The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 31, 1951 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 31, 1951
Page 9
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FACE TEN BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, AUGUST 31, 1OT1 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION D»llf r»n p*t lint tot eof.ieciiilv* inMrilonr Minimum charge ................ We 3 llmf« pet 1ln« p<r day ~. ...... !>o 3 limn p*r Lin* per da? ...... * c 6 time* per tin* per d«f ....... 7e 13 lime* p«T Lln« p*r da; ..... Ac Mnnih p*r line *>c Couni five c»f raR? wordu to th» ilnr >d ordered for three or »U llmen and ««opi>ed betnre etplrntlon will he rharfi- #rt for iht nLimtm of nme« iht ad •ppftRifd «nd adliislinenl of hill ni»rf* All cUMlfled ndTeMiKlng copj *uh- mm*!4i bj perAon* renldliu mnmd« of Ihe fllj mnut br> arcompanlerf by cash Rated m«r e**ilj b» computed from the Ahote tuble •ertlon* trA-rf ihf onr Urn* Uble. No re?pon"lhllltj will he tnKen for more Ihf.n one inrorrecl Insertion ol •njr clA^slftea «d AIL *d* nrf- r«>Rtrlci»rt To then propffi eliuiflcMlon myle and t?p« The the re]er* unj ad Services Machine.-! repaired, all makes. Blylheville Machine Shop Phone 2828. 3-6 ck tf! Watch and Jewelry Repair l-DtiF »rrTlcr on Jewelry— S rt»y» wMrhM »nd dork* Ou>rant**r] work donr hy f*p*r* r»pftlrm*n l^nwMt "PAT O'BRYANT Main A Second RADIO & TV SERVICE Tour MI on the blink? POT f*s» «trv ice call Uanagei Car] 1/mK M BLYTHKVIU.K Television A Radio Service Il4!i * Ultn rhanr J7» tor Rent 3 rm furn. ftp... fEfclrlr teHrhrn. 10R i W Ky . ph. 3109, . R29 pk fl 1 NlrMy rmn. •* room apt Klr^trle •tovc and FrtBirtairf PIS Ash. Ph, 2554. "•Tmom imf. Apt. pr!vM«* bath Newly decornt^d. W3I ARh, Ph. M31 5 room unlurnlshrrt »T>' recemlj redecorated. PH. 2350 or *m ^ ^ Modern 1-room (urnlnhwl apartment C.ll 865 or «"S _ W <*_»< Small Apartments, furnished. JJ8 up per week. Bedrooms fl'up single. 114 Went AsK, Ph. 2833. 8-4 ck tf New tmfur.. 3 l«r?* room* »nd buth. tll« tlcxirc Open d«llr 5308 W Rosr Ct Ph B101-M53 «;il P* >i'l Modi-rn < room dupl". Bedecoralwl. eluctrlc Vttrhfn. vacunl Mondny. W. M«)n. GMTSf O. V»tn, J-tl. « ' TYPEWRITERS • DON EDWARDS CO 111 W w»lnul Phon. UN Plenty of Parking Space For So/e, Misc. T I 3 room tnd bath Turn. apt, t\ff.. kitchen, all redernrnleri, rlean n* » pin, Adult* only, ph. 31PS nr 1H12. B. F. GOODRICH SPECIAL 35 Piece socket wrench st>t, ! regularly f 2!).9f>, now ?24.95. ' All other hardware reduced B. F. Goodrich Co. -117 W. Main Ph. B3.T1 8-31 ck 1 3 room.npt. in duplex, 525 N. Division. Electric ran^e «nrl refrigerator, private entrances, screened porches and gnr- »ge. 8-31 pk 9-7 FIIT. »p».. » roonm and tmlh «l«e- trln rKfrtgerBtor. K"« fqutpm«n». Rood fumltum. 1M W C»fll. Ph 3373 r. •lm<m. . ; 11« ck »t Auto Suppliei and S«ryJcet nd»ng«r yo'ir family «lth fjulf.' tlro»— HOT LFK TIRrS. - CHAPMAK SmVICl 8T« [TON Mftln ftntf DlTUlnn PhoAK IMS . 11113 ek If RlfTbMl prtCM paid lor wrerke<l or burned automobiles. 