tackles. Hall and Gordon or Bone and Wiggins nt ends, Mc- Alec at quarter, Short and Burns should give the. Commoilores tlie inside track as favorite for!'?.? Southern Conference croun, Still, there might be a little competition out of Georgia. Tennessee, Georgia Tech, Florida. Alabama ciher dark horse. ami All the southland will bp p-sll- for thr hard (hp Yale ItulldoEs nnntlu-r wallopiuji: like the one administered last year, when the two at halfUack posls and Pete Craig \ mlfM; clcvcns clBsh :ll Ncw Hl _ at fullback. • vcn Saturday. At Atlirns. ilnwn — ~ . _ _ ! in Dixie, last ypnr. tbr r.rorRia team Rave the Yale invaders a 15 lo 0 drubbing. i On The Outside - Looking lu By "DUKE" [ Here are a few gncr-ses for fnmrs : Friday and Saturday. Kesulls not guaranteed: Blytheville NOT SO CONFIDENT Donald Murray, sports editor of the Jonesboro Tribune, fails to share the enthusiasm of other I JonesboTo fans over the prospects I DHke to bc.U DAviilsou. of a Hurricane victory here tomor- 1J " '" ' ' row. Murray expounds as follows: to beat .lonesboro Chattanooga to beat Centre. Junior Vols lo t"ai Jmc-s'o.iro ,\3- gies., Dartmouth to beat Best on U. Chicks Ready The Blytheville Chickasaws are ready and waiting for the invasion of the Jonesboro High school Hurricane which will be made Friday •sht-n Coach Clarence Gels will send his eleven against the charges of Coach Henry Hudson. This column fails lo recall a single instance in which the Hurricane has defeated the BlythevIHe eleven m Blytheville and knows for a certainty that the locals have not carvffl out. a victory since 1*22. \Ve have wen unable to learn the outcome of the game tha' year, but in 1924 the Biytheville eleven defeated Jonesboro 13 to 1 and in 1920 and 1928 the games ended in C-0 ties. ' SHANGHAI. iCT>--Aiv^rica The Hurricane has always, or Jiov succeeded ;c Oic.\: Mrilain's Florida to beat Auburn. Colgate to boat LaFayetlr. Harvard to beat Springfield. Illinois to beat Butler. Texas Christian to boa' Arkansas Alabama to brat Ecw.inrc. Army to beat R-,varO::uor.\ VanderblU to bcM Vj. i>,v,v. Chicago lo teat Wis-m^m. Georgia to beat Yalo. Texas Aggies lo brat Tu'..>r.,\ •rvnnessce to bc.u Mississippi. Princeton to beat Drown. Missouri to brat St l.nin.s Holre Dame lo beat Navy. China Turns Toward America, Article Says , nearly always Ixen able to vein from the Blytheville crew on t h e home lot until last year when the former pillion as 'V.r \y.c«onr.s>- atiug foreign trade in j China, J. B Powell drcla: *s Hudsonmen carved out a 25 to 0 China Weekly Rc\icw artk;o. victory over the Jonesboro team. I 'China now looks to Wa-.|»loii There will be that added Incentive [for tips on the internatioiut p.iiiti- to spur the Hurricane on Friday, cal situation, raihrr Hun to Lon. Idon," the article says. I«nesl»N> a Comer j "China looks lo NVnV. Siicot icr But aside from Murray it appears ; futuro financing and to Ainrr.ui for that Jonesboro fans and the.Gold-[technical advice. Large Ithiish en Hurricane are confident of a vie- public utilities in Cliir.a. farm, a tory for the Craighead county boys when the final whistle blows to- ncnc-toi-brlglu future, loo;-. United States for purchasers." the -.:'.... ...: ^.-<-;. fJYIIJl (lilt •(I It;: 1 l!;is c/. c. I'i i-kiii!. Curiln. • c!J<i.Y -iiMnru th" i:'i!>j til Mr. C,:in!? Mack and hi", iv;rl!l . .1:1:1:.. f tlr l'j:IC Worlcl Htric:. are. left lo risht. Mu-'llng: McNair, n. Wiiiliini'!, Eani'-hav., Mahalfcy, Quii:n and Rornmeil. l/.-ft lo mil 1 Miu-h, Slininixi. Miller, I-'uxx, Collli'.s unj {ile.isn-i. Macks jubilant Over Vic- lory While Cards Happy Over Two Triumphs. PHILADELPHIA.--The 1930 world series a mailer of history, the world champion'Htts and the de- Icaicit Na.l-nal Iciijt"! canilidulus for the Breats.'