The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 10, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 10, 1936
Page 3
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FRIDAY, JULY 10, 193C MSI mi 'Continued On Page S) oy the CcnslitnUon did surely give " Id something new In gov- tli of curtailing the economic power of the propertied groups. Coverninejit Restricted On the other hand, one other amendment tended In the very op- liosltc direction—rhe Hlh. Under the 5th amendment the central government could not lake llf», liberty or pvoperty wlliwut due process of law. Tile management'of property through law was looked upon pretty much us the business of file states. Alter the Cl,^ War, the victorious North wanted lo protect forever the rights of the colored man. in die nth nmeiid- „,, ... . , luent it was providod (hut no state First, the eovernmcnt functions I shall make any'hw wliich ' were not alflocated hi a si»i>i" <""'- »i...i-> v.. J -'" »««.» BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NKWS crnmcnt. There was n federal government for national matters mid state governments for local concerns. A national government of strictly limited power* certainly a new thing, •that \vns "bridge the privileges or Immunities of citizens of' the United .states, nor shall any parson of life, slate deprive any liberty or |uop«-;y , without due process of law. Second, the national government 1 had its functions split into distinct department. 1 ;—I1ie legislative 1 , executive and (he judlchl. (he The fiamers, i not have been the of course, may ircrbllrig : them- Equips 1911 Model Auto With Latest Modern Aceesone? Henry S. Werner. o! Memphis. ;\vjio has arrived here iu make his homo, believes In both Die o]<l-fns]ilo:ied and Hie ullra-mcil- em. lie 'recently toured ihc United Slates in a 1911 model ford —hut it was equipped \sltli u radio, cleclrlc fan. settee nnd other Third, nnd this was Important, was the first government in fclvec about. pvoiK-rty. Hut there jhe P>.i]»-;.;nc vvou! Cuirl h?. 1 : so construe:! tins clause •is lo abridge in the most extensive manner the ri'jii', <il the states to mnkc > law;; affecting which certain powers were com- property Thus a stale may not pletely withheld from all.govern- pass a la:v regulating pfblie nill- ments—certain rights of I'as ix?o-|ities ,111,1 iimiliiij clcclrl'. 1 lales so pie. were recognized which no gov-I lew as to prevent, a (lower cotn- crnmenl^-state or federal—could I I»»y from earning elijhc IK'' cent But, certain c'nimges have enter-1 !>„,„• I IMIfl ri!l>- r?..ftn..t It..-I t . I I"'* '"HI Jnodern conveniences. The car Is , w hi Washington, D.'c. 1 , bdt he (Will bring H here soon. : Especially interested tn radios, since lie has been In- that business for 14 years, Mr. Werner is io\v working on •& device . iluu' vll) automatically (lash n light ln : an' at'tomobilc when n train is within a mile. He expects to nave it patented soon. He also has |a patent for a. battery charter. j Mr. Weiner came here from '•Memphis 10 be with the way Appliance company 'in 'the radio re[)air department. fmcnt lo the Constitution am! sac- ,.,,*...* LV* LIU.- ^uiisuuiiion anil so-*- n,i-i i * i ana. by interpretation of tl,= S u- . ± lu ,™'. ,"'. ? fty "™ : "} prcmc Court. T'lese clian«es h-iv !'", b=;n Kl!< m;>lL ' :l been chiellv in it HirSt^: '• "!° snlnc 1 "^'»"™t ^ "^ .ai 1 - ^itaCu^ririif " wt ™ wiie « bo " 1 -"- fneir oontrn n™^ »,„ "- U I )K - '' | stroy the form of giiverniiieni set " tuuuin over tne government, i ,,,• h v ,\,,, r n ,,,,,i m ~ We have seen that at first, the el-c- ' vrv-,. IO>lmlLls - torate in the variousI states was --^ 1: . Ille S "" r0 "" <; '"" i ' s very limited-people v.'ith property and other mialincatlons. But over the years we have seen property qualifications disappear, we have seen file vast body o f colored people admltlcd to stiirrn B c and in our own day wc liave seen women enfranchised. We now have a truly democratic electorate. Then there was Ihc change in t»e method or clectin.; senators. Originally th cy wcrc ' c | losen by slate legislatures. Since the 17th amendment senators have b:eri elected directly by the p»o!)le"of the slates. Another change in this general direction was the income ta\ amendment. Before that the " O v- i crnmciiU according to the °Sr- • preme Court, had no power to levvl an income tax. This amendm-nt • gave the central government pow- i «r over the income nnd accimvi- lations of (lie weallliy, which was! a distinct advance itv the-direction l altitude. Joivaid Iho leachville Woman Sues To Obtain Divorce Mrs, Maud Reed of. Leachville lias tiled Knit in chancery court here,'a-sking n • divorce from Max Reed. She-;, nlle^cs desertion as the ground'of