The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 6, 1939 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 6, 1939
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 193? JIPJK5E HOLE IN SOOTH CHINA FIST: BIATTTEVILLE. (ARK.)' COURIER NRWS Poland's Pride—Tier Cavalry hiiy Refuses To Follow Slern Policy Used fn Norlh China CANTON, Sept. B is no ami-British move in South China. It Is not because Hie southern Chinese lack null-British feelings; It Is because the Japawe Army in North China nnds HIP movement more difficult, to control than Che forces in South Chlin That Is the mtlilnry s|iokcsmtm'<i explanation why no counlerimt exists here of the North Chlmi campaign. Army and nnvy authorities woulJ not venture to forecast the lime when the "ingrained" anil-British sentiments might overwhelm '.he restraining hand of the Japanese, as has happened in Norlh China. They said they are merely watching to see what results Wang Cbing-wci obtains In his elVorls lo win over Ihc southwestern leaders. Actually, foreign observers hero believe, an anil-British move is simply not in Ihe Japanese policy for South China, which so far appears to be based on ".siltinft tight" and blocking supplies io the Chiang Kai-shek government. Iron Hand lirsistrtl It Is known definitely In well- informed circles here that ihe Japanese North China command has brought pressure to bear on Ihe Soulh China command for n» anti-BrilMi move.' but the latter refused to comply. The only action apparently aimed at foreigners was taken for a few dnys toward the end of July, when Japanese sentries deliberately protracted I heir searehliigs of Chinese entering and leaving ihe foreign concession. Ostensibly they were watching for Chinese trying to hoard their Chinese national dollars by converting them into Honi? Kontr currency deposits in the foreign banks, foreign residents grumbled ami went hungry while their servants .waited to bring foodstuffs through the sentries. This policy came to an abrupt end, it is learned, through representations by diplomatic officials. And since that time, as before, relation between foreigners and Japanese have been all that could bo asked under the circumstances. Foreigners Treated Same Britons coming to Canton have no more,, trouble passing passport Inspection an'd searching than do other nationalities i and ..Jherc'atc no. indications of discriminatory treatment of supplies destined for British residents. An incident which seemed at first lo presage an--anti-foreign move occurred when some American sailors; were passing a geisha house. r Japanese officers saw the sailors start to enter the house and arrested them. The men were released at the instance of diplomatic officials. Relations between Japanese and foreigners here are cordial enough to permit a British resident recently to suggest n Baseball game. One team was made up chiefly of officers from the U. S. gunboat Mindanao and the other from Japanese consular staff members. Local Guard Company May Be Expanded Soon The CO members of Company M, Mississippi County's" National Guard unit, will drill tonight in the old style tor the last forma ticn before taking up the new style drill ordered by the United Stales army for all nnny units, cf fectiyc Sept. -l. Because the unit-will soon be under the new table of organization, it will be operated as a heavy weapon unit instead of n machine gun corp and there is a probability that the 30 cavalry machine guns will be increased by 50 