The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 6, 1939 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 6, 1939
Page 6
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PAGE BLTTHEVILLE, (AUK.) COUETER NEWS WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 1939 ............ * .,..__..••.•'-••" r _••'•* >i t-. . • 'mm BEST Navy. Changes Since World War U; S." Needs More Capital Ships In Case Of Actual War BY BRUCE CATTON The Courier News Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON, Sept. 4.—It was mostly the submarine that sot tlie United States into the last European war. Whether theie will be unrestricted submarine warfare on nutral commerce In (he new war is anybody's guess; If there Is, c\- erybody involved is likely lo find that the picture is a good deal different than It was before. While the sub is a better fighting machine than It was In 1911, methods of combatting it have improved, too. Experts in the Nfl\j Department, here believe that, If Germany seeks to put a submarine blockade around England today, the-jab wil be a good deal tougher than it was the last time. 'The convoy system is the best method yet found to break up submarine: attacks on merchant shipping.' The, British will unquestionably' establish one at once if they declare war. And, It Is. suggested here that (lie convoy's effectiveness woulc be greatly increased by putting at aircraft-carrying cruiser in eveiy convoy escort As n spotter cf lurking submarines, the airplane would be of great value; subs thus spotted could be run down aiid > sunk : by destroyers, nnd the convoy could proceed unharmed. GERMAN FLEET NOT SO STRONG Another factor, as navnl men here see It, Is that Germany does hot have the battle fleet It bad before. In the World War, Ihe Ger- .man fleet accomplished. little positively, but It did Immobilize, the 'greater part.of the British fleet. 'Today a smaller pioportlon of Britain's 'navy will be needed to watch the German battle fleel. The rest can strengthen the convoy system; hunt down roving submarines • or other commerce destroyers, and patrol shipping lanes. •On the other side of the picture . there is the fact that tlie sub^.marine now is a more effective * weapon. It can cruise failhev, stay . down longer, .travel faster, and shoot stralghter than : it could 20 years ago. In other words, its chances of getting Into cv commerce lane and of doing damage after It gets there are greater— Monday here with relatives. Mr. • were Mr. and Mrs. James A. Perry, Ward lias accepted a position witn Mr. nnd Mrs. Bud Gates, Mr. and the Commercial Credit Corporation Mrs. Azel King, IWr. and Mrs. Ira and docs not know definitely Zahner, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Smith, will lie located In the James Hlgdcn and Miss Harris. The guests of honor received n Miss Ruth Kelley, county health' larsje assortment of gifts. nurse In this county for several '• • * • months, moved to Kennctl, Mo.,' Mi', and Mrs. C, G. Penney have where he future. during the week end and will be located there In the future. Mr. and Mrs. William Humphrey Johnson of Kansas City, Mo., arrived Smiday for a brief visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Johnson at their home on South Ward Avenue. Steele-Cooter Society-—Personal Hostess to Lucky Nine ami Guests Mrs, Hugh Michfe Jr. was the charming hostess to her Lucky John Frame. moved to Steele from Milan, Tenn. Mrs, P. G. Morgan, Mrs. I. L. Fisher, Mrs. H. B, Spence, Mrs, Fred Kelley, Mrs. Prox Severn und Mrs. Shirley Smith were In Car- ulhGrsville Monday night where they attended the Ladles Auxiliary insinuation of officers. Mrs. A. D. Fielder and daughter Mrs, Clarence McCollum, Mrs. H. L. Cupples nnd Mrs. Julia McOul- luin spent Thursday in Memphis. Mrs. J. H. Workman, Mrs. Wilson White, Mi's. Mtirshell Burroughs, Mrs. P. P. McCulchen and Misses Mary Newt Cavr and Mary Myrtle McArthur spent Wednesday In Memphis where they visited Mrs. J. II. Chapman and daughter. Mrs. W. F. Ward has returned to her hcme in Bloomflcld after a visit here with her sister, Mrs. at the Baptist hospital. Another daughter,-Mrs. L-. C. Spencer, has been with her the past month and all) remain there until she is improved. Mr. and Mrs, Tom Lewis of Ken- nelt spent Sunday here with Mrs. Unnte Duke and Mrs. Jplin Russell. Mrs, Lewis was here again Monday visiting relatives. Mr. and Mrs, Raymond Brooks and Mr. and Mrs. T. I. Brooks spent last Tuesday in.Memphis. L. A. McCann of Matthews arrived over the weekend to enter business in Cooler. His family will remain at Matthews to look after forming Interests but will move here later. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Vaughn and Mr. and Mrs. Albert Vaughn were entertained at dinner In the home of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh West of Memphis Sunday, the occasion being n surprise birthday dinner for Mrs. Fred Vaughn. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Strong and rs. L. Strong left over the week- nd for a visit with relatives in cntucky. ure and they will make this their iflrne during the school year, • Miss Itw Johnson who will be commercial teacher in the school arrived Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Olllland are the proud parents of a> fine baby girl which was born at the home Sunday morning. Nine Bunco club and the follow- j Mrs. Moody Chipman is resting ing guests: Mrs. James L. Cassidy, very well at the home of her par- Sirs. Tom Burns, Mrs. Abner Ash- cuts, Mr. ant! Mrs. J. L. Moore, craft and Mi's. Tom Perry at, lier she was returned home last week home last week. The high score from the Walls hospital, prize, a crystal flower stand, went .Mrs. Tom Hopper and Mrs. Velto Mrs. Ashoaft and the traveling mcr Campbell were entertained at bunco, bunco and low score all bridge at the home of Mrs. Allen went to Mrs. Glynn White. , Price of Kennett Thursday when they were dinner guests of Mrs. Tom Lewis at Kennett. Mrs. Garald Roadman and daughter, Jane, of Hammond, Ind., have arrived for a visit with their parents and grandparents, Mr. am which included one new member,, Mrs. Marion Wright, and other Mrs, Jim Miller, and one guest, relatives. Mrs. Wright, who has The hostess served berry pie a la mode and iced tea. * • * Hostess to Hridgc Blul) Mrs. Velmer Campbell was hostess to her . Tuesday Bridgetecrs The'navy picture lias changed since days of World War. Today sleeker subs, long-range guns, turn-aft aid fleet to patrol the seas. • sub .[or; sub—than before. Germany today is believed to 'lian It wns 25 years ago. Since :here will be more ships to con- •oy, the convoying will naturally akc move of the navy's ships, time, md effort. One extremely interesting prcb- etn—so far totally unanswered— s the extent to which this gov- rnment might be willing to pro- ect its merchant ships If it rc- nalns neutral nnd unrestricted ubmarlne warfare, a la ion, Is leclarcd. Wll it convoy its ships to their lestlnntlons, with its warships ordered- to tight oft" any submarine attacks? If so, how long will It remain n nejjtrnl?, In othciiiAvoKls/ will unrestricted submarine warfare again lake America : lnto a European war as it did 22 years ago? Cariitliersville Society — Personal Y.'.Wj'A; Has Meeting Miss Edna Josey was hostess to twelve members of the Young Wo- mens Auxiliary of the Baptist Church at the hcmc of her parents Monday evening. Mrs. S. C Stephen wns n guest. Miss Joy Stc- phan rend the devotional and also had charge of the program. She was assisted by Miss Jean Oarlock Mrs. J, E. Brown, sponsor of' the Y. W. A. group and'Young Peoples Leader of the Baptist Church, was given a shower by the members Miss Posey served fruit punch anc ccokies following the business scs Members of tlie American Legioi Auxiliary from Steele, cooler, Hay ti and this city met at the Bap (1st Church Monday evening to their regular monthly meeting Proceeding the meeting a dellciou summer dinner menu was serve 5' one of the classes. Followin ! 'h have approximately DO submarines in Eervice-^-neatly twice as many as In 1914. Some 20 more arc known to be under' construction and it is assumed thai pioductloi can be stepped up' to tlie Worlt War busts of 10 per month with out much delay. 