The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 10, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 10, 1936
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS 1T1"R PK1M IK' AMrp ML-mri'i-, . »,v.,, ,-,.,. ..^.r,, _ . " " « rV—' <•„?•„ HtiMF ' » '' A ?.' VOL XXXIll—NO. !)8 BlyUievlll, Courier lilYthevllle D»u> Newi Uerild Wlwlulppl v»IIej Uirter DOMINANT NKWSPAPKU OP NOnTOBA 8T ARKANSAS AND BODTHEASV MlSSJOnni _m.YTHKVIU,E. ARKANSAS, KKIDAV, JULY 10, l'j;iQ SINGLE COPJES FIVE. CENTS' 10 RECEIVE Pfl! J.XPEE Government to Compensate Those Who Diet Not Pass Burden On ^WASHINGTON. July 10 (UP)_ The AAA announced today that arrangements have been completed to compensate cotton Dinners for extra expense incurred under the Hankhcad cotton control act, repealed after supreme court Invalidation of tlie AAA. The AAA said that ginncrs who certify that they bore the additional expense themselves, without passing any portion on to the farmers, will be paid 25 cents for each bale ginned between June 1, 1935 and Feb. 10, 103S. The AAA said all applications must be filed with Ihe county agent of the county 'in which the t'ln Is located before Sept. 1, 1930. Information required includes Hie name and location of the tin. the number of bales ginned during the period for which Payment, will be made and a statement, on whether the ginncr himself }, or e additional expenses in connection with tlie Bankhcad i.Ct. Rockefeller's 97(h Rutli Bryan Owen To Wed Capt.Rhode Saturday JSANDS POINT, N, Y., July 10 P) — Mrs. Uuth liryiin Owen, .fled Slnli's minister to Den- i\ilVr)r, and C)ijil. fioerge Rhode, BAntli-miin In • walling to King C|lirjstlaii of j I'Jeiinmrk. will be married at 5 'p. M. easlcrn day- llaht lime tomorrow at Hyde bccculions. Meld In Ei»hl . Widely Scparaled Stale , The cereimmy will, be Prisons Toda Murphy Announces His Candidacy (or Governor DETROIT, July 10 lUP)-Frank Aim-ply, who tendered his •rcslg- iiutloii as high commissioner to Uic Philippine commonweal^ to President. Itoosovelt Thursday, .today formally 'announced Ills candidacy for the governorship of Michigan on (lie Democratic ticket. In a statement, mnde to n group of political leaders uml friends, Ihe high commissioner promised' n "new deal" In government and oclal welfare. Ouuilly Agents Hearty The necessary forms are now in Hie County Agents office for dinners lo make application for Hie -2b cents per bale which was allowed by the Agricultural Adjustment Administration for cotton tinned during the 1935-3(j season, it was announced today by J. O. Fullerlon, county agent. These applications .may be .secured in Hie county agent's office by calling. lor them personally or by request through tlie mails. .An-- plications 'must be filed prior 'to September l.rt in, (lie' 'county neent's office and executed in ink or indelible pencil. These applications must be sworn to before a Notary Public or other officer authorized by the laws of tlie slate to administer oaths. In the event that n giiiner wishes to execute the forms while at the county agent's office, the number of square bates ginned during 1535 must be ascertained before such an application can be executed. Services At'RoSa There will be services at the Hosa clinrcli Sunday morning 11 o'clock, and Sunday night V-iS o'clock, with the Rev. J. c. A°HCW pastor C f the Lr.xora circuit . of Methodist cluirches, preaching. HELD SLIGHT Stale Weather Man Sees Slight Chance For Relief From Heat MTTLE 1JOCK. July 10 'UP) —Fair and continued warm wa^ the weather prediction made lor I ie state today by n. S . C oli>, slat" mele";-i:lo->ht. Cole qualified his forecast will* the wilictlon that, Arkansas h-«! a slight chance for showers Rat iii-dav night and Sunday. Cf.tlon prmvers said their mvi- were slandlr-j n r l:ml! , r the hi , r]) tnniierafure readings u mc ,,„;,, prevailed for tlie pa-it in ,H v<r and that the rains of J( -iy i hid nssiircd a normal crop Fanners said ccrn is be'-hi'iin- lo need rain badly and is slio'-vliK signs of biri-nint; up. Ac:cr:lin° to Cole, showers wcr.