The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 9, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 9, 1930
Page 5
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THURSDAY, OCTOBER 9, 1930 BLYTHKVIUJC, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS St.Pierre and Miquclon Are Base for Huge Smuggling Operations. . Uy GKOKGK COMSTOCK NBA Service Writer ST. I'lEKKE.—The tiny French islands of St. Pieire and Mkiuelon from which it lias been assumed only French liquors were being transited arc in reality used as the base for a gigantic liquor smuggling trarte from Canada into the United States. So large has tills trade grown that it practically circumvents Canada's recent law which prohibited the export of Canadian liquor across the Air.eiica: bborder. St. Pierre, largest town and principal seaport of the islands, is Hie center of Hie industry, It is the new liquor smuggling capital of the world. Prom a sleepy and aimos ', unknown fishing village il hasteot ^ tiansformed into a bustling am w^allh-diuni: town rcseinbliiv western mining camp in gold rusl days. Today St, Pierre's harbor crowded wiih ships, but they ar net, fishermen. Pishing, once th sole support of the islands, ha been forgotten for the new an more lucrative Industry of liquo running. There is scarcely a lamiV left on the islands which is no connected in some way with th liquor traffic. Some of the native of the place have reaped large for tunes in the past few months. Low fatt. battle gray, sliced boats slip in and out of the harbor, and rusty tramp sicamers lie alongside the stone quay, their winches groaning and stuttering as they discharge their cargoes of thousands of cases of liquor, destined for the United States. Over the entire town tliEic is an air of activity, and n decided smell of whisky hangs in Ihe air. Inhabitants of Islands Distrust Stra urjers Where Booze Stops En Route to U. S. • di'atiitire papers for tho ruin-i i.iniu'i'.s are notoriously oiisy lo ST. u:,'. 11 is n ot unusual for cs "Pin 1 ! :-a-.' as Ihe faster nun bouts hire i-.ilVil. io ?]|[i out of St. Pierre, jloadul '.» the u nc with liquor, and I'.'.'avam-e pajieis for the mile* < days ::: »t; hi • lain i\: PAGE FIVE low Import, duly on iimny milcles, uncl there Is no duly lit nil on liquors Imported from h'runcc. Tims, l-'rench wines, bundles niid elinin- liiiRiies i\re us cheap In SI. Pierre us they urc In Fvanc*. with live cx- of (in! freight clmi'ijes. The of some 1500 : nun trade, wlille cunniilng ilself •i-'h way. In four or five j chiefly lo "hard" llquov, manages >' -MHV boal will return, rlil- j lo absorb n great amount of lliese famous I'l'eiich prodnels. And this fillers a nc\v and ever-growlii'i "mr- );d lo (lie French wine gro* >. 11 is linrdly likely (hat Ihe I'-iiicl) would care U) destroy this ih.u'kot by dlseimiasliiK Iho ruin runners, lluni lias ISrrmglil Illdirs to Is lands Time Is also another pleasant iispeci lo the (rude, from tho l-'irnch viewpoint. Tlie liquor brought 10 SI. Pierre and Mlquc- •, and the t-ap- u'port Unit lie has made a|] voyage! !.l<|iui I'luiu I'iiiLiita Is Wlllilii the Law Casuda'.s hi ail this l.s quite within u-.c l.uv. A Oaniidiiin di^- lllli r ships lo si. Plenv, a Freiu-U l».i; i - -luii, a cargo of liquor. It limy I:.- shipped in the distiller's Ham.- or in Hie iiaim 1 of the dis- tilli-: < .-',:. i'icne's iigenl. In (ills tvan~ :i-i:oii Hie chip's parjrrs inv j Ion (o lie smuggled into (he Unil- in ]v:! ( -r. ovdi-r. The Uaiuull.iu law ! cd stairs is subject to 11 Frcntt UbJii-.:i-! tin- expert, i>[ llquar acuiss', Imiwit duty of nppioxlmiitcly M UK- Aii-.rrk-aii border dirt nol sny j ctnls per case. Tills conslltnles tt::i: H,e Djmlnlon bound ilself lo j almsst tlie solo revenue of Ihe piv,.i:i .shipment of its liquur lojisliiiul. and Ihe cxleut of tins trade 1'r.iikv, or a Freiich pcxwesslon. It I Is well sliown by Ihe fact that lany.mi' desires io semi llqimr from . never before have Ihe Islands been Ciu;i.[!.i to Kt. I'leri'C, Canada prosperous, hav.- no iiuerest, In tlie cvi ntnai j It should be said for t|jc oulhor- dcs;!i!:itioii of that liquor. Kvevy-] illes, liowcvcr. lliat they are put- cm :«i:>\v!., of course. Hint, tin- real • ting wmi- of Ihe money bnck into <le.->iina'.ioii ol the liquor is th; I the business, Big dredges hnve United .states. But that, is another' bi-i-n ivoikhin lor months in St. lluni;. :i iiKi'.tcr for the CoastC'liiai-ri, I'L-iie's harbor, In an ellort- lo and i'. .