Memphis Daily Appeal from Memphis, Tennessee on November 21, 1873 · Page 4
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Memphis Daily Appeal from Memphis, Tennessee · Page 4

Memphis, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Friday, November 21, 1873
Page 4
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AMUSEMENTS. VCEHPIUS THEATER, L'rmrr r- A. tKmsowsa .M-JTAOKK JCWKPU UOJttAX Enzfcctwent bf tbe Q.ceen of the Anertsa Stage, HUH. D. P. BOWERS, supported by the favorite young actor. Hit- J. ' HefOLLDX. appe-ring nightly la a round of her most Friday Xvenlnff, Xovenincr 21st, BENEFIT OF -MRS. D. P. B0W2K8 LADY AUDLEY'3 SECRET. Saturday LUCRETIA BOEQIA FA-tllA MATINEE SATURDAY, AT 2 P.M. MAJUS STUART. Haata secured In advance at the Theater and at sCleaves & Came. SSS Main at. Box taw open dally from 9 3 pan. riKAXD OPEKAnoPSE. , THTtEE NIGHTS ONLY, Commencing Thursday. Hovember 20th. KINO LAUQHMAKEBS. CaUender'. Original Georgia MlnilrrlH. Entire change of programme each evening of their peculiar cbaracterUtle scenes and doiineauous ui puuu""" Reserved seat at Weaves 4; Carnes. book dnra -rlthnnt extra charge. Reserved seats, 1: Seata in Family Circle Tor coiorea penuiu, wc Grand Family Matinee on Saturday after vlV20'610 moa.V.BROWN.AEent. OOMFJIT COlfCEBT J FOR Till BCTETrr OP THE CEKMAS WIDOWS AND OBPHaSS! OrfEI BIT THE ,, MEMPHIS M AE-XH ERCHOR A5 . .... OLD MEMPHIS BRASS BAND. AT COCHRAN HALL, Handiiy Evening. November 23, 187S, At S o'clock. PROGRAMME PART h , restive Sounds from the Bazaar-irt . enun Orchestra. Hurler and Musketeer Duetto, ,. AampSSiSr .$3SSE BSreiw5da.. ...Orchestra The IMPWfjPg Voorthuysen rjie Drel IrtmnmBo.'" Potpourri Operatic-Fr. Lux. ..Members i Maen-nerchorand Pro-Slebeck, Pianist. PART II. v-.-atlna." Nebne-dner"-Verdl .Orchestra to the WoodFrbMaennerchor Fantasle for the Violin Prof. L- BleoecE WMlSi 11111 of Fare-ZoeUner.Maennerchor GrSdPoiSurrl," Martha,' oto Orchestra Game of cards-Burlesque Duo IUch.Genee, Sembera Maennerchor and Prof. L. Slebeck NlihtSongof the Warriors, 8 6 Maennerchor and fnll Orchestra w Tickets, One Dollar; for sale at the Music Stores. AHKOnNCEMEKTS. tor Vliarfroater. "OICHARD W. LIGHTBORKE, WHO HAH tt tilled that position for thepast two years, iti candidate f-T re-election to the office of Wharfmaster Election Thnredav. Jan.1.1874. WANTS. SERVANT To do general housework at 92 5 Exchange BtreeU po:a ' tOOK-For family of two at No. 285 Tennes- HELP I have on hand neip oiaii male and female. WM. DARW&. noil Intelligence office, 63 -eflerson at. SITUATION AS SALESMAN In grocery, dry goods or clothing house; gool reference given. Address N. B.H Appeal office. WHITE WOMAN A white woman to do the work of a small family. German or 8?J$?arAff&K CO.. 12 Madison at. CORRESPONDENCE I want to correspond with penons desiring to invest atfet Louis. Persons desiring to exchange Cottos Fabu for St. Louis property. I have located at St. Louis as a Pcbcu asiso Aoest of real estate, and Intend to O-d good bargains and good UUes for customers. R.B. WADDELL, tkte of Memphis. tS) Market street, bt. Louis. SAW-FILING. 140 eln-eaws a day to file at SS cento per saw, one-quarter of the proceeds or whieh I will Elve to tbeHoward Association. S.W. HICKMAN, oct Cor. Main and Georgia streets. PERSONS wanting Bored Wells, call at KECK'S, 389 Second st. SECOim-HAND FURNITTJRE, Feathers and Household Goods of all kJndsJ boceht at 2 Second street. H. T. BINNOTT. FORNirnRE, ETOL To pay the highest price for second-hand fnrnlture, stoves, teasers, carpets, etaBecondsUee FOR JBEHT. RESIDENCE A nice, new residence. with 9 rooms, and necessary out-houses and cistern, with 3 or 4 acres of land, if aesired. near OldRaleleh road and flag stations on M. ana O.R. It-, about S miles from the cit.v. Applyto MRH.8YDNEY L. KKRR. -7 Mosby sreeU TR1CK HOUSE. No. 10 Mulberry street, nine room, never-failing cistern of pure water, a few steps to Beale street cars. Possasslon on or before De cember 1st. Apply on uw wruiura, nasi JOSE. OSEPH ALDEN, next door. HOUSE Near Fair Grounds, on M. and C. K. It, one two-story new frame house, with even rooms, outhouses, good water, etc, to a good tenant, at a bargain. Apply at No. 437 Main street. Pojsession given immediately. C. BUR 1JKELi. FURNISHED HOUSE A flrst-olass furnished dwelling-house, H or 11 rooms, all well furnished, and nearly new carpets in the principal rooms. Apply to Mrs. B. B. W AD-1) ELL, at the premises, one door west from southwest corner Unl n and Wellington sts. XV ble forgenU sleeping rooms: good neigh-bobood; terms moderate. Inqnireag Untoc i TORE No. Ill Main street. Inquire atthe kuiiri iur naraicuituB. TENEMENTS Two new tenements with four rooms each. Apply to David Hast-lugs. Central Hotel.or p ANDERSON uol 19 Circuit Court Building. OAQ ALABAMA ST. north, the Sev . i l,lrf .Uun vtthnrvHhnutthe elegant furnltuie: one of the most desirable neighborhoods In the city. no!9 H. L. OUION, &g Main street. Oflfi ALABAMA BT. north-7 or ! rooms. UO S3 Adams st.-3-story brick, 12 rooms, it Marshall av. 3-story frame, 7 rooms. 18 Orleans street 7 rooms. 1st Vance street rooms. 2 small houses on Dunlap street. nol H. L. OUION, gg Main street. OOM Handsome- famllied front room for rent at sw Main street. i;TQKE-On Beale street. Inquire at 118 ij Beale street. po1 1 T REASONABLE RENT A fine STORE A on Front street, below Jefferson, with fflffl ANDREWS 4 SONS. nc,18 JSS Front street SOOMS A suite of ground floor rooms, at No. 05 Madison street, in the center ol Iness; suitable for offices or for a fruit f tore. Possession sdven in a few days. Apply at No. 15 MAMSON street, up stairs. COTTAGE A cottage on Union street. No. j 278, contains 6 rooms. Apply to JOB. TAOO. 313 Main. COTTAGE KEHIDENCE Cottage residence at Looney switch, Hernando road. "Apply to B. F.SMITH. Sue Main street. CWUNTKY RESIDENCE The country reJ-i dence of the late Major K. A. Beectier, on the old Ralelsh road, about 1 miles from the olty. Has a new and comfortable residence, with an necessary out-bouses; about 25 aere, halfprepyred for garden purposea, with plenty or wooded land. Terms reasonable. Possession given immediately. Apply to 1109 Irving Block, Second street. T ESIDENCK That fine realdence on tbe JX OI Raleigh Hoad,JustouUlde city limits, anown as the "Leath Place," containing tn rooms, besides servant's rooms, tine stable and outhouses ; seven acres ground attached to premise, and more can be rented 11 desired. Its convenience to the olty, and being free from epidemics, renders it a very detlrable family residence. Apply at 36 UNION. HOUSE No 333 Jefferson street extended, in a most desirable neighborhood, with garden lot adjoining. Apply to J. 1. MECX, IS Union street. 