The Neosho Daily News from Neosho, Missouri on November 12, 1940 · Page 4
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The Neosho Daily News from Neosho, Missouri · Page 4

Neosho, Missouri
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 12, 1940
Page 4
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TUESDAY. NOT. If, IMf. -«'« BOWLING SCORES HORSE TAVERN (Won 2) — Humphries .. 148 117 170— 425 McKee 157 124 177— 458 Welch 177 124 161— 462 Naramore .... 165 157 141— 457 Street 173 173 173— 519 TbtaJs 820 689 822— 1MXCEL (Won 1> — Davis 135 157 189— 481 WILDCAT Chatter H. Math is Watkins . •Turner ... C. Mathis Totals ... HOPTON'S Mildren Grewell mills .... Young ... Lillard , Totals PET MILK Griffin . Staib .... Williams Thomas Matthews . Totals .. 163 163 163— 489 191 143 137— 471 128 141 182— 451 121 169 145— 435 738 773 816— (Won 3) — 211 211 180—602 158 205 167— 530 218 148 183— 549 199 172 218- 589 212 183 128— 523 998 919 870—2793 iWon 0> — 168 168 168— 504 169 169 1(59— 507 164 164 164--- 492 180 148 149— 477 ... 120 200 153 473 804 849 803 --2453 To Appear On Town Hall Program Libby's. and Hein// Baby Foods, f>c per can. 2 No. 2'.. cans peaches 23c. Palmer's Market. 249-2t. Dnard Marshall, who f, known hy many Neosho people, is winner of (ho .s\veri,stakcs pri/c offered in the K'lnsns City Art Institute lor special work in schools of painting, tliat Avon by him being for tho excellence of his work in water colors. V bells for nil househokl appliances. Maytag Neosho Service. Phone 102. tf Claud's Cafe First Door North 'Ratliff's Feed Store Pried Chicken Dinner Sunday. 30 Cents Regular Meals and Short Orders Trade in your old watch on a beautiful New Elgin Liberal allowance. Beautiful Diamond Ring Sets as low as $18.50 RAY E. SMITH, Jeweler Orpheum Bldg. The Roller Skating Season is now at its best. We will be open all winter. Gayway Roller Rink (By Bobby Jones) Football weather is finally here, and just in time for our champion- I ship game against Carthage this i Friday nisht. The cold weather was Just what the toys neodnd and they had that added pep and that one thing that they've had nil yenr (and lost last week) was, regained. Tile old hustle and teamwork was shown in practice as Coach Rohdc put the boys through a real workout. i The ends and bnckflelds went , through their pnss plays connecting practically all their passes. The rest of the squad went through a passing game of their own. A session on special blocking followed I with the boys . practicing on their timing on blocks. Coach Rohde told the boys they , would bp lots of reviewing on nil of i their plays and try to perfect those II hat still show some weakness. A i long signal drill finished up the afternoon's work. I Different sources, who know pret- if.V much what they're talking about, say that it will take at l»ust three touchdowns to beat Caithuce and ; that the power plays will have to be used quite a bit. All of the boys remember the Carthaue victory of 1!)38. It was the year after we had won the eon' Terence champion.'-hip ;;n<l it, looked pretty much as if we were headed 'for another one. after winning our ! first three or four frames. Our ,next game was with Carthage but i we had an open date before play: in>, r th^m. When it finally came • tjjime time our Wildcats were all keyed up and ready to j.-o but after it.iifj game it was a different story as Carthage that night trounced us 26 to 6. There was much argument as to whether the boys were too relaxed after a week's rest and not in condition or whether it was the fact that we were just outplayed. I don't think our boys are going to let something like that happen i this week. They won't let history repeat itself. But to you fellows who are all practicing this week in preparing for Carthage, we will say this, and so will all of your supporters: Give jail you've got in practice this week and Friday night show Carthage what a real football team is. You're a championship team so far. let's finish that way. Fight for all you're worth. You owe it to your school, your community, your coach and yourselves. CO!.. H'/JARUO de ESCAMILLA Col. de I']:;c;iinilia 1. a.s (,ne o,' the honored numes ol I,le\ie > ..... d. thoiifh still a young man. iiiiS experienced adventures m anted to few. The aiuaxinu fuel is i.hal, not one ha.s he sought bti!, in l!,e natural course of events as he ::l,Un'l- ed to details of his own er.'