The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 23, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 23, 1947
Page 12
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PAGE.'TWELVE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, APRIL 23, 1047 Rival Programs Confuse Farmer ; National Farm Bureau Head Asks Congress to Wipe Out Duplication WASHINGTON, April 23. (UP)— • Edward A. O'Neal, president of the * . American Farm Bureau Federation, " yesterday iirgiM Congress to wipe < out "duplication ruicl overlarjiiiny" " in the overnmcnt farm program to • put it on a more efficient basis. - ^ O'Nenl testifies before Uie House * Agriculture Committee OH the need ' f for n general overhaul of the Fed- ernl Farm Program. He said one of the farmer's biggest headaches is ris'nl federal agencies with con- ; fllcting programs. • ; "It is confusing to farmers to • have so ninny apeucies \*'Hh ciu- ^ poyes contacting him and advising - hifn now to carry on his farmins: • .operations or how to participate ill ' • tills or that program." ho said. " O'Neal, who sakl he spoke for • 1,128,000 farm families in 4ft stales. " said he believed channeling nil fann programs throuh the Kxten- '. sion Service would k'ral to l:\rze savings and great progress in .soil • conservation and efficient land use. 'All My Sons' Named Best Play of Season by Critics 'NEW YORK, April 23. (UPl — "All my sons," the Arthur Miller .play about post-war adjustment, has been selected by the New York Drama Critics Circle ns the TTcnt play of the 1940-1947 season. ' telephone Strike Seems Fun—for Some •Allhough most poopln don't roe anything funny in I ho telephone workers* strike 1 , it nffords nmusc- incnt to Lit Icnsl some of (hi? strikers on the pifket lines. At Icl't, above, a picket ii\ oid-fashioncci 'costume, victinc in a b;iby Iniggy, reijroyonts Milv/aukee, Wis., strikers* conception of "Poor Ma Bell." \V\\\\ dark ^hifsc?, caries ami n tin cup, Uvo women pickets, right, liip -itlonK in front o[ Toledo, Ohio,' ikll biiiklmglo dramatize union's dc-mand for bigger pensions./,, Cometh" was LI close second in yesterday's balloting. "All my son:;" -,v;\s t-ilcrl "h lioriant theme: because of the hon- | i-.siy of the writing HJKI (he cumulative iio'A'er of the scenes, ana .of the frank nml imrainpromlsm;: because it reveals a genuine Eugene O'Neill's "The Komau | presentation of :i liniciy and iiu-' Minct for the theatre re in an &y Copyright by Gwcn Davenport; Dls-lributetl by NEA SERVICu, IMC. TUB -STOItTl ATEpT- n llfo- lini- <»f il;(//.liiiir (In- imi-li!, iho bunk IT, *lic- luul Itictl i-umfnr i- ti h 1 y 11 ii 11n- 11} 11 >• ra until \ Ii K v:ir. In lior iiarly :i r i- \ it tnrl:i Jrnkhix, her srraml - il:m v'< l<-r; >larc»-l IVrrnult* on rUcrl y Krt-m-hniMii \ilio is Ti.-r ixirlrnit T»:ilntt-r. and Sir CharEcH M;n!- tlc.i, Ji«>r hntlt-r. Nciphfc ha* limit IK llio ulil IV.