-> reported during the i asl ., t lun|| .; at West Memiihis, Arkansas Cif and other pcinl.s in uie c=sicrn i'.nri central sections o( the Mat" The Ihermometer nt L'ttle Roe!reached a high of 95 degrees yesterday and at 1 p.m. .today im-J .(iici'wri Ivitk to 93 after reaching n-l degrees. , . , / ~ — C. C." l.'fliidnii of Ylte a-jl-crii- tlirnl extension bin-car, recartcd that, the, jrasshepper plague nn-\ extends across the, .northern'; -tier of counties iTfom the Te'nVisee .'iti«. nest to Oklahoma. Randall sa)d thai poison Ind been ordered from Kansas citv o combat the pests and that farmers were organizing to sV.'i-i fighting- them as soon a-; it arrives. Changes Have Been Sought j 3,725. Times But Only! 21 Ratified A N'cw Deal jfoveniment, seeking to cope with n national cmrr- Bi-ncy, finds- many of Us pet measures blocked by a comparatively brief but ahntcMily patent document eiilllltil '"i'lie Cims-tllulinti of the United Slates of America." Artec, then, voices deniand- itur that that part (if the Con- !;l[lul[on which makes a strong central government Imiiossilile, lie amended, rinw likely of success would efforts til amendment .lie? John T. Flynn traces (lie past liMory of attempts tu change, this iiasic I:iu- of tin; lain] in the ar- lii'le Inilow—the sscoiid of Iliri'e eiitilli-d "X-Uiiyiiijf the Con.sH- tiitlon." Hy JOHN' T. I-1,YN'N' (Copyright, 193Q, NEA Service. Inc.i Someone recently asserted that our Constitution, though a written one, WHS fur more flc.xibb than is- generally supposed. He pointed out Uiat in H9 ysars it lias amended 21 times and that this means an average of a cluinje every seven years. Tliis is a very false us; of IV;- 'rej. Tiie C'oiih!it: lion \.iis a.Ujn- d in 1187. In the H9 years si-iu;, '.7^5 amencimenls have been m- crcd in Cui;rcss. But i-n!v '.lit ul lii-se passed b-jlli linute.s -.i-id oils' 21 were ralilicd by I lie dales. \nd of these cnly one—the lath —was ever repealed. There.arc two ways of amend-! ln« t'ne Constitution. Under'on: i method the amendment originates in Congress. Under the oilier it originates in the st.-i.les.' . Under the first method the amendment must-be passed by aj two-thirds vole of t'ne Senate and House ancl is.then submitted to the states for ratification. Tft'o'-thircls Of the stalls must ratify it. Under the second 'method, Iwo- tl'irds of the states may propose a constitutional convention. Suc'ii j amendments must then be submitted to the slates for'ratification by Coiinltcs where farms are He- two-thirds of them, ing-attacked by the pests include All of the 21 amendments hav Hentcn. Carroll, Drew, Marion. I been proposed and adapted by th^ Fulton, Randolph, Clay. Cireeiii!, first method. The second m=fnod •.harpe, Searcy and Mississippi. | has been attempted many times but Liosed i-or ihls pi ctul . t> nt ,, [s , , ltov(Ml| ,. ( _ he predicted. "1 know now lliat I ,,ili i ' .' * -0 years oil,. With his c,n,y dau.hter and h" ^di^ :l 1)13 New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, July ID. ,'UP) — Cotton gained another dollar and a half today in a of ycnertii buying. Net gains I-UNJ- rd from 28 to 3C ])oln(s. July was nn 35 at J340, Ocloliei- tin 30 r,t 127-1. Thero was an active demand for s]>ots at rising prices, ams traders were inclined to sel! on ""- u ul ""'• wrau (lie bulges and short sellers cov-' hl sh at 107 1-1, crcd much of the foreign •iiuyini; tut bullish sentiment