The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 7, 1938 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, May 7, 1938
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THE DO\fTOANT MciuRnintfu ,->v, ,,«r,~.,.,. „„. . «^L^B » T rsj VOI.UMR XXXV—NO. niytheville. Courier Blytlievllle Herald Mississippi Valley Leader JTHE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST AUKAN8AS AND BOlTIHEASr MISSOURI He urged the organization to elcL-l Democrats "who will nelually uphold, the teadrrshlp of our tjri-al sldenl." - HIRER 10 PEMS1II Fuehrer's ,Visit to Rome to End Will, Peaceful Note Today i!y United Press ) r as"l;;L Premier Oenlto Mii'-solinl and Na/l Leader Adolf Hitler today Hid llielr t.ulks of war with n i/es- liire of European peace. /> wr-r-k Jons; display of military strength will conclude at Home with banquet table speeches in which Ihe two dictatorial partners were expected to point lo their powerful working agreement bin also lo strike a keynote of peaceful Intentions In solving German nnd Italian problems with other ;'ia- llons. The result of Killer's visit lo Home wni more .significant for wlml did not, happen than for, . „ nny thing It disclosed by the .spokes-1 l Elmw oo:l cemetery this after- man on either side. Mussolini an- I100M fol| owing the death of Richard pearcd to have been successful in B .™»» and Patty Jean Kennedy, Senator Cancels Gurdon Speaking Engagement WASHINGTON, May 1. (VP)- Sennloi Josh Lee mem, Okln.), today cancelled a speech scheduled Tuesday before Hie Arkansas Democratic Women's club st citir- don. Ark. I.te telegraphed 'the state club that It'gllsntK'G matters required Ills presence In Washington. Brother, Sister Die Within Few Hoars .of; Dread Disease Two small white caskets were placed side by side In double gnive.s maintaining his favorable position as a balance between Germany and Oreat Britain without the Rome-Berlin axis. Impairing demands for restoration of pre-war colonies-after the C/echo- slorakian crisis Is solved, will receive Italian support on the understaud- "B that settlement of these problems will open the way for the friendly treaty among Italy Germany. Grrat Br , tain which Mussolini desires . Even should the threats of war m central Europe be overcome the colonial and particularly the Spanish problems promise grave troubles. To Renounce Tyrol Claims ROME, May 1. (UP)—Fuehrer Adolf Hitler will declare Germany's final definite renunciation of any to the Italian Tyrol in his claim speech tonight, source declared. an authoritative Hitler, the source said, will guarantee the Brenner Pass as the natural geographical frontier between Austria and Italy and make no effort to reclaim the German inhab- I ants or the Tyrol, mvarded !o Italy after the World War , ™ i'^ r ' S , speechl jt »'"•' forecast. would make no mention of nilll- ' t-il,' , lndlrecl ' to and -lo ' T, • u Jlays benevolent neutrality n j,elt,ement of the each minority Both the speeches of Hitler and Miusoim, w ,u str e ffl that German llahan friendship h as ^en eslah- lished for all time. Negro Is Fined For Theft of Auto Tire 1.011ZO Matthews, negro, already convicted in the theft of lawn mowers, was convicted on another rliurgc of petit larceny today in municipal court, which grew out of automobile tire i nc theft, of mi from Mr. and Mrs. j. H . Elklns Matthews was fined $10 and sentenced to 15 days In Jail. The negro, who resided in a servant house on Elkins' residential property. Is alleged to have recently stolen four Jaan mowers in thai neighborhood. L. n. Williams, negro living in southeast Missouri, was bound over to await the action of circuit court after entering a plea of guilty to a charge of stealing a horse in Missouri a,,,} attempting to sell It. in r>sas ' " b bond sel at Wins Divorce Decree On "Separation" Law Richard Bold, formerly of New York state, has been granted the first decree In chancery court here under Arkansas' new "three years separation" divorce law. Chancellor J. p. Gautney granted Bold a divorce in an iinconlesteri case. I'LL T€LI BY BOB BURNS It seems like the longer I write Hie shorter I make my articles. I remember my first newspaper job was on the Press-Argus down home. One day one of our senators was In town and the editor sent me over to Interview him. When I got back to the office, the editor says "Well did you interview the senator?" 