Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 6, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 6, 1896
Page 5
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Dunlap's ... . Celebrated Silk, Stiff and Soft. , ',-; • H- • ''•'-. Spring Styles "Nick'-' Ivory and His .Cornbina-, •> tion of Comedians. ••' • •" ! SPRING NECKWEAR,, SPRING OVERCOATS. PLAYED IN HARD Cleveland Took Another. From Baltimore—National League 1 ."' j DEWENTER, The Hatter and Furnisher. Tie Tucker & Sharpe Co. = Tailors Will Dissolve Partnership My First. "Nick" Ivory aii'd his 1 • comp;uiy"of. comedians from Anderson were at tliej ball park yesterday afternoon. So, too..' were the Ottos and about one hundred) a;ud llfty other people. "Niels" is i'liam-i piO'iiiug a liard-Iuck combination. ' His; men arc all ball players but they playcl' Iu the hardest kind of hard luck'yester- day,.and when the fireworks went. off. the whole lot of them had a han'd..iir scalilcring tin. 1 Jii'C. Eri'ors were thick as sparks at a Fourth of July eel tin tlori, and they all cnsbsomefihiiig. Alfont, the hill yomig gcutJenuin whii sandy hah- who put his feet In the box for "Nick" and his fellow Andersonians. was touched up 'frequently and hard, a. total of sixteen bases being .pounded out THe.se with nine error.?, tell i history. Fisher t.'iugli.t die. Ivoryites <a lesson to base stealing, catching thrca of them, off first and gotidlug 'them to the bench to meditate on the tricks of u south paw. Beside that, they tone-hod hi'in for but four singles and a ,r\vo-:ba.s- That Means a Reduction of Stock. The RetiriDg Partner Must Hue Cash, TO MAKE A LONG STORY; WE WILL MAKE SUITS TO ORDER IN THE LATEST STYLE, AND BEST WORKM MMSHIP, AND GUARANTEE THEM TO FIT, FOR THE FOLLOWING SPOT CASH PRICES. CHOICE OF OUR SPRING AND SUMMER SUITINGS $25.00 A full assortment of suitings bought to sell at $30 and $35 for . . $20.00 A Limited stock of the greatest bar= gains on earth for V . . . $15.00 We reserve the right to stop this sale within a week-as soon as the required amount of cash is realized. If you wait till tomorrow it maybe too late. The Tucker & Sharpe Co 315 Pearl Street. £01'. Follow!.!! OTTOS Lyen, 3b fi States, 21v G Hackett, 3b fi Bruton. ss (i Steralei'. ef ~> SUiivei-, If 4 Hunter, c. :', Bolan, vf 5 Fisher, p .' "i Tolnls 40 ANDERSON AB Duffy, ss ...'.-... .'4 Mains, rf 4 Dowd, 2b 3 Ivory, c ..'...'.. .3 Daily';' 3b '.3 Hcfferm.m 31) .. .3 McCartney, cf . ..3 Foland, If .'. 3 All'ont, p : .3 Is the score: AB II'-II PO 12 B 0 0 0 1 0 0 'o. 0 0 '•1 4 14 1 •> P, 0 -••o ' 1 A WILL SELL YOU A SPRING SUIT TODAY EOR LESS MONEY THAN ANY OTHER CLOTHIER IN LOQANSPORT. LINE COflPLETE. 3 n PO ; .A,. 0 2. .;&-. 1.-- -.O-vO-!-- 3 4 'l 0 G 0 Buy a Lougley Hat and be up to Date 426 Broadway. P; S; If you want a Tailor Made Suit don't forget my Irhe of the Celebrated Stein Block Clothing. 1 4" 27 32 Hodjeska Playing In Measure For neasure. 