0 FFIOHS AND BLEEPING ROOMS-At si ana zitMAin street. COTTAGB-1 Village, next to corner of Her-i sando read and Chapln avenue, 20 per month. J.K.BIOELOW, SV Main su (tOTTAOHH Three cottages, in good order, j on Walker avenue, fronting on Hernando street railroad, near tbe residence of Captain Joseph Lenow,and convenient to State Fe-n tale College. Apply at 36 UNION street. irEBIDENUE A good brick two-story real-JlV dence, with eight rooms, good water and all conveniences, No. 073 Shelby street. Also, want to sell lumlture. wood and coal. For lurther particulars, call on T.J. ilKASLEY, 206 Tennessee street. lBSU)l!.NCl!. comer Mulberry and Tolbert IV streets M.L Meacham, No. 9 Union- llOOMB The healthiest the highest situ-IX ated-ln the city. Families woulddo well to call and examine. No. 892 Shelby street. OFFICES RESIDENCE! Residence on Wellington street: offices. No. 83 South Court street. Applyto T. B.TUBLEY, tel 43j Madison street. TERMANIA HOUSE Comer of Shelby IT and Gavoso streets, at a bareain. AnDlv at once to John Somervell, office 80S Second street, comer Monroe, Memphis, Tenn. sepia lyWREHOUSE The Eplendldjstorehouseio. r Jrt Second street, fronting Court square, tauSy occupied by W. 8. Bruce k Co, Apply to V, xaciKaiua or w BELCHER & FENTRESS, At t'ys, tepll No. 254 Second street. It ESIDENCE8 Dwelling, 8 rooms. Union it. I V . Also, SUDcrnan ieuueuc iaa kit acres. . . T OR MERIWETHER, 310 second St. siiltable pWTry1; SF OFFltrES-CotUges, and ttagea, and one storeroom on . MYERS ABNKED, vit Jnain street Tom s&xju. VTEWSPAPERS Old 'flewsj newspapers. Apply AT THIs'QFFiOg,. FARM 430 acres-mO of It in cultivation and under fence; two good dwellings on It, both in good repair; two other houses on it suitable for renters; situated one mile from Point Pleasant. Missouri; will sell on good terms. Address DAVID PflEGtiEVT no23 Point Pleasant, Mo. MOCKING BIRD A splendid singer for sale at No. 73 Court street. nol8 pOTTON PRESS-Beoocd hand, will be sold KJ low. nois BUGGIES, CHEAP Two nice Second-hand top buggies. Inquire at livery stable, No. Adams street, of J. It. McCULLERS. BILLIARD-TABLE A handsome, secondhand bllllard-table, with complete outfit of balls, pool-balls, ones, etc , snltable for a gentleman's private residence. Address nolS B. Appeal office. HALF INTEREST la Ii well-established and good paying business. Address no!6 T. s, this office. f 1 UNS, PISTOLS, ETO The stockof the late ij Win. Schneider, with giinsrn"li"s tools, is offered for Sile at a bancaln. The hopwillbe rented or leased. All repairud net not taken aw ay before December 13th will be sold. Apply at 42 WASHINGTON street. WINE AND BEER HALL A first-class wine and beer hall, onoof the best stands in the city. Inquire at THIS OFFICE. B RICK Brick for sale. Apply to GRIDER SALOON A first-class saloon, in nesiDtuu-ness location, new and elegantly fitted up, and with a good stock of liquors. A flnesum-mer garden attached to tie house. Terms very liberal. Particulars at eVi14 APPEAL OFFICE. E8TDENCE A home-ltl.'e housa and lm- provea tow iaqmre ai. i t .w. EtUGlSE A7-horse power portable engine. i Apply to Peter Mitchell, 2 Madison sU rirasvERY a horse-Dower, gin and MACHINERY A horse-power, gin and press, all nearly new, vlll be sold cheap, a 301 Second street. ly- Titus block, comer Market and Thlrtsta. AddIv to HARIOS Sc PILLOW. rtrn ACRES OF LAND in lota from ten t0 U to twenty acres, oa both sides of the jUa&slppi and Tennessee rtill road. five miles .am Memphis; see map and addresa P. M an3 No. 219 Madison street. I ENGINES CUBEINB A CITJNN, Adams St. ill have for sale some of t he most substantial and elegantly finished ! tionary engines jt the United States. The if position engine, to much admired by thousands. Is among the .. ... n 1 rr-.- . lift. tiring engines for mllM, etc, should call and mmin, Vnr Kimniicttv and ztremrth they ere not to be excelled. feU S.OGMS AND BOARD. ROOM AND BOARD One large front room with board. In a private lamily, with the comforts of a home. "Ike liestof references given. Apply 338 UNION STREET. BOARD -everal gentlemen can be accommodated with board in a strictly private family where there are no boarders. References exchanged. Apply at IP Monroe street. R' OOM A large front room on first floor to rent, wim ooarn, at i man street. i m B OARD At 118 Court Street. ROOMS AND BOARD Fumlhed rooms with board, at Its MADISON Street. i 00 MS Furnished or unfurnished rooms, tt with board, at 431 Shelby street. Also ac-commodations for a few day boarders. noli LOST. s LEEVE BUTTON. A lady's gold sleeve button, with a conil i. .nmowhu-n r3t i rnftti street, or Ve- rose wa.n f t -inrt Adamx. on Main street. The finder will be rewarded by livlDRitat noSO SW MAIN STREET. RECEIPT BOOKS Two dray receipt books, Nos. 5 and IS, at the warehouse of the will be paid if returned to Memphis City Transier torn party. o. wiuiuto,v. to rT H. RAND LPH. at the Bhed. ST5AYEB OR STOIEN. BAY HORSE One Ught bay horse, 8 years old, 11S hands high. Maze face, large sad-die marks on back; S15 reward will be paid for delivery to me at Lucy Station, Memphis and Paducah Railroad, or Brtnkley's plantation, 16 miles from Memphis, ShelDy county, ISee- W. C. BOLTON. ROAN MARE S25 REWARD, one heavy-et roan mare; has black . . . nn 1. nf nafV lnnlfS like a bullet under the skin; will pay !25 re- want tor return lu J.'. M. NOBFLEET, nolS dAw Holly Spring. Mies. POR SALE OS RENT. I lOTTON FARM A fine cotton farm, 1200 I . n uh.lhtr mnntv nn AIlRBiwtlnm river; over 100 acres cleared, balance fine timber. If not sold by January 1, 1S71, will be rented for 1871. . .... MCFAKLAND J UOOiltV X, Am, nol9 89 Madison street. PERSONAL. IRANSFER AGENTS Wo are the only au-L thorlsed omnibus and tninsfer agents In d em phis ' r the Paducah and Memphis, and teo the Memphis and Littto Rock railroad. Iave orders at 278 and 2S7 Main street for Mnnlbmes. P. M. P VTaRRSON & CO. TAKE3S" "D'P. ULE On the lStlt Instant, one old white around Its neck. Owner can get property by palng charges. J. A. KORREVT, nol9 73 Monroe street. ..-- a . IV lianritl Viltll 4 years okl.ou the ileatb place, on the Pisrean Roost road. 4 ralten from tne ciiv. LOCAL PARAGRAPHS. Moire antique is muoli used aa a trimming ana lining 10 re vere. Theater fiends are increasing, much to the annoyance of young ladies and their escorts. It is N. Dewar who has the cigars and tobacco on exhibition at the exposition, and not Deman, as we printed it in our report yesterdsy. Feather fringe is equally in vogue as a trimming oa silk robes, or a heading to a lace on a mantle. In is made in many varieties, but that of the ostrich feathers is most used. Costumes of black fave are much worn. Some very charming dresses of this material aie embroidered with wreaths of colored flowers; but these are quite inadmissible in the street V. B. Donaldson and C. T. Harris were arrested for stealing' a hat and overcoat from a boardinghouse. . Sneak- thieves are thick in juenipnis, anu win be severely dealt with by the chief of police. Fur trimmings arequite as fashionable aa they were last winter. A novelty which is highly