The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 6, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 6, 1938
Page 5
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BLWJIEVILU! (AKKJ COURIER NEWS entirely under water, UK- hippo. pohnuus can gallop wtlli i'.ilv .speed PAGE FIVJi CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION' Daily rale per lino lor consecutive Insertions: One time nn 1 lino Itfo Two limes per line rjcr day ...080 J'hrce times per line per clay ..06c BIX limes per line per day . ...05o Monlh rate jier lino tiCu Cards ol Thanks DOo & 75« Mtiiliiium charge 50o Atls ordered for llirec or six (lines nnd slopped before esplra- lion will be charged for Hie number of limes (lie add appeared and • udjiiEliuciil of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing outside of Hi telly must te accompanied by cash. Rales nmy lie. easily compulcd from above table. Advertising ordered for irregular liwerlions takes the one lime I'ale. No responsibility will Iw laken for more lhau one incorrecl insertion of any classified Hd. Business Directory Hurrv Kuiley's CURVE IN CAFE Good Kudil at Gnoil Prices i-'KKSH RIVER Cat Fish KXl'IiKT AUTO RBI'AIKS Cinrugc opernlert by Floyd Hareclt Cigarettes 2 fnr 25c HARRY BAILEY'S Holland, mo. 1'lioncs S-F-1 & 878 Real Estate UCKNSBl) KKM, KSTATB BKOKKKS We list farm and city Property, if yon would be n buyer or a seller, see 'V K F{ K Y AKSTHACT & UL'Ai/1'Y CO. 213 W. Wnltmt I'lioiie 017 Poultry WE BUY POULTRY Highest Market I'rltcs raid. J. W. MOOHB 324 K. Main SI. For Sale Laredo Soybeans K. I,. Hale Armorel, Ark, •l-pk-'l Practically new Kerosene rimyc. Feather lied, iiud HH.V Mower. 1310 W. Main, call IMli-W. 'l-pk-7 Used Furniture win UUY & SELL USED FUKNITUKE KUY NOW - - - 1'AY NEXT t<'ALL HUBBARD 2nd Hjinti Furiiilurc A'c.vl ta Golf. Hold Seed COW PEAS, CANirSEEl) SEED CORN, SOYBEANS Wholesale & Retail W. 0. REEVES E'J. n. R. Ut. Blytlipville, Ark. i'hoiws 555 ft 5S9 Piano Tuning Piano;, , timed" 1 ami repaired! Caii George Ford at Wade Furniture Co. Phone 155. Hardware l.'seil Lawn Mowers S2.50 uu Used Oil Cook Stoves ....52.50 up Used Bicycles 54.50 up AH iu Fair Condition SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE €0. Fixtures, pipe, ililiiigs. all Ijuth- room airossories. valves, electric wider systems for funnel's, water iroflcncrs. or any other Horn connected willi plumbing or licaliiif. "Pete" The Plumber^ Dance hnll iinil beer parlor oil Highway tit. DoliiB good business. E. B. Chiltvaocf. 12-pk-5-12 room white stucco liousc. 612 No 1st, Call Quality Choc Shop, 120 H, 1!, Campbell. 