The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 23, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 23, 1947
Page 11
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 23, 1!M7 BIA'THKVILUO (AUK.)' COUH1KH NKWS PAGE ELEVEN New Arkansas Laws Analyzed Much of Legislation Pertinent to Farming And to Industry A\ luminary has been prepared by tiS'JVrkansns Economic Council- State Chamber of Commerce of tho more important general acts pass ed by the Arkansas General Assembly (luriii;; its 54lli session, and fcvcral of llicsc deal Mitli agriculture, i( was disclosed today. A total of 430 hilts passed both houses and 'SB met with gubernatorial vetoes. The summary of acts preunrcr' by the Economic council follows: Act No. 17 (S.U. 7) To pcnnii Arkansas drainage districts lomakx improvements in aid of flood con trol, to procure rights of way, am lo give assurance to federal goV' eminent as to maintenance. Ran Dumping on Highways Act No. 27 I H.B. 881 TO prohib! the deposit of offensive matter 01 highways or private properly o another. Act No. 44 <II,n. 11G) Hequirill! municipal corporations to prepar conspicuous sign displaying th name thereof and visible to person traveling by air. Act No. 45 <H.n. 137) To provide free motor vehicle license registration for Church buses. Act No. 40 (11.13. 1S2) To provide that when liability insurance is carried by any non-profit or co- opcrativc organization, or by any state "or municipal agency, not subject to suits for tort, thai a direct action may be brought and ""lintainKl against the liability in- 'A'^nce company issuing and writ- ing-jfych liability insurance policy for^tfijury (o persons or property caused by negligence. Act, No. 49 (H.B. 17) To provide for collection of premium taxes to be paid by foreign anil alien insurance companies. Act No. 50 (II.B. 70) To regulate making, filing;, and approval of premium rates for fire, marine, and inland marine insurance. Act No. fi'a ( S. B. i>8) To retiuire employers collecting moncv fron 'Wife-Hunter nlcs. Airline stewardess Mary Disoway captures Gus, swan from a Glendaie, Calif., park, to IIy him lo Egypt, Mass., where Gus will pick a new v.'ifo at n swan farm. His mate died recently and some swan experts suy Gus and a female swan would light unless he chooses her himself. ad valorem tax as a source of income for state purposes. Act No. 115 (S.B. 181) To levy and collect during year 1948 (1947 taxes due in 19481 of a state tax of G'.i mills on each dollar of assessed valuation of taxable property in Arkansas. ' Act No. 110 (S.B. 51) Providing lor regulation of rates for certain casualty insurance, and for regulation of rating organizations. Act No. 121 (S.B. 223) Providing for purchase and installation of electric roll-call system in House. Act No. 123 (S.B. 124) Fixing rates on legal advertising. Act No. 127 (H.B. 123) To abolish Bauxite Commission and transfer employes for group insurance lo " s functions to Resources and Deplace insurance in authorized companies or bo deemed agents of any unauthorized insurance company in which insurance js carried. Act No. li(i (S.B. 59) Milking it H misdemeanor to change or alter in any manner the identification or certification of certified agricultural field seed, cotton or cotton lint. Act NO. 87 (S.B. 23) Providing for in recovery of expenses incurred survey of land so'.d for taxes. Act No. 88 I S.B. 30) To amend Act 17 of 1345 for vacation streets an t i alleys. Act No. 89 <S.B. 134) To regulate transfer and sale of stock of railr&ii^ corporations awning prop- crtif^^vithin the state which have hcen or may he abandoned. Act No. 90 (S.B. 135) To provide for appointment of receiver of any velopment commission. Act No. 131 (H.B. 228) Authorizing state proceedings for i-ecovery of penalties from foreign corporations doing business in Arkansas illegally. Act No. 135 (S.B.10C) To increase exemptions allowed under Arkansas income tax laws. Act No. 130 (S.B. 107> To levy a privilege tax upon nil producers engaged in severing natural re- railroad corporation which ha.s, or may abandon operation of properties. Act No. 91 fH.B. 35) Making it unlawful to possess more than one gallon of liquor in dry territory. Act. No. 04 ffl.B. isfx) Providing for counter signature by n surely or sureties of withdrawal orders of any or all monic-s or assets in tho hands of any party of \\hom a band is required and where such assets or monies are held as trust funds. To Abolish Ad Valorem Tax Act. NO. 05 (H.B. 1441 To permit commissioners of drainage districts to purchase, lease, or rent machinery, equipment, and material to be used in improving ditches in districts. • v • 1 " Act No. 108 (S.B. 101) To clarify law governing taxes on spirituou: liquors and beer. Act No. 110 (S.I3. 108) To abolish as of December 31. 