The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 28, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 28, 1934
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Served by the United Press VOL. XXXI—NO. 3G THE DOMINANT MKWSPAl'ER OF NUItTHEA bT ARKANSAS ANU SOUTHEAST MISSOUHI HOME EDITION vyllle Dally News lilytheville Ccurler oippi Volley l-eud.-r Hlythevllle Herald AUKAXSAS, SATURDAY, APUII, -28, urn SINGLR COPIES PI VI? CKNTS DAUGHTER OF OHIO'S GOVERNOR FIGHT ON LOAN PflllCljLllO: Rice Belt Farmers Will Carry Discrimination Charge to Roosevelt STUTTC.ART, Ark., April 28. fUPi—The Arkansas rice icgion. nearly ready to send a delegation lo President Roosevelt to protest alleged discrimination bv ihe Federal Lantl Dunk of St. Louis in refusing to imike loans here, today sent an open letter :o W. A. Kelly, engineer-appraiser of the Kink asking him to attend the Washington interview "to piesent your position and justify it. if possible." City Attornsv Joseph Morrison of Stuttgart, who drafted the letter, said the del?"atlon would leave- Monday or Tuesday. Morrison said he had "scriou? charges" to present to President Roosevelt, alleging the bank's discrimination against Arkansas, which he said he could suppc^t by letters and affidavits, and against the rice section in particular. He .said no loans had been made here tlnce 1331 solely because cf the bank's position that a fall in (he underground water level endangered the rice industry, but lhat "the bank took the appraiser's ftes until June, 1933. although it had no intention of making loans when the applications were received." He fald figures showed that Arkansas got approximately two per cent of the total loans, mnde in Arkansas, Missouri and Illinois during the past eleven months. Marine Planes Plan 5,000 Mile Flight WASHINGTON. April VS. lUI'J —Twenty-two miii'lne land plaju-.-i. undertaking the lai'si'sl mass formation llwhl by laud pl-.mcs on i-icord. will Imp" oil from Quantico. Va.. base Monday to pjrilci- p-.iif in lli; U-.iiU'il States fln-l ;i a..Olivers In ill-.- Caribbean area, the navy department announced lodny. 1,1. Coi. Rrjss K. Rottell, mai'lni- corps, liois 1 .-, Idaho, will ruminiunl r.c ifiuiidrrjn dining Its 5.000 mile .iigM. vhich includes visits lo Cuba, Haiii. S-.mio Domingo, and Puciio Rico. More than 800 miles uf tin- route will b- ovsr water. The plants will mnke llu-ir first stop for refueling :it Camp lining, N. C., going to Jacksonville, Ha., irom win-re they will fly to Miami, jainving Monday night. 3 Minutes Old— And a Picture Eoy Scouts Srek Garden Tools KEARNEY. Neb.- (UP)—Carder implements, reeded to aid in development of federal relief garden projcts, proved scarce in Kearney Boy Scouts who spend n'n entire day soliciting gifts uf implement, .vcured but two hoes to rewar< them for their efforts. New York Cotton NEW YORK, April 2B. <UP)Cotton closed barely steady. open high low close May .... not 1109 1101 1101 July .... 1117 1121 1111 nil Oct ..... 1135 1137 1125 1125 Dec ..... 1136 1148 1!'J4 1131 Jan. .... 1149 1154 1144 1HG Mar ..... 1153 11C5 1152 1153 Spots closed quiet at 1115. unchanged. \ight Watchman Bums to 'Death in $5,000,000 Fire at Lexington LEXINGTON, K.V., Apr. 28 (UP) —Fed by alcohol from 15.500 bar- vcls and ll.OGO cases of whisky, flames swept through the Old Pepper distillery on the Frank- Tort pike, one mile from here, early today. causing damage estimated at S5.000.MO and taking .he life of a night watchman, Stanley Travis, 24. the victim.! lied in a hospital of burns two | hours nfier he was found lying between two blazing warehouses. Travis, before his death, said the fire started from explosion of gasoline which he poured on a wood fire when his • watchman's room became chill. He had believed the liquid was kerosene. Fireman feared that George Taylor .a cab driver was burned. Police said Taylor went Into a warehouse, apparently seeking to remove liquor, and that he was lot seen to return. Four warehouses and the dls- illery bottling plant were destroyed. A recent plant addition which ccst S400.000 was saved. Second Man Held in Bremer Kidnaping: IMCAOO, April l!8. ttll Jnit'r] Jjuius dp.triil alloi'iii-ys • K-ivsl <! liial fcd.'rul ngcim trliimi J->lui J. Uio-is) Mc- Luut.