The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 22, 1946 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, May 22, 1946
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BLYTHEVILLB COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF MORTBKABT ARKANSAS ANU 8OUTHEABT ItUKIODIU BljUievllle Dally New* BlytbevUle Coumr VOL. XLIII— NO. 52 Farmers Seek Higher Soybean Support Price Farm Bureau Leaders Say Increase Would Bring in $1,000,000. To raise the support price of soybeans is (he goal of the Mississippi County Fnrm Bureau which is unions,' the first such croups to nsk the government for j\n increased price. An increase to $2.50-52.60 per hushel is being sought to replace the present $2.04 support price which, if granted, would mean $1.000,000 annually to Mississippi County fanners, it hns been pointed out. Amount of money to be receive* from the raise in corn wns unesti mated today but a substanlin amount of corn is crown in thi county, although not so much a. soybeans. The ceiling price of corn has l>ee! raised from approximately SI. 17 to $1.45 per bushel, which is causing many farmers In other sections I change from planting of soybean to corn and which Is a boon I farmers in the real corn bell sec lion. Corn, Wheat Trice Raised The consensus is Hint a raise i 1 [he soybean price is fail 1 , just as raise in the corn price, and tha soybeans should have been include In the price raise with corn an wheat. With soyl^eans the Nmul)cr Two crop in Mississippi County, an increase in price of this commodity paicn. he said, to make more coii- Bljrlhe\lUe UlMlulppi U1ATHKVIU.B, ARKANSAS, WKONKSDAY, MAY 'Si, HU6 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS ' Truman Sends ew Appeal to p remier Stalin WASHINGTON. May '22. (U.P.) —President Truman has appealed or the second time to Premier Josef Stalin for Soviet aid In combating world famine, a state Derailment spokesman .said today. The new appeal was contained n a letter said to have been dls- mtehed three or four days ago. n it. Mr. Trutmin reportedly ask•<l that Itusslan grain be assigned to help starving nations. The disclosure came as Moscow •adio announced that Stalin had informed Mr. Truman that Russia uad exhausted her export Brain resources but had agreed in principle lo International cooperation In the world food crisis. It was not known whether this announcement was based on Mr. rrumnu's second leller. which was delivered through the U. B. Embassy in Moscow. Russians Offer Limited Help In Food Crisis World-Wide Agency To Supplant UNRRA Draws Fire of Briton. LONDON, MFiy 22.iUPI—Preinler Stnlln has Informed President Truman that Soviet Russia has ex....... Utah Hill Country is Searched For Grief-Stricken Mother OGDKN, Utah, May VI. (UJ 1 .)— Deputfe! mid volunteers searched (ho rWKt*d \Vu.sutch I'oollilll.i todiiy for a Kriof-.stnckoii young mujhor, who wandered uwa'y from homo aflcr seeing her soil killed in a fall down n mountainside, j Police said Unit pretty Mrs. Frances Session, 23, missing since'lute Cave, n popular upol (or hikers, when slipped mid fell down Monday, nppaienlly "started walk- the rocky shale of n 50-foot clltl. lo forget about the boy and Just kept walking." | Airplanes joined hundreds o! lie was killed almost Instantly Mrs. Sessions picked up the buy's batlered body and curried It lo i\ Truman Considers Submission Of Wage Pfoposal to Carriers; Some Miners Refusing to Work lire. lilBbway patrolmen sherllT's , n| .' ln ,, OHW llHU R ,„„„ ,, wrt deputies and Koy Seoul pntrols I. M. Greer Seeks Important Office Formerly Served as Superintendent of Schools in Osceola. I. M. Oreer, O f Hnrrlsburg. hns authorized the Courier News to announce that, be will be a candidate for the office of Circuit Judge to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Judge Neil KilloiiRh. He spent Mondnv In Blvthevillc, nnd will return later In the cum but has agreed In principle to International cooperation for easing thc world food crisis, Radio Moscow announced today. Thc Moscow radio announced the