The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 6, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 6, 1939
Page 1
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VOLUME XXXVI—NO. 14-1. LYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS A «n o«,™,o.~« ..„. "*** " * *-' Illytheville courier iiJrdievlllc Ilei'nk! niythevllle Dully News Mississippi Valley leader NORT1IEABJ ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST-MISSOURI Lotion Newspaper Advertises For Hiilei , iwflf jiififa iiyiii.r tiHiiff Ml S, JVKDNBSPAY, SBPTBMBKR G, I'JS'J SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS ^^^ , — • mnv^ji-j v>VJ, uvo I'l German Bombers ForcedTo Turn Back From England <•»£•< < ,»• »V>«'x-rf«ii French Tatik Advance Toward Saarbruecken Reported From Paris PARIS, Sept. (i. (Ut>)-^Uiiof(icinl dispatches l-cnchinc Pans today reported u French Innk sulvinicft towmxl Smir- bnieckcH ajjrt ™WH by !)00, : a)li«| planes'on Iho German Ivliniclniicl industrial sector.? A dispatch from Luxertberg .said (he T'Yuncli forces" .supported l,y tanks, )md "penetrated" lho Gcrmnn H)1 - ca ,,; llic (liraclion-ol Saarbniecketi, which is in the Saur burin on the German frontier. A Paris newspaper, the Midi, reported Umt Prcnch and British planes heavily bombed the German industrial area in lie Rhinelaml. .It was nmlerstond licre (hut MO pianos took part in (ho bombardments. ' PARIS ALARMS SOUND PARIS, Sept. fi. (UP) -^French advances against Gorman troops, presumably on; the western front were announced in French war communique Number Five today Its publication coincided w% a new air raid alarm which temporarily closed down comttumicalioiis and sent Parisians scurrying (o underground .shelters. It was announced officially' that the alarm was due fo a fleet of German planes crossing the frontier at 10 a m (5 a. m. KDT) apparently on a flight lo photograph French troop concentrations. After crossing the frontier the planes swung in a wide arc toward Paris, to be met by French cnasur planes which pursnecV-thtn] back across the' frontier Air raid siren.-! sounded lit 10:45 a.m. and although the all clear signal did not shriek/imtil 35 minutes later no hostile planes were seen and there were no bombs. second alarm since midnight, " It was the . v.!... •»*•.•' in niiix,i, 111 ivil 11J^ 11 L,J The anti-aircraft defenses} began filling Die skies with a full page in the shrapnel bursts five minutes.,before the sirens sounded for illor Adolf faifli.1- tlle second alarm. C Chancellor Adolf Hitler. (Acme Radio-Photo) PdisH Bom|ers Raid Berlin Without Loss Of the secol «' alarm. Tho sky was clear and .visibility was perfect. FirW O f the guns before the sirens sounded caused many l.o Relieve that tlic er that the Germans had injVde a surprise raid and broken through, the defenses;:''But no planes appeared cept for the ' r ~- '^"'' " <oitonienl. had ' ,, Radomsko in the southwest ' I be greneral staff commnnk|iie ' New York Cotton NEW VORK, Sept. G (UP)-Cotlon closed very steady. open high low close 891 880 870 24. 899 83B 885 874 l! jy 851 853 "• •• 841 843 Spots closed nominal 870 BSO 854 838 822 839 887 885 872 857 840 at g w> „,, New Orleans Cotton ORLEA~NsTscpt. 6 <rjP>- Cotton futures rose 75 SIM « bale uxtay ,„ mg although (accd with and profit taking. cpen high low close °£ ....... 9 " 908 892 90S Dcc ........ 891 895 878 891 J?" ........ 887 890 881 m M" r ........ 