The Charleston Daily Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on January 19, 1936 · Page 18
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The Charleston Daily Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 18

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 19, 1936
Page 18
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PAGE FOUE »· .·r i · V THE CHARLESTON DAILY MAIL, SUNDAY MORNING, JANUARY 19, 1936 LuncKeon for Convention Delegates Held at Club Kanawha Branch of West Virginia Society for Crippled Children Entertain for Out-of-Town Guests ·Out-of-town delegates to the convention of the West Virginia Society for .Crippled Children, held Friday in Charleston, were honored at a lunchedn given at the Charleston Woman's club at noon by the Kanawha branch of the society. "Hie guests were received by Miss3------ Vjrginla Cork, Kanawha branch president; Mrs. Thomas B. Jackson, secretary, who was in charge of ar- rangements, and the following mem- bers of the board of directors; Mrs. Francis. J. Brooke, Mrs. Bradford " · -v . --~-~ w*u) *.·** tXt *^.k K1S4.1U V* Noyes, Mrs. O. P. Fitzgerald and Mrs. W. S. Johnson. . Others acting as hostesses for the occasion were Mrs. Chester Dixon, Miss Carrie Gentry, Mrs. Raymond Dodson, Mrs. Jo N. Kenna, Mrs. Blackburn Watts, Miss Kate Staun- ton and Miss Sue Staunton. Mrs. Harry Embleton and Mrs. Sniiley Donnally, of the Junior Ijeague, and Miss Fannie May Mc- Conkey were in charge of the reg- ister. The dining room was in. charge of Mrs. Oland. White, chairman; and her committee, Mrs. WiUard Corn- stock, Mrs. Malcolm Robinson, Mrs. R. B. Mesmer, Mrs. Mortimer Smith and Mrs. Philip Pfeifer. · Those who' attended were: Dr. Doris A. Murray, Washington, D. C.; Mrs. Boyd Ball, Milton; Mrs. Arthur S. Jones, Mrs. Sara Lewis Glick, Helen Smith, Katherine Mc- Mahon, S. Allen, M. D. Norsworthy, Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Jones, Mrs. E. V. Bowers, Geraldine Boal, Mrs. Dan A. Mossman, James E. Moore, Mrs. I*, A. Pollock, Mrs. I. J. Kail, Mrs. A. B. .Rawn, Mrs. C. M. Davidson, Mrs. Wood Bouldin, Nellie Nash,' Mrs. Gaylord Stewart, Mamie L,. Wood, Mrs. L. M. Roe, Mrs. W. T. Smythe, Mrs. Harry I*. McColm, Mrs. EU» Bzown, Mrs. JL Y. Sauderfeld, all of Huntington. Miss Sarah Pollock, of Ramage; Mrs. Jessie Callaban, Madison; James S. .Rodney, Clarksburg; Mrs. Ida C. Stanley, Miss Bertha Condee, Point Pleasant; Mrs. C. M. Snaith, Weston; H. B. Pearis, Princeton; Mrs. A. B. Abbot, Mrs. John H. Toler, Fayette- ville; Mrs. Nellie Poff, Bluefleld; Mr. and Mrs. Gwyn Fordham, Powell ton; Mr*. H. C. 'Skaggs, Mrs. Ben Shor, Ann Judson Circle Meeting Is Held Mrs. W. L. Smith, assisted by Mrs J..'W. Riuby and Mrs. S. E. Creigh- ton entertained the Ann Judson cir- cle of Calvary Baptist church, Fri- day evening, at her home in Rus- sell street. Mrs. Ethel Harrington led the devotional and Mrs. George Treen taught a lesson. Others present were: Mrs. T. K. Campbell, Mrs. J. A. Stephens, Mrs. H. H. McDowell, Mrs. Ruby Schueler, Mrs. R. S. Hughes, Mrs. O. I/. Lowry, Mrs. C. E White. Mrs. Dale Thomas, Mrs. G. F. Schilling, Mrs. Vernon Campbell, Mrs, O. L. Jarvis, Mrs. W. L. Reyn- olds, Mrs. Margaret Hastings, Mrs. Stanley Bumgardner, Mrs. Wylie As- bury, Mrs. W. H. Belsches, Mrs. G. S. Linger, Mrs. O. E. Simmons. Miss Alma Marian Schueler, Catherine and Mary Smith. Personal Mention Mr. Cyril Johnson, of Jackson street, is spending ten days at the Governor Clinton hotel in New York city. Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Guard have returned to their home in Washing- ton street from New Market, Va., where they were called by the death of the former's father, Mr. George Adams Guard. Montgomery". Mrs. Sam R. KTuzum, Fairmont; Mr. and Mrs. A. J. C o n d e, of Pomeroy, O., are spending the week- end with Mrs. Conde's mother and sister, Mrs. Bell Arden and Mrs. Ella Mullaney, of Capitol street. Mrs. George Norveil - and Mrs. Harvey Scherr, of Huntington, at- tended the convention of the Wept Virginia Society for Crippled Chil- dren held in Charleston last week. Mrs. John Dice, of Lewisburg, was in Charleston Friday to attend the convention of the West Virginia Society for Crippled Children. Mr. and Mrs. R. D. York arrived Saturday morning to visit their daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Hamilton, Jr., of Brad- ford street. Word has been received bv Mrs. i D. D. Bartlett, of Oakwood drive, o£ ' the sei'ious illness of her niece. Bar- Mrs. M. J. Rathburn, B. R. Blackford, Mr*.. E. Vaughan, Parkersburg; Mrs. A. O. Wilson, Sharpies; Miss Kath- arine Henderson, Sistersville; Mrs. Russell Newman, Logan; Mrs. S. W. Price, Scarbro; Mrs. John C. Dice, Lewisburg; Lenora Bannister, East B3nk; Mrs. Minnie Wiseman, Fay- etteville; A. H. Thompson, Elyria: O. J. W. Luther, Welch; Mr. and Mrs.. Albert S. Heck, Spencer; Mrs. C. L. Harshberger and Miss Okal Morris, Milton. Charleston guests were: Miss lo Boone, Mrs. Dora Garlitz, Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Pollitt, Miss Virginia Cork, Dr. Randolph L. Anderson, Mrs. F. J. Brooke, Mrs. Willard Comstock, Mrs. Raymond Dodson, Mrs. Harry Embleton, Mrs. O. P. Fitzgerald, Mrs. Joseph Holt Gaines, Jr., Miss Carrie Gentry, Miss Katie Geissinger, Miss K. Henderson, Mrs. Smiley Donnally, Mrs., Thomas B. Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Johnson, Mrs. Joseph Kenna, Mrs. Fanny May McConkey, Mrs. Bradford Noyes, Mrs. Philip Pfieffer, Mrs. C. A. Robinson. Mrs. Mortimer Smith, Dr. Claude B. Smith, Miss Sue Staunton, Miss Kate Staunton, Mrs. Arthur Stitt, Mrs. Mae Sullivan Straton, Mrs. J. Blackburn Watts, Mrs. T. J. Wil- liams, Mrs. Olin White, Miss Martha Wohlraven, Mrs. Chester G. Dixon and Mrs. Joe Lane Stern. Business College To Sponsor Dance The Capital City Commercial col- fe will give a dance at the West 'e Woman's club, Friday evening, January 24, from 9:30 to 12:30 o'clock, after the basket ball game which will be played by the Com- mercial college team and the New River State college. Guests of hon- or at the dance will be members of the teams and alumni of both schools. Bill Garten's orchestra will play for the dance. The basket ball game played at the Roosevelt junior high j Washington and "Lee univer«itv school. Miss Eloise Ingram will return to- day to her home in High Point, N. C., after visiting Miss Mary Price Wood- roe at her home in South Hills. Mrs. Edward Christie is recover- ing from an illness at her home in Park avenue. THE DAILY MAIL PATTERNS on My Street. Mrs. Darlington, may we come? We have it mapped, out very systematically, in alphabetical order; accordion, babies, bad boys, j crying children, cornets, dogs tha bark, etc etc. Someone commented recently that there were fewer bridge parties this year than ever before; that few host- esses chose this form of entertain- ing anymore. A short discussion on the question followed, in an attempi to solve the mystery. Bridge is still the good game it always was, and yet only real tournament players play all day and all night as many people used to. We couldn't decide whether it was repeal, or just the usual failure to keep up interest in any one game, that had caused it. Myrtle Rebekahs Have Lodge Party The Myrtle Rebekah lodge No. 97, I. O. O. F,, entertained Friday eve- ning with a party in honor of the birthday of Thomas Wildey, founder of the Oddfellow organization. Those taking part in the program were: Mrs. Julia Goodall, Mrs. J. Cal Anderson, Mrs. Alice Hart, Mr. L. D, Bailey, Mr. Walter Hunyon, Mr. Frank Runyon and Mr. Edward Mur- phy. Others present ware: Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Tickle, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Paxton, Mrs. L. D. Bailey Mrs. N. B. Cobb, Mrs. C. J. Turley, Mrs. Joel Cottrell, Mrs. Elizabeth Messer, Mrs. F. D. Keeney, Mrs. Nora Legg, Mrs. Stella Backus, Mrs. Anna