'Wasn't playing such an important part in .life as the tailor whose reputation depends upon taking your measure perfectly and fitting'your clothing perfectly -to .that measure. That's what HEEZ does in such an easy manner that your clothing ftts like a new skin, with only variations to make it accord with the ' very latest style. To keep Jn the swim you must keep in with BEBJ5. One of his suits is a passport Into swell society. 409 HARKET STREET. Totals 29 Eai'nod runs—Ottos 4; two-base hits— Stemler, Lyou, Duffy;.three : base'hjts— Lycu; passed ball—Ivory, Hunter; wili.1 pltcli—Alfont; base on balls—off Fisher 3, .off Alfont 5; struck out—by AlCo-nt 3; double play—Fisher to Haekett, Sta-tts to Haekett, Dowd to Duffy. Time of jiitme 1 hour, 45 minutes. Umpire .Tohnston. Attendance 100. . NOTE!?. Anderson plays again this afternoon. . ''Cleveland didn't do a tiling to lialii- mot'O'ycs.terdny. Con Roger.?, a pltclicr who has been with the Anderson, toani -until they, reached ClUs city, lias joined Kokonio. .Jimmy Stokiw, who lias been playing 1 good 'third base for tlie Ottos, lias .'Ignefl wilih the.Kokonio tuani. , ' Hunter Ciiusht a good s.l'mc.yeste'r- day. Ho dWiilt have a chance to sho\v_ them his "wing" on n throw-to .second. Fiisli'er caugh't them trying .to ger'back to nrst; ..''•-/ i flarry.Fiteeri.was in::ilio-city yesterday .to.spend;the day.- -••,-' ' Mrs/'ltari 'Swigart ' i/! the guest of friends' 'iit Adainsboro. ; Har,v«y.Cuip'Wettt to Kokomo yesterday, to accepts position. Aloniio Eliiiiiehart; was. here from Peru 'last' night on business. ; ^r^jj4,,^T.'-,BL-ake of Chicago is the j.'uest-'o!i.,iielat!ves in tWs city.. The --Rev. M. E. Campion spent Thursday at Peru with friend. 1 ?. '. .Vlr.«."'\Vni Myers aud-Miss Anna Hassett have retuiiicd from Kent.laud.. Ed Coolt lias returned to bis home at Pern after a visit of several days in.tlife city. ; ""••: ''": ' ; Maymc Longwei) will KO to JIarion L'oe a.lew . days .with face and trying to rouse cim. There the dog remained through the | bitter cold night. When morning'came he ran to the distant road, aud by hia frantic barks and cries induced a passer-by to enter the thicket^ The man, seeing only a cold, stiff body, supposed the soldier to be d«ad, and would .have hurried on; but_thc Corporal furiously clTove him back, and would not be silenced until he saw his master move and speak, when he crouched, dumb nnd contented, at his leet. . . WILL PUT A STOP TO IT, OLD FORT SUMTER. CLEVELAND MAJvES.IT GOOD.,,. Take!? the Second From Bnl-tiuioi'ujn 'Walk—Cincinnati and Boston L>ise;.. The Spiders made their .lead flood and stronjr yesterd-ay by dofoa.ting- tlie'Ori- olcs Hie second of the series. .If they can take tlio third there will be'^jro heading fchoni, 'as tlie last 'six games';-'!/)... the East will be wiith 'rhJJadeiplil'!i a.ri'd'-. Brooklyn. On June 15 the .."' Western clubs return -hoinc and play, eticb.other, Cleveland playing at Louisville.. Following are the 'scores of yesterday.'*. games: ' ... At. Baltimore— Cleveland - 10',' TO BE BEAUTIFUL And Remain So is Something, Quite an Art. How to preserve, restore and improve' beauty Is something very near'and dear to a woman's' .heart. With woman beauty Is next to Godliness,-not 'taking 'second place, to. cleanliness, for beaut y cannot bo'obtained without cleanliness, the one evidences'the other,;-especially as regards woman. .