The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 2, 1949 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 2, 1949
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, AUGUST 2, 1949 Acheson Rejects Russian Protest Charge Against Italy Without Foundation, Secretary Asserts WASHINGTON, AUR. 2. WV—The rejected » Russian protest agnin-st United States today emphatically Italy's membership In Hie North Atlantic defense pact. Secretary Acheson lermrd the charges "utterly without foundation" in a note deliverer] to the Russian embassy shortly before noon. "The test of the treaty itself Is th« best answer to such mlsreprc- j XAVV PILOT IN COLLISION'— Mutations and allegations," the!t,t. cj. O.) RonVrt Vermin Poc, 26, American reply said. |ol Hampton, Vn, wns killed when The Soviet government had charg- \ lf piloted Naval aircraft involved ed that Italy violated its peace j,, a raiu.sion with an Eastern Air- treaty by joining in the I2-nation i \\ ws passenger plane near Ft. Dix defense treaty lost April. I in whk-h 10 persons \\eve killed. Acheson had denounced the mis- ne received Ins commission July 4. slim charges at his news conference last Wednesday, foreshadowing today's formal rejection o( Russia's latest accusations. In Ws written reply. Acheson noted that the views expressed in the Russian note of March 31 arc "identical in their misinterpretation" of the nature and intent of the Atlantic treaty with those published by the Soviet foreign office lost January—before the text had been decided. "It would thus appear lhat the 1945. SiLrnvin£ are wife, mother and two brothers. (AP Wirephow). False Pretense Charge Preferred Against Two Men Hearings for two Blytheville men, Jess Fnrris and Raymond Hall, on charges of obtaining money under false 1, were continued until views oiThe Soviet"'govVrniiie"iH "OH i '-omo:;row in-Municipal Court this this subject do not arise from an examination of the character and the text of the Atlantic pact but from other considerations," Acheson wrote. 'The text makes clear the completely defensive nature of this morning with bonds for each at 550. 'I'll-? men were anTsteci yesterday on a complaint filed by a Blytheville woman, -,v h o charged that Halt collected $4 from her o» the pretense that it- was n coti- pact, its conformity with both the j trtbutlon toward the laying of a spirit and letter of the charter of) sewer line nofir her home on West tlie United Nations, and also the | Kyeumorc Street near Division fact that the pact i.s not directed against any nation or group of nations but only against armed aggression." The American note flatly refuted [ Street. \ According to Chief of Pohrp John Foster, Hall admitted accepting a 1 contribution for the sewer line but ! said that he was working under Russia's contention^ that the peace; FAn - is Wl .ris. chief Foster said, 1 denied any knowlec'^e of the charge. I In other nction, hearing for Roy \ Silence of Atkins, Ark., on a charge ; of diving while under the influence i of liquor, was continued until tomorrow with bond set al S500. Tennessee Bank Robbers Sought Nashviffe institution Uses $27,985 to Daring Stick-up Men NASHVILLE, Tenn.. Aug. 2— (;?> —A Tennessee-born sElckup and escape artist was sought today as a suspect in the $'27,985 robbery al a Nashville bank. Witnesses said one of two niei: who discarded their masks after the holdup ye.slerday Jooked like Earl Dalvd Birch am, who police say, currently is the nation's public enemy Number One. Uirchnian has been sought for questioning in the $19,000 robbery of the Nashville Gas aii<i Heating Company, the 59,000 holdup of a department store and lessor stick- uns bore last- year, AS hi the case of the bank robiX'ry, all \\cic daylight jobs carried out in leiMircly, nonchalant fashion. And, as was the case in the bank holdup, the robbers escaped each time in an automobile with a woman at thfi wheel, jjin-hmnn's gim- toting wife, with a long string ot aliases; aL-o Ls wanted for que.stion- ing In all these. Birehman wiis reported to have returned to his native Middle Tennessee two years HRO after slipping through a trap set for him at Birmingham. Ala. TUCP duys alter his disappearance from Birmingham the Penney Drygnods Store al Montgomery. Alvt,, was held up and robbed of $8.000. The 47-year-old Bireham served ten years fo n 20-year sentence