recommended is a fringe made of the fur of the young bear; it is not expensive, has a good effect, and is not damaged by wet. The horses to a hack ran away yesterday afternoon, on Main street, between Union and Qayoso, find upset the vehicle, to the great terror of the three colored inmates, who wei-e extricaUd from their unpleasant position by a gentleman. Black and white strijied serge is much in demand. It makes a very stylish tunic over a plain black velveteen skirt. Striped velvetetn and eatin is also a very elegant mateiial, and appears likely to be much In favor this season. One of tbe most disagreeable things in the United States, is the ecotistic con versation of theater visitors, who criticize every good actor so maliciously and tell what comes next. Thejf are intelligent persons, almost too ridiculous for contempt. In answer to a oorresiwndent. we have to say that it ia not Ex-President John Quiucy Adams whosu name now so frequently appears in the newspapers, but his grandson, John Qulncy Adams, jr., son of Charles Francis Adams, recently our minister tit the court of St. James. Felt hats are decidedly most fash ionably worn. The "Hunter" ehape is that most seen; the "ADgot" is, perhaps, rather more novel. The mjst varied shapes are to be seen in bonnets, and, we must confess, many are very eccentric and exaggerated, while others are very simple and comme il at' Among the colors which are just now the favorites, we must mention the bronzes and greens, which liave lately been fashionable, as well as prune color, garnet, and different shades of blue. For full toilet, the more delicate shades of blue, rose and green are generally preferred. The following contributions were received at the mayor's office yesterday: Proceeds of a set of silver plt.te donated, by William Holmes, Esq., of Baltimore, and disposed of at the Maryland institute for the promotion of the mechanic arts, by C. W. Bentley, president S168 60: First ConereiratioBai church Sewavd, Illinois, by A. W, Chapman, of wiDoosa, $iu: jur.ana jars. u. u. urr's Sunday-school class, Hollldsy's Covo. West Virginia, 60 cents. Total, $177 10) In tbe criminal conrt vetiterdav E- gene Hall, colored, was convicted of larceny rrom ine person of a negro named Leroy, and sentenced to twenty-one years Imprisonment in the penlten- lon Thin fa iha hlnl time, ITnll V. ' been "tried for a similar offens.. He es caped upon a reversal of his case by the supreme court and the granting of & new trial, at which the witnesses failed to attend He only stole twenty-five dollars from LetBy, and now stilTera the penalty. Last Wednesday afternoon, while Major Goodly and Mr. P. N. Burgett were returning on horseback to the hitter's plantation, which is about twenty-five miles beiow this city, some unknown persons fired upon them. Mr. Burgett's horse reared and the rider fell dead from the animal which was also wounded by the assassins. Major Good by was severely wounded by a snot In the leg, but putting spurs to his horse, managed to outstrip the murderers and escaped to carry the sad intelligence of his friend's death to the family and neighbors. An examination of the body showed that Burgett was riddled with bullets, and had been Instantly killed. When the fact of the terrible murder became known, much excitement ensued In the neighborhood, and great indignation was arroused against the supposed murderers. Two men named schofield and Smith, are suspected of. the murder, but as yet, no definite information has been gained as to the identity of the assassins. Major Good by and Mr. Burgett had been to Cat Island a-few miles distant, and the murderers must have awaited their return as an opportunity favorable for their work of dfath. JULIUS WINTER, Jr., WITH JCLITJS W15TEB A; CO., MERCHAST TAILORS, Louisville, Kentucky, Is now in the city with one of their artist cutters, stopping at the Peabody hotel, and will oe glad to see his old patrons also those persons desirous of Laving a dres9 or business suit made to order in the most approved and artistic style, at twenty-five per cent less than Memphis prices. Julius Winter, Jr., will take pleasure in showing his large line of samples, consisting of all the novelties of the season, either at the Peabody hotel or at such place as those who wish to see the same may designate. BAKGAIXS IS BLUiKETS. 100 pair 10-1 white blankets at J3. 100 pair 10-4 fine white blankets at$3 50. 100 pair 10-4 extra fine white blankets at So. Also A line of California blankets. MENKEN BROTHERS. Charles N. Erich, of No. 323 Main street, offers unusual inducements to persons who wish to buy china, glass, and queensware,house-furnishini; goods, plated ware, cutlery, etc. Having ordered a large stock of the latest style and most beautiful quality of goods from Europe just before the late epidemic and financial tioublea which interrupted the trade of our city, he is now determined to sell at cost or good acceptance until January next His grand establishment, No. 323 Main street, is a paJace of beauty and irrandeur. being ornamented with the handsomearticles that constitute his recAerce stock. Merchants and housekeepers are esneciallr invited to visit his magnificent store, and to examine his varied assortment of the goods which he is offering at such low figures. Everything in Erich's grand house is of the best quality, and can be cheerfully recommended by the proprietor whose long experience in the trade gives him a prestige not enjoyed by every mer chant in selecting such goods as will find an appreciative acceptance among the people of this section. As the present rare chance will not continue longer than the last of next month, we advise all to avail themselves of the opportunity now offered for purchasing good3 at lower rates than are usually granted ny merchants. There is no humbug in the offer to sell these goods at cost Anyone visiting Erich's will be agreeably satisfied in this respect Now is the time for making cheap purchases from a well-selected stock of fine imported goods. IXFORJIATIOX WASTED. Any information as to the whereabouts of William H. Boyd will be thankfully received by Edmonds, Petti-grew & Co. When last heard from he was in Little ltock, Arkansas, October 21st Fears are entertained that he has been foully dealt with. MRS. 21. A. CUTTIXG. OPENING OF FALL MILLINERY. X. E. lor. or Main and Jefferson. MEMPHIS STEAH DYillNG ESTABLISHMENT, NO. 61 MADISON ST. BANKRUPT SALE. 1000 gross corks, 0 dozen sieves, 30 coils rope, 60 boxes tobacco, 25 boxes cigars, 35 cases smoking tobacco, 75 boxes soap, 25 boxes yeast powders, 25 half-boxes candles, 10 quarter-boxes candles, 100 dozen blacking, 10 cases tomato catsup, 10 cases ginger-3napps, 20 cases Durham mustard, 5 gross parlor matches, 20 cases closet matches, 10 cases catawba wine, 5 cases whisky cocktails, 20 cases California wine, 100 cases 2-Douna oysters, ao cases miters, 50 cases peaches, 10 cases quart flasks, 10 cases half-pint flaskst 25 dozen buckets, 50 chests tea, 50 kits mackerel, 75 barrels whisky, 75 barrels molasses, 50 cases smoked herring, 11 cases macaroni, 50 cases pipes, 25 kegs soda, 10 cases Worcestershire sauce effects of Toof, Phillips & Co. Sale continue from day to dav until closed out, at stores No. 343 and 347, operahouse building, Second street. O. WOOLDR1DHK, J. N. OLIVER, ji sslgnees. THE COUfiTS. Second Chancery Court Walker, Cbnu- ceiior. The calendar for to-day: White vs Watson is on trial. The balance of yesterday's calender from 153 to 317 in clusive, wm oe caiieu anu ineu or continued. Court meets at ten o'clock this morning. Criminal Court riiiiplu. Judge. The following cases are set for trial to-dav: Nos. 506. 