'Just 'what the airplane can d as a commerce raider is not en tirely clear. Navnl men here <u inclined', to' doubt that It can be very effective, except In limited, localized areas. Merchant .ships, they say, can cosily be nrnicd with anti-aircraft batteries; convey escorts will be well able to keep single planes nway from their charges'; a plane will not accomplish •much by roving the open sens, and . II it seeks to operate close to enemy ports, the enemy's own air force will*be at beat it off. AMERICAN NAVY 'HAS 350 "FIGHTERS" ' As far as the American navy is concerned^ the state ot preparedness today is considered—relatively —slightly less satisfactory than it was in 1917. This does not apply to personnel Legion Auxiliary nor to the quality of equipment. In Officers Installs! both of. those fields, the navy is as well prepared as any—if not a little better. But navy men point out that a much smaller proporlicn of the nation's:total strength today is composed of capital ships than"was the case when the last war began. .Today the United States fleet comprises about 350 ships which the navy is willing to classify as "fighters"; the navy has about 200 others, but they'd be useless In any actual combat. Twenty-five years ago the navy had only 165 fighting ships—but It had twice as many battleships as it .has today. It had 30 then; it has 15 today—and cne of the 15 is too : oid for active service. The other side of that, of course, Is .the fact that no other fleet has as many battleships now as it had in th<i last war. Great Britain, for instance, has 18 dreadnoughts as compared with 60 in 1911; Germany has seven, as compared with 33. , _Nevertheless, Kit navy feels tha destroyers and cruisers — both o which types The nation possesses •In:greater numbers than in 1911— reach their highest degree cf use fulness only when they are com .bined with battleships In naval operations. Furthermore, in the last war, the -American navy was able to concentrate practically all of its strength-in the Atlantic; today— unless the picture changes radically—that probably would not be the case, PROTECTION JOB | IS BIG ONE . ] Protection of American com-1 merce will be a harder Jcb than it was last time for the simple reason that there is more American commerce to protect. . . ,'America's merchant marine Is considerably more extensive how dinner, Mrs. Roscoc M. Pierce, program chairman, presented Miss Asher, vocalist, and Miss Dcrothy Enrle Petty, pianist, In a short musical program. The regular Insinuation of ofli- cers for the year was conducted by Mrs. Jack Hart, retiring president. The following officers were installed: Mrs. Ada Martin, president; Mrs. H. Flgmon, first vice-president; Mrs. Mac Severn, Steele, Mo.,, second vice-president; Miss Llnnie TUinnh, Secretary: Mrs. Jos. Alicni, treasurer; Mrs. H. T. Simpson, historian;' Mrs. Chss. Robinson, Chaplain mid • Mrs. Fred' Kelley, Steele, Mo., sergeant-at-nrms. ; Mi's. Hart,' who has served the \uxlliavy as president since it •ns organized two years ago, re- cived an nttractivc Past Presl T ent's pin from the group. Mrs. I. T. Simpson presented the gift vllh .an ; appropriate talk. Mrs. Mike Meroney,, retiring secretary, vho has served an equal number of ycnrs, received mi attractive cameo pin from the membership. During the business session plans vere made for the American Logon Fair which will be held here curly in October. Tlie next meeting of the club will be a business scs- ensl Missouri National Farm Loai Association which is headed by Ralph Ennls. Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Pucket left Monday afternoon for Fulton, Mo., after spending the week end here and at Paragould, Ark., with their parents. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Shclton and daughter, Patricia and Mr. and Irs. Jack Walker and Mrs. A. Hbl- en of Memphis, Tenn., spent tiie abor Day holidays here with Mr. nd Mrs. J. C. II111. Mrs. Irene Flippen and Mr. nnd Irs. J. C. Davis returnee) Wednes- ay from Detroit. Mich., where hey had visited with relatives nnd sion held on October 2, in this Miss Lavinla Stliley lias accept- cded n position with the L. H. Nelson Con 1 nnd Coke Company. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Koppcls o 1 East Eighth Street are announcing the arrival of a daughter. She weighed 9','j pounds nnd has beer given tlie name of Mnvy Catherine This Is the second child In tlv Miss Christine Bnrncti. The high score prize went to Mrs. Floyd Wagster who received a, men table cloth and second high lo Mrs. Hugh Mlchie Jr. who received . a scoring table. Tlie hostess served a delicious refreshment course. > * * * Mrs. Hudgens Hostess to Club ^frs. Harbcrt Hiiclgcns was hostess to her Tuesday Bridge club of Steele last week when Mrs. Ralph Hall was a. guest. Mi's. I'rankie B. IMIomnn was given a surprise shouer. At bridge Mrs. Hall received high score and Mrs. Lcyoti Earls second high and bridgeo. The hostess served cheese sandwiches, pineapple ice box pie and fruit drinks. * * . T Missionary Society Entertained There were eleven members and two visitors, Joan llnmru and Martha Lea Brooks, at the regular meeting of the Woman's Missionary rleiids.