The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 8, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 8, 1930
Page 6
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PAGE SIX The Panorama of Baseball's Classic Tackle lo Tackle, Green Line Looking Good; men Need Experience. Jonesboro's Hurricane will havr; lo take to the air or sweep around \ the wings it the tempest crosses' the Blytheville goal line becaim the Gels pupils will face n charging forward wall in the Hml- j son line Friday. I Henry Hudson, mentor ot the Chickasaws and n former all-slato college tackle himself, confides tha: he has plenty of confidence In his i Maroon and White line. I "I know they're green." declares j the Chick tutor, "but they'll com; through in fine shape. The boys ore driving hard and scrapping every minute they're in .the game. I'm not afraid of the Hurricane doiii? much with our line."-. Aside from a couple of vets. Hudson's line is com|>oscd ot youngsters with but little experience on the firing line. Capt. Raider, Ihe stalwart tackle, and George Matthews, ttellar center, are the veterans of the line and their experience gives the otherwise green wall a fair balance. "Dub" Colston, the big lanky tackle, has been improving by leap' and bounds and with a natural aggressive spirit Colston Is proving one of Hudson's outstanding men At the guards Uickelt and Alexander are rather light for trie posts, especially for offensive work, bm they have been holdlnt; their ovni in excellent style so far. Another youngster, whose football experience Is probably, less than anv o? the other linesmen, is already forcing the other guards to share time with him. Tipton. a long, lanky rangy lad. Is the boy who nets iu every game and mny stnrt agahiv, Jo>iesboro. At the wing posts the Chickflsw; arc' not strong. Gordon Hall, Bon" and Wiggins compose Hudson's quartet of wingmen and they still nre far from the sivlc. o! iwrtorm- ance turned in by Blvlheville's cuds of a year ago. Ed Sherman and fl F. Broaden. With the execution of Hull, the other boys have 1ml bu; ••'»ht exnerlence at the wing positions. Coach Hudson 1ms been giving special attention to the winqmen and it probably won't bo Vve imtn the B. H. S. ends consistently live up lo the theorv thai "ttiev don't go around a Blythevitlr" end." If Tommy Short's shoulder Is IK fair condition, the Chick sorint«r will probably 1>5 at the snfetv position aralnst Joneshoro. Short displayed a tendency to lose the p'«skin at :tfemohi5 but most of the blame can be attributed to fl'» floodlights with. Tommy having bis first expsrience at catching bulls under the blinding rays. Mackmon Ccrlain They Will End Series Today, Hallahaii Is Ba arncr. BRUSHING UP SPORTS By Laufer^ Roused to high enthusiasm by the uphill lin'nt their Cardinals were wn»itiK, St. Louis fans jammed every inch of Sportsman's l'n:l; lo jjiu' lh" World Series its old-time atmosphere of pomp and excitement. Tiu's panoramic vim shows h:i;;?!).iirs classic KcUinsf uijier way In the Mound City, with' Mn:-: Hr'iop :,lm:ditif; ul (he plate ready lo look them over. Another Victory For Notre Dame PHILADELPHIA. — With t:;elr I hacks to the wall and a furckjn | '.vail lo them. Shite J'aik'.i b.-ick- •s'.cp, the St. Louis Ctsrdimh will jplay tin: Athletic, cf Cotmi,: Mnc!: m what may r.r ;uay nc/. I: • '.lit 1 hist K.-iint ol i-.n- v. <<dd s?r:..