1640 or l*t«r model!. Wmdi Autn SKlTRtie. Ph 3785. «.» ck o.n . DID YOU. KNOW?"" W« hMi «Tery mimbBr Irnnimli- •ton IOT Ford. Chevrolet, unrt Ply- mrmtn XBU-19.M models. Wade Atito ». ph 37BS S!fi ek ff|8 ATTTO AMD rURNITtJRB IOANB Prompt PerAQnM Senrlc* •«ncr«l ContrBct PurctiJe Corp 1M South Stb Phan* «803 CHAMBLIN SALES CO. IUnr«»4 * Ash rhnne. Mil Ti«r rrtcnrtlj Stndtbsktr Oemler All MAKIS- • AH MOflU PICKUP TRUCKS 131" FORT) V-j -Ton Pickup, rr <J color .... a good, nlran truck ........ in (7 OIKVKOI.KT Plckvip with 1-sprcrl Wat color mn noi>i;r Pickup that's a vrry Konri buy , , , red color ..... . ........ 1919 STUDKBAKKH A onr-imner pickup in A-l condition! , . tan color .......... 1319 S A heavier ^4-Ton Irtick at a barsaln: . , . rrri color $695 S745 $895 $945 $845 CSKU TRUCK ifV.AIiqiJARTERS If y«iu want to sell or buy USED FURNITURE HP. us. Arnold & Gaines «06 East Main Ph. 6357 2-26 ck tf Need A Truck? PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. HAS YOUR BEST BUYS 1948 FORD 1949 Chevrolet . .This i/j-Ton I'ickup is In mij;hly nice condilion . . .new paint, loo. . . $695 1946 FORD A '/j-'l'on Pickup ci|iiip- ped wilh a good healer . . . .voiir fiest buy. . , Take a drive in this 1/1- Jon Pickup. . .now at a money-saving price... $895 1947 Chevrolet Save trade money now and for this l/j-Ton .. .a( Phillips, $645 $795 1950 Chevrolet 1948 GMC Here's a heavier, ;{/ 1- Ton Pickup at Phillips' bargain price. . . This I i/ 2 -Ton Cab & Chas- • sis Truck is another on« of your hesl buys.., $995 $750 Broadway & Chickaiawba nmpnmj Phon* 4453 don't waste soybeans, get a MAYRATH loader and GLEANER combine now from... Jack Robinson Implement Co. 0*ct.l«, Dial 520 — llytheville, Dial 2371 WANNA BUY A PACHYDERM?—A sort of "whit* elephant" is "Marpn-ol." s 20-j-ear-old Indian cow elephant at Clierfin'-lnn, KnRlnncl. Margaret, seen with attendant, Monica Guhhy, carries her own "lur-sale" sign. Circu« trained, she is being sold to make way for younger blood. . . For Rent H«/p Wanted •5 room modem tio»is«, Ph. 4413. MM. Compton. close In. Couple Wanted: Rxpertenced Saleslady for bedrooms. Dry Good* store. Good pay. steady 31 pk 7 Job. Apply STLVERFIELD'S DEPT. . i i. .. S T °R*. OSOEOI.A. ARKANSAS. for So/e, Real Estate Save Money When You Buy _ Sell — Trade Used Furniture GUN HARRISON & SON FURNITURE CO 517 \V. Ash Ph. 2 fi52 8-2 ck tf feelf-serTlc» tavindrj, i I/»t. building '"<* "I'llpmeru. »lth good mulntm Irte.l tor couple. Kelt locMlotl In town Priced to «ell guy n o« «nd get ben«- "t or Ml «nd winter bmlneu Ph «W7 or "*« H H. Qiirnett. 31t» or 32:1 N. . Ic « cre.m und MndwlclT.hop. P!en- tT equipment 3f.ii, (j neoole n f ,t locution. tStn.OQ down or woi'lrt Ir.rt. -wh»t h»ve joi, other blislnes. re»- «m for .elllng. Phon« 87. Manila. Ark. Cypress lumber cut to or- iler, G. G. Flowers, Pli. R363 8-25 pk S-26 Ston equipment. Ml Luke or c«tl ™ 4> 877 pk B J i w W, Ajh St.. ph. 9898, ld "' Che»p 8:28 pk S4 3 or 4 room Kero«en« heater Onort mndltlon. A Rargaln. Contntl aeoree Cl«rk^«l 4401 or 43H. R|2S dh „ Ooe Minn tee crenm mHchlne 31 a eallon cunnclly. will luke rtrsl »3.ln If Intereslett call 6fl03. R 2R ck PS HnwlOR marhlne* \\> have 5ever»l F<wrt tiRed mRchtne* st n harcRln Phone filXM. IW1 South Third on riall- roftd. NECCHl SEWING CIRCLE. R 29 r* If hal h For SM«: 119 scrro nenr