The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 9, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 9, 1936
Page 6
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PAGE SIX Billiard Club Upsets League Leaders; Electrics Blow Big Lead .pastime Billiard Parlor "bumped off" the leading Robinson Drug company learn of the Commerclnl soft, ball" league, 11 to 8, ami Famous ' Store overcame n 7-run lead to beat Ark-Mo Power company, It to 10. In tlie other ijniiic of the tloiibleheader. Roblnjx>n hns protested the Pastime win. Games irast|xmcd from July 1 will he played tontglil nt Haley Field with Ark-Mo Power company meeting McMulltn Grocers in one game and Phillips Molar company taking on Robinson In the other. Pastime got off to an early start ngnlnst Robinson, 'scoring 2 runs in the first, liming nnd •! runs in the second when Cope- lancl, Robinson starling Imrlcr gave way to Blacknrd. In the third Robinson really got in to the with 5 runs but Pastime cixme tack with 4 runs In the fllfth while Robinson could add bin one. Pastime counted Its final run in the sixth with Robinson running its total to 8, willi 2 runs. Blackard was relieved by Copeland lale in the game, the latter taking the mound for the second time. , Wa'rringUm went the full route .for Pastime, allowing but 8 hits ^o the 15 blows thai Pastime col- 'lectcd off the Robinson hurlers. " Blacknrd, B. P. Brogdon nnd E. .Glover hit for the circuit while •Barnes, Pasllme outfielder, turn- 'ed in 5 catches, all difficult. Ark-Mo got off lo a fine lend by scoring 4 runs In the first. Inn- Ing and 3 in the second Innlnt: against Famous. Then Applebaum's boys dented the plate with 2 runs In their half of the second nnd made 1 In the third. After Jhe first John Holland, Famous hHrler, settled down and pitched scoreless ball until the seventh when the Electrics made 3 runs on- 4 hits. In the meantime Famous padded, steadily lo Its total of 3 in the second nnd third innings by crossing the plate 3 times in the fointh, 3 times In Ihc fifth and 5 limes In Ihe sixth. Ganske nnd Cheatham hurled lor the Electrics. Kirsl Game BLYTIIEVILLE, (ARK.) GOURIER NEWS Twinkle In All-Star Game By Harry Gray son * j • Pastime E. Glover, & Barnes, If Puckett, sf H.\Glovcr, ' Godwin, cf Bcvil, c Mosley. rf Whltworlh, Ib JLedbettcr, 2b D. Warring ton, i; r" To Sals Robinson Tipton, 2b Blacknrd, p-sf Pqtler, Ib I-..} Warrington, 3b Crowe, ss Brogdon, rf Rodery, cf Brooks, c Copcland, p-cf • • Totals , Srcond Ark-Mo Brpgdon, If Terry, ss Taylor, cf CheaUiam, Ib-p Frakes, 3b-lb Burns, si Johns, 2b Hires, r[ Miero'w Ganske, p-3b I^amoiis g, 2b Crawford, ss Ixjcke, 3b Sanderson, If Alexander, sf Wall, c Guard, cf Moody, r[ Slevenson, Ib Holland, Ib Totals Ab R li Po A 3 1 2 4 D 43250 NEW YOIIK.—Flint llhcm, wlio kidnaped himself In 1930, H back with Hie St. Louis CardlmilK—nnd ucipiiiK them. l > erliai>s it was the Red Birds' linn to kidnap niiein, for only Oraneh Ulckty nnd his gumshoes know Just where tlie Carolina Kid come from on Iliif — his third whirl wllh tilt! Gas House Gant;. Harold Parrott, Hie Brooklyn buscball writer, always has contended Ihiit Ulieiu kidnaped the Dodgers' National League pen- niint us we'll as himself nt labels Field on a fateful mid-September alt-rnonn, six years ayo. 