The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 30, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, January 30, 1931
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTH1ABT AHKANBA8 AND SOUTHEAST MIHSOUKI HOME EDITION VOL. XXVII—NO. 271 Blytheville Courier, BlythevlUe Herald, Bljthevllle Dally News, Mississippi Valley Loader. BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS,'. FK1DAY, JANUARY 30, 1931 : SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTO '. BILL IS BELIEF Almost Perfect Finance Corporation Pro-j posal Will Provide $9,-' 000,000 in Credit. | Tiie onilook is encouraging for! adoption by the slate legislature of ft bill to provide $1,500,000 frr loans (o buy capital stcck In agricultural.! ilnanco- corporations, thus making! available additional crop production credit for Arkansas lEtrineif, it Is said by J. Mell Brooks, sccre- lary of the Blytheville chamber ot conuncice. who returned he;',? today after several days at Lillle, Reck. The bill was introduced in thcj lower house yesKrday with the sponsorship of the agricultural cimmittee, and was presented simultaneously in the senate by Sanalor R. A. Nelson. It Is a substitute for a similar measure introduced several days ago by Representative Toland of Howard county. It carries (lie emergency clauso and its speedy onactment is indicated. | R U ti, Anna Sell won first Means 59,000,01)0 in lx>.ins over 200 other competitors Adopticn of the measute will provide additional credit to the Setting an all-time record for all- Big Bill Wins in a Balk OF lELfl IN 11-month- Place in a perfect-baby contest held at Los Anjelcs. She scored a ratin" of amount of about $9.000,000 for Ar- M i ; p<, r cent—the highest ever re- farmers. Agricultural fin- corded in a show of that, kind. $3,000,000 State Pro- p.ram Must Await Action On. Appropriation Bill. LITTLE ROCK, Jan. 30. (UP) — JTr.c state highway department will i not begin work on approximately $3,000,000 ot paving and bridge ! projects in 15 counties, contracts for which were let last week, until pending legislative obstruction. 1 ; are cleared away, it was learned thru members of the deportment. '•• All district engineers and con- 1 tractors who shared in the letting j of work last week calling for 11C miles ot concrete paving in 15 counties and 'state lorce construe- i lion projects in 48 other counties have been notified to. halt preparations to start, work. It was pointed out by members of the department that if the work was delayed sufficiently to make it impossible tc complete it by September 1 it would j seriously Involve the federal aid «1- and I auce corporations already operat-| =!l ,. ; s t! -,, daughter of Mr. ... M ing rna.y late advantage of it toj M!5 Albert E. Sell of L?s Angeles i increase their capital slock, and | __ __' hence their lending ability, and! new finance corporations may be : organized to take advantage cf it. Agricultural finance corporations have a lending capacity on crop liens, through their connections v.ith federal intermediate credit banks, oi approximately six times ..their capital stock. The -additional $1,500,000 of capital stock for suci corp'rations which the bill provide would therefore abou'. SS.000,000 additional farmi credit. ! Passage of this bill, it is believ- 1 eil, will in large measure solve the problem created by elimination of the food loan provision from the new federal drouth relief loan law- Loans obtained through agricul- iai ichl would i Carload Shipments, Drouth mean ' Keliei urns, Are hn Route to Blytheville. At least two car loads of provisions for Mississippi county drouth victims, gifts frr.m distant _ states, arc on their way to Bly- lural finance corporations may be] theville, heads of local relief or---•—"——•- anizations were advised today. lotment for Arkansas. May Lose U. S. .Money P. D. Hndgins. engineer of the United States bureau of roads, said last night-it was planned-to match regular federal