The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 6, 1939 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 6, 1939
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 0, 1039 JHjfTItgyiLLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Italy Is Not Anxious To Fight Mussolini's Nation Is Mos Vulnerable Of Powei In Europe By GEOUGE FIELDING ELIOT •Written far NBA Serrtci LONDON, Sept. G.—Bcnito Mils solini's last frantic efforts lo scan licacc for Europe reflect clearly 111 realization of the Insecurity \: Italy's military [jositloti. This in .security is two-edged. Italy is insecure cxtcrnallj against, Anelo-Freirjl) attatk, in" secure Internally against Gcrmai interference, ixwsiWy (lamination It is therefore unsafe f-:r Itnlj (o enter war on the side of Germany. And also unsafe for her to refuse to do as told by Berlin. TJ- consider the Italian mililar> position, first look at, the outposts At present, there arc approximately fifty thousand nieji on Hie Dodecanese Islands, principully Lores and Rhodes. Tliese islands are in an exposed iwsition close to the Turkish coast, with no possible support near at hand. Reports Dial they are intended fcr fin attack on the Dardenellcs. or possibly Salon- ika, in conjunction witli aii Italian thrust from southern Albania across from Greece, overkok the impossibility of assembling- necessary shipping and conveying troops by sea against opposition of the Turkish and Greek navies. The Inller vKiiltt be supported instantly by the British Mediterranean fleet, which is assembled in the eastern Mediterranean under cue of the most vigorous and energetic admirals of the British navy. He is Sir Andrew Cunningham," «ho is completely in touch with the whole situatkn in those waters, and has ample force to deal with any Italian etforts. ITALY APPEARS TRAPPED IN' UtSVA In Libya, the Italians have 60,000 men, plus some native reserves. Here they arc confronted on the west with the French in Tunisia- secure behind the fortifications of the Marctli Line which is far loo lormidablc for any such Italian force to ho|)c to attack with success. The Mareth Line cannot be outflanked because cf the terribly difficult desert and mountain routes in which a whole army could perish. Also, the ^fareth Line- like all fortified lines—can be both defense position and a springboard for attack. .... . ..,,--. On the east, the Libyan forces fnce Egypt where the new British commantler-in-chief - of-the-middle-east, General Sir Archibald Wavcll. the ue.5l informed nnd most experienced British officer in this area, lias forces which assure the defense cf Egypt against any Kalian attempt. The Italian army lias two possible routes—one along the coast road on Alexandria by way of Mersa Malruh, at present an Anglo- Egyptian advanced base, the ether by; the Oasis of Shvah. Since (lie British control nil the wells, how to supply large forces with water would be a problem indeed for an invading force. If the Italians had to bring water with them, they could not move cither fast or far. In addition to tile British troops in Egypt and Palestine, there now arc Indian lro:ps in Egypt, plus an Egyptian army which is bein? much improved aud enlarged anil ^ ; 'V' RUMAKIA This map shows the precarious position of Italy and the almost undefendable dispersion her thousand other Italian soldiers are totaled in UK Dodencauese off Turkey tide inst military or economic autstuncc to Italy. Fish Stories on Request- From Their Press Agents By GEOROE BOSS NEW YORK, Sept. G. - Friday s fish day but lots of people like -heir focd from the deep on Wed- icsdnys too. And so one would think .hat a publicity department, for ish would be a new high in superfluity. But such is not. the rase. There arc prejudices about fish— Kiuen-ives for instance have the dea they are hard to prepare -and as a result there has come into