domii-.a'ed Ihe market. open 1330 1258 1200 Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK. July 10. (UP1- Measuied by the Dow-Jones composite average of 70 stocks the stock market today rose into new high ground . sines 1931. Trading increased to the best since April 30. Gains ranged to more than -1 Pclnts in allied chemical. Steels were up 1 lo 2 motors moved up lo around their best prices since 1929. Railrcnd issues and buildins; slocks wer> bid up. Westinghoiisc - Kloctric made new top at 125 3-1. up 3 3-8. Ccc.i Cola, under the :r-.!,,. dice cf hot weather, made a n;:v . »P 1 7-8. DuPont spurted 3 3-4 points to 155 1-2, a new high in its sec-lion.- never with success. Gladstone once said that the American Constitution was "the greatest document ever struck from Ihe brain and hand of-man at a given moment." certainly no oliier instrument, of government has withstood (he test of time so stoutly. It must be reriicmbcred thai in Ihis country we have, not one constitution but 49—each stale having its own. These slate constitutions 'nave been subjected to thousands of amendments ami over 20D stale constitutional conventions have been called to rewrite them completely. While in a century and a half the federal conslilulton .1-1, u;i j llns Dp ™ amended only 21 times the n-JUi- I nntl n ° l on cc has it ever been sub- Jill Del Dec Jan Mar May 1258 12G2 high I35G 1278 1218 1276 1218 1218 low close 1330 1355 1257 1275 1259 1275 1257 1270 12CO 1270 1289 1275 S]K>ts closed al 1305. up 37. -Chicago Wheat CHICAGO. July (UP)—Whcnt prices boomed on North American grain markel.s today as traders bought heavily in anticipation cf a bullish government report. CI6sir-7 prices on the Chicaor) ucnrd of trade were 3 3-8 cents n bushel higher. Unbroken drorth. higher foreign markets and a general belief lhat. the government wheat estimates lo be released after Ihe close cf trading 'would confirm early reporls of crop failures, rocketed values upward open high ] ow close Jul IWil-l 1097-8 1061-4 109 1-2 Sept 100 110 IOC 1093-8 A. T. and T. ... Anaconda Copj>cr Belh. Steel Chrysler Cilics Service Coca Cola Gen. Am. Tank .. Gen. Eleclric ... Gen. Molors Int. Harvester ... McKcsson-Kobbins Montgomery 'Ward N. Y. Central ... Packard Phillips Pet Radio St. L.-S. F Simmons Beds .. Standard of N. J. Texas Co U. S. Smelting ... U. S. Slcel Warner Brothers Zonite ..169 3-4 . 36 1-4 . SI 3-8 .115'l-3 . 47-8 .10(5 ...38 7-8 ...70 ... 81 ... 9 1-8 ... 43-1-2 . ... 31'1-2 t ... 11 1-8 I ... 44 ... 11 3M ... 2 ... 31 3-4 ... 02 1-8 ...37 3-4 ...80 3-4 ... Cl 3-8 ...10 1-4 ... G jected to general revision in a constitutional convention. If we will look at the history of I'nese 21 amendments «e wilt sec .something interesting. The first 10 j amendments were all adopted al (one time—within four years of the I adoption of the Constitution. They ' constitute the famous 71111 of Righls. But since that tiaic—14: years—only 11 amendments have j been adopted. I From 1791 to 1858—a period of ] 77 years—there were juat t*n> amendments, pne of llitsc—the llth—was merely to clarify the j jurisdiction of the federal courts. . . •] ^."'K'uL-i [inn ins (7i-n "e enjoyed a birthday luncheon, the fealure of which birthday cake. E5WDEL1I5 County and - Chickasawba Addresses Audience There Township Candid ales Mold Drawing Today Candidate.-; for the Democratic, nominations for county and town ' ship offices drew for ballot posi lions at Ihe courthouse here thi. morning. Thursday Night; Speaks Al Dell This Morning MANILA. A^:~Ju, y 10 ._. W ,,, t-. Ashley, candidate for E0 ver- »<•'•. «pcte lo a large e roup of citizens here Thursday cvcnlnt! 