5-ck-U For Rent Furnished apartment, llib W. Kcn- liit'ky, plione C8U. U-pk-13 Furnished house, uvsiilablc June 1 Fiigidaire, electric hoi water. Apply 1121 Henm, Phone 350. il no answer call 319. U-ck-lc ItU? Wal- 2-ck-ll Comfortable bcdroni, nut. Call lt)2. Comfortable front bedroom. 515 vv Walnut, call 351. 28-ek-tf 3 room imfurnislied apartment. 700 W. Walnut. Miss Elise Moore, ai-ck-tt. Nicely furnished bedroom. Jmier- sprlng mattress. Miss Hall, nhone 2W). . 18-ck-W Personal Coal & lee Sly Coal Is Black Bui I Treat Vuu While ICE I.OC.ili HAUl,rNG John Buchanan IlWIicvillc, Ark. f'liUMc 107 LAWN MOWERS Shin-pencil & R| Biy. Machine Shop -nd. Phom HaleLery Baby Chicks I'UBLir HATCHING. Mnrllyn Hatcht.y. Blythcvlllc, Ark., H.W. Ci ^forlll, Plionc V-12. Shoe Ixepairing Onalilv Shoe Shop KKW SAMI'LK SHOES Kvcryllilng For Your Sliocs I'lionc J20 Free Delivery Kirby's Active liver Pill- Arouse Sluggish Livers br«d«tlie>n. Aellra LlVor Piltl get It lh> rtrd cmiBO of ynur itaggfahnau «ni mike yon fofcl lllte • aw per»on. Rii Actire River 1'llls. Hartcleli, e«ntte 'old »l ill Klrli, limn Slant. WanteS Experienced farm blacksinilli. to licrniuiicnl. employment.. W. A Wliistlo, Roselaiid. u-pk-U ROOJH and Board ranii and boiusl. plione 151. West A^h 12-ck-5-1 Salesmen Wan led Will scl (.wo men up In business : this territory provided they ;\,^ honest, linrd workers and have nn- rjiieslionablc reference.^ Men who have insurance, iniijinzinc or clcr- Iric appliance wttmg experience preferred. Car essential. Write Box "A", c-o Courier News. U-ck-G Advocated by Writer TOUT WORTH, Tex. iUi>|...Or. Henri* Neumann, wilier, bcllpvcs Ihe modern nilw; .should have Jules jiisl as soon as she pleases. More harm ttuui sood, he said, ollowt! Ilio old-lime fashion o[ ;ee))lnif the <lmiglitcr.s nl home. mill they arc 18 years old—liicn —.-- : ' illowlng Uiem to liavo "dates" loi '" he first lime. Youth today is morally lielicr' lun a rmtHi-y IIKO, lu> believe.-,. liven with his iniiunnolh tody WB AHU NOW HHOWINC OUlt NKW IMS AUTO SEAT COVERS WASH & (JUKASK ?1.00 Wash, (;UMM>, I'ullhli nnd Hiixcd $5.00 II, K. SCHiMlICK "livso" St;ltli)n !M:iln mid Dlvlslun • New SI vies & I'atlcnis i • New l,«w I'l'itcH $1.95 up • Kxjii'i-l. liwlalliitiun at No K,\lra Cost Male Heir) Wauled Auto Parts USED AUTO PARTS Fnr Konl-ChcvrolcH'Jymiutlh City Auto Parts Co. Nc\l lo Kus Stalioti fall 811 Wanted To Buy S2SCO Worth of USED FURNITUKK All Mnkm llatlios Ilepatrcd WAOK FUUNITUKK CIO. 112 W. Main r&onc 155 Wai I pa per ~i -"oi\s~ VvTiTiTi'Ai-Ku $1.75 and Up E. C. Robinson LUMBER CO. For Hire One tractor. A'.iy kind of farm work. Phono G65. 