The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 28, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 28, 1934
Page 3
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SATURDAY, 'APRIL 28, 1034 BLTTHEV1LL* OBEJ OOUUEB RIWI FACE THRO TO/V%OBII_E PAGE Mews and Motes for the ftiotorists DODGE "HOG" EATS IRON Will Dominalc Chicago Skyline at 1934 World Expedition CHICAGO—The Chicago skyline will .soon be dominated by llic v:nr|[|'s lai' electric sign. Built for Clievrolrl Motor Com- IMiiy by Ki'defal EkTti'ic ComiKuiv. iliis mammoth display is neaiiy finished ami nwaits only final ar- iiiiigcmems of filling o|XM]ii:[; ccr- i-moiilrs. The display is located at north mill of Giant 1'ark. 0:1 the air riijliL-: of die Michigan Central railroad. II .spans two driveways £ind six railroad trnpks. nnii is said 10 be the only oleclric sign in Hie v/orld to be built on Hie air viuht.- of a railroad comtxiny. Plainly visible from a distance ol .six miles en land, u:id by vessels marc limn 10 mile. 1 ; out in l>nke Michigan, flashing lights of the .sign will fall upon the "Century of Progress" exposition grounds, two miles aivay. The steel structure, which contains 330 tons of fabriratfd struc- lurnl steel, rises 275 feet from Ihc ground level and is 153 feet wide. The distance from the ground to the bottom of the display proper is 122 feel. The display itself i; 153 feet Ions by H8 feet high. It will be illuminated with 17,'240 lamps and 1.100 feet of neon tubing. Wiring ol this display consumed more than 22 miles of insulated cable and the display itself weighs approximately 150.000 pounds. Approximately 15,000square leel of ixjrcelain enameled steel uas ii-sed on the face of the sign Eleven colors of porcelain enam- flrd steel \vcre used. Letters in the word "Chevrolet' arc 14 feet high. Letiers in the moving molograph sigi ire 13 fei'l high. The revolving circle of the sign is 100 feet in ilinmctcr. It is particularly fitting that on llic world's largest electrical sign should be mounted the world's largest electric clonk. The clock is 40 feet square while the minute hand Is 27 feet long and the hour hand 20 feet long. The hands weigh 1.000 pounds each despite the fact that they arc constructed entirely of cast'aluminum and du-] raltunin. The eross-srciion of the hands was made oval similar to the constnictl'dri of the wings of nil airplane—and for the same rrasoii—to lessen wind resistance L«ft — Nothing is wasted in the automobile plants of Dodge Brothers Corporation. Tcr instance, mechine chips, hundreds cf tons, are cohec'.ejJ in bins for interesting trea'.mc" . V.: .'..ino chips are the 1 jav/s of a E .ouie Meyer Drives to Victory iu Targo Florio Hill Event l.OS ANGELES, Calif.—Loul* Meyer, fnmous race driver, pushed !i T'ord V-8 stock cur to victory here last Sunday In llir famous liO-mllc TnrijO Florio Hill Road Hac| at the American 1/rglou Ascot Siieedway in the rcnmrkuble time of 2 hours, 56 minutes, 33.4 seconds, averaging 51.33 miles per hour. The Targo Florio Hill course I considered one of the most dilfl cult in America. The circuit of 1.38 miles Is tilled with curves. A lough 22 per cent up-gniile In the back stretch suddenly swerves Into it winding 25 per cent descerv wllli sharp turns coming Into tlu. grandstand stretch. The track was In excellent condition. A clear da> brought out a- crowd ol 35.0oi which filled Die main grandstand anil two bleachers, Ted Horn and Al Gordon, othe: vcll-lciiown Coast pilots, both riving Fords, took second an hird places respectively. Although ars of four other makes quall or the race, Ford drivers won th irsl ten places In the event. Al xcept one of these mude only'on top at tlie pits for gns, oil an later. Engineers who examine he winning cars after the rac ..aid (hey were In excellent me 'honical condition despite th Brucllng grind. The "hog," pictured above,dry-squeezes the chips into the form of smooth cylindrical biscuits which go to the • foundry cupolas for Temelting. Ford Body Proves-Strength Oldsmobile Plant Now Running Day and Night LANSING. Mich.—The Oldsmobile plant at Lansing is now running dny and night with two shift-; in oi>eralion. With the addition ol | the extra shift, employment hnsj now reached a new all time high.' even exceeding the peak in 1920. Oldsmobile production for the month of Apri! 4-ill be more than three times as large ;is it was Insl year. Oilcials also report (hat even greater production is scheduled for May and June, which will eslab- li.sli new records at the Oldsmo- j bik' factory. Woule Change Civclit System (Continued (ro:n Page 1) vnlue of goods produced, mid, aklng the power to Issue money lid credit from private hands, Is- uc national crc-dll directly lo con- umera In proportion lo the amount f goods produced, which Is tlie eal wealth of any community. This Implies establishment ol u ust, Prlcn Buyers, o n Inking heir credits (In (he form ol o new <lnd of money) to a store, would pay for goods a Just Price, which would be below uppnrcm fhinnelal ost, but