'i' behalf of l, is candidacy i,e . • i —...n ui ins candidacy n Drawings were necessary in only i wns "Uroducrd by Raymond Him. lliorcc of the county races, there 1 sf:n - fnr »ier schoolmate of JM« C -"i-ing no contests in other races 1 AsllI <-V. at the state university" The primary will be held August. I Mr - Ashley slated what he cali . -1 eel the Issues in the campaign ami gave his opinion ,-pon cach of Ilic-m. He favors a sales Uix as a means of taxation, cspccl illy to provide funds needed for •chco s. and for old a e e pensions. »c also believes that the so-called Nybcrg amendment should '•- 11 S. L. Gladish of Osccola drfw •he top position on the ballot list of candidate.? for ''rill and Virgil wlloi. Bounty judge, drawing second place Greene third on the , The dtlicr-Was lo . straighten out I t'ne confusion which had dcvflop- j <xl in the method of selecting the President. Then at (he end of the I Civil War the 13th, 14th and Isl'n {amendments were adopted. It toDk a great Civil War which alatos! vic- I strayed the Union, to put the: Joe Diliahunty will be listed first •11 the ballot In the sheriff's con- ^fst and Hale Jackson second or last. Ed n. Cook drew first in the -ciinly representative bracket, Ivy W. Crawford thereby getting second or last position on the bal- adopted. Tlie people should permitted a voice in how ll be He pledged that If he were elected that he would try to see l»at no more n r\v laws verc Passed, and lhat as many old ob- sclcte laws as cculd be take the Chickasawba township c " " lc slatutc books, would li (he ballot positions will be , rc '"' 1 ' l|lfl - He reminded his '.is- follows with one constable to j , m of ""' lrait Kn '<-' h he pl.iy- clcclCTl and four Justices of '" <lrafli "'i ; >ml siwnsoritii; th; 1'cacc: refiinding act of 1933. and su;«i racc.i as be »y United IVess Tni men walked '"(he last mil*" 'n elvlit prisons today; T|,,.y ( || CM | I'- lli«' cii'iiti-le,', i-lialr. u Hrhvj sf/imd, Imnglng and by poison jus Each hud been c'bnvlclld ol minder. ,-'-;• r Celb'crt Green,, sir in a chiih- n tliu prison jimr of the L'iah s tut i!, prison at Halt'lake City, a while heart on u red' bsickmound •)lnncd over his, heart. Five rl- '.It'incii sliihtcd down Ihelr \vun- 'iis al I he lan;cl inul llrcd and oreen died for a slaying six years 'M. lie wns Utah's soiii i o he before n llrlnit' sinnul. At' lluulsvllle. Ti-x.. two ncf.ioe.s mil a white man wnlki'd lo the ^cclrlii chair. The .m'tp-oes. biolli- U'K, argued with each other iinUI hey dltd, each accusing (hi- oih- •r ft 'Ihe murder for which liu-y •ere crDrifted, In New Voi-k prison at Ossini;ii luhn Collins. M, died in the chair or the killing of ChnrliM Tin tir- wr, lid, In a Qi •ensboro Hiuid '.nvcrii mbbery. .lie almost hurried as hi! walked unassisted to he chair. Pclscn./jus sniill'ed out th'c- life of l-'rank R'ascoii, Mexican; cowboy. In the Arizona prison' at Florence. Kascou, who killed an- :tlicr cowboy, walked Into the ;iis chamber smoking n clear and TJnrtlui! he was dying for n crime commuted by his fattier. J ruin- died in oilier slate pilsoiv;. , - »t St. JniiH'S Kplscopul clmrcli lit. Hyde Park. 'I'he aiinounci'iin;nt .aid; Add /.It) Damage While Fariners.Siiffm' With No Relief Iii Si B lil filllCACiO, .Inly 10 (UP)--Plve million dronlli weary farmers locked In Hie skies for relief tobut: were- blinded by the! rlot^on'st Ki'llccl Inslantly; 1-ngiiiccr, Fireman Are . Fatally Scalded Today ' "y WAU'KU IOGAN Unllid Press Staff Comspoiidi nt COVINGTON, Tenn . ' Jlllv 10 'UP) -- The Chlcnsnw, Illinois Central pas.scnger imin uovind irom Memphis lo si Ls.iib wrecked itself over n 200-yaui area here lodav, aflcr sti Iking nn •nuoniohlle, nnd turning HID scene f nio n steaming hifeniu. J. W. MoDow, (j5, Covlngton' mirchant, lonei' occupant of lli< lulonioblle, crushed