Truman-Stalin exchange, the existence of which became known in Washington Inst week, after earlier Russian broadcasts reported prospects for a bumper wheat crop : throughout thc Ukrainian wheat , belt. I Tlie proposal by Herbert Hoover [ for a new world food organization ; under « single administrator, com- I billing thc work of UNRRA nnd I other agt'iicie.s, drew a rebuff In i T/indon from Herbert Morrison. lard President of the Council. Morrison was asked aboul Mr, Hoover's plan when he arrived from Canada afler his food mission to Washington. "If he Is suggesting a one-man iliclator for food, I don't think It w-lll work," Morrison said:, Mr. Truman's message asked Sta in to assign a certain amount would greatly benefit practically all tacts. farmers, it was announced by the A forme farm bureau. Tclcgrams have been sent Con- nr resident of Mississippi County. Mr. Greer was superintendent of the Osceola School District Rrcssmnn E. C. Gainings, askim; in 1920 nnd his wife Is the former that his personal attention be siv- Miss Mary Frances Spcncc of Os- 41.J- . ~.-».l .. :.. ..-, _:..,._- - oo | a Tn maikng his formal annonnce- en this "oversight" in not giving coola. soybeans [he increased price \vilh corn and wheiU. Poetz Heads County Group Of Oil Dealers ment he issued this statement: "1 am a candidate for the. of- fli-n of Circuit Judge of this Circuit to fill the vacancy caused by tile dealh of Judge Neil Killouch. "I was born nnd reared in the searching ttu- mountain area. Olher officers searched along [lie iwk- studiled bunks ol the Weber river. now Just beyond Ihe JUxxt stage. Silencer, who also slipped but was nol Injured seriously. An ambulance took IAV'S body lo a mortuary, nnd Mrs. Sessions Police feared thai the young U- WA . S dl :' vc » '"""I llo » le . of nor pny man would die of exposure If |M, n "'"*• Mr - ll111 ' M''»-'Lc« A. Sum".exposure another night In thn open. left. When she disappeared. Mrs. 3es- "KruiUT.s went into the bedroom sions wns wearing only thc blouse to change her clothes," Mrs, Bhurt- and torn slacks she hud on when Icff said. "I was oill In (he kit- she nnd her slx-ycnr-old son, Le,\ chen. When I went lo I he bedroom and a cousin, Spencer Robert*, also '" comfort six, set out on n hiking trip. ' I guess she The three had climber! to Bear door." her, she was gone. I out the front Cotton Authority Shows Optimism Present High Prices May Continue for at Least Three Years. TATIRYTOWN, N. Y.. May Russian Rrnln to UNRRA, th» Mos- IUPI—Cotton prices are unlikely lo cow broadcast said. He also express- show any serious decline over lined hope that the -Soviet Union next three'ycnrs because of the light would coordinate its activities with ' supply-demand situation both here other grain-exporting countries for and abrotul, the investment counsel belter utilization of the grain re- firm of E. W. Axe said today in a erve. ( special study o[ the textile Industry. Stalin in reply expressed regret j The firm noted Ihnt considerable that Mr. Truman did not send '.he purchasing power has In-en created request, three months earlier "when i n ninny foreign countries by ln- Ihe Soviet Union could have done flntlonnry tendencies and said "it something in this rcspecl," the seems reasonable lo conclude there- broadcast said. • fore thnt despite the present, high Instead, Stalin's reply was quoted world stocks of raw cotton this pur- Honor Students Receive Awards Presentations Made During Class Night Events in Auditorium. Top-ranking Kl'iiduales 0 ( nivthiv vlllc High School graduating class received awnrds Inst night when the honor students were presented lo the public for the Ilrst lime In Ihe annual "Clnss Night" program, held at the hlgli school auditorium. Awards wcri 1 presented Betty SMnck. valedictorian; Hetty Woodson. Milutatorlan; nelly Black and Unions Submit 'Final Offer' in Rail Dispute WASHINGTON. May VI. (U.P.) — A high milrond union .source today lin Babson Raps 'Hot Pack' Cure For Strike Ills WK1.LE8I.KY HILLS, Mass.. May 22. (UP)— Hull and coal strikes