The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 23, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 23, 1944
Page 5
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SATURDAY, DECKM.BKK 23, 1944 Postal Notes To Go On Sale About Jan. I Postmaster General Walker announced that a contract IMS been nwnrded for the manufacture of lCC.000.OOp Postal-Notes and efforts are being made to place this new and Inexpensive type of money order on sale at all of the 1575 First Class Post Offices by Jan. 1. "The Postal Note epitomizes what we arc Attempting to accomplish hi the entire administration of the Pos- tiil Service," Mr. Walker said. "We iyant the Postal Service to be char- Qicterlzed by efficiency and economy, We want, lo incorporate. In our service as many as possible of the extraordinary advances and Improvements which have been realized In American business. And we want, while performing our work as efficiently as vie know how to do it, to charge no move for n specific service than that service costs." 'Hie new type of money order will be made available to pasl offices other than of the first class as rap-* i'ily AS, adequate stocks of Postal Noies come from the presses. However, from the beginning they may bs cashed at any past office In the IHATHlSVlljLB COUHIBK NEWS United states. The new Postal Note Is designed as « safe, convenient and economical way of sending through the mulls amounts of money not exceeding. $10. Simplified methods of sale and accounting makes it possible to handle the Notes nt n uniform fee of 5c. The conventional money order' is not being displaced by the new Note. This is the procedure that will be followed when Postal Notes become available: A person who wants a Postal Note for $2.93 will go to the money order window. The clerk will afrix a 90c and a 3c stamp to a $2 Postal Note, and exchange the Note lot- $2.93. There are no applications for the purchaser to fill out, no writing to be done by the clerk. The purchaser leaves the window, writes in Die name of the payee on the Note, detaches his record stub on which he records the payee's name and malls the Postal Note. The Note itself is a •calculating card form. Girls' 'Silliness' irks Billy KANSAS CITY, Mo. (UP)-Glrls locked P'nln "silly" running around in boys' jeans with their sliirttails flapping. At [east Hint's what Billy Turney, n- year- old student thought. And to show them just lion' "ally," t! ley W erc, he appeared at school recently clad in his Ulster's clothes—plaid skirt, blouse, hair ribbon, and everything. Gl Christmas Party Staged Alsatian Villagers Warch As Americans Entertain Children A TOWN IN NORTHERN ALSACE, Dec. 23 IUI>) — A group of woodcn-shoed couriers cindered through the streets of a small Alsn- (Ian village announcing that the Gl Christmas party would begin at noon. American officers am) men nlrea- dy had invited tbc younger of the town's children to (lie pally. «(> Christmas day. But the westward- moving war made them push tho date ahead. Tlie small store where the air section has its headquarters was bright with Christmas decorations'. Some 60 children clustered before the window, chattering German tile only language t/iey Know, they stared hungrily at the gay Christmas tree and the pile of bundles underneath. The men had been working'' for clays to collect the Gl chocolate bars, fruit drops, gum and marbles, Major Herman Ovelman of Otta- wa, 111., gave them the- Idea, and they roundfd up ever/ ixwsibk' gift, and every possible [Miest, In the little ciiy. Major Julius Goldstein of Washington, D. G',, a\tg tip n ml Sunta Clans suit and some while whiskers, lint the day