The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 31, 1951 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 31, 1951
Page 10
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FRIDAY, AUGUST 31, 1951 (ARK.) COUHIER NEWS FA Qffi Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams TOO HISH-TOMEO IH TWS EGAD, COO&M OLIVER/ Vfc>O MO6T \MSVT DS -*«• vJE'LL OO W6LL, I WAITED AU. THEM VEARS FOR. ADVANCEMENT TILL. TH' LAST O' THEIR SOf=T JOS RELATIVES PASSEPOUT, AN' SUPPENLY TWO OLP MAID AUNTS MARRIEP A COUPLE OF TH' TOWU LOAFERS. HE'S ONE Of LIFE ft ROLL HOME •~T CAKrt 8e. VEARS AMD SUPOENLV. OUITANP CAME HERE FORA-T06-- THERS MUST BE SOME UARriED ABOUT HALF THE ALPHABET, 6OT UP HERB MY CiFtE SP€LLS OUT TH& REST OP IT; WAITEP TWSKJTY VEARS.TOQ BUT THEY pipN'T BOTHER TOR IT AKID THIS DO TX> 3O MARTHA 16 ALVOAYS OVERWHELM ED TO GREET WAPTEPTILUTH TIME WAS RIPE AND MARRIEP tT. Total estimated hydro power potentialities of Canada are placed at 43,700.000 horsepower. In the land of opportunity. Housewives should have no - dread. For making tasty picnic snacfc* The best to Meyer's Bread! Shoe Repair Helps You Look Your Best Ik EMERALD CRESTED HOOPOE ConilGHT I HI 1Y NU MKVItl. INC out ol ihe dark ami ri-om oefiind. peddlers scrambled up ropes like monkeys to haggle over their trade Benoit cnme and pointed to the after deck, swarming with natives. Vroom was amongst the mob. The big V Eurasion was haranguing an eager r 1 GORGES BENOJT gestured , Sr° u P which listened to him wilh •""• "-- departing Peter avid Mean tourist needs, prided Itself or ' a cuisine with extravagant French nymes and remained blandly con- itent with a sanitary system that I appalled the few visitors who came. Bui it did have all its lower windows barred and had stom doors with locks. Benoit shrugged to the no-longei • postponable duly . "Very well, my friend, it is here that L ask of you the details of our destination and reveaJ to you the Iroth of a businessman's interest in — a bird First, please, the scarce of your information What did your Consul tell you about that other American who died?" H-flLT€RS (UflLITY SMOG SHT. 121 W. M O 1 N ST. after the ^ropm "That one proposed to me once not long ago to take the place of my-partner who died." "He looks capable." Alan Barton laid. "Capable ot 1 do not know what. He Is as you perceive, of the mixed ilood Having the cleverness of •he whites, but by them denied he privileges: having the treachery of the natives, but himself despising them." "Thereby." said Alan, "making } vicious circle of frustration." "1 agree only to the word visions." said Benoit. "Come." He 'ed Alan to the purser who. lor a 'ive piastre note, told them that '/room had booked passage to the >nd of the voyage, to Angkor. "Ha!" Benoit exploded to Alan. 'And he said he was destined for ?nom Penh, the same as we. 11 is I feared. He follows me." "Just what gam* arc you play- ng, Benoit?" Alan asked. "He isn't following you. or anybody, {or some bird eggs." Benoit shrugged with his eye- brcftvs. "You are not a fool. And since there is now a danger, as ota liger's leap, you should know. When we come to Pnom. Penh. I ;hall ask you the location of your interest. "He organizes hunters," Benoit said portentously. "The information then, for which the man died. How was it eon"They look more like bandits." j veyed?" Alan said. | "In a pencil scribbled diary that "But precisely." Bcnoil accepted , *' as m