-.;. ' This can be obtained by using/Madam Strlnghntn's Imported .Face Bleach and Massage Cream. Those .suffering with cutaneous disorders can be positively cured with 1 these preparations, al?o . birthmark?, superfluous hair treated '.successfully. . . 4 . Catherine StriDgliain. DERMATOLOGIST. Agents wanted, to sell the above pro- vparatloLS. Subscribe for The Journal .' All sboes shlned ffec at Otto's. Geo.. Harrison has the finest, line of hammocks In the city. George Harrison handles Lnndretb't drst class garden, flower and 8eK5 Natural, gas bills for the mouth of J.une arc now due nnd payable, nt the company's office on PeaiTstreot. . •Police Captain Skelton will soon drive out iu a "bran. splinter" new- rig. "J?he walkhis te 1 too hot. work this, kind : of. weather. . ' ; "'-.•'. :•. '.Wanted-.— Furnished rooms • suitable' for. light housekeeping;, family of two. Or small house in Eastend. Address' O. 0, G., care The Journal. • Lost.— A Ion;; dark tan pocket book containing uotes and personal papers. Fiuder return to R. E. Overman corner c-f Tlilrd and Broadway and receive reward. .. - ."'.••'.. If the armies of Europe should march at a.u eight-mJle'.caIt, five abreast, fifteen .inches' apart, it would require nine and ooe-'hnlf. days for .them ;to pass a jjlyen point. _ ' At rhlladelphla— Pitrsbui'g S. dolphin 0. .- -, ' '•'. - ". At Boston— Cliicago 10, Bostcn.li,". V At Brooklyn— Cincinnati 1, Brooklyn 30. " ,..".' -/•• •'-- . At New York— St. . T^ouls .3, ' New York 7. " ' • •-•'•'.. 'At WashiiiKton— Tx>uisvJlle..7, 'NV-asl 1 .- injrtoii M. • ' ' ' \ ' . STANDING OF THE CLIJBS, ,,,T. T. Kaufman, a business man of Pcrq,-E.c.tiirn«l"lionie yesterday after a sb o r.^- vis i t .'/Were;', b;.MV. Olid ^Irs. O. B. I.ougwoll and Miss Mabel Grant-went .(o.Colnmbia yester- (lay-to spend a.h>w-weeks; Mr. and Mr.s>.E. *3i. -Howard of the- Eastern! are entertaining (heir dauglHor, Mrs, C. Stewart of Kokonio.- '.Tie Rev. I-I. Atwood P,cj:clval I'Cttu'us today .from Saraito'ga. where he all'eud- 'ert'/thc Prosbyt'crian Assembly. . P.crii- .Ohroiiicle': .Fred '.Mnrdock and Robert-Nelson of Lognnsport, were In the city last ni-.slit visiting Bob Turpcn.- ^iillff.s 'Marie, Weniton returned Vcs-ter- (fej; to her r .h,We. a't . Graud Ilapids, < ; jVBeh., af.fer.ufl siibrt. visit wli.b Mls,s Itjilsy Williams.;; •• V-^.: : - . 7^',Winam.'i'ri-P'em:-l;ourhal:' Mr..and Mrs. }['jl :( Sul'to5;'".;rohnX>,!Miill:i, Lewis Hud- ilieston'»5:linm'^''Sit( :i ls! i and Masicr. Gerald iii^port. Wednesday. ^'KaulT.m'aji returned ., :''':J01iio. yesterday. Thlo Important Fortification to De Put In Fighting. Trim. It is 11 jcmnrkabic coincidence that Fort Sumter, the first fortification to •figure in the late war, is jow the first point of defense to yet ready'to resist foreign invasion, says the Illustrated American. Even if there should be no occasion for conflict, it is contended that Port Simiter should be restored to its normal condition and maintained with the same czrs and fidelity that is employ-id