The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 2, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 2, 1949
Page 7
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TUESBAY, 'AUGUST 2, 19-J9 BLXTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS 1EYCT City's Residential Building Is Up Permits for Two-Week Period Found to Total More Than $77,000 Building permits calllni; for $17,350 in residential construction within [\w city have been filed during Hie past two weeks utth city Engineer Joe Carney. In addition to the residential permits, applications for $111.624 in commercial building and remodel- ling werp filed. Permits filed for commercial construction include one by the Cr-if- t"il Comnany to build a one-story lile building at Railroad and Cherry Streets The huiUilnR will be an addition lo the present structure and will lie used for storage. Tt.s estimated cost u-:is set at S8.000. ArailicaUon rov the only other commercial i bi'ilding pei'niit was filed by Dcii white and Sons, contractors. a'M provided for Sllli?4 in reinocJelline \voik on the Ritz Now Is Time To Prepare For Winter Home-owners were urged toduy by the Construct ion Hesoarcli Bureau of New York to take advantage oi the summer months to wintci'-concUtio.n their houses before the frill rush begins, and thus benefit by the lower prices that often prevail In the slack season. Included in Hie items that should ! NKU' HOMES IX NOIM'H HJ.V- bc installed during the summer ate i TIIKVILU-I—Above are two of the » • storm-windows and doors, weather- stripping of all doors and windows, complete full-thick insulation of exposed \vi\lls and roofs with nun- wool. All cracks in exterior new houses recently tJic Country Club Area, At right is the home purchased by Hubert MeGi"aw Ivoin Builders Supply, inc. Located a l 709 Hard in Street, thi siding and around window and door '- is a fi\ r e-room. two bedroom house, frames should be closed with caulk- H is built on - concrete foiuKlalmn. ing compounds during the summer.; is ^torm-sheeted and has ce j r • I. L. fv c t v>ere filrv! hv: pii. l'1-o frnmp Wilson T'"'-rl Adrlilinn; M.nnn osti- Frftl tUiirkon. fv.iniR house at Ki-cniid arid Lake Streets: S4.ROO r-fMnntr.ft CO-^t. E. N T . Webb, nine frame houses in David Acres cost ranging from S1.5MI to SO.OOO. Viola mvis, txvn-room frame hmi'-e in rates Addition: S.Vlfl csli- lli!'led cost. C. R. Kelly, frame limn-- at J01 O?k- S3,0"i estimated cost. Lrroy w-'lker, frame house in Owens Subdivision: Sl.ono estimnt- i eti r-nst. Nelson Rick>\ nrfriition to house at O'O Smith 10th Street: $500 estimated cost. W. J. Hoss. house at 810 Lilly;[) estimated cost. Johnny Man-, frame house on Harciin " Street; S5.0QO estimated cost. ?\ B. JoJyner, t'.va frame honsfs In Country Club Addition; Sa.OflO estimated cost. J. K. Gann. garnet 1 at 811 North Franklin: S8CO estimated 'cost. Amos Berry, addition to home at 02!) South 14th Street. S500 estimated cost. Aria Bell Johnson, frame house at HIM Sales Street; SI.COO estimated cost. Nf< olas Trcvino. frame liouse In Wilson Third Addition; Sl.OOO esti- \ mated cost. of these improvements is low and the resulting fuel savings, amounting to more than 50%, will liny for the work within three years. An cording lo the National Bureau of Standiirds, walls and ceilings insulated lullthick with min- wool will save 35 ( ,i of the fuel, storm windows, duors and wcalhcr- ^Iripinng .mother Kii-'o. Attorney Who Defended Mrs. John Die/cms at Murder Hearing, Dies GREENVILLE, Miss.. Aug. 2. <AP>—W. Ben Wrtkes, who recently shingle siding with comiKisltlon roof. I interior walls arc of .slieet rock- covered with wallpaper. The house has hardwood floors with tile in kitchen and It equipped with a floor furnace, attic fan and disappearing attic stairway. The lot on which the house is built is 15 by 190 feet. At left is a .six-room, threc-bert- rnom house bi'ilt by Robert Ellis :il- 705 Itardin. This house also Is built oij ^ concrete foundation uiul Courier N'ews Photo is .slonnshecU-ri, It has asbestos .siding and a composition roof, breezewny cotinects the house a R a rage. The house hns hardwoor floors and [minted v shectrock In lerior walls. If also has a ftoo furnace, a Hie fan ' .d disappear ing attic stairway. "Like the adjacent house, it i. built on a 75 by 790-foot lot. Dotl houses have Insulated attics an- at'e woatherstripped. 