icing an organization known as lie Fishery Council of New York ind the Middle Atlantic. Area. It is quite an outfit, as we dis- icvered not so long ago when an nthusinstic young man telephoned us lo tell about a new world's record for clam eating—301 clams. This was set by a Mike Spano who ircceded it with eight frankfurters ind follcwed with 15 beers and a wo-hour dinner. The Fishery Council is located properly on a waterfront street, and Id salts are constantly dashing in ncl cut with flsh stories most of vhtch are corroborated by physical videncc. On the day of our visit sailor .brought in a 50-pound hal- but, in the interior of which lie lad fcund a beer brittle from a drum corps. Another noisy denizen of the deep is the weakfish which is picked up in large quantities around New York. This chap gives off a loin-kin effect. Eels /otind in the cast are among the" most tenacious of all creatures. They can, the Fishery Council asserts, be chopped into pieces nnd frozen for 15 days without killing them. The American lobster breaks off his smaller limbs .when he goes into battle so he ->U11 be unencumbered. Tlioy grow back again. The Sea Cucumber throws up his stomach when frightened, which is an Infallible method cf curing; fi tummy ache. This feat will be appreciated by inexperienced trans- Atlantic travelers. Then there is the kissing fish which skips around with n constantly puckered mouth applying same to the lips of the opposite sex of the same species. When a mirror is placed in fruit of this amorous fellow he kisses hts reflection, the big sissy. QUESTIONS WHICH STUMP SCIENCE New Liberty News Bjrthday Club Meets. Mrs. J. W. Epperson and Mrs. P. U. Maddox were hostesses to members of the lllrthdny cliib tills wcch. In the games and contests, Mrs. Hilton Stephcnson received lu ,• lllroll Bh "IB thc prize. Both guests^ of honoi'" f 0 "" 11 direction, U "' O TESlSTOmi ME OF PJICIFIC BE WASHINGTON, Sept. 1 (Ul>)- rtillclal earthquakes on llio bol- om nmy cnusc lu,,.,^. B ,.|. lplo 011 he surface of the Puclllo Ocean mil arc expected (o n!d ninterlally In <1eic,m| nmg Us n B o «m\ origin, nccorrilns to I'rof. Maurlco Kwlng cl l.cldgh University who will manufacture the quakes. 'Hie TNT vibrations will be part 01 a ycnr-long scicntllle expedition inw Hie soiith-ccntrnl Pncllle which loaves Sun Francisco. Sent 10 nboard the U. S. Const Ciiuird water Hamilton to study geology • ™* • v ,,"' ul ""'Biirtlsm in mi urea '.wo miles In an oust-west, dtrccllon ami 2,500 mllps north nnd squill. Uio cxpcdlllon expects lo learn for Uio first time whether any appreciable nmcmil of scitimcnl,, washed down from Uio land nc- cumulnlod frcm .sliclls and skeletons ol marine nnlnmls. mul deposited from (he nlr, lies on Uio Mean Hour nnd to detcrmino how ons Ihe process has been uoliig on, thus lurnlsiuiis „ C ] CH , to (lla nga of the ECU and consequently the continents, • Soiimi \v«ves lo He Gauged Uie "earthquakes" wlilch will b produced liy snuill "lime bombs sunk lo the bottom of the sen am exploded by clock work will cairn vibrations In flic sen Ijotlom slint Inr to lliosc produced by earth quite. When the bcmU explodes -,., ,iuu tins "'° s < ) '" 1(l vibrations will trove In the games and contain, flm " ll "'<"'Bh the sediment lo bed - - ...... reck, llirough Uio rock In n lioii- --.