1 says "yes." He says "What did he have to say?" I said "Nothln 1 " the editor said "Well, go ahead and write up the Interview k'lt try to hold it down to a coi- iinm and a hair." the only children' of Mr. and Mrs'. Henry C. Kennedy, who died late yesterday. The sou, who was almost four, nnd his sister, ivho 13 inontlis old. died al Ihe Walls hospital from bacclllary dysentery. The lad was admitted to tlie hospital yesterday mornlnsr, when his condition became critical, but at the time his sister wns believed to be improving after having been stricken a short time before. At 2:30 o'clock yesterday afternoon, she became critically 111 and died one hour after she arrived al the hospital. Tlie son died at seven o'clock. The Rev. H. Lynn Wade, pastor of the First Methodist church, conducted the funeral rites this attcr- iioon at the Cobb Funeral home. The children had been at their home, the former John II. Long property on the Promised Land road, since they, became' ill from the colitis disease in Its deadliest, form. Striking quickly in this iani- lly ns tlie germ often does, the children became seriously II] within a few hours. Their mother was formerly Miss Mabel Byruni. who has resided here all her life. Mr. Kennedy ciime to Blythplllc about. six years ago when he was transferred here for government work on the Mississippi river. They resided -at Osceola for a .short, time after their nmrrlnge Varsity Village Studied ' For Niagara University NIAGARA PALLS. N. Y.' (UP)-Construction of a "varsity village" for the accommodation of Niagara University students Is being considered by officials of (lie imiver- slty. Although university authorities are reticent, about revealing details or the proposed building program it is reported lhat tlie school In- PERFECT SETTING FflSJ A it KANSAS, SATURDAY, MAY 7, max tends lo start 11s "village" by erecting (en n-room residences each room to provide accommodations for two students. The "village" would have Its own sidewalks, streets and other facilities found In the modem municipality. Indians Move Village On Their Shoulders BELLA COOLA, B. C. (UP) — Coming off second best In two encounters with the Bella, coola river since 1933. an Indian village here picked up its bed and baggage and walked, rowed mid drove to the southern and higher side o! the Bella Coola river. With the assistance of the Department on Indian Affairs, the Indians gouged a new to\vnsile out. of the forest, and moved in. The villagers number about 250. and earn their living by fishing, trapping and logging. Fox Standout : As Post Time Nears For Famous Race itv iiKvitv nii-i.i:.MOiti: Hulled 1'rrss ('uriT.sMimili'nl CMtURClUI.L DOW MS, Louisville, Ky.. .May 7. lUPi—Till! sun shone bright on the old Kentucky dome o! the thoroughbred today wlion the first 25.000. or the Bfl.UK) expected, arrived at tlie u-.-uik tor mo <Hth running of llu> Knitucky DPI-bV. 