of the party he was too busy in put It on. The major Jiud lo keep (lucking Inside liie radio mom to listen lo the Jabber of air talk about enemy planes over American front lines.' mid mi answering voice siiylng "Roger." So Hitler kept Santa away from I lie party, but, oilier doughboys passed out (lie Rlri-vThc children squealed with delight ai the Mid- West version of Alsatian names. As a little fist thrust up in Ihe ntr to show a child's mime had been called " bn » 1 < ; )> of l">l>l>.v GIs helped pass the child through the crowd i And oiiljslfip half „ down AJastlan adults wiilche.i (hrou 8 h (he window nielr faces were stony. This was somctlilns; ciillrely between the foreign "Amerlkaiilsehe" and tho children. 1JOS SlS Christmas cqroh owe li^ain fill: the air with the spirit '"•' : I-- • ••«•• -> !«W»J#'-«.v . >^js; ,.t of friendliness and goad will, we join iti-the chorus to wish ' ' ''**<:-.'•'. . -^•/••"^iijfiftf 1 ^*^ -..-$ you and yours a very tyerry Christmas, with the sincere ."••:.• - m • i%#J*'i : 'Y,Vy|jfc|iw«m)iiji i»lv "j- ho pi that tie comiitg'New Year iiiill be one oj your happiest. ryanl Jewelry Store • : i . • • - - Yarbro Mrs. W. A. llollliissworlh wus re- fleeted picRi.;:'!-.! of i!w Womim's bocwly of Ciirlsllnii Service of Ynr- bro Melluxllst Cluircli In uu olccllon ol (ifllcers licld yeslcnlny nflurnoon when Mrs. Henry YWIIIR oiilrrtiilnwl tilt- Broui) nt IICT lioinu for Inch 1 an- nmil Clirlstnuvs pmty. ie .Hireling opoiiHl with iiiB ot "Sllont Nlclit", .(oliowed by tlic dcvotionnl mid n Ohiist'miis jipem given by Mrs, Younu; Mrs, llolllniisworth tlu'n presented (he proRi-inn on "Onlsliims In other Hut(len\en(s und I'lumes" before (lie clorllon of of/leers. Those who will serve with Mrs lollincsworlh diirlnu nosl year uiv Mrs. Joe Prccinnn, vice invsUleiif Mi's. Hoy Kooiu-c, publicity SITIO- liiry; Mrs. n. o, Ilimlmmi,' rc«>r<l- hn; Kooretnry; Mrs. Ooonjo Swnln confeivnco Ireiuuivr; Mrs, Hoy Koonce, • locnl licusiin'r; Mrs. Nltu Uiilioh, st'cretnry of inlssloniiry I'dn- cntlnn; Mrs. Klv.ii Whoolcr. newlnrv of Clnlstlnu soclnl I'olnllonshli); Mrs 1'wul Abbott, mcrctury i>f yoiniH women mid B | r | Si Mrs. Kute, riundi, wcrctnry of stuilcni work; Miss Alice Miule ifoss Bccn-tnry of clil.Ulroi's' work; Mrs! J. I". Hiuncy, smotnry of .stains of women; Mrs.,lloiiry, YOUUB, iocix- liuy iif snlrlUml life; Mrs U-c Slilcs, secretary ol llteruture mid IHiMlrnllotUi. Ourlni; the socltil hour which followed, nl((,s were distributed from the Chrlslmnx tree iinrt Mrs. llol- llilKsworlh wiis prosvnU-d with n wdnl (;IU /com Anxllliiry iiieinhi>rs. I'rl/es were won by Mrs. n.. G. Gntcvy, Mrs. Ocorge Swutu mid Mis. llolUng.worlli h, the PAGB'FIVK* Pickets SurraiiiHl four \Vanl Plants In Detroit ity Unllrrl J'lc.-s rlnced lour Montgomery W«nl plniils In l)i'((vll lodtiy uftcr union leaders suld tin- .stores must l.'c> clased by (mnoirow. -rho milun is iitlcmiiUnt; lo torce unvernnient netloii In lhi> iiiinpuny's rehisitl to comply with Win 1 I.Mior Donnl dl- rccdvivs. llow<>vn'.ei)in|>;inv otflcliils Kalil (]»• stoics opi'iii'il iii'lliplr iis- uiil time today. in Wnshliiijtiin, die \vr,ll hn.s fot up a Kptn-lal lvK'i<hoiH' iwnel Uo consider demands of 'telephone woikers-for wnr.e nilses rind oilier beni'lltB followlnv, tile stiiko votu liy New Yuri; City loji.n ( operators. •Tlfc \V1.B lilsii lius i)ivi|[irtiii!il im- tjl MWv-C'hrlslinns a [ihowdnwn llSlU.ion subsl:indiiK| \vnnes which Marled !i< the dtspulr between t!IO (exlllts wflikcrs and 61 northern und-Sbiilliera i,..