The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 6, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 6, 1939
Page 7
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THE WANT-ADS PACK CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION THEM For Sale t Modern beauty shop, new iqul|>- j -'incut, Ideal location. Comimmt- ••? • -« v? J -»-«JH%* *-\SJLI. j U'tc with Mrs. Gertrude Webb. Os- Paily'rate per 'line for cimseou- . CTOla ' * rk - •'__ ___ 6-ck-\'} 0«e Ume"^''^ ion'-- ^um Sv^rs AUcnJigl,—^ Monti rlt^per llnc^ ^ Cards of Thanks "sikY V ' slalhrronl. Good buildings. Conservation payment. A $013 Ads ordered far three or six 'lines and. stopped before exiiira- Vori will be charged for the riura- ter of times (lie add appeared and tdjustinenl oi bill i>iade. or see me Marion p. Darby Dexter, Mo.. USED CARS i'hillijis leads — in Hui'tr.ains. s High!, Terms: (o Suit You. Ford Kordor. ....$122 1935 Chevrolet Coarh ?11)5 I0a« Hiiick Coavh ... Jim Olds, ((j)' SjecUiu Dairy Satisfactory rmallty and service In Dairy products. Gallic free of Band's plsciisc. In best of physical condition. Call Mrs, Gmce l,:vcrv. 002-J, for Halsell's Oracle A K«vv Milk, Cream, County Biilter, Hitt- tcrmllk, oiitra or holiday orders. Inspection encouraged anyllmo. Premised Uuul, Route 2 _ _ __ _ ! Overstuffed living room couch, fioiirt All Classified 'Advertising copy: \yalnut frame, "mohair npholslorv ubmlUed by persons residing out- Good coml itj on . Apply ix-m-.ns' Fur- Hdc of the city nlusl be accom- ll!Ull c Company. 5 ck panted by cash. Rates may be eas- ' tty computed' fjom above table. Advertising ordered for irregular insertions takes!, the one time rale. No respprislVli'ty -will be'taken for more tlian one incorrect inscr- llqi\ of any classified ad. For Ken l I- COS Hearn. Right, at, High -School. 6 room cottage rents at S'JO-00. Owner paid f25?0 for It but nipvfcl a\vay and says sell" for 51500. "'i- cash, bal. $25.00 month. TlioiiKis<i Compjuiv 5-ck-ll Comfortable front bedroom, $2 r , week. 516 Chipk'asawba. (i-ck-i:il J r OH SALE Kama Owners Lain I pioiicrtics at Blytlieville. FOi Jameson, prcllj. 5 room cot- feel- trout, shade . _^___ , lage. Lot 100 ,._vv i.uju. c.itti.^ Upright piano, Quality Shoe shop ' and f™'t. 51250.00. $150 cash $12.50 B-ck-13. 1 " 011 " 1 - slecpjne rooms or 2 rooni fiu 1 - iilshccl airaidnent. Mrs. Weri. 229 Dougan, Ccmforlablc Walnut. 21'3, W. Kentucky. Pretty 5 room cottage, bi\tli etc. ?I5CO. ?I50 C-ck-9 cash, balnnce less than rait. 193.6 Clicv. Couch Sjieeials .on all Trucks IhU Wfck. . ('rices kiwcr evev before. (hitii SI9S Def $2(i(i .$85 bedroom. SCO West C-pk-11 Nicoly furnidied front roam, steam heat, garage, Phone ' 560. 5eklO-5 steam heated bedroom, id- joining bath.' Bcautyrcst mat- ? tress. 603 West Main Phone M2. S ' 114 W. Vine—6 room duplex. Fine condition. Price $1850. $200 cash and' balance less than rent. HIS W. Ash. Handsome two story house arranged as ajwrtmcnls. Corner lot 100x1/10. Price $2750. ic ait. Srnall down payment and (hen >'-ck-12| monthly loss than rent. . ,,.- REjiT: Comfortable . from 210 W. Cherry. 8 room two story bedroom. Outside entrance, plione ' residence. Suitable for home or ?51. ' 4-ck-tf boarding house. In perfect condi- - lion. $3000. $500 cash and $25.00 New three-room modern, unfurnished. \ipstairs apartment. Screened porch, bath, larg.-; closets, inlaid linoleum on kitchen floor, window shades^ including ve- i\e(ian blinds, equipped lor butane gas heat, range furmslied; garage. Qll'X/W. Walnut. : ' ' 4-ck-H Nicely. fiirnished bedroom. '1017 Walnut. 