Old*on. rerT hf M ot InniJ; uootl 1 -room modern bo USB with Ttimacp Heal; two olhel on gravel rndri, with tloclrlclty *nrt school bn» ^frirlre An cxccltcnl P "" " or write J W. ni, MO.. RT 1. BADERSVILLE; On CALL LILBOUHN ic of our hrst «ri1vp f*>nlnrrft I »th*. lwo cur K» Sef or c^ll Ma» Ph. 2t>,14. Real Estate Farms—City Property LOANS 'rented In Buying Noble Gil! Agency REALTORS — Cecil Earls — Glcncoe Bldg. Ph. 68fi8 1,30 ck it LAND FOR SALE SPKC1AL 80 acres in Pemiscot County, Mo., on concrete highway '/> mile. Has a good main residence nn oath -10; large new barn; aboiil 5 or 6-acres new- wire; hog and cow pasture; one 3-room house. Good land. This is a real place for someone for a home. Price 118,500 S LAND CO. Russell E. Rialea W. T. Barnett 8-30 ck 9-2 . only. Phon« a;^i p* 4 4 room fur house, *iertrtc Xltchen. 217 E. Davis. Ph. 3139. R,39 pic Bjl Olrl car Kream Ka 3 7 apply in person ' — 8;30 ck tf 4 room house One I rm. fn Modern Cnhln* Court- Ph 9951 Lncle<t«. ! fl|2a pk 0 3 Private Rooms ge, well fnra- h^droom. twin beds, or pmptoyed women, ph. 3133 or 8131 pk JH Bedroom i. BlytheTills Hotel. Ph. B952 8]34 pX 924 inrt telephone Fh. 29.19. nrt Apis IjOst Boy 8,14 pfc 9,14 '. i Bedroom convenient to bath, nice „_. hath ; location, ph 3325. ail W. Main. 86 9,6 | . apt with oath 8 27 ck it 2 room House with bath, rear 701 wniruit. c»n aayo an ck tf J 2 unfurnished rooms Share bath j Water and llRhts Hoi and cold water I Prlvixtn hack nod front entrance 709 Lilly St.. Ph -10S4 25 pk t .1 rm unftir upt, vatfi bath, eler h cnhlnHn, ph. G04fl ar W)l Lakp. Prl- healer, bnlll In ft 37 pV 92. buth. 001 W. bed room- Adjoining Ash 31. Ph. 7309 377 pk or- Three room house with bath. 506 8 Franklin. Furnished. Phone 3268. 8;2« pk 1 5 luin. rooms with hath In comfortable home. 121} Dougan. ph. .1374. BJ30 pX 9.2 For Sa/e, Cori and Trucks HECKSHKR WESTENO AUTO SALES Ph. 4274 - 21st and Kenwood . We Tlnantte "Chenpejit Good Cars In Town" 25 C»rn A- TnirVn We Rent Carn A Tnirks Sullivan-Nelson • 1950 Chevrolet I!el Air equipped with Power-Glide, shining black finish, deluxe radio. . .a clean, one-owner car priced for quick sale! • I'M7 Ford V-8 deluxe 2-door Sedan.,. a beautiful automobile priced al just • 1948 Ford V-8 deluxe 2-door Sedan.., good-looking maroon color '. . . . • liMil Chevrolet IVTon Pickup,.. A steal at • 19-19 Dodge -V't-Ton Stake Body Truck .. .a city-driven truck . . . • 19-11 Ford I \>i -Ton long Truck wilh 12 ft. body. . .a real good farm truck.. • 1911 Ford 1 i/ z -Ton Truck with 2-s'peed axle. . .our special value $775 $895 $835 $895 $195 $195 • HltS Chevrolet 1 '/a-Tun long wheelbase Truck with' 12 fool platform, 6 good tires... V7OC has a 1949 motor that's almost new ;,. $1 99 • 1 SMS Chevrolet '/ 2 -Ton Vanel Truck .., a beauty you can get for jiist • 1918 GMC </;-Ton Truck with 125 V 4 -in. wheelbase, an extra clean truck $745 $87$ The Ki K "OK" Used Car Lot on Walntil Street Eosy GMAC Payment Plan Remember, You Can Always Get A Good Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY 381 West Walnut Phone 4578 >Tancy Guild-Ernie Martin. Jr. nup-i Mayer. 