508, 524, 525. 522. 521. 620, 518, 519, 523, 507. Business of yesteruay .Eugene Han, lor larceny from the person, was convicted and his punishment fixed at twenty-one years in the penitentiary. first Circuit Court Uelskell Judge. To-day's calendar contains the follow- in.T.oci.a vll . V2. 1BS5. 1591. 1020. 70. a xt-JVJ " I j 1 7 I 263, 338, 595, 70S, 930, 951, 953, 974, 985, 1053, 1232, 13S3, 13S4, 1422, 1429, 1515, 1563, 15GS, 15G0, 1675, 1GS7, 1704, 1713, 1720, 1769, 1770, 1771, 1774, 1775, 1790, 1791, 1S00, 1S09, 1810, 1S13, 1814, 1815, 1013, 10JU, PITTSBURG, CANNEL, MT. CARROJi, AND SHOTWELL COALS. brown a jones, No. 2S2 Main street. Ladies, visit 373 Main st Watkins. Advertise in Holly Springs .Re porter. GO TO Led din's Business College. STEAM DYEING ESTAB LISHMENT, NO. U MADISON ST. H-hcrw r-hsnrvAst ftlld hw.t STEAM DYEING . rK.t.'Tvn Ujii-gv In thn rltv lfi fit 210 Second street, Hunt 4 Hanson's old stand? ' HANSON A WALKER. PITTSBURG, CAXKEL, S.T. CARBOS, AND SHOTWELL COALS. BROWN & jones, No. 282 Main street. AttendRobertson'sBusiness College Armstrong's Photographic Gallery, t tires for fifty cents. . 1 1 111 1 1 UICC4. e. - iPrrr. latent cHrloa tf Hrvtts. fihOS and Aiiu mm. o.j - v - " 1 -v. suppers always to oe tounu Coney ix a, tin Jiaiu street. GRAND OPENISG Of French pattern bonnets and hats at C Dohetty's, Saturday, November 22d, Advertise in Holly Springs Re porter. iiKWTttiT. Atienojr Honax. White. CrUman A Co.. 5M0 Main street. Regular salas Wednes- .... . - . . Unll.l 1 . ..II 1.1 .1 . ... UayS auU OUUIUV9. OUUU 1A A'UUJ wares auamercxtuuiBo tut muc aoiujiwiu for storage, -Uioerat advance raaae. CMJKTT COURT. Bills Paid Uni Acjainnig Allowed Pt tlUomi Received and Acted Upon--jtiries of View and Oteraetrs. Resignations of a Notary and a Constable If csthonse Warrants Witness Fees In Jlemoriani. The county court was called to order at nine o'clock yesterday morning by Chairman Bleckley, with the following memben present: Justices York, Ligon, Hammonatree, Winters, Moncrief, Sneed, Wallace, Pulliara, Caldwell, Walker, Jones, Holeman, Buntyn, Hoegel, Brown, Elliott Miller, Hoist and Brooks. ACCOUNTS, CLAIMS AND PETITTONS. The claim of Justice Murray for assessing property in the first civil districtwas allowed the sum voted, being $55 20. Price, Jones &. Co.'s bill of $1753 02, for printing books, forms, etc, for the various courts was allowed. The account of William West, to the amount ot $42, as compensation for his service lis jailer for twenty-eight days at Bartlett was referred to J ustices Hoegel, Caldwell and Walker. Dr. Purnell's account of 113, for attending smallpox patients, was not allowed, although accompanied with the certificates of Justices Bleckley and Hoegel, stating that they employed this physician. He was allowed 50 only by the court F. C. Lester was allowed $23 for serving aa officer to the grand jury, at the July term of the Bartlett court D. G. Shelbv as an officer of a special jury for the same court, presented his claim of 514, which was referred to Mr; Mc- brooks lor proper eeruncates. Bohlen, Huse & Co.'s account of $2 10, for one hundred and five pounds of ice furnished the court at its July term, was unanimously rejected. J. J. Milam was allowed the sum of So for repairing a bridge on Union ave nue. Hannah NeutzeFs petitiDn, asking for a correction of assessmeni on real estate, was reiected. Upon the petition of D. E. Palmer, for correction of assessment, me court ue-cided to remit taxes, pro rata, on one hundred and seven acres of land. Dr. J. M. Rogers's bill of S100 for treatment of a smallpox patient, presented in lieu of the court having allowed him only $75, was granted. The certificates of Drs. Blount, Nuttall, Armstrong and A. K. Taylor, were added to the petition and to the effect that the bill was $75 less than the amount usually charged in such cases. The account of Dr. John H. Erskine, jail physician, in the sum of S6S2 60 was referred for examination to Justices Walker, Moncrief and York. The following additional claims were disposed of: J. H. Murray as officer of Bartlett court, $S4 ; the account of Sheriff Doyle for srmmoning a special venire and for $11 20, was referred to the county attorney: J. W. X. Browne's claim of $93 15 for gas fixing was allowed; W. a. Greenlaw's petition asking pay tor rent of the chancery courtrooms tor the sumjof $750, was allowed. Justice w, if. korn'a claim or sjoou, as assessor for the second civil district, was presented and ordered to be paid. The petition oL the judges and clerks of the county court building, asking to nave water supplied irom tne nyuranis because neighboring persons had refused them the use of cisterns, was referred to a committee consisting of Judges Heis-kell, Halsey, and Colonel James Reilly. The petition of W. E. McGuire asking a correction of an erroneous assessment on his property, was referred to Justice Elliott James A. Cannon's bill ot $450 was allowed. The petition of W. H. Trader, of Lex ington, Tennessee, for a certificate of moral character as a necessary precondition forapplylng for license to practice law. was presented to the court and granted, references being given to the oet of our citizens. Wait & Lewis, bill for $11 05 for coal, was allowed. Upon recommendation of the com mittee's report, the petition for a new road to run from the Pigeon Roost road to a public thoroughfare leading to Memphis via Capleville, was granted The petition of Johnson Wilson to have his canine tax refunded. Thorn-ton's-Robinson's petition for the same cause, was also granted. James McBrooks's accouut for hauling coal, and amounting to $10 50 was or dered to be paid. Justice Irby, bill of $6 SO, for holding an inquest, was al lowed, xne account oi Ji. n. tjainoun, for 57, for coffin and burying a pauper, was allowed. JURIES OK VIEWS AND ROAD OVERSEERS. The reports of divers iuries of views were read and adopted. Mr. William riuuiieit was appomieu overseer oi that portion of the Hernando road from Felt's road to the Mississippi State line. RESIGNATION OF A CONSTABLE. The resignation of E. R. Dillon as constable of the thirteenth civil district was tendered and accepted by the court, two