The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 9, 1930 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 9, 1930
Page 4
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BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.V COURIER NEWS THE BLYTHEVILLE COUKIKR NEWS TEE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS O.' R. BABCOCK, Editor R. W. HAINES, Advcrllsinu Manager Sole National Advertising Representatives: The Thomas F. Clark Co. Inc., New YorX, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas, San Anlonto, Sau jYanclseo, Chicago, St. Louis. Published Every Al'.emoon Except Sunday. Entered as second, class matter at the post oHice at Blylhevillo, Arkansas, under act ot Congress October 9, 1911 Served by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION KATKS By cnrrier In the city ol Blytlicville, 15c per weel; or $0.50 per ycnr In advance. By mail within a radius or 50 miles, $3.00 per year, $1.50 tor six montlu, 85c for llircc months; by snail In postal zones two to six, Inclusive, $0.50 per year, In zones seveu >id sight, 810.00 per year, payable In cJ'rir.w. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 9, 1930 The Back Tax Law - Efforts by :t communily or by a state to purchase imlu.slral tkvulop- mcnt by th? payment of bonuses or by tho granling of tax exemption.- or sper- ' ia'l privilojr's :ire of doublful wisdom. ' Industries Hint arc worth much lire usually able to stand on their own feel. But it is finally true that no community and no state thai fads to tfivo fair treatment to honest business can Expect to share to any large extent in -the benefits which come through industrial development. Business is afraid of Arkansas because this: state has certain law.v that permit officials and their iwliliciil favorites, acting as special attorneys, to prey upon corporations. The worst of these laws k the back tax law. Voters of this state will have the opportunity in November of opening the way for industrial progress by a constitutional amendment forbidding back lax suits except on grounds of fraud. Read the following explanation of this proposal, taken from the Arkansas Gaz:tte: AMENDMENT NO. W\ An Arkansas business concern Is irarssid according lo law In this year IQM. At the appointed time It pays the properly, privile^u and exorcise taxes demanded under [ ns- Eessmc-rl, and lakes \v!inl inirjicrts to oe n ri 1 - ccipl in full for payment cf nil luxes due. But oi any time within five, years In the case uf real estate nnd seven yeais in the case of "intangible" property, the nltorney general may, wilh the assent of I he sdl? Tax Commission, brills a back Cix suit againsl the concern, o'.i the ground that Its assessment in some specified year or years did no!, represent, full value. No allegation of fraud or other motive Is necessary. It mates no dllTeionce that the lax- payer holds receipts lor the full p.-.ymeiH ot the taxes demanded cf him, nor:iaiu seven years before. Ho must prove that the assessment thus brought Into question \vtis accurate. Cliierv.'ise ha is subject, to a reassessment, and from l:is current niseis must dig 41p Sl.OOO or $100,000 or whatever the sum may be thai is nectary to sellls ibe back tax claim. Even then he luis no assurance that lie is square with the tax collector, for back tax suits covering anolhcr yen- cr oth;r years may later be brought. We must not suppose that Arkansas concerns lint have teen enmeshed a::d mulcted in • U>ls way arci the only people who know about it. There Is not a big corpcriUion in the United States, a capitalist with substantial money lo ' invest, or a lawyer o r banker who advises others 1 in their investments nnd undertakings, who docs •• not know about Ihe Arkansas back tax law and • how it works. As Judge Hlcnarcl M Mann tokl the members ol the Bemon-Bauxiie Rotary Clnb the- other night, II Is cno of two principal reasons for Iho do\v n'.atiTiAl process ot our slate. A number of concerns «ere asked why. after look- Ing Arkansas over, llu-y had localcd elsewhere, and t'j V.MS found iluy hud boon afraid ot our back lax law and our propensity for boosting Etulo lax rales and coruilimtly seeking out new thlinjs to tax. How much money, ln:v.' much development, how much prosri.'