37,000 Steps a Day In Busy House Brings Need for Flooring Protection WASHINGTON. D. C. — Snme*- geiiiiis with a pencliant for detail '• once figured that a woman lakes i thirty seven thousand ttetis a diiy [ doing household chores Whether that is accurate or not \ —in these days of mecliani&ition and better kitchen arrangement— we've no way of knowing. It's certainly (rue. however, that tile floor of a busy household feels the pres- defenderi Mrs. John Dickins on a'sine ant! friction of footsteps many charge ol slaying her mother with ; thousand times each twenty-four •A pair • >! scissors, died yesterday at , hours. Pocono Manor, Pa., associates here i The punishment !s especially were aciviscd. . severe where there are chiuiien. The 69-fcar-old Greenville attor-i The trussing of toys, runtime, sent- Can Be Result of 'Eyesore' Space The ^rehiteclural eyesore, such a.s that joa in an upsl'tira bedroom wnli made by the chimney, or an Li.sed door, or the unwanted double duonvav between dining EIIK) IIv- inc-rooni, curl be'fiil us \ve]l as Vanity-Lavatory, Shower-Mixer Latest Gadgets Real Estate Transfers CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT* E. B. «nd Rovene C. David to V. A. and Anna Mae Long, Lot 'J of Block 3 of tlie David Acres Subdivision, $800. Ed nnd Mosclla Beasley to UlicC E. Nichols, IMS 10. 11, 12. of Block I' of tlie Barren and Lilly Addi- llon. $250. Mrs. ClHura HornberRer to Ell/n- :>etli Hornberger Miles. 80 ncres In Section 25-HN-8E and 33.49 »crts .11 Section 31-15N-OE. $1 autl other .•onslderatlon. Charles and Nellie llecdy lo Wll- Ihm P. «nd Mary P. Lit 4 of Block '!!' of the Barrel! $5.500. C. H. ttml Irene Whistle Development Corporation, Illock 9 of what is known us "open field" of David Acres Subdivision, exchange of nrc)(ieily r Holly Development Corporation to E n. David, mock 0 of what ts know ns the "open field," exchange of properly. KMvnbetli W. Robinson to R. and Ann M. Mushes. Lot 7 Block "C" of tlie Richards Addition. SR.OOO. E. B. and Fl the Bill Reid C< Inc.. Ixit 5 of Ii Acres Subdlvislo E B. and R tlie Dill Reid C: vene C. David to ipany of Arkansas, >ck 2 of tlie David $000. vene C. David to pany of Arkansas, E. N. and Lucille Webb, Lot » of Block 2 oi the David Acres Subdivision, $800. Susan Moore to Prexel and Loulj* McCullough, Lot 4 of Block * of U\e w w. KolUpelH Second Addition, $200. Alfred and Margaret Kemper lo J. E. Stevenson, Jr., and Mary Kag« Stevenson, Lot 4 of the J. C. Crlner Subdivision, Lot 17 of the NE;4 of Section 15-15N-11E, 1800. H. H. and Lucy Houclilns to Nor- mfit) and Claudlne Shields, Lot of Block •* of the Country Club Drive. S1.250. rnc.. E.-I. 7 of Block 2 of the David Acres Subdivision, $800. and LIUy Addition, iilus Equipment, E. B, nnd ROVIMIC C. DAVid to H Pays To Marry OEI.SE.NKIRCHEN, Germany — "fi— A glassxare factory here hai liromised • bonus of $15 to each of its employees who niflrrie* an- membcr of the firm's staff. ney uer.t to PcmLsylvania for a va- cat ion. Dic'kins. promiilent Leiand, fling, nnd game-playing definitely . lake thur toll of floor beauty. FiH I ho)ve.s so Two new plumbing conveniences lor the home were among the tunny products shown at the recent. 1919 Home Comfort Exposition of the National Association of Master PUitnbcrs in Cleveland, according to the Plumbing und Heating Iiuiius- trles Burrini. One of thi'S.e pHmibiiif; impi'ove- jncnts is a lavatory-dressing table comliiniitiuii for bcdnmms or drcs.s- lllR rooals - rhe , :u -. lton ., incft!ilu . lllB mnocletletl Into , 20 by 18 hu-lws is ritted Into n attractive cabl- ; sireamUncd viitilty or cusLoin-IJiiill • counter- top. This counLcr-top l.