justices voting In the negative. RESIGNATION OF A NOTARY PUBLIC. The resignation of M. S. Jay, notary public, was accepted by the court, and. upon motion of Justice Winters, General u. W. Gordon and Lewis Mcuenee, Esq., were elected notaries public. The resignation of W. C. Brennan, overseer of the road leading to the old Kaieign road at tne crossing, oi tne umo railroad, was accepted, and J. C. Rey noids appointed m nia stead. PESTHOUSE WARRANTS. The clerk, Mr. Reilley was ordered to countersign the warrants issued as col laterals to secure tne payment oi certain notes given to Mr. Collier to secure the payment of land purchased by the county lor tne pesuiouse and potters- field. IN MEMORIAM. Whereas, It has pleased an Allwise Providence to remove from us our es teemed assoclate-iustice of the peace. Benjamin F. Duncan, since the last term of our court; be it therefore Mesoivea, That we deeply lament tne auiictlon occasioned by lus deatn: mat as a justice of the peace we found him zealous and honorable m the discharge of his official duties; as a citizen and menu ne was Kind, anabie and courte ous m ail ins intercourse witti lus asso ciates. Resolved, That we tender our condolence and kindest sympathies to his bereaved family, and that this court spread these resolutions upon its minutes and send a copy of the same to his family, and that this court adjourn at its session with due respect to nis memory. The above was adopted, and it was ordered that when the court adjourn, it shall do so In respect to the memory of tne late justice Jbenjamm a. uuncan. WITNESS FEES BEFORE GRAND JURY. For some time past, the court, upon recommendation oi us attorney, nas been paying wltnessess subpoenaed be- fnn Vi n m1ifljiinrql tli Tin rt I uff fAlirl Justice Wallace was of the opinion that the county was not bound for costs where indictments were found, and that the State was liable for costs in all felony cases, whether indictments were or were not returned. Mr. M. McDowell, county-attorney, advised the court that the costs of witnesses in all matters of inquiry before the grand-iurv where no true Dili is found and no arrest made, should be paid by the county. General Wallace Insists that if the h vestigation was in regard to a felony matter, tne costs snouid De paid oy tne State, and to substantiate his position, read the code, section 5577. General Wallace and Attorney Mc Dowell had an oratorical polemic over an '"incident" In section 5 ol mo code, 5577, Mr. McDowell quoted section 5392 in support of his opinion. Judge Winters tried to Illustrate the matter and the application of the law by supposing Justice vainer nau ocean dieted for horse-stealing. Justice Walker demurred to this eup- nosition. which he thought was Impossi ble. This provoked a great deal of laughter, reminding one very much of tbe Pythagorlan lawsuit of old, and the "cackous" that humorized the court into a dismissal of the casend adjournment sine die. The whole matter was re ferred to thB countv attorney. Mr. me Dowell, to report to the court at the next term. On motion of Justice Caldwell, the oo art adjourned, to meet at nine o'clock this morning. T-riTi inwllfa! pnftl of Dr.lj.rL. Cole man, oculist and aurlst," 407 Main street.' ASUSEMINTS. The l.rei Xifriitlin. , There was a fair sprinkling of visitors at the Exposition, although the night was bitterly cold. Some additions have been made to the cases of articles enumerated in yesterday's Appeal, conspicuous among which may be mentioned a fine display of gas-fixtures, and and a large assortment of articles pertaining to the plumbing and gas-fitting business, placed on exhibition by Mr. Wm. Lunn, Second street The Ht Louis yeast manufacturing company have a stand near the mam entrance, where are to be seen varied specimens of their production. Mr. Happeck exhibits trunks of every description large.small, common and fine. The Ledger steam-press is now in full working order, so that visitors yesterday were Initiated into all tbe mysteries of printing a newspaper. The steam-engine furnished by Cubbins & Gunn is a model of beauty, and works quite smoothly. It ia a credit to this enterprising firm. The grand orchestron is still silent, and the instrumental band, under the leadership of Saxby,furnisheu good music last evening. Several new attractions will be added to-day. Memphis Tbeater. The very Frenchy drama Camille was produced at the Memphis Theater last evening, with Mrs. Bowers in the title role. The piece is iuu oi mawKisn, trashy sentiment and not at all suited to the genius of Mrs. Bowers, although she personated the character, repulsive as It is, with rare ability, and was fre quently applauded. Her scene with the elder -Davld" when he enters her house to plead to her to cast on nis son "Armand" (Mr. McCollom), was a really fine bit of acting. Her dying scene in the last act was painfully natural, and stirred the hearts of the audience to tbeir very deptn. Aa -at mind" Mr. McCollom). especially Ms- tintniished himself, especially in the fourth act where he played with true teeHncr and trenuine ability. The other characters incidental to the drama call for no special remark. To-night Mrs. Bowers will have her benefit, when she will appear in a character with which she has peculiarly identified herself, "Lady Audley," In Lady Audley's Secret. It Is superfluous to state that the house is sure to be crowded to overflowing. German Widows and Orphans' Concert. A grand concert will be given on the evening of Sunday for the benefit of the German widows and orphans by the Memphis Mamnerchor and the Old Memphis brass band. The pro- vocal and instrumental gems, conspicu ous among wnicu may oe uiouuuucu "Rest," and "Farewell to the Woods," duo, "A Game cf Cards," which are cer- tain to be aumiraoiy sung iu au.u;u-nmUnv Trof KiaIwIt will nrPSirfeat the : uciuui j.- . piano, and also play a fantasia on the violin, me opiect is a uouie uue, anu the hall ought to be crowded. Tno Georgia Minstrels. r oaf nifrVif IVlo rnpmhni7K WHS filled with a large audience to enjoy the inaugural appearance of Callender's Georgia minstrels. A better minstrel-troupe never appeared in our city, and the performance last night surpassed any of its kind ever enjoyed by Memphis. A peculiarly interesting feature of these minstrels Is that the members are colored men, whose very nature sympathises with every requirement that Ethiopian humor, wit and oddity demand. The "Grand Overture" oi tne ueorgia mmsireia is incomparable, and at nearly every .4foMr,,a itio. oMfllanoa wna nnnvtllsfid uvmuaLG WiC nn.. with laughter. The plantation songs, uances, auu mixut ruvivo itxuuciiuuuo of ante bellum days, and to-night many of our best citizens will attend for the pleasure of again reviewing the renewal of scenes so thrillingly familiar to all. The puns and wit are characterized by .i nvfrvlnolltrr In rarfpYf. ninnrl With I what is witnessed in the daily habits of our colored people. ADeuox's -oarn-yaru c-nnnnii It Ttfll crc. Via ronTPSPtl f M A TOOSter. is beyond any effort we have ever wit nessed in tnis direction, nut we cauiiot enter into specialties, when every act nF loaf aTrartinrr'a untprffilnmpnt R.tiirded VI, IwUU V. . w ....