The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 30, 1931 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 30, 1931
Page 4
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- t>AGE FOUR BLYTIIEVJLLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, JANUARY 30, 1931 l - THK BIATHBVILLK COURIKK NEWS • TUB COURIER KEV.'S CO., I'UBUSHEM C. R. BABCOCK, Editor H. W. HAlXRj, Advertising Manager 'f/je National Advertising Ec.ireipiilntivcs: Ih« Thomas F. CUrfc Co. Inc., Mew Vorlt, Philadelphia, AtlanUi, Dullsa, San Autonlo, San >:-Taiicisco. Chicago. St. Louis. Published Every A'.iernoon except Sunday. office os second ciess moitcr at the post a; BlythrvUie, Arkansas, under act- ol ss October B, 1911. by the United Press IIATKS -By carrier hi the city o! Bly'.hevllle, Ibc per n-e'ei or 56JO per year In advance. By mall within » radius of 51 mUes, $3.00 per year, fl.50 (or fix moiuli4, S5o lor three months; cy mail in pcflsl Mhcs Uo to six. inclusive, ie.50 per year. Ill iones seven n-1 eight, $10.00 per year, payable In . For 'Constructive /~/e/p .."'.•? • Denunciation of the Ke;l Cross for its . 'refusal to accept $25,000,000 of federal 1 money for its drouth relief program s comes v.'Uh pijor (>rac-: from the men twho represent Arkansas in the Unitcd v ^States senate. No state in Hie Amcri- ;'can union has greater reason (o anpre- 'ciat-r the service which the Red Cross reiKieir, than has Arkansas, and \ve do ,; not believe that there are many among,' the ''constituents of Senators Robinson and Caraway who welcome their do- Ktiuctiv.: criticism of an mranizalion which time arid again has come to save Arkansas from disaster. The Red Crosfi is meeting and will • continue to meet the present cmorsrncy as it has met others in the past. If it cnn obtain from oilier sources the fnuds it needs it is right in refusing government help. finds that it must have more money than can he obtained by private subscription will he lime enough to appeal to congress. In the .. meantime no good is accomplished by • drawing it into the Itind of political .-:.. cat and dog light that is being staged . ;.. at. Washington, in the name of sulYer- ing humanity. Immediate and adequate luln for victims of tne drouth is essential. This phase of the problem, however, is being given more than its share of -:m- phasi;. Economic troubles are not; cured by charity, no matter how necessary charity may be. What the drouth areas of titi.s eml other. slatoRjiecil^s. not ,inoi'.; millions" for food doies', "b'iit . -assistance in getting back on their own • . economic feet. . The Rttl Cross at this lime is feeding between 20,000 and 25,000 people in Mississippi- county. Tiia overwhelming majority of these are farm laborers, shnro croppers and farm tenants. If the farmer:; and land owners of this county could obtain adequate credit. to carry on their farm operations the ' -end of February wciiid task of the Bed Cross in this county almost at an e-i.t If they are unable to obtain such credit there is na way of telling \vh:re the end will bc v The gnat crime against Arkansas and her drouth victims was committed not vvhcu the Kcd Cross turned down the proj:o;al for a ?25,000,000 free OUT OUR WAY distribution program, but when 1'resi- dent Hoover and hi- followers rcftis;d to permit federal bans for food ;>s well as for M:or faun expniuicii, Ar. aclcijiintc federal loan law would haw solved a major p:irl of llio drouth relief problem. The federal loan propo'al apparentiy is dead, but it is r.ot to late to provid: the necessary crop pr-'Klnction credit ir. other ways. Bills :-.ix> now pending both at Washington and at Little Rock for appropriations t.i be used in iiro- viding the capital sl<vk for agricultural finance corporiittons through whicli the resources of !i:c federal intermediate credit bank-; could 1m brought to the aid of drouth stricken farmer.s. These proposals arc :-')tmd, and will do more good in the long run than any amount of charity money, li our rcprc:i:n!:i- tivcs at Wasliin;;li>!i antl Little Ho 1 . 