- i -. ~-,,.. suvou). ui iiuiiui " direction, nml up nynli received mmierous kitchen gifts. U "' O "B" 'lie sediment. Microphones Refreshments of ice crenm, cookies '" rei: ordlng devices sunk a mcas- and lemonn(|e were served * Miss l|rctl distance from the bombs wll Annie Lois Aycock nnd Mrs ~ "'"'' ''" ••"•—"—- - - • • phcnson assisted lii serving, iiexl mcetlii? will IK with Clyde Oncal, Oct. 3, with Stephcnson as co-hostess. studies from coi'os of mud taken from lljo ocenn jjoor. Ueui A. J. Hosklnson, ucopliyslclsl of the Const and acodcllc Survey will measure Brevity on inml. Or J W Green, geophyslclst of the depart- iiicnl of tnrestlnl magnetism of the Cnrnoulo Institution will ecu- diict iiifluiwtie invesllgntloiis and Or. Wnldo 1,. Schmltl, mnr |no biologist of (he SmltJisonlnn Insll- Uito will make studies of sea llfo, Olhcr Stuff Members Otiicr members of (lie expedition tiro , p. liinrowe Colton, science writer of the National aeoernplilu Society mid Ji. it. Stewart, stuff photographer cf Uic society; Jon M. Uirton, Princeton, N. J., radio engineer, and the following nsslst- ntils to the senior sclc-nUsIs: R M Mniirtcx nnd George T. Nelson Olmrlotlovllle, V»., u»llo Mnnnlng.' Baltimore; Charles R. Bmoot Washington; A. o. Vine of Ciar- reltsvllle, O.; B. a. Uhl, Elizabeth, N, J,; J. b. woizcl stolen Island, N, Y,, and O, Roy, McClunln, Wnslilngicii, LCOI, j, cnnova will scl as expedition secretary. in addition to the 18 members of Uio expedition slnir the Ifnmllloii, under command of Capl. Stephen Scilfoid Ycandlc will carry a crew of 110. WARNINO OKDER III liio chancery Court,, chickn- snwba District, Mississippi Conn, ty, Arkansas. Lillian Oucrclil, Plniiittlf, vs. No. (iOIH Fnmk Ota'chl,' Dcfcndiinl. The defendant, Frank Obercht,' l.i warned (o appear within thlily days Ii; Hie court named in Iho caption hereof and answer Iho _ complain of; tii« 'pWntia, Obcicht. , - ( DaUd this 23rd day of Aug. tft£ 23-JO-e-ii UARVpy, MORRIS, Cleti Paitlow & Bradley, AUys, for Pitt Percy A. Wright, AUjvAd WUrn.V The largest concede; piece, of the Ailzona meteorite, n' • l|oe-pouiyl Btono, Is In the Colorado Museum of Natural History. Several other Museums have stones weighing incio than 1000 pounds frpm this some cialer area. , ,-•-', PRESCRIPTIONS . Freshest Stock Guaranteed Best Piittt Kirby Drug Stores ( were serve. iss u oms wll Lois Aycock nnd Mrs. Stc- ' ltck "I 1 U«> vlbrnllons nnd teams of „ n«,!,i^ i.. .. ...... .._ Tnc light will be set vibrating. An aulc- Mrs . ijintlc aimcra In the recorder pho- Mrt. logmjilis Uic vibrations of the light ............. „,. Tne beams and the elapsed time IIB- prestdcnt. Mrs. Pearl Hilj, asked twcpn Ihe explosion iind Die nrrlvn that each member bring a picture of the sound lu the recorder will be of herself years ago. made a number of Mr. nnd Mrs. P. Fl. Maridox .iml family and Mrs. C. L. Jarrntt nnd baby, Sandra Carol, spent the weekend with relatives «t Sardls, Miss. They were accompanied by Mrs. Earl Sweet nnd son who will make their home there with Mr. Sweet. Miss Jean Armanlrout, of Wll- ^"E Ol^^s^cn .n^Wrr* C0mdl WOUl<t 5 n long ways off. Only a few days l , * „ arlier, another mariner had pro- Dj sharks really eat humans? uccd a fish in which was Imbedded William Beebc says they do not. , ul yu, CV mc • i harpoon tip of a type that lias i° ls ° P^P'f « llk u ' cy cl0 ' ,V 1C club Friday nnd Saturday *nn« nKr^ini^ t „ i _? Cnllnril won d llko Ihp nml pr * ' wmuiu.ij s<in, spent thc weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Ann- antrout. Mrs. J. M. Aycock "and' tlnu'g" , ters, Willie P)oy nnd Emmn, nre : Epc'iidlng the week at Sardls. iVJiss.. with Mr. nnd Mrs. Floyd i Fondren. Mrs. D. Garrctt and Mis. J. A. Payne attended the couch demonstration at iSlytlicvillc Woman's which will certainly lie loyal to the Anglo-Egyptian alliance. ITALIAN'S EASY TO BLOCKADE I have just come through Egypt by the last neutral airliner to cross central Europe. I can say will; assurance that the Egyptian people realize that, whatever their differences at times with the British government, their independence is assured by British victory, but would be lost by German-Italian victory. And, iihalcver 'politicians may say or do. in this f ac t lies the key to the attitude of all the small [ of the Balkan area. In Ethiopia, the Italians have about CO.