'Ihe weulhcr iiian iirumLsed a clear day for the crowd an.l u fnst iriick tor Ihe ten dorses thai will "(I oul for the Derby's purse whli'h will lolnl about. $57.000. All was quiet around Ihp racing sen-clary's olllcp where 1111 owner must go ir hp wants to wltlulnuv ills horse til a burst, of IHh hour timidity, it seemed likely that the small field of 10 would rim bill any owner can scratch his entry up to wilhln 45 minutes or the race Railroads, airplanes, automobiles and even an occasional horse niKl buggy poured thousands onlo the streets or Louisville. Truffle, which could not possibly be Jammed nny more, became more so by the minute. Traffic was not the only thing that was confused because (he derby PVC mint julip marathon left, many a man and maid wondering where they were and whv. Like carrier pigeons they circled three times and took for Churchill Downs. Here they found relict Tor every bar was open and every bartender was ready to fire as soon as he saw the circles under the customer's eyes. Take It from those who say they fcuow. the race will be u Pox hunt —a Fighting Fox hunt with nine cither colts chasing llie big buy beauty from the Belair Stud down lo the payoff line. There will be S50.000 and a blanket of roses walling Iherc for Ihe first one to reach it. Post lime is 4:30 p.m. (c. s. 1.1 and some 85.000 persons will be on hand. The most unsentimental gentlemen of them' all. the -bookmakers, whose hearts are untouched .by anything except tilt * denomination' of a bill, held Ihe full brother to Gnllnnt Pox. wlio won the derby in 1930. at the short odds of 2 to i. It would occasion no surprise if. wheii the field .of 10. goes to the National Progressives of Ainerirn SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS post,,:pi?htlng ; jiax had been' hammered down to even money Will) GOI-. Philip LaFdllette of Wtaonstn spenrhendln,. llie or B «nMnii campa •lh(> National Progressives of America-appears on Ihe United Stales seen,. Jammed the .slock pavilion of the University or Wisconsin 5(100 thai to LaFullettc. is founded m principle* of progressive (hoinjl now jiolltlcal party— launched by |\ crowd of "I Mudlson, the pnvly. according Mayor Florrllo LiiOuimlln of New York City. Sea-Going Vacation Aboard Cruiser To End Tomorrow Afternoon CHARLESTON, s. c., May 7 : <UP>— President Roosevell neared ,lhe end of his sea-going holiday lo- '' «T JEJGJEV Cllf But Congressmen Will Speak Regardless Sponsoring Group Announces JERSEY CITY, N. J,. May 1. (UP.)—The commissioner of public safety today refused n ix-rmlt, for a mass meeting in Journal Square tonight on the ground that opposition lo the "communistic endeavors" of two congressmen scheduled to speak "would tend to create disturbances and disorder." Tlie Hudson county committee for labor defense and civil rights announced that. It would not change its plans for Ihe meeting and indicated that Rep. Jerry O'Conell (Dem., Mont.) and Rep. John T Bernard iRirmer-Lnborlte, Minn.)" would be smuggled Into Jersey City to appear on the speaker's stand nt 8 p.m. Full page advertisements lu three Hudson county newspapers summoned all supporters of Mayor Prank Hague to "show your Americanism tonight nnd be present." Philadelphia, sped northward" from Ihe British Bahamas. Tlie chief executive returned well satisfied ujth the Philadelphia's performance and the fishing near Caicos Island. , ". According lo radio dispatches received nt llie Charleston navy yard. Mr. Roosevelt expressed approval of Die cruiser's operation In nil address to the officers aiid'crew. The chief executive recalled that the Philadelphia, fust of her type, was one or two .new cruisers laid down recently. Congress provided for the Philadelphia's construction In 1935. Mr. ftoosevelt nlso COII«TII|- ulnled all luuul.s for havinu u "happy ship". The cruiser wns expected to do:k Foimer Premier Of Roumania Dies Today HUCIIAKEST, Romiinnln, Mny 7 IDP)—Former Premier Octnvln Cioyo. anti-Semitic leader, who mis ousted by King Carol, died today. Oogo was 50. Until his comparatively recent rise In politics he was better known us n poet thai a statesman. He had published many books of poetry and also was distinguished as a Journalist King Carol made him nnd broke him. Gogo's severely repressive measures against the Jews as co- •Jeailer ot the pro-Gel-man; anti- Semitic national Christian pavtj brought Ihe country's economic condition lo a low ebb and Ihe king was forced to dismiss him lust Febnmry. In Charleston slack ebb water p.m. (e. s. t.). 