Mae Herr, Mrs. Anna Darby, Mrs. Flora Hindman, Mrs. Dora Moore, Mrs. Florence Cavender, Mrs. P. Biagi, Mrs. Alice Roberts, Mrs. Margaret Roberts, Mrs. Julia Whited, Mrs. Sadie Thomas, Mrs. A. H. Carter, Mrs. Margaret Murphy, Miss Mable Bumgarner, Miss Roxina Weigand, Miss Eliza- beth Rickard, Miss Elizabeth Mc- Carnie and Miss Olive Bostick. SOUTH CHARLESTON PATTERNS 9524 AND 9759 Youth--or Miss--every age wants a new frock this time of the year, so Marian Martin's ready with one and two-piece styles to delight the woman who sews at home. Youth--aged four to twelve--is everything a tailor-made Junior should be, with her smart jacketed frock, p'attern 9524, of cotton suiting, and contrasting bodice and revers of novelty cotton or pongee. Her mother or older sister favors the chic tailoring of pattern 9759 a printed shirtwaist frock that's as nice for run-about occasions as H is for sports or wear at home. It's equally nice in necktie silk, challis or cotton. Complete, Diagrammed Marian Martin Sew Chart included with each pattern. Pattern 9524 may be ordered only in sizes 4. 6, 8, 10 and 12. Size 10 requires 2% yards 36 inch fabric and 1% yards contrasting. Price 15c. Pattern 9759 may be ordered only in sizes 12, 14. 1(5, 18. 20, 30, 32, 34, 36. 38 and 40. Size 16 requires 3% yards 36 inch fabric. Price 15c. Send FIFTEEN CENTS in coins of stamps (coins preferred) for EACH MARIAN MARTIN pattern. THIRTY CENTS f30c) for both. Be sure to write plainly your NAME, ADDRESS, the PATTERN NUMBER and SIZE of each pattern. Send for OUR NEW SPRING PATTERN BOOK, and lake the guess- work out of planning and making your new clothes! Its main- smart, practical designs will show you new ways to look your c h a r m i n g best, Prestons Entertain For Son, Daughter Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Richardson, of Lee s t r e e t , entertained Saturday afternoon in honor of their daughter and son, Mary Kay and Ira Preston. The guests were: Clara Betty Dye, Cora Belle Shel- ton, Joan Anderson, Betty Jo Shel- ton, Ann Little, Gatha Chandler, Clem June Hansom. Carolyn Smith, Anna Max, Carol Mae Richardson, Fannie Kate Shelton, Merla Shel- ton, Maria Rigley, Jack Shook, Carl Richardson, Jr., Ray Kerwood, Bet- ty Mulholland, Luther Kellinger, Carol Adkinson, H u g h W'" ; C h a r l e s Richardson, Jr., Hamb, John Gentry, Kenneth Cox, Billy Dawson and Billy Gentry. Two dances and a Major Bowes program are among the social af- fairs which will be held at the South Charleston Woman's club in Jan- uary and February. The first of the two dances will be given by the junior department of the club on Saturday, January 25. The second will be in February, the date to be decided upon within a few weeks Mrs. L. C. Swacker, Mrs. J. P. Fer- rer and Mrs. C. R. W. Morisoh have been appointed members of a com- mittee to arrange for the affair. The Major Bowes program also will be in February. Mr. L. C. Swacker will impersonate the Ma- jor. Members of the arrangement committee for this event are Mrs, J. Hanley Lawson, Mrs. Ross Shriver and Mrs. Paris D. White. The club's annual husband's night was held Friday evening in the club- house. Mr. Chris H, Hetzel, manager of the Charleston airport, was the main speaker, and discussed the progress of aviation. Dinner was served by the Amer- ican Homes department, under the direction of Mrs. Alan Marples. Mr. Charles H. Gorby and his German miniature band, played several se- 'ections. Members of the band were JaFern Huff, Francis Salisbury, Jack Thacker and Stanley Burnette. William- Foglesong played several 3iano solos, during the dinner. Mrs. J. Edwin Stark, president of the club, welcomed the guests, before turning the meeting over to the program chairman, Mrs. R. C. Jar- ·ell. Short talks were given by Mr. L. C. Swacker and Mr. Homer Bow- ers, and Mrs. W. I. Goodwin an- nounced the junior department dance. Covers were placed for: Mr. and Mrs, J. E. Stark, Mr. and Mrs. Harry T. Chapin, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Higginbotham, Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Swacker, Mr. and Mrs. J, Hanley Lawson, Mr, and Mrs. C. E. Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jarrell, Mr. and Mrs. Alan Marples, Mr and Mrs. Marshall Cunningham, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Baer, Mr. and Mrs. Joe G. Winesett, Mr. and Mrs. George Briggmann, Mr. and Mrs. Ross C. Shriver, Mr. and Mrs. H. K. Blackwellj Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Bowers. Mrs. C. R. W. Morison, Jr., Mrs. Paui Smith, Mrs. C. S. Thacker, Mrs. Florence Lambert, Mrs. W. I. Goodwin, Mrs. Paris D. White, Mrs. D. Brown, Mrs. C. A. McMurrer, Mrs. R. M. Rynd, Mrs. Con Hearn, Mrs. W. O. Price, Mrs. E. C. Wood- all, Mrs. J. E. Hill. Misa Emma Jackson, a retired mis- sionary, gave a talk and Miss Clara M. Smith taught the'lesson. A. Others present were: Mrs. Kenneth Bowyer, Missc Bermel Fisher, Mrs. Charles O.J Show, Mrs. John Henry Purse, Mrs." Bermel Fisher, Mrs. Karl Zogg, Mrs. Clarence S p e s s a r d , Mrs. Thomas Leishman, Mrs. Keith D.un- lap, Miss Pauline Brown, Miss Mrs: A F TTnrlo-u- TVT,- e r T ia f JMiiss jraujme JDIOWII, juwa M 2rer, Mrs A L^McLane? Mrk J. | ^ Garten and MfaB ******* H. Bonsall, Mrs. G. J. Gleusenkamp Mrs. Hilton Roll, Mrs. John Redd Mrs. Severn Frey, Mrs.-R. S. Rich- ardson, Mrs. T. L. Dunlap. Miss Ruth Holbrook,: Miss Bess VanBuren, Miss Cora Duffield, Miss Zell Cain, Miss Mabel Stover, Miss Helen Smith, Miss Kathlene Harless, Mr. E. S. VanBuren, Mr. Henry S. Ferguson, Mr. L. G. Tucker. Mr. Virgil Sowers, ' Mrs. Helen Amick, Mrs. C.' F. Foutche, Mrs. Harry T. Chapin, Mrs. Alvin T. Reed, Mrs. George F. Briggman, Jr., Mrs. Hillard Jarrett, Mrs. J. Paul Smith, Mr,s. Gabriel Lefevre, Mrs. J. H. Welton. Mrs. Wilford I. Goodwin, Mrs. George Ratcliffe, Mrs. E. H. Merthe, Mrs. C. B. Derrick, Mrs, C. R. W. Morison, Jr., Mrs. R. G. Faircloth, Mrs. Brady Maynor, Mrs. Edward Lette, Mrs. E. B. Haeter, Mrs. P. D. Groves. Mrs. L. C. Swacker, Mrs. C. B. Halstead, Mrs. Harry Baer, Mrs. C. E. Brown, Mrs. C. T. Turner, Mrs. J, L. Laterneau, Mrs. James Hall, Mrs. C. E. Paden, -Mrs. D. Thomp- son, Mrs. John Molin, Mrs. D. W, Faster, Mrs. A. F. Foutty, Mr. F. C, Pitit, Mr. Harold Givens, Mr. A. C. Hamstead, Mr. E. Merrill Hardin, Mr. J. Kolin and Mr. Paul C. Shaw. The South Charleston Young Democratic club will give a benefit bridge at the Daniel Boone hotel, .n Charleston, on Saturday evening, February 8. Members of the reser- vation committee are Mr. Frank Oakes, chairman; Mr. Howard Tin- n«y, Mrs. J. S, Huffman and Mrs. W. I. Goodwin. Sissonville Dinner Party Is Given Mrs. Chloe Long, of Sissonville, ( g a v e a dinner Wednesday evening! : on her husband's birthday anniver- ' John Henson, Mrs. J. P. Ferrer, Mrs. Charles F. Meyers, Miss Gladys Stark and Mr. Hetzel. A debate on, "Hesolved: That i woman's place in the home is more j important than it was 50 years ago," will be presented at a meeting of the American Homes department of the South Charleston Woman's club, Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Ross Shriver will argue the affirmative and Mrs. Joe French, the negative. Hostesses will be Mrs. Vernon Nichols and Mrs. C. S. Thacker. Mrs. Paul C. Shaw was general { sary. Guests were Mrs. A. C. Hum- chairman or the benefit bridge party | pnreys, Oran Humphreys. Grover w h i c h was given at the Woman's ; Humphreys. John Fisher and Asa ! club. Thursday evening. She was Long. ; assisted by Mrs. Wilford I. Goodwin, TVT K.T n - T T -- , j Mrs. J. Hanley La%vson and Mrs. J. ; Mr.-:. N e l l i e Shock, of M a r m o t , who E d w i n Stark. , has been in a local hospital for | Members of the serving commit- j r»bout three weeks, has returned tee were Mrs. George T. Martin, 1 Mrs. Cebert Price, Mrs. Gordon home. Glnesenkamp, Mrs. W. O. Price, Mrs. Mrs. Mary Oliver, of Marmot, who , J. E. Hill, Mrs. C. B. Meyers and as born i l l for several days, is i m - i Miss Mabel Stover. 