&OO Italian troops^ plus an unknown number of native levies of uncertain loyally. These are. silting on the lid of a cuinlry still in a state of revolt in the remote re- Sfons. They would rise up as one man if given n chance and supplied with arms and munitions from stirr;unding British and rrenrlj colonies. • Now. take ali three of these Italian positions, plus the dcUich- mcnt in Albania, which supposedly threatens Yugoslavia and Greece, and consider that there are no s:nrces of supply j n countries where they are. Each position is entirely dc- penacnt for supplies on maritime rouics which uoiild certainly be cut or at least badly interfered with by vljor;us v action of the British Mediterranean fleet. The Italians are not fools. Con- obsolete for a quarter cf a entury. HUNTS FISH-WITH HAMMER AND PICK Thc most unusual fisherman called to the attention of the Council is a gentleman named Robert Lee Craig who uses a hammer, pick and chisel Instead cf rod and reel. Craig docs his'lishing In the fossil areas of Wyoming. He chips away tho slabs of shale on the tops of dusty mountains and unearths the stone iniprcssi:ns of fish dead these millions of years. And lie sells this super-canned product for excellent money to museums and collectors. The Council, against the day when someciiE might apply for the data, has amassed much information bearing on the strange habits of some fish. Take, • for instance, the drumfish. Thc drumfish actually r shvji t r » become sontj:rie's supper, Fishermen in the Mediterranean paddle about until they hear his croaking sound Issuing from the ocean depths and then they lower nets. There's another fish called the fife fish and, cne assumes, they might form a piscatorial file ami sary by the British home fleet. Air forces cannot break such blockades nor can .submarines be anything more than n nuisance. NEUTRALITY IS TUB LOGICAL MOVE Then consider how most of Italy's industry is gathered m the northern part of the country within easy reach not only of the French air force but of the French armies, de- boitching through Alpine passes into the valley if the Po and Plain of Lombardy. We begin to sec Hint Italy cannot and must not think of righting Britain and Prance. She probably has not the slightest Intention of doing so unless dragged in by the neck— either forced in by the Germans, who might ^ell prefer a neutral Italy for the present, or.forced In by the British and French who might prefer to have the Italian position immediately clarified. From the French and British p:int of view, all Italian scquently, the natural conclusion 1>:lnt of v ' CWl a11 :ialian detech 15 that all of these detachments mcnls and P 05 . 1 " 0 " 5 Ietaln nu's are for political and nuisance nnr- allcc va!ue while ltaly l? nel <t™ *LII •••V*. n^lttl.111 are for political and nuisance pur pcses and that Italy has no serious intention of fighting any Mediterranean war 2fencc It probably would be belter to clean up the Mediterranean nnd have the field Clear for further operations In, southwestern Europe. Add to the above fact tliat Italv cratlons '"• southwestern Europe, herself, is the most vulnerable InrEe The awarcness cf lhe Italians of country in Europe lo blockade This t}lcse consld eratfons may lead to because she is almost entirely de-1 great , 5llr P rlscs l!1 tli e near future, pendent en sea-borne trade lor coal iron, copper, oil and oilier prime materials. Antin Italy cannot hope to force open either tho eastern gale, held by Cunningham and his men, or (lie western gate, held by the French navy, supplied as neces- —PRESCRIPTIONS— Safe - -, Accurate Your Prescription Druggist Fowler Drug Co. Main & First fho^a 1U Council — — _. scientifically determined. Why do eels, salmon, mackerel and herring return tD thc scene of their birth to die? Was it really a chance in ocean current that killed 1,400,000 tilefish before thc turn of the century? The ocean was