The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 6, 1938 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 6, 1938
Page 4
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PAGfc .r doofttfift mm THE BLYTHEVU/LE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO. H. W. HAINES, Publisher J. GRAHAM SUDBURY, Editor F. NQRRIS, Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising Representatives: Arkaiisas Dallies, Inc., New York, Chicago, Uo- troit, St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas Cily, Memphis. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered as second class mailer at Hie post iHlce at Blj'tbevihV Arkansas, under not of sj;., Octowr 9, M}7. Served by the United 1'rcss SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier.iii the City of Blylliovlllc, 15c per week, or 65c per mouth. By wall, within n radius ol bO wiles, $3,00 per year, $1.50 for six moutlis, 75o tor three months', by mat! in \ioslal zones two to sis, Inclusive, tfi.50 per SW! I' 1 «on<?s seven and eight, $10.00 per year,' payable in advance. When is a Chicken ' Nul a Chicken? |)COl)le object lo U\c use "I pigs, or animals of any liiml, for Uie iHirposc of scionlitic t.'xpwi- mciitiiUou. More people olijwl (o Die use of lunmui beings sis ifiiinc-a iiijrs. A what-is-il? has l)cen tievclo[)«il which ought to make everybody happy. Whether it fan be ciilletl a syiilhelic human or a synthetic chicken is soiue- fhing the congenital hsiii'-splillci'^ .should have it picnic debating. There's no guinea pig'in it, but, lignralively, life ris-it laboratory guinea pig is. HID career that has been curved out for it. You produce it by grafting human tissue on a chicken embryo, it responds lo baclerinl and virulent infections in <i manner highly simitar to a living human being, and makes il possible lo study at lirsl hand many serious human diseases thai could nol be produced in an animal. No, it doesn't walk and talk and light about politics. Right now it just fits around looking like something that has been dropped from a great height into a stone mixing bowl. Hut this is the question which obviously suggests itself whenever siny kind of what-is-il? pops tij) in a laboratory. Where do we go from here'.' Suppose that the men who evolved (he what-is-it? get to fooling around with that synthetic-human chicken sonic dull morning and come up with a new, improved model which ... . say ... exhibits a tendency to break out into wild laughter at intervals, or tries lo comb Us hair. Are these experimental boys going to be content with what they have done then? Do you think so? No. The next notion would he to develop the arms and the chicken I'eaih- could be made to sweep around the laboratory every morning. It wouldn't be long before (he im- provcd model would bo fooling around with grafting human tissue i(sclf, and there's enough grafters in the world already. No, boys, let il alone. FRIDAY, MAY C, 1938! The litlle girl. a very fceautltm youns ;;irl, was well worth the money, iiiul it. ill becomes Mr. Warner to bemoan (lie payment or (he nioncy.-Juilge Carl Sltitaian of Los Angeles, deciding that- Thomas Warner. Jr., tail not been overcharged by a woinnn dolcctire hired lo discover whether 'the lillic girl" loved liliu. OUR BOARDING HOUSE Surprise, Surprise The coming thing is .something Hint i.s just beginning lo arrive 1 . Jl becomes relinilo that Die coming thing lias arrived when people slop . remarking about the fact thai it's here. That it'.i hero to stay, beyond any shadow of n doubt, becomes definite when people start remarking about instances of its absence. That makes il difficult to be certain just ivhaf coiirlii.siuiis lo draw from tin; a|>ix','irjiiic(! of I he story aboul woman oll'icx'lioldi't'.s in lierkshire county, ft [ass. II. seems that in eight of the ISO towns in the county there are no women who hold public oll'ice. Should, this occasion surprise, or should the surprise bo occasioned by I he I'lifl thai Ihe absence of woman officeholders in eight towns is considered an extraordinary enough .situation lo remark about? A few years back the notion of government by mother, wif'o, and sweel- heai'l was simply comic-art material. J'.ut now look, look! When it's news thai certain towns have no woman officeholders, it's going to bo news before long when a mere man dues hold office. It's enough (o make the males throw their knitting through the window. Hoy's Ambition A person who is blind is a pin-sun whom many men can never completely know. Men who have their sight, but lack imagination, regard him sis .something entirely different from themselves. I-el .such consider Alfred Alditigcr of 1'Yankforl, N. V. Aldingur, blind Cur the last 20 years, who rcalix.ed his life's ambition the other day. What do you imagine il was lie wanted to do? Was it some si range thing you would never have thought O f? Think of some of the ambition^ you entertained H.S a boy. Wlial Altlingcr always wanted U> do, and what he finally did, was rid,, n tire (ruck to a lire, and operate the siren. That ought to bring Iho blind a little dower lo yon now. What seems to set this particular, man apart from • his fellows is thai ho did finally ride a truck to a lire. We .spoil many Jim: bricklayers and plumbers by subjecting Ilicin lo ;i college education.—Rev. Hi),-!i;icl McCarthy, iH'csidenl of Murqncttc Unl- vcrsily. I hope (lib Incident has not. annoyed the: iiicinlreiTi. I'moimHy, I nm accustomed to slmol- iiiG.-- Minlslcr of Justice, Stviiickc o[ Denmark, ullcr ;i vJMlor lo parliament liatl fired two blanks at him. It vmi answer correctly, everyone will Miy t (•wheel yiiu. and i[ your Answer i.s VM-OHR Hit family will hn fllsgnurtl.-Ikiston law |irn[cw.or, «',-iii>.is :,|u(fen(-uilc not lo rulse her ii;ind in SIDE GLANCES By George Clark willi Major lloojvlc ' SAY, T?OMEO, HOW'S FOR GIVING "Y&UR MEW THRILL A SALES TALK OW OUR cTHARAAS? MAYBE SHE-fe GOT A COUPLE OF FRIENDS THAT WOULD BE INTERESTED IM AM OPPORTUMlTY TO MEET TWO MO£>T ELI61BLE BACHELORS % OF TH' SEASOKI ' BGLI EVE WE'VE MET, ) HAVE VVE ) ^ The chililrt!!) raved iihout Hit- dly for .voar.s until we toltl llteiu we iiiiylil soil out and move Ihure oiuvsulviy." THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William Ferguson •HORNCT IS ONLV /\ CHfCAGO, KNOWN AS THE W7/VOV WAD ONLV TWO DAYS IN I9S7- WHEN THE WIND REACHED 32. \v:is fur dcnvn the lint: ol windy cities for 1931. Whit !wd but two 32-mih:-|icr-olir winds, liiilliilo luid 105 (lays 01 vlnth the wind c«nin!eil or exceeded Unit velocity. Mew York CH; lad 80 such days, and Cleveland ill. NKXT: How ralllesiiiikr.s Iticwlc their |ne,v. liulirnle.s Teachers Are . As lleallliy as Olliei- 'CO, >H nv OK. Mounts HSIIUKIN Editor, .limmut of thr Ameiieau 31 ed Ira I As.whlum. ,ind of Ilygfiu. the Health M.IRIIV.UK; Our altitudes Ir.rard Irachcrs (Irporxl naturally on the kind of teachers u'ith whom we vvno associated in our youlh. Tlicro seems lo be a sort of general point"of view Iliat leat-lrm are weaklings suffering willi headaches, irritabilily. nervousness, dysiicp.sia, s=cx complcxe.'! and premature old a'je. Modern tcarhers have .bei'ome seriously coiicf-mod ;»bout this point, of victt-. Tliey have bejun to Infer, tlin neces- >ai'y J:lcps aud In mnkr inquiries Iii rind out exactly what le.ieum are like as a wholr aiy.1 iudlvid- uall 1 ', and what can bo dime to Improve them, If that is possible. The National K'Juciituiti Assoda- 1 turn has made available a ronskl- \ crnlion ot Ihc hir.illh ot Irachrrs. It provides Ihc results c:[ investigations aud examination* made in various places lo answer so:nr. of Ihe questions Dial ualiirallv nrisC. The leading eiuses of poor heaiih nmong teachers irs like thf;.r amons people in general. 