The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 21, 1946 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 21, 1946
Page 6
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BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)\ COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, MAY 21, 19-IC BTTER HOMES Many Potential [feme Builders . •• • - Shows Third Of Nation's Renters -Want to Be Owners. One-third of the nation's famil!<?s now- renting or leasing have ex- preVfced the intention of buying or building a house, according to reports of a survey by field officers of the FHA. ' t$hety percent of these families expect to finance theii 1 homes by meat's of packaged mortgages or amortization plans payable over a teria of years, -The majority, 11 was shown, favor n'mortgage maturity ran^e from 10 to 14 years. Packaged mortgages permit the Ijprrower to. pay into lending institutions one sum each month, which Incudes amortization of the principal, interest on the loan, taxes which are accruing during the year. ana money, to take care of Insur- ancli premiums when due. Long range mortgages and hlg'.i- cr ipan percentages bring the lender and borrower more closely <u- get&jer than ever before. Roth now havjj an interest in' keeping the property tu first class cauditiun until maturity. -_ Good Construction Vital •Hie secret of accomplishing such a purpose begins with assurance of goo$ construction. More and more lending agencies and real estate operators who are permanently cstab- lisrgd have set up n construction loaC^or home builders service. Those in charge analyze plans and specifications presented by prospective builders of homes, or of blocks or nnijf ol houses. Mortgage loan managers are interested in marketable houses, because if the borrower gets into fin- ancfcl difficulty the property can be ;«o)d for him, or the mortgage reconverted. A new owner can be fouiid much more "easily If the prop- ertji! is In good condition. ISM", tlit'constructiou angle, riur- able'materials that have n low maintenance .cost, are Important to both borKWKr-->3UKi ..lender, because on these depend the life of the dwelling. A strong,' Water-proofed foundation, solid flooring and seasoned framing, veil-built walls, proper insulation and -a long lasting roof, arc all Important .ill .the durability ot a house. .Insulation Desired by Many One ot rhc Tew materials thai will actually pay for itself In economics is home insulation. Bureau of Standards tests-show that a house i;i-i sulated _wlth full-thick mineral wool) in eeB5£5ncf_lw.alls .wuT'save up to 40 parent lit Mel costs and make thef^iouse as much as 15 decrees coojfcr in'summcrT It also reduce.; the^number of times the interior of Mw house needs lo be redecorat- eil '3&e to" the control of moisture aJid'idust patterns. Btthkers, mortgag^ lenders anil reaf estate men all realize that in Increase of packaged mortgages brought to a maturity over a 10 01 15 Jr'tar period, it is necessary lo invents, in a, .quality building. In'this way,', repair and maintenance cost.-, will : be reduced to a minimum over a longer time and owners will have ft, much better opportunity to pay - off &ieir obligations. First cost may lie a-little higher bul it will be a gna'rahtcc of mutual protection for both ,the owner and tlie mortgagee. Bcx>k.s on Home • Construction Much in Demand Compact House Design Creates Roominess 1 DAR Unseats Group Waging Battle for Negro Artists Distinctive architecture coupled^ with conventional construction makes this modem home relatively inexpensive as well as charming and attractive. Compactly des'.gucd, roominess is created by the full nse of all available space. Planning was done by the archilcctufal firm of Chapman & Evans for 1 lousing Trends, Inc. With four full-sized rooms, a centrally located bath, and a short hallway, this is the ideal house for a small family. The attached garage is well-situated for convenient access from the street but is shielded from view by a porch which also affords a protected entrance to the house. One suggested color scheme for the exterior is while aidewalls with a roof of contrasting russet- colored asphalt shingles. Many other solid or blended textures are also available in fire-rcsislanl asphalt shingles, thus permitting home-owners to express fully their personal color preferences. ATLANTIC CITY, N. J., May 21. fUl'i—Immediate dissolution of a committee fit'liting the ban on Ntffio arlt'sis In Washington's Constitution Hall. was ordered today l.y delegates of the 55th Con- UnciHid Congress or the Daughters of Ihe American Revolution. 