aid allotments to pay for a large portion of Ihe cost of paving federal aid highways, but said if any. portion of the advance allotment was not used before September it would revert to the federal treasury. A special committee to Snvesti- ate retirement of road improvement- district, bonds was created early this week by a house resolution and wilt meet this afternoon to begin Investigations. The resolution also provided that the house should not consider any highway appropriation bill until the committee completes Us investigation. It Is expected more than two weeks will be devoted to the probe by the committee. Hinges on Appropriation Charges Cupoiic Rules Gambling al Hoi Springs William H. (Big Bill' the Builder) jThompson. up for renomhiatioi in Clilcago's Republican mayoralty primaries, Is shown here whisper ing "A Cheerful Little Earful" of political wisdom into the elongate ear of his latest political mascot, "Little Arthur." The donkey wa given him by a New Mexico supporter. "We'll win this race In balk." brayed "Little Arthur. 11 used for. all crop production -purposes, including the furnishing of fcod to farm laborers and share cropiiers. .. Sets I 1 )! -State JJoard The bill" provides" for an appropriation of 11,500,000 from state highway funds, to be repaid later with a bond issue. It sets up a state agriculaural credit board consisting of the governor, state auditor, and the chairman cf the highway commission which will make loans under the law. ••The State Agricultural Board," Section 5 of the bill reads. "Is authorized and empowered to make loans from said fund to individual: for the sole prupose of purchssins capital stock in corporations organized under the laws of the State of Arkansas for the purpose of financing farmers and stock raisers for agricultural purposes said loans shall be evidenced b; the note of the. individuals, secured by an assignment of the stock so purchased, as collateral, and du? and payable upon such terms -• may be agreed upon, bearing interest at a rate not exceeding two per cent lu excess of the rate borne by the bonds Issued hereunder. Pref erence shall be given fcorror:ers sub scribing stock in finance co:'p:>ra lions, hereafter organized in t'.i same county. Tile aggregate loan made hereunder shall nat Me:? the sum of 525,000 fcr any ons pav ticular corporation, nor shall t^s loan made to tiny one individiu'. exceed the sum of $2.000." According to Mr. Brooks the bill will probably supplant the $15.000,000 farm aid bond issue proposal cf Senator Fleming of St. Francis cov.nty. which passed the house but hcs been condcmn-d as impractical and unconstitutional. One car of potatoes, the gift of he American Legion post at Car- ondale. Col., is on the -wayr-freight irepa[d,-E. A- Rice, comrnanfjer-of tie local : A°merlciri Legion'""post, vis informed this afternoon, Anither car, filled .with flour, con- ribnted by the H. D. Let milling company of 'Salina, Kans., has teen shipped to Roy Walton chairman of the local Red Cross chapter, and Mr. Walton has received information from the Frli- co railroad indicating that another car. loaded with flour and grits PUBLIC JRl Wants Inquiry Into Philadelphia Speech . Conducted in the Open. WASHINGTON, Jan. 30. (UP)-^ The commission explained al its] An lrial wiu te EOUght by meeting last week that contracts | Major General smedley D. Butler, could not be awarded'until .the ap- raBrine co offlcer awamng court proprlation- for the new biennlum • " has been made, since it Is Illegal to award contracts in excess .of appropriations. While ..the- work could begin immediately if the -••--'-•--• maltial for utterances ' derogatory to Premier Mussolini, for wliichtha state department was apologize to Italy. "•••'; attbn had been made.'Yid payfriYnts! j in ,j Suchj.trls0s,.ho!fcver, forced to U on the work could' be made until ; do? f s ' . the ; navy department Indicated today It after the beginning of the depart-:, did not CTpcct