following his conviction in 1932 for robbing the Weakley County Dank at Dresden, Tenn. Nashville police described the hold tip of the bank branch, just off the Vatidcrbilt University cam- pius, as bearing all the earmarks of a Bireham job. treaty prevents Italy from joining the North Atlantic pact. Said Acheson: "Italy is left quite free by the provisions of the peace treaty to join with other states in a collective defense arrangement." ' And he concluded: I "In view of the foregoing consid- • erajjons the Uniled States govern- i rnent must reject as utterly without< foundation the charges contained in | the Soviet note." I Spencer was arrested following an accident, on South 21st Street involving his tar rind one driven by Bobby Parkton of Blytheville, Route T\vo. Oklahoma Invalid Burns To Death as Home Blazes OKLAHOMA CITY. Allg. 2. fAPI Arkansas Woman Killed In Truck-Auto Collision PAWHUSKA. Okla.. Aug. 1 <AP) Mi's. Prances Jane Patty. 12. of m. 4 Grpnn Forest. Ark., was killed today in an nuloniobtlr-mick col- %ituaries Z2S ocr Sov!DECT STEEL TAKES A NOSEDIVE—St««l Inn* producfloa dropped rtwrply ttiis summer to the lowest level m its postwar period. St«l authority txplain this by pointing to the old law of supply and demand. Many steel consumers, household appliance manufacturers in particular, had reached their p«aks in heavy postwar production and were returning to a peacetime basis. It was also generally expected that steel mills would lower prices, causing buyers to slay out of the market temporarily. With the threat of strike and th« present truce, a price drop never materialized, which accounts (or the sli e ht upturn in steel production in August. This newschart compares 19«'s steel ingot production with the two preceding yeart. Statistics from the Department ot Commerce. Teen-Aged Youth, Younger Sister Held as Burglars A Blythevllle boy, 15, and his 12-year-old sbter, are In custody of the Blylhevlile Police today, thinking things over after they were arrested early this morning while burglarizing a grocery store on North Sixth Street, ; The two youtlis were arrested at 3 o'clock tliis morning by City Officers Fred Hodge and Mervln Gillcs white in the act of ransacking the Strickland-Davis Gro" ry in the 300 block on North xth Street. According to the officers, at the ne of the arrest, the young girl is in the store and her brother is perched atop the building as lookout. The young couple's loot 35 55 in money and a box of •nham crackers. Entrance to the store was gained irough a window I'an, officers said. Chief of Police John Faster quot- Alabama's Top Klan Leader Is Returned to Jail BIRMINGHAM, Ala,, Aug. 2. Out of Hospital, Hill Completes Niagara Trip NIAGARA FALLS, Ont.. Aug. 2. W)—Major Uoyd Hill, alter a weekend in hospital and a few hours of . , • • r '," • ' c " u "' nuspiia ana a lew nours 01 -Alabmnas top Ku KHix Klan I indecision, yesterday completed his leader was ordered back to jail to- interrupted daredevil trip through nflV Tnr r^fll>;^( m nr^rlni-rv ra^nl-^i I u~ :..1:_. - .. , , . ... _ day for refusal to produce records of the white-robed order. William Hugh Morris, director of the federated Klan, was returned under a contempt of court citation arisine from his refusal to give the records to a grand jury. The jury today resumed its In- ve.sli^ation of mob violence after a week-end recess. Eighteen men already have been Indicted on Hogging and related charges, Morris hnd been out on S500 conditional bond after previously .spending 10 days in jail. Circuit Juctse George Lewis liailes ruled til/it the Klan chief- lain failed to clear hlmsell ol the contempt charge. The decision followed a three-day hearing during which Morriss testified he was now willing to produce the records but cannot because they were stolen from his home. he swirling rapids and eddies of :he Niagara river. Hill walked out of a Niagara Palls Hospital where he had been taken, bruised and injured, on Saturday after his 625-pound steel drum had been trapped (n a whirlpool three miles from his starting point. After deciding not to complete his trip yesterday. Hill changed his mind, crawled through the hatch of his drum 500 feet below the whirlpool where he was trapped Saturday, and rolled and pumped his way three miles down the turbulent current to Queenston. Onlv a handful of people watched