more and by 8] millimeter mortars. There Is also a probability of an increase in the personnel of the ccmpany, according to Capt. Wendell M. Phillips who said that the high technical training which would be acquired in this type work should attract high type young men interested in this vocation. Prospective members should have down Polish cavalry—ral across the uncertain terrain of msleni Europe, tiic ft vital war-time role impossible 'Continued from Page 1) Is nof expected to compare with the amount to be raised Ihls season members of the committee said The National Citton Council, organized in Dallas. TOKOS, last January, has already done much toward achieving its aim, pointed out. it lias been In addition to the research work started, the group sponsrred National Cotton Week last May during which time enough cotton goads was s:ld in the United stales to keep every cotton mill in the country oiwrntitijj 24 hours n day for six weeks, and it promoted such interest that in (lie past season consumption in the United States increased more than a million bales'. Tlie Council is composed of the five primary interests In raw cotton, all of which must he equally represented timing the officers and committees and 2-3 of which must approve-any action taken. Activities of the group have been endorsed by all state and national associations and varied interests, it has been p-intecl out, That tills year's drive will be successful is evidenced by reports already made that practically all warehouse men. buyers, and mills have already paid their ".assessments" to date. Nciih Mississippi county and several visiting extension agents from oilier Arkansas counties In n Uo- dny school held at the Wommi's club Friday and Saturday. In addition to making the living r-:om couch, including two mattresses, three pillows and upholstering, another mattress was alsr made by the 38 present. These will be displayed in the -"Use More Cotton" exhibit, at the Mississippi County Fair here Sept 2B-Oct, l, which Is to be sponsored by the home demonstration clubs of the northern division of the county. Only (he frame had been prepared, lo facilitate lime, when the home industries chairmen of nil the clubs in this end of the county gathered. Also present were Miss Helen Young of Marlon, ajjcnt of Critlemlen County; Miss Mnry Plltzman cf Joncsboro, a»onl of Crnlghcnd County; Miss Mary Mc- Knlght of Scarcy, assistant agent of White County, Miss Inez Kln- caid of psceola, agent of South Mississippi county; Mrs. J. \v. Graham of Dyess, : h;me supervisor of the government rehabilitation project, and the home Industries chairman of each of these groups Representatives told Miss Cora Lee Coleman, county home demon- stration agent iiho .sixmsorcd (he "s;!io:l." Hint each would teach members of her club how to mok n similar conch. Clubs having cm houses will place the piece of fur nltiirc there and Individual mem bers pltin to make couches fo tlielr li:mcs. Fourteen members of the Shad Lane club have already complete the frames for their candies niu will begin Immediately upon makliv Ihe couches upon receiving Instructions from their Imliixlvtc chairman following her nttciuUn this "school." float I'ommitlcc, i-xhlljltrd n skeloli ol Ihe Hum iviiich Is lo by sent lo mo national mirrulloii «t Clilciigo He tnlormi'd HIP post Owl (ho c <m- iroctor would rm ,, e to uiyllicvlllo I'Tklfty ID uu»iilr((. ddnlls cf build- i»tf Hie Hniu. Si'Vi'nlmi of (in. 43 Ix'atonuiitri'S it volunteered to to lo West .. toiiKirow nljjht fur n pnbllv Jiiltliitlnii uixl Installation of officers (K (i u . |, 0 . st ,!