-lilln a-- llu- "brains" of tin- .vai'd (i. HnniiT kidnaping CUM tf tvisl Mrl.:ui8h!lu, thi-y .said. wns i ik-1 leved lo have planni-d 111 1 : nbilnc-1., , . lion to obtain fnnns for his fhihi|'.VVolunOlliUV ngiilnii diaiyL-s in coniicclliin. ,»'lllij a S-'WIKW Clilni'Mi lix>p robbery, j Wlllliim K Vidler, Chicago' gam- j Ijk-r, nrnwd In the consph'my i jlu're ulth Ak'l-Liughlin. w;is, m- ratijni'd bt-forj the cojiiuiKsUnii 1 ] r and urde-rcd held on SIQOXKX) Ijonu peiulinj n removal hearing. : Vidli-r. i>n whom S2.G55 of O.e Urcnu-r raniojn nicni-y \uis idund. isas ]'ei:ort-d lo have involved Mc- Luughlin in [lie ease. \i\ n .. _ . MnV -' nin ''"tl Advor'icv AU\OC,lt,\ V O \) OSiil er Cough\\ l»l "Look pleasant, liuh? al:nnt (liis? I've liren IIM ern-lli only iV.rer: minutes anil MONK coinr-s nno df tlujse |ies-!;y rani- oi-;uar-n!" Sn llic new ilaitpd- t';r n[ IMiotOKi'iiplicr Walter .Mnlcniii, Kriult Hie. Marie, Mich.. |O(H loose a lusty yowl n:; her proud papa sets what hn rlainis is a wnHd ]-ecord, "s"mip- jiiai;" a lialiy tbrec mimnes after blrlli. No Definile - Instructions Yet (or Ransoming June Rubles 11V Wll.l.lS MIA Si-rvln- S(:ill Ci!iTi-s|xmilrnl NTW YORK.-.II lather Churlcf l-'oirhlhi Init l-vni i-imvlnml by ullli Ma), rilllM-d I'nuli nuiiitla«, •Vm^vlr-n may rec tin- vise of n " c oc!:il n-rMlll" mnvciili'in which '•as ulroadv MII-MI! far through F.nphind. Scotland f>nnchi, Aus- rnlin. piul New X.ealinul. Tim nou-iiiis nhii Is a fchenie lor ci;!i:pl"te rroriiaul/atlon of the ^asi 1 . 1 ; nf money iMtil i-redtl. H pin- vld^s for h.sue of cirdll lo citizens •i-i irinsunirrs In piupurllun lo 1111- • prodnctlon, rnnlarhig the -•le.-f'nl inoni'lury sv^r'Hi. which Df;iu:!iis bi'lli'vcs lends lo eoni|>el •ii'rrlii-sinK power jilways to fall ii:i i r n usinr;ly tciow prorliR'lion and First Lady Denies Furniture Profits Jiiii- in Little known Auvlr.illa in Amerlcn, Major TUCSON. Ariz.. Apr. 28 (UP)- tesl»s his created n stir nbron.l. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. April 28. ID!') — Realizing sabs in the last hour of today's short week, end .session on the local cotton eeUangc wiped out earlier gains of around 50 cents a bale and closing quota- lions were from one point off lo on. hl^h low 1101 1097 1119 HOT 1134 \lZt 1146 1123 jllii 1145 1160 Hal Scots closed quiet, and unchanged at 1120. two t May July Oct Dec Jan Mar. open 1100 1115 11M 1U1 1145 1100 close IWlb 111U 1136 IHio 1151 10 OSEf SCRIPT Committees Will Canvas City's .Business District Each Week The anguished frnnlly of June ^ ol Robles. G-year-old kUUMiper victim, reassured by a nc«- communication from the abductors, awaited hopefully toOay for sppcinc instructions for the delivery of the 5IO.CW ransom. Authorities, having called olf extensive searches lor the kidnapers to give the family a clenr for negotiations, questioner! two suspects arrested In Phoenix. Hoth wore owners of nn automobile thai resembled the one In which the child was carried away. A telephone call received at the I home of Fernando Hobles, June'? father, advised the family to i "stand. .by,",^ for .further .