1 !-: want to perform a real service to their constituents ll)r : y wiii i|tiit waving distress fb.jrs and get ilirs: Ii nance mi'jis- ti res passed. Tlien I IK: sni'n w!:ose families now need" lied Cross help can go to work and earn th:ir ray. We Must Rcmemm Tliat We Musi Have 'ia"ks The opening of a li:-.i:j. a; Helena, after ilir.l cl!y nnd Phillips <c;::::ty had been w!li:ci;l banking facilities for a month, wus celebrated Uy a street parndf. It is not necessary to say that a city of Helena's size caipiot get along without a bank. There nre oilier ccinimmiti?s anil countiis In Arkansas where the closing of banks has the people without, the facilities of Hit? sort which they need. Their situation should be kept in mtml by Ills legislature. In revising llio banking laws of the stale there arc tv.-o ends to be kept in view. Such measures as arc clearly needed to tlivov.- mure safeguards nrcur.;! the money of depositors should be enacted. But lit the same time It ought (o he kept In mir/.l that if attempt 1 ; at disaster-proof prolcc- tlcn an- cniricd to cxccsjivc lengths, resix>-.:sib:c men may be prevented Irum becoming bunk stcc'i:holders and dlreclors. The participation of such men Is essential if Arkansas is to have .(he number mirl kind of banks required to provide the peov:'.'.! with adequate tar.Wnj facilities. A directorship in a bank represents service to the institution, to the business life of a community and to the community Itself rather than fhiiuictnl reward for the director. Such a position Involves a heavy responsibility and It mav demand sacrifice of time from a dlrt'jior's ov.n , alTalrs So. while insisting on rear.onnb'c ai;d practical safeguards, let us bs sure that ivc do nnt hung so heavy and to sharp n v.vord over all liiiik directors' chairs that the right sort of men can not, be induced to fill them. --Arkansas Gazette. influen/a, and oJ . pr'sjurs In toll that '! rcprciontcd i)y modern younu women, ixwrly nourished and In- : sufficiently dressed. | Whether or not excessive sino;<- :\Z of clgarcts is als') o factor 15 auotl-ijr question, although Dr. Wolff Prcurjentlinl is convinced thai oxcssflve smt.kinif and Insuf- sleep are also concerned. TiK famou; Cjrman hyjiiinlsl. Rubiier. Jtclo that light, clcthinj and the resultant chilling rf the :d^- arr iini'oitir.t factors in the : iurrcr.scd mortality from respiratory diGC?.r.?s. [nrticiiluriy tuher- • culcsi; in young women. Dr. R. I> Russell oi the Missouri ate D^pcrtnient of TIeaHh says: , ".\ pcnrn stand ;t nvc-al (lei!! • of i-tormy. di?ijnecab\? i he k'.'uiis ills feet and clothini; dry; v.'illieut endangering ''Is health if' WiiiS WAT APE. ~ ~~-x^ MAHY AW-VUS ^ \ •• :&*hMW '^ DO.N'T let johr chlltl brave v.