„,,.,, T|ley wlll war robes miule i-spM-lnlly lur a:"""' «f "Us Unil. Tlioso who the Irlp follow, jolm ». Sinllh, 0. 11. • -•• ulscll, JniiH'.s (Joslon of Osccolii, Nolll rU'ixl, 15 A Kiel- Floyd A, White, Aitle Wnllncc, 0. O. Sllivs, Euuciu- Drowning. Clarence KoUUck, Cisco Teller, fioss Stevens. Oapl. wVmMI M. Mumps &• '0, I'utHni nm | oon Edivimls coinmamt.'r oi Dir liiail post. fi-alir, In |n s („!!(, Kava s .,,,. wlm'li omphasl«.(| th<> fact tn«t in mini,, „, [ ll( , | al . j!(r iltu , s porlunity fj enjoy nil 'pl»ws"i)f i'S, crime liad tjmi noticeably Mr. ciiilj- pointed out, Hie elites mill b«.|i ,ii,|(, to |. C(luce lhn , llco force. nlso said Hint Juveniles who j»i« nn luul the proper adviiiitunes /mtl boon icslorcd to tioruuilcy after n slum period of ivnlnlnu In somo field of utlilctli's siioli us football bas<iotlwli, indcor mid outdoor tow. ball or allied gnincs, KcpuMlcans me sUiillug to forecast n 1040 victory already. They'll be nil vl(jhl ns IOIIB ns some iiinijii- •anc doesn't comi' out with u poll In llicli 1 favor. Legion Group Hears Craig Discuss Sport Benefits'of iitliletlcs lo Ihc con. inimlly nnd the conneclloii behvcei athlellcs nnd rcduclloii cf erlin were traced last night by Joe Cnii who was the principal "sjicnker n the meeting of u lu Duel Cuson I'os of Ihe Amcrlcnn Legion al Die Jlu .E. A. Hice, cominnnder of Hi Fifth district, rep:rtal on Ills trlj to Little Hock for n mcclliig will the boxing commission of which Ii is n member. Legionnaire CnntR-l of Little Rock un.s- elccletl sccrc tnry cf Die commission. J. Mell Brooks, member of tli the equivalent of education, he said. a high school Negro Baptist Church Controversy In Court Control of the True Light Bap- lisl Church, Iccal negro church is at issue In a suit filed in chancery court here yesterday. A number of members of the church and officers of the church board charge tnat they were forcibly ousted by the purported pastor without authority of church law and that (he action cf the pastov has been speciacally condemned uy his superiors in the church orean- Izallcn. George W. darham and J Graham Sudbury arc attorneys for Ihe plaintiffs. Cotton Export Sales Through August Listed WASHINGTON, Sept. 6. (UP) — The Agricultural Department re- vealcfl today that cumulative sales and deliveries of cotton and cotton products for export under the cotton subsidy program totaled 1,180.174 bales through August 31. Actual exports of csltoa from Aug. 1 through Aug. 31 totaled 278,103 bales, compared to 23G,GflO for the same month lust year and 208.000 for the same period cf 1931. The cotton export program, which became effective July 27, provides for a subsidy of a cent and a half a pound en exports of raw cotton and an equivalent payment for the 2Xport of cotton products. I With All The Rest... •'COURTS Lettle King, negro woman was fined $25 in Municipal court today on n charge of reckless driving. Read Courier News iwmt ads. 1937 AAA Payments To Total $308,193,001 WASHINGTON, Sept. G. (UP) — Tlie Agricultural Adjustment Administration today nnnounccd tcta! payments to farmers under the 1937 conservation projram will amount to $308,193.001 of which fanners in tlie 13 scuthcm slates nill receive approximately one-third. i Fanners in the south who par-' licipated in the soil-building and crop reducing program will receive $131,651,521 of