'now after the begins iiboiit .1 Brid«s Discover Way And Connecticut Pays HARTFORD, Conn. (1}1>) — Tlie Labor Department, revealed today flint HIM. n l_i. i . . •' that the slnle has been helping young brides furnish their apartments and nothing be done about it. Because the law prohibits manv departments employing married women, the brides withheld news of their husband-tnkliis; iintil nf- ter the marriage. Then, Instead of announced Ihe thej r were discharged and immediately applied for unemployment compensation for 13 weeks. And. they got ii. qulttfiv event . Automatically, It's Always Thursday When Texan Drives In DALLAS. Tc.v. <UH)— Nobody In Pleasant drove. Tex., has any doubt wlien Thursday comes—II Is Dan Bell's dny to go lo town For M yews Mils 71-year-old blacksmith Im.s driven Ih 0 same hnck. a rebulll spring wagon, to Dnllns on Thursday. Two horses have served him. one from 1902 until 11128. Bell's present horse has done duty since. Bell has missed Ills weekly trip only once. DJIO dny last winter . the Ice was so slick his not keep Its footing. is horse could Age Theories Are Upset On Wood Petrification COALINGA, Cal. (UP)~The discovery of a piece of petrified wood here ivllh a screw In It and a hole where undoubtedly another screw had been has upset all previously existing theories or the length ol time required for petrlfication lo take place. To date, it, has been generally accepted thai '500 years were required for n piece of wood (o ]«t- rlfy. The fact lhat screws were not In general use until about 100 years ago would seem to indicate judging from the find here, that pelrlticalion may lake place In much shorter time. Guerillas Threaten Important Railroad Leading From Chinese Coast SHANGHAI, May 7. • (UP)-Chl- nese guerilla*, their numbers running Into tlio hundreds of thou- oiit central nnd northern China today -with weapons rniigftig- from medieval big swords and spears lo the siih-mncliine guns of Jpdny, 'Oticrlllns, operating ' with 1 ' the ramous Eighth Houle Army wider Oen. Chu Teh, "red NaiMeon" of the one time Chinese Communist army, attacked Japanese on three sides or Pelplng. Tlicv threatened to cut the railroad between Pelplng and Tient- sin near tlie coast—perhaps Hie most ImjiorlQiit road lo Ihp .Iiipn- »cse In all China. Rubinoff Critical After Emergency Operation BATTLE CREKK, Mich,, May i UJP>—Dave Riiblnoif, (lie violinist, was reported In a critical condition today when peritonitis developed following nil emergency operation lor appendicitis. Air Travel to Miami Sets 3-Month Record MIAMI, Fla, (UP)—A new record In air travel was established for Miami during the first qunrler of Oils year, when 33.511 persons boarded planes Hying here. The passenger trarric kept Miami hi the lead of all other American cities ns a sort of entry for foreign air passengers. To Probe Kidnaping Of Arkansas Man IMY'mNA I1KA01I, Fla., Mny •: il/I'l—IxH-iil police Im'lny nsko< for Fnli'riil liiimui of Jnvestlgii- llon iisslstunco in the alleged kl<l- iniplni: iif j, n. sieger n( IJocld- ildL'i 1 , Ark., who diilmcd lv\o• liltcr lilkns liirci'd him to drive them lo I-'luiidii fioui lu'iir Kllgoie, Tex SU'Bi-r -aid Im viuighl a ride to Uaytoun from iieuv Ormnnil, where Ills iifoiiiii'tojs K'lwiscd iiini today Ilia cur ItvliT was found idwnilon- t'd lu 11 ni'Ri'O section hero, out i\ pickup order Hvo men nnd notlfh'd arni- xtciisive Poisoning Is Underway CIriisslio[!i»rs luive iirrlvixl In this seellon