at u Iruo cost fixed by u calculation ot the percentage by which production exceeds consumption. You might think retailers would ose by such a "consumer ills- count," bul no. The seller turns n an accounting of his "loss," nnd s reimbursed from a Nutlonnl Credit Account. Thus production and consumption are balanced, everyone shares ri the "national dividend" or consumer power, and the problem of the world today Is solved without confiscation, expropriation, nationalizing of banks, class war, or political revolution. Hanked Great Economljt Major Douglas Is n Scot, 55 married, a stocky, ruddy, well- groomed, English squire type. ' He was an engineer rather tlmn an economist, and was with Westinghouse in India prior to the war. At that time he returned to England and became assistant su- erlntenctent of a royal Hircraft ictory. He was Impressed by the dea that England emerged from war "poor," nnd having scon er productive plant Increase greal- ,' during the war years, tell that lie was really "richer" limn be- Goodyear Official Says Tire Making Keeps Step With Car Improvements Particularly Notable Improvement in Truck Business Reported DCTROIT, Mich., April 28. — Dodge sales statistics continue to be Interesting Illustrations of the id strides with which the au- business is regaining yielded during depression ' A comparative tabulation Issued [with Illuminating comments, by A :van DerZee, general sales manager |of Dodge Brothers Corporation and dealing with the number of pj enger cars and trucks delivered Dodge dealers during the first sixteen weeks of 1934 nnd of • 1933 Open State Line Station North of Leachville Joynpr and Bonifieid. local Texaco agents, have announced the opening of a new service station loraled on Highway 77 north ol Ix-achville near the Arkansas-Missouri slate line. The station, known as the Siale Line Service St.-Uion. is on the Arkansas Eidc within the 300 fool zone, which under the state law permits it lo soil gasoline at Ilir .'am? tax rate charged in Missouri. The building is of stucco and was erected at a cast of Sl.OOO. It was opened this wrck and is in charge of Honry Hauls, who Is well known ns a service .station man In I his section, where he has had several years excellence. The station will handle a complete line of the Texaro products and will cater rspcrally to tlx> irad eof Arkansas residents who wish to enjoy the lower Missouri Inx r.-ite. yet who prefer (o keep the gasoline tax i,, Arkansas. Announces Delivery of Four Studebakers A number of n-w cars have been delivered recently by the J. c Ap- plcby Molor company including Fliidobnkrr Dict.ilor si-dans to Mrs O. W. Crossed of Oscco!n. Mrs A L. Wcl>b of Osccola. W. L. Hughe.; and Louie Hardin. A new Tcrraplane coach was al;o delivered by Mr. Ap;>loby to P. K. Long of Manila. ralicnt Rwlc \vilh Drirrr liELLAIHE, O. i UP) _ y an . rhahnl aftrr he was dug out of a rsnnrfall In Gaylord mine here. Ruben Marline, a miner, insisted on riding with the driver of trie ambulance which was ttikine him to n hospital. When physicians at the hospilal found no Injuries Marling rode merrily home by trolley. which F. Tudor sedan body supports a fully equipped dc luxe Fordor sedan together with a platform. The weight of the .sedan is 2599 pounds and the platform 450 or a total of 304Q -pounds supported l>y the Tudor body. The strength of the Ford all-steel body and the resultant protcc- oflercd Us passengers is indicated in this slrong act in Knows His Oats: Defies Gas Strike AKRON. O.—There has recently thrust upon the automobile ' tire due to the development of cars B. Darrow, Development, Manager tor the Goodyear Tire % Rubber Company. • . 'It has been cited, that because • of the higher power-to-weight ratio of automobiles, the acceleration and speed have added .to the duties of the tire. Furthermore, the abrasive qualities of the roads, particularly in' certain sections of the country, have greatly increased the rate of tread wear. "I wish to state that the observations of our company bear out all that has been said on this matter. In fact, If anything the case has been put rather mildly because It is certain that not only have cars been improved materially from a performance standpoint, but it is also true that much of this Increased performance has I been secured directly at the expense or added tire wear. "We are fully aware that If the automobile tire is to keep its place in the vanguard of the procession, tt will be necessary to progress along with the other developments of the automobile While at this time It is not possible to state exactly what these developments will be as far as tires are concerned, I can state without disclosing any details that our organization has been keenly aware of the situation and It is possible to promise the public that In tire development we will not lag behind the car or the road in the march toward perfection In the year-to-date total of 60 608 retail deliveries reported b Dodge dealers, 28,687 were a .Dodge passenger cars, 11,626 o