to mljke ^ excep . menTs new fiscal year, Marchl. ,, on ta! Butl!;l .' s case:; '!... Secretary Adams Is known to be particularly • scions' 'that Butler's letter to him admitting the truU of the reports of he marine general's address at Philadelphia, and THMOASVILLE,. Ga." (UP)—An [said to be couched m caustic terms Negress Posts •Gold Piece as Security for $5 Loan on the way here aged colored -woman applied to a shall not become public. for nqiidJln't'he'el l«sl bank ' for a loan of S5. It was I " the court martial • decide.? oi for nanfllin. tne.ei . . . .... . .... . •• ft secret session Butler, will have nc recourse, except to President Hoo , supplies have not-been completed,] explained- to her that'.she would but it is probable that warehouse j have to either'get »• reliable en- space at some central point will • dorser, "or put up acceptable col- be cbtaiiMd and Red Cross . fend'lateral. • .-' : . requisitions for potatoes and ftour She returned a.few hours 1st?- 1 filled there. with a shining ten-dollar gold p:ec- R. N.Tarrar Claim for $3,000 Will Be Only One to Reach Jury. Seven suits against the Frl.sco illrOLid involving alleged obslruc- 011 of natural drainage for which >proxlmntcly $30.000 dnmtieos were ought, linil chvhidled clown to one emalnhig action by n. N. Fnnai or $'J.OOO as (he trltil drew to a ose on (he final session of clrcull oui I luchy. Suits brought against (he rail- oad by J. D. McDowell, J. C. Iletid nd Tom Martin, planters wins- ropetty along the Frisco right of •ay was flooded during the 19.T Igh water, were dismissed by Judge G. K. Keck this morning on mo- Ion of counsel for the railroad. The ourt sustained, Ihc motion of the attorneys holding thai thf hree-yeav statute of limitation* iad -run n<jal:i=t (heir cases before .heir suits were filed. ; Watson Tilers Nonsuit Counsel for Urn Watson tnok'o' non-suit on his actJon when 11 developed (hat Watson's properly Irad jeen placed on (he Drainage niv- trlcl 17tn.x delinriuenl list one year. Although n large number of wll- nesscs to testify this afternoon lor the defendant rallrosc' company It was cxpcclcd that the trial of the case would be conclud- LITTLE"iiociC'Ja'ii. SO'IUPK- by Representative. Curtis Cannon, llempstoad county, that Al ["Scarfai-e") Caponiv notorious Chicago racketeer and beer baron "iDldly is gaining control of gambling inlcrrsts In Hot Springs,.provided matter lor hentfd- debiuo In ll:c! legislature today In what olh- cnvlse was an uneventful resslon. Canncn's charges were contained In a house resolution to crrato a special committee or to Investigate alleged gambling in (Jar- huul c.-.uuly. Atter much discussion, dining which inshmallons •ere talked ulxitil bcUveei) Ihc iuiUior nf U:? resoliilloii and members of (lie Garland county dele- ynllon. the measure was tabled. USE TO CLEM 28 Miners Known Dead in British Explosio WHITEHAVEN, England, Jan. 3 (UP)—Twenty-eight miners we nown dead today after an expli Ion In the Hulg mine here. Eigh en bodies had been recovered at .oon and 13 : rnen were in hospitals. Rescue parties fought dangers of as »nd afterdarnp as they search- xl-the shaft of the mine extend- prosecutor, for the state of Arkan- cd Me tills afternoon. E. L. Westbruok sr.. of Jonestorf: nnd Reid. Evrnrcl 'and Henderson of this clly represent the Frisco and James T. Coston sr.. and Jas T. Coston Jr., of Osceola, the plain- tin. Barker Case Transfprrfd The ouster action brought against Charley Barker. Clear Lake constable, by S L. Glidish, district ng under the Irish sea for further •ictims or entombed men. There was little hope anyone remaining n the mine would 1 be found alive. Rescuers were equipped with special apparatus to enable them to enter 'gas filled shafts and cham- ;as. on the allegation that Darker was not eligible to hold the office was transferred to the crlmlna session beginning March 30 foi learlng by Judge Keck today. Judge W. D. Graveltc, special counsel, flicd an amended complaint in the ouster suit today alleging that Barker Is not duly qualified to hpldithc office ho you- har Because of .failure to pure hose ; t poll tax receipt within (he tlmt limit, designated (by law; The original complaint alleged that Barker was no', qualified to hold office at the time suit was filed In 1930 Since then he lias begun a second term ns Clear Lake constable. r ^. C. Robinson . Lumber Company Has 85 Men at Work Near Kennett. . KENNETT. Mo., Jan. 30.