The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 28, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 28, 1934
Page 5
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APRIL 28, 1934 (ABK.T COOtffi* PACK nvc CIASSIFIEDSECTION- CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per one ror consecutive Insertions: (Five iver&ge wctos to a line) One time per line We Tiro Umes per line per day .. ODc '.Three time* per llni per day .. Wo Eix times per lice per da; .. 06c Vonlh r*U) per linn 680 Minimum cbtrge BOo Ads ordered lor tnreo or six times and stepped belore expire too will be chargw (or the number of times the ad appeared and adjustment ot bill made. BABY CHICKS All Varieties. Custom hatching solicited. Set each Tuesday, hatch each Wednesday. MARILYN HATCHERY Hatchery Code Cer. No. 86 FEEDS (FOR SALE: HAY and CORN >t a bargain. S. D. Rozelle, Lux- lora. Ark. 24p-k5-24 Well furnished HOUSE from May 15 to September. Heasonaolc. UUi W. Walnut. Hione *Sl. 2« ks '1HHEE room modern bungalow, 1113 W. Mum. Call Mrs. Joe Meyers or Max Meyers. 27-ck-l Ir-URNlSHED tearoom, 1011 W. Walnut.. Mrs. bd Hardln alter a H. M. 1C fctl TWO Modern Furnished Rooms, garage, reasonable, 1601 West Ash street. 26c k30 All Classified Advertising cops nubinltted by person* residing outside ol the city oust be accom- NICELY furnished apartment, 209 by - - - to keep <u communication viU> the alrplmw base in Fairbanks, a party headed by c/ S. Houston of Cambridge, Muss.. will undertake to scale Foraker Ice-covered Mount McKlnley National Attempt Planned to Scale Mt. Foraker in Alaika WASHINGTON tUPJ —Carryingi Permission lo attempt the climb j has never been , a short-wave radio set with which I was granted by Arno B. Cum- Mount McKlnley, 3.300 feet higher Park, Alaska, next July, been announced here by the lerlor Derailment. merer, director of the Nullunnl however, 1ms been successfully Park Service, who said approval | c || mb i, ( | several limes, the latest 01 such hazardous feats Is given | . . , . . , . only alter he is sHilblleci the Bsctnl ' bcl " B llllU Ol tlle members of the iinrly lire prop- cily equLp|>cd :mrt physically n.uiil- Illed to make the climb. The scnlint; of the IV.OOO-foot Mount Foruker. us fur us Is known, Lick expedition, In the spring OUR BOARDING HOUSE liv AherD 19H2. This pnilv, iiccordliiK lo the report, was the llrsl over lo raich the summits o[ both Uio norlh and solllh penks of Una moun- Whooping Cranes, Rare- Bridei, Seen 'in Nebraska HASTINGS, Neb. (UH)—Whoop- IDB crimes,- IL nearly extinct type o[ American bird life, recently linve been sighted near here by a hlnl study club, iiccorrthii! to rc- ' lK>rls. Read Courier News Want Ails, j Approximately • 20 of were included In the near here. Professor flock seen Myron H. the Swenk, of the' University of Na- braska, recently estimated that not-more than 100 of the large water fowl arc left alive. The birds have become so rare that state and national game regulations now prohibit the taking of specimens by 'scientists or birds'museums. panied by cash. Rate* may be easily computed from above table, NO responsibility will be taien 101 more than one incorrect Insertion ol any classified ad. Auvtuuung ordeitu lor Irreuu- >r insertions tak** ine one tune iait. BUSINESS mHECTOKY Again Wurke Sets the Price lioiied Linseed On S5c 8*1. 'Aulpclltuie 75C g*l. Aiaililen Lamp Paris 31k; eacn BUKKE li,lRDWAUE CO. The one price store COUNTY WORKERS UNION 1 Court House Monday, 1:33 p.m. For men, women over 16 51 per year W. Kentucky. Apply after 6 P.M He k5-H FOUR room FURNISHED apartment. 700 W. Walnut. 19-ck-tf MODERN furnished apai tmcnt, 108 W. Kentucky. Phone 683. 22-tf INGRAM apartment, heat, water furnished. Apply I. R. Parkhurst. lOcktf BEDROOM for 1 or 2 gentlemen, 801 W. Walnut St. Call 451. 6c k6-6 Ask us about the Hagen Honej Center Golf Bulls, Thcj j re Better. Uubbard Hardware Co. 5ck3-5 Soy Beans and Peas will be bard to /ind next month. Buy now from Hubbari Hardwire Co. 12ck5-12 ROOM & BOARD VES ; AN ILL BET J: THKT KEG OF BEE.P, IS ALMOST AT LOW TIDE, NOW./—-- 3UST TRMJSFERRIN6 TH" CONTENTS PROM AN OAK "BARRELTO OME KVEST AROUND IT / L J-^~^*. ' Rooms with or without board, steam heat, hot Hater, reasonable rates, Hume 234, Kite Price Gro. 29c k4-29 AUTOAIOTIVE Start A Savings Account With t's On Everything for the Automobile Uubbard Ildw., Aatomotive Dcpt. Phone 476 Phone HO.ME REPAIRS: Steps, floors, screens, wall paper, paint, etc. ANILM1TE for Termite control E. C. ROBINSON LUSIBEB CO. PHONE 10& Mrs. J. J. Davis, Phone 421 Spencer Conelieri! 