The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 9, 1936 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 9, 1936
Page 7
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THURSDAY, JULY 0, 193G BLY'i'HKVIU.K. (ARK.) COUIUKH NHWS 1'AGE .SEVEN m/i GET WHAT CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dailj rale per line tor coiisecu- Hve Insertions: One time 1*1 DOB I0c Two times per Hue per day .. 08c Uonlh rale per lino BOc Minimum charge 600 "luce times per line psi day . 06s Elx times per Hue per da: .. 05c Salesmen Wauled Business Directory THANTHAM TRANSFER CO. Moving 50c room up. Pianos $1 up. PHONE 984 MAN WANTED for Hawlcigh Iloiile In Ccnlrnl MKstesiii'ii, South Pemiseot (Mo.) Counties. Blytheville. Write linincdkitely. liawlelBh Co.. Dept. AKG-27-SAC, Memphis. Tenn., or .see Ciill Crawford. 1H E. Muin St., Bly- thevlllc, Ark. For Sale' WARDROBE TRUNK. ABLE. Call 45. RBASON- D-ck-M Slightly used factory boat and late model Johnson Sea I torse 12 h.p. outboard motor, yood shape. $100 cash. Paul Byruni. 9-ek-lf FOR SALE by miner, ':<•! Chevrolet Sedan. Casli only. 501 Lumerate. EC kl3 Good Used Trucks 1M4-VU, Hi ton (ruck 1934 Chevrolet Hi ton truck 1A!) International !',» Ion truck & trailer 1C35 Intei national 1'i Ion Iruck & trailer li ton Intcrnationnl Pick Up TERMS Delia Implements, Inc. GoJ.l Used Coal Oil STOVE, L'lione 727, Mrs. Charles Brigiit. Cp klO 50 Day seed corn. Golden Glow. $250 per bushel. J. M. Crockett, Klcclc Auto Company, Inc., Slecle, JIo. a-p-d-10 Keep Kcol With Huutcf Elcclric Fans Hubbard Hdw. Co. Ship by J. W. 1'AItKlilt TK1ICK IJNK 1/ciwndabtc Dally Service to and )• i Din Mcmpbls Keep Freight Money at Home Call 127 803 W. Ajh St. WK HIIV IIIDKS & ALL KINDS AIETALS We Sell Coal. Wood nnd Kindling Give Us a Trial and Hi 1 Satisfied Blytheville Fuel Co. 118 S. Hallroad St. Dance Every Night At '.he Silver Moon Newly Remodeled Good Music Most delijhlfiil Night Clulj he- twecn Memphis and St. Louis. Good narbecuc E. BAILEY, Mgr. Get the benefit of summer priees. Fill Up Now . My Coal Is Black But 1 Treat You While LOCAL tlAUUN'G JOHN BUCHANAN'— rilONK 101 Highest Prices Paid For Used Furniture Wade Furniture Co, FOR SALE fi room house, b:Uh. Large lot. Across from hieh and grade schools. Cheapest taxes in town. Could tic made into apartment. 809 Chickasawba. clli tf Real Estate For Sale or Kent ._ , l! ; j Acre ground & good house on N. Franklin. J. W. Alley. 