—The E O. Robinson Lumber company, a branch ollice of which Is located ir this city, has slarted a clcnrln' project on a large strip of thcl' land which has been slashed nca: hero and have offered an individual contract' basis job to the un- smploycd of Hits section. The work Is being conducted under the dlrec ion of Fred K. Hauls of this city ccal manager of the Dv.nklln county branch. According to Mr. Harris the pro Ject Is at this time employing mor than 85 men and more can be uset who are in need of employment. The number on Ihe Job has In- crcaEed steadily for the past weel and It is expected that the maxl mum numbsr that can be used wll' be readied by the middle of next M'eck. II Is (he plan of the company tr get the land, in readiness for cultivation this year In IJme for' thin the late bottom lam ID MM IQJEF Will Force Special SessiorY o( President Blocks Mete (or Drouth Victims, 1 WASHINGTON. Jan. 30. (UP)— The long deferred struggle on the hcuw lloor over (he $25,030,000 Red Cioss appropriation opened today. Nearly the full membership wan on hand. Tne Interior department lilll to which the disputed appropriation was attached by the sen : " ales as an amendment, was called up shortly before 12130 p. m. A roll call tvas inuncdialcly entered, preliminary to two hours of scheduled ' debate following which a vote must be taken. ' -:-.,Meanwhile senate Democrats met- with Minority 1-eadcf Robinson and formally accepted President Hoover's challenge on relief policl?^ for the destitute this winter. They agreed on a four part platform: ! 1. Appropriation cf 523,000,003 for (tfnfrul relief. .'.-;'.' 2. Allci-allon of $5.000,000 gt- thc Siri.OOO.OOl) drouth relief ap- -•• uroprbliun for Ihe •assistance of cooperative organizations. - - - '• 3. Appropriation ot $3,000,000 for mcrtlral aid and sanitary purposes. 4. Use of federal farm board wheat to feed (he'hungry. All (he above subjects are pending In congress. The Democrats accompanied tie Twelve Firemen 'and Two Judge Keck discharged all mem PHotograpriers Injured ^service in Speqtaciilar. Blaze. Negroes Go to Prison for Thefts of Meat — S. ! as • collateral. An official of bank accepted tl>e security made the -loan. • • • Merchants and Planters At Camden Closes Doors CARUTHFRSVILLE. Mo., Jan 30.—Seven prisoners WCTLJ removed from the I'cal jail yesterday to the state penitentiary at Jefferson City by officers of the sheriff's fcrcc. The prisoners were all ne-1 croes and were all convicted of I stealing meat. The tiwlts ranged' from a rcoster alleged to have Seen ctolen by- George Edwards, to -.vhicli he confessed and was' ri?:i- :enrcd to serve two years, to ai calf and some hogs which elicited I i sentence rf thrcv? years. One en-1 terprising negro rcbbed a store of ; several sides of meat and then.l white on the Job, gathered in a ii;p->!v of smoking tobaccos. The| addition r.-I the latter articles caused the sentence to be increas-' cd from two to tlvrco years. Removal of Ills prisoners lefl 21 others in the local county jail, seme for trial and others waiting for transportation to state prison. New Governor LITTLE ROCK, Jan. 30. (UP) — The Merchants and Planters bank of Camden closed today and tte affairs of the Institution were turned over to the slate banking department. The bank had deposits of • ; $819,094, and was callptaiized at $100,000. Ward to Remodel Tucker Residence on Ash Street L. L. Ward has purchased the G. G. Tucker residence at 1031 West Ash street which is to be remodeled i into three four-room apartments, j The apartments will te modern I with built-in features and will bs . i furnished throughout. They will be Pei31ils S Cat and DOS'S r ««ly tor occupancy March 15 . a I The property was purchased from PEIPINO. (UP)-L i chaokuanj 2 - K. Allen, of Memphis, who re- has petitioned municipal authorl- «""!' D™? 