upon the fortifications in Jiew York harbor. • Time has mads but little impression upon its stout, walls, but- the elements have played havoc with portions of the interior. The ojilycnrotakoi'oftbe his- Officers After the Gang of Boys Who Annoy Citizens. Residents- of: the Easteiid ha.vo boec annoyed for some time by a gaugjot boys whooping and halloing arouaxl, trampling over la.wus and flower beds, and steaJpg flowere. Patrolma-n. Baker and Cant, Skellon chased .1 number ofv.Uie la<Js last evening all overMbe 'Easteud and. Patrolman Baker sueceed- ed in catclu'ng one of them, -a'boy; nn'med Gallagher, who was put in jaiL Affidavits arc out for a number of otb- ere and arrests will follow today. The officers are detcraiiued to break up these san^s of boys from congregating on the streets at. Jnle.hours of the ulghi njid the offcndere will be dealt with. • ' Charles ,T. Hild«brai»lt tJie Twelfth st.i-eot cigar mauufactiu'er. met with-rEi painful nccidcnt Timrsday evening. While driving nci'OK* Hie Market sln-cet bridge h.is horee-:suddenly began kick* iiigsnd landed a hard rap ou his nnkle. toric old fortress for many years h"x j The bruise, is very painful aud win keep him lame for some time. Do rand, the man- who undertook-to hang from a gallows for thirteen days ,io a Paris cafe, has completed his performance. He was let down for thlrry- sevc-u hours, i.n all.wbile it.lasted, but 1 I-slept! while hanging. He n<ny proposes to allow himself.to be buried for alonjr period. • ' . . been au orclnnnce sergeant. .But,all of this'is to- be changed. Therearc about..TT.^OCO available for the fortifisations in Chnrlcstou harbor, and the si-srctary of war is willing- (b.nt 1hu t^onry shcuhl be expended upon Fort Smr.'er ard a lni:d battery on Sullivan's island in ihe sp.me. bai-bov. 'vFiiere''n'e'atf«fificd the-conimc'ncomont ,, College.. The .conferred upon the 'Rev.,Mr. Clubs Clevelaufl .. Baltimore . . Cincinnati ;. Philadelphia Bcslou .'.-... Brooklyn '. ; ; AVa.shingion rittsburg .'... Chicago-'.'.'.'. New York .. St. Louis Louisville .., Won . .23 . .23 :.2o .-.: 9 ..1S-' ..20' ..IS .11 . n Lost rer'Ct. 12 - ' ' .0." J5-"--. :C2.j "10 io 10 .10 •10 29 31 .coy .000 .580 .033 Kauffrnan. '.f*W^£ - OF A DOG. Motihers will find- Chamberlain's Cough- Remedy especially, valuable : 'fo'i) croup aiud whooptag coushi'It;, will: give prompt'relief and Is 'safe aiid.plens-- ant We have sold i t for several • y ears and .I't.lias never faiJed to give the most 'perfect 'satisfaction.""G. v W/'. Duques.no, Pa. ,,SoId by B..F: ;drugstet. ".-! S«i<0(i J 'f.be hlfo:of; a Seriously-Wounded W ' ,,l. ,. '.-<•;• "'-UiRcof. •• '.'Mrs,j.,k'?sio v Ctntoii. 'Fremont, in her story '•p'r "Tli.cTCu'iird," u body of young- men ..who' followed: i"T'hc". Pathfinder" into t'he.'civiX.\v;ir.uud- mudc a brilliant record- for their cpuhig-q-aird gallantry, lolls .a'-lfJiii h^yp^'s't'ory oi a dninb beast • wK'o 'al.-.o- \\';fe l 'l6yuT Lnd .'courageous: • . 'Wh.ilelhC'giiO'itl'—n body.'ot' cavalry — •Dili's d.rilling'om- cluy 'near S'U L'oxiis, a little: fq.x-tf-'rnVr'jollowt'd' cnf of tljc- tnun',. :J^err ; \Visa', -'a- fluiigiirian 'ailicor,' going-'.. with hini i to.c!ii:i; i i.'"rie cou-ld 'not ' b«'v'"-.l ri von :.