= ;>ik j iificriiotn. j j UMdiiif," three vkUniL'.s to two, I'no j ] Mackmi-n need only one win l-i | : again gain the title of world's! t champions and they are oul lo I ; grata Hie necessary K.nne this .if; U'rnoon. Should the C.udinuls to; j ! able to beat the Macks this alt?r- ! noon and win siaain tomorrow their >' | comuback would he one of tiic I Ijreatesl in world sciles history. Tlir- Cardinals arc ccund to start "Wild Bill" llalinhan ihi.s nfter- noon. win!" general s'.ioet rumor Is ' 10 th" cllCL-t that Lefty Grove- will | do tin.' hurling; for Connie Muck 1 ;: ' erav, E;in:siiav: will p:o'j:i>:!y b'.' held in reserve lor 'Vrmis-Jay's gume If another one is mrcs-..iry wnllc Ilalnre is puclically ccrlalii to £Ct the call again-l the Mack- men in the event of u seventh game. ' Gabby Street, mnnnger oi the Bert lilrds. was nil enthiisinsin on his arrival here from St. Louis | where the last th:cc gjines were j played. | "We arc far fro:n licked," be told ; nc'.u.p.\pcr m?n. "We're one game i behind but that deesn't matter. : We're tetter o!t ti'.an the A's for | pitchers. We'll be liaht hack at I them today with Hallaiian pitch- I 1 in>; and he'll win." i A good sl?f\l crowd Hnthercd at' . il:p station as !!ie Red Birds' train f : pulled into ['hilaclclphin and Hal- ! : iahan. the hii; lefthander, who shut ICM the Macks in the tilird Rr.m?. I was the ]:ri:M ipa! object of tin; • I1 nm-d as he dismounted from the; ! train. , '. Tile Macks arrived after the Car- i ' diiials and were greeted by n bit;! I crowd and a brass band. j limn 11 iii^rn n~r ! 3 SrtoTouTs IKTrA&,9oS SERIES- Kuule KcckiiD's "djliting Irish" of Notre Dame b:ean the scnson in their new stmlium at South Bend with a hard-wen victory, defeating South.'in Methodist University, 20 to 14, after a stiff fight. This picture shows Weldon Mason, Soiilhein Methodist fullback, being brought down by Tom Yair, Notre Dame center, after plun^ine (he line for five yards. On the Outside—• Looking In "UY DUKE" (Continued from page onel /oxx scoring. Boley popped out lo Watkins. One hit, one run. no errors. Sixth Inning Cardinals — Blades batted for Johnson end fanned. Douthit funned.. High batted for Adams and grounded out. No runs, no hits no errors. Athletics— Lindsey now pitching •for St. Louis. Earnshnw flicd ou to Hafey. Bishop walked. Dykes doub'.ed to left, sending Bishop to third. Cochrane lifted a sacrlfic fly. Bishop scoring. Simmons filed out. One run. one hit. no errors. Seventh Inninj; Cardinals—Watkins grounded on FriscYi grounded out. Hafey doubled to left. Bottomley walked. Wilso fouled out. No runs, one hit, 11 errors Athletics — Foxx .filed out t Douthit, Miller fouled out to Wi ron. Haas Grounded out. Mo run. no hits, no errors. Eighth Inninf Cardinals — Gelberi b'.mted .bi was out at first. Orsatli gronndc out to Foxx. Douthit grounded ot Boley to Foxx. No runs, no hi no errors. Athtetics—Bell went Into the box for St. Louis. Boley grounded out. Eamshaw flied out to Donlhit Bishop grounded out. No runs, no '***, no errors. Ninth Inning rardinals—High singled to richt. Watkins walked on four pitched balls. Frisch lined, out to Foxx and olumn "Sport Dope" in Ihe Jones- »ro Sun has the following to say is being pointed, however, this \vcek bout the Blytheville Chicknsawsi ;wtth some desperate advice on how Chirkasaws Hani tn llj-at jto "stop Craig" niul the wrllrr for Tliat Coacli Clarence Otis' Gold- 'one would not be surprised If some i Hurricane will have a hard |lesser star of the Chickasaws steals me licking the lllytheville High | Hie sl\ow. chool Chlckasaws Friday afternoon JONESBOKO COMMENT Chester Hlggins. author ot iPetc Craig—the ability ot the Hur- thc rlcane to bottle up the Chick line smasher is doubted. The Hurricane i Blytheville was borne oul Sat- rdny night in Memphis when.the Chlckasaws romped to a thrilling 9 to 13 win over Ihe Centra! High chool of the BlufI .City. Central always has a good team and nre ilwnys hard to beat. But the Mis- issippi