ami iX'lenllcss sun that luis de- alroyeil $250,000,000 In crops nm laken at [eust aou IH-es. Nfft- reports of destruction came In stories of forest fires 'rinsing ovi'r inure limn 1,000 acres of im- llonaP woodland In Michigan. He- cnrorchnents were : rush«l lo aid men -fighting a blaze sweeping lih fiOO acres Inlo Illawntha unit- or tlie upper Michigan na- llonal forest.' The second Michigan fire bnrn- i'd I.OOo acres ' ilomil fore-st -in the Huron na. with 250 nglitcr.i biitlllilg' to bring it under con . trill. NWrn Itrbber Is Hanged .CLAUKSDALE.V.'MISS., juiy 10 (UP)—iiopsA.vell Moon, negro, wns linnged here'today foi' Inking part in the robbery of a store thai, resulted In the slnyini; of the' owner, elderly J. o. Parker, In May. 19M. , .. More : l)Hin ,100 persons witness ed the hanging. Sheriff W. I,. Matthews spumy the trap at '5 Moon admitted taking part In the robbery during which 1'cdro Parson, negro, shot and fatally wounded Parker. Parson was itangcd a month ago. The stale supreme court denied Moon's appeal the verdict Unit a party to a robbery niurdei is liable to the death .sentence even though he did not actually 'akc part In the murder. Moon said "f am ready lo die" and urged members of his race not lo let -'anyone talk you Into anything." Crmlcmncd M: ln Atlcninls Siddilc HALEfOH, N. C., July 10 (UP) —Henry Grlcr, negro, scheduled to die In the electric chair today, attempted to commit suicide jumping from a corridor to the. prison basement a few minutes before the execution was scheduled. Tnc negro, taken x from his cell :o «ay goodbye lo other death row inmates at his own request, Jerked free from n guard ran to n tier of ceils above the death row itid leaped to the concrete floor of the below. basement, nearly 30 feet Gricr, about to be electrocuted for slaying ills mistress, suffered , ,;;,.". •"• " "'i broken wrist and numerous cuts' "'Wit""'"' cash lo make thr • • • I necessary 55-cents-on-lhc-dollar settlement, agreed to by <i bend- Believed 'Necessary Cash - Can Be Raised Ib Supplement' RFC ' Loan Hack from Washlngion, n O where the Reconstruction Finance Ccrporutlon Wednesday -approved a loan of $1.00(1,500 lo IK used In securin , C;1S ), settlement ""linage Dislricl ITs bonded Indebtedness. 1!. A. Lynch, one- of Ihe district's commissioner.?, expressed confidence today that thr refill-inch I,- pnyjrrlni 'would b L ' completed and the federal receivership of the district dissolved within three cr four months. Mr. Lynch made Ihe trip U Washington with J. II. "cram o 1 Wilson, district commissioner anc 1 Clifton li, Scott of mile uocfc federal receiver, ftc said that a drive would be started promptly to secure payment of ilclininienl taxes in order to raise the i-p- proxlmalcly $120.000 In cnsli needed In addllion lo S250.000 alrLiidj on hand (o supplement the RFC loan and provide a 55-polnt settlement wllh holders of the district's bends. lie said, however Unit co-operation of taxpayer.' was imperative. The RFC loan, as approved, is equivalent to 45 cents on the dollar en the district's bonds. ISMV- Ing 10 points, or approximately $310.000. for the district to ind bruises. Warden If. II. Hunnlcult said if",'!™"" ,-„ ie will wail for a report of llic loldc , rs I 1 ™'"* 1 ™ committee. • • ' I lA'iich said the committee loctor examining the condemned' icgro before deciding whether to ;o ahead with the execution. York Cotton Chicago Corn Trading in the corn pit vvas at a standstill after prices boo".i- cd the full 4-ccnt limit peimil- .'«! in one day. Nearly nil bids were refused even aflej prices hit Hie ceiling. open high low close NEW YORK, Jul. ' 10 Cotton closed steady. open high low Jul 1303 1340 I Oct 1252 1275 Dec 1254 1275 Jan J253 1273 'Mar ..... 