'I he resolution passed overwhelmingly by 1,520 delegates was a iiicn'e to forestall introduction of an anti-discrimination resolution by the 17-woman "DAR com- mlitci' affllnst racial discrimination Constitution Hall." The com- mtlfe Is composed of 1C UAH members and one non-member. The governing body or Ihe DAK o]>< ! iicil fire on the committee last night when Mrs. Julius Young Talmudgc, Athens. Oa.. National President General, defended the DAK'S "while artists only" clause In trjmmorciul leases for its 4.000- scat auditorium in the nation's capital. She termed the committee "iinconslltiillonnl." resolution adopted this woman committee group now or in "or by any such the future. II. Brosseau, Mrs, Grace I,. Greenwich, conn., chairman of the 1'Ci.clutions committee, moved for it-s adoption, 'file re;x)lution noted that formation of such a committee could be taken only by action of the National Board of Miinutfimeiit and the congress (DAR membership) itself. Tlie delegates also followed up the resolution bv overwhelmingly voicing laith in the National Board of Management, for its ndmlnis- trnlian of DAR affairs. Cther resolutions approved urged cooperation with the government's food conservation program; recommended local charters investigate conditions In Iccsil jails since 20,' COD. American children are In jails; urged continuation of the congressional committee on unAineri- can activities. In her address last night de"a rebellious group .seeking lo force -a change in our with only a handful of i rules." Mrs. Taltuadue said con- scntUTCd navs. would forbid the stitntion Hall had a "Ineralivc" use of the terms "DAR" and • income? lust year despite Ihe ban '•Constitution Hall" by tile 17- ngairisi Negro artists. JCJL.Q..O. R. PI. AN/ The kitchen, 0 feel by 12 feet, is large enough lo hold,Inc. customary kitchen equipment, n dining nook for four people, and provide ample working space. The attic can either made into extra rooms at the time of building or left unfinished, allowing more bedrooms or a recreation room to be added later. . Dealers Help With Tips on Remodeling Remodeling an old home is usually a major project, although the 'results obtained may well repay all the work and planning that joes Into it. To obtain maximum value lor every dollar spent, however, it Is Important for Ihe modernizer to have the benefit of competent advice. A good plan Is to enlist llie cooperation of a good' lumber dealer. • ••• .. The lumber dealer is a specialist (( es t nod, jf that proves successful. [in building materials. He knows> nc w m "let. out all stops" later in what materials are available and, u, 0 ( |ay. Rocket-Propelled Racing Car Tested On Famed Speedway INDIANAPOLIS, May 21. (UP1- Rockcl propulsion of automobile racers will be tried for Lhe first time today by a nv.xn who believes the |X?ak sliced has been reached by motor-driven cars. Duke Nalon, one of tlie country's lop drivers, will make two rims on the famed bricks of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in a car fitted with 'two -H-pound, IG-inch rockets. Nalon. 31-yeav-okl_ fashion-plate dresser from Beverly ilills. Calif., scheduled a morning "experlmcnttil" Hoover's Idea Irks LaGuardia Move to Supplant UNRRA With Food Czar Draws Fire. what Ihcy will do. Usually offer you a "one-slop" nc cnn ! servic; MINNEAPOLIS. Mas: 21.—"Home hunBcr" is mnkini; irest-sellei-s out of books * on house-planning niid building.- and has swamped public libraries -from coast to const wiln ah alj.ttlme record demand for such Yolunies; according to a study by Northwestern- National Life Insurance 'Company. Bookicllers from Atlanta lo Al- Ixiquerque, from Buffalo to San Frnnbisco, ^report homc-plnnnins books- am'o'ng their non-fiction bcsl- whereby you cnn get information, service and materials from a single source, rather than having to assemble them piecemeal. The lumber denier often can furnish you a complete modernization job, installed by his own workmen by a qualified contractor of his selection. It financing Is rtcslveil, he can arrange it for monthly payments. Tlie lumber dealer today is practically a department store of all the scores of materials which g') into a building or remodeling store 5Iis stocks range from nails mid paints to finished door and window unils. They include, in addition to lumber, such versatile modern materials ns insulating board, which can be vised to build walls and ceilings that provide insulation and qniet sound. The average nsrson builds or modernizes n home not oftcner than