-:nliT wilh bar: knees. "1 wonder if that fellow over there is trying to flirt with us." THOUGH IMA'-J AW-iY O'fHZR S>UGS AHO INSECTS, ABOUT OK SURFACE OF O: & i WASHINGTON LETTER CHURCH EXCUSES Kv George \V. n-iriimn- so ralncr/iM. umbrellas and the Icyly ovo.Mioe In various forms, r.ylcs and, arc of considerable importance." Every hystcnist' !;nows the difficulty of securing dress reform iviioii it- is oppD:.;d to fashion. Uut- 1 the evidence available is mere! than sufficient to indicate tint I ur:?s reform i;; badly needed frnn ! One of the »ci.i;nltt:c cu ! uy by inhici There we;'e r. the point of view of health, so fari Church Attendance came 10 toe ; L'. i;f Hypccdii'j in thn: C!::arc;i. as women of the teen age are con- ir.: iast'v.'.ck luuiost got an- 1 Slw couldn't be for b'.i; cerned. otlicr promise -u: of n^e to nttcnci j sc-^iiiod to kn^v; every member aiscl Ccver Child'n Knees Peihaps th3 silliest custom Church Sunday They called mj'-the Preacher, leu. I told the Com- hasi attention ic- ;;ie fact _^ ^ _ I had | jjiiiice about what si-,' 1 said and in 1513. he was general] i-,,,,,, s i,' e f ce lhig of certain moth-l not been in Church nutor.ce sine.-i that t tho-.rjht it bos', that I .var ir;i:i.:i;:r of tin 1 city department! CI!> that little children srr.u!d|l put my letter in. I didn't t:ll | a while before T so rt:iy mcrc.Onc wear BY KODNKY DUTCHLK NJiA Scnice U'rlttr VM3HINGTON.—'Iho engineer.-, are working ou Washington, much c;;ei«ting public v.-alor, gas and Ice I wear ~"socks7"going~ with" the knees j ttara. but' I came awful near not! of the Committee said tint he had as if they wero trying to drain a plants. He was elected to the Sen-1 ancl !cgs j> ar3i i u ort j e r to harden putting by letter in for 1 did not | beer, in that Church lor a long |jcnd. The object 1- to mate the e.lo in IK' and re-elected in 19JR,| [hern. Almcsl invariably it is the! know Hist hew long I would ba, time and Wat pos-ibiy ti:c-ra v.'rvc capital dry nn-l thai liir-i;. as cv- iificv campaigning with a. .small j s i cn rier, undernourished child i here; then you know when you go: soir.e hypocrites in the ch-.irch. trjrus know. 1 ;, I-. prdlglrur,. n rnd!-. l>r:?dcasting .station.I w l:c:c mcthcr becomes afnictcd! into a strange place I think you ' ruitl that he tod net tri'.cl to pick Scr.atcr Rob-.-st U;:>;-h.r How;!'-. r '- v -' I-- :;fl; 5 ether than Hov:cU| W j;h this notion. I should tnkc some time end see j out ii Hypocrite; that his Church the engineer from Kj-brnsHa who arc t£iieci.illy anxious to have his 1 , xhe best authorities arc con-'just who is in the Church for you I was a matter bstween Gcd and'.e the "home raid" bill lauly L; - ••'• ct cf Columbia enforcement! vinccd that the child should weavj know how it is. If you get in with! himself. Well- maybe so. debuted by the Senate, has been b - 11 passed and it is doubtful • j n \ V intcr laicVrganneiits contain-, ve-ple who are not Jirt tfc? right! — cx'in-j most of tb: we rk. Hut the whether it will reach President \ i ng about 30 per csnt of v,-col, that i kind when yon first goto a pbc=, I FIRST STEAMBOAT ROTTING encineer In the White House, Mr. Iio;«r f'.r .ignaturi! in this ECS-in,; underwear should have full-'it takes a long time to get straight- j PHILADELPHIA. (UP) —The H.;:v.>r. has mi important vole In •••*'• | lenslli arms and legs, and thiit ths, cnod out. I have my ideas about • ru . ;t steamboat to cut l!:o ivaior.s |t'io j 1-. It he who .'harp]}' Honcil, l-.e-.scvcr, is iii dead ea-- child sliould wear long stockings,. Churches and R?Msicn and one! ol - t ]-. e Delav;ar: River no-.s iiti <i-'.:\: ii^ro v>i!h llnv.pll whe:i the ut:i. H;- ha-, the quMnt itle^- that which may be part worl during! ciii'l to too careful. i rottins in the mud ilrr- of Ken- Irtnatur ii:!narke:l t'nat this city i: o a naticnai d'j; to have tin th 1 ! wlmer -eascn. : >Jc\v, v,;y_p. i i-r^i can:o here I - riji^tcn n:rth of the ci'.y. After .