should be iwrmlttcd lo rage unchecked so thitt America's voters would become enough lo expected President Tritnmn )>l11 H Bl °i' to tl "-'". Kconumist Roii- nillko M final wnir<» nr.i • <•' W. Bnl*on said today. < .i In!,. ,,l • rr V '">« '.0-ye»r-olrt Ihuinclal wUurd Into loduy in an ctlorl.who acoumtely predicted the tow to settle tomorrow's .threat- slock market crash contended the morit practical method of curbing ' " would be through Iho ex- i!iicd ruili'oiid Ktriko. This report ciimc. shortly after John li. stcelniun, six'clai nre'sl- | lt 'i" i "' 11 of anti-strike laws now con- dentlnl a.sslstnnl wild he. alill didn't, l "> lll "B Industry to i\ point where know whether « srltlcinent could they Would Include "labor coinbtmi- be achieved before the niilroiid • lio " 5 nntl conspiracies." truco expires at 4 p.m. tomorrow, j "However, thc change In the tmtl- Stmlmnri hnd conferred wllh both tlu ' 1 legislation would tnke place as saying, Mr. Tnrman did in chasing power together with short- mid-May ."after the Soviet Union J axes nf clnthlni; In all i>arls of I lie already had assigned a certain | world will Ire sufficient to prevent. Hetty Woodson, tied for th<! English mrxlnl; Hetty Wopdson nnd Prnnfpj shouse. who tied 'for mathematics honors; Muriel Knmisen, public: speiiklng; Belly Woodson. g(>O(l clHr.cnshlp; pen Luncnshtre. boy athlete: Gertrude Hoover, alrl "thlete. and n junior, Fillly Wll- Glnle of Arkansas and received my .quantity of foodstuffs to Prance | BI1V serious decline in the prici- D f lU»m*. received the Wslory nwnrd. 1 education in the State. I attended '. and olher countries, anti when trie cotton during the next Ihree years " Students who hnv« mndr an nver- I Colie?e resources of t)i c Soviet Union were I —. riomesti( . 0 , 1( i onk fnr tn .(|i M »"" "f above 00 for the four years ' • C ' Arkansas state Teachers and became n graduate of that school when it was only a Junior already exhausted." "As far as' coordination of the 111 the dlspulc. imlon sourcn underslood (hut .Mr. Truman Intended lo make n proposnl to xoltle the w»gc/ demands/ of all rntlroiul workers in addition to those of the engineers and trainmen—the [wi> groups which called thn strlki!. The Whltn House plan was d»- ficrlbed by the." union source ns Hie government's "Ace In Iho Hole" for averting tho walkout bv Ihe 250,000 Irulnmen and engineer:). Tlie other rnllrond unions cmhrncc alioui. 1,600,000 men. : The union uffloUl sitlrt thai he undfrrslnott ihat Qfllrlaltt of Iht* Inilnmrn and fnulnrrrn, trailers «f thien ullicr operating brollirr- hum)*, inn! representative* nf l."> nnn-uperAtlnjF unions would br culled to Ihe White HOUM l»te luclay ilnnjt with railroad inan- anfmrnt rtpm*nUUve«, Kteclhian had' Indicated plans for such u meeting might not be itefinile. The. union official hinted thai unions would , accept It wax? T when the patient American voters get good nnd nind," Babson mid, In »n Interview. .I'pence for the leal good of tho country the President chould allow the lubor leaders tu.Klop all punscn- tjer trams nn<l freight trains except, thcwf currying food and let Itu coal' mines remain closed Indefinitely mill! the public really wok' up nnd did somnthlnt:. "The puticnt swcds »' suvglcnl operation. Tht> present method of the KoveVmncnt putllue ot) 'hot pnckii to temporarily relieve the pnln simply delaying t|m final solutloi: Discussions *" Pertain to Welfare Fund WASHINGTON,. May .22. (U.P.)— President John : "]t. ;,ewis of thn United ' Mine iVurkers (AFL) and Sec'r> .ary.of Interior ,T. A. Krug :oday o|)oimd negotiations on a govevnment-iinion soft coal contrHct, including discii's- sioh «f some sort of welfare for the miners. • government put on the pressure for tome agreement before tub two-week strike truce expires Sat-' urday. . It sought n controct »' thouinfirls of bllmiilnbus miners .ttfuaed ,to work for Hie government on thlj f)r5l d»y of federnl operation of tho ngc Ofnbove 00 for .._ or high school work were an- Increase in lieu of rules . . , inounccri in rinik. In addition I" 'f "* fltnount, wan. "«ub,slanllaIVy bntnon atul oertrude Hoover. resumed mv ' will require special study. chairman of the Mississippi County Oil Dealers' Association. 