2-pk-9 Jilt. VETERAN! Here is n chance to invest your bonus money \visely. GOOD 53-acre tarnt near St. Louis. CHEAP. TERMS. T. F. Elder, Care Bell Cafe, West Memphis, Ark. For Sale or Trade—My home at 010 W. Main. Bargain. Mrs. S. S. stcrnberg. Call 98-1. Eggs, Poultry Cash Feed Store Pays Top Prices For Eggs & Poultry 301-303 E. MAIN Mrs J. J. Davis—Spencer Corselicrc Call 421-W for appointments WANTED—ALL KINDS JUNK Scrap Iron, $3 to 55 ton Aluminum, lOc Ib. Brass, 2c to 4VjC Ib. Copper ".Virt, 4c. to So Ib. Radiators, 4',4c Jb. HIDES & FUKS WOLF ARIAN PHONE 11B 128 E. MAIN THIS CURIOUS WORLD rC- PREHISTORIC SEA LIZARD. KNOWN AS ICttTHVOSAURUS, HAD THE LAKG-EST ' TAKES ABOUT TV TO PEACH LEAVES TO DEVELOP ONE GOOD PEAOH- ALL THE CREATURES THAT EVER LIVED/ THEY WERE AS LARGE AS A MAN'S HEAD. N ' 0 " r '' ls 'why clvcn (hut Hie <- 1 OllllUl S Slom'r ol ItOmilll'S Of tllC S(1 ,, ( , of Avkllns . ls llas iS5m , (] ., lx ,,.. mil l<> Dr. W. II. Vouun uml ]|i 1( ;h ciu-iTy to soil mill ilLsjiouw Vilnius or - v l>liilmius llciuur.s for Ix'VcriiK- 1 :U retail oil llu> pivmisos rtrsmljwl ; >s 4IB \V. Ash SI,. HlylliL-vlllo, Ark. Tills ix'inill kijimt on ltii> 1st dny of July, lilliii, tnul oxniivs (in • Hie 30lli day of JIIIIP, \3'iT. 5P? UNITED STATES ' " \'i \ '•DEPART/^pJNT-OF AGRICULTURE \ \ ESTIMATES''THAT.; INSECTS'DESTROY ABOUT 775V f>ER CSVT OF AU_ CROPS PRODUCEO". ,.,„,,„„ W. II. Yomi'j. ::-J utjt'ou Nolln- Is iii'ivliy Kli'uii Iliiit llu 1 ttmi'llLsslOHPI- Of HirmilK'S »r till' HI all' of Arkansas lids IKMIC>;| n permit (<i Marvin Kobmsoii in soil and (HsiU'inc vinous or .simllinnis liquors for liovuruBO al retail on the promises ilfM-rlb.'d as ICoWitvni K:isL End i'lmvmary. IllvttU'ilIU', Ark. tin' 1st day nf jiuiiiary, 1(1:17. Marvin HoWnvm. '1-0 1.11)1101! Nolliv is IlL'lvlly (jln'n tl)»l lllc C-'ciiiinlKsioiU'i- of ItniMinjs of the fili<li> o( Arkansas ha.s Issued a |ier- i"it lo li. K. Sim us lo .sell and dis|H'uss> vinous or spirituous, II- [quors (or I):>VRIB<> at rclail on IH'j I im'iiiisrs dc-srribcil as 10U Soutli | Division, lilylhcvillc. Ark. Tills permit Issued on the 1st rtuy SWIM Al",t, DAY I'or Klc - Ifu: Chicago Mill Pool. of July, TOG,' uml expires on the 30111 day of Julie, 1037. II. S. Simmons. K-3 I.HIUOK I'HItMIT Notice • |.s hereby given tnut Hie Coinnilsf.loni'r of Roveiiui's of the Hlalc of Arkmms lui.s tusiiwl u pi:i-- nill In Jnsepli T. CMBle lo sell uiul ill?|X'iisr vinous or .sjilrlluoiu Mq- uois for hevcrnijB at rct;ill on Ih-j pri'inljTS lU'surllwil us 40714 West Main St., Hlylhn'IIIe. Ark. Tills permit issued on t1w> |sl dny of July, ma. anil exphvs on Ihc. 1 3Clh day ol June 1037. Joseph T. Casle. 'l-\l Atesaiuler Ctriihnm Bell did mil inuki- I lie first (elcplioiie. Tlu> model was innrtc' by Thoinau A. Walson. Hell's iisslslanl. Fishermen Get Bait With "Auomat" Service Heart Conner News Clnsslllcd Ads. The. Ichthyosaurus lived in Ihe Jura.