In lnrnv (|iiiiiitltlr.s to cause menaco lo the lurmerii, aloiig with Ihu cut nnd army worms which put in their uppennmce: about leu days ago, It was announced lodny by D. s. Liiiilrlp, county nsrlcultiinil agent. Winners nre t'ont.rolllng (ln> insects by ixilsonlng but Ihe ivork will have lo bo continued, R has bpeii polulcd oul by Mr. Lnulrlp. arnsshuppers have been found In large numbers on the flu-ins of J. Y. .Turner, or near Dell, Leslie Moore, who farms n short cllslnnce west of town, and numerous others They arc unusually small ones which have jiml been hatched, and those famlltnr wltli tlieui believe they will mulUpjy rapidly. Practically all farmers nrc )»ison- Ing Ihclr cotton after nudlng the worms mi them, Bryant Wins Verdict In Damage Suit Case .lONESBOno. Ark., May 7—A Jury verdict in favor of tho clo- fendnnt was rendered here In Ihe federal court suit, brought by Bob- uy Leo Castle, u minor, through His mother, Mrs. Emnm Caslle of West Frankfort, Ill,,,againU R O. Drynnt, Leachvllle, Ark,, Dlant- cr. Tlie plaintiffs sought $10,000 foi the death or the father and husband In n highway accident near Now Madrid, Mo. They charged that the accident was due to negligence In the operation of n Irnll- or, owned by Bryant. Prlerson and Prlerson of Jonos- boro nnd Fi-ank Trobaligh of West Frankfort, represented tlio plaintiffs nnd Horace Sloan of Joncs- boro and S. b, Glndlsh ol Osceola tho dercndanl. Mother Is Not Wealthy; Domestic Difficu 11 ie s Possible Motive HARDY,' Ark,, May 7. (UP)— Iliu hjwi-ilf's ottlcc lepoiled thrlt Uirce-ytor-oJil Frances Conley was kidnaped from her homo sliorUy before noon lodny by a man who overpowered tho child's"mother aha drove mvny In « Chevrolet eedan bearing Texas license plates. The sheriff said the kidnaper drove to. Mrs. Albert Conley's home nt 11 o'clock. He entered the home, fought . will) Mrs. Conley who attempted lo prevent him from inking the child nnd "dragi" god Ihe girl to llie cur. He did not display firearms although only one man was In. Itia cat nl (he time of tlio kidnaping, Tin) fiber!!? said two men had spent the nlgiit at a tourlat camp, nenr here who drove a car similar to Iliat used by thfi abductor. Pnrems of tlie child were dl- voiced about a year ago, the" sherlir .said. Previous' threats had father who _ at Hlggins, Tex-., to tukc the child from the mother, the shcilrr said. Tlio olllce of tho federal bureau, of Investigation at Little Rods wns nolltlod or the reduction; Ha- dlo stations were asked to broadcast li description of the kidnap car, which wns a 1935 Chevrolet scdnn wllb white wheels. Mrs. Couley sultcred minor brill- ses In her .struggle with the kidnaper but wns not Injured seriously. The shcrlrr said he believed tha nbduclor drove cither toward Little Ilock or toward Mountain Home, Ark., which is eriroule to Tulsa. Mis. Conley Is not wealthy nnd holds n position in tho county agenl"s office, here. Mrs. Conloy left with friends In n cur abbiit an hour after the abduction but officers said they did not know where sho had gone, They would not say \\ilii. -whoM she had driven, off. been mndc bj' tlio was reported living Ethics Professor Devises Marital Score System BOSTON (UP) _ A "marital scoreaird" Ims been devised by Dr David U. Vnii«l)nii. soda! ethics professor al Boston University, lo counteract the "old American custom of marrying just because some young man or woman linppcm to ln UlB Lwo depositories. Ill Tiin l Jn!rf"ii • „ , , ,, Mr. Jornisan had sought to have Illl u.),lrf, m al1<lesi ™ blc <!<inl- funds or each district considered ] Hies which cither party should' r FDIC Recommendations Unfavorable To Schools LITTLE ,ROCK, Ark., May 7.