-.Instrtic- Relafives'and Friends from '-i 0115 - Lights burned brightly m . . i r '""•' llomc all night. The father le Area Attend ru-lkept the vigti with me baby's 'grandfather. Benrnbe Roiiles, wealthy retired cattleman. Until fuvllier word from ihc tlvt 1 ICn'^lish publicatlon. l i l:ocM his flan. In Ai-.slralla there V1 ,^ mi' mere than IfXlO nouglo.s Credit Ppplrilcs. with fiCO.COil members— •J. lo: fur Australia. New Zealand lias 1C mrnincrs of Us parliament devoted to the Doug- ins thcwy. Dmiylu.s has only recently arrival .hi Ne l .v York after a speaking The I'lianir: of Seunlnr Tlioiiins I). Says Dillinger Stopped fur Drink in New York HINCillAMTON, N. Y., Apr. 28 iUl' jiollce wi'M' In- clhH'cl to iliscount llii> reimrt, nr. Wlltlnni A. MrC'niin, IniiKhiiiutoii ehh'iipiHllst, iiinlntiiiTicd trxlay Hint cue of tin- ix'r-upant.s of two a-.ilo- nir)bl)i-s which Mopjx'd briefly hen- rt iilnlil wns John nilllnger. iMcC'iinn was ill the curb In ilium of Ihe Mnniui'tle hotel wlii-n Ihe. :iiiuin)oLilk':, drove up. "Oet us ^oini 1 drlnl.5, quick." he ipiou-il OIK- ui the occupants us onU-i'lnit. MrCnnn went Inlo Hie lif.lel und si-nt a wnllcr DHL while lit leli'phoncd ]K>Hce. The wnlU't brought out four irlnks and after they hud UI:L-U i-il lor Ihc em- i|>ed east down In- wrung .side of Ihe .sired. "I am not mistaken." McCunn •aid. "I liuve wen lots of plc- .urvs uf UlllhiKer :md I knuw he WHS 111 (111! (Mir iK'Ullllg icrnse plules." ,,,„ , v ,. i Wide "r i lOClay A large throng of friends and nlxluctois. relatives, including about a him-1 d r ed from out of the city, attend- 1 cd Ihe last rites held for N. Johns, 19. this aliernoon at the First Presbyterian church. Mr. Johns died Thursday morning following' a stroke of paralysis nine days before his death. The Rev. Stuart H. Salmon, pastor, officiated Pallbearers were: I^rank C. Douglas, Jack Apple- Err.est Halscll and S. P. Lee. Burial was made at Elnnvood cemetery with Cobb Undertaking company In charge ol arrangements. The deceased, who was the old- Sends Black-McKcllar Bill to House [or Final Ap- pvoval lour llirongli western Cnnaila. «h:re the Alberta government. Is r-ri-pjiring to examine officially his vropesals. President Di 1 VnU i ni of Ireland hits studied it carefully. In England, the Klbbo Rill, a post-war youth movement, ispous- cd it and Joined with the Legion if the Unemployed to form tin 1 Grren Shlris. a uniformed a'nil dis- ci]>lincd orMani/atlon to carry Doiiglaslsm forward. The Martinis of Taxlslock Is Ihe scllvL- KngUsh leader. Douglas himself keeping out of Us political aspects. I'rrgn-.M in t). S. Even in America, sonic- progress has bci'ii made liy Doughi'ltni. He recently lerturcd in N'ew Vork at ;ho M:-w School for Social Rc- ;-eorr,'h, under auspices of the New Economies Group. There Is such n group in San Francisco. The New York group has even nrcpar-d a definite plan lo ripply Douglas economics 10 the stale o: N'evv- JITSI-V. and has in-L'seuled I to chambers of commerce, members WASHINGTON. Apr. 2S (UP) — of the k'nvernov's stall, other .vnerl hy lira. Fviinklln i). \lnufi:- was sullltiK fnniltuvu nl tlvu IhueA tlio prlco rluirgi-d for biinl- lar jirndiu'iH ni oiiier fnctorlOH. InouRlit a sharp ilnnlnl {ruin Ihu h'lrsl l.mly. who Kiild I]H,- fuumlcris of Elio factory have "tint iiiiiilc a rout". Sim la hiiii* slnnvn v\anilu- HK disiihiyu of tiniKllwtirh Fi> mili- eis at Dm Coiunterua [lulliiliK. svlttro hhtt iaiiUi.-.! lu-r tiuuinl. PLQTRTED Now in Col- iimlnis, Governor White! Is Informed Organi/.e lo Seek Full Tim^ County Probation Officers A MlMlsstnpl County Committee for juvenile Protection was or- rtnlxcd Mils mornin? at a mcet- nit of heads of local woman's -pnul/atlons with Mrs. John Ed- r'ngton of Oscnnla. nrcsldcnt of Mic District Federation of Wo- r>ir?n's clubs, und Mrs. L. O, Bycr- "PV of I.rnrhvlllc. countv fciicni- linn nre.