^ic peiio:!, snine 100 million Mt. Lassen is the nrst volean'b to erupt within the l;ordera of continental Unit«l States since prehistoric limes. H went into action In 1914. and continued until 1918. Since thai lime there have been small stream outpourings from time lo lime, but of late (here are slrong sifns of a new eruption. NKXT: How far ean NOHTIIAM1TON, Muss, (lit') — !'lslii<rlnen too Jimy lo tllg their i own bait nucd only lo go lo Iho' . "untonmt" ill Herman P. Doii- yiutTs barber shop, drop In a coin, I (inn n rrnnli, Hint n clinln of worms will:pop oiil. | Donym'il, who constructed lhi>' M!OI tnnrlilnr, used to dli; ihu worms hiinsrll. Dill so ilomi.shiii!; I was business Unit iu> liad lo lilro' 10 children u> colled (he bull. | •Dr S ; Wert & Wert OPTOMETRISTS Over Joe lEiincs' Etori/ " "WE MAKK 'KM SEK", Phone 5(0 "~ — (I'MR S V/lllJ UI Onliiimvhin their skins, spiders ('.row new ones about nine limes in Hie course of a lifetime-. lai'.liTltK! * ~Ac'KTvi,K"NK~ WASH HI) WELDING AT HEST 1>HIC1JS5 PROMPT BKRVICK |BarksdaleMfg ? Co. ' PIIONl'MO GRAVEL PIIONK 700 Superior Coal <)>; iMiniiif; Co And we liamllc all l-e.iilln;,' liniul of llltli Ciado Cual— Sinnltt,.. deal Heart, lliilllant, niunlleclln, etc. RADIO REPAIRING A Complete Unit ot Tubca Bud l'»rti fl UK BARD Tilt 1C * BATTKUY CO. rUONE Ft 8RKVICE STATION ' 'FOR YOUR C'ONVKNIENCE' SINCLAIR GAS AND MJIIKICATION WYSH I'KIIUY In clmrgc of Sen-ice Depiuimcnt. I.. II. JOHNSON, in climse oi' Hotly Department. —UATTKHV SliKVICH —RADIATOR REPAIR —BODY WORK —HvNDlill WORK —<il,AfiS INSTAI.I.HIl —AUTO I'AltTS W. T. BARNEH AUTO SALES DoJce A 1'lyniouih •• Dealer I'HONE 888 Now Located at 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, rroprlclor All iimhci in rebuilt Typewriters, Adding Macnlnc* tad C« culalore—Kcpalrlng— Parts—)tlbb«n> HEAR! HEAR! If you have n btirinl iissoeialioh ccrUCiciito of'" iuiy kiml on your loved oiien when they jiaus • inviiy, we will nccopt it ill full value on Uic funcuil, provided you buy 113 much ;is ?GO or im.te in niei-cmuulisu. COBB FUNERAL HOME : i'HONIi; 2(i * We Make All Sizes of j Airplane Type Fans A few used desk fans for sale cheap Barksdale Mfg. Co, ill E. Main Agents Wanted AGENTS WANTED Sell Blue liidgc Mountain Mineral for high blood pressure, kidney, bladder and stomach troubles. Mor.ths treatment —One Dollar. The Ore Tone Co., Hnntsville. Alabama. Gp k!3 Lost $5 REWARD for return of ladies' Wrist Watch, white yold, set fclue w.pphirc.s and diamonds. Palace Cafe. Gp k9 For Rent 7 room lious-e. 300 M. Ninth. J. T. Alford. Phone 8G5-W 0-ck-M Newly decorated APARTMENT on Kentucky Avc. Call 761. tfc ktf 3 loom ITJIIN1SIIED apartment, - garage. C03 W. Main. Phone G42. 