The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 2, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 2, 1949
Page 11
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TUESDAY, AUGUST 2, 1949 (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE ELEVEN OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople is? t MCAS! — DUMBBELLS COARSE, CLW"JGlMe IviOf 6 IM O0«. VACATION! IP you Feel so VIRILE, VOHY AMD GIZCNW A 96T OF I? — ••r^it^', inny / S \ "Iff 3C COT SOM.B i-«s(ui. I ANTLERS/ SOFT WATER ON YOUR FARM Von C*L> enjoy the trimderfoJ cnnvrniencr and economy »f having soft water on your tarn> if you get a modern Water Softener from , BUILDERS SUPPLY, Inc. So. Highway 81 Phone 2434 By Mildred Crom and Norwood I'll K S J OK* i W hvm Mtm • •_ Innr look • |efa •• • rook for Ih* wealthy. • rro*a»i. *+f**trlt Hr», ttr CI-KQB wh* !(*«•» I* • ((•••lt« trmHer pa II* 4 kj • truck. »h« 4I4 • ui rrrttitr th«- from an w«» trtimf tram ike Alum Hnmb. Mr*. Mala** *•• )••! Itarvrd thai Mr*. tfc»l • • m motif tr*i —II Mlcht COMV i • nrf •Thru If c«»mf» ( vlvor* vtlti rrmnln rnrtk. Al- Service — That's Our Motto/ We spurt no ettort ID pruvmins in EXTRA everyday prescription survice A'hic.h meai^ extra COD- venlfiice ro vou t'eei free- to cal» on us at aii,v time Prompt de- itverv 'jervtcc Phonf 507 WOODS DRUG STORE tfmr wh« way ••«« have br*n • ••nvl*- mlmt, mmjm Ihkl «h* calcr- taln^A ** mm-? Km •rlrvil«t* «»rf |>oll(l.-lnn« and tkal «h* kkk •••<!« fc<r pint), rnrrrnll? — •* (I * nr (Nlkrri nut of IBTM. Skr I", IK f n rt . • Te m n !«• \ DM h . nn 7 H K u d 7 . Aln* In thr pare y. (ravrllHpt IB t^r« trnllfTH, »»«• tk* M»ffhf»* DF ttnc,'i*Ji, who !• •• rzllrd nohlr- •IMH who !• ic»rklnpr Mr*. F:rrr»oa formal nmBarr". and VlrEor. a F*f IfplMn who wear (• Columkla, A Tier RnrtT BBlohr» t^H«n Mr*. Mulnnc ntir»itl Ihr <*Mr»vjiH nnd thr rhrominm M nrt. H Mr*. Mnlone »n.T« *hc'» nnf bvllrvina; a »lBcl« word VIII HpHAT night Mrs. Malone could not sleep. Her berth was comfortable and the radio spoke reassuringly of commonplaces. The old patterns and categories seemed to be in order. But she was restless and uneasy. At first she tried to reason her- s^lt into normal drowsiness. But all the hobgoblins of the past four years howled through her thoughts. The words: "One world, or none." The terrifying cartoons. The sane, calm voices over the air speaking of the issue which would determine man's survival. The Great Change on that day when the first Bomb fell, when the illusion of safety p«rUhed. together with thousands of Japanese civilians. The shock of realization: maybe our turn will be next. And the sense of Power, but an aversion to using it. Yet there the problem wai: kill or be killed. The stench of nell was in the uranium piles, Mrs. Malone sat straight up In bed. She thought: "I'm going nuts! I've got to gel out of here and go back to the city and people who have some sense. That woman!" She threw back the bed coverings, got to her feet and began hastily to dress. The cubicle seemed suddenly too small. Like a prison. Mrs. Malone pinned her heavy braided hair into place, packed the few things she had out, jammed her hat down on her head and snatched up her conC • • • 'TMIE far door of the kitchen stood open and thp cntryway beyond was illumined by a tube of blue light. Mrs. Malone could hear voices in the salon, and peering al her wrist watch in the blue gloom, saw that it was after midnight Cautiously she hunted for the door, which she remembered when closed se*med part of the metal wall. An instrument panel offered & possibility of escape. She took a chance and turned one of the knobs. Instantly the silver screen separating the entry way from the mam compartment folded back. Mrs. Everson and the Marchese Dellacasa were playing gin rummy. They glanced up, startled, at Mrs Malone. Then Mrs. Everson spoke in her dark voice. "You're trying to run away, aren't you?" she said. "Yes." "Come here." "Please let me go." Mrs. Malone pleaded. "Please open the door and let m* go. I'll hitch-hik* back to LXM Angeles." "Come here," Mrs. Everson repealed. Mrs. Malone took a few steps forward as the Marchese Dellacasa rose politely and faced her He was a man. of medium height, thin with a worn, lined face and (Icep- liclded eyes. His expression was rernole. yet gentle and somehow friendly Mrs- Ma lone, who was accustomed la judging strangers, liked him at