her action. Robert A. West,. Manila, is nl- lorney for Mrs. Reed. Virginia Pays Belated jScholnr, 32, Seated Honor to Suffragist; {,i High State Post niCHMOND. Vu. (UP)—For the first lime In history, n nuirblc re- PAGR THREE nomle aiivUor to Dio treasury. Dl , j Doctoi , of i >h ,| osoi ,| ly n|1( , juav lune in nisiory, u nuiruje relief porlnilt of a woman has been placed In the Virginia House of The ilntiie is ol Hip lale Mrs. Ula Meade Valenlhie. presidenl of the first Kquul SutfuiBC Leasue of Vireliila. Tin- plaque Is the work ol Harriet. Flshmuth of New Vork, who also made the bust of Woodrow Wils.on now resthiB In ihc rotunda of Hie Capitol, j The Valentine statue will be, covered until tile formal unveiling I ceremonies next fall. The General! Ascmbly ap|iroved |i|i\cl:iK Ilio' jstiilue in the hall during the 1QJC session, when Mrs. Valentine was praised fur her "sacrillces" in the cause of wasan suffvage. Observers Ihouulu It Ironical, however, tlmt Virginia WHS amoiiK the slates n-Jeellng [lie Constitutional Amendment of IBM, grant- Ing women Hie right to vole. GUANH JUNCTION. Colo. (UP) —All niiBler was fined SW innl' cosls by Justice George Corcorim on a charge ol llshing with two l.oles. His practice besides not be- CANUKKKA. .ll|>> - With llu- uiiliiillitnu'lit of I):-. ItiiiiitM \v|]_ s«u l<> I'm; post nl !.o\vi!iiii ; .|it ; ,i,. listii-ian. llv.' Australian Oiivnimu'in U'llev.'s ii hus Hie younyi'si ditK.hl in H K . UW K! [„ a fiiinlar position. Wilson Is only 33. I'revious to ! hi 1 , new appointment he vn.s fro- Wilson was Iwrii in Tasmania; is a KhouY.s sch()|:ir; a cradiiuto of Uriel c-dlli',!,' at Oxford; ulso o| I'ho university of clilcago ami is » of commerco. coilcd rutllcsnuke cannot 1 11 f A colony of pintle martins nests every year In a t.irdhoiise which tlnnils on u Imsy downtown .street of llnrrlsbuivf, l'n. i ca ue. ILIIKCI1 Wrecker Service ,- Gas,'OPEN ALL NIGHT PHILLIPS SliRVlCIi; CBNTEJi Phones 777 - 810 j in ihc aii--co'ifltfinnf:r : " *BLUE ROOM fipcnsored by the nnslnew nnd rrofcssioml Women's Club Music by STUBBY AMOS AND HIS ORCUK3TKA ft].6;> per couple including lax HOTEL-NOBLE Bakery Specials : ALL DAY - - FRIDAY, SATUUDAY £ SUNDAY Ambrosia Layer Cake, toch 19c Large Chocolate Creme Roll, eajc Fruit filled Coffee Cake, each 8c Individual Pecasb Bolls,; each 2c Bate Drops, doz.n; ;10c Special for Butcrcg Hour, 5 to 6 /;. /». only, Friday, Saturday and Ki Hot Raisin Bread, loaf Hot Cinnamon Rolls, doz, Cocoanut Macaroons, doz Individual Karo Pecan Pies, each (Limit of 5) Hot,Pfain Rolls, doz 6c 8c -3c 3c ^ 5 C Hot Parkerhouse Rolls, doz. 8c Sjiccial Attcnlion Civen All Spcrial Orders Blytheville Baking Co. VIIONE 111) Water .. . and Your C ar The water you use in your radiator has a lot Lo do with the efficiency of your cooling system and therefore with the life of your car. The water supplied you by the Blytheville Water Company is pure, and therefore good for your cav. BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO. Courteous, Personal Attention to Every Customer Phone SO ;r?o n / 113 S. Broadway ing suorlin li-rs ivns lll In the eyes of nil!!- fnl In tin 1 cyc.s of the. "Jil ~ FACTORY TRAINED KAI>H> aviiiiiili!i> fin- all lusilifs <if rsidios. 14 Years Experience Phone 233 Henry S. Werner at Ilardaway Ajjpliance Co. Now Contracting Fall Acreage Beans See Blytheville Canning Co. Blytheville, Ark. .. $fe NOW AT YOUR FORD DEALER'S New distinction for the low-price car with the fine car engine—new luxury of appointments nnd trim! • The upholstery on doors and sides lias heen ftivcn a smart, new treatment In nil Ford V-S's. Kci>iilar models offer yon n choice of iiohalr or Bedford Cord— beautifully trimmed edges—nt no extra cost. And in Del.uxe moilcls you liare your choice of Mohair, Bedford Cord or Hrouclcfotli upholstery. • All cjoswl njodel DcLuxc Ford V-S's now have new Walnut finfslt on Instrument panel and window moulding;a rustless stcclspnkcstcerltiu wheel- non-glare rcir view mirror with 30-liour clock; locking glove compartment and tinidem xvlnd shield wipers. Other Ford V-8's now on display have lienutlfnl new interiors. - DISTINCTIVE BODY-tlNES, T001 Visit the FORD EXHIBIT at the TEXAS CENTENNIAL at Dallas 6t!i-Noreinber 29th. -fit Demonstrated in Public Tests 10% to 15% more miles per gallon ... That's what today's' stock Ford V-8's are showing over previous Ford V-8's in public gasoline tests now being run by Ford Dealers. 1 The test cars are equipped with a scc-for-yourself glass gallon jug so that anybody can check the results. Wouldn't you like to make a test run as our guest and see for yourself what a Ford V-8 will do? We invite you (o take a ride wilh us. 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