— Slate Bank Commissioner a. s: Jcrnljau suld yesterday that Fedora! Deposit Insurance corporation attorneys had recommended that funds of various Cr It tendon and Jackson county school, districts on deposit In closed batiks at Swlfton. and Marlon be not conslderwl as separate, deposits when the FDIO liegJns making payments up to $5,000 to depositors of the two banks. He said that If the FDIC follows this recommendation It will psy only $5,000 to each county on de- ooslls of it.s districts. Tills would IciivB Crlltenden county districts with about $45,000 nnd Jackson county districts with about $10.000 Special Services at City's Churches to Honor Mother's Day iBlythevllle will observe -Mother's Day tomorrow in much the same fashion as it be observed throughout the country when Blytheville will be visited by mothers who have come lo spend the day with their sons and daughters, and girls and boys, men and women, living elsewhere, who have returned to be with mother on her day. People will spend the day in various ways, by wearing red or white flowers, for the living or tlie dead, by giving gifts to mothers, by donning their best and accompanying their mothers to church. Tlio local churches have planned special programs (n honor of those to whom national tribute will be paid. Al the First Presbyterian church, the Rev. s. H. Salmon will speak at the morning service on "Holy Motherhood" and at the night service on "Mother—Love Like Ood's". Special floral decorations will be arranged for tlie entire day by the auxiliary committee, headed by Mrs. Carrol HlaVemore, and the appropriate color flower for each person entering the church will b« furnished. The musical program at Story Kver Told" The l°!rr!'^; 1 !!. C ?"^L or ».. wra . 1 il ub ^ "«< be '-The pastor's Ross Sterlin Forester, sung Stevens and accompanied on the organ by Mrs. F. B. Joyncr. OtJier organ numbers will be Ihe prelude. "Adagio" by Handel, and the Ollcr- tory, "Blessed Are Ye", by Keyword At the Sunday school hour at the First Methodist church, the Young People's class will have their mothers as special guests, the Open poor class has arranged a special Mother's Day program and other classes will also honor mothers. During the morning worship hour Oie pastor will speak on "A Great Bible Woman". Children will sing The Mother's Day Song" and Dear 'Little Mother of Mine" n-ll! be p ayed for the offertory. At Hie of Of Undei ' the of "One Mother's Handicap" will be Ihe sermon subject used by the Rev. Alfred Carpenter at the morning services at the First Baptist church. Musical numbers will be a choir selection. "I will Magnify Thee, O Ood." o. quartette number, "God Bless You, Mother", and an offertory solo, "Just A Mother Dear" by Miss Delores Psalmonds. At the night service Die pastor will speak on "Voices of Victory" and the choir will sing the anthem, "Sweet is Ihe Story of Jesus". The sermon theme to be used by Ihe Rev. George W. Patterson nt the First Christian church at the morning worship and communion service will be "A Mother's .... ,, ---- . . . will sing old hymns in memory of mother. Mrs. Pau i et . . , Mrs. aeorge Lee will sing a du arrangement or "Ood shall Wipe Away All Tears" and Mr. and Mrs. Don Sutherland, "The Sweetest music will dered by members 01 the. male . quartette at the morning service at the First church of the Nazarroe when the Rev. Eupha. D. Bcsslcy speaks on "The Blessing of a Mother's Influence: 1 . The sermon subject of the nighl service will be "The Damaging Influence or Wicked Parents". Al that time, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Parker will slug a duet. Ihe Rev. H. J. Klelndlenst, pastor of the Pilgrim Lutheran church, will have as the subject theme of the morning worship, beginning nt 10:00 o'clock, "God's Estimate of a Mother's Love". Al the night worship he will speak on "The Inescapable Jesus". 