\vay. ' '/ " _,'.'},'; • 1. Jllhe. -nii'-n irj'l .niailv H 'f:jfioi' liini.-and "-t : lii'.{'Oi-.po\;ii/i"'bi.ii. thoug'h O'riic'jn.-alh ho. made the fioldi«r-.ih.i» cooipanion a-nd- ' REVOLUTION IN CpXE MAKING. New Sy.Htrm to [Jo Tried on a Lur^c Scale ftt MclicOHport. The conwnct has. been let for the erection of the largest by—product colii.' plant in .Hie Cnitpd Stntes, to be locate;! :it .\fcKccsport. ndjoining the National tube works. Tlie capital to be ir.vcsttd \vill be about- $1,000,01)0, which is being- 'fi'irnis'necl by the Union Gas company r.f Philadelphia. Forty .acres of ground hnve been lonscd near the tube works;- ijivolviiip- the tearing 1 down cf more th.i-a ICO dwelling's. It is intended'to crcct-l:?0 Otto-Hoffman by-prcr]uct<;ol<-3 ovens on this property. The advantage ot these ovens vv-ill be appreciated \vhi-n it is stated that the coke costs practically not'iiiifT. KJJ the money rcnde iu. the saving of the by-prpdflots \vill pay for the burning- of the coke. It is c.sti-.. mated that 'the waste of gas.-Voiic in the old becrhive ovens is "I -per cent, greater'than the. gas consumption of' the .whole United States. Bac-ou—I see they've put a sounding- board back of the minister's , pulpit. What do you suppose that is for? Ejr- bert—Why, it is to throw o-ut tho sound. ,''Gracious! if you throw out (lie sounid - l.li«-ft wouldn't be anything left in .tec- sifrmon!' 1 —Yonkers SUitesman. 'Tliere is no part of tlie world which-.• fins, suc'i a black record for •wrecks'sas the uarrow Baltic se.-is. Tiie. number in sonic yeai-s b:is averaged more t'lma one .. a day. .the greatest number of'wrecks recorded iivoiio year being ^2H, and the smallest 354. : •by'"(y»y';' • '• .. • n:iule : ''fheir raemor- tih'atg'c 1 tit •ifipringrthi'Jd, Mo., the Co.vpornl C'lia'rged;: with;'.llicm, vbe'slclu liis ,master's .'the 'ilmttli'i'/'Iler'r* \\jj.sa wns.-. ..wounded, and f i>il, fi p|iare'ut,ly'.deadj;,in a^ thicket. . Tha k cpr'p'f0s>vtp;t; 'ijijst; Ijis-.liprs'e -'-..fl'eil,. .wi!dvKJthierrpr,|biit.thelittle.Corpora.l jic'stiexl ••'elase-'-.fiteaifl? '•' him; 1 ' 1 ' licking .. his, IJis Collar Exploded. William, f't'iijomiri, a. br;:.kcr.ian on tlie Eric r:iilro.id: i 'caup:ht/ a spark on tbe back of bis celluloid collar. Tbe collar, tool; firc.ar.d exploded with a loiul report'. 1 . l'cn-j:iinin scixed <he collar vi'it-h-. lioth,hands ;u:d tore it from bis jicck... iro'wns burned severely on'-fihe face, 'urck ciiid lir.nds. ' , . Awarded Honors—World's Fail. -There is .so grea-t a dearth of young" women in tbe uortbxvc.stern provinces of Gaiwidii-lbiit mnny-yoiin{r^ien ; tJierp find it impossible to pet married. A.Diamond In Su.7:ir. 'A procer in Cliaplii!. Ky.. last week found n cli:nnO7id -v, ; orth $70 in-n bnrr^J. &• ^ • . • . , • • -. • :' ' . ' .-The 1 arg-tf st win e cask i s i n .the' Pa'ris establishj««nt, ca,lled the./'Halle aux' MADE; T:i:t-r Pov.-dcr. Amv»'pn;a. Ai\:''i or -ity other ad

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