The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 29, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 29, 1931
Page 6
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PAGH SIX HI.YTHKVIU.K. i.MMs.l r<)i;ii|[.:i! NKWS BRUSHING UP SPORTS By ,Laufei'i Remain Undefeated: Sol- dim Take Dixie Fliers, Frisco Beats Hulibard. BASKETBALL-30 The Gas Hounds roi!i2iti:cl ttr only uncVifcatcj team in the Ciiv Cage Icnguc after the gorjns :il! the armory Inst nlclil which; brought defeat to Hie Dixie Fliers and a second set-back to ihe liighly tout?d Hubbard team. The Gas Hounds went wild against the AI»S to a 47 lo 5 victory. Tile On* boys locked bclior than at any time this s?nsou nn:t although they have nru met a hard lest yet loom as certain contfndorr, for the city title. Tlie Hounds playlm; In the last game of 111? night's schedule leal: the Apes with decided eaM. Tmvis Ellis, lanky center, scored, 10 piiiHs to lend the goal shooters uhilo Christian with 13 (joints \vas ,w- eiKi. Another favorite bl[ the dust last night when Company M look the measure r-.t the Dixie Fliers in surprising fashion. 19 to 15 The Fliers failed to exhibit (he airtight offense against the soldier boys that they presented in the Hubbard play mid the mllHl:i handled the ball better throughout the game. Wright, soldier forward, led the scorers with nine points Kiniiinglinm with five was best for the Dixie Fliers. The Flier:; defeated Hubbard last week in what was generally rated ns a decisive upset tis the Hubbard team was ft pre-sMison favorite to cop the title. , The defeat of the Fliers last night by tin militia and the decisive walloping handed Hubbard by thi? rejuvenated Friseo five left (lie critics bewildered in nn 'effort to ptcfc the winner of Iho first half race. The Frisco quintet, played an BEFORE HE FACED TBEM IN TUB BOX HE ALWW& WEu) WHICH BtCTTePS WERE Cirls have won from Cm-dwell since proxy of the Sox, he sat do™ and 1928. The boys u-ns not so close wiotc Mr. Qulnn a nice llltle note, and did not create as much ex- explaining that so far as he could cUemcnt as the Kills gam?. Belli' nm ke out. the best batter on the with niiir poinls closely trailed by Moseley with seven Abe Kcnnlnj- ham who got into the game in the last couple of minutes, sunk three goais to lead the Hnbbard scorers.j| c . or) i, rs Frisco Shows Tower | Arnold,' ,The Frisco aggregation showed • G]n( ]ys' njshop, g; Lcxln Illncsrley. unusual strength last night with a i f Mrfu • 'f; player suddenly acquires ((-null ... ltlcns ot hls ow " wolt1 '. il iS R g»s fricll(1 vvho Emma ?.ee loftj- sc ">° T » •» '•>"« gl Gladys North, g: Murlc .c; Callle Gllmorc, g; Enys—Willie- \Vhltwn. Killl-in. f: (Me North, c (Capt.); I.esler Stewart, g; Owen Mizc, nifty group of loop nrlisls In Carmen, new renter. Osborne, ly and Secoy. .The Merchants (formerly known as the Outlaws) walked all over Last Salurriay evening tl:e Card the HJ-Jackera in the opening] well High School girls defeated contest with a 27 to 28 vlctlry. F.jihe girls from MoneUe with a li- wi Isaacs', foul goal expert, led the; 1C score. The Moiietle boys lie- i sliuw rroni [Jye which said: "Well,.! cness you lilt the nail on the head when you suld someone, loiil me whnt to write about RITZ THEATER Last Time Today Pee Eddie Catilor p nl ,l and how lo go', around but I sitess Merchants' array with 10 points while Medlin, recently acquired center, did the best of the Hi-Jad;- er crew vvjth three points, Monk Wright of the Merchants banged seven points. , First Gimc Hl-Jaefccrs 11 Pos. Merchants 21 Cavltt BOTgS Logan Stewart RG Wilson Frisco- 19 McHalfey Mcsley Secoy Carmen Santy Osfeome LG Second Game Wilson Blanchard Van San Isaacs. F, Westbrook Isaacs Pos. RF f'a'?d tile Cardwell boys, 23-U. This was the second game this