«caii:li-.lo'.i=ly wet, spurring -.ipUal full of liriuor and bootlej- In nddition, the child under fourj [!;;:t ^ v.jtv, ^ li' v.' who ' : iver.-.l runs t; iJurlinglcn. H. J., ycp.rr, of ago v.'hen taken outdoors ; ; i?ii i -•_ C ::<; bckii.'ed to '.h31 the boat (icxanri and built by shcnlrt wear hjginss find an outer! Church I had my lutt'Jr from. I'Filch, was junked. Hislorkal ™-.- ccat iv.rll whe:i the ut:i. H;- ha-, the quMnt itle^- that t'nat this city i: o a naticnai d'j; to have tln wan .scantli-.lo'.tEly wet, spurring ".ipi'al full of licjuor and bootleg- SIoi'.Tll to mnkc exliaustive re- ; :rs when foot capital is supposed r.-earch and to frame tliR drastie ; be tho s?p.t a', enforcement ancl enrc.r!:?mcn: lav: for the District <;f insists tint Crnrjrcss should Cr.:i!:'il>:-i. _.- _.Io: the res: of the arc'jnd "There's a hitch' iirre somewhere," as the thumb-jerking hikrr said confidently. If LHtie Boy lllue came to l.low Ills horn today, chances are the tralllc cop would risk. "What's your hurry?" A v.Tltu- deplores the passin:; of old-f.ishlo:ic-rl fist flgjils. He doesn't realize perhaps th~: this generation must be handled with ij'.nvci. Travcl. Ibcy say, brcadcns a mr.n. li»: vher. a man returns from a miropr-an jaunt lie usually linds himself Hat. \vhich has hecc:vi' thr- >.;•_; an 0x3:111;; m:ii r iti-ri (if pvohtbitio-.i lt;-i;l«- pi,-.-,ntry tv in lun comidercd at this Bession. t "model city" as regards'enforce- EiiQinter Hcovcr also callert men!. Iht- "incdr-! city" idea on Ccnjress for an cnfcu.v!-.i::n l'io,' -.«(! lo C'.MSKSS by Engineer eofc for the District, nlltrtxh i:.- • Hco-.,-r ait;-r E.ipineer Ho well had lins mil r,lgniflca whclhor tlie; ca!'.:;l public intention to comli- Howeil bill has nis approval. j ^i-:i:i. Huwoll Is Sincere | I<;c- !liv,vo':l bill has become the Engineer Howell is one cf ii-.:| co:nor rf ;•!: ihe senatorial prohi- riry -.-.e.-.teru projie^sivc^. If'. 1 islbUiin: ti-.-L-.uo [lartly brcauic there; c-irurM a:i;l :iiiu'?re atl'J inert 1 e-.; 1 !-, i 1 ..•]•;• Lot'i v.cts and drys anxicuM: ticns in the Interests r.f ::Qiiii:iii:-si u- lioilLr atout Hint great issue I I than of the other ii-.'j.r..,-', Mlc:'-v:i:; i.a'ulk-atlon of the Wck- j:.i-.:s. Ifc seldom i;elr. p;;ci!o:l hii;:-1 crsliam report. ! r.i-'.f cr excites atiyor.s clsr-. ImL li-rl Oilier licasons ! Sjii-.cunus sinks hii lecth iutn| An-thrr thing \vlik-li helped it i;e; I ».!.:<.-:h::i» like t!ii3 lor-al cnf-riv-j jirccciiriu-.? on the calendar cver| r.-.:;it pn.i)le:n and miplics hiia^.'.r imr.y otlu-r itcmt of lesishitioa was j to it with honest and vigorous c:-j the f.i:: that Hepubiicr.u; M-cnlill •'or'.. | rather h.m ii debated tbnn cutaiii | II;- Suip;:ci;S to l:j one cf tb:i.'s | nifasi.i-rs which insurgents ad-.o-i rtryp. In :\ sfn«l> which also M- | cate ti 1 :: v.lncli Preside:il Hcovcr |^ iiis ccilc-.ujue Morris. \vho!( i*. which can be fastened we'.ilncvei did i',ni;rst-jnd just what i ci'.iis r.-o ccr.siacrinr; ihe P~'s''-|- v |j| yncl tiie iKck and allvw a knit-1 the srcublc was v.-iUi her ana'her biliiy of r.=hin? it and plaii:vj it. '~ exhibition. •. - ^SM^^lMi^^^- I believer. ll\c prir.eipal rcn:o:i -A'IIV I f.i-.-li!i..;t:nn .-nfo!cc:neiit has b.'on sucii a flcp has brcn n lack of. de- A new liner is to b:: named after Cat Cojl- IdRC. The Joke will b: on the builders if "ie ship doesn't chouse to run. nt Ir. succofsUo; r'r N'ohruFka, rfi In administrations. cDur.-.c. is much dryer than the i ital. <. Hi'-.v.