-ilmcl v lionxc In :n rs' hi Shi- in u: titorvj'o\v to n efoscv I do nut bo- ic*ve the pn folio rc:il!y v;;i:;ts to ;nc)\v \vh"it its idols t.'iit on i.Mok'<; ' lijiht out. Next thliv; you'll a:'k mo if I hnokcxl vi!?;; I'^v/rrn arts t' 'Ln D'jmc Jinx L';it:U'!i:i:;.' \Yrll, did not. I have mivcv hn^i:i:d a | nuj in my lite. Mir-s i-'l.ihcTly. I.'cu- I ! t .*•*•<• pis. \Vliihr ln-ins: intrr- * ^i.Mir.l 1<v ;i l..i-:il 1,1^1,-srh<iol . cirl a nil iMi.sIuu: for M:in-<-l ut flu- sEtuif linn-, sin- li :l p;i,MiK V> * ft C X • !«i T-riHE, 11 said the artist, "you ^ liavc promised you don't I all: about him. 1 cannot paint ii I am even hear his name." "Delete th:U reference. Miss Ilnherty/' ordered Sir Charles, There's no use giving him any free publicity." "Ah, poor Godfrey!" cried Sophie, /.very, much -upset. She stretched* out both hrmds in a gesUtfc of pleading. "What —or v;hat harm—could the publicity do him when IK:':; shut av.-ay in a home for o!d actors".' You t\vo have no right lo t; so about him. He \vns woll-knov.-n in his dfiy, Miss Flaherty, a grent actor—" "Never!" cried Mnrecl. "Onl> love-makes you call him nn nctor.' "Handsome, 1 grant yon." Sir Chancs put in. ''Call him clotheshorse, a competent leading man, perhajjs, in ccirtniu too- exacting part5. But a great actoi "Godfrey I.Tambridnc," s n i < Marcel, and then t in n fury o: .frustration and jealousy he broke Ills brush across his i;nee -and « flung the pieces to the floor. "Faugh!' 1 he cried, "That for Godfrey Man^bridStJ! You promised | it is like this. Always one not to mention him." | yc:.v to finish a "You've? iUA'.iin^ chx 1 lo d'','' S<iplii;> bi:'v;n :i dr:iin:it;c pncinj* nf tho i:i.:'ty flmu 1 . lic-v heavy ^o\vti •:cr;i|)in:, f nnt^ r.wishin-.t belitiui her. She \\eni. from tho v, indow lo thci tit)i>r and buck btifori.' she paused ami fared Ihc iwo men. "My deiirs—" She looked from one lo tho other v.-Jth lender emotion. "Wc'vu b^on happy, haven't we? That if, I've tried to make you all happy, I- 1 '.'IK ut yuu atul Vic-loL-ia." Slid siwepL across the Hoar in a (lill'ri'cnt tiJi er ti»ji, leaving EI clean ]jath a*-ro:;s tlie diirU \vluch Mart-cl V'' 1 -" *" "\" '" ,,,, -T refused J'i h;ivo ciislut btxi. "When M."" 1 ^ n ,,°/ !lhnn ~" nn , tl :..:, :: ; ! ! d Mr. Honili.,iin (lied." she v.-eut on, "I fimnd invst-K a \vry rich woman. H . L :iH'inr(l only ri.yh( to share my r;oovl foi'lune \v\\i\ my dear nui's who -A-ci'cn't as luekv. That's UUP n-a^-nn I hmiLrht this house." "V.'hat are yut lending up lo?" itTT/IIAT T really vantrn," nrad IL!':IO. "\v;if; a Inuniin-iiili'Vi-Kl story. Von have no family, Madame? Mr. Hi-rnhcirn is d'j;ul, yuu =:»••;•• , « "Yos f and my tfranddauttMcr \vlir> lives \^i!li me is u\\ cn'iihan, have no other family/' iiTore rlvii itabU? 