season the boys have lost. Hubtard 13 Tauim Carrenter . LF Kinningham Kinningham. Abe C Grimes Henry Surge Blankenohtp 1 would hnvn been better oil If I would have listened to niysell. I sure would like to have n nice tnlk with you (his spring. Sony I caused you nil the trouble but come down next spring mid you I got the goods. Well, here's hoping we meet shortly nnd wishing you nil the success In the world v:lth your ball club, etc." Rye, by the way. holds a record o( having hit three home runs In one liming In u cnme played last August. Tourney To Start Tomorrow RG LO Third Game Dixie Fliers 19 Bible Kinnlngham c-,% Pos. RF LF C Company M Robbie's Rosltr Uncle V/ilbcrfs list of diamond athletes who will put their fee; under the- table at Ihe Gray Moss Inn, Clcr.rwatcr. in .1 j few more days, suggests that: Uncle is going to face quite a- problem in paring Hie roster down to playing and fccdins size. Fr;«o, J^ VqunV'of" other'Tchools .. Thompson will Ixi at second unil Mlss1ss , ppl colmty B11( , for south . I ff I f (™l rVlllI 1i\1nrtf1nlilUn+tlin *^*^ . J The first tournament at the ne\' Armory will open Friday after|1(Km „, , 0 . c!t|Ck vvl ,,, Bh . thcvl i| C hl „ school ncU „ host to nine „ Lefly O'Doul In left Held, but the other seven places nre holdovers. Tie o;:lf.clders, aside from cast Missouri. The Blythevlllc Chicknsaws wll Lexis RG Ganste LG Fourth Game Gas Hounds 47 PCS'. Admission—Ip ami -10c. HOME THEATRE Last Time Today Sec Paul Whitman 'King of Jazz' Admission—10 nnd ^BARGAINS EVER OFFERED! Starting Saturday lan.J31- "arm Big BRIGHTER DAYS ARE HERE! Let's go! Things arc getting- better everywhere. To stimulate business we are offering 7 DOLLAR DAYS with astonishing low prices on fresh, new merchandise. I f you have money in the FIRST NATION AL BANK and want to SPEND SOME OP THIS MONEY WE WILL TAKE YOUR CHECK on the First National Bank for merchandise only. That will make you feel better ... and these extremely low nvw^ will make von feel better, too! , ' $1 Surprise Tables One table consisting of short lots of now merchandise in broken sizes, .regular prices $1.95 to $3.95, choice of any item on this table. $1.50 and $1.95 Ladies' Silk Full fashioned silk hose in the leading brands of Corticelli, Schmidts and Radio, all perfect and shown in the newer spring shades, choice per pair 95c Silk Hose 2 Pairs All perfects, silk hose for ladies, 2 pair for Childrens Dresses 2 for Children's school drosses, fast colors, sixes 7 to 14. 2 for ?1 20c Domestic II Yds, Sea Island LI, MG-ineh domestic, 20c finality. 11 yards for §1 Men's Shirts and Shorts Men's $1,95 Dress Pants Men's athletic .shirts and trunks, big-range of patterns. 70c quality,. 4 .{raiments .for . . Dark patterns, a fine pant .:if §1.05. Choice now only. S Curtain Scrim Ecru o 111 y. 10 vc.rds Ginghams Apron check 10 yards *SSSH3HSK3r rT aH523ISE Domestic Brown domestic. ; 10 vards for Heavy Oiitiiu color.s only, heavy. 10 for Ladies' One-Strap Slippers Large assortment ef good styles, a fine value, at choice s txtra tevy With shawl collars, regular $1.25 values. 2 for McHenry] fielders nre Jako Flowers. Kddlei I1CC ngnmst Slcrlc Wiggins I Moon:. Neil Finn, Jackie Warner I Games will be and Bobby Rcis. Besides having night starting nt Yen Alman ChiLstian Elils. T. Parker Ekins Ellis. G Burnett RF LF C RG Apes 5 Woolcy played 7 o'clock with a lot ol extra catchers nr.d pitchers h; doesn't kr.ow what to do Redman | Kith. Robbie Is well o!T Anil did Lutes Wahl Adims Smith Cis Hounds Company M :.