'Hie Dodgers were holding first plnce greedily wlien the Cardinals came to Flatljush, with Rhem due lo pilch against Jjaray Vance In what turned out lo be the pivotal game of tlie race. Rhem met some cronies, dropped out of Bight, and when he finally did report back a few days later somewhat slinky niul Ural, announced llmt ho had been kidnaped. Meanwhile Dill Iliillahnn i m( i worked Rhcm's game. Wild William shut out Vance, then nt his licnk, 1-0. The left-hander funned Itabe Herman llirce times with THURSDAY, JULY 9, 1936 hear about anybody worth while. They sent a scout to look at Flint. Hliem Imd everything. The ut was enthused. 'I'll sign for $3000," said the collegian. Thiit hurt Rickey where It «s- imlly hints him—in the- pocketbook. So li. li. thought up ways nnd means of Belting around Hie S300Q demand, lie Imd the forager InliiK Khfin lo Sportsman's Park for a trial. Hint was to be paid at Hie rale of $350 a month while he was being looked over. The story goes that Ulckey figured to have some of Ihe Red Birds rake Kliem's delivery while the Cardinals were home to that ithe younissU'r's $3000 appraisal of himself would be shaved down. llhem was pill Into pilch balling practice.. It Is related llmt to make the frameu]) more certain. Rickey told Ihe veteran coach. Joe Sugdcn, to catch batting practice, to give the kid slg- 1 mils on what lo Ihrow, and then 'ju-;t a>; quickly, tip l!, c hitlers off on what was corning. Sugden Is said to hi>v edone that. * « » IMiriu Obtains Ills Trice Kay Hlndcs fanned three limes Jim liotlomley couldn't (jet hold of a ball. The players begged for iinmlii-r pitcher so that they could I yet hilliJH; practice. Came Rickey's franllc sign lo Sugdcn: "Cict him cut nl .there, "or he'll be wanllnn ssoeo." Hhem knew how good he was, and when (hey waved htm off, rc- or the director of the far- Cardinal system would not r r Klicm ' Carullicrsville Team Beaten In Night Game at Batcsville Ily J. I'. FIUBND OSCEOLA, July 9.—Despite a fast triple play—the season's first—the Paragould Reljels again fell before a savage Osceola batting attack, 12-C, here yesterday, to drop the two game series. Trie two teams move inlo the Paragould back yard for a pair of g;umi; Thursday and Fi'lcjay. Cariithcrsvllle entertains Osceola in a pair of contests Sunday at the Missouri' city. The triple killing- came in the four Hi Inning, with Mabry on second and Rueker on first, "Babe" Ballard cracked a ll.'ier to Naegle who tossed lo Dus'ii, getting Mabry. The shortstop's bullet-like peg lo McDonald nipped Rocker before he could scramble back to (he bag. Jim McLean was Ihe hero of IHC Indians' triumph, Tile Fredericktown (Mo.) righthander, gunning for his lirsl victory after two unsuccessful tries, relieved Wayne Fji- son in the first, after the Rebels had scored three runs oft the Lepanto sout'ripaw recruit, and not only stopped the rally cold and kept them completely under control, but provided the punch In the sixth that enabled Osceoln to take the lead and go on lo win. His three singles drove In four runs. He sprinkled eig'.it safeties over seven frames. Lester Griffin, a (all orthodox .chunker, and Manager Orltn Collier's first pitching selection, issusd nine bases on balls and was In i trouble In every Inning. He retired In favo r of Pal Dove during a four-' run Indian rally in Ihe sixth andj received credit for the loss. j Jimmy Uberlo showed the fans' some fancy throwing. In fnc fifth I he threw a psrfeet strike from cen-11,,,!;.,,,,, terfleld to uab his former manager I UI1!