once in a lifetime. The lumber dealer, as a specialist, is qualified to help hUn decide upon materials and methods and to solve problems o[ struelnre and design. He wasn'l .sure how much spec:! his rocket will generate. He will try to come into the straightaway at about 100 miles per hour on his trial run. and expects to add CO miU's an hour in the twinkling of nn vye by firing a three-second burst of one rocket. Read Courier news Want Ads. Call It Quits Osceola Society—Personal Among libraries, the report from the Chicago Public Library is typical: _"The rush for home-planning and"buiidiiig books began well bc- fore iiJ^fifllbJifAtip;! started, while G. I,"i wrt home on furlough. Wives andTtfriethCTtrts: kept the demand growing.'while menfolk were still, in service. Now the calls are break- ' Campbell, guests of Mrs. ing Wl previous" records.. Much of I F- Campbell and Mrs. W. the .demand has been for 'dream Mrs. Thad Fcllou niul daughter. Su/zannc. of Goose Creek. Texas, were guests last week of her mother. Mrs: J. H. Lovcwell. They returned to Texas by plane, accompanied to Memphis by Hugh llughcy. Lieut. (j.E.) and Mrs. James Madeline U. Dan- nigan, hate returned home after WASHINGTON, May 21. (U.P. UNRRA Director-General P. H LaGuardia today assailed the _5 Bcslion of former President Her belt Hoover 'that the world mus cniit- charity us a basis' for foo distribution lo needy nations. H said this would tvirn inlcruatAonn mercy "into nn international pawnshop." > I.aGuardia also rejected the proposal made yesterday by Mr. Hoover thai nn international food agency be ol broader scope than UNDRA take ever Ihe functions of I.aGuardla'.s organization as cnrly ns this fall. The former New York mayor spoke at a meeting of the united Nations Food and Agriculture Or- ganizalion, called to lay long- rniijjc plans lor world food supplies. Mr. Hoover's proposals were made in a speech before Ihc same group yesterday. He lold Ihe Interna- tional representatives nt the time that LaGuardia had endorsed the Idea that UNRRA should go out ol business on Sept. 1. Its present mi- Ihcrity expires on Jnn. 1 In Europe, but lasts until March. 1947, n China. I.aGuardia also wants to wind ip UNRRA affairs, but nol that oon. Speaking of the question of "harity in famine relief, LnGnardia aid 'that "lo compel a starving intion to get n loan for food is in keeping with the new world we are talking about," .Musi (Jive to Needy ft would not be « world of termitional Mercy." he said, "it would transfer the world to nn International pawnshop." At present nations which can pay for. relief food do so. but food is given by UNIUiA to nations unable to pay. LaGuurdia agreed lhal n new permanent organization should be established which eventually would take over distribution of food to the hunger areas of the world. Bul he said Ihe transfer of the job to such n group could not bo made easily or quickly. In tlie case of UNRHA's work, lie said, "there is no machinery of government ..that could possibly arrange for a transfer to another agency. "Therefore UNRRA will continue to dc its best until such time ns © Under drive of Noxif' wartime speedup, Ruhr mines produced UO.000,000 tons or coal a yeur. I At time ot German sur- Jrcnder production vas Qt rote ot only 7,000,000 tons o year British row hove Ruhr Cofll production up to 54,000,000 to.ns a year permanent agency is e.stablish- LaGuardia said that on July 1 UNRRA would have coming lo it about $E85.0CO,COO from contribul- ing governments and would have carmarke about S250.000.000 of the amount for specific relief tasks. He said it would take several mcntlis I after UNKRA's authority expires, to complete shipments to which the agency would be committed. leaders admitted at least 50 GOH voles would support Ihe credil. ODiiner Rewn 'Want A^M Loan to Britain n jWins Support of Representatives WASHINGTON. May 21. (UP1—| Both Democratic and Republican i estimates today indicated House passage of the Senate-endorsed $3.750,OOC,CCO lean lo Great Britain if it went to a vole now. House Democratic Whip John J. Eparkman, D., Ala., disclosed lie has polled 173 out of the House's 238 Democrats and found 105 definitely ready to vote for the loan. Thirty are flatly opposed.' he said while 38 are undecided. 