'fivc-dny rull strike lruc« Lumber Subsidy Measure Signed r Administration Bill Alms to Help Vets Get 2,700,000 Homes. . WASHINGTON, May 22. (Ul'l — President Truman today signed the Unllon's 3,400 soft con! nilne«, D«- (.plte the truce, the *ener»i attltiftp of thi Irtle miners WM-"no con- no work"—even for thc government, A« evidence of Ihe pressure being exertc d for a quick agreement, Lewis anrt KTUR conferred for three hours thM morning and arranged't6~ resume neootliitlortB at'.IEST). .An .Interior 'Department spokesman disclosed that Krug. asked Chairman Arthur Altmeyisr' of the Social Security' Bonjd to join 'the afternoon conference. Altmeyer will give advice on the union demand for a UMW-admlnlsterM weiritrc fund. '••.'• ,' ; • '" : ' .New .Title'.for Krai'' '"'"" Negotiations betweeri Lewiii anrt the coal.or«rator»j broke Cdowiy oh thrt.t controversial 'issue,'''forcing President Tmmiin to'order tedKral selnure of 3,nbb; mines'«-v6it J2:01 a.m. today. • "•- v :. -v.- /••:• Secretary Krut!, witlv'a" nc«T title ftl .fuderal coal udminljtrator. acted under n seizure order turned Ky Pres„ Ident Truman "tr> : preserve the na- ariinlnl»triit|on'a Kmrrgcncy Hous-1 tluiwl • ecojionlie .structure In the Ing Bill aimed at building 2,700,000'. P.r*«ent emeriiencyr";•';.>. ;;••'-"• ;•;.-low-cost hortes f or ' velern'ris' by' "''Krug-hud •tti'^.'Job of k'e«pjhg'the •• • - • miners at work as Well M netdtiat- imz B. new contract. ... i Lew 1», giive no Indication whl tho end of next year. Mr. Truman's signature on the bill, wlilfli bad n slormy time In Ct)iii;n-ss, made Housing Expediter studies and received an A. B. De- British housewives heard the good ""Hook for the cotton and myoii] Awards were presented by W. B. j expires «[, 4 ; p.m. tomorrow. Details i Wilson W. Wyatt a virtual czar |u Other officers elected, in a meet- : Bree from the university of Arkan- news that dried eggs, a wartime ciriui mai inc at Hotel Noble, were: T. W.! ™s and my U L,. B, Decree from diet staple, will return to store States, tl: .Jeffries, vice chairman; Toler Bucli- | th c Arkansas Law School. |shelves June 2.1 on a rationed bnsis. danger of inventory losses thnn a[- cloth manufacturers of the United lie survey foumj, are less u osn M H nrdy. pri-ic.lpal. Nicholson, .superintendent, and Miss !<>' tlic otter were not disclosed. Supc: Call, other members: . I. H: Lowe of the schools: at j .Osceoia, and inar- Osceoln, local--allairs cbmmlUsb ried a' Mississippi County eirl. Mary rhairma]\ with John Crum nnd John Frances^Sperice of, Osceola. Theme of the program was ( lho annn. secretary: John Marr. assist-| -., I.a)ryer for 25 Years Food Minister Sir Ben Smith, who tllc thc nrsl World War; the ncces- future of the class, with a rcalogul'. nut secretarv: D. N. Morris of Wll- ' "I Am well known to manv pen- stirred feminine Ire several weeks slt >' ror operating under p involved "Looking From thc Farthest Star," son. legislative committee chairman, P'e of Mississippi • County, r was I ago by announcing withdrawal -if S°vcrnment regulations; widespread by Muriel Kniidsen and "Spirit of with Russell Man- iind ,K M. M> at Q ne -time- Superintendent of "dried eggs supplies: announced their > tler B er s'. important ' changes .in }iie Day," In.which all seniors •turn' In a guarded manner He ina : nngcnicnt : wartime' Improvemcnl ' .aid the supply was uncertain. l " .H"^ 1 ™" ""'' nnanclal conditlom: The dried eggs will sell for 30 ri ? m S lal]or cosl -^ «« development, cents a package containing the Tirauchnmp of Manila, other inemhers: B. .J. Allen, public relations committee chairman, wllh Leo Max- wrll of Osceola. nnd W. R. Campbell, other members. Both the .state and county divisions of the. a.vioctntion are plc-dt' In .support legislation most, beneficial to hitrhwny users, mrmbrrs nf the croup here were told by w. F. Scarborough of Little