-s. how much employment ths back lax law la.-, dilvfii out or kept out of Arkansas Ihore Is no «".y of cciiipiilJtia. nut Hie collccllon by llii.s nu-;!;ixl 1m cost us much more than it has ever brought us. To men and coriwmllons Invited "»d bi-:ai:xht to sock secure prcfll by tlm ilcvdoiiiiu'ii'. of Arkan.t.i.s II Is like a pklol in (he hand of a lurking hlghwny- man. They lake (he other road, locating In etntes where receipts In f-.!!l for the payment of taxes arc valid evidence ihcil ouistnnUUiK lax bills inne IJU-M f.e'.llcd for (ill, provided Ihcie h;is brcn no acliial fumd on Ihe part of Ihc taxpayer. The purpose of propctcd Amendment No. 21 is lo bar back lax nuil.s .'cr the rc-asscssnicnt of values on which full payment of laxes has been nnide, cxccpl where :ictnal fraud on the laxnuyc-r'ii part can U> Miuwn. If \vo want capital lo l:e invested In Arkansas business, if »v want ir.:luMrml d'.'V<'lo]>:r,c>nl, progress mid yu-aUT ily. \u* :,h;i!l uclopl this amendment. We talk iiL-out binlillnj up our stale' by iiclverlbin:; her economic: opportunities. Wind's Ihe MUM of >i:i'ii:l'i': money on buusler ailvivl'cln;: wi:ni-:i runc-'.e'.c- fiicl like Ihc back d.-: law wasns lms:i:i:,i ai:<! ca;:!Uil lu l:cc|) llu-ii- Ulslr.ncc? --Arkansas Gazette. The leai.t you c;in fay f<r that woman who ottered to buy the EIIM Toner from the French government j.s thai hiT ho.jL'S were high. One of (lie saddest tlilncir. a dry country like ours lin.s lo brins Itself lo Is lo mention each year "the flrsi nip of Jack Frusl." A college president declares Hint American col- Iceea Hinilnt! o»l more:::; whelcsalc That is, llllleralely 6i>cakins. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark ¥l^ ifii £ims 11UDAPEST, OcU 7 (UP)—A UCT< will, on Ihc 22nd day of October,! Ihe. Chancery Court for the Chlcka- Iwlsl In Ihc Instalment plan was j )OM, at Ihe court house door in sawta District of Mississippi Coun. revealed terc when iwlicc diarycd . nlytlicvhlc, olftr for sale to the ty, Arkansas, iictine under and by / I thai Johann Sccliull Ijouyhl i;oads highest and best bidder, upon .1 authority of a decree rendered on en Ihc Instalment plan and Ihen credit cf (lute monlhs, Ihe fo!-:lho 22nd einy of September. 19:10, resold them at huge piollls. Ills'lowing described real estate, local- in a cerlaM ciuist therein pending, proflls averaged $1000 per month, led in said District, and County, to-, wherein i-ci'cral Land Bank of St officials charged. ' WARNING OHDMl rJalleml Snvlni/s & Loan Association, PluinlilT, No 4IWO vs. Charles' B. Brasher, cl al., De- The defcr.diinlb, Charles B. Brasher and Hattic Brasher, .ire warned to appear \vithin thirty days in thu court named In the cap- lion hevttl and answ r the t-jm- plalnt of ilie i>lainllir, National Savins & Loan, Association. Diilccl Ocl. (I, 1930. • Louis, a corporation, was plainlifl, Oommenchi" a', Ihe northeast j" 1 " 1 p - w - Lllc i'' ct «'•. were de- corner of I.oi Twenty (20), | fondants, will, on (he 22nd day of i October, 1930, al Ihc court house ! dml ' m Blyllieville. offet for sale '"« highest ami biai bielder, Irregular Lois, of Ihe Ncrlh- cast Quarter (NE'.l) of the Northwest Quarter INYVU) o! Seclion Sixteen '18), Township Fifteen (15) north, RanRe Eleven (11) east, and runnin:,' uprn a credit of Ihrce ir.onllis, following described real estate. lo- caled in tald Dlsliiot aiid County. (hence west fitly <50)) feel, thence south one hundred forty (HO) feet, thence cast fifty (50) feel, and (hence n:r;h one hundred forty (KO) feet lo w ^^ point of beginning. . HbLLll'ETER, Clerk, i ' lhc ' purchaser at said tale will! ship Fifteen (15) North, Range By Harvey Morris, t)' C. ' I'-e rctiulrcd to cxeculc bond with Thirlcen (13) East of ihe Piflli to-wil: Lot One (1) of Ihe Northeast Quarter iNK'i) and the Nnvtli- cart Quarter (NE : i) of the Norlheast Quarter tNE'.l) cf Section Seventeen U7), Town- Oivcns is Ehnnan. Attys. fo r plalntili. approved sceurhy ar.d a lieti wll be returned upon ihe properly as 0-10-23-30 ncldilional security. I WITNESS my hand as such com- NOTICE OF COMMISSIOMJli'S | mls.sirncr and the seal of tnid l'rincii:al .Meridian, containing slxty-Uvo and 90-100 <C2.9U) acres, more cr less. The purchaser at said 5'ilc will be required lo execute b.ncl wilii SAT.i:. | court ihls 2nd day of October, ; approved .seemily and u lien v, Kollcc is hereby given thai the 1 1330. ibe iciaincd upon Ihe property as imitmlt'iicd, as commissioner o( Ihc | 'Seal) W. w. HOLLIPETKFl. j adc'i'.icnal secirity. Commissioner. WITNESS my hand a.s such com- ChciiKery court for Ihe Chk-ka- tawba Dislrki nl Mississippi Conn, ly. Aikansas, actiiv; uiulcr and by a.iliiorily of a dccico rendered on llic 22nd clay cf September. 