1 lias i proving. Mrs. Sylvain Goffaux will enter- I Mrs. R. B. Cooper, tain the Colonial club, Tuesday eve- ning. Mr. -Roy Bird Cook will speak on "Lincoln," and members will re- spond to roll call with sayings of Lincoln, Hennen. Mrs. Herbert Greenlee enter- tained the Fidelity class of the First Methodist church, Friday evening, at her home in First avenue. Those present were: Mrs. H. J. Mehle, Mrs. Robert Clements, Mrs. Albert McClure, Mrs. W. E. Cramer, Misa Delma Clements, Miss Grace Graham, Mrs. Denver Henson, Mrs. W. T. Castle- berry, Mrs. R. B. Cooper, Mrs. Robert Cavender, Mrs. A. Flippin, Mrs. L. K. Long, Mrs. R. J. Uldrich, Mrs. Cecil Simm?, Mrs. A. C. White, Mrs. E. R. Garrett, Mrs. T. W. Hayes, Mrs. J. O. Jarvis, Mrs. K; O. O'Dell, Mrs. Edgar L. Sirnms Mrs. Dewey Deweese and Rev. T. W. Hayes. Assistant hostesses were Mrs. Denber Henson, Mrs. R o b e r t Clements and Miss Blanche Dalton. Kelley Castleberry entertained at his home in Armor Park, Friday aft- ernoon, celebrating his tenth birth- day. His guests were: Jacqueline and Josephine Harring- ton, Georgianne Cooper, Roberta and Glenice Deweese, Lois Dahlman, Betty Lou Meadows, Paul Dunn»,- Meadows, Mary Caroline Painter, Gene Carter, George Washington, Kenneth Caudill, Eddie Caudill, Robert Doolittle. Martha Helen Gillikin, Phyllis Thomas, Marvin A n d r e , Mary O'Leary, Theresa Laning, Donald * and Patty Droullard, Raymond and ' May'oelle Stuart, Lois Duerr, Roger Stover, Mrs. W. P. Adams, Mrs. C. K. Stover, Mrs. J. M. Stover and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Atwood entertained at bridge, Friday eve- ning, at their home in Forest ave- nue. Their guests were: Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Walters, Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Lyons, Mr. and Mrs. bara Jean Vanderaux, of Peoria. II!.! new ways to use the latest spring fabric. 1 --, new v/nys to stretch your The child's mother is the former Miss i budget. Special finttcring designs for stout figuro!? Paltrrns for* the Thelma Holiday, of Charleston a n d ; whole family. PRICE OF BOOK FIFTEEN CENTS BOOK AND A Huntington. Mr. L. Newton Thomas returned Friday night from Cincinnati, O., to spend the week-end at his home in South Hills. PATTERN TOGETHER, TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. Send your order to The Charleston Daily Mail Pattern department West 18th street, New-York, N. ^ Mr. Albert Fowler, Mr. Selic Hartley and Mr. Joseph Gregg at- tended a florists' convention held Friday at Pomeroy, O. Mr. Fred Faulkner, Fla., is the guest of Mr Henry Benn, of Quarrier street. Miss Nancy Hall. Miss Eleanor Mcanor, Miss Frances Dean Reed, Miss Betty Kearse, Miss Margaret Kearse, Miss Hawes Brown, Miss Aileen Wiley and Miss Jane Mayer will leave the last of the month for Lexington. Va., where they will will be j attend the Fancy Dress ball at Very Small Talk The party was attended by an un- [ usually large number of persons, and the clubhouse was filled to ca- pacity. Those playing were: Dr. and Mrs. ,1. W. Frazier, Mr. ~ ":, Mr. and Mrs. . and Mrs. G. F. at the Glendale lodge rooms. Mrs. i Grissinger, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon 'Officers of Pythian i Sisters Are Installed 1 Glondnle temple No. 2G, Pvthian ancl Mrs. E. R. Goff, Sisters, installed officers last" week ' J- G. Wincsett, Dr. a Mrs. Bowyer Hostess To Members of Club The Kum Bak club met at (!'