once. Since she hadn't expected to, she was thrown off balance. She returned his smile nervously and waited for Mrs Everson to speak. "Has Rudy lold you why I'm making this trip?" "Yes. That's why I've changed my mind about the job." "You're a fool. With me, you have a chance to live through an atomic blast that will destroy most of the world and most of its inhabitants." • » • A/TRS. MA1.ONE searched her mind (or a reply. Al Rrsl nothing came. Then, with a flash ot inspiration, she explained that she didn't reel worthy—she'd bt happier to perish with the olhers. Mrs. Everson made an imperative gesture with her long, painted hand. "Angclo," she snid to the Mar- chesc, "persuade her. After all, we can't do wUliout a cook!" The Marchese smiled again. Gently, very gently he put his hand on Mrs, Mplone's arm, turned her about, and urged her across Hie entry and the kitchen to her room. There he took the suitcase and placed it on a chair, hung up her cont and even removed her hat. "Now." he said, "get a good night's ilecp. . . You are quite safe, I assure you." Mrs. Malone tried again to mak« sense. Trembling she sat on th« bed; she felt weak and, somehow, defeated. "Is it true, sir, what she says?" "1 have no choice," the Marchese saitj, "but to believe it is." (To Kt Continued) PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh SliK'k (juaranleed ttest Prices •Kirby Drug Stores FOR SALE Concrete caJverta 12 inch to 4X inch, plain 01 rtenforced Also Concrete Buifdinj; Block* chfap- er (ban lumhri '01 barns chicken hnuse*. pamp hoas«i tenant hnuscs. tool shrds We drUvei Call u?. 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WCXXO BF , /SLUTXiBLE Bff OF flU- R4&W .' FOR '(OOR SERVICES/ f WMAT? cur OUR OCK DOWN To FOUR? vvmr KINO OF ourrir woulx> THAT WE NEEO AT LKAST T1IKEE AITOS, COUPLE BARITONE SAXES, A STRIM& GO&S OF BRASS--- AM> A CHORAL- GROUC 2S VOfCC-S I ' You go tour the fair, but I'll stay with Julius Caesar— I don't wantJiim to get lonesome' and look downhearted when the judges see him!" PRISCIU.A'S POP Father's Uttle Helper BY AL VKRMEER WE'VE HARDLV (PUFF) MOVED A FOOT (PUFF) IN ZO MINUTES/' THE TROUBLE 15 WE'VE GOT TOO BIG A LOAD IN THI5 BOAT THAT'S WHY I THREW OUT THAT ANCHOR BETORE WE STARTED liY MICHAEL O'AIALLEY and RALPH LANE THERE I'D BATHER BE PISHT NOW THAN MERE WITH YOU/ TACKY. ITS OKAY. V CVEKVONE f ROM ONIY l'*l NOT \ THE LODGE WENT USED TO 8EIMG \) ON A PICHIC A10NE WITH It YOU GOT TO A GIRL .'/V LAKESIDE WHERE'RE I \TOO LATE THE / N 6UYS ? / V GEE. YOU MUST REALLY BE STBONG YOU COME RIGHT HOME. 1 IF VOW) FATHER EVEfZ CAUGHT YOU TALKING TO WASH TUBKS BY LESLIE TURNER ITSSOMICE TO H*VE YOU BACK IW THE OLD G»UG.GIG! HEBE I HWE YOU SOME GiMGEE- ALE. THAWkC, 3UDY1 IT TOOK ME A 1.OUG TIME TO LEA.RN I CMO'T H»WDLE CEKTAIW THIUGS 1H« I»V ,, FBIEUOS^WJl HUT E KwmVirunw! /-) /OU WAMTED 1O COWfc 10HIGUT TO SHOW Of F THE- PERHAPS. BESIDES, MMCIUG LltfUOR A BIT WARPER FOR UI *IKY SM'T SOUJE HIS PROBLEMJWRDOt T MODKATELf STRAIGHTENED "(JUALITVOF VOUe Mis MOT NECE55AKV SOMETHIUG'S Got BUGS BUNN\ Greaf, hut f Don't Go CAST YOUR EVES -I THAT'S ON fW NEW fff^A SNAZZV WRIST WATCH, Jt{ L.OOKIN 1 'NOR/ /-'/ TICKER, IT'S RUST-PROOF, WAT6K- PROOR SHOCK-PROOF, GLARE-PROOF, UNBREAKABLE... j YEAH, BUT IT HMMM.VOUR SURMISE- SEEMS TO BE CORRECT. GUV'NOR/ I WONPER IP THAT'S WHY I GOT IT FOR HALF PRICE/ AIN'T RUNN1NV 11 has just heen revealed in the maga/.inc, Automotive News, that SluHehaker truck sales have increased mure in the first 5 months of this year (han any other manufacturer in (he country. When you buy a (ruck, keep in mind what people all over America are buying. Chamblin Sales Co. "Yiipi Friendly Studctaket D«*ler" Railroad & Ash I'hone SS* •STUDEBAKERi ALLEY OOP Right Down Doc's Alley RY V. T. HAMLIN •5P.\CE TRAVELING V'-X- sT 15 PRETTY ^- —^-<. t-'ONOTffN0us /YEH .1 ISN'T IT.' '/ WISH I MAC? A GOOD CIGAR..' ALLEV OOP AND O5O\* BOOH At?E NOT AvLONE IN FINDINfi THE MOON TRIP TIEE 5OME . THE TELEVISION PEOPLE SEEK SIDELIGHTS TO KEEP INTEREST IN TUBE BgQA.PCA'ST ALIN'E. D? WONMUS. WlTHOTJT VOU AND YOLK WONDEEFUL INVENTION THIS TELECAST V/ajLD BE IMPOSSIBLE...WOULD VOU MIND EXPLAINING THE MARVELS Of ITS 0PEJ5A.TION '. AHEM...HRRACK; Th= BASIC PRINCIPLE MVOLVES FAcrotas IN THE REALM Of THE FOURTH BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES NYho/.H? HY KDGAR MAKT1N

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