1 " ll fronl Mrs ; °- °- •• - - Tucker of Pace. M;.-^., and Mlcco, Fla. Chinaman Seeks to Save ties to stop the practice of slayiuj dogs and cats in Peiping fcr their _, Postponed tO Monday he also po^ts oat that the dog and ; cal fur business is corrupting Chi- i ncfe lur dealers who. he claims,! NEW YORK. Jan. 30. (UP)— Th; arc selling Ihcse sims In the guise : trial of James Matthews Maxon Jr.. of seal, marten and fox. "I Miusollrd Accepts Apology WASHINGTON, Jan. 30. (UP) — The Italian government today not- an d j ified Secretary of Slate Stimson • that the apology - of the United ! States for Ihe remarks of Major 1 General Smedley D. Butler rejard- | ing Premier Mussolini" of Italy v»~as | satisfactory. Italian Ambassador De Martino delivered to Stimson a communication • from Mussolini himself. 'Jan. 30. (UP)— Hundreds of firemen from Manhattan and Brooklyn fought a $!«>.• 000 flr'e which started at midnight In the old Lincoln Square Arcade of the Jury panel from-furth- durln; the term thi' morning with the exception of the Jurors . hearing 'the Farrar suit against the Frisco. Will Wright J. J. Moore and Roland Green were appointed Jury commissioners to prepare the jury list for the next, term of civil court building in upper Broadway, rout- wnt . ch begins June 8lh Ing over 400 tenants in the building and adjoining apartments. The building was destroyed, twelve firemen and two newspaper photographers were injured; and PICKS WRONG VICTIM RAYMOND, Wash. (UP)—A hold up man chose Peter Martell, policeman, for a victim. Martell got In two good blows with his blackjack Heflln Has His Say WASHINGTON. Jan. 30. (UP)— Within an hour after Italian Ambassador De Marlino today l:ad conveyed to . Secretary of State Stimson Premier Mussolini's acceptance of the American apology fcr Mnjcr General Smedley D. Bul- 'ler's remarks about Mus»i>]lnl. Senator Thomas Hcflln. Dsmocrat. Alabama, denounced Mussolini on the senate floor as a "mad monarch" and "red handed tyrant." Tennessee Treasury five tenants burned, escaping thru two e 00 " tlo ' A ' s ™ n » smoke-fllled hallways. ^lon the robber fled. 1 Ten firemen miraculously escaped death when they plunged from the fourth floor into the basement as the floor gave way. Sparks from the fiery spectacle ignited trays of flashlight powder held by two newspaper photographers, severely burning bath, one! so seriously that his hand w.-is later amputated. Local Men Will Visit Illinois Soybean Mills Empty Legislature Told | : NASHVILLE, Tcnn., Jan. 30, (UP)—state Treasurer John Nolan threw the Tennessee legislature into confusion today when he served notice on leaders of both houses that the treasury was r>mpty and' i without funds to my school appor- I lionments or expenses of recess 1 committees. E. D. Lymon. C. G. "Smith, J. F. Tompkins and C L. Orrcll left to- dr.y for points in Illinois where they will spc-nd several days in;il mills which crush Plans are being considered, sponsored by the local chamber of: c-rnmerce. whereby the Blytheville 1 Cotton Oil Mill, of which E. B. j Lyman Is manager, will crush the' seed If a sufficient acreage is ££ cured. | 'adjourn today but are "now con- The tw.i bodies had planned to j slderlns recalling I ment resolution their adjourn--- to hold until j Tuesday and authorize the fund• Ing board to b-rrow ?1,500,600. i ; Jiirmie Jones to Face New Burglary Charge North Little Rock Cafe Robbed Twice in 18 Hours NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Jan. 30. (UP)— A cafe here was ranted ear: ly today for the second time In 13 ! hours, the bandits escaping with Jones onlv recenilv