{erchants Dixie Flicrj Apes Frisco Hubbard Hi-Jacfcers STANDINGS W 3 2 L Pel. 0 1 1 2 2 1 1 1 1 2 1 2 1 2 1.000 .661 you ever see a ball team with so much irading nwtcrlnl? Curlcy and the Chnlr Jack Cur'ey. whose wrestlers nre proving more popii'.ar than tt:c Ixivcrs now in Kcw York City, has promoted everything fro:n a arappilng match to a flea circus. He gave Caruso S10.000 a night three games scheduled and Saturday morning nnd alternoon the elimination will continue with the championship and consolation titles scheduled for Saturday nissM. Head Courier News Want Aav to sing In fix cities and madci .333 ! Mcnoy. He promoted Rudolf .607 j Valc-ntino. Ife sent Annette Kel- .657 1 on tour and the famous .333 .333 .333 diver enrlc-hed the promoter. Ii2 has promoted Hackenschtnldt. Go'.ch. Jeffries, Willard. Carpcn- licr. U-,rney Oldfield an;l now- he in promoting Bill Tilden. Bu-. Jack • drcppcd a pile ol change when he Wltfl HornerSVllle Teams! Bought over the Vatican choir j for a scries of co-.icerts. The mti- Cardwell Divides Two CARDWELL, Cardv;c!l High school boys and girls basketball teams played the teams ol Hornersville at Cardwell Tuesday evening. The Cardwell girls lost to Hornersville by the close wore of 25-21. Tlw Cardwell boys won beautiful, says Jac'<. but It didn't draw the crowds. Shires Models Art Shires has left the big leagues, but hts pattern of chatter will remain. O.-.e of ihe from Homersvills with a score ofj 40-53. The Birls game was the closest that the Cardwell girls have played, this season. Throughout the entire gam-* the 'score remained so ne»rly even, as to make the game SI. Louis Cardinal rcoklc^ young man yclept Dl7.zy Dean, who uses very bcld words. Another Geiie ?ye. Red Sox recruit from Wnco, who can talk a wonderful ball game. Dizzy pitched a couple! RITZ THEATRE Friday and Saturday Sec John Mack Brown and Eleanor Boanli.nan in 'Great 'Meadow' A Dramatic Screen Story ths Wilderness. Matinee—10 and 30c. Night—10 and 35c. WH1R.LVVLND.. ••ALL-TALKING WESTEPJ-J Dress Caps Jlen's and boys dress caps, 95c values. 2 for English Prints 36-inch, fast colors, 25c value. 10 yards '_ for Ladies' U-Saits 98c quality, long .sleeves, ankle letitf- 'th. first quality. 2 foi' BoysUfiiosisuits Ribbed am! fleeced, 95c quality, strictly first K'' iu le- 2 for Men's $2.50 Dress Shirts Ken's dress shirts, guaranteed fast colors, silk -sU'ipes and solid colors, collar attached styles, choice now Ladies' $1.95 House Dresses, New spring styles of English Broadcloth anil pretty prints, guaranteed fast colors, choice now only Play Suits «fj I WorkShoes $4 35! WorkShoes $4 qgl Work Shoes $ :u >.. v:»i.,,,.,, fc^ H yB»**JH vBvwn Y Children's hickory stripe play suits, SDc quality. 2 for Men's ?1.98 work shoes, a 11 leather, 1 ^•s^H Men's ?3.95 work shoes, choice now JI en's S2.i)5 work sho. s choice now fas 85c Work Shirts 2 for Extra heavy, tripplc stitched, 2 pockets, choice now at 2 for Mens $1.25 Dress Shirts 2 for f| i?$ II Collar attached styles, all sixes, fa^t colors, genuine English Broadcloth. 2 for $3.95 T $4.85 Silk Dresses SI 50 Flat crepes and silk prints, 1 rack of these while they last i Mens, Boys Fiannetette Shirts Heavy weight, coat styles. 2 pockets. Regular •fl.aO value, now at 2 for Don't Fail to Orasp Your Share of fee Ear Admission—Matinee & Night 10 anil 2oc. exceedingly doubtful. However, du.;I of pretty good efforts for the! r • Siinfliv X.- AInnrlnv! rnminn c:,,,,^,. r M i ,. to a great dwl'of fouling on the Cards toward the close of last sea- ^ . 8 -rt"^ , J . n n ™,,n , "^ llnda - v * >'°ndav part of Cardwell, the girls from'son and furnished the praise for! Marie Dressier in "RLDUC- —"KYES OK THK WOKI.D". —-— --•- --'- '--- — - '•-'- --'-=- •-— --- ".-'1V-- Story hy Harold Hell Wright. -Hornersville made a large number [his victories JiimseU. When Rye' 1XG .of'their poinls on free throws This | looked over the roster sent to him a contract by Boh Qulnn, 111 West Main Blytheville, Arkansas 111 West Blythevil^ Arkansas

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