which only $430.525 remains lo be paid. | Expense cf x administering- (lie pro- ' gram In the 13-statc area totaled $3,2^2,457, flic AAA announcement said. ' I Payments to farmers Including those yet to be made follow by stales: Virginia, $3,378,600; North Carolina. $10,015,532; Kentucky $10,822.450; Tennessee $7,032,502; South Carcliha, $5,911,791; Georgia $8,- •• 153.030; Florida $1,043,070; Alabama ', $9,074.303; Mississippi $9,653,367; ', \rkansas $9,720,305; Louisiana $6,- D18.987; Oklahoma $13,106,100; Texas $35,009,855. * Compare Frigidairc with all the resc... feature for feature! You'll soon realize that Frigiil- aire offers more dollar-saving, more food-saving, more work- saving advantages than any Frigiclaire in history. See the new Frigidairc at this store... today! Stu.dio Couch Made By Demonstration Workers A studio couch, valued at $50,; was made by representatives of the j 28 Home Demonstration clubs of* I J. L GUARD Optometrist Only Graduate Optome- Irlst in BlythevUle. Glasses FH(cd Correctly METER-MISER Hardaway Appliance Co. J. W. ADAMS, Mgr. 5lli A araln Open Evenings till 8:30 I'hnnc 233 Four Former Local PlayersOn Way Up Tour plnyoi-s of tin. j^ r t Smith Ark., ion minis ). oni . , vllo j | ( baseball win, (I,,, niytltevlllc Cll- mils lu '38 Imve Itttu sold to || 1( . Jera-y City club. 1'fle Pnvteli, Hnny p.-ldmnn, Wll- iiiui Von Alincii and Joo Murcsco Imve received their now conlracls wlileli nro (iromollnis us tho Jn- «ey Clly club or the AA class. In (lie Internalloual the , -- rnnklni! l unn ot . w Vork Olnnts. continuing tht-lr records nmtle In ' Ark).. P CIlllLS, UIPSI.I of mayor KM he hail received cnrournijemeiH," NEW ORLEANS (UP)-^or Hie Ilrst time In 13 yenrs, New,'Orleans wlll Imve olKlit-oaml sholl races No rncea Imve been held In the city since ms. when the Pontchnr- , tinln Rowing club ' buined 1'lie nco this year will be staged "iirJiif (lie MW-Wlntw Sport? Cnrnlvnl, a fciituro of the Sugar uowt iirogruin held annually lha Inst vtcck of December playm la red i>t Port ami)) to nhl ii, nliin tUi* pwinnnl tiiis yecif. North Little Rock Talks Municipal Power ffnnler Vrnen (jrcmalloii LONDON (UP)^-Oiin'urcmntor- luin cuch yenv would save the space oaunl lo one foolbikH; «roiiinl at 1 present LeliiK eaion un by CWDC- i- •„,.,„„ .,„,....., Lw(1 , Hor j !ci . (ho lulkcil ROCK ' Alk ' summoned to n. , ^ M(1 Jj,. ^ : I" a .sudden call for a rtlscin- t.l«u of the rnifs paid i, y ((lo C | ty lo the Arkansas I-O'.VIT , Company /or electricity, misii prnbly nboiit a iviiwl prnvw ijlnnt. Miiym- Ncely sulcl l u > had culled Die meelliii; to s«- whnl could be dono In mi cirort to Bl! t n roducMl rail.' which do s»t,i i,, l( | hetn ,| C . :ile<l North Uttliy Hock, u "conv- Jiicrelnl" cMotiur. but given vesl- dfmllnl consumers In other cities, ' Seplcmbi'r . After three weeks of neuotlu- ;'"" "''"' die power company (ho Physician, l» mi ' " lo members or Ihe Craiintioii Society nl SoiUhscn. lie predicted Hint In *•> years there would 1 bo tit least -'.W crematoriums In itrluiln. <JIH>R Luxury . xry UOSTON <UP)_U.wix| to be a Itixtiiy to syear In Massachusetts. Ino Wl'A Mlstprkar Records Survey says nil excf.ntlyi' proclamation ill 17117 provided fc r n nuc oC 25 ' wo houses, R store building,-, onn main stree '" , g main street and an alley? probnbly ' Ill Tlead Courier News innt ads. ONE OF NATURE'S CREATES! AIDS FOR BABY'S HEALTH is (do kind of rest he can't get if dis* liirlwil l.y itcliiiiK, burning lx)tlicrin K of tlie many irritations tliat are likely to torture Ins (imdor stan. < . That'll why !»l>y's' skin should have nl all times (he hest rare and protection d pr tha ii'otlier ean Rive it. And tfmt's v,lw tlioiisniulsof wise mothm—after Ixith .