·· home of Mrs. W. H. Bowyer, ,j Fourth avenue, Friday evening. Those present were: Mrs. J. L. O'Conner, Mrs. John Lair, Mrs. Elizabeth Darnell, Mrt. Ella Williams, Mrs. R. E. Storm, Mrs. W. H. Bowyer, Mrs. Lorene Ashley, Mrs. T. O. Walton, Mrs. J. W, Pierce, Mrs. Esta Clendenin, Mrs. Sophie Daoust, Mrs. E. L. Van Deuren, Mrs. Myrtle Bright, Mrs. W. A. Well!?, Mrs. E. J. Gentry, Mrs. Nannie Lipscomb and Mrs. Con way Bowyer. Miss Hallic Moore and Miss Ida May Moore, of Owens, will leave Tuesday morning for a three weeks of Miami, I f-I IGH UP in popularity rank for party possibilities at this time tfr. and Mrs! j * * of year is roller skating. We do not, of course, refer to the gentle and mild cruising done by the young element on the city sidewalks, which provide no greater hazard than a warped spot or two in the pavement. Oh no! We invite you to the Watts .street rink, on almost any old night, to witness the demoniac whirling and twirling exhibition put on by Charleston's intrepid populace. Although there have been several f instances of broken bones, torn liga-' 1 ,, , , , , . , I say they haven t had on skale.-. since ment:?, battered clnns and elbows, j they were ten. and bruised knees, the chief perils Martha charge. Ellis, lodge deputy, had ! Seal, Mr. and Mrs. George I. Mar- , The new officers nfc: Rose Ruby, most excellent chief; 1 an d Mrs. George R. Latham, Pearl Lynch, senior; Vida Butler, ' Mrs, Ross C. Shriver, Mr. ! junior; Mamie Adkin?, manager; ' -}. H. Gillespic. tin. Mr. and Mrs^ Cebert Price. Mr. " " , Mr. and and Mrs. Florence Butler, protector; Florence King, guard: Elizabeth Goodall, mis- tress of finance; Pearl Rochow, mis- Mr, and Mrs. Don E. McGhee, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Laterner, Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Schrader, Mr. and Mrs. visit to Orlando, Fla., of Florida. and other . and Mrs. T. H. McMillan have aod to Charleston after a visit ·-..cago, Mr. W. T. Williamson returned to of the sport have bcon worked up in the minds of. those sissies--those milksops--those mollycoddles who sit on the oidclin-e-s and watch. Per- manently tainted by cowardice arc those who dare not step into a pair of those little machines of the devil and launch forth on the floor in an i attempt to remain upright for a few j minutes. Come with us, spineless Just .look at all dier.--, going floor, to some those l i t t l e sol- and a r o u n d the indistinguishable tune being rattled out by the wheez- Knights of Pythias Will Initiate Class Glenrlalc lodge .No. 78. Knights of Pythias, will meet Tuesday night at 7:30 o'clock in the Charleston Trust b u i l d i n g The rank of knight will be confored upon a class of esquires. C. T. Woods)!, chancellor command- tress of records and seals, and Laura j E - M. Wells, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Burford, past chief. Sowers, Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Padfield, Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Meyers, Mr. and Mrs. K. F. Brockell, Mr. and Mrs. Pat White, Mr. and Mrs. S. H, Mul- lins. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond G. Ross, Mr. and Mrs. J. C, Peterson, Mr. and Mrs. C. P. McKenna, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley G. Cavendish, Dr. and Mrs, A. W. Downs, Mr. and Mrs. O. Faye Daubcnspeck, Mr. and Mrs. J. .. Edwin Stark, Mr. and Mrs. J. Han- er, will preside and H. G. Morgan, j Icy Lawson. Mr. and Mrs. Frank captain of the degree, team will have ' Higginbotham, Mr. and Mrs, F. F. C. Hankins, Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Carte, Mr. and Mrs. C.- G. Derick, Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Snyder, Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Cannon, Dr. and Mrs, G. H. Reid and Miss Patsy Hayes. The woman's auxiliary of the Presbyterian church will hold its monthly devotional meeting at 7:30 o'clock Thursday evening. Mrs. H. C. Zogg and Mrs. F. M. Ryburn will have charge of the program. A guest speaker, to be announced early this week, will be present. A community interdenominational teachers' training school will be held at the South Charleston Pres- byterian church from March 16 to 27, under the auspices of all the South Charleston churches. Rev. F. M, Ryburn, pastor of the Presbyte- rian church, will be dean of the school. Rev. O. H. Dorsey, of the Darlington Southern M e t h o d i s t ; church, will be associate dean. Rev. H. Lloyd Parkinson, of the Baptist church, will be chairman of the board of administration. Rev. T W Hayes, of the F i r s t Methodist church, is to be publicity chairman and Mr. Robert L. Bryan, princi- pal of the Loudon district high ;.