'Tel." 102. "" " 2-ck-tf Store building for rent, heated. Parkhnrst Co. s t e a in 2cklO-3 Well Furnished rooms. Steam Heat, desirable location^ 1037 Walnut. '31-pk-9-31 3 rqoHY furnished apartment, eleu- (ric'sioye and refrigerator. Call 433-Vv;j!; ' 1-ck-tf month. Thomas Land Company 5-ck-U Selected double red poppy seed for sale. 25 cents per ounce, postpaid. September ami October is the time to plant. Major Little, Biytheville. . . 2-pk-iO-2 44 53/100 acres for sale near Clear Lake. Rented to M. F. Harbin. Four room house. Write Hcrnvuri Oowej-, Brookport, Jli. 2-pk-7 registers, safes, pin ball ma- able. Phone 723. Paul Khkendall. 1 pk 8 4 room furnished apartment.. Private 'bath. Desirable-; location. Phone 280. ; 30-ck-tf Nice, bedroom convenient to lialh. Phone 280. Gil \V..Maln. 8cktf Lumber. $18.00 per thousanel feet at mill. Adjoining clear Lake Farm..p. R..Garner, Armorel. •' -Notice 1, 2 or 3 furnished rooms. Evcry- -thing modern. 014 'Henrn Fishing License 2 Ipycly furnished rooms „„- = bath. Garage. Men only. 013 Wal.- nu^ Phone 85a-W. 21-ck-9-21 Front bedroom with adjoining bath. Garage.' 1000 W. Ash. Call 445-.W. 28-ck-tf FOU XQVR CONVEXIENC'E, \VE 30-pk-fl-30 j A R E rnEF-ARGD TO ISSUB IVOUK FIsiiING LICENSE AT irtjoining ° l ' B STORE SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. Phone 35 Nice bedroom adjoining bath. 217 E." Kentucky. Call 902-J, 28cktt Comforlable bedroom, phone 277-J. 625 W. 'Main. '. • IBckrU *"•. $529 IT'S TIME TO SWAP THAI'S JUST 1'I.AIN "HOBSE." SENSK. TAKK A LOOK AT 1938 Chev. Town Sed A Beauty 1938 Hudson Terrapiane Brougham, Low mileage, Deluxe Radio. l)\ A-l conditirm 1937 Chevrolet Coupe. Real business car • 1937 Dodge. Sedan. Real clean car 1937 Plymouth To'.vn Sedan. Mo- lor A-l condition. Low mileage, Black coior. Real buy nt . 19'JS Chevrolet Sedan. Only .. 1931 Ford V'-S Covers, runs good $389 To "! ns . $329 Tudor. New Seat $139 ,-t$269 $389 1936 Chevrolet 1'i-ton D\V CC Truck. Motor in perfect condition, real good tires 1937 Ford V-8 Truck. D. W. Reconditioned motor.. 1936 Chevrolet Coupo Pick-up Truck. Motor A- 1937 Dodge Pickup Truck 60 Olhcrs to Choose Krom , Ask About Our New Guarantee Easy * G.M.A.C. Vayincnt l'l,<n TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO, Phone 033 - Chev. Sed. Del'.v 1085 Chev. fand MI3-J K»nl Sed. Dcl'y Ford Sc<l. I''w(l l'ifl(-ii| 'j;!(i Koi-d Pick-up PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Corner 5(li * Wulmit I'hone 810-811 for Demoi.mraUr H.lytlicville, Ark. Welding RXVERT KLECTRIC AND ACETYLENF WELDING ne and heavy we specialty. Barksdale Mfg. Co. welding a Fhonc 10 or Res. 10J9 Ice ICE--4CE Phone W JOHN BUCHAHAff ICE COLD WATERMELONS Shoe Repairing QUALITY SHOE SHOP Invisible half soling, crepe sole replaced on any shoe. Slice ciyccl any color. Polishes, iaccs <$ supplies. Phone 120, free pickup .5 delivery. G-ck-10- Lost Red bicycle with white trim. West ern Flyer. Reward. Call' 1071. 0-ck-l MAP PUZZL.E IIOKIZONTAI/ 1 Pictured is the map of Hie kingdom of 10 Caustic. 11 Stir. 13 To drink tog-fashion. J3 Old garment, KRcd Cross (abbr.), 15 Tv/enty-four hours. 16 To froo. 17 Eccentric wheel, ISNcutei- pronoun. "' wice ' 40 Elecfrical term, 41 Road. « To cure. to Pcevipus Vttzdp H Pertaining to 15 Cutting' pf gems or TT— is a big. industry here. 16 Moon valiey. 17 Group ol tenfs 19 Child's napkin 20 Plural. 22 wide- mouthed jug. 23 Class ot birds, 21 Onward. 25 Large sea in lUs land. ' J , o cu 20 Large rodent. . , v, , Zl This land's ^ Bu S le ^5 Sorrow. 24 Ounces. 2G Volume. 26 Puffed. 29 Newly rich 'upstart. 31 English coin. 33 Opposed to- ocid. 35 Legal claim. 3C Birds' home. 38 God of love. 47 Street. 49 Doctor. 50 Steeped grain. 51 Journey, 52 Stop! 54 Raccoon-like manimal. 55 God of war. 5C —— protect the lowland in this kingdom. 57 Much of its land is made or . VERTICAL 1 North Africa. 