125B 1275 May 1257 1275 Jill 82 V-2 Scp 7S 1-2 6-8 82 7-8 82 1-2 79 1-2 20. the document. They dealt. \\ ith p, I the question of slavery and Hie si j nation growing out of the war. ; Since these three amendments— ( 1 lhat is. in the last 68 years—Viifvc liave been but six amendments. Uul two of these—llic ISlh and Uic 21st—relate to prohibition, the 18fn (UP)— putting prohibition in the Constl- jtntion and the 21st taking it out. j close jSo that tlie net result of the las;: 1325 1340 I 68 years is four amendments cf-. fcctive as part of llic law. They are: 16th—Providing for Income taxes. 1-Hli—Election of senators by the people. 19th—Establishing women's suffrage. 20th—Changing the (Isle of the Presidential inauguration. All Properly Protected was 13.42. the Bly- The system of government set up of Trade reported. (Continued On Puns 3) I Con stable-Harry Tit Oregor. Justices , ,:..,' ,-.,,\' J " n Bu "is mid Frank Mc- of Ilocne, H. L. the peace—O. McKnlght. J. .. . . . ,. Kabor.s. T. L. Cassldy and T L Livestock 1252 1254 1253 1256 1257 1273 1273 1273 1275 1275 Spols closed steady at 1344, up Sliol Average Is 13.42 The average price of 1-s inch middling, cotton on the lo •••—•• markets today thcvlllc Beard EAST ST. LOUIS, III.. Jul. 10 (UP)-Hogs 4,500 Top 10.65 170-230 Ibs, 10.50-10.65 140-160 Ibs., 9.50-10.50 Bulk sows 8.00-350 Cattle 1.500 Steers 4,15-6.35 Slaughter fleers 550-9.00 Miwl yearlings and heifers 5.50-7.50 i Slaughter heifers .1.50-8,50 ' lieof cows •1.25-5.00 Cutlers and low cullers 3.00-3.75 that he would see thai it w-« not changed, if elected. Numbers of his ' friends fiom j Taml county uho now live in Mali, nll.i came lo hear Judge Ash'cy talk, and to assure him of ihi-ir support. It was rumored on the streets of Manila that Cjoveinor Futrell would soon announce his supucrt of Judge Ashley. Speaks al Hell DELL. Ark—John Ashley s.ioke to a number of local residents this morning in Dell in behalf of his ciuidid.icy for governor of Arkansas. Judge Ashley spoke three times on his current trip to Mississippi county, at Leachvlllc and Manila yesterday, and Dell, this morning. He will also talk at I.epanto. Marked Tree, and Par- Tyler, Mo., at 11:30 o'clock antl western Mississippi county j Thursday morning following a There would be no i>aymenUs ni.ulcl week's illness. His death was at- ol> ll '° " TO lonn principal lot I tribulcd lo a slomach ailmenl. ^ lle >' l% ars but funds derived Irr.m' He is survived by his mother tnscs would be used for rehahili- agould today. He stated that he would relutn lo Mississippi ccim- ly to lalk nt Dlythevlllc, OsccoU. Luxora and Wilson, at a dst; soon lo bo announced. Tyler, Mo., Boy Dies On Thursday Morning Walker James. Jr.. 2V, year old son of Mrs. Bertha Wlggliulon, (lied at the family home near Tyler, Mo., at 11:30 o'clock Indicated it would have little trouble sccrring the consent of D3 uer . cent, of the bondholders to the I settlement ' While effectuation of the sel- tkmcnl would result In di."&nlu- tion cf Ihe receivership it wou!d not bring about any Immediate reduction In the tax rate in the district. wUch rmbnv;<5 about 102.000 acres of land in norl'ien burned lo dentil nnd Englned W I!. I.iiwlcr, Jackson 'Icnn, mid l-'lieiimn j. K. ; Inablnct. Memphis, were scalded filially. Iimblnet did not dlo Immediately, lie jumped 'from the locomotive at-the Impact but not ECU far enough away to escape ihn belling steam, .lie: wns rushed to u Memphis hospital \vhcie he died several hours later No passenger Wns Injured hut nil were .'ilmkrn up consldeiably railroad . officials" said The cr.jlnc tender and a deijfi- hrad nintl car litrhcd o\ei while the remaining two bassnise uar-i, two day coaches and a Pullman were derailed. < Mcboiy, driving a. . 