.t honor in baseball —:he St. Louis Cardinals were :Us- _|) lc , banding tcday for tht r,:i>:ra' ' ' : lujtnr-s uiul winter puimiu. The Athletiu and their vcnovu- ! b!e manage]', C'nnie Maci;. \vere : s'.ill jubilanl nv.--r ihi-ii second . slraiRht v/crld title while Dip dis- ' aiijiointed Cards of Gabby Street ' icc^ivcd crn:.olati'n MI 111" best exhibition by a National league ; t?mn since 1926. ! 'Hie |;ame that copped fcrk-.s and ihc winners' dounh for the Macks brilliant than anyone had expecl- yesterday was featured by t!ip r»- ed. Cirove lost a clcce game n lir,?ment in three innings cf 1)1? Jess Haines but was credited wi'.ii lefthander, Bill Hallahan, who siiut two victories and pitched effective the Macks out In the firs: victory ball all the way. •lor the lied Birds. Hallahan was 'lliis was Mack's filth world':: wild and ineffective yesterday championship triumph in seven hot- while Oecrge Euin.sluw lur; >d hi lies with the forces of th? nation- hit; Uiird masterly pitched game "I league and the most .sensational . for tin' Matfc although he will ie- . ci:ivc credit fcr Ij'Jt two beiiji! lak- en out for a pinch hlll.?r in th-! ; clc:iiiB Innings of en? pame aflt: i holding the Cards scoreless Earn' -U'c^ - easily earne(i his p!ac? as the pitohinx here U Hie :oiies liowev?r concludhiL' a Ijrillian'. series with '"- 1 i<j ! iriumnh W'.'cine^day giving the Macks fcur ^rame 1 out of six. The famous two-nan pilchiiifc .talf »f die AY. v.'i'.h Earnsl:aw in the hi.dijig role and Grove right of them all for the A's were f r:«l lo make a spectacular fight f> overcome the Cardinals after the Cardinal:, had tied ill" count ;i. two all. It was also the toiirlh consecutive vic'.ory for Die;-:- csn league, due to the perfcim- unce of lv:o'sui>er toinns. tli 1 Vtnkecs cl '«-2a and now the Athletics. TOWN HAIIK HAf:Hi:i.ORS JERUSALEM, iUP) - Everycn: ov.?i- the age of 15 in the Hedjj:; '•;!>ind, ccinpl'.ted the conc; or must marry, according to a bill in- Rec 1 Cird.s in the fashion mure ' tiouuced in (lie advinci 1 ;; council. SEE Northeast Arkansas Annual Football Classic Blytheville "Chickasaws" Jonesboro "Golden Hurricane" Ki;'-v.iiiit How to _ Dress is Merely Know'iny Where to Buy Where VALUE ISN'T Merely a Word Field Fri. 3 P.M. TWO FINE TEAMS Tiir (Iliick- 1'avo a groat record. They have won 13 straight, games since Sept. ]9f'' ' last Saturday proved their fighting qualities by defeating ('(Mitral 1 ii Memphis. Led by the brilliant Pete Craig, the Chicks are better l!' ;T this year. The Jonrshoro Hurricane has always been a powerful rivu! I'.- football supremacy in Northeast Arkansas. They recently staged a great t'ighi against the Little Hock High School Tigers, losing only after a hard and hillerly fought garni 1 . ill To men and young tiipn who ;u p e sockiiiif finer values at a moderate price, llier; : i;n'l any doubt of the success of our S29.50 FALL SUITS. To attain such value we bought the best fabrics and workmanship that could be obtained in the moderate-priced field—and tli:se suits arc the finest example of workmanship and fabric quality that have bsen produced at this price in year-:. Yes, they are tailored by Keller, Henman & Thompson. This Ad Paid for by these High School Boosters:-Rustic Inn W. M. Burns Ins. Agcy. Main Service Station Re-Nu Cleaners Insurance Dep't Farmers Bank Rirby-Bell Drug Co. Ritz and Home Theatres 29 50 EXTRA TROUS1CRS Others Al $37.50 Also showing a mitflity fine, ""('J'^SU wool suit al $22 ! DOBBS HATS NEW STYI.KS AN'D COLOKS $8 $10 Olhcr Good Hnts $5 nml $6 R.D.Hughes&Co. Complete Outfitters JOT Men & Boyi

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