'they Include liicorrcci. Iwhils of perscniil health, phy.-iicul haiicii- \ capnanrt weaknesses, ex-essivo work, improper facilllies In xclwjis, diseases caught from pupils, accidents and unfavorable cnvivonmctvt and relationships. Based on a rtccvo cl ;hc absence:: of te.irl-.ei.i OV.T ;\ period of two years, H is [unnri that In- fuienro. tonsillitis, -olds, nervous Itoublcs and liiscidcrs • • |i',e !c- •,j):<le lunclions arc diieiiy responsible fur absences, it i s u-.tcresling to discover lluif a uroiii) of BrilU traelicrs compared with those Nc\v Vert: ivcrc found to sutli. more sasl.vic disturbance 1 , arllnilis than did Ihe America teat liev.-. Out of almost VHO; ncTioot lead 1 ers w)io were e.Miniinrd coin|ilclel. 11 |:rr cent were found lo have ili^ orders of vision. :)0 per cent wcr fciinrl lo have dislnrb;\nccs of tl heart and circulation. 27 per on dctcct.s of posture and cUmcuHi with Ihc feet. 31 per cent tonsil, and tliroal disturbances, and 23 per ccnl. were cither overweight or mulcnvclBhl. These disturbances of health arc t CAST OK CIIAHACTKIlg .I.U'KII'i IH'.V.V—lu-rolui:: klic NjnilriJ li/ llf. KOUt'Ul lUUU'KNKIt—licroj ke ivimird tu lest (lie Klr:t (<i*[ihL'n.. unit vi, MKUIOM:—wcai tuy k.l.loiv; Mho WilliU-if ftoucr. i;vi:i,v\ J.A i.'Aiici:—Juvku-'t, ilO(illT| HhV MJtIllCd il tiUn-lu-lulY, <>*?••• ; . * * « YLK£ Tuwyi AN she bud fcured. »url,ilt'".\' f ttt,iffii^r'n , (i.liiui. IVITC >V"rkhiK -.jut ! liu.rli tfto runt for V'^'/'AT. ".H'H'Cr (nil! [itrciiUy Utt- CHAPTKK V A T the end ol leu cluys, which, try as she might, Jackie ild not help feeling "jittery," ioficr got buck .safely. That sick mpty feeling left her; Jackie was vcn glad that he was coming ont ur dinner. If: she had known vliat the dinner wa.s fioiiig (o be iUc, she might have lelt dUtcr- nily. ; -.,_.>.. H liefian vvoU enough, \viih Evelyn prcsiiling smilingly at one had been Ihrongh alone willi! Kvclyn. "Tlial's all right." She had nol sent Kogcr any wild look this time, but fie came to her rescue, any way. "Ask me anything you like," he said to Mr. Scott. * * * j\TR. SCOTT put down his fork in his deliberate milliner. ''Well, now let me see, just what are your plans, Roger?" "Plans? Nothing very definite, I'm .ifraicl," Roger answered. "Aside from what I'm doing now, instructing, some test Hying, a bit ot mapping, now ;ind then." "Nothing else?" Mr. Scott did not look impressed. "lie hopes lo do something really big bonie day," Jackie broke in eagerly. She saw a chance to inleresl Mr. Scott, who certainly had plenty of what-il-took for such mailers, in Roger's secret . c II 1 , ,. .'..^.. tllu....!^, Ill 1\U|^V.-L B OVl.1^^ ml of (he lonf, caiKtlc-liglitcd ambilion. "Roger would like lo ahlc willi Mr. John Paul Scott ut m;lhc SOI1K , sinilosnlicrc flights," tie other end, and Jackie across she explained. "Tests for sc-ccd, com Kogcr. - aUilndc. Thcit's the coming thins "I think we should make a (a these young swuclhearls, lon'l you, Paul 1 .'" Kvclva siifi- ^cslcd, raising her wine glass. Can you lliink ot something ap- >rupri;i(c? Aren't they tiuite the iiost radiant sweethearts you ever v " Jackie almost choked on her sip )f • .sherry. ^ "Swcclhcarls!" she PUllureU, • • •*> "f.ot's inalto It just lo Jackie," ?ouor responded gallantly. "She's i sweetheart, even if she isn't nine—yet." His glance was full if significance; il hold admiration, oo. For Jackie did look like a •iweclhcjirl, her hair so golden, icr eyes twin-dinncs, her neck Hid arms golden, loo, in contrast o the Huffy transparency of her vhilc dress. "Thai's jusl wlint «'c \winl fo allc iibout," Evelyn .said. "Now ell me, what are your pluns, my lenr boy?" "Plans . . .?" Roger's look was fl "Yes, p'ans. When do .von two ••wool children intend lo be mar- ''Non'. dnvling," her mother silenced Jackie with one of her ,icnl smiles. "We do have to K''i such details sullied. Don'l you a^rec, l';iul?" Her bright glance Hew down the table to receive his lod ot agreement. "Paul, perhaps, it would he just as well for you o ;tsk- Kojjcr u few questions." * "Kealb, Molhur . . ." Jackie s'arted lo protest again. Heavens! On:: was even worsfi than all she usl, ul'O't!. tho r.auie type of difli- ii'itks Hint are found amoni; cbil- ren iu various parts ol the eoitn- ry or among industrial employes. ill of the evidence .';ccms to indi- ale. lliiiL leathers have aboul the .line hcalih they would have. iad if they had gone inlo some 'tlwr oceiipation. Thci-e seems to be some evidence hat. teachers' health is improving" egularly along vvilh Hint, of the calth of (lie rest- of om 1 people. hey arc losing less lime reguarly roni inch- work because of illncs:;. fcverlhclcss from 15 lo L!0 per cent, of traeher.'i Jack Ihc kind of vijor- ins health that, is needed to make hem (jowl examples fur Ilic chil- riren and lo p,'™ them Ihc kind nf ;cmpleto cfiicieiicy in their work ':haf come:: with really r;ood health. Seme improvement, is desirable if simply lo prove Ihc lack ol .ruth in Ihe .statement, thai Iliev do .lot "pia-liie what they preach." It ha.- II-.TII rstinmted Unit llic en-1 areas of Ilic norlcl amoiinl. to nearly 8.(iOO.ljOO,OUi) acres. ig tlniiK iu aviation. Only, ot course," and now Jackie gave Mr. Scott a smile ;ilniosl equalling Kvelyu's in sweetness, "he'll have, lo find Santa dims." "Santa Claus!" Evelyn looked completely bewildered at (do turn the conversation had taken. "But 1 thought we wore discussing plans for you children's future!" "So we are," Roger assured her. "Juckic means I'd have to have a backer," lie explained to Mr. Scoll. "Someone especially interested . "Tlic future of aviation is one thing I am not interested in," Mr Scott said concisely. He slid down about 25,000 feel, as though he had fallen fiom the stratosphere in Jackie's estimation. "Tlic mnin thing," he said lo Roger, "i: whether you can provide adc qnatcly fur Miss Jacqueline." "If you mean can I fake cart ol her," Roger began, "1 guess I can take care of myself, thank you!" Jackie flashed "'"THERE, fhcrc, children," Evc- lyn gave them each a placating smile. "Paul is merely trying lo be helpful. It might be he could do something to help you." "Why, yes, I could. Though, it's a pily," Mr. Scott murmured, "lhat you haven't had any training along any other line except flying." : "I'm nol looking fo.r any charily, thank you," Roger replied,stillly. And his estimation soared upward. As though Roger would give up his beloved llying Tor material 'Kain! ..... ... ,, Kvelyn steered the convorsatioi '• back where she wanted il. ."/ '. June wedding would bo nice," sli> ; sugeesleci tactfully. The dearchil .; drcn, it looked as though (he;: voulcl need help. ; 1 wouldn't have a June wed ding for anyone!" Jackie saic • 'Orange blossoms, rice and ul'-- slices. I'm Hover going to hav thai kind of wedding." ,"Dear me," Evelyn sighed. "Thbl way you lake on, darling, uu |j would think you weren't engaged!" "Certainly we're ongiigooj (oger threw Jackie a warning ;lancc. "But you musl give us illle more time lo get used lie idea, Mrs. Dunn." "And now," livelyn said, as sh| led Ihe way from Ihc dining roon : ; of course you children would lik; lo be by yourselves. Why don i you lake another moonlight ride' Maybe Iheii you can decide thing definitely." '•That's a swell idea," Koge agreed. * * * J ACKIE thought anything woul; he better than Iliis third dt : gice. She slipped upstairs to g< a