=|rlent. held at the home or Mrs s. S. Sternberg. Both Knees Broken, Bacl Injured in Accident Nea Wilson Last Night F. S. Wlnford, 45, Hlghflll Implement company salesman, sustained fractures of tolh knees mid back Injury In an aulo accident about six miles north of WII- scn on Highway Gi lust night. Mr. Wlnford was brought to Ihe Dlyllicvllli; liospltnl but Inter removed In a Cob bnmlyulnnct! lo Campbell's Clinic at Memphis. With Mr. Wlnford in m> condition to give a coherent siory, details of the accident, which apparently occurred about 10 o'clock, were not Imnicdlnlrly available, ile was cnroutc here from Joiner. The Implement salesman Is .salo 0 linve made remarks lii momi'iits if consciousness Iliat Indicated lie i-us sldrawlpcd by a (ruck. Offl- CTS oul of the Osceola oirico of Sheriff Olarcnce Wilson, wlio In csllgntcd, said that the physical acls as shown at Ihe scene of the .ccident did not tend to tear oul uch a story. According lo reports racks showed that tire car Imd been driven partly off the hlghwaj or some distance and then turned jack onto the highway only to urn oil again. Officers said thcst (acts pointed to the belief thai the car driver might have fallen asleep. A bridge, a short distance below the accident, appeared to have been struck, and It was believed that had the driver fallen COLUMBUS A, Anr. M (Ul 1 )— i'wo nallonnl Kuardsmcn today verc assigned to guard Mnry White, daughter o[ the Ohio rnor, iih Hie result of t\ tip that' John Dllllngcr's gang Is plotting to kidnap Ihe governor. uml i diiurihtor. Gov. George White refused to accept tpianls for himself. "f inn more conccrnetl about her Ihaii about, 'myself," lie said. Tiro guards will be stationed about Ihc executive mansion nt night, however, Adjt. den. Frank • D Henderson said. While's sccrelnry, Wllllnm Moore, Mild thi! governor wiis Informed that some members of Hie Dlllln- yui- gitng are In Columbus now, t> r eparing to carry out the plot. Tho governor declined to reveal the source of Ills Information. When three of Dlllliwjer's gang- •itei.s were on trial at Lima, O., 'or the murilcr of Sheriff Jesse SuvUcr, Ihri-nts were made. ii^alnst he governor';! life. Don. Harold M. Hush, head of the Ohio na- lonnl guard, nsMgncd four guards lo tho governor. Governor White remonstrated nil. the general Insisted. Slnrc then Chicago Wheat At a meeting yesterday of the committee named to promote the use- of Blytheville Relief script number of sub-committees were appointed to make weekly surveys cf Ihe business district lo encourage use cf the certificates in place of money is all local transactions The Rev. W. J. LcRoy was appointed to arrange for brief explanations of the script program in all local churches lomorrow. A sub-committee- lo promote the use of script was ap]x>inlcd for Mch day of the week. Each committee will be assigned a specific «t merchant in the city, was a The Black-McKellar airmail bill native of Syria. 'embracing President Roosevelt's Among those from out of the recommendation for apiwintm^nt city here for the funeral are: Mrs. of a committee of experts to dc- James Warren and mother, Mrs. velop a permanent government air May July May July open 17 1-8 77 high 78 3-4 78 5-8 low close 77 1-4 78 1-2 77 78 1-4 Chicago Corn 0|x?n 43 3-4 4fi 3-4 high 44 1-2 47 1-2 low close 43 3-4 44 4C 5-8 47 1- territory. Tlie members an day. w. J. Wundcilich. Mon- Albert Smith, of Fulton, Ky.; Mr. policy, and Mrs. K, Sapp ami A. Saliba, today. of Dothan, Ala.; Mr. and Mrs.) The George. Mr. and Mrs. Sam house was passed by .the senate measure now goes to where speedy action the . lias Ellias. Mr. and Mrs. Mike Koury, l)Cpn promised. There was no vec- all of Cairo, III.; Jot Ellis and orrt vote. Richard Saliba. of Charleston. Mo. I The