1017, the sources. Act No. 13!) (S.B. 113) Providing of for promotion of safety in coal I mines. Act No. 153 (H.B. 15) Pertaining o attachments against, property of )on-residents. Act No. 155 UI.B. 1GD) Pertaining o investments of domestic insurance companies. Act No. 15G (H.B. 170) Insurance Act No. 180 (S.n. 112) Hcuulnt- ing where action shall be brought in suits for Insurance. Act No. 181 (S.B. 143) Levying a tnx of onc« half of one cent per pound on the sale of honey. Acl. No. 182 (S.B. 1-18) 1-H-iini; venue of actions for damages. Act No. 189 (S.B. 2011 (.ilvlnu cities the right to establish and maintain ports, harbors, and terminals. Act No. 199 (H.B. 279) To prohibit livestock from running at large In certain counties. Act No. 205 (H.B. 08) Pertaining o sale of liquor. Act No. 20li (H.B. 99) pprlainlii'; to illegal transportation of liquor. Acl No. 208 (S.B. 278) Providing or redemption of Series B lioad Oistrict refunding bonds. Act No. 214 (S. B. 229) To pro- I'lde for payment of corporation fees. Act No. 215 (S.U."n2) Fixing le;al holidays. Act No. 210 <S. B. 289) IVl'tain- Ing to reassessment of benefits in any drainage or levy district. Act No. 218 (S.U. 2471 Authorizing court admissibilily in evidence of photographically reproduced records. Acl No. 222 (II,B.- 197) Pertain- In to bids on highway contracls. Act NO. 232 (H.B. 308) To prohibit insurance rebates. Act No. 239 (S.B. 375) Clarifying payment of severance tax. Act No. 322 (H.B. 348) To permit operation of municipally owned or operated hospitals in cities of the first class. Act No. 323 (H..B. 211) To define embezzlement of properly of a bailee. Act NO. 328 (H.B. 342) To give Chancery courts authority to reduce improvement district assessments in cities and towns. Act No. 329 (H.B. MR) To regulate manufacture and snlc of cottonseed meal and fertilizer. Act No. 335 (H.B. 413) Pertaining to Income tax returns. Act No. 336 (H.B. 429) Pertaining to severance tax reports. Act No. 337 (H.B. 441) Authorizing leasing of land of minors or persons of unsound mind. Act No. 340 (S.B. 37) To enable ourts of equity lo dissolve eslales Act No. 343 (S.B, 117) To es'.ab- sh means ot identifying by label- ig Arkansas-grown peaches, to- latoes, strawberries, Irish potatoes ml apples. Act NO. 344 (S.B. 131) To rcgll- ale vending machine business. Act No. 347 (S. B. 22G) Providing or service of process in civil suiU pon non-residenls of Arkansas. Act No. 350 (S.B. 264l To provid( or health safeguards in induslria •stablishmcnis. Suits Against Co-ops Alithiiri/cd Act. No. 351 IS. B. 291 I To abolish :crtain taxes, licenses, and fees. Act No. 302 (.S.B. 367) To permit. filing or actions against co-opcra- .ivcs for torts. , Act No. 308 (H.B. 20C) To provide for creation of stock law districts by election. Act No. 3G9 (H.B. 208) Perlainim; o appointment of fiuardiiins. Act No. 310 UI.B. 215) TO rCBU- ale Issuance of I'himtii'urs license. Ael No. 371 UI.B. 229) J'ei-lnluiiie o drainage districts. > , Act No. 373 ( HIO) To s|)0- ily the recovery in suits lor un- awful detainer. Ac: No. 335 50) To require .xieabs to curry liability Insiir- lr.ce or give bond. Acl No. Mil (S.U. 145) To levy in estate tax In Arkansas equal lo he amount of (he ledenil credit Ulc.wablc. Act No. 3D1 <S.B. 2031 I'lescrtb- ng penalties for possession of illicit stills and for nnlaulul manufacture l ' ill 'V " I Ael No. ul s:ills mid liquors. Act No. 392 227) Iti'Kuliitluu Of in\icabs. Art No. -jg;t is.1), 235) Licensing operators an ( i chauffeurs. Act No. 31H (S.B. 242) CollccrnliH: ri'pisiiatlon mid translers of sivin lili-s. Aci N<i. 3% (S.ll. 2.19) Ciovcrn- Inu deposits <if public funds. Acl No. Li!>7 IS.I1. 313) To codify the .securities law. Ael No. 308 us. 11. ;tl'li itclatlng ui mieiii])loymeiH compensation, admhnsli alton. Acl No, :i!HI (S.11. 317) Ti> cerlain laws relating to Issuance of slnle bonds, and lo validate outstanding bonds, 415 (H.B. 2-70) Governor molor fuels outside .. . the voaillun of cosmetic, ttie- y cull lire. (S.I!. 38J) To repeal Act No tut; .sale stale. Act No. 410 (S.ll. 287) To iiii- Ihorlw translei of licenses for vehicles for hire. Ael No. -12:1 (S.ll. M!>> To ri'iiu- lale sate, possession, and trunspor- talton of splrlluiius, vinous and * | mult muor.s or bcvernties. Acl No. 428 (H.I). 31)3) I'ertuln- Inn to small estates. Acl No. 421) (11.11. HID UcBUlnt- luj; Issuance nf wholesale penults for sale of liquors. made a swell buy, my dear!' G contracts for minors. Act No. 158 (H.B. 224) Eliminat- y necessity of executing affidavit or statement under oath in filing of income tax returns. Act No. 103 (S.B. 861 To authorize [Division of Forestry to offer general fnrrestry udvice concern ing management of private fores lands. Act No. 165 (S.B. 199) To VCgll late sale, transportation, storagi and utilization of liquefied petrol cum gases. ' Act No. 1G7 (S.B. 200) Crcatin a Port Authority. Act No. 171 (tl.n. 193) To rcgll late sale of insepticides, fungicides rodcnticides, and wecdicidcs. Act No. 112 (H.B. 217i Rcquirln: filing of evidences of title to state ow'lled realty. Tax Levied on Honey Act No. 173 (H.B. 213) Prcscrit ing qualification of trust compu .You'll feel fit in Hanesknit You will like the comfort :md long wear of Huucs Underwear. Your wife will appreciate the fine knitting, the values mrulc possible by 45 years of experience in the knitting business. 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