.e'/pvis' K. the unusual came to him. It is fortunate that he is si "•'"(.ed in the use of words for he pie- I lures for his audiences Ih2 onc- . lime splendor of a buried city of un almost forgotten race so vividly that they seem to re-inhabit the haunts they once loved. He chills one with the eerie mystery he un- covered in a cave far below the surface of the earth. The fiestas of a joyous people are realities as he revisits them in memory and allows his hearers to join them in the apoieciation of song and dance. or added interest is the knowledge of the a:i!h::nti'.:ity of the thr'lling adventures he has endured and lived to tell about. With the Colonel appears the versatile Mexican mc/zo-soprano, Scnorita Greta Rubio and the marimba orchestra in the unforgetable Romance of Old Mexico appearing here Dec. 13 on Neosho's Town Hall program. Everything For The Hunter! One of the most complete lines of Shotgun Shells In or around Neosho. DUCK DECOYS AND CALLS, Red Head Hunting Caps, Coats and breeches, Magazine plugs for automatics, and cleaning rods for all types guns. Neosho Sporting Goods Co. N. W. Corner Square Lee Erickson, Mgr. TRY FRANKLIN'S DESSERT OP THE MONTH Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream Pie 29c (Serves 4) JONES PHARMACY Phone 77 Tree nc-livery W Juggle's CAFE South Side Square FRIED CHICKEN Plate Lunch 30c Saturday-Sunday GOOD CHILLI PIES -:- HAMBURGERS SHORT ORDERS 4-lb. hens, dressed and delivered 60c. Reed & Co. Phone 133. tf. Mr. and Mrs. O. M. Bishop, and son Jimmy, have returned from a trip thru Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee. They enjoyed the time spent in New Orleans and Baton Rouge, La., especially, but found the entire trip very pleasant. Thompson's Ambulance. Phone 47. Bent But Unbroken. Hopton's Lunch West Edge Town on Highway 60-71 Barbecued Beef Barbecued Pork Barbecued Ham St. Paul Special Minneapolis Special Denver Special Cheese Royal Hot Dogs Coneys Home-made Chilli Home-made Pie HAMBURGERS Open 24 Hours Dully, ph. 151 Airplane Factories Favor Graduates of [rye School Kansas City--With the tremr-n- dous demand for skilled aircraft workers, young men in every cr;m- 1 munity ambitious for a career in aviation are asking—"What is Uu best way to start; how shall I pio- cecd in order to get a good job now and not have to wait for months'.' I An answer to that question is contained in a statement just issued by Don Frye, president of the Fryc (Aircraft Co., from which 1,300 men 1 have graduated this year and gone at once into the employ of major ! aircraft factories. "We have had scores of men ask )us," Mr. Frye said, "jusl why; should I enroll in the Frye School? ; 1 What particular advantage do you iprovide?" | "My answer is this: The record of the school proves clearly thai our: system of training is sound and 1 (thorough; that it is favored by the' | largest airplane manufacturers in! • America. Since January 1, this year, 1,300 o f our graduates have | gone into well-paying, responsible I jobs almost immediately upon their graduation." Students Develop Quickly. Mr. Frye points out that in the sheet metal course students graduate in six weeks and are qualified for employment at once. "There is no lost time at the Frye School," the said. "Every hour of the day (six ; days a week) is devoted to the in- I tensive and thorough training which 'gives graduates of the Frye School (such high standing and distinction. Students work with the same equip: ment and under conditions similar) ! to those existing in large aircraft, | [factories. These are some of the Tests Neutrality LaW The above is a picture of the First • with an appropriate program Baptist church of Neosho. A cor- worship, song and prayer. ner stone laying was held Nov. 101 of Roll Call Breakfast. The "kick off" breakfast for the | annual Roll Call membership Red Cross drive was held this morning I at a local cafe. Rev. J. J. Bowman, i O. M. Bishop and Supt. R. W. Ani derson, made short talks about the 'drive! The following were present: . Allott Yadon, V. Jensen, Lester i Firestone, J. J. Bowman, F. F. An- jdriano, P. L. Gleghorn, O. M. Bish- I op, John McKnight, C. E. Davis. R. W. Anderson, Roy Scantlin, G. M. Sansbury, and J. Price Mailers. IK. F. Dietiker, Karl Gaston and Adah Hennick are also members of the committee. Do your part and I get your memberships now.—Price 'Matters, Secretary. Chemical Chef I Osteopathy—For colds and the [various whiter ills Dr. Ferguson, i East Side Square. 227-tf j Frank McElherron is held in Phila- idelphia in $900 bail, charged with violating the neutrality law. A month after he became a natural* \ized citizen, he went to Scotland on 'a steamer carrying scrap iron. On return to America he was arrested for going into a war area defined by i the President. ; Household, Hint The waxed paper that cenes around bread makes an excellent implement for daily cleaning of fie range. Because of a sprained ankle and Open House Tonight. Rev. and Mrs. E. D. Baker are holding open house from 2:30 this afternoon until 4 o'clock, and from 7:30 o'clock tonight until 10, for all members and friends of the Methodist church. Rev. Baker is pastor of that church and the open house is being held at the personage, 323 South Washington street. All members of the church and all who attend services there, are extended an invitation to call. 24-Hour Service. 32 Cab Co. tf More car service every time stop at Burdick Bros. Ser. Sta. you tf j reasons why hundreds of our grad-' in health Byron Wilson has gone to * nates have been so eagerly snapped Arizona to spend a week or two. : up for good jobs in the aircraft in- — dustry." | Mrs. C. V. Cunningham and A diploma from the Frye School is I a grand asset with which to start a successful career In aviation. daughter. Miss Mary Catherine Cunningham, of Springfied, were guests during the week-end of the Because of the urgent call for ; former's nephew, Ted Williams, and properly trained sheet metal work- family. : ers the Frye School is devoted ex- | clusively to the course. 