light wrap. "Well," she said, as soon as the, were sctllcd in Roger's long, lo-': roadster, "whal do you think t,'. your hot idea now? If you knei all I've been through!" j Roger glanced down al her. Sh'| looked so sweet and lonely. H;l had been driving at what «'i-'| practically ;i smiil's pace .sir:'eT|J was his contention lhat to\^H wheeled conveyances were C .S more dangerous (ban those will wings-, but now he drove eve I more slowly. I "I've got somcthingTo (ell youj he said. "Something terribly Ur IKM'lant." But for some reason I did not tell her right ;iway. It stead he did something he ha had no intention of doing at ill Maybe il was the fault o£ th; sliver of a niooti, or bccaui Jackie turned to look up ;it hin lie bent and kissed her—full o her pretty fresh young lips, breathless sort of kiss, like u tc. dive, like a flight lo the moo itself. ISut il only lasted for a secom Jackie swung u strong young arn a resounding slap struck liii scjuarely across his jaw. u lf you ever 'try 'that again she cried furiously. And then si did Ihc most unexpected Ihing i all Hie world—for Jackie. SI I burst inlo tears. (To Be Continued) 0 r ft I « S °ngS <« tlerk Are J r j e( | Qui g y -""-U "Ul ay T r]|or lUlUf BU'IUSR, t'a, I UP)—A 25-year- old shoe store clerk nightly sil.s at, his piano pounding out original composition because Joseph Ben- tonelli. Metropolitan tenor, has given him a "new starting point." Howard Green, who docs his ccinposin? after hours of clerking in his father's shoe store, wants lo develop an individual style and "make my own way." He redoubled his cllorls at mu.sii; amijKJsilicn afler Bentonclli premiered one of his original .songs. Green, who bcg^n studying the piano when a boy of 9 lias heen xrmlins liis compositions la Ijcii- louclli .since l»3!>. His lirsl. titled "The Lament." was received with encouragement, from the tenor. '"the song is usable," Benlonelli v"-ote. "1 am not certain, but, I j think I should like lo program il I some lime if the occasion arises." Several weeks ago. Green scul "You Are the Evening CloudY : heard nothing from Bcntonelli l>| while vacationing in Msxico, if Icnoi was sinuing Green's song I: fore the New York Musical Cl and at the American Bankc Association convention in ok) homa. "His singing is the slaiiinij poi for me," Green said, when U lhat, his song had been sung the well-known tenor.. "I want develop an individual style, make my own way. This is t greatest encouragement I uo; eel.'' Old Mi'loiU'tui Used Again TULSA, Okla. (UP) — A lit four-octave mctorlcon which sl ( in a German home a century ; and later In a little rural Metlu 1st. church an a Kansas prairip\v played at, a church meetingi>||f The melodcon was broiieln I'ir-Sl erica ninny years ago. It once vl used in a dedicatory service oil Mcthcttist church neat Clay Oi Kas. OUT OUR WAY By I R. Williaii THAT'S WHAT APR.A1P OF--HOLDIM' A BIS J"OB \S NINE. TEMTMS NEVES S1V/M' 'EM A CHANCE TO GET ALONG WITHOUT YOU' HE'5 GOIM 1 THRU T'n'' NINE TENTHS NOW. Anhouncements llic Courlor News r.ns Been n thoriv.ed to make formal nmionncc- menl of the Jollowing candidate; for public oirice. subjrcl lo th£ Democratic primary August 9. For Comity Treasurer U. L (BILLY) GAINE3 I'or Sheriff and Collector MALE JACKSON (For He-elcr.licin) County Court Clerk T. \V. POTTKR I'or t'ouiily Tav Assessor w. w. <nunny> WATSOM UllYANT STEWART l'«r County anil Prnobalc Judge DOYLE ]!ENDERSON S. L, GLADISH (For Re-election) 1-or Circuit Court Clerk JTARVEY MORRIS For County Rcnrcsent. W. W. FOWLER L. H. ATJTRY WOODROW HUTTON X CANT SAW 1 / THAT HE'S HAFF DEAD OW HIS FEET; HE COULD .„ STA.V HOMK AMP STILL , DRA.W HIS BIG SALARY AMP HIS PIV1DENP CMECKS--TMEY COULP GET ALONG WITHOUT PER AWHILE'

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