re- tond 1 pending "Ston of the grand Jury at O«eola on a charge of burglary, was re-arrest- M«. M. w. young bookkeeper for the cafe, and W. J. Lyan, also an cm- J> lo >' e ' werc rclurnin S lo tnc cafe ^' h approximately $2,000 In cur- »ncy to cash payroll checks, two we" dressjd men forctd them to planting of a crop spring. The land is has never been In cultivation; hav Ing-formerly been in. Umber *hlc'' was .used > In i making (lumber/ In clearing 'consists largely iii' uiittiir slashed .timber and cleaning off (he undergrowth, piling and burning. Dr. Ira Landrith Will Speak Here Tuesday Night Dr. Ira Landrith, citizenship superintendent of the Internationa: Society of Christian Endeavor, wll: speak at the First Presbyterian church Tuesday evening, under tht auspices of the local Christian Endeavor union. One of the best known pub!'.' speakers in the country Dr. Landrith has previously visited In this city. In 1916 he was a candidate lor the presidency of the United States and is also 'former president of Ward-Bclmont college, Nashville Tenn. For the past few years much of his time has. teen devoted to writings and addresses In promotion of the Christian Endeavor movement. Trained for the law, he became a minister In early manhood and has since been a writer, an educator, an editor and a distinguished statesman.' The public is bcin? Invited t: hear his address which will deal with the young people of America statement of their program with aii miqualliled threat to reject or flli- buslcr the Interior department appropriations bill If Iho relief appropriation Is removed. In addition to the four major lans, the Democratic relief plat-' orm Includes, 1, appropriation of 115,000,000 to he administered by he 'secretary of agriculture as a i und from which farmers may borrow to purchase food.. 2, reappro- irlatlon of the 1030 feed and seed appropriation for 1331. Robinson also made an unqualified llircat of forcing an .extra session if necessary to secure the $23",0000,000 relief fiind. He said, "Unless this amendment r ne agreed to'' or a satisfactory-.." " Iflcatlon of it Is had in conferV^ '.it is eipscled the Interior department .bill will fsll'iif passage,- ail-likewise-"any'-res- -;-| olufion that may bj offered'making available a sum equivalent to those appropriations for the fiscal'yesr for the use of the' Interior department. Relief List Growing LITTLE ROCK, Jan. 30.'(DP)—The Arkansas state headquarters of the American'Red Cross announced here last night that 4,652 families had ben added to the''drouth relief list in the slate within'• the past 24 hours. Afore arc expected ,cday. ' ' ' Drouth relief officials 'stated tlwt 81,088 families In Arkansas representing approximately 310,1)00 psr- sons, are receiving assistance.' If u-as said more than' G.OOO persons in the state have donated their services to the Red Cross to aid stricken farmers In.Arkansas alone, while approximately 20,000 are assisting the relief organizdtiohs throughout the drouth area. Barham Made Lile Member of Judges Association George W. Barham, judge of Mississippi county for two yean until January 1, has been made a life member of the County Judges Association of Arkansas. Notice of this honor was received In this city t:day from the state organization. V/ork c-j Capital Awaits Appropriation WASHINGTON. (UP) —.The United States cnpltol . may bo completed by 1933 if congress grants the necessary appropriation, according to David Lynn, architect. The House Appropriation Committee has before It an appropria- ;tcn for $5,000 for a new study, .and estimates of the cost of completing the building. Th; unfinished work includes the construction of a marbls front on the east and west sides of the main building, similar lo 'that on the Senate and House wings. This will cost, according to Lynn, about S3.000.000. 