'He added he believed an "over,whelming majority" of the 38 will lavor the loan. I Rep. Jessie Sunnier. R.. 111., a ' bitler lean foe. said Republica Bring Your Poultry To W. T. DAVIS Poultry Co. WE PAY HENS --Today-- COX 24c 15c Prices sulijett to Market Changes Note Our New Address Highway 61 North Phone 528 FARM LOANS 4 Filr / Prompt S*rrfo» RAY WORTH INGTON Strvlne This Stctton for 21 Yean 115 So. 3rd, FlylhevUle, Ark. Tune in Frndehtlal Program Sunday at 4 p.m. over WKEC homr, uUra-'modern designs, some i having been In Nashville as guests ol tbjac impractical for this area." j of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Morgan. Lleute- Bdtit\ .booksellers and librarians | nant Campbell Is on terminal leave r«poH-sc«ie call for books on pre- fabrteited 'housing, but no titles yet In .print on this subject. Actress Dinnn Karryniorc has Vik'd suit for divorce' in I.::s V*op,as. Nc\'. T against aclor lira? •- voll Flctt'hcr, picU)vcd wit^ V.,-r b'.ive. She denied plnnninj :• remarry roon. I Air Spaces SJo* H*0t's Passage TBe insulating value of Insulating bo»r^~[q>nies" "fYpm the millions of tiny >ir spaces within and between Its j>u>j~Hegt travels very slowly tVtMgfi~' these air spaces. Each " i slow down the pas- hMt through the material. from the Navy. William Hurst of Levvisville. Ark., has been the guest, of Ws sister, Mrs. w. B. Gentry and tnmily. [ Dr. nud Mrs. Gcoi\i;e Gone tett i yeslei-o'ay for Little Hock, where j hey will attend the State Denial j \ssociation meeting. Dr. Cone will ] installed as president at this neetlng. Aif to~Remodeling tinif process used in man- of- insulating board from woo*, an* mA- other vegetable fi- hers'ii.'*o effective that the material . canMoes great 'tensile stitn wtth n«ibility, miking it an idea for -many types of remod- It provides insulation at the Uroe Read Courier News Want Ads WftlJt Atfft. FOR SALE 225 Gal. Fuel Barrels Complete With Steel Kacfcsj for Oil Heaters We Slock and Install All Plumbing Fixtures Jess W. Provence 127 Kast Vine Street Phone 2710 1'lmne 2131 We Furnish Everything COMPLETE For the Ifcithroom and Kitchen PLUMBING ELECTRIC PUMPS SEPTIC TANKS WATER HEATERS Night air is cooler air- why not bring it inside and enjoy restful sleep? You can "buy" cool night breezes—economically. Simply install a Brccz- Air Cooling Fan in your home. Quietly and effectively it expels the day's accumulated hot air— draws in cool breezes through every window. Call us for details and free estimate. FLOORS REFINISHED New Floors Laid and Finished. Make Your Old Floors Look New—Modern Sanding Equipment Used. Call 469 for Free Estimate Deal's Paint & Wallpaper Store Paints, Wallpaper, Slats-O-Wood Awnings IM So. first "We Clean and Wai Floors" Phone 4M SHER W 1-COAT COLOR MAGIC! FOR SHABBY FURNITURE, WOODWORK AND TOYS From 49.95 up FHA Terms No Money Down ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. J. W. Adamr Mgr. Plinne 2011 - 206-08 W. M* LET MONTGOMERY WARD INSULATE YOUR HOME! Experts with modem equipment will do the job the right way! No dirt or work for you. Rock Wool is blown in under the proper pressure to give the most efficient insulation. And the price is low . . . insulating an attic (ventilating louvres arc included) in an average 6 room home costs so little! Get your order in today . . . have a cookr home this summer . . . warmer home next winter! FHA OR WARDS TIME PAYMENT PLAN There's no need to wait! You can have your home insulated right now, and spread the payment out for months. Get detailed information at Wards. PHONE, OR SEND THIS COUPON :- I _ — .__ ! | MONTGOMERY WARD A CO. I (lnt«rt store address h«r«) | I would li!:; i f,-«e •stimote of the coil of insulating my ' horn*. I will b« at horns at ,..... .o'clock Enameloid 83cpt BEAUTIFUL, BRILLIANT, EASY-BRUSHING ENAMEL IN 14 SPARKLING COLORS! Weary of worn, dull fumi- woodwork? Here's the easy, speedy way to make 'em looklikenew! Brush'on brilliant, smooth-flowingEnameloid in your favorite sparkling colorl One coat makes a hard, handsome surface. Washes beautifully. Resists wear. Won't stain from cold, hot, even boiling water. Especially grand for kitchen, bath, nursery, breakfast room. S HEW wm • WAllA m HOUSE PAINT Etrauly, protection ami economy are comtMH4il to *ive Ihe most for youi |» 5 Gal. Lots m ° ney/ Gal. $3.39 THE GREAT HOME BRIGHTENERS UH.X |*-MhM*« W.< 51.10 im.X Ck*r ««• .... !)3c ' SMtKWfH-WlLLlAMS saiinism Amazingly washable, **sat;n- finish" tor kitchen nrul bathroom walls an d cc tl- . •- inES, woodwork. .. (4al. 1.17 PORCH & ROM ENAMEL Treat interior and «xletior floors to this liandiomfc, quick- drying enameJ. They'll cl«an taiirt. wear lonc«r- ,*. . Name, Address. IVlontgomery Ward SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PLANTERS HARDWARE CO., Inc. 126 W«sr Main Phone 515

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