6-p-k-13 Fur. Aiiarlmcnl in Shane Duplex al 1111 West Ash. Call 197 or 571. 23-ck-tt At 1122 W. Main. Ten Room House. to one party, or will divide into two apartments. Call 312 or 803-J. J. II. Smart. 30-ck-lt 5 room Kurnishe;! Apartments. Cheap. E. M. Eaton, 713 Chick.i- sawoa. 23-ek-!f Six room mifnrnisliert house. !)03 E. Clierry. Phone 7m. 10-ck-tf Found Small male lone; haired doc. (an with black markltiss. Rtraved liern Wcdtiretlaj 1 . J. L. Flake. 310 S. Division. 3-p-k-10 Personal j Always in the Market (or SCRAP IRON WOOL Rags, Meial, Hides & Bones niytheviltc Iron & Metal Co. 221 W. Cherry Call 448 Wall Paper SALE i936 PATTERNS THEARKMO LUMBER CO. I'hune 40 Barber Shops HOLTS BARBER SHOP 101 South 2nd St. HAIRCUT 20C. SHAVE 15c Bath—Close 8 p.m.—Shine Wanted To Buy USED FURNITURE lor house. O B. Wilson, lie s. Broadway. O-pk-14 Help Wanled Wnnlcd: Ladies lo make a religions cnnvnss of Blyt'ncvillf, r>0 days work, $75 salary. Answer nt once. "C" care Courier News. Position Wanted AUTO LOANS sh Advanced — Cnnndentlal IMVMKNTS RKDUnrW r ' ; -^K;neivi. ,;iif;: 'jriug car rmd ti-aMcn rard nloiu. U. W. MULLINS try Bld£. Phone 435 EXPERIENCED STENOORAPHKK and Bookkeeper wnnls position. iGood rcicrences. Eleaiioi SmUh, 1315 W. Main. Call 335-W. k2J Halt cries BETTER BATTERY SERVICF. Call J. B. Chine At Tom Jackson's Service Station IIUHK COfllKS AN AXK! AH- I AM IW LUCK-LOO IS ') LEAVING THE CAVE - WOW \ I CAM GET WHAT I WAKJT / WITHOUT AROUSIMG -/ 5USPICIOW - 1 MUSTA BEEN CRAZY TO HAVE LET OOOLA GO BACK INTO' SAWALLA UVMITH ALL THEM MUGS .^ OUT HUWTIW "US- GRAB AMD I MUST HAVE AU AXE, ALSO-AWD THERE ISWTAWAXEIU j THIS-CAVE-MOW, f, WHERE )% -Mil THERE-I'D LI TAKE ALL OF THIS BUT THIS WILL Bl ABOUT ALL I CAW CONVF.UIEMTLV BOOTS AND HER liUDIHKS - v.ou - ? HOME. ???-ow ov. \ A BY NE* 5?RMCC. IjilC.' T.WB[C'?E' Sf OFF WASH TURNS TUUNlNcr'niK TAIJLKS! ~~ \ MR. XARAT I'fA ' /OBOY, WON'T VOU CWCH IT', Trtevn, rxcoRN h ' , CMJGKT WIHl 'tut GOGViS WOT'Lf- MISt PICKtr SAV, FRKflKT.KR AND HIS KIMENOS WHAT'S IN A NAMH? GEE, FELLAS^ WE'VE RWALLV GOT' CXJR BETTER LErVE THE: WAME JUST AS FT IT'S A SMALL BQAT ASJD ''&!'(' SURE, IT'S A GOOD [DEA 'I'Jf'fi if ^klfi rr U/AC? cr\/LTLi A fT OUGHTA HA V /E A SELVES A BOAT.' / \vHAT IS... IT'S REGiSTEPfD K'AME THAT'D MAkE IT LJSIDERTKAT NAME... SEEM BIG ! LErs OIL GOOD IDEA WHEW X HAD IT.'.' LIFE-LOWG AM- {• COMMA J AKlD YOU'LL SAVE ITTHE COLOSSAL''.' ( ''SOLITA' OR BfTIOM TO CAVhl IV CALL MAME: rr •HAS.' YOURSELVES A LOT DONT M3U THISJK THAT'S SOMETHIMS \ A GOOD IDEA, MR . BUCK? PRETTY LIKE . ; .' / =«. \^W,}^—< ^ ls&r>: QTJJS BfAf'i'.S^^CE.. l>f_e.._ T. » CEC.]T5 FAT.A

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