2 Splendor. 30 Halt an cm. 32 Tree. 34. Marked wilh lines. 37 To scalier. 3 Trunk drawer 39 Cpdc"of 7a'ws. 4 Side bone. 41 To asilalo 5 Verbal 43 Circle parls. termination. 45 Point. 6 To extol. 46 Crawling 7 To say further "animal. 8 Nay. 43 Your. 9. Tenures of 50 Blemish, land subject 51 Japanese fish, lo socage. 53 All right. 13 To tousic. 55 Mother. Washing, Jroiling Personal Arouse , „.„,.), ofr , , (he bile lo rlil yourself of constipation. |.iis pwlus, Hixl dial- sow, fi't'lliiu, ')'iii;o one lio.v of KlllliV'S ACTIVI: i,ivi;(t ni.i.s M " »l «ll Klrby Stores jYlinnows For Sale MINNOWS Enrt Daincn, Cor, Hallroncl f$ Ky, Room and Board and bojinl: licn.'ioiiimlc rules, 113 K. cherry, ('luuie 003. 2ckO Rough dry nnd fliiUli. « (mills $1.00. One day service. Willie ik'll Green, Ixmind City lee Plum O-ck-9-8 'PHONB 205 l-'OKYOUK POULTRY Nice, fal hens and fryers & other poultry at all limes. iVK. DlUiSS AN» DEl.lVKll FltEK! STICKUCll-flOOmVIN CO. 40G li. Main ALFALFA SEED FOR SALE \\'o have cin, liaml n sinijily of New Crop iilfalfa srcil'tor sifle. 1.1. s. Vcrillcil aiuj .in- proved for A.A.A. payment in Norlli Centra] Dislrid. L. R. Matthews Gin Co I'lHino 11-r-U Yarbro Tost Office^ lilyllicvillc, Avh. USED TRUCK BARGAINS (..•i- ,.,„. i.|. i UK, i/s Ion, stalio liixiv, now dim tires l^ Mn(ornii iniial \y s lun, new lives, vcctmili. ;'.'' < :l 'cvrfl!e( |)ifk.,in §177.00 1.1.7 ,(/! I,,,, f;MC rcc«|t(|i(i(u u .,i (hvtmnhi , Also many oilier (nick Iwrgaitis lo soled These trucks must move. LEE MOTOR SftLES, Inc. .•.Wanted. WANTHO: a iicgrp fnmilios to move to fnim fbi 1 coUon fi-ck-U For Salq; or Ti-acle 0 room house.'-3',4 acres qf Innd 1 mllo from': (own, win trade for fin in land. Onl) 008, J-ck-NM Too f(ulfk for MKNOMONEE PALLS. WIs, —Mrs (Grandma) Becking 87, M5tjally pulls her <?wn teeth, hut the lud to go to the dentist to extinct her hst one. The dentist deadened the n<>ivc and then asked Mis Becking, "Does that sill! hurt?" She touched It glngcily and then (jtwc it a «ulcK yank, cxtrftct- IIIK the toHh herbelf All N'ow I.ocnln) u( 101 Nurlli Si-court ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON lillWAims, I'roprlvtpi- Maki's of KHnilll Tyucwri.UTs, Adding Mai-HHifs and C'alciiliilcrs—Kcimlrlus—I'arls—u VARICOSED VEINS AND ULCERS . Wliv• BHjrcr p»in mid UK.. Inconveniences of vavlcosort veins when n-fcw simple, harm.less trcnliucnls may (-fleet rcllM ami n c ire less nmi ,?'' in" lnr81 ;? VC " 1S M * n °w Ircnlcd. by iv slmpb, i ltu -ma«e rose imiy bc' C cnl K '' llo -"' B " rB!c ^ 'reatmeiit. 'ihc uv«- cr llnce or fonr treatments, The nitllciil Is tiot'con: lo bed, nor docs It Interfere will, i,| s or her work Cousnllnllon free uinl you incur no obllanllon. DRS. NIES & N1ES Com lei News Wa;it Acts. HOLD, EVERYTHING - By Clyde "The boss woii'l be nblc to see you-lic's cxpcclinB borne I com liuiiu any mimUe now." , VIHD HH/ ABovg ROCKS'.' , . ftfiACK A^Y fAlMLJTf .' «Y V. T. HAMLIA OH, IP ONLY THOT DUMB-HEADED JUDGE WOULD LISTEN! TO US AND RELEASE DA,O FOR JUST AM HOUR ' ' WE CM DO IT, JUDGE OR NO JUDGE-BUT IT WILL BE A DESPERATE SO, LATE THAT NIGHT JUST AN , HOUR... STANP IN OUR WAV HOOTS AN!) HER BUDDIES n llic Ttllls Knew El>fiAR SIAR't'JN HY ROY CKANE LET TUBB5 AND EASV GET THEIR HEADS CWPPED OFF , TOIIMG TO GET PAST1HOSE HOLV MEN GUARDINfaTHE CRATER. HA 1 . WE'LL TAKE THE BACK WAV UNGUARDED,; NOT \SOUL i IM Si&HT ' FKECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSKH DOM'T KMOW 'HOW CAN SIT THER THERE'S MO SENSB IN US BOTM \^OSRYl^JG' l'U_ LEAVE MATTERS IM ' YOUR CAPABLB HANDS/ . .,- FATHER HE is ,' iiu FIND MYSELF 'AND MIP THIS SILLY .THINS Trie BOD ' PROBLEM I'LL- HAWOLB IT IN MY OWM WAY'

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