- - - such pleasure and gave such general satisfaction, a commenuauie leatuic of the performance, was the enure ao- ty or anything which could shock the taste or tne mast reuneu iauy. aii ia humorous, chaste and elegant fun, provoking merriment and thrilling all with feeling of delight. We were glad to see so many of our ladies present, and can honestly recommend this troupe to the patronage of the most cultivated. During our late epidemic, the Georgia mln- f-fnla mini ii t, anturffiinmanr. fit Pifep'a O U Cl7 - MIA - Operanouse, uincinnaii, lor tne reiiei ot tne ! empnis suuerers, anu reauieu me sum ot two tnousanu uoiiars. xuis liberal charity will be remembered by ir.mnMo nml nultpnilpr'a rtric.nal Georgia minstrels will have crowded houses eacn evening tney exnioit m our city. t MRS. BOOTH, DRES&3UKER, Has returned from New York, and will be pleased to see her lady friends at JNo. 240 Main street, corner of Jefferson. Ladies, visit 373 Main st Watkins. CHILDREN'S CLOAKS. A large line of fine imported cloaks for misses and children, at greatly re duced prices. MENKEN BROTHERS. The Wilson Sewing-Machine Successes. We are authentically informed that at the recent Mississippi State fair the New Wilson Shuttle foewlng-Ma-chine carried the sweepstake premiums on sewing-machines and sample-work gold medal for best sewing-machine for familv and General use. The contest was made In the presence of ten expe rlenced ludees. Tne competing ma chines were represented by a large number of most noted experts from a distance. Grand medal from Vienna, gold 1 frntri State fair, diolo- ma from Georgia State fair, for the best machine, and now gold meoai irom tne MissL-sippl State fair, with twenty other Hrst-ciass premiums on sample worn. PITTSRURG, CANNEL, MT. CARBON, AND SHOTWELL COALS. brown & jones, No. 282 Main street MEMPHIS STEAM DYEIKG ESTAB LISHMENT, NO. 61 MADISON ST. PESTILENCE. A cure and sure preventive. Dr. McCabe's Renowned Medicated Blackberry Brandy has acquired such a high reputation lor the speedy cure of all bowel affections, that unprincipled scamps have resorted to every reprehensible device to steal its reputation, and thus perpetrate a fraud on the public by using similar bottles with similar labels to the well-known genuine, filled with a trash, deleterious to life and health. W. Z. Mitchell's night-school. 303 Third street, commences Monday. Nov. 3d. Advertise in Holly Springs Re porter. Tlu TtTi"irrrjTf avi'r Anti-bilious Bit ters, Indo-Amerlcana,only thing selling now everywhere for the oure of liver disease. Manufactory, 50 Vance street. PITTSBURG CANNEL, 3IT. CARBON, AND SHOTWELL COALS. brown & jones, No. 282 Main street. Ladies, visit 373 Main st Watkins. Advertise In Holly Springs 3e- porter. dependeni South. Official journal of Marsnail county, -jarge-t ciruuiauuii in North Mississippi. MRS. 31. A. CUTTING. OPENING OF FALL MILLINERY N. JE. Cor. oi Malu and Jeftersou. FRESH OYSTERS. Received daily by Victor D. Fuchs, 41 Jefferson street GRAND OPENING Of French pattern bonnets and hats at C. Doherty's, Saturday, November 22d. ST. BEBNAKD COAL IS STILL BE1IVEIL-I AT SIXTY-FIVE OB-N.TSi Give It a trial. Wo will keep a good stock and deliver orders promptly. Office, No. 3 Madison. PERSONAL Genehal-Beverlt RoftEBTSoM has returned from a week's visit to Jackson and tlieTerinessee river country. He Is as genial as ever and none the worse fof travels Mrs. Carl Schxich. who has been rmiio ill for some time, yesterday left for Georgia, to spend the winter with her father. Her many menus in jaempuis trust her visit may be pleasant, and that her health will be speedily restored. Oscab J. Keep, of ihaEaptht, returned to the city yesterday morning, accompanied by one of the fair daughters of Florida, as his bride. Mr. Keep la a young man of promise, and of whom Mempnis is justly proud, anu we join his numerous friends In congratulations and well wishes to him and the accomplished lady who has made so excellent a choice for a life companion and a future home In our city. FTJfiS-FURS-PURS. A large lot of children's furs at $1 75 a set of muff and cape. MENKEN BROTHERS. 3IRS. M. A. CUTTING. OPENING OF FALL MILLINERY. N. E. Cor. or Hal a and Jefferson. Attention Is called to the well known firm of W. L. Beid, No. 357 Front street. This gentleman has one of the best and most reliable houses in the city, end has just received a full line of oranges, apples and other fruits for the holidays. Mr. Reid is a thriving wholesale commission merchant and produce dealer, and always offers un usual inducements to patrons. Tne stock of oranges, apples, etc., just landed in nis nouse is one oi tne nest assorted consignments ever received in Memphis. His fruit is ripe, large and most delicious. To those who know him, no recommendation as to the quality of bis goods need be given, and to all who wish to purchase whatever is excellent in trait and cnoice confections, we commend tins gentleman. Joseph Specht, the oldest confec- partnership with Mr. C. Walter, late of St Louis. The new firm will exert themselves to give satisfaction to the public generally. See their card on our lirst page. COAL. ttr mi r 1 . tVC HiU UJI 1UUUUUJ' UlUlUlUg) QCVCU' teenth instant, open to the public our up-town coal-yards, No. 432 Main street (next Waldran block), and corner of Poplar and 8econd streets. They contain Cboico Lump Pittsbttrs Coal. BROWN & JONES. ADDITIONAL BITER HEWS. For full river news see third page.) METEROLOGICAL RECORD. Signal Service Usitbd States Army, l Memphis, Teust., November 20, 1873. j 6M3 STS a. t. p. M. pja. Barometer 30-91 30J1 00.182 Change since last report 3.019 .180 s028 Thermometer 29 45 40 Change in twenty- fnnrlinnr S x9 3tS Wind S. S. S. Weather... Clear. Fair. Clear. Rainfall. 0 0 0 J. T. DOWNS, Observer, Signal Service, United States Army. ly Telesrapb. Caiko. November 20 Noon. Weather clear and cold. Arrived: Ben Franklin, Cincinnati. 11 D.m.: Julia. Vlcksbure.i tun.: Ouick- step.Evansville.lpjn.; Emma Elliott, Mem- puts, aan.; jonn lvyie, st. uuu, aja. e- 5arteu: i-ity or unester, wiempnis, u p.m.; ulia, St. Louls,7 m.i Uuickstep, Evansvllle, Sajn.; Ben Kranklln, Memphis, 9 ajn.; Emma Elliott, St. Louis. 9 ajn Nlnht Ar rived: Turner, New Orleans, 1 pan.; Alaslta, nati, 2pjn. The river Is stationary, weather ciouuy, out com. Nashville, November 20. River is rising again, with 7 feet U inches on the shoals. Weather clear and cold. Arrived: Ella Huches. Cairo. PiTTSBUBQ, November 20 Noon The Mo-nongahela river is falling, slowly, with 6 feet 7 inches In the channel. No arrivals. Tbe Ex- chance leaves this eveninir for Cincinnati Night The river is falling slowly, with (1 feet 7 inches in the channel. ViCKSBCito, November 20. Weather clear and cool, tuver railing. Down: Alice Brown andbarces. Little Condor. Up: Canltol City. Louisville, November 20. River rising slowly, with fi feet 4 inches in canal and 4 ieet 4 trjenes in tne pas uowd me inuiao chute. Weather cold, and cloudy. Business rt. I w . .. . w-t ..... 