'New classes i Junior Rogers, who has teen em- ;are being organized. Now is a par-(ployed for some months, in St. Lou- ticularly good time to start. This is is, came home Saturday, and is a a glorious opportunity to get in on' patient in Sale-Bowman hospital. the ground floor of the -most fasci- X-Ray pictures were being made to- nating and rapidly developing in- day, to determine the course of dustry in America; offering rich rewards The class in Art Appreciation will be held on Tuesday night at the high school at the usual time of 7:30. The subject of the discussion will be Rubens, the great Flemish painter. Since last Tuesday was election day, no class was held, but t is hoped that all members of the class will be present this week. If any members of ~the class have prints of paintings by Rubens, Mr. Austin would appreciate it if they) would bring them so that all could benefit by them. This class is open to the public and anyone interested in art is cordially invited to attend. This ntutue is that of Richard the Lion Heart, whom the British epitomize aa the symbol of national bravery and courage. A bomb which luruled nearby did not topple the equestrian statue but did bend the •word an industry treatment necessary, to ambitious and delermined young men. Action now, today, is the watchword—so Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Parks of Coffeyville, Kan., are announcing the do not delay. For complete and de- birth of a son, at Medical Center, tailed information write, phon j or Coffeyville, Monday morning, Nov. call at Frye Aircraft Co., 416 miral. Kansas City, Mo. Big Apple Cafe Under New Management Opening Wednesday, Nov. 13 The public is invited to inspect our place of busbmss, our excellent home-cooked food, with speedy, courteous service. SPECIALS for opening day Fried Chicken Dinners 25c Cheese Sandwiches 5c Hamburgers So SPECIALS FOR CLUBS AND PARTIES Regular Meals Short Orders Sandwiches Chilli - Hamburgers ALL1E WEST, Prop. Tour Friendly Cafe Eat Where You Feel at Home Ad- 11, 1940, at 2:00 o'clock. The little boy has baen named George Barlow Parks, in honor of his two grand- Thompson's Ambulance. Phono 47. fathers. His mother was formerly Miss Lucille Barlow, daughter of Mr. of and Mrs. John T. Barlow of 144 South High street, Neosho, and he has two "big" sisters, one of whom Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Barlow Bartlesville, Okla., spent the weekend in Neosho with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Barlow, is nine years old and the other, four. Mrs. Ernest Hill of Joplin, sister of (Mrs. Barlow spent the week-end In Mr. Barlow, was also a guest in Coffeyville, with her daughter's the Barlow home, and the group' family, were dinner guests yesterday of — J Sunday's Joplin Globe carried ; pictures of three Neosho brides. Mrs. R. B. Rudy. Wash and grease job, both 08c. Elliott's Auto Service. H. E. Hampton, employed at Hartley's, went to Oklahoma City Saturday, to join his wife and children for a brief visit with relatives for They are Mrs. Robert Jones, for- tf merly Miss Roxine Johnson of this city, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Johnson of Goodman; Mrs. Joe Jackson, formerly Miss Ha Martin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Martin of Oranby; Mrs. Walter Fausett, formerly Miss Marjorie :la- Lou Bales, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. for J. W. Bales of West Patterson street, Neosho. Mr. and Mrs. Jones will make their home in Heber Springs Miss Katherlne Kleeman, of Ark.; Mr. and Mrs. Jackson are at Stotts City, sister of Miss Loeda home in a Roseberry apartment and Kleeman, teacher in Neosho high j Mr. and Mrs. Fausett live at 209 school, to a patient in McCune- ' South Lafayette street. Brooks hospital, Carthage, and is Mrs. Hampton and have visited in Okla- and friends. two children homa City, their former home, a short time. regarded as being seriously ill. 84 Cab. Dependable. 24 hr. tf For Preway oil circulators see Ben Cherry, 218 Grand Avenue. 218-tf Or. Robert S. Harris of Masi».< chuMtts Institute has produced a to f 1.87 a person a government has Comul» and Jt Ltp • been 84 Cab. D^p^ndable. "4 h v 24-Hour service. 32 Cab Co. tf Loin Spare Ribs Midway Gro. 40t—PHONES—401 VltfbJmV&v- Nej| To Ofph-MI Theatre. MKT. PAST FREE DELIVERY ON ALL Durkee's Oleo 2 SOAP* 9 t*^^^r «ft at A *^ BIG 4 FLOUR 48 Giant Bars MUTTON 35c 25 C 79c £ Lb. Bag i Lb. JUST PHONE 740-741 SPINE Regulates Health The spinal column is the seat of all nerves that carry life fore; to all parts of the body. When these nerves are imp-ngsd, ' ^ > per cent nerve force can't get through: thus the spine the degree of health a body may enjoy. Have your spins examined today. Phone 80 for appointment. DR. H. F. BARBARICK CHIROPRACTOR South Side Square Neosho, Mo. +4*

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