--. the jog in the wall with ntndo of imiinrvlous plit.stic which that they smooth out j will resist acids, cigarette burns Proper maintenance of floors is Miss., .socialite and plantation own- ; e.ssential to any well kept ]io:ne. I (,,,111 "a•-lorisc'c-ibinet' er. was c-onriciert of murderins Mrs. when 'hey are "not at their !,«,(..' j the Ions sweep of the wall. Enclose ! :lllcl any 'S'lic of stain. The i tilo. le.wer slielvcs with rioors to Irieila Lonp Thomjxson and sentenced to life imprisonment. Commissioner Sworn In LITTLE ROCK, Aug. 2. (API — Jack P West, Forrest City attorney, was sw-jrn in here yesterday as new otlicr furnisilings suffer by comparison When your floor i.s in comparatively ?ood sliasx? and just shmv.s a place or two where the coating has worn tl,iu it can he patched—if : .he previous coating has been of Tlie double opening between din- in? and Hvhv/,-room cvui be closed up witu sheets of wnHlxmrd. find fihelve.s in.stallcd on the tiiuing-rcxim *klc. Or, if you only v:aut to pac- iiHlly cloie this open hi!:, install shHves uithout. closina tiic upper space wilh wpltljoard. r><x>rs for the U.S. Commissioner there. He i.s the slullac. First, it's necessary tp re- . move all wax bv w:>shin s tlie floor i !o ' ver shelves will give storage cabinet.-; on both the dining and tlie son of Sheriff a nd Mrs. Roger W. ' West. Pearl Gage, addition to home on ^ Clear Lake Road; $500 estimated \ " cost. Evylcne Sirns. addition to home on Clear Lake Road; $800 estimated cost. O. C. Bartholomew, addition to Ht-mer Munalh\ adriitinn to home | home nt HI South First; $800 csti- 011 LaeleUe Rlrcel; Sl.OQO estimated I mated cost. | with turpentine, mineral spiriis or a product designed especially for the jcb. Totich up the'Worn S|X)U, then ve the entire floor surface a coat- e of siH'llr.c, and follow with wax. If your floor finish is worn in spots mid the previous coatine ha.s been of, il's ari\ r i-:able to remove b'.ith tlie SV.IK niHi thp var- uisii. The varnish can be ta''en off with a sandinn mriclihic or with a paint-aL!d-varnish remover. If the tory with two nankins culjineta live feet l<m« Availaljle In wiiitc or a choice of colors, tile lavatory features a deep, licncrous Iwwl, wide, protective splash ritns. two integral soap dishes, and linings in a gleaming, iwn-uirnishini; finisli oi chromium- plated brass. It is u modern lavatory that introduces ma.ximiml Ilcx- ibility into bath and powder room iii'i'anyenients. Second of the plumbing fnnova- !iv:ng-room sides. lions is tlie shower mixing valve. The mimed door i.s given a slight- ! Instead of two handles to rcitulntc ly different treatment. Fill the i lllc »'ntcr, one hot and one cold, frame entirely with shclvc.s. Re- 3l . 1( >wer funcicrs may now use a sin- mrve the upper panel o! the door e ' e luulcll c tu time in tile correct bin not Ihc lower. Back theshalves 1 tcm|K>! ' al '"' e 'inickly. There is a with a board. This makes a shadow- ! 5BV1 "B «' ™ tc ''. [0 °- since tlie mixei JUST LOWER THE BOOM—A spray-pafnUng service in Uncoln. HI., is throwing its ladders and scaffolding right out the window. It developed this aerial telescope boom that eliminates such paraphernalia. Mounted on a jeep, the 35-foot device makes painting this barn a one-man job. PITTSBURGH FLORH1DE II * •••/ end •eBn»mlc«l to rnefc* 0 |d Aeori |» 4 k n , w ~»h HorSI<f. Floor ln arn .l —th« «Ioitl< door (Intih — mod. !