1330, ;' in A certain cause therein jieml- ini!, wherein Alma I'c'.u-;, et al., j ucre plainlilfs and C. O. Ueen and Margaret K. Dcen were defendants, Cocil Shnne. f:::!iL-ilor for Plainlllfs. 10-2.0-lti NO'ilCi: OF CO.11Mli>KlONi:i['.S SAI.K. niibiioner and the seal of :;:id cuin-i Ihis 2nd day of October, 1030. (Seal) W. W. HOLLIf'ETEH. Cecil Shunc, Notice is hereby given that the Solieilni 1 for I'lalnlill. tnider.signcd, :is rommlsjlrner of 10—2-9-Hi "We've heard you were just doing wonders." "Well, I don't like to boast, Inil I never .met to the office before ten and I play golf aboul four afternoons a week." California boa::t.s that the average prodnelion of one of its oil wells Is 10 limes ns great as that o! a well In oilier stiles. But natives of California, we've learned, gush wilh Ihe same facility. Tlicre might be more enlhusiann over Ihe report that, Muyo r Walker Is lo head the movie Industry If It. were known for certain he would write (lie gags. WASHINGTON LETTER There Is always the danger lhal if Hcyv.ood nroiin Is elected lo Congress he nilyht feel hn- pcllc:!, mnvly because lie is a writer, lo be author cf mr:"y bills. Uy KODNK VDUTCIIKK ihoir houses and into the streets. NEA Service Writer "There is thus far no textile city WASHINGTON, Ocl. 0.—The last In the south where Iho union Is luvsn'i been heard of Ihe labor stlu- fcnmally recognized by the employ- atlon in the southern textile mills, ers and where workers cannot, be Although there have been no new dbcimgcd for union membership, strikes and no shoolmgs of mill "We arc making every effort to workers lor many months, organ- conciliate disputes and to obtain zed labor has been burrowing In- m-ognition by persuasion. Striker, to Hint unorganized territory and \\ill not be called unless it has since January has established 40, been definitely proved that there is new local unions ol the United Tex-1 no other way. But whenever .ilc Workers of America. 'r'.iike clues become ncrep.iary, labsr There are about 367,000 le.xtile intends lo win .11. Any future workers In Ihe south, ami labor's ', strikes will be scienlilically organ- WitJi one party ill Turkey favoring (he fez and the oilier Ihe derby lor the national 'lop- • piece, it is a simple mailer for a randi-.Ialo ta annmuu-e his platform by llnowiiy his h.u in .the ring. Leglonnnlrcs altcndlnB the ccnvcntlon In Bos- Icn arc looking so prosperous lhat it. would not be anil.^ to call them now "in-lhc-donyhbays/' present task is to gel them into unions and to make their employers nnd the other people of ihe south recognize ihclr right lo or- | country." ized. with relief work well planned in advance ;n:cl willi the suppari of urbanized labor throughout- Ihe Cutton Farmers DoBi't sell your eotton a mama We will loan you an your 78 middlin cotton SEE ganize, according lo Mrs. Haymond licbins, Ihc social economist, who Is president of the National men's Trade Union League. The league has been devoting most of its allentlon to the south bince it decided two years ago lo move ils headquarters from Chi- The millionaire, who attributed his success lo i;oU probably is t'nc sort who could swiiis his clubs lo advantage. A movement is on fo:-t in Vlmouliers. France, lo erect a slaluc to the inventor of Camcm- l:crt cheese. Na'.lvcs there are understood lo be slron.T for It. Kcwsprinl can be rod al ni^lu snore than a mil 1 .