1'out the (;rjuujdjuj;li(oi <1 s licauti- ul lcs;s and yL'I'.i.r.v rlior:'. "Thai's n(ero5 ; li;'iy. Thai's Ji'imau irtti'rcst. Vtul—IftV. src—" Kho t'nni-iiUcd .cr notes. "What are your fuvurilo X'CipesV" "Hei-iiu^?" paid Sophie. "Yon kn(i\v, \vav_s to fix food. riint's what our readers want." Sophie vore to her kvt ann lri;ui«l by the C;cdfn.-y Man:;- on iucunred Sir Cluirte;;. Sho took the plunge. "Well. GudL'rev is comuiy to share it v.-ilh us." "You joke!" paid Mnrecl. "Apparently," raid Sir Charles dryiy, "ynu no longer \'.'isb to ir.ako us liappy." "V,'h\ r 'Oi'nildn'l wo all be happy t,;»},vi!u'L''.'" L'rJed Sophie. "i'.ut yrut (uvc him nnthinn- ^o" : : ;;id Marcul tieatedly. "What it. 1 ever do for you?" "l.Kvi.! Iiim iir'tliiiiL;!" she OK- i - 1; i i m u 11. " V' \iy, in a sense T owe him uvirythintf. Jlis whole life w.i!; mine/' Sir Cl'.aik 1 ^ sat cibrtintly on the sU-nl Kl:;!tj had sa Vjrjeliy ureupiccl, ;-in!:in^ d;>\vn as if he iu:ocled sup- pnri. "Ii'.xaclly," he said. "His life wns ytuirs. Hi:; suc<:t^;.s \van Uuy'U lie (li.r.ipi D Lilted, M;.;Uinio, duo iu yuu. From Ihe moment but Til du thu bLvsl I can." ' (lu* van Kyck and MaiiHlx idj.;e She tnul; nor departuro, v.ilh 1<Mrn bioko up, \vhero did he ever ri]ipvopt'Jtuo f;:fL",'. r i-ll.-i anii prom- s;ct by iiim:-elf? Hevivab: and isL's o£ a cupy (.if tlit: Lirticl 1 .'. nn:d f'unpauios!" * * „ "Tiuit's; ju::l it," Snphirr plenried. TT/HEN Sir ChavU--: Marled lo ^n'ill-.-j^mi.' ^1 shouU^navJ'stHyed follov.- Miss Flal.vr:y, Si)]^iie j w ith him. Yes. I should have, detained him. "i>ii\'t lr;.vi:, iiir I i-calt'c<l ;ny n':~j;nn-:ibil]tv to him Charles. "\Vo mui't li:ive a triM:. 1 , ) ( , n !' ;i!' ( > Kvi-u'wlii'n he* no lonv^- want to see both you ;.r.d :,;:ir-| lT " W :n:to<l me. . . ." Slu: allowed her voice to tvnil oil" on this 'hoii"lit, but it. \vns aiiflible to the liyenl and thoiiKlitful playwright." The average slxe tractnr require^ nljouL 52 pounds of structural steel. Read Courier News Want Ads. For Limited Time 4% 1,OANS ON FARM LANDS On medium sl/c ami larjrc trucls. N'o extnis. I'tlll rfiKiyniL-nt privi- V-ge. si:i: i;s FOK QUICK SERVICE ON FKA LOANS For UuiUIIng or ltcpairlnj, r . Also Auto Truck and Tractor Loans. UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY Over flnurd's ,Je\vclry Store Iltvtheville, Art. "YOU SRfAkT A CAf? IN BY TAKING ITOUT/'ftys A. WHITE, , A/etv rt>f-6. CAN WALK ON THE BOTTOM OF A STREAM, BREATHING THROUGH ITS TRUNK THAT PROTR'JDES LIKE A PERISCOPE ABOVE 7HEI SURFACE.. COPH, 1547 BY KEA SERVICE. IfJC. *^—i^ THE /WALE HORSEFLY LIVES ON NECTAR AMD TREE SAP. NKXT: When do most meteorites strike the earth? FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H, Webb Hwy 61 at Slate Line 1'lione Hlvtlicville 714 Let Us He!;) You— STOP DRINKING There is no medical remedy for drink . . . put we can help you resist Jts influence! No cost to you —only co-operation. JUST CONTACT Alcoholics Anonymous liox R73—Klyllicvlllc, Ark. "I knew we'd be cried Tihircol, .en, who exchanged a clc- (To 1'C