„ wi , h ,, orj p o un(1 . $5.15 Gol. .Zit 3 WEST MAIN ST. PHONE 2015- iiox eHt'ct ol the upper sheives, framed by the door. The bottom panel of the door conceals the lower shelves. To get at the lower itter proriiK-r i.s used. rrrnomlxT | shelves sinjply open the door. iiat it contains wax and that any j be removed | ' e~tiee of 'ith oiv- o< bove. A good tlie prociu;-t:s meii'ioned : mnkcs the most effective use of hut, ; and cold water lo eliminate waste. Bridge Ktuls Sudan Duckiiin KHARTOUM, Anglo-Egyptian Sudiui —(.TI— For 1 centuries people cto.ssprl the (jrejiL River by two or three time.s a year, that ; having four West Africans carry A Lesson in Economy. .. It's oricn said (hat you'll snve more by tniyiriK the best. That certainly is true in electrical wirlnjf and repair service because a job that i.s nut done rij{M iiulmilly lias never been (lone at all. The work clone by (lie expert electricians at (.'barley's Kleclric Shop Kssures you Hint you'll always gel the most for your money. CHARLEY'S ELECTRIC SHOP 112 South 5th phon* 2993 j should \)c sufficient to keep them t sandins with a mnchii;e ;n gcO( j condition -except for '.he j vitt leave the floor rl--;\n and free dirt, oi! Mains and olhei" ini]jer- ection-;. Yen have, in nrlinlhy. a .irons tV,at bear the bnuit of contm- thein across on angaj'ee.s — native beds. Many fell Into the stream. Nov: civilixalion has cmlnl Ihc These spots can be '•. \viixcd when the need for such lew floor surface and tile \vood lui-st br lifted assurii. j trealmcnt appear. When a (!ark tone is dc.siiTil. stain ! s frequently n.sed. Where wood v> jpen-grniucd. n ])a>te fillet' the s: i me :olor as the stain is emnloyed. ATt- :i it.s appliciilion .all exre.s.s filler must bti u'iped on. Varnish,, bhe'.Uvc >r a pencirnling floor sealer cnn hen be applied. A finul coaiini.' of vax adds Ion per life atid gives the hrilliatice de.sired. If the floor i.s to have a lipht fin- sh a light-toned litter is applied before I he finish i.s bm-shcd on— vidii!?. of' course, the wood fa open-sri;inert. No Filler is required "r clwiR-cralr.ed woods. It 15 also well to lead the dirco- Mons on a can before asms: anrt ai- ow for full ventilation. Any ->ne of the th: - er type.s of wax ntny be u_sed for your final, teiiini? coating. It a)I depends on your personal preference. You can employ paste wax. liquid wax or the new sclf-liolLshinc type. If your floors are s;iven a .smooUi coating of _ I duckings. A nc\v 433-foot reinforced concrete Unripe with .six »pans and a. Ifi-foot carriageway hits been deilicatcd. ATTIC FAN DEMONSTRATION We have installed one of Ihc new Handier Type Atlic fans in our office for a demonstration. Kasily installed in any home and costs less. No Down Payment Required Convenient Terms • liB • E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. with DREXEL FIXTURES by CRANE Thinking about (he hath room for y o n r new or remodeled ho me ? Then focus your attention on this hc;iutiful Crane Drcxel Group, You'll like the harmorvmng panel design—the gleaming white, casy-to-clcan surfaces— the styling thai spells bathroom comfort, convenience—the Ttm- f>If faucets of spa ruling chro mi um with O*rff-«* finger lip controls. Ask n.s about [his beautiful bathroom group today. "Pere" the Plumber 109 North 1st I'hone 551 Hlylheville, Ark. 100% LOANS FOR VETERANS Only 10% Down For Non-Veterans Just think, for a small earnest-money deposit yon maj now secure one of these new modern Iwu bfrt room homrs, now under const rue Ifnn. Many are making Ihclr nclcrtinn so come while you ma> choose. Beautifully designed, sturdily huilt, ?iome have picture win- d«wns. In new subdivision. Call or See MISSISSIPPI COUNTY LUMBER COMPANY or Holly Development Corp. ISO] West Main I'hone If 15 SURE WAY TO BEATTHEHEAT Drink Lots of C-o-o-l Refreshing Pure Water There's nothing to cooling as clear, pur* wcrttr, during hot, sultry weather. Most pto- p/« never once stop to realize that a pttntitul supply ot PURS water is one of the most «- tent/of things in our daily /tying. In this r«- <pect, Blytheyille residents enjoy the purest water in the world. BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO. "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity"

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