senate adopted an amend- Mr. and Mrs. John llamra and mcnt appropriating S100.000 for daughter. Miss Sallie Hamra. Mr. creation of o special commission mid Mrs. Wade Hamra. all of to investigate aviation and draft Caruthersvllle, Mo.; Gabriel Mike rccommrndntions for a permanent and daughter. Misses Dcllal and government nlr policy. The amend UHa. of Manila; Mr. and Mrs. N. mcnt was suggested by President Closing Slock Price* NEW YORK. April 28. (UP) — Stocks receded today despite firmness in comuiodlties and favorable business news. Losses were small in most instances. A. T. and T 120 Anaconda Copper 161-8 Bethlehem Steel 40 1-4 Chrysler 48 1-4 Cities Service 31-8 Coca Cola 122 5-8 Gen. Am. Tank 40 1-8 General Electric 22 1-B General Motors 36 1-8 Inlfrmtional Harvester 40 5-8 Mirfdlewrst utilities 5-16 Montgomery Ward 301-4 New York Central 333-4 Packard 47-8 Phillips Petroleum 187-8 Radio 81-4 Simmons Beds 10 3-8 Std Ix>uls San Francisco — Siandard of N. J ^ i.n Texas Co 26 3-8 U. S. Sice; 49 1-8 U. S. Smelting 119 L-. Homer. A. B. To supplement t committees C. A. Cunningham (socially assigned to industrial stanton. TL-IIII.; recent cancellation of commercial payrolls and dcciors. Cecil Shane to utilities and lawyers, and Chas. Pcnn to wholesale grocers. R. I.. Uanister. relief committee treasurer, reported Ihis afternoon lhat s;,.«M) worth of script had been sold, of which only $15 worth had as yet been returned for redemption with its full quota of 10 itainps. stamp sales so far have produced $420 In revenue for the relief fund. Fairlield. work of these \ir. and Mrs. Jimmie Daddour of airmail conlrncls as tin •'inexnisa- Co\iugton. Tenn.; Mrs. M. D. Had-.ble and shameful performance." :!cur of Hughes. Ark.: Mrs. John Barney, of Memphis; Mr. and Mrs. N. S. Saliba of Joiner, Ark.; Mrs. Charles Sitkery of Lilbourn. Mo.; Jim Saliba of Florence. Ala. Liquor Importation Period Is Extended WASHINGTON. Apr. 28 (UP)— ST. LOUIS. Apr. 28 (UP)—An- llcfcnds Annulment iiuhncnt of airmail contracts by Ihc government was defended by Postmaster General James A. Far- Icy In an address nt the dedlcnlion of this city's new federal building today. Farley. Insisting "there Is evidence that these conlrncls were thn result of collusion mid fraud.' influential people. Senators llron- on Ciiltni'g ar.d Elmer Thomas are reported much Interested. So if Falher Counlilin es]»ouses this cau.'i- in his forceful radio siiccclies, It might give the American iihn.vj of the movement a bin xxxst. r^'s "Conscrrritive I.rnir" Majcr lloiijfes is n sort of '•Lenin of the- conser.itives." who be- IJcves lhat today's troubles are due principally to a meru technical defect in bookkeeping, and may he rcm-dicd by a peaceful overturn of tliat system of bookkeeping without disturbing private ownership er any of the rest of the system of production and social life as they arc today—except tanking ami money. lie believes Hint private produc- lion of goods Is all right— Inasmuch as It has shown the ability to produce more than Is required, it should be let alone. This Is where he differs from Socialists, Communists, Fascists. and oilier isti who center on con- liolling means of production. I'.xnlalns His Thrnry Tin- Douglas ilieory Is that where vc have frillcn down Is on llu: con- uimr-r angle, not the producer an- le; Ihnt what Is needed is lo create credits for ail consumers which will enable ilirin to buy what Is produced. The price of anything, Douglas contends, nnrst always, und. r t!ie Mrs. Kdrlngton \vti5 elected pres- Idenl. Mrs. Bycrlev. first vlcc- nresldcnl. Mrs. Otto Kochtltzky r "co-"l vSrc-presldpnt. and Mrs. C R. RaiM-nr.k, secretary, A re'oliulon. "Resolved, that this lortv ol women no on record sivHiRorlne the election of