literally covered with them off New England. The Bureau of Fisheries Is now restocking this fish. Hew did a newly discovered fish. Cyprinodon Macularius, get into a small lake in death vallev fed by only a small spring with thc closest large body of water miles away? And can it be it is the descendant of prehistoric fish? What substnncc causes ambergris to term in a whale? Ambergris, used in costly perfumes, sells for S20 to S30 an ounce and whales have dissorgcd ns much tis 150 pounds at a lime. The Fishery Council gives the palm for the deadliest of all fish t: thc little piranha of South America which . can strip an animal or human down to thc bone in a few minutes. Thc Ixirracmla with jaws powerful enough lo crack a lobster, runs it a close second. Read Ccnrier News v.ant 'ads. —THE— Firestone HIGHSPEED TIRE . A real Mire, Gum-dipped Cord, Non-Skid Tread, aud 100% Cotton Construction throughout. The cost to you . . . only §1.75 per week when you buy on our BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Ellis Snipes, Budget Mgr. 5Ui & Walnut Ffcoue 810 Mr, nnd Mrs. T. F. Steward" and daughter, Patsy, of West Memphis, was the Sunday guest of Mr. and Mrs. D. Garrctt, Ilnrl Eclward Garrett accompanied them lioiac after spending l\yo weeks with them. Read Ocurler'Ncws want ads. TERMINBX TERMINATES TERMITES BRUCE-MEMPHIS noted From the Information Kathcret Prof. KwliiB will calculate HID thickness of the sediment nnd lie- cause sound vlurnllons move slcw- ly through the soft sediment am swiftly IhrpiiBh the hard, ho wll be able to' determine to what extent thc hardening process has developed and then determine Iho llmo necessary for such deposits to accumulate. > Other Sluillcs lo He jiadc These aitlllcin! experiments, liow- ovor, will bp only a part of tlio work this expedition will carry on under Uie auspices of the National Geographic Society nnd the University of Virginia. Prof, Wilbur A, Nelson, of tho University of Virginia nnd hcnd of the expedition, will bo In chnrge of thc geological work. Dr. C. S . . . , (jeoplvyslcl.U of the Cjirnegle Institution of Washington wll NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 for Prompt Laundry and Cleaning Service YOffU be surprised how little it now costs to buy q G-E Oil furnace! -AW HOW UTJU IT COSTS TO RUN! This I'M prices ate ths IOWMI in lire eight year history of the famous G«n«r.l KLcliic Oil Kurnace t now cosis no more thin ordin.ry automatic htai. tog planisi ••''.. And it gives you so much in tAAiA comfort- owners report savings o! from 25% lo 50% on fuel bills-furnishes hot waler Bummer nnd winter. Come in-let us tell how e.sily you can now own • G-E Oil Hurnacel • . HUBBARD FURNITURE SPECIAL PURCHASE We bought six car loads of these Kedroom Suites and must unload at once as we haven't the room to store them. Memphis Furniture Manufacturing Company were forced to clear part oS their gigantic warehouse in order to install new, up-to-date machinery, therefore we bought these suites at practically OUR OWN PRICE. 77»';».A: of it! Six car loads of this beautiful 3-irlece Suite just as pictured. (his .suite wilh wi.vHimjf ymi tun find nl double the iiricc. lllu > tr«tr.l Prices Will Advance — as the war continues all prices will advance, so all we can do is lo advise you to purchase what you need NOW at the CHEAPEST PRICKS WE HAVE EVER in our history If the War Continues You Save at Least One-Half DON'T PASS UP THIS OPPORTUNITY TO GKT ONK OK THKSE WONDKUI'Ul, !!• I'IKCE .SUITES AT KXCliTTlONA.UA LOW PRICK. In this purchase we also bought about two car loads of other suites in the higher price brackets. See Our Bedroom Suites at Just a Few 3-P.iece BEDROOM SUITES of Vanity -Dresses, Ciicst of Drawers, anil full Ki/.c bed. Walnut finish. H TT'D'D w -QT^ UOUAtlU FURNITURE CO. Blytheville, Ark.-

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