> at Ihe plnle. niicker tried to take] Straight Dcsnilf an extra base on a wild throw in j _. °_ I'^l'm, the nth but was an easy out at third. Gene Williams handled 14 of 15 chances. He and his brother each started a double play wllh Brunner on the finishing end of bath. The Osceola inflslil 'nad 20 assists. The score by innings; R II E Paragould 300 200 100— I] 11 .[ Osceola 201 Oil Wx— 12 14 fl Griffin, Dove and Hltzcntlnil?r Eason, McUiln nnd Rncker. Nas Today's Games •Southern League • shvlllc »i Memphis, i^i-iinii^bam at New Orleans. Chattanooga at Little Rotk. Knoxville at Atlanta. Nallnnnt League Brooklyn at Cliicayo. New York at St. Louis. Philadelphia at Pittsburgh. Boston at Cincinnati. American League Detroit at Washington. Cleveland at New York. Chicago at Boston. St. Louis at Philadelphia. Northeast Arkansas League Newport at Jonc.sboro. Oseeola at Paragould. Batesville at Caruthcrsvllle. Take Second .»lc Play By Rebels Despite a triple play by (he i>ar- agould Hebels the Osceola Indians look a 12 to 0 verdict at Osceola yesterday in a lon» drawn oul game. The Indians mail? H hits off two Paragould pilchcrs. At Newport file Cardinals defeated Jonosboro, C lo f>, coming f, om behind 10 win by counlliijj four I'uiis in Hie seventh iimhig atid 03^ in the eighth. The lialesville While Sox defeated U:D Carul'heisvillc pilots last "l ght, 7 l u 3. Harkoy hold the pi'- nine.' 0 flv ° »»<"'"'«'< ""t All the women Is wealth of Mongol'an worn on thfir hair. NOTICI-; I'" All Dun Club Manasprs Aly team, the Stale Line C.lanls, have quit f or 1!lc SL .,. ™». I havo several yood ,il.iy. u.s win, are upon for jobs wilh any te;nn. My catcher, Don Lambert of In re Haute. Ind.. |, ns p'avcd 111 . 10 games—balling avii-lisje |s -S-'5. I consider" him' '[he best catcher in Ibis !oc;>!i!y "e will make a real catcher m any of (he leagues In this locality. Mjl| . ,j, li|ov lllcht'i while he wns bearing 1826, under Raven Hoi-nshv iV, down in his previous two stays clln bed the Red B do n a » "'W'"'" 5 ' CVCn lf «">«• champlomhip in 38 ye.m t win did tell the blif boss that he had nlng 20 contests But hey <! dn'l lirenklug the blrangle-hold which the American League 1ms had for the last three years, the bold bucnroos of the National circuit annexed the fourth All-Star game In Boston, prevailing by the store of '1-3. Here ari! three Interesting shuts Inken during (lie game. Below Lou Gehrlg Is shown hilling his home run In (he EC vent n vvilh no one on base; nt upper left Is Gehrlg and Ciuchcr Rick Fcr- rell of the American Leaguers colliding as the former took Frank Dcmarce's foul In Ihc fouth; nnd, nt upper right, is Joe UiMa','ijio, left, sensnlioiml Yankee rookie who was the goat of Ihe game, ond (be great Jerome Herman (Dizzy) Dean, whose masterfi:! pitching In the first - three innings handcullcd American League bailors mice board of Church, too. the Methodist rills burgh Rhem was sold during the 193'. season to the Phillies, after Larry Button, the Brooklyn scout. blockucl his sale to Mir* nndurtn.' lUnmui ng t feels • in the middle of nn inning hJ TZ l^ ' .d walked off Ihe Held before ,my- ' year in 1933, and in 934 \'f n body could speak to him, found being back with c Carcm r,K groundkeeiwr under the brief v. he drife I to lh£ BrZ? the hill. There was llhem, where. Everybody was so amazed Hint nobody ran out lo stop him for quite a while. Hhem never was the comic strip variety of pitcher, however. Twelve years ago ' he was pitching for Clcnifon College. The Cardinals heard about him, as they usually ""'lien more limn one rival of the Cardinals would wish that Flln Rlicm would kidnap himself again between now and Sept. 27. Accordhjj to Llnnnciis and most early theologians, it was a white shark, not n whale, that swal- .lowcd Jonnh. ciassitM Ads Pay. 30 11 15 21 4 Ab R H Po A 31121 42131 0 The three of us William is there onthe box, Tom in Ihc center anil me next. Whnl with our Dnd Icnching us ami fiis D W. L .. 