countinns trounced thorn in icat order although It one of [he hardest founght contests they have waged. The hard hittiitj Blytheville line attracted much attention in the game Saturday night and much favorable conunpnt has been heard hither ami yon concerning the pcrlcrmance o: the Arkansas eleven ag.iiusi the strong Memphis squad. Watkins was doubled off Haley scored High witli a first. Ion double. Bottomley walked. Wilson fliri out WMiller, CJidlng the game nnd the Scries. Farmer Advertises for Hunters on His Lane OR'TONVILLE, Minn. <UP) This is the time of the year when farmers go to toxn for "No Hunt- Ing Allowed" signs. A printer here, however, was surprised when Martin Schoen, owner of three farms, came in this week and asked for threr hunting signs to be mane up. Tl:e printer said he had then already on hand. Schoen toW him his already made up ones wouldn't do and »sked for three to read "You M*y Hunt on Thl» Farm," The game was p'.nyed botorc one of the largest crouds e\vr to attend a prep school conlcM In Mcnx- >hls, which [act alone speaks for .he popularity, o! the Chickasaws. Memphis Writers I.iki- t'r.lif In' a U\lk with sonic of the Commercial Appeal spor» «riler.i in Memphis last nigh;, we learned tint Pete Craig, crashing BlytV.evillc all- state fullback, cnuglri ibeir eyes from the start. Craic »as the big gun in the Ulytlicvil^e vic:ory Saturday nigV.t and of th; Memphis writers who witnessed the game were free in making the statement that Craig is t!ic b?st prep back, to be seen on a Memphis field in recent years. And thore hav; been some mighty good cries turned out there at thai. Craig will be giver. tunity to show whs: Weak on 1'asscs As for the Chick otlcnse the Joncsboro scouts failed lo glean much information Saturday night but they <liii discover tint the Hud- j sonuien arc woefully weak against! the aerial game. And as t:-.c pass-1 ing attack is tin- strong point of i the Hurricane the air is apt to be i filled with footballs Friday afier- . noon. I I Murray Hits at Hill | Donald Murray, sport frtlior of | :the Jonesbcro Tribune laki-s n i crack nt BUI Merriwe'.hc:. well known football official. In his column, "Bleacher Bits." Mcrriwether Blylheville tilt here Fi'klay. Here's Murray's discourse: nil! Unpopular j Bill Merrhvether, the big paiooka from Paragould, will probably finrl himself very much "on (he pan" if he ever referees another football game in Joncsboro. Merriwiiher showed a tendency to interpret the i rules In a way nil his own and the game was marred by more penalties than were ever inflicted in any other game in Jonesboro. Merrl- wethcr has been the subject ot nuicli unfavorable comment, since the game and college authorities arc not likely lo engage him acair In the face of the general disfavor among fans find players alike. jTwo Running and Two Harness Races Start Series at Carulhersville. Two limning races and two harness races feature the cpening of the r.nuual horse races at the P?miscot county fair at Caruther.-.Mo. starting today. A full card cf 14 entrants are Kcriuled to line up at the barrier • the start of the five-ei«iiths ile run. the feature race of the :>• while there are six entries in c 1:70 race, six In the 2:20 pac- g race and several entries in the cor.d harness race. J. W- Davis. Jeff Holand and :dge Sh.Mliz are acting as judge:; >r iliL- laces. Albert H. Pcud!?ton Road Conner News Want Ads. RITZ THEATER Wednesday and Thursday a:i oppor- l-.t- can <lo against the Jonesboro Hi-h school Golden Hurricane Friday .ilf.