> ]\(r. "ami Mrs. Philip Aslicr of been very sick for some time, bordering on pneumonia, is some better now. Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Pitts anc children cf Sharron, Tenn,, afrivec last night for a visit with Mrs Pitts' mother, Mrs. P. E. Waters and other relatives. Mrs. E. W. McCaini and daugh ters, Helen and Mary Anna, spen Sunday afternoon In Caruthersvlil with Mr. and Mrs. E. Berry who re cently moved there from Arkadel ila, Ark. They are to go in busi iss In Caruthersville this week rs. Berry, is best remembered a cater as Miss Opal Stallins. * Mrs. A. L. McBride has return« am Memphis where she has bee t tlie bedside of her mother, Mr N. Sanders, who Is seriously i Society when they met at 'the Methodist Church Monday nfter- Vasliington, D. C., are guests of his in rente, Mr. nntl Mrs. John W. Aslier nt their country home outheasl of this city. Kennett Asher of Washington,' D. C., is spending several days lere with Ills parents, Mr. ami Mrs. John W. Ashev. Gilbert Hazel of St. Louis, Mo., came Saturday and spent the week 'iid here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Hazel. Mrs. linzel, who lias been employed in the law offices of Ward nnd Reeves, lias resigned her position and accompanied him lo St. Louis where they will make their home. Wltl Matthews spent Ilie week end iierc with Mrs. Matthews nnd daughter, Wiggle. Misses Elliellnda and Jane Crews Rej'nclds arrived during the week end after spending the summer on vacation In Maryland and Wisconsin. Mrs, Floyd meeting was opened with the" devotions f Patterson nnd chil- family and the first girl. Mrs. Earl Long and son, Earl .Ir returned Monday ntfcrnoon froii St. Charles and Kansas City, Mo where they visited with brother of Mrs. Long over the Labor Day- holiday. They stopped blelly at the Lake of the Ozarks on tlie return trip. Miss ,Mary Mehrlc, Mrs. Glynn Dnulton, Mrs. Jimmy Hunt and Mrs. Paul Melirle spent Monday in' Memphis. Miss Edna Posey has accepted a position in the office of the Sotith- drcn. Bobby and Betty Jo of Marlanna, Ark., are spending the week here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Gadily. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas "Bub" Ward and her brother of Meui- plils, Tenn., spent Sunday nnd noon. The prayer by Mrs. O. A. Dunivant anc Ihe president, -Mis. . Newberry Johnson read for tlie 46 th Psalms. The following committee wer selected to plan the Rotary Chi banquet next week: Mrs. H. I Spence, Mrs. Lucille Stephens nnt. Mrs. P. F. McCiitehcn. * * * Party Honors Ncwlywcds Mr. ami Mrs. Byron .Holly en lertnlncd with n six o'clock dinne and miscellaneous shower for Mr and Mrs. Herman Swanson • o Flint, Mich., at tlie Holly home a Holland last week. Tlie Swanson were spending their honeymoon a Holland with the bride's mothc Mrs. W. W. Richards and family and left over the weekend fo their home. Mrs. Swnnson Is t! former Vera Richards of Holland I After the' dinner was serve iVmco was played at four table with the high score 'prize going t Mr. 'Holly, the bunco prize to Mis Ntnn Harris and tlie low score t Azel King. Tlie guests besides the'lionore< Oell lemonstfalion Club Meets Tiie home demonstration club of icll met nt the home of Mrs. Noble Jill Friday afternoon, September 1, t 2:30. Twelve members were present. Vlrs. C. A. Smith was In charge of he program, on "Feeding Our •"ainllies." Tlie group sang as the opening scng America and repeated the lub creed. Mrs. Potter, Mrs. Lewis ind Mrs. Gates made talks on the program. Mrs. E. M. Woodard read lie poem of tlie week. Final plans were mode for the sooili which the club will have a tlie Mississippi County fair. NOTICE OF PETITION TO O.U1ET TITLE AND WARNING ORDER Notice is given that .a petition has been filed in the Chancery Court for the' Clvtckosawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, by