2-ck-9 'IVi (iikc over prolHiiblo Walkiiis Kmilc In urarljy luralily. Es- taltli^hcd cii.stomors. Must be under 50 ami satisfied with cnrniiiiui Kt S3C.01) :i wcrk at sl;iil. Wrilo (or ixirliciiljtrs lo I'ho ,J. li. Walkiiis Compnii.v. co .1. Y, Lewis, Memphis. Tcn- NOTICK Notice Is hereby eiven Dial Hie Greylioiind Lines ha.s tiled an application for a jiermil to erect a story brick, tile and steel tmiiciing of commercial type on T.ol-s 1 ninl 2. BJnck 7 of the Davis Addition lo lilylheville. Arkansas for Ihe purpose of using n portion thereof as iv-iiting room and ; depot. Permit, for the crccllon of said building will be issued after thirty days from the dale hereof unless is filed as provided by law. Ualcrt this April 13. IMS. JOE CARNEY. City Kngineer. 13-15-i!0-22-27-23-M<iy 1-6 Esthcnian Consul Fin(?s He Lacks Countrymen NEW ORLEANS (UP) — N .O. I'etlric.k. Eslhonla consul in New Orhans. fell like a "man wllliout a countryman." Pcdilck decided i lo give a parly in cclcbrnllon of his connlrv'ii 201h independence anniversary. He searched for native Esthoiiians but could nnd none. Petirlck celebrated the holiday with a party for fellow consuls. A COMI'LKTK S'l'OCIv FOR Al,l, MAKK CAUS WE URGE YOU COMU TO Headquarters 'Vi>r Ati'fi)' Scat Cov'cris, ' 'JJcfore You JJnv. TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. 31)1 W. Walnut St. I'll. U33 Bulgarian Buttermilk Phone 74 Craig's Dairy YOUK rUKSCKII'TION Main Mimic 111 D.s. Wert & Wcrt OI'TOME'IKISTS Uvrr Jm Jsnara' atom "WK MARK 'KM SUB" Phone Mn OAK LUMBER l ; nr Hulc—11)0,0011 tl. of Kii liill ink luinlivr ilrn'viTcil nl very tinv inlues. Kcc .1. \V, Ilmioii lllyllicvillc, Aik. riniuo 3 WELDING AT HBST 1'IUCKIJ I'HOMPT B1SUVJCK Barksdalc Mfg. Co, VAHl) and & gravel 700 SCRKEN WORK A'l' rt UAVINCi. IU'|):ilrliig .V New Scrccnv MAUK l'-OH ALI, 1'UIU'OSlKy 1'lione. 1!) i,ino. DC Wiling "Tlir Cuni|il|. Mil So. l!ml Kli'drlral Slor«" I'limir. :itl . , NOIP Located ni J01 'North Scconil ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWR1TEU SERVICE BUREAU DON EIMVAHDH, IVoprlclt* Cntcuhilors—Itciralrlnc—1'arts—Kllilionj All mates ot Uclndlt TyiicurlliTs, Adding Mnclilnfn nit Ciilciihilors—llc|i:ilrtiii;— I'utts—Hlljluuvi SEED \Vr have on limiil for mlo or Inidi', for oilier products, Deiins --L:ucdo, lie Is In, Munimolh llnnvn, Wilson nnd Vlnjlnln mown. 1'eus-Whlps nnd New I'm. Ix'Kiinteza — Korean, Colton H«M..-D. ]>. i,. n.^v niul fitPiivfllio .f-A. Will sell for onsh i'i' li'a(Ji) ivllh yon for other l;lnds of bums or culton newl. I.. K, Matthews Gin Co. T.I. II-i'-:f, Viiibro; AtkiiiiMis t'ullon, Cutlmi S«ul ,fc Cnal ^^ '^^^^^^•^' Rumanian Ruler ] HORIZONTAL 1, 5 Ruler ot Rumania. 10 When crown prince, ho once - \ from Ills land 14 Smell. J 5 Convex molding. 16 Pcilnlnlhg to »lr, 17 Age. IBTobcsloge. , Aruwtr to Previto* Puitl* ALLEY 001' CRESCENT l^ight Club 'I -lie Home of Good Voml HO 1 !' I 'IT UAKUMCI Mi.MC'ritu; cooKH S'lM'JAKS - i''im-;i) CHICKEN M its if By I'or Reservations Call Holland 17 "• U'. (if Holland. Mo. SW, OOP" WE A^Kl'T \\WHAT'a £O HOT l''isli Arc \Vhci-i- Vim hotel. 