Rock, secretary of thc state proup. He stressed , the "far-rcnchinir benefits thnt would accrue to motorists and the stale as a whoK; thrbneh, enactment of legislation favorable to advancement of high- wnv transportation." He snirl his orcanizalion is on "I entered thc nractice of law M Harrisbmg. in Pom-sett County, nnrl liave been actively engaged In the practice for the past 25 years, durine which time I have had ex- of new fabrics: and adoption of Turn "Fagf-n of Time" Jnne shelton, dressed In a white equivalent ol 12 eggs, live cents , new 5clll "K methods, more per package than previously. Sir Ben gave no Indication of thc source of the new supply. Pre- periencr in the trial of various i viously most dried eggs were Amer- types of civil and criminal r.ase.s. I •. lean. bclieve that my education and experience have qualified me to fill thc office of circuit Judge efficiently. "t am a member of the Methd- dist Church, a 32nd Degree Mason, n member of thc Woodmen of the World, nnd the American Legion, and hnvn always been active in civic affairs. "The only times I ever ask^d for public office, the (rood people A slight Increase in meat pin ami sausage meats will start June 16. in favor of these aids lo. of Poi.sett county elected me for highway trnnsporlation and ii-:rrs: the dedication of nil line tnxcs and automobile registration fees to exclusive hi^hwav isr through enactment of n constitutional nmendment: n continuous nn- alysis of fiscal conditions to the end tbnt (hr casolinc tnx cnn lx- reduced n( th'r earliest possible time; pliminnlion of discriminatory service station tiixrs; extension of time for payment of motor vehicle rcc- islration fees from January to Marrli 31: elimination of gasoline tax ev.ision: sound hicliway planning: safe- t.v on the higlnvays. nnd repeal of federal laxes on gasoline and lu- urlcnling oil. ron-:l [ three terms a.s County Judge, and gave (hem the brs! service of which I was capable. Poinsett County is the only County in this Judicial Circuit which lias never furnisher! a circuit JudRe. For information as to my character and qualification for Ihe office of Circuit Judge. I refer you to those who know me. Look carefully into my record and If. after you have done so. you find be both worthy and qualified. I shall appreciate your support." Livestock given a party. Hostesses for Ihe occasion were members ol Junior Parent, Teacher Association. Fcalure,s of the evening were stunts presented by each home room. The prl/e winning stunt was n "Woinanless Wedding" presented by Mrs. W..O. Green's home room. Second prize went to the "Magician stunt." presented by Mrs. Otis Shepherd's room. Parlicipaing in the "Womanless Wedding" were E. B. Gee, the bride. Clinton Abbott, the bridegroom: Bob Kirshner, Ihe bride's maid of honor: Fred Lackmann. minister: nobby Edwards, who lighted tapers; Alan Berry, the flower girl; Gary rtack Grider P"st No. 150 ol Os- Mason, ring bearer: Jimmy Prrciful. ST. I.OUIS NATIONAL STOCK- ccola. American Legion, will spo-i-'thc bride's falher: Loy Eich. the YARDS. May 22. (UP)—Livestock: sor a GI homecoming party to- bride's mother and Larry Lutes, vo- Legionnaires Arrange for Homecoming Stunts Feature Party for 8th Grade Graduates One of (he. largest school affaim of Ihr year was last night at (he Hieh School gymnasium when the eighth grade graduating clnss nicm- , ] n the council, hers of Junior High School were I 20-NationFood Council Urged ByU.S. f Canada WASHINGTON. May 22. (UP> — Thc United Canada txxlav States. Britain and proposed a 20-natlon International emergency food council to replace Ihn present combined Anglo - American - Canadian food Iroarcl. Russia and Argentina were ninoim Ihe 17 nations Invllod lo join the United states. Britain and Cnnnda The recommendation wns made to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization for consideration by a committee on future machinery lo deal wllh thc global rood crisis. The proposed council would make recommendations to member governments for allocation of food fertilizer