-rn and bets are ti-.n! whatever sa the Blytheville agsrcaatlon makes vrill be made with Craig f' the way. Maybe They Tan So much for Rip:i-c i.p>n!on of i the ChicknsRwj. b.i: :h« p.urhnr of I this column would ciaie sujgcstthn vlll likely referee the Joiwboro- j the Hurricane several able todiixi apt to run into HOME THEATRE Wednesday and Thursday All Talking I'itturc.s. ] 'THE LOCKED i DOOR' | with ; Rod LaRoque, Har-, bara Slamvyt.-li, \Vil-j Jiam Boyd and Belly 1 Bronson. The heart niisadvciiluvos nf a brave wife as maiio into the ninstcr talker of the year! Comedy nnd Review. Adm. Matineo ami XiyUt— 10 and 25e. GRUMPY CYRIL MAUDE )in VOV KNO\V THAT— Gciihmt Fox lias developed a \iF,'a ami may n*r. ;v,\i.iC'o to he pc'il iiyain this yuir. . . . Trainer Jim Fi'.v^iinnions ^ays nctliing mere scricu 1 - than ^ couth . . . but he won't \vo:'k ho tiirec-ycnr-old champion .;;iv.n unitl hr.'s cntively rid oi he ailment. . . . Fit^Minuio:!: ml.?s 10 think cf ic:iring the 1 Wood',si;:d star. ... Fie says he would like to give all comers a Chance. . . . C-corge Fisher. Jnuunal vi^ht fielder, i^ the our, balipi.iycr who lik.^s to walk under ladders. . . . With the !i:ams last spring, Fislit: 1 waik- 'd under a ladder. . . . TliE Lame day he v:cut hitless, re- c,:tvei a spike wound in his lej Harry Riuuley is clerk of the raos pi-. I j I -1 n » Entries in the race- to today Cleveland Library Gets roll3W: One of Three Rare Books Fivc-Eishtlis race—Dr. iJennc::, J. L. T.. San Antonio. Jinks. Mas- : CLEVELAND O lUPl—The Bie L., Armor Girl Cherokee Lady, Cleveland Public Library 1 ' John \V N;w Bnlian, Little TaL'kct, Lrnnia, v/hite collection •.inr.omvd th" re- Julian Tipto:i. Tuys Mary, qulsliion of the Vendiciad verpion of Black Boy. .the Avesta. only three copies of Mile and 70—Jimmy Bell, Baby , which arc known to exist. The Vcn- ; Tale. Happy Hobo, Manipulator, didad is one cf five sacred books iHioad'.vay Rose. Straight Eight. which formed the Avesta. bible of i 2:20 Face-Birdie Palm. CaglLstoe.' the- Paris of Fire Worshipers. ;Bcttie Walton. Murgiierite Hedge- I v.-rcd, Lula Patch, Yatching Girl. i Entries in ;-:co:id harness race i 'aut p'os:ed earl/ this aUemcott. Relatives Bargain for Rescue as Man Drowns and h;irt a finger. . . . ,N'e:u day. however, he was traded to :he Cardinals. Now he's counting a world series share'.id of a portion of third place money. ... A generous I'hilly auto agency across from Ssibe park offered a car free to the player who hit a home run into their s:un. . . . Al Simmons came el:se that first, day , . . bit; the c.3iieral opinion was that nor,o-.iy could hit it, even with n tiflo. . TIENTSIN. (UP) — Bargaining relatives cost a Tientsin man his life recently. . While on a pleasure trip he f:ll Into the water at Shinrnikuan. : near here. Relatives and frier.:!", attempted to rescue him but fai!e<i. A fisherman offered to save him for 3500. Re'.ativcs thoug'r.t the uric; ; was too high, but offered S130. ! The fisherman turu?d nway. Then ! the relatives offered $!80. ' Tiie fisherman stiil refused. , Just as the- relatives relented IT^rrT-! agreed lo the S5CO price the vie- f.nd J. Scott arc time keepers and.tim's r.ead disappeared in the is '.he official starter. Ed Aduins" ter for the lliird time. Motor Performance the maker intende* Conieily and News. Adm. Matinee — 10 and Adm. Nurlit— 10 a>id :;. 30c. S'.trpr; lri»y pftfrnoon nnrt ns f,,- stopping l).\\vso\ <;.\U.\<;F. 315 South Srcoml St. MID-NIGHT 1NX Golf Links SASl KAU.EY V.nrliro n. H. sr.cov OcMi. Ark. J. C. CKANE MO S. I^ike CHAS. ASHcnnrr Dngwood Uitl^e School J. H. UOBIXSON OKOCDIIY Clear I^ike Hoart ami clar 1 : S( J. I'. .IOI1XSOX RKHVIPE STATION 315 South Division St. DAY AXD NIGHT STATION' Uroai'\ray atul Wdlnut ' EAOI.E CAKE 40S North Cth St. L

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