\llic mills, Awarded Baiilc Star K'\'l( AM' IN ITALY Delnynll — Scrjji. lAiyd Blimp, yj, O [ iX'll, rtrk, im nlrcnifi cnnlne, spcclnllsl, lius Ijcoti nntliiiilwd (« wear u second pUiyed befuro Ihe hoslm Reived uu rjf jwily tuwls. Iniltlu star, according lo.n recent' •••moimccinciil at this, bomber base. ill; rwolvcd Hie award as & nicin- ber o( » veteran 15lh AA1 1 Llbeinlor Dcinbvr • tirotip'which hns flown numerous bombing mission's In dl- ivcl support of ihc Imaslcn ot flmihoin Franco during August, and The KI-OUJI IK a veteran of more thnn M5 combat missions and was previously iiM'iii'dwt n tattle star /or ts pnrdolpalion In the Italian combat none. ,, -. • 'rile bailie slnrn are worn oh this JMirnpcnii- AlYfciin- Middle Eastern I heater ribbon. Yarhro 4-H-Members "- Hold'Meeting Monday Jcriy Holllngswoith pieslded at a incellni; of Yarbro'i-H Club Mpr,day' when Keith J. Bilbrey, county agent, was present .. > Dining Hie busfneis session new ofllcois were elected Kr the com'' Jiitf year <u> follows: President,' Jcr- - ry .llolllngsworth; vice'.-president, -Mildred Williams; secretary, Blllyr Jo'Webster; 1 reporter, Joan'Whittle; song, captain, Barbara' Yarbrol '.': The new sponsors, elected for this year Ulldrcd Uunch and Mrsr |Pa»l Abbott. . .-'.; ' DRS. NIES & OSTfOPATH/C PHYS/C/ANS Rectal .Diseases a ; Spefcfaiiily; ''' OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:0tf Wd 1::010 " Clinic !>M Main IJIytlicvillc,, Arlu , .l;,i?hon:2&j;!i ^M:. 1701 Tins carlli's pco])lc have as their'strongest desire a lifetime of peace and freedom from oppression. That is why they sought ihe manger to welcome Ijiim who was to' become their leaclicr. That is why on this Christmas, 1 1914 years after, they look to the benefits of Victory as the greatest of gifts, the richest of blessings, rekindling into reality the lesson of "Peace on Eatlh, Good Will to Man" HART'S BAKERY itle Owned—Employing fi/xtfievH/e Pcopfe" m,-^ i m- :r^i- M*«»w*-*-^ CT^MEMCA WON'T Oil YOU! CUfly . ""', -gP* ; ^'^-Sf., Blasted out of the sky in the }«iulo for tliu rjiilippincs, liu «-;ii( S in sluirk- infcslcd M'atcrs—alouc. Surely llicy'll send otil rescue planes—surely llicy'll find hiiul Boy, wlnit lio Avouldn.'i give for another crack at (hose .Taps! For llic chance to finish Ing onto () , ( foi . d ,l w} -h,y? \\ JIu knows the war isn't over yet—-' not ])y a long shot. I!ut do (lie folks l)aclc home know that, he wonders? Arc they slill working hard for vie- lory—still Laying bonds, and hung-'//!lic.s(;c]tic.slioiislK:fore you leiriiini not lo worry—lliaL of cowrie America won't lei/him down. Ask ihum again when yon siart lo cash in a AVar liond yon don't akso- Inlcly ntxtl to redeem—when uioro and more equipment is needed lo finish lhcji«},t. Ships, tanks, iiljincs— his ol planes. Like ]{-29's, costing §600,000 in AVar JJonds- caelt. Oc like rctctie phmcs. KEEP FAITH WITH OUR HGHTERS-Buy War Bonds for Keeps This space is a contribution to America's all-out war Arkansas Grocer Co. L. K. AshcraH Co. Joe Atkins Machine Shop L. H. Autry, Burdelte A. S. Barboro & Co. Barksdale Mfg. Co. Blytheville Water Co. Th e Crafton Co. Delta Implement*, Inc. Loy Eich Chevrolet C». Gay & Billing!, Inc. Guard's Jewelry & Optical Store Halter's Quality Shoe Shop Happy Hour Grocery & Mkl. Hardawiy Applinncs C*. Herrick't Jewelry Hubbard Furniture Ct. Hubhard Hir'^Wiri C*. v Huddleston & C«. JicdelU Langsten-WroleH Co. Charles S. Lemong Planters Hardware Co., 1 'Inc. The New York Stire Pat O'Bryant Palace Cafe J. C, Penney Co. '"•'"• Phillips Motor Co. Robinson Drug Co. I. Roseatbai, Iac; ; l Tom W. J»ckiaa <,,'_•;;•• Rustic Inn A. G. ShibIey,Wxo!ejaU XJrccerti '•!' C. rtium cijimnH - mt

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