and food. Members would include recipient, as well as exporting countries. Council members would lx; responsible for obtaining prompt nnd j adequate information and implc-1 menting all recommendaltons with special national action when nec- she sat a|. the Iho offer was handnd to Presidential Adviser John ii. : Steolnmn for submission to the carriers nnd this 'afternoon ho said lie did hot know 'Wlial tho chonees ' nrc for n Tho offer was milde by. A. ,F. Whitney, proMdonl of tho trainmen, arid President Alv«nley Johnston for the engineers.. Neither the building field and started him officially on one "I the biggest housing Jnbs In the nation's history. Wyatt's main task Is to find thc he Would (vsIC the .miners, to rci. at work.Th* *elght'6f evidence! jested the' miners would, atop Saturday unless a i?6yenirnent' Rgreenient ts. reached.,by, then Lewis would not, order the mlj to stride because 'this W9Mld vl(j materials needed to build 2.700,000 thn Rmlth-Connnlly War Labor i homes In the ncxl 19 months. i pules act. But lie could tall to-^inx | . The bill empowers him to speiid the miners to slriy qn the job—and up to $400.000.000 : in subsidies to I tllc y would cease work at midnight production of scarce and crtt-1 Salurday. When Lewli ordered^ Ihem ormal gown ... .... _..„.„ 'pulpit of life" and tnrne<| .the womd s^y that negotiations 'pages of time," answered niiej-' be terminated. IT their offer I* r6- lons asked by seniors or groups of Jccled, , ..:..'.-• seniors concerning their futures. ROss.SRld. however, thai Stecl- Tliey showed their talents In per- . man would • meet .with both sides formances. These included baton twirling by FVnnces Shouse, leader of thc school for Ihe past two years, a trombone .solo by Randal Hawks and trombone duct, by he And Donald Ramsey, a solo by Joyce Dd- mon. and others. The "Silver Gale Quartet." which presented vocnl selections, was niude up of Ben Lancashire, Frank Nicholson, Chester Caldwell and Harry Farr. Senior members of the bnn<l presented numbers nnd accompanied Miss Shouse In her twlrllnn and senior Glee Club members sang "Smoke Gcl-s In Your Eyes" by Jerome Kern nnd "Kentucky Babe" by Richard H. Buck. Another feature of (he program was a readhiR by Ann Wccdumn and .senior members of the physical education class demonstrated exercises. The Rev. Guy D. Mngce gnvo. thc Invocation nnd benediction. | again tortay, as he.' has been dolly this week. • Krrtbarno Orrtrrs Drawn As the While House strove for n settlement Wore expiration of Ihr truce thc government was rcndy to Invoke freight cmbnrpo orders In event negotiations collapse and the nntlon-wldo strike goes on as scheduled. Stores Send Buyers Into Cities in Texas ically-necdcd building materials. Wf also Is authorized to: 1. Put price ceilings on n»w homes—but not on existing ones. 2. Guarantee a 90 per cent market, for prefabricated houses nnd for new-type building materials. 3. Direct OPA to increase celling prices on building materials If ncc- i back to work after » ertppllnii sl»- week strike, he limited Ihe tnice to a two-week period which will expire at that time. Y ••'••• During the war the miners did not work In response to government seizure of the mines except on orders from Lewis. They struck June 1 and June 20. 1943. with 'the mines essnrji lo Increase production. >II«M Forbid Exports priorities to 4 •I. »]ntr,rlni.«i Into for vo tern MS Inslonct of othnr con«l ruction. 5. HeRUlfilc nnd, If necessary, forbid cxpoi't of Itnnhpr or other scarce 1 In government possession. Lewis ordered them to work "for the gov- . eminent" from June 32 to Oct. 31 1043, but they struck agiln Nov. 1. The government then seized the I Thc government seined the lines | building materials.' last Friday. Wynlt, and President The Office of Defense Tranr,- I orUillon. operating the rnllronds Flncc their seizure last Friday. hntt prepared orders Hint would halt thn .shipment of perishable Koocts. livestock nnd other Items thill noon tine Time could not he dollvcrcd bv tomorrow. 