• p.rohlbition enfoi-c?nn.'iit ol- ' dei-inn the ehannel so thtu It will lieu> -,.> wurvy abnut. ! acciy.umoil.Me oven larger ships. And t-n> paternal allHudc of Ihe A ui-.v bieaUwuler Is nmlei 1 con- I'ltiiih amliorllie.s towards I lie .slrui'.lon; new warehouses and 1-11:11 ir.iilc Is easily undersloo;!.' wlnnfs are being conslriicled. St. |St. 1'ierrir anil Mnjiielon enjoy a-Pierre expects Hie nun trade lo grow lo even Itirner projMrllons. When Cinindu passed 11$ autl- cxpovl law, SI ETA ail SHSHRDL lutloii of 1500. Today there arc •1000 people on the Island, and most, o! them aro making money out of llic mm trade In one way or another. There Is an nlr of prosperity about, tlic place, Expensive Atnerlrnn automobiles bounce nlonu narrow roads where, only & few years ago, ox carls were the rule. The cafes are filled nith sailors and workers. The« people uro oil glad to explain that they consider prohibition In the United States one of the greatest benefits yet conferred on mankind, and they hope It l»sts loraver. I have been in Pierre for ' The busy scene at upper right shews Canadian whisky being unloaded on the quay at St. Pierre. The map at upper left gives you the kcatlons of tiie two small islands which have bcioinc Ihe rum cnpllal of the world, while, below, an artist has sketched the activity in St. Pierre's harbor, now filled with vessels of tVie rum ileet. French Colonial system. The an- ' 'cd on new and larger buildings | clays with its swa thorities of the Islands are fully which will be i:sed for this pur-. runr.ers, red-capped aware of the extent of the liquor ! pose, but in the meantime there is smuggling trade, and render it an acute shortage of storage facil- every assistance. | Uics. In order lo get the great FIFTH—The inhabitants and j amount, of liquor olf the quay a:i:l authorities of the islands are suspicions and secretive with slrang- under cover it has bten r.ucossary some time investigating the liquor traffic, nnd from observations, and conversations with people engaged in the business, here ar? a few outstanding facts regarding this new rum center: FIRST—During the 12 months just passed, approximately 1,000000 cuses of assorted liquors were shipped from here to the United Stiles. Only a small percentage of it failed to reach its destination. SECOND—Fully SO per cent oi this liquor originates in Canada. These is no doubt but that the mm syndicates'Imo found a route I through St. Pierre which practically nullifies Canada's law aimed to aid the American government's enforcement of prohibition. THIRD— Many of Canada's largest liquor manufacturers have established offices and maintain stalfs of workers in PI Pierre— presumably, to care for tlie thirst of the town's 4000 inhabitants. FOURTH — A French possession, St. 1'ierrc and its sister islands are govcincd under the ers who arc not in the rum trade, lings St. Pierre has made a great deal aloni lo make use of many private dv,-e!- . and ering vum- allors. ant! its many slories'ol sudden wealth nnd adventure, lias another bid to time. I', is the only i»rt- In the world, I'ovrineii by a pow where news regarding Hie coming as stoVehouses. As you walk the town's narrow streets it of money out of the liquor busi- I is not unusual u> glance behind ness, and intends to make more. ' the inevitable white lace curtains Strangers arc not welcome. ' and see the living room ir pack- with whisky cases. of vessels is not public This is a busy season of the year in St. Pierre. Several of the liquor syndicates prefer. to ship liquor to the bland and store it. HORLICKT/Ai IV MALTED MILK Let Horlick's take the place of the stimulant A more wholesome drink cannot be found in all the lists—for tired nerves and fatigued bodies. Its quality has never been matched. At better fountains. Or send ten cents for sample and free mixer to HORLICK'% RACINE. WISCONSIN ADMIRE At present there are. approximately, 3,000,000 cases of liquor stored in and around St. Pierre. thus avoiding the additional dan- J Some of this of course, came from gers of a late season voyage for cargo carrying vessels. This has taxed the storage space on the island, and every warehouse is crammed with liquor cases. Work is being rnsn- France; wines, champagnes, fine brandies and the like. Bu: the great majority of it, is Canadian whisky. St. Pierre, picturesque nowa- propcrty. The authorities island, however, are giving out no informaiiun. The rum bade is shrouded in secrecy, at It-ast Insofar as the |H>rt nuthciiticj and nmiiminers Ihcimclvus make it sx Therj is no don'jl at all tut that the trade :•, nourishing with the full ki]o\v:;<lre ar.d connivance of th; island a::'lio:r.ics. Either on their own mjiciibibility, or acting 0:1 orders fio:n France, they are rendering all possible aici to the growing bus::u5S of smuggling. For PHI TG FLIGHT New And Different Medicine Daily Winning New Friends —Shoiv.s 1'owers In This Amazing Case. SlltS. W. C. COUNl'KOi'T "Fcr three months, life was to 1 , turc for me", said Mrs. W C Ccinprcpt. 