1934 j"-o!d coupe, hud left, the load nnd wns traveling down the i all-out track from the crossing -of -High- wily 54, Memphis, sulil. It wu- believed he bccaine filghleiiLd al an approiiclnn^ southboind freight train und -.tiiilid do«u llie track by mUnko r.iislni.ei Lnnler tiled to stop thu liain Uit could not before it ^u^nmc(I lln. riifrutTd,of l)ic c.tUp "Icked It up on the engine i'onc t "id pushed II aboi'tviso vaids ^Thc. car burst into a ma^s of '(taines inslantly and burning gas- illne. engulfed Ihe engine as stfiun pipes broke lo. add To the infeiho. When the engine struck the emit apparently spread a swltcli t to leave the rails. A. relief .lrnl(i, 'from MeinphH ok the passengers and -'mall' from the wrecked, train and continued on to St. Lb'tils nt 4 JO a • in.. The accident occurred with- . in the city limits at 12;10 am. Estimates Wheat Crop ;At 638,399,000 Bushels. WASHINGTON, July .10.' —The federal crop repoilmg today estimated Ihe • 1930 total lomeslic wheat production at 033,- 199.GOO bushels and forecast a '2,^4-1.834,000 bushel corn crop. This compares with the, 1935 demesne, wheat crop of G23/l4-l,OQu -iiishels and the 1935 corn ciop of 2,591,620,000 bushels. The aver- igc wheat crop In the years 1!12832 was 851,000,000 bushels. Tlie average corn crop was 2,56^,000,-' COO bushels. Jonesboro College Head ' To Occupy Baptist Pulpit Dr. H. E. Walters, president of Jonesboro Baptist College, will supply for the Rev. Alfred Car- penlcr during July and August. The Rev. Mr. Carpenter, pastor o the First Baptist church, is tit- .cndlng the Baptist Assembly in Slloani Springs, Ark. Dr. Walters was formerly president of Union University. Jackson, Tcnn., and during his career n the educational field has wrlt- eu several books. His recent book, 'Planning A Life," published by he Baptist Sunday School board n 1935, has qualified for a second, edition of 10,000. Services will be held on Sunday mornings and nights. by his molhc. and his stepfather, J. a. wtgglns- ton, two brothers, Hoyal and Hayford James, and a' sister, Dorothy May .lames. Funeral services Were held this morning at !1 o'clock and inlcr- ment was made at Sawyers ccme- teiy. The Cobb Funeral Home was in charge of funeral arrangements. WEATHER tation work. The HFC loan be repaid over a 33-year period 22 Month Old Boy Is Colitis Victim Thursday Charles Russell Seals, 22 months old son of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Stab, died at the family residence, Ifil3 West Cherry street, at 7:10 Arkansas —Fair and warm tonight and Saturday. o'clock last night, following (brief illness of colitis, continued) Funeral ' services were held Memphis —Fair and continued terment jibe home this afternoon and in- tonight and Saturday. Grove cemetery. The Cobb Finicr- The maximum temperature here'al Home was in charge of funeral yesterday was 98. minimum 74. arrangements, clear, according to Sauvicl i-\ He is survived by his parents Norrls, official weather observer. I wo brothers and one sister. Mrs. Fannie Huffman, 67, Dies Thursday Afternoon Mrs. Eannie Huffman, 67, died at 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon at her home. 1123 West. Ash street. She had been in ill health several days with stomach or Intestinal trouble. Funeral sen-Ices were held this afternoon at 3 o'clock with the ., Rev. J. L. Newsom officiating and {* interment was made at 'Maple ' drove cemetery. The Cobb Pu- neral Home was In charge of tu- r.cral arrangements.; Mrs. Huffman Is.'survived by one son, "Mervin, of..the Huffman community northeast of here, and two daughters,, Mi-s. Edna Harrison of. here and Mrs: Annie Hewlett of Kennett, Mo

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