'Hie filrlkc dcart- s 1 p. in. Tx>cn I Stn nclard t-oinorrow'. fen Burdettc Seniors To Receive Diplomas Noble Gill. Ulyll'.eville Insurance iiKcnl. will present thc commence- i.ment address at IJuidellc High I School tomorrow night. 8 o'clock t when 10 .mniors receive thclr rii- Jefse Dunne the nnd sa trips for thclr businesses, essary. , Representing Felnbcrg Fashion H would not supersede Ihe UN |shop are Mrs. Philip Feinbcrg and , , .. , ri _. - . T-,,I-, food and agriculture. organiMliw Miss celestln Swank, who nrc spend-i lan Is Harold Thomas Taylor, which deals mostly wllh lout;- I tn g ,, v. C ck In Dallas, having gone Others graduating will be Willie cal soloist. Other boys In the room «erc tlie -wedding guests. Harry Frltzlus was thc chief magician in the "Magician Stunt" Cnttle: 3.CCO: salable 1.700; calves.' partment commander of American and others assisting wcr<- Martha 1.200. all salable: salable sunOly Legion, will be the speaker, j Trnylor. Donald Brooks, Bobby] nboul 30 ptr cent cows. Less iha.i '. Refrcshmrnts and special music- Koons arid Charles Phillips. ^ ' •" • directed by! HOES: 10.300: salable 5.500: 3.600 night. 7:30 o'clock, at thc Legion hrail in enrly. Mnrkct active: stcn- Hut in Osceola. dv. Barrows and gilts. SH.80: sows, All ex-scrvicc men and women and sings, 14.05: feeders. $15 to are invited to nltencl. I General Hcbor L. McAlisler. <1e- range planni Nor would II replace now thc United Nations Relief and Rehabililntion Administration. nut those agencies could send representatives to council meeting*. OPA Official one dozen loads of steers here, will be provided for all those who Market, about steady on all cln.ssf.^ attend. of cattle. Venlers. 2.SC lower; few loads choice steers. $16.85 lo $lf: cootl. S13.50 'o £16.50: medium, ill lo S15: too heifers. $17: best mix- I ed yearlings, early. S16.90: most Cotlon closed strong. N. O. Cotton July .. Oct. .. Dec. .. open . 27.98 28.03 27.37 27.6!) 27.82 high 28.23 2B.27 27.60 27.90 28.05 low 28.06 28.00 27.37 27.66 27.79 close 28.23 28.27 27.GO 27.89 28.05 Party games were Miss Alexii Williams, physical education Instructor. Participating In the games and attending the party were more than 100 students. The gymnasium was decorated in the school colors, maroon and i white. The refreshment tables were decorated with burning white can- Weather dies. good nnd choice natives and mixed I yearlings. S16.50 to 816,75: -few March mediums. S14 to H.50: (tood cows, $13 , May .IIP: beef cows, common and medium. $9.75 to «12.25: cnnners and cutters. $7 to $9.25: few, S9.50: beef bulls. S13.15 to S14: sausage bulls, $11.75 to 513: choice veaters. $17.25: medium to good. $12.75 to $16: cull (inrl common. S7 to $11; slnughtci steers. $11.25 to $17.50: slaughter _. __ _ ^,,_ heifers, S10.50 to $17.25: stockcr .ness snid somewhat warmer tonight; I Martin. Mrs. Harry Fritzius and Mothers assisting in serving were Mrs. R. -E. Van Hooser. Mrs. Jesse M. White, Mrs. Norman Parrish, Mrs. Tarman Taylor. Mrs. Rupert Crafton, Mrs. Howard Wilson, Mrs. R. P. Kirshner, Mrs. E, B. Gee. Mrs. c. E. Price, Mrs. J. L. Terrell, nKKANSAS—Increasing cloudl-. Mrs. George Shanks. Mrs. Sterling nnd feeder sU'f:Vi : ill).5(1 io $16.50.' occasional ruins Thursday Mrs. Kendall Berry. Lions Luncheon An analysis ol the OPA Extension Bill was given by Jack txm- don of Little Rock, representative of the OPA. yesterday at thi! regular luncheon meeting of thc Lions Club nt Hotel Noble. Mr. London told the group what It would mean to the public il the nine amendments were passed, and explained the amendments. Other guests Included GeorBr R. Dittrich of Little Rock, secretary of Arkansas Bottlers Association, and Chris F. Tompklns Jr.. home following his discharge from 1|1C Navy. by plnnc from Memphis. Mrs. Joe Issncs and Miss Jessie Stritc lefl Ibis morning for Mem- plus, from where, they will go :arlon McDonald. Belly Jo Lloyd .l.orenc Hall. Loretta King. Ruby Evelyn Willlnnis. Ruby Thornton. Jerry Scrape and Klwanda Hamilton. Truman pits again, but the miners continued their walkout