1303 East Eighth' St Kansas City. "My back ached sc M*al It- was almost impnsr-ibl lc T me lo gi^ up or down in -l:air. 1 cannot find worris I t!escribr> the i agony 1 endured wit my bark. "My attention attracted 1 KoPjola, by the. many indorsement ibis n(w medicine has wovi anil rterlded to t:y il. Almost immed ntciy Koujola brought relief, an as I conliniicd the treatment tl ihcuniatism gradually disappc;xrc> I have trained in weight and ai fc.ling fine. I lio|>e others afllictct as I was will try it." Although many people state Ih; cr.c or two boltles of Konjo bruyht amazing relief, it is re inuici'ded Ihal six or eight be take lo ob'.ain tl-.e best results. Konjcta Is sold In Uly'lievil at Kirby Dmj Stores, cr.d by all the best druggists in all . towns throug'.io'jt this enlire section. —Adv This 70 HORSEPOWER 114-INCH WHEELBASE • j.L "L is the buu 114-inch wheelbase 70-tiorsepower engine Therraostatic control o( cooling Double-drop frame Self-adjusting spring shackles Full-power mulfler Engine-driven gasoline pump Lanchesler vibration damper Starter button on dash Cam-and-lever steering Hand brake on four wheels Clutch torsional damper A FOUR.DOOR THREE-WINDOW 5ED/-N AS LOW AS *895 Roadster for 4 S795 ClubSedjn 845 Coupefor2 845 Coupe lor 4 895 Tourer 895 Regal Tourer «»irs,-,S;i,'i; , , . 995 Landau Sedan, 4-doorf4wi>«writcW 995 RegalSsdan, 4-door fa»rr»wftte/j) 995 A/I price i ol (Ac factory Says GEN. OTTO H. FALK One of America's Leading Industrialists. President, Allis Chalmers Mfg. Company Vice-President, and Director, The Falk Corp, (manufacturers of steel castings, etc.); Director: Fitit Wisconsin National. Dink, First Wisconsin Trust Company, Wisconsin Telephone Company, Milwaukee Mechanics Insurance Company, National Enameling and Stamping Company, Granite City Stce! Co., tlic Falk Investment Company. President, Public Safety Commission of Mil. waukcci IVcEent of Marijucttc University j Director, Merchants and Manufacturers Aim. of Milwaukee. "The doys are gone when a mantt- facttirer can achieve national acceptance for his product merely through a 1'ast advertising expend^ 'lure. Today's intense competition demands thntai>roduct be identified with a quality distinctly its own. And so I, as a fellow manufacturer, admire your enterprising use of the Ultra Violet Ray in the Toasting' o/ the LUCKY STRIKE tobaccos." * H ""11ERE are certain motor features A which bespeak quality, ant! thii Sludc- bakcr Six Ins them, in greater abundance than such a price has ever commanded. Check the brief list here ... a very few of the line-car vnlucrtointsof the Sludcbakcr Six. There arc dozens of others. Created by llic same engineering genius and devoted craftsmanship which produced Stiuicb.iker's World Champion Eights, this powerful, thrifty.StudcbakcrSix shares the fame championship staniijia... .ind tin: same heritage, n 78-year-old reputation for inanufactcrtng integrity. Study the evidence. Drive the car. Compare it with any other ow under £1000. LUCKY STRSKE-the finest cigarette you ever smoked, made of the finest tobaccos -the Cream of the €rop-THEN-"lTS TOASTED." Everyone knows that heat purifies .and so TOASTING removes harmful irritants that cause throat irritation and coughing. No wonder 2O,679 physicians have stated LUCK1ES to be less irritating! Everyone knows that sunshine mellows — that's v/hy TOASTING includes the use of the Ultra Violet Ray. Studebaker Auto Sales Fletcher Osccola, Ark. H4-INCH Your Throat Protection — against irritation — against cough Consistent with Us policy of hying llic f:icUl»jfor<: it.c puWic, The American Tobacco Company lias invited General Fa'.k to review the reports of the distinpiishcd ncn v-lio l:.ivo witnessed LUCKY STRIKE'S famous Toasting Process. Tho statement of General Falk appears on thin page. ©1530. Tht A-crln-iTcbiccoCo.. Mfri.

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