the trip. The drum raced through the rapids, half-obscured by foarn and came out safely in smooth running water below. —A 75-year-old invalid woman ; felon Id inile.s of here. burneVi to death today in ford while i F\mr othei pvr.son.s were injured her crippled husband fought frail- ' in the crash, one critic-ally, tically lo put out the [ire which destroyed their home. Mrs. Lillie Wallace died in the fire. Her husband. James Monroe Wallace, 78, is suffering from and second degree burns on the face, arms and shoulders. Firemen could not find (he orig- : aged 78 and 75. ol Burnsdall. Okla. In of the fire. i The v/liiteluirchpi and the truck "I heard her screaming." Wai- driver. H'lincr Miulden. 23. of Tul- lace said, "hut I jiist covildn t ^ct SH, were reix>vled not seriously into her, I just couldn't ;et to her." i jurerl. Most severely hurt wa.s Mrs. Opal Wyatl. 39. Skcllytmvn. Tex., identified by Hmhv.ay Patro] Trooper Art Corc-ry as driver nf the automobile. She T ,vns htkspitalized here with -Mr. and Mrs. James WhiU'hurch, Poinsett Planter Dies JONESBORO. Allg 2—MV-Bob Oliver. Poinsett County planter, died here yesterday. He was 65. Mr. Oliver was brought to the ho.spital here from his home in Wiener July I. His condition had been critical since. Gosnel/ Infant Buried Riles for Gary Wayne D;ivis, In- j fnnl son or Mr. -And Mrs. Norman Davis of Gosnell. \vere conducted this afternoon at the Gosnell Baptist Church by the Rev. Carl Castleman, pastor. The baby died vesterday, two days after birth at Walls Hospital. He is survived by the parents, two sisters. Norma Jean and Nancy Patricia DavLs. paternal grandpar- ; cats, Mr. and Mrs, Virgil Davis of j Burdcttc, and grandfather, Fate Wallace of Gosnell. The Coljb Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements and directed burial in the Maple Grove Ccm- etetv ~rittenden Hospital To Cost $1,157,253; Contract is Awarded MARION, Ark., Aug. 2. W>y—The Flarmon Construction Company ol Little Rock was the apparent lo\v aldder here yesterday on a contract for construction of H proposed Crittenden County Hospital al Wes Memphis, Ark. County Judge W. K. Ingram said the low bid was for SI,157,253. Con structlon plans call for a completelj equipped 05-bcd hospital including a physician's office wing and a drug store. (irrcnluml Dogs Kc. cri COPE N HAG EN —i,, .— The Greenland commission of the Danish parliament, which will visit Greenland this summer, has been warned not to go there unarmed. An official announcement, called on the members to take big wooden clubs with them. The authorities are not afraid of hostile Greenlanders, but of wild clogs in the northernmost settlements. HARRIMAN Continued from Page 1. State George Marsliall ihat the pro- iirani is a •'must." Republicans still insisted Hint, something definite in the line of aiKes nr, coordinated action be lirpvitlen Unle=s it is. they said, they won't be inclined to favor the lirograin but will .vote for an interim tctup of about half the amount reque.sted. i Military heads of the Army, the ] Navy and the Air Force now art- in i Europe conferring with leaders of ' same of the nations listed for aid under (he President's program. They are .scheduled to testify when they return nex', week. Marshall eased some of the fears of committee members yesterday when he said he felt certain that . conclusions on the subject of uni- ' I'ied action have been reached. i The ex-secretary of state and | wartime Army chief of staff whole| hpartedly endorsed the arms-aid j program in an off-the-cuff discus- I hion with the committee yesterday, i So far the committee has heard • HO opposition to the President's i program, bU[ committee sources saicl several persoiLs have requested an : 'HHXjrtmiity to testify in opposition. jTlie committee uants to finish j hearings and start writing a bill in j time for. House action around the i middle of this month. Veteran Publisher Dies OKLAHOMA CITY. Allg. 2. (AP) —Harry W. Smith, onetime publisher of William Jennings Bryan's campaign paper, The Commoner died at nis home here last night at the nge o! 82. Smith began his career 67 yeari ago in a Macon, 111., printshop and retired in 1944. He has owned several Oklahoma newspapers—the Anadarko. American, Anadarko American-Democrat Moore Messenger and The Yukor Sun. t Aphids and Boll Worms Attack Arkansas Cotton