1 tials and the Preston Sturges-Saii- rty Melleii marriage. Has anybody paused to think how much Sandy resembles Sturges' ex-flntne. Frances Ramsdcn? dictionary: Stunt . P. Scott FKiferald'fl "A Diamond a* Ri* a s the RI(«" ta due for a musical version on BrotH- way. Hollywood's _radio casualty Iksl, due to television's inroads, now totals 19 coast-to-coast shows. Lo*se> j 8 room houae on two lots All hardwood floors. rttClc fan, IS i 24 ft llvlnc room Italian marht* flreplnce dining »n<i livtnR room decorated with Im- liotird Rrillsh paper New rugs 10 ninirh pnpei 3 bedronrhd. one 1s 15 * 24 UvhiR. bedroom Dcmnle fjurRRfl i rnO m -fc'Lth utility room, hack vard fenced noth . nur nom* unrt wilt he .sbn-wn ' 4717 npnnltument MTR J. L. l.rwfo !" Davis. Phone 30^>7. R 22 ck Thin i pk 4 w Modern 4 room houRe *rirt bath. Kenwood. Ph, 5B4 M-3 Osceoln. 8.28 pVc 9.1 room For Rent, Miscellaneous ble?s l5 "^Ki'cd SHIRK.' Hollywood im:uoiiary: o i, u n l • *- -t^rr •* - %£ SS'^^^r ^ -~ - -'— lc ' atu ' Hcwplt*) B*dji la.op h«sl chair* 10 ou pe; fd* w.ot pei month. p«r month month baby cle»n- , f 1 00 . pei WAD» ivzcr and pollnher CO Ph Sl» SHORT TAKES: Sam Qoldwyn is plotting a remake of "Wutherinir Heights." his 1939 success which vtiK Ur^fl 3 room hnu*e *nd hath 'J lot* «»t 3?[i LULi This property brrn cennn-^rt rrrintly (n.iltlci utiri l.?.rxf AC re en nacfc potch 10 « 30 Also good 4 room rrwr or Jot rentlrtft 1 rm (urn. apt, «vtth P . On« rnrm trailer with 3 bale cotton ocrt. or can be converted to onr oalp hed. See Churtrs Stennr. 'i mile F.aH or clear l^ke Road. R R. CrosMnt; S^O pk P U Two 1 horse vetrh planter* 125 each J. R CiathltiRR. I.uxora. Ark. R 29 pV » 3 -^ new XSO Kv Ifi tlrrs. with pood 'ised nrb-s. 117 M each. *-hol» «ale rrire, bargain. Ph. 4237 or 400]. Ann pk » R Small iroccrr Ph. -645. \Valkont J7.M1 (XI. B 30 pk 02 Etrrtric Undr-r-s-ood dddlnn machlnr and nri' ^trak mnrhlne Ph HF4V B .10 pk <> 2 TICK UP PAYMENTS ON BEAU- TIFXJI, SPINET PIANO «> ninsl srll in thli ^fct^on at once corsitoii^ HtUr Spinet piano FAriv •»'llh poort crrrfit fRrv <tnl ImtnrcllAtf drlltco- bv p^yint: urn nil down pav- mrnt ntid <«vpral Mimll monthly payments. If not tntrrrMfd In buying, tlon'l jinswrr this, ad Nrw cuarantrf •xUh Rplnri THIS IS NOT AN Ol D UPRIGHT PIANO Artrftr.y= Crf-dtt Mnnaepr. I71R Union Avr. Wlnrtnw P M^mphli. Tfnn \Vp »-lll «dvii;i» ThTf , lo Pff Fplnrl fi nn rlc p 2 | leei. 13 t 74 gai hniM* *nrt hftth loi 131 » month Thl* prnperty c*n enslly b» Cil financed Prlco 110.000, At alB L^kB 51 . tlrsi class atoi* tnilldltiR 30 i it) Cl or liW sq ft Also In connection with hutkSlnR U & Urge welJ-,-»rrftiinerJ modern horn* with 1350 sq (I ol tLOiir ^pacp 1'hl* ;>roi>ertjr 1* 5 rests old una In tlrsl C!RSK condl- Mnn C^n be ii.Ttt Col *rvrrnl clUIerml lyiir* »T DLisiUf-Hj. Price 112.000. tJI.UQO CAKti. balance LQ year*. S«fc or call JOHNNY MARR Off ice. plume nil Residence phone i!5 ( Jli Or Sue Knssell K. Marr Ph. 6807 7-16 ck U Sacrifice I Owner IpAvlng town, must lovely 7 room, 2 hath home, For In for mat Ion r«ll 2734. elm* In pk 52 Tor Sal'* ion KG with bath: aUo 4 bath upstalra apartment fum. IxicatPd ni Vnrbro Ph. I S.2R pk 9,11 I A room house, with hath, hot water, j BntH In