250 k5-26 EXI'ERT Typewrifer and Adding Machine Repairing. U. S. Blankenship, 116 E. Hose, Call 165-J. 22c 'K5-22 Aato GU» All Kinds Installed The Ark-Mo Lumber Co. 10ck5-10 BATTEIJIES New Ford Batteries Rental - Recharging - Repairing "7 TIKE & BATTEKY ifl'AT 26c k HEAL ESTATE FOE SALE LARGE Iron Safe, Good as new, Cost $250 lor 565 cash. Rex Hotel, Phone 2<H, H. C. Campbell. 25-pk-23 Farms lor sale—20% down Balance like rent Ethel Thompson, Caruthersville, Mo. ll-pk-5-11 WANTED TO BUY We buy Chkkens and Eggs, highest -prices paid. Rite Price Gro- cerji Phone Z34, 111 E. JIain. 9o Cotton Seed: Rowden Big: Boll No, 2880 for thin land; also Stone- T11U Jio. I. $1.50 per hundred. Marvin Robinson, 310 E. Blain. lB-pk-5-I8 1 Large Fop Corn and Peanut Roaster In perfect condition and as good as new. Very cheap. Phone Gilbert's Gro- 9p-k5-9. 63. Haiti. Missouri, eery & Market. Feeds, Floor, Groceries & Meats at Best Prices. We Deliver. Phone 234, Rite rrice Grocery. 9C ko-9 POULTKY & EGGS We Pay S2 per ton for Scrap Iron, Also buy hides, brass, copper, lead, etc. Wolf Allan, Phone na. 126 E. Main. 26cti-26 FOUND ESAD, CLYDE— OBSERVE HOW ^ CBOOQ t)tEt> 1RKVELS IN A> CIRCLE I TO GET TRAFFIC TICKET QUASHED TOR THtN I POUND k LOST TXXbTVW "BELONGED TO TVAE CSUTXbE vAY TO ^ppE^•u GWEN ME, c*\O OF WHVCW WAS TAKEN OUT TO PAX BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES ALLKY OOP By Hufttii 5AV.' A1NTCHA COM1N' ALONG WITH US? WE AINT MAD AT VOU ANV MORE - -vfU. NICK OF 'YA. GOZ, BUT WE SET OUT TO FIND DtNNV, Ttf P1NO?AU« AN' VIE -•• ••^'••"'•- ( 'I [W M ./ K® PFT YC. \ DINOSAUR OF VOORS! WHERE (5 HE ? I WHATf>D'VA MEAN fO TELL , ME THftT LOP-EARED SON-x^ YEP/ OF-ft-jTOAD HAS COUFlS-/THAfe RIGHT? GATED TH' PfiOPERTV OF HE TCX3K OtNNV ONE OF fAV LOVAL A AWV FROM SU9JECT5/y J \ F002V.' y r OPAL SAYS A MOUTHFUL By Marti* Black Kid GLOVE, white trimmed. Size. 6 3-4. Owner may have same by calling at this office antl paying for this ad. SEEDS & PLANTS Whiv.poonrill Peas for Sale Drive across the river for the finest Whippoorvdll Peas in Wes We will pay IBc per pound for heavy Tcnncssre.NPriccs Reasonable. HENS. B. T. Worthy, 315 E. Main. ] William Tucker t Co., 14ck5-141 " Ripley, Tenn. 2«-ck3-23 THIS CURIOUS WORLD BFye William Ferguson SIR1US,- THE OOG STAR., HAS A STAR COMPANION MADE OF SUBSTANCE SO DENSE THAT ONE TEASPOON OF IT WOULD WEIGH SAWFISH SNOUTS ARE USED AS MOTHER. NATURE SOMETIMES ON THE BODY op A — 1 COME V(00 MUST BE A \Vi '— BOT , MM tUME AND SEE XOO WCMOtR. V*,O THW \*> VJrtO ^)0&T ~™.Ov>E O9 WvTU 800T5 ~ WMM — V.OOVte> CZ UV46 h WRNWGEQ. __J JT WASH TUBES SURI'RISESI By Crt* Rp -THOSE VIL'SS, POOHER. I'M GOING TO E «,HEAD AND SUE WHAT IT'S ALt ABCDT ER COWER, VOU IDlDTi VOU WAMT TO 6IT SORE BRAINS 9.WEO Ot!T V SALESMAN SAM TIED UP IS RIGHT! By Smiu' O.V:. »_, S'\-":niK WO Dui.-2_ is &oik''o\'a.(?. B \ OOWWft DROP ||k! P.TTH' &(OR£(e. SAID H£ CDAS &OSH I TH1? IS FUUM-V 1 TU' FROHT DOOR opew, e\uo IJOT p, LI^ ^ (M TK' PLfvCEil. ? ,/ .< / ,/ j«-en Fuse BURtJED OUT AW 1 , oU ou2-i- IOE^T Mone'. I'LL GET P\ FLASH UGMT i.'J' GO DOWM AM' F(S IT 1 FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS RIG AM) l.ITTI.K! Bv TUB SNOUT of the Mivnsh mnkos a fomiidaWe \vea|»;i. H not. used by the animal in n direct thrust, but is given a Eidcv wipe which rasps rv severe wound in the side of the animal attacked. Natives usinc weapons modeled In this fashion also copy the methofl o£ thrust. NEXT: WbJci Is the ri«ht bank ot a rivtr? HEY NONNY-NOrW LOOK ME OVER,DAD— I JUST LANDEP A JOB AT MASON'S JEWELRY STORE '.! AT MASONS WILL BE A GOOD PROVING GROUND.TO TEACH YOU RESPONSIBILITY ..WATCHES FPOM $!.Op TO §50O A NECKLACE AT §2000..-.BAR PINS 5O TO .A COUPLE THOUSAND- BOY! THATS CLASS FOR YOU !! YES SIR...IMAGINE ME SELLING EXPENSIVE STUFF, LIKE DIAMOND RINGS AT A $ rOOO...CLOCkS AT & 20O... YEP.' V1ANW.ES HIGH CLASS STUFF, ALL RIGHT n I SAID, HUCM1CMR. MAUN GUHS TO PAY too?

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