'Mrs. William Dorowsky, ol Manila, Guy Riibcnstcin. of Osceola, and Irma Sue Kolin, of Haytl, will represent motherhood, youth, and childhood resiicctlvely al the services to be conducted nt the Temple Israel when the sermon of Rabbi Herman Pollack will deal Wllh the subject: "Universal Heroine" ivhlcli will enumerate the contributions of motherhood to civilization. At the morning worship of the Lake ~ " " ' there Street Methodist church, will be a special Mother's Day service of music, and the Junior League program In the evening will use "Motlier" /or its theme. York Cotton NEW YOUK. May 7. (UP)-Cotton closed steady. May Jul. Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. open . 865 . 868 . 371 . 874 . 877 865 B70 874 877 871 884 low close 8C3 854 863 867 86-i 870 877 869 872 877 881 Spots closed .steady at 8S7. off 3. (Mean* Cotton NEW ORLEANS. May 7. (UP)— Cotton futures closed two to four points lower today on weaker foreign markets. open high tow close .. 880 .. 883 Jul. Oct. Dec. •Jan. .. 888 Mar. 892 881 887 888 892 815 878 880 888 690 879a 874b 879 883 888 892 SpoU closed quiet at 882. oft 4. Chicaqn Wheat open high tow close May 81 81 3-4 80 7-8 81 1-8 July 79 79 1-8 79 . 19 3-8 o first-dnss matrl- Hcallh, lopping the list, gives 7 points toward a perfect score. Other qualities scored Include intelligence education, disposition, sense or humor, unselfishness, sense or responsibility, religion, courage, ambition self-reliance, faithfulness, appcnr- ance, common interests, business ability, wealth, arlisltc and eas- thellc Interests, leisure-time Interests, capacity for conjugal affection, family biological Inheritance and age. i Kcvolta Builds Florida Home MIAMI, Fla. (UP)-Decldlng to no near the golf courses here Jolinny Revolta, who with Harry Plcard for three years held the International Four-Ball title is building a new home In'Coral Oables. as a separata deposit so that each district's deposit would be protected to the extent of $5,000 by the fed-' ami agency. Stock Prices NEW YORK. May 7. (UP)-Avia- tlon shares supplanted utilities as market leaders in an irregular higher stock market today. Trading - was -active. A- T. ti T 131 Chicago Corn May 58 68 1-4 57 7-8 58 1-8 Anaconda Cop '83-4 Assoc. D. G .'.'....' "5 7.; Beth, steel 43 Boeing Air 27 3-8 Chrysler w 3 . 8 itles Scrv 10 1.4 'oca Cola 135 Oen. Sec .". 35 j.j Gen. Mot. 32 .'Int. Harvest '.."'. 59 MVfontgomerj' Ward 33 N. Y. Central 13 1-4 Packard 4 Phillips Pet 35 1-8 Radio .......'..'. 2 7-8 Schenly Dlst "| is 1-4 Simmons 10 Socony Vac Oil N. J. .'!...'".', . 1-8 Texas July 691-8 593-8 fi9 59M(u.'s, Corp. Steel 39 1-2 44 1-2 Se«ks $5,215 As Result Of Missouri Road Accident Elvln Finger lias filed suit in -.Ircult court here against Leo MOr" tor Sales, Inc., seeking $5,215 for cersonal Injuries and damage to his Wagon allegedly sustained.when one of the defendant company's cars crashed Into his wagon on Highway 84 between Kennett and Haytl, Mo. Tlie accident occurred on October W, 1937 and the plaintiff charges 'hat negligence of an employe of the defendant was responsible for tlie crash. Shelley I. Stiles of Ca- ntthersvlllc is attorney for the plaintiff. Veterans Buy Goblets For "Last Man" Drink RJDOEPIELD, Conn. CUP) — Thirty-five legionnaires have formed a "Last Man" club wnose survivor will drink a toast to tho memory of his comrades. Each member has a goblet on which his name is engraved and a tiuart of wine has been set aside, for the final toast. WEATHER Arkansas — Cloudy- and cooler, showers in extreme east portion tonight. Sunday partly cloudy, cooler In extreme cast portion. Memphis and vicinity— Thundershowers tonight and cooler; Sunday partly cloudy and cooler. Tlie maximum temperature here yesterday was83,minimum 54.dear- according to samiiel-'F. Morris ojn-' clal weather obsnrer,, .

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