count; onicers who are In symoathv will und willing to work for Juvenlli prntocllnn." was adopted. The froun accepted as Us prl- "'nry ob^clive Ihe employment b; the rouniv of two full time train "(I "vn'mtlon officers, with Ihc or ''•^nlnflon to have a voice In thel T'ertlnn. The committee will also .'""V. lo linve set aside a special •noni in the citv hall for the de- ei-rlnn nf luvenlle offenders. P'-Po-lm: the meeting the pronn • n i»f»'rred with Cnnnly .Indue Z. B. ; 'nrritnn rm Invenilc welfare work n Oils county. the and imards have the governor been dismissed goes about his jiL--.lness as usual. Tlie kidnaping, If attempted, 'vould be for the purpose of forcing 'the release of the three Dll- llngur Rangstcrs convicted at Lima, two of whom arc under sentence if death for Ihe murder of Sheriff Rarber. Stirber was killed In an nlinck on. the l,lrhn'"jall In which the release ' of' iJlllingcr was effected several monllis ago. cslecp he might have thought his- car had been struck by a truck 'If It sldeswlpcd a bridge null. Mr. Wlnford was picked up by motorists who rushed him to the home of a Dr. Miilone, veterinarian. The Injured man was reported to . be sulferlng considerably from exposure and a Wilson physician was summoned. After emergency treatment had been admln- Islered Winford was brought lo the Blytheville hospital enny U morning. Dr. W. A. GrimnicH the hospital staff said Winford's back Injury was not serious b'.i lluir, tin- knee fractures uilghi prove exceedingly dlfllciili to heat Negro fiir| Arrested Following Accident Ernestine Hampton, negro girl, was held, on n charge of reckless riving tortay after a car she was driving struck Joe I). Arnold. 1, on Franklin street late yesterday. She failed to slop after her car struck and dragged Ihe youth some distance but was taken Into custody later. The youth was rushed to a doctor's office where a scalp wound whs treated. He was not believed Lo be seriously injured. The girl, [laughter of Ezra Hampton, well known negro, drove rapidly away from Ihe accident scene. A truck driver attempted lo overtake the fleeing car but was Bill Guaranteeing Home Loan Bank Bonds WASHINGTON. Apr. 28 (UP>— The home loan bank bill providing federal guainntec of $2,000.000.OCX) in bonds as to principal as well as interest was signed loday by President Roosevelt. ' Similar provision was made some months: ago in connection with the Issuance of farm loan Ixmds. Tlie federal alcohol control od- promised a longer system nt less ministration announced today a cost under new contracts to be second order whereby foreign 11- awarded. ouor may be Imported into thc ! • --United Slates In unlimited qutin-'- .. titles for a fonr-mmuh period tXllOHa Will Reach starting May 1. the period of unlim- lied importations from foreign Manhunt Ends In Death of California Convicts outdistanced. She :nr to the owner, difference must continually bo mode up by money credited by 'larks, ton-owed from banks, and bearing interest. Thus a continually Increasing c'cbt s!n;r-:ure Is created, and the from May 1 to June 30. The t*c- SEA. Apr. 28 <UP>—The vagabond, - lag bclvivo-ii consumer purchasing ond administrative order provides cruiser Exllona, taking Samuel In-i power and cost of goo:ls grows P i U7-.L I II r °tl "ith InSllll countries had been for two months. I ABOARD S. S. EXILONA. AT present system, be A plus D—A tclng all wages, salaries, and dividends, and B bring banking charges, tnxes. raw materials.over- head. Uoth f<> Inlo the price ol goods. But since only the A part is consumer purchasing power. A can nev:r equal A pins B. and the "=*N ni-:UNAIDlNO, Cal.. Apr. 28 run— The stnto wide manhunt f^r t«-n p«ri|wd Sail Quenlln con••W-i lind purled today with both r^viMvi'S killed In a running gun K Tf(te witli tlepnly sheriffs near Vfrtorvlllc. Their two policemen lipsinsr? vere frreil unharmed. The convicts. Wanda T. Stewart. M-vear-old Texas and I/)s jelcs robber, anil Walter II. Wy- clli. forger, were kilted last nljlit. Mechanical Brain Weighs Three Tons, at University PHILADELPHIA (UP)—A three- ton mechanical brain, which solves p.