cablnels. phone 2341 or 25 H«/p Wanted: Bull Doz*-r operator, ph 02S or <HS«. E. ». Ge« Cotton Co. B 29 clc & 2 Atlracilve stone kote home, s rooms And bAlh All the added teaLures to n\AXe B house liveable Small rlown payment G.I. loan. Shown by dppolnt- mcnt only, Two bedroom, hous? on Hparn. (K> fool lol, »enellnn blinds, attlr; fnn: loth-r dwlrahle ntllltLpH. Choir*, locution. Several pood farms for sale. CATF:S-WIGGR co. • 115 vSo. 3rd. Ph. 2751 or 42fiS 8-'^9 ck 9-2 Good modern 4 room house, elrctrlc. hoi water heater, Venetian blinds, good iocs Hon. M5.00, Phone 4336. fl 33 pte 8 A 2 rm partly lur house, bath, EWH V. Franklin, ph. 4634. 9,30 pfc S,6 Help Wanted, Male jperlrncert ^prnr palntfra, ph. 3280. 8,^1 pk 9T . Factory Lnhorcrn—Good Pay—H4.CKI ppr 1 . ."t days prr wepX • Brmidylrw Division, American Wllhprt VanH Corp. ?101 C5ardn*r Rd.. SrnAdrlfw. in . P O IA Grance. HI B32 pk B 1 DRY GOODS BAILSMAN: Duplex located in high class's neighborhood. Low tax and'I insurance rate. Will net 8 r J-.j Small down payment will han-i die. Tan finance at 4 r i. I Sop nr call Max Logan, Lynch Bldg. Ph. 203-!. 8-25 ck fl-1.1 po^nlnil' Call Krlter. Ark! For Rent or So/e Apt. tiouw. 1»IO He«rn St.. Ph. 3SSO. 8.27 pit 9,2 Lost and found Losli Pair of slsises lost around the R&llroad on Main St. Reward, ph. 6909. 8,31 pk 4 Hollywood Continued (rum Pmx« » and 1103.000 »s an actreM." . . . Dailey is now dating Kirk Douglas' long-time girl frlenH, Irene Wright- eman. , . . MGM is alter John Barrymore, Jr.'s acting contract^ now owned by an independent producer. | co-starred Merle Oberon and Laurence Olivier. . . . "Ethan Frome," which Warner Bros, actnilrert 1937. has been sold to Stanley Kramer for production at Columbia. With Bette Davis? Billy Wilder will film Ihr Broad- i way show. "Stajaf 17," at Para-|,.. . __ ^ t M.i n ,-. MGG .^ n .° ww si!S!! b y Dru 9 s * ore * PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Pricw Wanted to Kent . prrf^rablv act DT Ma uT, Fh. 2P PUno. goort roudl- )3ll spinel or zrand. n E. rnrkrr nt fi!9 or RAenrhark Drlvr S 31 rK 9 4 t r cJp 120 «cre5 5*ndr Loam Farm. 80 ed. Kleclrlclly PrlrR JlOO per ncte S2SOO 160 acres *andy loan> rot ion fdrrn I4D )n cotion, prlcp 1160 per *rj* Part rush, oalftncp tcrnis. Roth (nrni W miles 01 M^nllH, Shown by appolnlnirnl only J C. Chftpln MrtntlB. Ark Phone 2A S.37 pX 9 USED COMBINES If it's a iiscrl comliine you want—see us first! \Ve have a vpry \vicie selection All .Makes & Models! Cash or Terms 61 Implement Co. N. Hi way 61 Phone 2112 8-31 ck If Thf first larcr-sci\lf sfanrlardt- zation o! men's rl^lhmc in ih= U a fas In World War I unllonm. FARMS FOR SALE W arro.*. soulhr*5,t of Tllythcrine. Hw nlrr 6-rOom sturco rcFldfnrr, l«o- ant house and plenty ot outbiilldlnss- •C17 RrTp.i shorl dl.