1 . f-H. r.nnlHnn(4i T .ItUULl.l,, A.AAVCU.. .'11..' ,.1.1 , V.1111.1111... , W , D. Parker, Cincinnati ; Nick Longworth. Cincinnati. Departed: Charmer, Evansville; J. D.Parker, Memphis; Lawrence, St. Louis; itary Houston, new Orleans. Cixcissati. November 20 River Is stn tlonarv. with 12 feet In the canal. Arrived: Andees, Wheeling; Arlington, Memphis. No uepartures. St. Louis. November 20. River falllnc. Weather clear and warmer. Arrived: Belle Memphis, Memphis; Jasper, New Orleans. ti . I),.-. - i.-,.'. ,, i, -,ir G,.,iti. icuaiicu. uciuaui, i.t.i.iii., , as. '.iiiii.i, Red River; Colorado, Vlcksburs; May Lowre, .ew uneans. Weatner Probabilities. WAsnntOTOK. November!!). For the north west and upper lakes, and thence to Missouri and Kentucky, southerly winds, rising temperature and cloudy weather, with occasional rain on Friday. For the lower lakes, and thence to West Virginia, westerly and southwesterly winds. partly ciouuy ana ooia weatner. southerly winds, increasing cloudiness and higher temperature, with occasional rain to morrow. For the eastern culf and South Atlantic States, northwesterly winds veering to southerly, low but slowly rising tern perature, and clear weatner. For the middle and eastern States, north westerly wines, ana com ana cienr weatner, ADDITIONAL MARKETS. GALVESTON. GALVESTOjr, November 20. Cotton net re ceipts, 2103 bales; exports coastwise, 100 bales; sales, uju naies; stoca, mjz oaies. MOBILE. Mobile, November 20. Cotton quiet and steady: mlddllne. 14Kc: low mlddiimr. lie: strict good ordinary, lic; net receipts, 1830 bales; exports to France, 412 bales: exports coasiwi-e, oa oaies; saies,uw Dates; last even' ing, 500 bales; stock, S7,01S bales. CHARLESTON. Charleston, November 20. Cotton qniet; middling, 14J-14Mo ; low middling, lSJiawKo; strict good ordinary, l-c; net receipts, 1079 b.les; exports coastwise, 2053 bales; sales, 1000 Dates; stocit, s,iuo oaies. SAVANNAH. SAVAjijtAir, -November 10. Cotton "quiet inlddllnu. llic: net receints. 4110 bales: ex ports to Great Britain, 2761 bales; exports coastwise, 501 bales; sales, 103 bales; stock, yi,7 it) oaies. NOTICES. aa- No change will be made in tbe business of this Arm in consequence of the death of Mr. Newton Ford. The buUnexs will be con' tinned as heretofore under tbe same Arm name. FORD, PORTER & CO. November 6, 1873. noO Yalnable Farm for Sale or Rent. STTOATED near Linden, on tho St. Francis river, containing 110 acres, ISO of which are cleared and 35 more deadened, and produces usually one bale to the acre, the remainder a beautiful slope at the base of Crowley's Illdge. On said place Is a two-story framed dwelling-house, a good gin-house and other out-hoascH, well watered, with splendid range. Inquire of J. D. Thomas or John J. Jones, rear the place, or to the undersigned, PETTIT S SIMPSON, nolS No. 1 Howard's Row, Memphis. Stockholders' Meetin THERE will be a general meeting of tho Stockholders ot the Memphis and Little Rosk Railway Company held at the office of tbe Company in Little Rock, Ark., on the 26th rtay ofNovimber, lS73.for the purpose of Important business. A'l stockholders are requested to be represented in person or by prosy. By order of tbe Board of Directors. J JNO. W. GOODWIN, Secretary and Treasurer. November 6, 1873. . Dissolution of Copartnership. rntTP. rnnnrtnershio heretofore existing be- I tween J. M. Cannon and James Bohan, as Broprietors of tho National Beer Oarnen, No. 13 Main street, is this day dissolved by mu tual consent OI ootu paruev, .iii. w . .'i. v 'iii-non retiring and James Bohan becoming sole proprietor. Mr. Bohan assumes all liabilities of the late firm, and Is alone authorized to re-, ceive alldebtsduetheflrni. GANNON. nO20 JAMES BOHAN. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. HAVING been qualified aa Administrator upon the estate of A. J. Howo and Chris-Una Howe, hlfl wife, I hereby give notice to those having claims against said estate to present them to me for payment, duly authenticated: and those indebted to said estate to make payment to me at once. S. A. POOL, nOwOthtt corner Beale and Mulberry. Assignee's Sale. BY vlrlne of an assignment made to me by W.T. SWAN WICK A CO., for the benefit of their creditors, t wm, on Thoxsday, NoTember 27th, 1878, at their lumber yard, at the foot of Adams arrest, Memphis, Tonn., sell for oash, to the highest bidder, alio their stook of merchandise, inel-dlng sash, doors, blinds, rough lum-bervfour fine mules, two wagons and harness, toasther wl th their storo-honso and office, ana office furniture, and the- good will of thBlr lumber yard and business, to which immediate1 possession will bo given, arei v jj jj. PATTERSON, AsUgnet Memphis, November VZ, 1W. noKl ST5L&MBCSATS. FOR OSCEOLA. ResiUnr TrI-WeeUir Const 1'uckefc. Memphis, Fulton ana Osceola Packet. Str. Frank Forrest, .dSs T. P. Beaton. - iniuiuir Wilt leave every MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY, making all the coast landings. For freight or pasaace apply on board. noll Resular Memphis, Randolph, Fulton and rjnni rjmd Ins- Semi-weekly Packet, Mtr. West wiim, Leaves Memphis every MONDAY and FRI- a .lw-r-o n,dPF (1.K.JODUB CltTii. ij.yih, at. a o-ciucs. jjju-Forfrelghtornassageapplynn board, nota JIempM,.:cinrt and Friar's Point TrU Str. St. Francis, J. 8. cummlngs z 1------""' Leaves Memphis on TUESDAYS, THURSDAYS and SATURDAYS, at S p.ln. FORVICKBBUB3. HetnpItlB and St. Lonla FacX-et C'oaapanj D. s. Xr.ll Line. For Helena, Chicot, Ureenvllie, VlcSxburj and Way LanrtingB. Str. CITY OF VICKSBUBO, . .--w R. K. Riley In I i IHf P Leaves FRIDAY. Nov. 21st. at In aun. noffl AD. STU KM. rren.-arer. FOR CAIRO AND ST. LOUIS. ECexnptUa and St. Loots i'licttet, CompaEy For Hickman. Columbus, Cairo and St, Loots. steamer CITY OF UE-tBi. a, . . McKee i i i iMIW Leaves as aoove THIS DAY, juv. iist at 10 o'clock a-n. no21 AD. STORM. Treasurer. VICKSBTJRG AND NEW ORLEANS St. Lonl.i and New Orlnns Pacfcet Co FOR NEW ORLEANS AND THE BENDS tUoIm Kyle, rvg.s lIntchlnon - , master Leaves SATURDAY, Nov. ISO, at 13 m. Applyto E.W.LUiHTBURNE, Agent, noil ' 280 Front street. Cincinnati, Memphis and New Orleans Packet Company For New Orleans and the Bends. Steamer Alaska, jiSa Frank Oakes master Leaves THIS DAY, 21st instant, at 5 p-n. R. W. LIOHTBURNE, Agent, no-1 -90 Front street. LoulKville and New Orlenns Pnrhet Co, FUR NEW ORLEANS AND THE BENDS. Mary Houston v5! C. G. Miller master I Elliott Miller clerk Will leave MONuAY. Nov. 12 m. Apply to li. iV . U.U1XTJJ u itn a. Agent, no.i l Front street FOR CINCINNATL Lontsvllle anil New Orleans Packet Co For Louisvile and Cincinnati in e steamer JLou-sville, Powers........ , master Leaves SATURDAY, nov. a, at m ajn. For freight or passage apply on board, or to B. V . LIGHTBORNE. Agunt, 2S0 Front St. Memphis and Obio Silver i'nettet C. t or wOaisvuiv aim tmiuuiftu. The fine passenger steamer TES 1J1..1 L I.,.., ....... , MMWMf. W. B. Miller. ,.mater Andy Hami;an...cierK . . nnrmv . . m . . , , - w, m For lreight or passage apply on board, or to no-JO E. D. COBM .fc CO.. AgenM. FOR WHITE RIVER. For Helena, Clarendon, Augusta, West Point, Lllllo Red and Blaclt Rivers. Cummlngs -master sr S. B MILLED, Agent,Z Klliott Block, iv ,w. n,,nnnlii Anii Tfrortrn af FOR TTFILKNA. Uemphlii, Ilelena and AVny LandlngH Str. Pat Cleburne, xZZ W. J. ASHFORD mauler Leaves Memphis TUESDAYS, THURSDAYS anu oAi u tiu a. i o, a..-, jt.ui. ntTinlav'a trln extended to Phillips' Bayou, on St. Francis river. For freight or paraage appiy on ooarri. CHEXKLIJJE. . JJJJL I-JIIJ W--U. AI I'VVCCi-iT uucr- v. eua. Friars Point, Napoleoa and tho Ueniia. U. O. )1H11 lO ilUJAJlCUL. t"C Dt.iu,ig P--r-&ATarlr CheeLJ. Master 32aeorge Malon- -Mer KJUQ Ol Lilt) UUUVC SHici-- v -: a. - DAY8,THURSDAY8&SATURDAYS,at5pn AUtUt-niUUflu-uu " -w -t boat to receive freight at all times. . . .... nnnlwr 1, )uWM HW ... GEO. W. CHEEK, Sup't, HexM) No.gSS Frrnit trwt. FOR NEW OX-LEANS. MEMPHIS AND NEW ORLEANS WEEKLY r;ii,ivrii. !! LEAVES MEMPIILS EVERY THTJSIS- . a, V , xm -mm For Month of White Elver, rrx Helena, Chicot City, Greenville, V5S!33BL Vicksburg, Natchez, and all plautauon and ueuu lauuui) Wit' leave THDRSDAY, Nov. 18, at S pan the steamer JOHN 11. MAUDE. J. F. Noel, master. Alf. Grissom, clerk Will leave THURSDAY, Nov. 6, at 5 pan., the sieamer F. A. Blanks, master. Jos. Holmes, clerk. Will leave as above. For freight or pas&ago apply on board. JOHN T. WASHINGTON, Agent, no5 4H Madison street. ATJCTIOZT. AUCTION SALE OF- PUBLIC ADMINISTRATOR'S EE-.C3:!t-.,7r, At 301 Second Street, THIS DAY. It. VAN HKOIiLIN. Auctioneer- AUCTION SALE OF TOWN LOT and WATER BONDS. FOR whom It may concern. At 12 o'clock on Tucwlay, no v. 3tli. at northwest comer of Main and Madison streets, we will hell, to the highest bidder, lot SO, in bioou -5, being the-nortneast corner of Sixih and Ghol-son streeis. Fort Pickering. Size 15 feet by lie. Also, FIVE Ml MP HIS WATER COMPANY . ONDS of $1000 each. TBims Cash for the bonds at the time and place of sale, and a deposit of ten per cent, on the lot until delivery of deed. Title perfect, no20 TRbZEVANT & CO.. Auctioneer. 3 4-3 ATJOTIOl!-" AND ComBiissioii Merchant, AND UNDERWRITERS' AGENT, 19S a.23.d 197 IWTjylix SSt WEBSTER SLOCS. Dry-Goods, Clothing, Boots, Shoes, Hats, Notions, Hosiery, Cutlery and Fancy Goods. MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS & FRIDAYS GROCERIES AND FURNITURE TUESDAYS AND TIIUKSDAIS. ier Outdoor sales attended to with prompt ness and dispatch. -r Ample room for storage. ee Always in store a large stock of merchandise at private sale. ear City and country merchants will benefit themselves by ex aminingstock and attending sales. A. E. FRANKLAND, Aucfr. cotton onsr. TO PLANTERS. HE OHAIPION BIN" And Cotton Midler For Ginning Cotton, with or without previous picking from the boll. First Premium (Blue Ribbon Diploma) awarded to It at the Louisiana Stats Fair, 4.prU,lS73. I have taken the General, Agency for the sale of the above Gin, and have ono oa exhibition at my office, 2STO. 3 Union 3t- Where my friends and the public are invite to call and examine Into Its merit- as a GREAT LABOR SAVER. E-specttully yours, W. B, GAXB3EATIL NJ5Thla ;Gla la particularly adapted to HorsePower. oaulQ. B. X. O-TTIO-KT, BSAL ESTATE BEOKEK, Eental uni Collecting Ageaf, 2S Slain St., Ceihel lllotSt, SXentpliLx. Payment of taxes piomptwjr attended to, (d-tw A GBAwND OPPOETTOIOT FOE We liavc fully de-crmlned to meet tUe great break, in Dry Goods In the Eastern Markets, and vtiU offer at S-owest Casli value our immcQsc stock, ot rr 9 strc Hsroiti lu Poplin! Bmprosi yloli Velours, Satteens, Bii?3ials5Ec N BUCK ALFAGAS 33T0 F3"0E.iG iWC GUA2AHTX k Gros Grains S EVENING SILKS, IMFORTEB mm G-HLDREN'S COSTUMES AND CLOAKS, REDIMGOTES, -afCJiass, - "CJ PLATOfELS, 13LANECE7TS, KII9 SlLOVES AN3 HOSDBK'S', Many of which were purchased at late bankrnpt sales, at half value. Maretms. aad eoe-suniers are invited to attend this great clearing sale. BRYSON &, CAMP, DEALERS IN K lanrest stock of BEDROOM. PARLOR. DININGKOOM, KTXU-U-B aaa wra-u-i FURNITURE In the South. OJE?-i-0a?23- KnMre new stocfe of Wiltons, Velvets, Brussels. Three-Ptys, Two-lysjyiempi, Straw aad Cocoa Mattings. MATTS-SSSSS- Spring, Hair, Cotton, Moss, Excelsior, and all other kaowa , of our own malts. SCJD-E:3 sr0 Xjl-0fl 0tt15G--'S In great variety, stylo and price. OlZiUIiOTlIfi IN ENTIRE NEW BESIGM3. Wo have the largest stoote In oar line to be had In the South. Close baye will And It to 22S Main street, and scarcity ot money, we CLOTHING AT PANIC PRICES. "We iiave a largo stock of First-class Bngdiiess Suits, Overcoats and Fancy Vests. Also, a fall lino of Red and White Shaker Flannel, Scotch. "Wool, Cashmere, Merino and Silk Underwear, Shirts. Gloves, Stc, Etc., -which we wish to turn into money. "We invite the public generally to call and e-camine, as we mean business. 241 AND 243 MAIN 0ttm AND COMMISSION MESHAivST Hos. S7I and 378 SIM ST. M3&M3?WB, OfTer to the trade of Memphis and Merchants of tfee Cocaaty A IUltf- AUU SUPKBIOK SUPPLY OP GROCEREE53, AT PRK'BB AS 1-W AS ANY HOUSE Hi THE TRADE, consisting te part of Flour of all Grades and Srands. Sugars I.oiilsIana,emarara and alX grsUto of Wttitc Sagars. Slolassea and Syrups, all grrades and j rices. Sacli and barrel Salt. Tobacco all grades ; superior assortineMt. Boll- Pork, S. G. Hams and cusli. Bacax. Coffee and Teas all grades. Balng 'Wf Hd trails. Lard Tierces, Half Barrels, Kegs, BKoKete ad TiB-palls. Whisky all grades; none superior In marks- Oysters, Canned Fruits, Raisins and Ciicose. Candles and Soaps, at Clnci-tnatl prices. Au al! otber (.oodR kept In a firsl-clavs Grocery House. UNION CUBBINS & Gimis, 160 & 174 Adams Street, Memphis. MANUFACTHEEIIS OF MACHINERY Steam EDtdnes portable and staUonary , Saw Mills, Grist Mills, Shafting, Couplings, Pulleyi ok.-- r Hangers, isoxes, Etc AGRICULTURAL IIVSPLEMENTS. Cotton Presses fMcDarrcotfa wo make a specialty), Gearing, Pialons, G ndgeons, Bolta, Stc. HOUSE A2S23 JAII OEL Hnmcs, IdEtes, Sill.. Grating Sash 'Welghte, Ventilators, Cii and. "W'raBght-lroi,nfi, Cast arid Vroa ht-lmn Cellitana VaSt-. ' .. ALL KINDS Olf STEA3IBOA WOBH 95Jf I'KOMl'TI.YW Orders for Brass and toon Castings, and all kinds. WpugtiF3-. WorJc,iied; HSa. prices paid for Old Cssttngs . '' KTD- - c -a. is O -B: ..A. X R S ! 2-CABES OF COSTUMES. M CLOAK! - O - Ss, -?" i MBipIis. Teim. offer our.Imniense stocK. of. ST., COR, p Factors,

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