-oblems the human mind cannot even grasp. Is ready for assembly at the University of Pennsylvania. The huge mechlne, made ol 75.000 gears, cogs, wheels and mechanical amplifying inechant^iiis, lias two-and-a-half times the "menial capacily" of a similar mil- chine at the Masschiisetts Institute of Technology. It will require only 15 minutes. Prof. Charles DcV. Fawcctt sa!rJ, for the "brain" to solve a problem delivered Ine a white man, \nn told him wrmt she had done. The white man Immediately drove he cnr back to the accident scene and notified officers, who hnd ar- -ived In the meantime, of the driver's Identity! The negress was soon picked up nt her home and placed Ln the county jail. Bishop Cannon Leaves for Jackson Conference WASHINGTON, Apr. 28 (UP)— In bouyant spirits over his acquittal on corrupt practice charges, Bishop James Cannon Jr., headed south today for (he Jackson. Miss., conference of the Meth- Lst Eplscopnl church, South. Dozier Home Gutted by Flames Last Night The R. C. Dozicr residence, 17th and A=!i streets, was gutted by fire of unknown origin about nine- o'clceit last night. The damage was estimated at SI, 5 DO by Fire |Chii ief Rov Heart. 11 was partially that unlimited importation'; continue through August. may sull to New York to fare trial on fraud charges, will arrive Mny 1, Castor oil and coal lar.are used in manufacture of perfume. her captain announced today. Good weather has made II possj- 'ble to speed up the ship. wider. Credit In Consumers then proceeds to argu: that the thins to do Is, to calculate (Continued on Page 3) covdi",l by insurance. iilrr^ of the family fiom home when the fire broke mil. They were (Ulciidtng a show, it Is understood. wi:v on in Ihc house and a racio w.w in operation, firemen said The source of tho blaze was bellved centered In a closet, Chief Head reported. .n ballistics on which five expert United States army mathematicians recently worked four monlhs.' pn ' t1 -•Charlie," as the students call the machine. Is particularly opt iu doing differential equations. Astronomers, it Is exacted, will find "Charlie" a very useful assist- JACKSON, Miss—"The . Lord stood with me and .strengthened me and I was delivcr n d out of the. mouth of the lion," Bishop James Cannon jr., wired the Methodist quadrennial conference today In voicing regrets that lie was unable to be here for the conference op- ant. A roar of app:.iiise rocked municipal audito.-lum as the message was read. Bishop Cannon, acquitted yes- t:rdny of charges of violating the corrupt practices act. Is expected to arrive for Hie conference Sunday from Washington nnd la tu preach at Ihe Fondren Presby- crian church. WEATHER Stork Hurried Hearing Before Grand Jury I ; CLEVELAND (UP) — Patiolmanl William Zlmllch was nervous when tie appeared to testify before the county grand jury. He requested icnislit'aird'sunday. ic be Heard soon. Memphis and vicinity—Fair and "You see," he explained, "Mrs. lvnnilcr lonlg i rt n nd Sunday. Zlmlich Is In the hospital now. ARKASSAS.—Fair and wanner Our baby may be born any mln- Thc ninxfmiim temperature here lite. If I wall until noon, I'll be yesterday was $8, minimum 'o nervous I can't testify at all." j cloudy with .04 of an Inch rain- Ills wish was granted and he left,(fall, according to Samuel F. Nor- hurrtedly. (fall, Wls. official weather observer,

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