50 20 . 48 38 .. 42 ..39 42 ..38 43 ..38 43 . 37 Atlanta Nashville ^Birmingham ... xLltttc Rock /... xChattanooga ... Orleans .. Memphis Knoxville. x—Night game. 200 30230 30010 22110 3 0 1 crnliods of experience ir this Family's Recipe of ours. Old Ned Weeks Harry E. Wilken 28 8 7 21 10 Game Ab R H Po A League W. L. St. Loi-Js 40 28 Chicago 43 27 Pittsburgh 41 33 Cincinnati 38 New York 33 Boston 34 Philadelphia 21 Brooklyn 24 Paragould Golf Team Will. Play Here On Suntlav The Paragould golf team, boasting a victory over the Blythcville country club team in a recent lnt«r-c,ub tourney at Paragould •will,, come here Sundav for a re' turn match. The Paragould golfers won by about n 4 point margin over the locals in the tourney played at Paragould two weeks ago. Blythe- vffle golfers have a reputation for Ming almost Invincible over their home course and will be favored to even matters by winning the tournament here. Wrecker Service • Gu OPEN-ALL NIGHT PHILLIPS SERVICE CENTER Phones 777.-- 810 Newport 2 Batesville ' Osceola 2 Canillicrsville l .lohesboro \ Parngould o U Pet. i 0 l.OOfl! -0 1.000 1 .067 1 .509 2 .333 3 .000 Baseball Results Southern l.c.ipic Nashville 5. Memphis 2. Knoxville 7. Atlanta 1. NiBht, games. Chaltanooaa at Little Rock. Birmingham nt New Orleans. Nalional Lrafrue Open date. Atucrlran Lc.igae Onen <| a te. Northeast Arkansas League Batesville 7. Caruthersvillc 3. Osceola 12, Paragould 6. Newport e, Jonesboro 5. Hcforc You Dny Any Outboard - Sec Ihe NEPTUNE Single Cyl. (Other Sizes !o 16 H. p.) Huniuun TIKI; & JiAlTKUY CO. Folks say that Our Family's Whiskey rings the peg every time Our Dad had distilled over a million barrels of whiskey before we offered you folks our own Family's Recipe. Dad used to say: "Wonder if other folks wouldn't like to try this same whiskey we distillers drink ourselves?" That's how we .come lo put up The Wilken Family Whiskey. Counting in Gran- dad Wilkcn's lifetime of whiskey making, there's more than 100 years of dis- /" fO/- / tilling experience behind it. J$i-t^v(s^/f4b6 : <v P.S.—Free, ft copy of'our WllVcn Family Cooking Album Lf you'll write me nt Tlit Maplts, R.F.U. No. 3, StlitnUy, pa. 85.8 PKOOF—75JS GRAIN NEUTRAL SPIRITS rmi,n <x I.U., mt;., .-D|visioo,)FSCHENLEy PRODUCTS CO,INC. Copyright, 1936, JOS. S. FINCH & CO INC £ Do You Love Your Home? Do You Love Your Children? Then Get Behind LEE CAZO The Only CANDIDATE FOR GOVERNOR Who Has Initiated— <"" ^ Not Just Promised jL Homestead Tax Exemptions ,. ; Free Schoolbook f Measures The Folks Say: "It's Lee's iTime For Governor" A Good Lieutenant Is Entitled To Promotion 5 Homestead Tax Exemption and Free School Book measures C«o * « P A n °TTuL n ° f , LEE CAZORT for G °VERNOR. Defeat of Lee ?nd free texlbooks. "^ ' ™ d ^ death knel1 for homestead tax relief Llm.tAnLfr^ 0117 ' th . f ° U9K h ' S ex P er!enca « Representative, Senator and SOVERNOR ° r '.' S ^ " "° ° ther man ! " the State ' +0 be YOUR His leadership ?„ protecting the State's cre'dif and in the interest of economy ,, well estabhsfed. ,As Governor these policies will be continued. Eled him ^ VOTE FOR LEE CAZO FOR GOVERNOR

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