} away by n new fox-ptcmnv; liylu. recently dt'inomtriitctl iu London, which combines Uie principles of I hi- blow-Uvch and s^s mantle. cago lo Washington In order to bj more closely in touch wilh Ibe situation. At the. annual racctln; of ils executive board here recently, litllc else. WHS considered Ihan Us southern work, In which it is co-operatiiis wilh Ihe United Tex- lilc Workers and Ihe America:: Federation of Labor. Secil Organization Wages In those mills are far lo; low and hours are much loo long." Mrs. Hcbins explained, "bul proper organization is requisite belore WL- can undertake lo put Ihe southern lexlilc workers on an equal basis wilh labor elsewhere in the country. "Mill owners, refusing to recognize Uie right of woikcvs lo bebn,; to a'union, arc discharging ihosu who engage in any union activity. In Danville, Va., workers who fcav; been employci) us long as '10 years have been Ihrown cm of Iheir jobs for no olher reason. In Greensboro. 38 families were put oM cf Workers Disillusioned Mrs. Robins has had considerable Wo- i association will 1 , the soulhern mountain folk from \vhom mcsl cf Ihe Yorkers have been drawn inlo Ihc mills cl Tennessee. Georgia, Ihe and Virginia. They luit heir mountain homes llrinkin^ lhat week was all the money in the worl'l. she says, failing lo an- .icipate the expense of Ulc iu cpm- parnlivfly civilized caminuiiltlsi. Aflcr leaniii'.s the cost of living they were imrocluced lo Ihc speedup ;ind strctcli-out systems. "We have always trietl to inter- prel the working groups to ' public," Mrs. Robins says, "ane 1 this Is especially true in In? south where mill workers have never be:n looked ui>on as part of their towns but as 11 da:,s outside the pale We want. Ihe south lo realize ttial mill workers are folks jusl like Ihc resl of us and that they aren't jus' dumb and eonlcnted creatures sat- Istlcel wilh whatever crumbs l!ic\ are given. We will j?el. eu-operaUo: when we can gel lhat idea across "We have a Ivcmt-ndous job be [ore us, but it is worth the eilov because we are U'yin^ lo rai^e Hi standard of living for the most ex ploilcd group in America." COMMISSIONKIl'S SALE . K'OTICF. is hereby given thai Ihc imcieiMs;ncd commissioner, i:i compliance wll:i ihe terms 01 .» decire rendered by the Cl'.ancuy Court for the Chlckaftwb.i DU- irlcl ol Mississippi Gonnly. Ar. kunsiis, en HID 811^ day of Oolobr:-. 1030, wherein The Pnulcutuil lu- surcincc Company of America «;n I'lniiV.iir, and Mntlic Hryf.ins. c: al. were Drfcnd.\nts. v. ill ?.ell u:. public auction lo the hl L :hes: ;ni:l j best. UUldcr. on a credit ol llncc ! mcntliE. al Ihe from a-.v; ol civ prescribed by law, in I le City ui lilylhevitle. Arkansas, en the 15th <lay of October. 1030. the lollow- ,a real (slate, lo-wit: Thn Soiithcasl Q;iarlcr of (lie Southeast Qiiaiie r ol Si:clio:i 3G. Townrfiip 10 Kwlh. Knnse 10 E?--4 ot llic Tillh Principal Meridian, less fi-ur ncvc.-, of the SouthcaK ccrne r Ihcrrof Icr school, described a« follows: Ucgirjiins a; a i»:r.t on the Norl.i side ol the iitilu ol way ol the public vo.ui ;vt '.hr Southc.irt corner ol said Soulli- cast Qnarlor of Suullira Qn.irlcr. thence Ncrih 3J thence West 20 rods; tlu:ic: South 32 reds: ihrr.c,' K\ : 'JO rods lo point- of tesinnnr;. THE purchase- nt said MI\' v.- be required lo exer.ilc bond wj approved iccurily. to secure ', j.ayir.ent of Lie puuliasc- n.or.i y. nnd a lien will 'bo icianuii UIMU ;aid prcpcily as additional sirnr- ily for the payment, pf Mich pur. chase WITNESS my hand ar.:I th of said Court, on Uns. tin; <j:!i Oy ol October. 1030. ' HAUVF.Y MORRIS. Commissioner in Reid, livrard it Henderson. Attorneys for PlalnlilT. Read Courier News Want Ad-, ST. LOUIS AM) KKTUUN niythfvillc I2:S2 Ocl. 12lh. A. M. leave SI. I^oiris M., Ocl. 12th. 11:40 Cwrler News Want .Mi. HE'S YOUR PRISONER It's up to you to guard him. If you forget even one rule of Fire Prevention, you will turn him loose. Make every week a Fire Prevention Week — do all you can do to keep Fire a prisoner. And in back of all, as a final safeguard, protect your property by full insurance. That's where we come in—as an agency of the Hartford Fire Insurance Company. Let us help you—it's what we're here 1NSUKANCE Dtil'AKTMlOT THE FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO, Blytheville, Ark.

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