ConltnucclV INSURE With the FIRST INSURANCE AGENCY 10S North Scconi! DIAL 2311 For Complete Protection CHAS. ni'ITNER corn. 1^17 EY srA SERVICE. i^c. -. M. PEC. u. s. TAT. orr. Lawnmowers . . . Expertly sharpened and repaired. We pick up and deliver. Immediate service and all work guaranteed. Phone 2192 , 215 N. 2nd F. L Wicker Machine Shop Yes, We Have New Cars Arriving Every Week— * Pontiacs * Fords * Chevrolet's * Plymouths and others Place your order Now for Immediate Delivery j We Pay Top Dollar for Clean Lale Model Cars "W BUD WILSON AUTO SALES Phone 2037 Cor. Franklin and Main St. "That's a woman for you—she's just been fighting tootli and nail vvith Johnny, and now her voice drips maple svrim!" Arkansas ^CD~TICICr> Planting State L,tKllrltU Seed Grade'A'D. & P. L No. 14 Cleaned Treated New Sacks Purity 99.5 Germination 85% LIMITED f-jOA PER SUPPLY v'OU TON Also Ogdcn and Royal Soy Beans $4.50 EARL MAGERS Phone 635 Dell, WASH TURBP Aim! A Hypnotist! BY LESLIE TtJRNEB Our Boarding House with Maj. HoopSeOut Our Way EGAD, ACE.'SQUARE A STAUNC;!.M\ NOU'RE LUC^V A^VJOK.' rv& tlSHTHOUSE ON ASTORNWSE^nf P>Ef,v4TEW:aEK.'-5 pC-T SlMCS I. ^r UfA.' iNE LEFT CAY KiEST « &WOR6 OFF TW STARCH FOR A_SPELL WHH.6 A SLISWT H 8EFOR6 EASTCR.'—. BETTV* SPEMOS ITS FDRC».' /{ ItvJ BED KJO\W — WVlEtJ Sl\E- EcS VOli H£RE FOR SKEAU- FASl V-'t'LL 6ET > A FULLER 1 t»rx5^ & V'K ByJ.R. WiiUarns e OF PE, CWER. ^'OU AMD MRS. X IS IT SAPE To E \Vii &^VV VOLl \ ^OM.NJO,NOT FORM IM HERE— \ '^. \ TOURIST* — S THIS A£- F.-XR \ ''• I / JUSTUS.' ( \Vii &^VV VOL1 TUKM ISTM ., .. AS WE CAM GO I THIS WAV IM / - A CAR ? ^ •?,:0.^ (1 , T \ -- \ .' I \.VG HAVfi TO \ TACK IT FROM I HERE OM y MULES.' f THE LOCUST'S HS LM5EED FOETUMS.TE THW «U WEKE ASUEST HERE TOMIGHT, W\S5 KEIMSLEi WE ESAMINEP ^ f I ALSO NOTICED THATVOU THE LETTERS AMD AH! WE'RE HEfcE FOR SOttETHIMS WHICH WE TO WKITE IN WUE t>lft,C.V INTEND TO GET, SWEETHEWZ.T! P^O VOU'EE SOING SK.TSK: THW WILL NEVER DO! TO HELP US... BS WEJTIMg THAT PAGE DIAEV! BUT FIE.ST, VOU'EE GOIN6 TO SLEEP. YOU'BE TIRED...SO..,VERS.,.V6RV....TIRED— TIED RYDKR Handy Jhin BY FLINT 'flint's Ho AIL THIS FUNNV STUFF ABOUt TACKY THOMAS KNOCKING PARROT? WHY ARE i ii;u5Sf D HIM a?. EUT l;,CXV HAD BKOUStil HIV, DOWN'. liY RUCHAKI, O'MAl.I.KY and KAU'M I.ANE ' HE SRVEO MV X LIFE. PARROt WAS N, WftKtNG ME SMOKE ONE OF HEES FOI5OHEO CIG-'~ RETS VJHEN STRUCK HIM WITH , THE BAT. '' MftYBE IF \ •f.CKY WAS AWAKE t-tiO COUID1E1L . HI50WN STORY, \ II WOULD MAKI SENSE/ONE AT A TIME NOW, i\ANDTAXE IT fe^ ' ^'fe RELIEVED TOUl. IrtAT HE WAS FOR 3 OK! THIS 1AKEA.IOTOFNCRRY ABOUT Lmi£ BEiWt OFF THE D^CriESS'S >Yliat's This One? V . NOW yotfvs CAUGHT you BREATH. LETS GET >S C.«»N\A5 TH ALL HANDS T-TAMT.IN BOOTS AND HER - JLCC. ». S, I KNOW lj| iv^HtD,,, r^T~ T~'—-vl V ' . -''4 n - "'> i A r '•'•? m 'i^.\Q^ s£^^ COPfl- 1.W BY f^A ^fRVICE, l*tC.

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