-chool will act as chairman of the finance committee. Mrs. Roy H Arthur will bo registrat, and Miss Frances Irons, librarian. Mrs. George A. Brown entertained the business girls' circle of the Presbyterian church, Thursday eve- rting, at her home in Montrose drive. Mrs. A. G. Barlow, Mrs. T. W. Hayes, Mrs. W, T. Runion and Mrs. Ralph Uldrich were hostesses to members of the woman's missionary society of the First Methodist church, Thursday evening, at the church an- nex. Mrs. Hayes led the devotionul and Miss Mary Lawrence sang a solo. Mrs. W. T. Castleberry had charge of a program on "The Youth Movement and the History of the Queen Esther Society." Those tak- ing part on the program were: Mrs. - A.- G. Barlow, Mrs. F. K. Mandeville, Mrs. E. L. Poff, Mrs. J. O. Jarvis, Mrs. R. B. Cooper, Mrs. Russell Smith, Mrs. R. H. Rockwell, Mrs, Ralph Uldrich and Mrs. R. O. O'Dell. Mrs. C. K. Stover was made Thank Smith was named mite box secre- tary. Mrs. E. L. Poff was elected secretary of the Lenten offering. Mrs. Russell Smith gave a report on supply work. Members of the Queen Esther so- ciety, who were guests at the meet- ing, included Mrs. James Edwards, Miss Mary Lawrence, Miss Mary Louise Smith, Miss Mary June Rook- well, Miss Ernestine Poff and Miss Lena Ruth Runion. Others present were: Mrs. L. B. Robinson, Mrs. Mary Riley, Mrs. M. M. McClanahan, Mrs. R. C. Jarrell, Mrs. K. J. O'Dell, Mrs. H. B. Crawford, Mrs. D. W. Henson, Alma Jean Hayes, Patty Ann Uld- rich and Richard O'Dell. .1 The next meeting will be the first Tuesday in February. Mrs. J. R. B. Hall was «l«cted president of the Loyal Woman'* class of the South Charleston Baptist church, Friday evening, during' meeting held ,at her home in Sixth avenue. ! Others elected are Mrs. G. A. El- well, teacher; Mrs. Sherman Bulling- ton, assistant teacher; Mrs. L. A, Worley, vice president; Mrs, Elsie Green, secretary; Mrs. Bert Crum, assistant secretary; Mrs. M. W. Reid, (Continued on Page Five) charge of the initatory work. ing machine in the corner. Havp an- Church Unit to Meet oilier of beer, you spiritluso softies, and get w r l l behind the railin-g; you m'ght get a bit of dust in your eye. Charleston Friday after a business | creatures, to the Watts street rink. trip through the northern part of the state. Packonizers Club For Girls Is Begun Girl Scouts Plan A Taffy Pulling Girl Scout troop No. 33, of Kana- wha City, will entertain with a taffy pulling narty. Thursday evening at 7:30 o'clock at the Kanawha City Presbyterian church. Behold, sissie;.' r behold old Phil Herscher, who never misses one of the gatherings, out there looping around with his partner -- swinging A more obsolete and less vigorous form of exercise that has been in vogue for the last few weeks is that okl fashioned pastime, walking. For the pasl two Sundays, which have awakened an almost dead hope that The Young Men's auxiliary of the Simpson M. E. church will hold its weekly meeting at the home o£ Wil- liam Thompson, 714 Young street, Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock. --Alaska, w i t h an area only twice that of Texas, has 15,132 miles of .shore line, while the United States has only 12,877. Ehrke. Mrs. E. W. Light, Mrs. F. Con- sydes, Mrs. S. Ways, Mrs, George GATES PAINTS WALL PAPER Dial 23-121 or Write For Free Catalogs GATES--Summers Virginia her around the corners and doing a spring might not be so far away, Ka- mean figure eight. And look at t h a t j n a w h a street has looked like the disorder_of legs and arms piled in 1 boardwalk at A t l a n t i c City, with its " The Packonizers, a girls' group of , ., . , , , ,, - . - , the Onized club, held its monthly i t h e middle of the floor; m n minute crowded , meeting Tucsdav at the Chimney I now - Ikc Goldsmith ami Johnni Corner. Plans for f u t u r e parties ' Mcrnll will emerge from the middle, were made. i and will emerge SMILING, friends. Don't mips that "train" as it comes --Jupiter rotates on its axis once in approximately 9 hours and 50 from behind the pillar -- the Smith family form the backbone of that minutes. A man weighing 1501 snake'y parade--Bet, Smut and Dny on earth would weigli about 435 pounds on that planet. Simple Stitches Make Gay Linens PATTERN 5515 A colorful butterfly flitting from flower to flower! A pair of grace ml pond lilies--were there ever two more decorative subjects for the needlewoman than these? What fun you'll have embroidering them in simple outline and running stitches, on the ends of your pillow cases, towels, scarfs and various linens. They curl be as gay as you wish, too, in the way of color or kept entirely in shades of one color. How proud you'll be to display them when you entertain'. In pattern 5515 you will find a transfer pattern of two motifs .'!% x 15 inches and two motifs-4% x 15 inches; material i equircwiits; color suggestions; illustrations of all stitches needed. To obtain this pattern send 10 cents in stamps or coin ("coin preferred) to The Charleston Daily Mail Household Arts department, 259 West Hlh strwrt. New York, N. Y. are all there. Mary Fuller has just made a neat comeback, and has de- cided not to f a l l after all, out (here with Mackie Alexander. That slick solo performer is none other than Fran Altizcr, in case you can't recognize her in her u s u a l skating costume of slacks, sweater, .sidewalks. From Capitol street to the Kanawha City bridge little of people have been noticed indulging in the quaint an- t i q u a t e d Sunday occupation j[ chat- ting about the weather and the ser- mon at church. There is even one small unehartcred club, with a membership oC five, who have met for a number of weeks lo have lunch together and take a walk afterwards. With no constitution, no officers, by-laws or niin-utes to h a m - per thorn, they arc the John Morri- son;;, the Charles Hamillons, Jr., and Bryson Pninc. At least t h a t was the and old flannel pajama top, j membership up u n t i l the m i d d l e of The two gonts in thickly padded the week. gloves are Ray Evans, and Ted j Kelly, a rccen-L New York addition Random Notes From a Typewriter to Charleston. Lucy and George Coyle, new addicts to the sport, ore That is Tired: The West Side Woman's club is m a k i n g a fine, brave showing, ton I promoting at the next meeting a se- nothing cowardly about them, they I ncs of i n f o r m a l talks on Nuisances OPENING OF THE RITZ BEAUTY SHOPPE 202 Professional Bldg. Miss Jones, formerly with the Hollywood Beauty Shoppe, is now open in her new shop, where she welcomes her old customers and any new ones. OPENING SPECIALS THIS WEEK Genuine Croquignole Wave Hollywood Oil Permanent $3 00 OTHER PERMANENT WAVES TO $10. 40c Shampoo and Fi7iger Wave Bring This Ad and CA Save DUC On Any Permanent This Wf.ek RITZ BEAUTY SHOPPE ^202 Professional Bldg. Second Floor Phone 26-335 ROVAI_ FUR West Virginia's Oldest Furrier JANUARY F U R S A L E REDUCTIONS OF 35% to 50%' on i\ir fashions, including" sport and dress models, all the wanted styles and furs at prices that make you glad you waited! Hurry! Because it is oxir policy never to carry over furs from one season to another we have reduced many of these to cost and below! Royal Fur Co* Quarrier at Dickinson 1 908 Quarrier Street Here's Wonderful News For Thrifty Women and Misses! Tomorrow-Monday-We Offer 65 Handsome Winter Coats LUXURIOUSLY FURRED Arranged in Three Price Groups for Quick Disposal *20-$35-*50 Originally $45.00 to $139,50 -SIZES 11 to 48- Act Quickly and Get Your Choice! 'J. 'SPAPERf

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