for a week while Lewis negotiated a contract with' then Secretary of Interior Harold L. Tckes:, Fort Worth and Dallas to market for Joe Isaacs Inc '" f> program this afternoon, 36 Representing The Edythe ShoppM cf . gtllh Rrnricrs rcct>lvcc1 lhclr dl ' Is Miss Edilh George who, from |J" omBS Dallas, will go to various points | .of California. Army Seeking Recruits In Blythevillc Area Army recruiting was underway in BIythcvillc this week wllh Tech. Sergt. J. H. Slarncs here to assist men between nges of 17 and 34 years. Inclusive, who wish to Join this brunch of thc armed forces. Both white and Negro Men arc being accepted, he said. Mr. Starncs will bo at the post- office here until Friday noon. He •will go to Manila for the afternoon there, to assist those In Western Mississippi County who do not come to the temporary recruiting statlcn here. A special program of music will he presented tomorrow night and processionals and recesslonals will be played by Mrs. Eugene Teaforcl. Brownout Restrictions Lifted at Jonesboro JONKSBORO. Ark.. May 22. (UP) —"Brownout" restrictions In Jorics- boro have been lifted and ths downtown section again flares with light, The restriction, In effect since May 13 because of the coal strike, wns raised last midnight after 11 cnrloads of conl arrived here, making It possible for rationing of elcc- May culled the subsidy provision and a I ;iropc.snl for celling prices on old, :iomcs the heart of thclr houslns program for velenins. Both were removed from thc inl- nilnlstratlon bill by the house. Thc fc'cnale reslorcd the $600.000.000 originally requested for subsidies, but not the provision for celling prices on existing homes. The subsidy figure wns cut to $400.000,000 In a House-Senate conference on the conflicting versions of the bill. Wyatl's plans call for 800.000 prefabricated houses. 200,000 Ihls year nnd liOO.OCO In 1947. They would sell nt nn average factory price of $4.000 inch. Under the law. Wyatt can guar- fintce a market for as many of 200.000 of them al a time. The government would stand ready to buy. at up lo 90 per cent of delivery price, any prefabricated house Iho manufacturer could not sell elsewhere. Commencement Speaker Stresses Appreciation Of College Opportunities LAKELAND. FLA.. May 22. <UT —Tlie younger generation needs to know how things really are In thli world. Ihe commencement spcakc; »l Plorldn Southern College sain last night. Ellme E. Watson, consulting aft luary of Columbus, o.i declared thai college and university slit dents should be required to e ; Police Seek Custody Of Prisoner Bernard Spradley, 30. Dlythevlllf man who escaped May 13 fron thc Tennessee State Penltentter; and was captured late Monday Ir St. Louis on a tip furnished officers here, will be returned to Memphis. A suspect In the shooting of i Hlce officer In Memphis, he 'wll be questioned there before r* turned to Noshvllle. Patrolman P. E. Duffee, of M?ni_ uhLs. was wounded .'lightly when n bullet, believed to hiive beer fired by Spradley. struck his bell buckle during a liquor store holdup last Friday night. After leaving Memphis ant coming through Blylheville dprad ley wired Blythevillc relatives fr6h St. Ix^uls for money, which led U his arrest. He ajxt lwr> other convicts sawcc thclr way out of the prison when he has been fOr the past fou; years following conviction a Memphis on aT armed tobber; charge. ' .--••.- • Assistant Farm Agents Go Go Inspection Tour .\V. O. Haaelbaker. awlsUnt igrl cultural agent in Mississippi Court t/. !s on c tour of the state expert And to make them appreciate marriage, Wats<3n recommended that they nol be allowed to marry until they show knowledge of thc obligations «nd responsibilities • '£"£ "'^"ZL^t rtn« iv.^1, /.v.iM»n vneir worK,-w«ua nd»tt» 0 » ° due their children. Chicaao Rye 1 trlclty to b2 halted. July 539 V, 242 1 ' 148H 148': 148'£ 14«'i , 1 the state extension profrun carrto out at these station*. . The stations are.located M Mutt part. Marlmnn*. Hope *nd ville.

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