121 | Borrowed Penny Saves Jail Sentence KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (UP) — A psnny kept him out of Jail. Fined one cent by District Judge Taylor Missouri Guard Officers Inspect Loca! Armory Three ranking officers of the Missouri National Guard were in Bly- for possessing liquor. Clifford Mat- tnev " le S ' e5tev , rd ,^'. to ills?e<:t „ thews couldn't pay. "" ' *™** ^^ and visit with „_ , j . ., , , ,. th; Iccal niticnal guard ccT.pany. The judge decided to let him go Tncy were tj..i. George W. PMpps .to Jail and work out his fine, bu: Harold Johnson, a deputy, loaned Matthews a penny and he Is free. B'Nas B'Rith to Meet of Caru'.harsvllle, comrr.indlng ths 140th Infantry, Misijuri National Guard; Major WHIiarr. B. Hitch- ccck. commanding First BatUillipn, and Capt. Kottrt I. Blair cf Company B. HOt^ Infantry. M?.jor Ogles, O. R. C., was also a member The Afenorrah lodge of the B'mi j of the party. ! B'rith will meet at the Temple Is- i : !rael Sunday afternoon, 2:30 o'clock [ |for an Important meeting. I A Eon of the Protestant Episcopal : Here are new photographs ot Irba '• Luxcra- on a second Bishop Coadjutor of Tennessee, was i C. Blar ' ' ' ' ' and dyeing skins to j postponed today until Monday, ow-1 ausurr.l imitate tno furs of val-: i, lg t j fje Illness of a Juror. ; Una, ar. nimals, LI declares. an1! The youth Is charged with sjcond wood, ' ... . from l!lls llllclt busl-: degree murder in connection with ' was so'.., _, D ness nrc the cause of many of Pel-1 the dca'.ii of DivH Paynter, an cl- ! try, Is a halt brother ot U. S. Sena- pinng's pst animals being stolen jderly roomer at the home where tor Colcnum L. Blease. of Soutll atjd kil^d for their hides. , ARKANSAS — Fair with little ed by city police last night and drive their car to the curb, snatch-' jg au i y joon w m D e an interna-j RAILROAD COPS GET RADIOS'change in temperature toni§"S i turned over to Conslable Woods of ed the satchel containing the cur- . t | ona i pTO blem in Paris again,; CLEVELAND. O., (UP) — Rail-j and Saturday. • — • -- ' charge -' ' . .,„_.„.. ,v, ^ — -' •-•••. -•• •• =--' . «u.^.«- u., .. .-.cvviiu ki,o. B > of rency and drove away. | where comely contestants fromiroad i»llce department here are! . , _ . . ,, Furriers have imp.o\ea methods ; Bishop Coadjutor of Tennessee,was •- C. Blackwood, above, -recently lu- burclwy. i Then early this morning a mask-; many lands will compete for the to t« equipped with short wave! ""Drains to the oECciol wcath;r of t.iniun" and dyeing skins to j postponed today until Monday, ow-1 ausurr.tcd tovernor of South Care- , Jones" was to be given another ed bandit entered the establishment - aile ot "Miss Eur.ipc." Here are radio sets to pick up the broad- otsener, Charljs Phillips, ths mln- make-them imitate trie furs of val-: i, lg t j fje Illness of a Juror. ; Una, and his wife. Governor Black- preliminary hearing before Justice and demended three employes t:'two smiling contenders — i;-y.»r- casts cf local police, according to lmum temperature here yestornsy uaKe wild animals, LI declares. an1! The youth Is charged with sjcond wood, who for more than 10 yeara \ Elliott Wllllatru &• Luxora,today, -hand over all money in the store, old Ruth Ingrid Richard (above).; Chief of Police George J. Matowltz.! was 35 dcgrscs Rr > d l -- r^aslraum the profits from this llllclt busl-;degree murder in connection mth' was solicitor of Spartanburg COUTI- i It is understood that bnth arrests Another bandit guarded the doer who has been electeS "Miss Ger- j Mitowltz believes tlie plan will 1m'M degrees. On the samo dsv a ^e,\r of the local man were In connec- while the first entered the cafe.• many,"-and Inga Arvard (below).I prove the chance of captm-i- a?o the minimum temperature wai 'lion with Investigations by rail-' The pair took $75 from the cash chosen as the prettiest Girl in all' criminals who attempt to escape 18 degrees and the maximum 41 de- read agents. I register. ' Denmark. . by train. srecs. !«„<:„ lived. Caroliai.

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