-i]. i-.o-.v CU years oki. By Williams .;; who •.vo-.ilti likej :!:a ;,-Fs:cin alro thnughl HI ^--o<i idea, or-(-an^c proUacle.-l I . .he best metlio:! of block-i ..ig ii:-: r.;;pror,riati'..n b:!!^ which! must be i-asscd if the special MS- | il-n is in be avoided. The mrst cor.trovcrsa! point in i kind and pjiasant gcullcm:in. not the Ho-.vo;i bill is the rcvtion au-• ia in ths commonly .:••-' Ihor:?,:ii!T i'snance cf wnirants by| led SL-nrr-of ll-.r- v;orfl. allh'i: '.'. I polie? magis'.rates for searcli oEj iri'.iiily dry. He is a :;'.;\te[ piivale ('.vvellinas when tV.crc ap- tho I*. S. ITaval Academy rir.d 1^ o be "];rrI/able cnuse" tor, nu inlcrrst in IV.- navy.I cc-arch. Si'iialur Bor.-.h cf Iriaho.l He a!r-o went to hiv: .schc;i a;\d • iiUhoipjh :i ilry. has ;-.ttac'-icd this | cars alter mo\ ing tn Cr.."':i:i j feature as "L;cJ'.in^ on i.--ry dan-'. i.i'ichiv-a;i was si:cei--.".v,-iy gerou.- groiu-.ii." O'.':u-r par;:; of thu! i rlrot'd rials cngir^rr and city in- Hc-.vcll til! <vonM make all police- ] ! Kiivc- o! O:u:iba. ivrpc-nsit!? for liirir faihiro! I'lilities Fight Made- lli-.n j tn ie:::rt viclnticns, jr.-.vii: penal-1 Ik-'vcil made his '.;:\'. iva:V. in j T:es tc-.- proprrly o\viu--.^ wh-> know-j r '•• V by pr,\r-v.i-n • in^.ly pt-r::iit violations en Ihcir p! Ii-:hl; fcr municipal!;- < v :-".! 1 ]v.-;;:::r.cs and iininsis ttrict rcg'.ila- nml 5-.;ch tint-.- !c.:i. I.-.I.OT liu:.; as to pcssc:^ion o: liqinr. MOVJ , i »<MO«J \ IT \^> tec? HIM." fc VO^ A v-u;. O-O. Bu\-'_tC{ _ if- FROM 8OT T ^ ooTcrr ~fU«\T Dress Warmly and Sensibl lo Ward Off Colds ami'Flu I-Mlli'OU'S \OT1.: lliis (f tlirrr articlcj, \iri ^ Cmiricr M;.\ Srrvirr hy Dr. M^ris I-'Uh- ru:l!:crity, c;- h.-vv to it:lr:cr;i nnd -is ^r^i'-si : r r. tl-o r^Jiitic,n of ,i;iln-.rr.i. iceds . ' . .1 l>re-s i'l.i: ijvr.ryor.r- r.Ml l.-..-•:.. ..•cnien began '7 ci:l :::•) :i^m:Wiite3W:, ,>.'r^( /J ip?|:f N' p fe ^/(m^^\^^s^m^~^^: It's a wise bab Take advantage of the cidvcYi!::c;utr^:', The]) arc unir guide Io :)rofi f ab!t: .-.: >.- -Ai:" :Y\'J brevity cf EiK"- clr'.'.:.;-.-: -r .n-.x diet »v- r~.-p::is' v !ic :'.iv ;!v r:-:? ::i-' in tuurrcti'ic.-ls in \'-:n-i v:o;v.;n of v.litch br/,in cnii;c : .;'::iLil!y and i'.a- i:;-.:::'.cc'. lor revers! "NOW WE-ARE Katherine and Bill — what fun it is to know them! They seem to get so much out of living. You met them just a little over a year ago — the week before they were married. Ten days later ii gave you a pleasant glow of anticipation to receive the trim card telling you when they'd be "at home." And today you got another card, headed "Now we are three!" Bill's signature comes first, then Katherine's, and then — the guided, chubby scrawl of the newcomer, Jeremy. You Happen to kno\v that although he is in line for an important promotion, Bill's present salary isn't large. Most other young couples would consider themselves "up against it" if they had to manage on so little. Yet Katherine and Bill maintain a standard of living that is the admiration of all their friends. You know how they do ii;, for Katherine has lold you. They budget all expenditures. And when they decide a purchase is to be made, whetherjt is a new shade for the reading lamp, or a suit for Bill, or shoes for Katherine, they study the advertisements until they find just what they want for the price they can pay. Careful, budgeted buying- ov consistently advertised merchandise enables them to get the most out of their dollars. that picks parents like th

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