Max Borowsky, under which he seeks to quiet his title to all of lots number 84, 83 and 84, a:i<l the south 26 feet and 1 inch of lot number eighty-five (85), all in block 7-A, of the Original Survey of the town of Manila, Arkansas. as shown by the recorded plat of said town. All persons who have or claim have any interest in any of said roperty, or any lien thereon, are arned to apiicar In said court ithln six weeks next after the 1s- uance of this notice, nnd show ause, it any they have ,why title f the petitioner should not be con- rmed. Dan B. Smith, Haywood Smith, Irs. VIrgle Smith, R. E. Smith nd Mrs. Bessie Smith, having een named in' the above inen- loned petition ns possible claim- nts of some Interest in a portion f said property, are warned to ap- jear in the Chancery Court above tamed within thirty days after tile date hereof, and answer the allegations of said petition as to them. Dated this 8th day of August, 1939. . . HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk. By Elizabeth Blythe, Deputy. Reid arid Evrard, The next meeting will be at tlie home of Mrs. Otto Koehler. At tin close of the meeting a snndwiel plate was served by the hostess. Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Greenwa: of las Angeles, California, is visit ing Mrs. Cora Greenway. News has been received her that Milton Greenway who ha been working In California wa seriously injured in a fall. Earl Magers has been serlousl ill at his home for the last thre days. S. A. Hart of Mena arrived her Sunday afternoon. He will assum his position as coach in the.schoo Monday morning, Mrs. Hart wi follow him here hi the near fi Attorneys for Petitioner. 9-1B-23-30-Q-13 EXPERT ELECTRIC WIRING BEAUTIFUL LINE OF ELECTRIC FIXTURES Electric Ranges and Water Heaters WALPOLE'S ELECTRIC SHOP 110 So. 2nd Phone. 318 To ST. LOUIS KANSAS CITY & CHICAGO on the Frisco's popular daylight tiain "The Sunnyland," arriving Si. Louis 3:55 prn ... air-conditioned coaches ... the "Snack" car serving the meals wilh budget appeal. .. Connecting Service to Kansas City MluotrlPoclfc SVcbaiH Lv. Si, Loui 4:10 pm 4:05 pm Ar, Kansas Cily. .. 9:30 pm 9:30 pm Connecfmg Service fo Chicago Alton Watxj* Lv. St. Louis 4:30 pm 4:25 pm Ar. Chicago...... 9:25 pm 9:35 pm FRISCO LINES ST.LQUIS-SAN FRANCISCO RY Foi licked and Information cult Ihe FRISCO TICKET AGENT DOES YOUR CAR Shimmy, Wander, Weave WEAR AWAY YOUR TIRES? It's dniiRcrous and expensive (o 'rlvc with Steering and Front Wheels out of adjustment. Keeping them in RMiJ order is so slmrilc ami inexpensive yon should never trust to chances. ADJUST STEERING GEAR COMPLETE STEERING GEAR ADJUSTMENT, in- ff eluding—adjustment W 'f all Ball Socket joints — lightening front Spring Clips and Shackles. (Parts Exlra). FREE FRONT END INSPECTION (The above Includes a complete INSPECTION and REPOttf 01 cG.iditlon of Wheel Alignment and factors affecting tire wear. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO, I V*l 1 95 5tb A Walnut Phone 81 SEE OUR New and Different FAIR with the greatest educational and entertainment features ever ottered in the South * New F.F.A. Exhibits * Hew 4-H Club Exhibits •k New Stock Features •k Woman's Department •k New Rodeo * Royal American Shows * Official Auto Races Don't miss HI MID-SOUTH FAIR Sept. 11-16 MEMPHIS, TENN. Advance V» Prioe Tickets (Olttr Chin Stfl, >t!t) Bros. Drug Co. LABOR-LIES £!' DAY Take things easy—it's your day' of rest! Lie in the 'sun, relax with an easy conscience! No one can say to you, "Mother, you forgot to buy me some shirts." . . . "You didn't get any salad." . . . "Why didn't you buy me a swim-suit?'' You didn't forget—you bought them all, in a single morning! For you're the kind of person who makes a list of everything she needs, from soap to slip-covers. Then, sitting in your easy-chair, you read the advertising in this paper. Then you go straight to those stores which have what you want. No dilly-dallying for you, no running from shop to shop on aching feet. You know! And now, on your holiday, you can pat yourself on the back: your family has their shirts, their salad and swim-suits, and you have a whole, peaceful holiday * stretching ahead., For the newspaper "ads" have given you a laborless Labor Day!

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