*!ai\cf northrasl of Bril City (n ihfll good land This p!r»re has iv new S^a.OOO loftn- Good rrnj> nn It and alt crops 50 wiih platf Tor H75 prr acre. 44.SO(l year pays tRxc.v inifrfst «nrt payment. o( Hwv. fil. Jolnlnc thr TAYtot farm. >r.m^ of Ihf (Inrst Innd In Ponthrnet MiPMiurl ^250 per Bcrc. Itnpmvrnicnt^ p\lrn good. KIAl.'KS LAM) (X). Russell F). Rinlcs \V. T. Barnell Licensed Keallovs 1,30 ck »,> 1350.00 DOWN PER MONTH '« nn ihli n«w]y -pulnlrd A-T ne nn Kfinvood DrUe. Has ir Tlnnr rurnncr, thernioatat lAnk Mce CAX floors ]nsl rip. 1 watcct. fuclorr-biilti r^MnfU E M. TERRY lurry AhUract '*>'- R'«Hr Cn. Phone 33B1—2U4 Notice Pro- f ^nrt | *ned L L B*Mitif V || thi . ?tonp tor Hornet BArbecur Pit*. P'R^rn Alw ISITV Rnndnm prr | Cl is torn- f^r * , Flac ppr «qr /E STOXE *pplp Orchard" i or ihlrk cut lc . Patio; Wall*. Wai nasAlonr* and n c rhlmnpT Caps «qr ci^llecr^d ».t.' ,qr rtfltTprurt *x 00 IX no 22 -W Inturance Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J Pollard Aeency PlanneH Protect inn 111 W ARh St ai.FNcoi HOT*! Wonted to Buy Wp Buy—Sell—Trade Used FURNITURE Malscl! & While Pnrniture Co. Main & Division St. Ph. 60Pfi 8-20 ck 9-20 or Write MvRridc Stone Quarries WHAT ro DO m cAsr OT AN AC C1DENT [f vo\n cat i» damFiirec! tn «n wrrldeni hfrr'* ^omelhlnc TOII should tnnw flsnirnfll will stt^ ^oi' • Ttrp pMn* lob on an? rrpnli work of $.700 nr morn Th* whol* cur w pfclnt- " aR*<1 p*rv« Free For wrerX t - 41 OR nl SALES 513 c*H BUR MUTT WALKER INSURANCE Glcncoe Hotel Building Phone 4360 Fire—Auto—Casualty Protection at. Low Cost j J. G. "Boli" Barnes I \V. L. "Bill" Walker 7-16 ck tfI Artflf Jrrgrn* ht)r role In Htittnn'g "Somfhorij- Isott* Mf" is helplnj hi-r nvfr hfr rtisappnint- mcnt In helnf ihtarril oiil of "Show Boat." Us» Frrrada.r cnrtcd up nn Ihe cultins rtxim rioor in that one, (no. June Havoc, driving n«st for hei "Affairs of Slate" role on Broad- ivay. via arrested for speertini? in Missouri afler pawin* half » dozen antcmnbiles. "You just pawert a (uncral proce«ion," stormed ihe officer. "Oh." said Jimc. hatting her eye- lashw. "I thoil^h (hey always rtrove i that slow In Missouri." The Penny Edwards-Ted Brlskln engagement nU leaves me with • yawn. It was never on in the first place. CURTIS KVT.n Tony Curtis U bcmx sued [or asency ctxnmfcioas dating back to Ihe inkin? of his contract with VI. New York 10 pr-r renter Joyce Selz- ntcV. one of the Selmick tribe, has already notified Tony of the legal action. Thf feud hrlnrcn Milton Berle anil nmrgr .leswl U loo hot (or! rrpn Ihclr p»U to handle. It flared I up when ,lf»jcl tare a hlisterlnic quote on Berle to m Broadway col- iimnl«il. Conlirmed event* that were tip- | ped in this pillar months a.eo: The! Terry Moorc-Glsnn Davis rift, the REPAIR SERVICE All »pplianc»j: rffrUteralor*. ( trterers. rante*. «nri wither;, j Radios >nd small appliances. Ail i nrtr worh (i guaranteed. } AHomt Appliance Co. i NOW Save at Homer-Wilson! GMC 2-Ton short wheelbase Truck with very low mileage. . .has brand new tires; Guaranteed condition, Slake a money-saving trade now! GMC Vz-Ton Pickup. This truck i» our Special of the Week! Come down, see it, drive it...and we'll make you a red-hot trade! Chevrolet >i-Ton PirKup wilh deluxe cab. This truck has rood tires and both radio A heater Cneyrnlr) ii-Ton Pickup with deluxe rab. New tlrrs. It's the best buy you'll find • nywherel Trade Now for a New GMC Truck! HORNER WILSON MOTOR CO Your Oldsmobile-GMC Truck Dealer Used Car Lot - - - 300 East Main Street

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