Dodge trucks, and 22,295 of Ply | mouths. The relatively hlghes percentage gain was achieved 1 retail deliveries of Dodge commer clal cars and trucks, which ros 'from 1.58« for' the first slxlee weeks of 1933 lo 11.626 in the Ilk period of 1B3+—a remarkable show ing Indicating an Increase in true business of 633 %. Fire Engine For Silt UPLAND. Cal. (UP)—Some h dividual who accepts the offer o this city may fulfill his suppress* desires. The city has asked any one who wants to buy a fire en gine to drop around at the Cil Hall. It Is being replaced by larger model and Ihe highest bid der will be the owner of his pc sonal fire truck. . niiKini n. .iddies Delighted Wiht Comic Murals PHILADELPHIA. (UP) —Thanks ) the CWA, the iinesthetic room )r children ill Jefferson Hospital us IHTOUIC a place of youthlul •light. Piilcl with federal funds, Peter roth, a iniiriil palmer, has cov- rcd (he walls with comic sheet liaracleis, und the celling with Irplunes,' birds and dirigibles. There is Poiieye, springing across le wall, and (he Hlg Bud Wolf ciuly to blow uwny Hie home of 10 Three I.ltllc Pigs. Spark Plug s kicking up his heels, nnd even illllc Orphan Annie smiles from corner. Many (ioir t'crs Cut CINCINNATI (UP) —Municipal ;olf course fees for 1034 have been slushed drastically Here. Courses, heretofore, were operated on a Diollt phin, but, rates were cut this year In order that public links mi^ht IK? continued. FYes of $15 for men and $10 for women hnve x'en approved. ranking them as Adam smith fo capitalism, Karl Mnrx for Com munlsm, and Mnjur Douglas fo economic demouircy. Captain Rushwortri. tender ol the New Zealand Douglaslle parliament members, typlllrs the neal with which certain of his adherents back his plans: "Given the chance to apply Social Credit to New Zealand, I will gn rnnlee to establish prosperity within three . [months, with a shooting party us Directly after the war he began the penalty for [allure. I slake my rltlng on economics, and some f his followers now believe he is one of the three great economists, life on the remedy." Read Courier News Want Ads. SPDINOPIELL, O. (UP)-Hic- coughs which had weakened Doro. '">' Floyd, 18, since they first sctz- |Cd her Jan. 14, finally stopped | recently. Physicians, unable to Diagnose the cause of the attacks iwere uncertain whether her relief would be permanent. Tt «:-s a horse laugh on filling station strikers when (his equipage moved on the streets of downtown Cleveland and amnzrd onlookers vowcrl that (hey heard Dobbin snicker as he paraded serenely along When lhe gas tank ran dry. with all stations closed, the truck owner turned to hay power and went calmly on with his business. Dry Ice has a temperature ol about no degrees below zero. Windstorms Strike Quickly Windstorms are merciless. They strike without warning. You can guard against fire or thieves, but you are help]ess to protect your properly against tornado damage except with iasurance In a goad company. See us about windstorm Insurance for all property. First National Insurance Agency Otwnl •- JOYNER & BONIFTELD Open Tuesday, May 1 st Our New QUICK SERVICE One Stop ~ STATION featuring MINOR MECHANICAL REPAIRS FOR ALL MAKES OF CARS AND TRUCKS Uegiiining Tuesday, May 1st, a new idea in Service will be established at our 777 Service Station, located on the corner of 5th and Walnut Streets. In addition to Standard gasoline and motor nils, Firestone Gum-Dipped Tires and Tubes, washing and lubricating, EXPERIENCED AND DEPENDABLE MECHANICS will be on hand to render minor mechanical repairs to ALL JIAKKS OK CARS AND TRUCKS, specializing in: Motor Tune-Ups, . Brakes Adjusted and Rclincd, Wheels Adjusted and Aligned Fenders Straightened and Refinished And Other Minor Mechanical Repair?, BERNARD GOOCH, Mgr. Harketi By Our T*n Y*ars Automotive Exp«rience PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Authorized Better ARE YOU NEXT ? I COULD NT HELP tT, • OFFICER.IT WAS A . BUW-OUTi ICOULONT STEER 03. CTO? THIS 1W MAY SAVE YOUR LIFE Gofden Ply prevents great causeofi/ow-outs! To prevent blow-out tragedies, Goodrich has built into every nfv; Silvcrtown Tire the Lifu- Savcr Golden Ply. Tins invention resi ats terri fie heat— ins Me flit tire — where blow-outs really start. Rubber and fabric dnn't separate. Thus, heat blisters don't form. Hlow-oul-i are prevented by overcoming their great, unseen cause. Tires fast months longer Kacmgdaredevils tested the Golden I'ly at breakneck speeds. Gave it every thing they had. Notoneblor- out. Similar tires without this feature failed at one-third thedUtancf! the Golden Ply Sil vert owns were run. And what T s more the Golden Ply SLlvcrtowns kept right on cat- ing up the miles. No Extra Cost You can put this blow-out protection on ytiHT car at no extra c(»t, for CcHxtrich Safety Silvertown* cost not a jK'nny more than'other standard tires. Come in today! Goodrich Silvertown WITH UFE-SAVER GOLDEN PUT NOW ONLY W. J. Wiimlcrlich's Main Service vStation

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