•mil every oliniigc of c lotliing or dhjwi —cnunlim incdiVatcil'ionifart ol Ahxutui (Ireii I'nutlcr. SotilliinKniiil inoliiiK McKirnn . -nvdcr relieves irrilatuui au<l ilialinif Anil it offers licl|> in preventing "; furtficr ncgravalinns of ilie skin 'i nKiy Iratl to Ecverc (lisronifgrt.. rc scomrt. Its b.-isn is extra light and toothing, and" ''' i-n . ~ , '» IIHU Ul £J SIIIW or 60 cents for onrjh oU'ense. The brtw procliunnllon. signed uy johi, Av- ury, Rccrclni-y. of ;tiic Commonwealth, la now In the Billerlca Historical Society collodion. rug Stores Farm Iliiujjht, 'l\iwi, ini'lmlra ST. PAUL, Kiys. (UP)—When Han-y Brown 3ao iieroa' of land near hero- he got n town- site thrown In, Inclmtal In the mud was the olil site of Herttjn, '"it west of hero, mid on It «•«•<> l ronciiim no lalcimi at all. Forms a woolli, ifnifiiiiB, almost unseen coalmt' >M wen Inliy's skin ami clotlies or srtr' iiifKi lifcelj- lo <'li:ife. • 'i'lie coolinj;, soothiii); mciliration of jli.-il ii '|iiii'Hy (oiiiforis anil relieves I lie I on lire of even (irirkly Leal rallies mill i|ui|>er r;isli. C,i>i Alcxiitui Meat Powder today. \rnir »'h.»l« family w i|| c ,,j oy ;, 9 C0) ;,. lorl lor lircil, liiiniinj; feet, lieal rallies (jirillc rush, i-h.ifi-s mid irrit.itloii'i oj .-lolhiin' ,i,ii| c'xcn-isc. Cciicrous siVc only ii lew I'ciils everywlicre. 3 Stores bmh This FACIAL TISSUES Box of 500 . . LIFEBUOY MINERAL OIL FULL PINT HY85ROGEN PEROXIDE *f *r,C '••':-.-'i4s«.w s>"i All Metal MESH 75* SIZE BOAKS PILLS POT CLEANER BARBA$OLIg*33' DR. LYON'S 3OO-YAKD PO-DO GOLF BALL •.Tough • Long . True IOC SIZE POPULAR TOBACCOS Your Choice Tuxedo Union Leader ^ .Union Workman Granger l.5» BOB ANUSOL •UPPOMTORUS Citro- Carbonate 59c-89c Health SOAP RUSSIAN TYPE PINT . COc'SW FLOM-TEX TOILET TISSUE Alarm Clocks $1.19 Values 89c Watches $1.00 Values 89c Wrist Watches $2.39 Healthful! Refreshing ELUXE LIMEADE ORLl» Antiseptic MOUTH WASH nru, ***c PINT . . 39 C 24' 59-= Mb. Boric AeU l riw.«rCm.23 40c Mldol TaWeu . . . 32 50c Dew Deodorant . 3Qc Polideat Powder 75c Alopken p||| s .. 60c Meet Depilatory . . 49 25c Ex-Ux Tahlets . . 19' 50dodeAttutkpaste3'«89 c April Shower Tale . . . 39 C 35oCutexNailSlia*poo31' 75e Dretkli Coolies WK^W Q9< 65c Bisodol Powder . . 49 C Mb. Soda Bicarbonate 12 e S$c SIZE LADY ESTHER CREAM Hay F«v«r Relief J EPHEDRINE INHALANT FOR YOUR HOUSEHOLD FI8ST AID ASSORTMENT 34° <3^f Colton, Bandage*, :»ivc ami 16 76 B ick-Sl Lnpa. THE 'DARBY' ALARM CLOCK 89 A h&ndtome lime- keeper, accurate and dependable. SHOWER and BATH SPRAY 59' FH» nil InuceU. Euy to inttall. 5-ft. tubing." WALK-EASY Corn, Callous or Bunion PADS 23 PERFECTION CLEANSING TISSUES Box 500 Soft—Ab«orbcn(. «<: Size FLETCHERS CASTORIA c 31' PO-DO SHAVING CREAM lie SIZE BAYERS ASPIRIN Tin of 24 •H6UERTINE For Sunburn 43' —' ' '~ ^^—ammmmm^mtr French Harps. . . 25c up Pinkham ^eg. Comp, , 99c n.25 mm 98c S125 Quinine. . 1 oz. 99c Flashlights Brand New 29c to $1.49 Handy 14-Inch BEDFORDCORD ZIPPER BAG Smart 18-Inch WHIPCORD SPORTSMAN How HI Only Wcncn (tripe d ^••lerproof Ifned. MIM-RjfrWhlSJ pATWUtgSut nil .45 35c Vicks Salve 27c 35c Bromo Qui. 27c Fount. Syringe 49c $1 Brownie Kod.79o

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