LITTLE ROCK, Aug. 2—tO>}— Arkansas cotton fanners have ne 1 . troubles besides unfavorable wea ther and boll weevils. Dr. Charles Lincoln, University o Arkansas entomologist, said fw other small pests which damag the crop have been reported— aphids (small sucking insects) an bollworms. The situation Is complicated b the fact that there's insect poisons. a scarcity o , Few A])hlrls Here North Mississippi County Ager Keith Bilbrcy said that only a ver slight aphid Infestation existed i: this part of the county. "The aphids apparently aren bad ftnd are being destroyed t parasites. I don't think farmers wi find it necessary to ' spruy f o them," he stated and pointed ov that the bollwecvll had so fa caused no appreciable damage here. the boy as saying that this the second time within the ast two weeks that lie has en- ered the store and that he and ils sister had entered the grocery n still another occasion. On one f the two previous burglaries, S3 nd a box of graham crackers was a ken. Chief Poster also said that the ioy was recently placed on proba- ion by juvenile court for a series or other burglaries. CZECH FLEES — Jaromir Smutny, above, chancellor ot Czechoslovakia at the tim« ot President Benes' death, fled lo the American zone of Germany and is being questioned by U. S. intelligence ollicers. Other Czech political refugees in Germany said Smutny probably knows more about the Communist seizure ot their homeland than any other non-Communist west of the iron curtain Wafer, sulphur and salt are impurities which are found in some crude oils. Tigers Scratch Malaya Doors RAUB, Malaya—UP;—People are advised not to open their doors these dark nights when they hear scratching outside. The strangers, it appears, are tigers vvho go around pawing on entrances. So far. only several pigs have disappeared. KKi\ T Tl7CKY'S KK\ TO Perfect partner to gracious hospitality ia the generous flavor of Kentucky'* favorite sour masli bourbon. Naturally distilled on one family recipe since 1870, OLD FITZGERALD is proudly OH Faih- ianed, yet all llic moro in si_y/e. OLD FASHIONED.. . .. . . OlD FITZBEKALD sfciipc,- & »MI 4&,t& ^i_i_*j Distributed tif MOON DISTRIBUTING CO, DEVOTION TO HUM) DOG \VI.\S MOV .UVAKt) -Devotion to his blind 16-ycar-oln Boston terrier. Jizp--. has won Rirhrtrd Rose 'above). 17. of Detroit, the Naitonal Humane Art nwnrd ol thr American Veterinary Association. Vounp RO.-E dc.-iancci tiie special heart grar Jiggs Is shown wearing. Tlicy have been n..-cpr,rablc companions since the youth was 18 months o'ti anrt J;gc> a Mx.«e.-k-r>lri puppy. .AP Wnrpholoi I Read Courier News Want Ads. IF YOU LIKE THE BEST NU-WA LAUNDRY-CLEANERS Phone Ii71 Floyd Webb, M. D. Announces (he Association of Jack Webb, M. D. In the practice of nudlcliic and nirck-ai dlteaECs of the e>e, car, r.ojc and throat LYNCH BUILDING Blyfhevillc, Arkansas Office Hours: 9 a.m. lo 5 p.m. Telephone: 21, 'i I • Refractions by Appointment • Pickard's Gro and Market 1044 Chickasawbo SWIFTS PREMIUM i BRANDED BiSF We Specialire in Fancy Meats and Groceries We Deliver Phone 2043 Pl*-n I y of Marking Spac« BUT SHOE REPAIR COSTS LESS! Thai's why you 11 5Ave yourself many R dollar b> having vow shoes repaired by our expert workmen. Next time try us. IMI »[ICIIT III r(IH«t!l IIIPI ff'hire iMe-tiall ifrej. rear uftffl »Aic/</;, and Ot*tdrit*' optional at fMra coll THAT'S WHAT OWNERS CALL THIS THRIFTY NEW 1949 fllfRdJRY! SHEET METAL WORK OF ALL KINDS I Custom work Tor gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom i Shearing up lo 1/4 inch thickness i Frank Simmons Tin Shop I 117 South Broadway Phone 2651 I T'S »o tig! So roomy.' So beautiful— «nci to ihrijl-,, too! Triat'i *hj- ovners rail tliia hanrlsomf ii'-wf 1919 M<rcnry the smnrfr.^ huy loclnj. It IS! Imagine getting 17, 18, I 1 } milts pr pal- Ion— aiifl nn! Even more uith Ovfrrlrive.' Think of all lh«e Mercury fcalurts, too: A powerful nrvv fl-cvlitulcr. V-lypt. (•n^inc.' FrorM roil snringinf! A rrstfnl'''comfnrl- rtHie" ri'fr.' r'apirr tltritntl! ''Super-.^flf^ly" briikri! l*lu? I he luviiry of f<xnn rNWvr- cti.<ltione<f mill! So why not make \nnr nr\t rar Morniry— • nd enjoy all (hi* yo\irscK! l.iUeral Irade-in. Easy ttrirn. MaJee yw/i wk wi tfe puweit 1949 nifRtURY STILL & YOUNG MOT6R COMPANY Walnut at First Streen

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