his sa ' et: >' deposit box in ,e fact. "Of al! that concourse h ? , !'' nk - ,'.. • ere are few who would not. Riv- Ah-an. Benoit's hands made the Ihe en opportunity and a leader, be bandits. Why. do you think there are iron gates at each door and companion way? It is not only in China's P,ias Bay that a sudden rush of the yellow ones has captured a whole steamer." "But Vroom wouldn't be organ- wing pirates." "No. He enlists helpen. Of you he is apprehensive." "He's sure complimentary." **No. He enlists helpers. Ob- secret.- Alan thought (hat the promo- X v* Quality READY MIX CONCRETE PHONE 2380 Blocks — Culverts JOHNSON BLOCK CO. HI Htw»7 So. tion from leopard to tiger was apt. "In my business." he told Benoit, "when I'm afraid of a tiger's leap, 1 trap it first If it's too dangerous to trap, I shoot it." Benoit nodded. "But you would shoot it from in front, after a warning. The tiger leaps always In the English rocabMlary tht American term "backyard" is usu,u- ly called « "garden " serve. Fanatics, frustrated ones, haters. From Pnom Penh out w« guard ourselves." pNOM PENH, acrnsi the Cambodian border, was a dying city. A warren of crocked bazaar alleys between huts of brick and of adobe and of bamboo and of flat, beaten kerosene cans; of walled residents of its few whites; of vast old temples of the ancient Khrner who took culture from the Hindus and overlaid it with Buddhism and evolved gigantesque sculptures oul of both. It clung nowadays to its hope of being a river port under a harassed French f administration and bleated feebly for a touris' industry for which it did not knon how to advertise. The hotel, remodeled post-wai for the local conception of Amer evolutions. "'That is why they did not find it in the room that was horoughly robbed. And your compatriot, my friend, had great courage." "Yes. 1 ' Alan was tingling on the edge of»knowing what all this talk )f a dangerous bird might mean. 'He said it was deadly and it ought to be left alone." 'True. But that Is just what [>eople will not do. So then the location remained the only thing that nobody else knew. The location is—?" Benoit's breath chok«d off. . ' "The Ual Prah Keo." • • • gENOIT deflated back Into his chair, trembling, stammering; hi« yellow skin blotchy from suddenly drained blood. "But—but that in impossible! That is the jungle all around these old temples. To search the jungle! It is miles!" "That's where I alway« Snd things. In miles of jungle. Benoil was s * °/. j uckin K breath back into his lungs. Painfully, his head rolled with the effort. He was able to lean forward at last a|d to note the hard grin on Alan's face. "You revenge yourself for that I have so long made a secret! I will tell you now the truth." (To Be Continued) English usage refers to a long- distance telephone call AS a "trunk call." What Don't You Need? d rickety furniture, worn | .clothes. Rshfnjt equlpmrnU Anything on earth that yon don't want Ix worth money In trade* and swaps al H A M | Sales Co. Bring It down— ofl'lt find something you DO H&M Sales Co. 1117 E. Main Phone 6059 Get The Best Car Service! AH Mike* McMlell! No mattei what Kind or car you drlTe rou'll J«re money 0) getting the personal service at r 1 Seay Motor Co We'll care tor vour car a* rou would rourself T. 1. SEAY MOTOR CO. «tli Dtatet rh**» m* Check Your Speedometer! It Will Barf T»i M«nev Are you sur« you: speedometci •pads correctly? It's no excuse loi speeding Come In tomorrow jne day service Lor alt c»ra and trucks. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. rhryiHr-PlTKHith Deilei Ul t. Main Phone 1\IT SHEET METAL WORKS - OF ALL KINDS Custom work for (tins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up to Vi inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broadway Phone 2fiol 225 N. FIRST 'v^fe ^**^**'~-*' ! !?-~ r '- J 4* FRECKLES AND HIS 'FRIENDS By MERRILL Time,for Tattooing YOU MUSTNT <3IV« (OKAY--- IF IT OP. IAPD.' FINISH, yDO£SNT FINISH THE CEREMONY/ ^ ME flRST/ "Now that we're home from tli» cruise, all those peoplo I promised to phone or write don't teem so attractive * after all!" "PRISCTT.LA'S POP HE WHO WOtXC OUR BRCTOER .'.VJ5T SHOW OUR. NOBLE MARKINGS' ON Wntt T|4€ TATIDOW3/ MERE'S WHERE I pur A BEE IN LARD'S Bower--- -OE WITH A KINS-SIZE STIN6ER/ Perils of Parenthood Phone 4161 • MACHINE WORK (All Type*) • LAWN MOWERS All kind mower* and mower engines repaired. • WELDING (Any Type) • Bicycle Repair (Complete line of parts) Authorized Service A Parts for Clinton Engine*. See as! WESTBROOK'S MACHINE SHOP Stepped Up! Gasoline & Tractor Fuel Extra Ml lev Extra Power Get The Best "I Sell That Stuff" G. O. POETZ OIL CO. Phone 2089 FOR SALE Concrete calverU, It inch to W inch, plain nr re enforced. Also Concrete Building Block* cheaper than lumber for harns, chicken houses, pump hoaxes tenant hot]Ken, tool sheds. We deliver. Call as for (re* «i if male. OSCEOUA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phone 691 FOR SALE LUMBER Seaioned Oak & Cypress All Dimensions E. B. Gee Cotton Co. Ph. 2026 or 6645 Piano, Pupils ENROLL NOW Minnie Lee Jones Studio 807 Chiekosawbo Phone 2994 BY AL VERMEER IT'S TURN TO WASM! NO, NO! IT'S YCXJ/? TURN! RATHER THAN LISTEN TO THERE MUST HAVE WASHED LA-STi NIGHT BICKERING, I'LL DO BEEN A 'SMARTER WAY THEM MY-SELF! Those Windshields RY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANS fT'i STUPID- UUMPENJ, ALL RlGMT \ ALA\O5T FORSOT THBSB ARE THB 6HERIPP, TME RNSERPRINT6 TO TELL YOU ABOUT TALLY AND MS WA6 MURDERED' / THEY WAS CLUTCHH? f IN THE HAND4 r- F THE DEPARTED/) 4-$t * CAPTAIN EASY How It Figures BY LESLIE TURNER YEAH...wiMjr,EAsy! EMMETT DROVE OFF I COULDN'T HAYE LET VANCE/<THAS!« JUVTBEFOCE \CUJTHeS,WEU DRIVEN'MAUYWKERE AMANPOPPf-tn AN'ISOTBACKJN IU FBOM ACHOSS\ TIME TO HIPS TH' THEAU-EVTO k CAaBVTWM! J LEFT HERE AFTER VAI1CE* ABtllVED... MO WONDEB V GO* H i "3U MAY BE RI6HT.EASY! YOU'RE UPSET.' *XJ / WE HEARD WO PBOWLBBS GOT LOCKEDTHECAR N A NEIGHBOR'S V WASN'T E) HE'S COM I US HOMM TOMORROW, AND I HAVE THE KEY I 6O THEfSE WASTIW.E TO PUT THE CAR > WHERE H6'D KBPT IT TWO WEEKS WHtt pRETENPIWiS fO BEOUTWESr...AlSOTa\ BUGS BUNNY No Peeking I'VE BEEN V VA ITON'T PIET1NS FOR ) LOOK NO TWO WEEK*.'/ 6K1MN1EK ALLEY OOP Wise Up. Foozy! BY V. T. HAMLIN I'WeoSH.OORYOU I T SPOTTED ir SUKE SOT CLASS.' y TOTTERIN' DOWM WHERE'DYOU ^ A SIDE STREET... PROMOTE TH' /( SHOOK TH' HAYOUT PLUSH AM' ) .1 AN- HEP;E i AM, A BRASS? y/^V FUULCOLOIMEL.' WELL,I MUST5A.Y /OUWETARVOLJr: I Otl.I RANK WITH UMPTY-DUMPrv MA SWANK Y'KNOW t VVOUND UP THAT HITCH A , FULL ADMIRAL.' PAKCX3M ME ft-l INCEEDULOUS NOTElV'MEAN r ! 5AYYOLIKAN A BOftT? NOT"BOAT,"YOU LUBBER- "SHIP("AMD NOT JUST ONE, t HAD COMMAND OF A WHOLE/ THAT . FLEET... J MUST BE HIM...HE'S IOADH). 1 BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Discouraging BY EDGAR MARTIN

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