20 Kcmnto pnrent. 22 I'orluuucso coin, 23 Preface. 2,'i Wiigcr. 2't NotlilnR. 20Ciuie tor choirs. 33 Peddler .'.clllilB 10 ll'OOllb'. 37 Gives medical cave. 3(1 To vow. 30 may. 40 Moliainmcdan nymph. •II Therefore.' •1.1 Citrus fruit. •17 To slip side- wnys. 50 His preceded lilnj us king. 51 House canary, 52 Large quantity, CSCnndlri.ilo for olnce, 50 To become exhnusted, .00 He hns mndc himself ol ids land, (Pi.). VERTICAL 1 Men sure, 2 Thought.. 3 Pattern. 4 Metric measure. SSIocky horse, OTo prevent, 7Junp flower. 8 LlquW port ot tot. Onuildlnj; site. lOHondsome. llCollon Inbrlc, 12 Sen caglcl 13 To necompJisl) 20 Ills country lias a modified "l form Of — - < • Jaw. ' ; 21 lessens. 23 Soil and Shoggy. 24 Ho first •— . a commoner, 20 Being. 28 Exists. 30 Branch. 31 Beverage, 32 Label. 34 One plus on 1 :. ' 35 Monetary unit o£ ' Rumania, i 30 Organ o£ - i lie.iring. 42 One time. •H Smnl! island. 45 Castle dilch; • 48 Grafted. 4 7 To expectorate •18 Lotto. 40 Passage/. 52 Hpnin. 03 Hour 5-1 Road. 55 North 50 Old Tcstiiment. 57 Mother. 58 Eleclrical unit .s \ O/-II/IT "^-^l' "/'-'"• •"•- "nw i -\ «vru-n ^ -^fl^ r^- 1 ' i !•- "-*.( BEFORE \VE V I'M SJC-^. OP •^UCT I sNnirT7\ GOIW AK)VWHERE ) A BOU-f THAT /AW,SHUT\ GIT SET, WE/MEAT/ME&BE LOTS*ONES' .)'" P ART| CULAE- yPLACE? JUST / up,roozy,| BETTER, /we CAM HAVE v AN'EVE&V- ) l£rs LAV OVEC - A LOT1A HOLES I VER ALL \ UY IM A V A M&S5 OP V THW6' |< H EREPDaA V WAN OL' (TH 1 TIME SUPPLV OF/ PISH TOf2 A SPELL/ j \ CLIFF V, GUI PIS)'/A 4'\ FA ^ E -' '"' ^>T . M BOOTS AND HER BUDBIES VOU'RE TH' FtSHlM' r iMr aTu ° F 7 HI 5-- / P |S I-IM 1 KWOWW/'STUFF ')£ , ^^/^^^^^^^i^ veti stu PF; ( T'SHOW YUH ( wSfsEo Sr^^H EH, FOOZ.y ?\VDU'RE DUMB.\ROU6H.' I'LL GIUE IT , ATGY.' V. T. HAML1N -''C COPR. 1933 IK Hi:* b'RVICt; Itic' "-' No OEEM , AUD V\OW •50RR.Y I hM , BUT BY KDGAR MARTIN WASH TtJBBS HEAVY JUbT LOOK, EAWA IT'S A JU5T LOOk AT WY IT'S AM WOT IT IS I JUST BECAUSE I VJOULDU'T PAV -iS- A WEEK FOR WINDOW PRO& T TECTIOM, THOSE DERM ^ BACKETEERS BUSTED ,, EVERY ONE.' VOU DID THIS 1 YOU I'RKCKLKS AND HIS PU!K,\I)K — imm;- \ c^ co^ '/).<n p^jicjiifftficr ii>e. T. M. arc. irTs TAT BY ROY CKANK YOU, YOU CROOK'.\ VOUVE \ TUT TUT, m "DEAR &R.IHAD JOIWED THE VIGILANTE VOU $650. /-NMD DON'T CALL ME A CROOK. AGAIM, OR 1'Ll BUST YOUR HOSE! YA. DOMT NEED MUSIC-JUST THINK OF ST. VlTLB AND LET YOURSeuF UN'WIND I The Iniilitlovs ITS THOSE RDOR SAPS PRACTTCIN' TM' BIG APPLE" FOR. TM' PROM THEY'RE TRUCKIM' AMD PECKiM'' WITH ALL THAT NOISE", YOUR. MOM , CAMT ' POSSIBLY HEAR US RATTLING CROCKS ' BY MERRIU, BI.OSSEU

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