873 831 861 878 "f ....... "(,2 8 68 849 8 5 Ju '- ; ...... «« 8S1 832 843 Spots closed steady at 938. »p 13. Chicago Corn open high Sept, 573-4 573-4 Dec. 585-8 535-8 low 573-4 583-8 close 673-4 535-8 Branham's Body Is Recovered From Lake HOT SPRINGS. Sept. G (UP) — The body of W. D. Branrmm, 40, Arkansas Democrat executive of Little Rock, wns recovered shortly before noon today from the floor of Lake Hamilton where he drowned Monday In a motor boat HCCI- tlcnt. Three deep sea divers were still searching for the body of H. Grady Manning, hotel chain company president. iranhtun's body was found under feet o'f water. North Mississippi County Committee To Ope n Drive This Week An intensive campaign to. obtain Pledges of North Mississippi County cotton producers, warehouse men oil mill men, ginncrs and buyerjl fcr contributions to the. National Cotton Council fund will be waged by the committee appointed for this district, It, was announced lo- C G. Langston, chairman of this dlvlslcn p]ans to have all members of his large committee nt work Saturday so that the drive may be completed at once. In an effort to-Increase the use nnd consumption cf American cot- Ion m this country and abroad and for chemical research ns mcrchan- of the Council, the growers wll/ be • asked to CDiitribiile one cent, of! each bale grown in the 1939 season- sinners, one cent, each bale ginned'- I Hie ivnrehousc men. u <•„,*< „„- 1 ha ,u.v,m.- uuiuiiaenj .xsui no pianos appeareo. Kx- rnah for• shfilfcer there was no'undue cx- ' .irwdei'';ta : rai(l Paris iindaylighl, enemy,planes would* be obliged-to come directly westward from the frontier or south waul from the English Channel. Both routes pass over a_scries of defensive positions manned by anti-aircraft batteries. Numerous airdromes in which hundreds of swift chasers armed with machine guns hnvc been concentrated ' clot the same areas. MPnllllD WB-SJESSEiS RooseveltOrders Ships To Keep War Away From America WASHINOTON, Sept. I) (Ul')-_ lloosovell (cdny ordered several hundred m \\ f!{ OIT ,| lc Am . erlcnn const lino, The pntrol is to gnthci' ntlon on any activities of vessels In a sleep lo protect In th c Biiropcuu Germans Are Nearing Warsaw; Main Polish Army Falling Back Hy United IVcs s aerial nrmada struck nt England today and --...en cm-lam of attti-ircrnft lire and a counter-— .... Hntfsli iwi'stiit planed. Aventy German bombers llashctl across the North Sea ' at (Inwn, lieiulniR up tlio Thames river toward the British !!M '!,,,?«,, y d i a ' lt G J inllmm nn<1 ll) e vast meti-opolitan area ui ijoiKion on ucyoiul. Aii' raid sirens wailed in London and nearby areas. The tiio sk? n "' n!r0 ClefC1Klillir L ° nd ° n swu "e »P ft eninst -I!;!" "!?!!?, U !?. «« a j'. l '" ! . !l ! ' st »'» o? anti-aireraft defense opoucd up and piirsiiH planes eharged- U, S. neutrality war, . i M - . "' -* i '^ iii - i "i; I'lumifi, jwutcH cnfirtrod* iwtrol wns begun Immcdlalo- '^l'!! n ' lnvmln 'K "<•?!" It was the first dog fight of the '>'• ' v "' °"° kennmi craft was reported shot down A Brll- ,S ^^StX.XcT.i SnC oimmilcnli Mcr Hnhl lw BHlish "'"'"ox ™> will lie extended to Wci-lo of .Jnformu." dent, noosiivclt's pledge to do nil In -. ; . Meanwhile two Nazi armies bounded " T^ 1 , w " s from America. It wns understood thai the patrol would havo no Ilxed limit, h its operations. Thc nlrp)m>b.i destroyers anil coast. gi«ml vessels will scout probnbly as far ns 20() niles at sen. Meanwhile, Early Bald,^,^,,,, Roosevelt docs, not contemplate any censorship of press ov radio tor the present, at least. '' Early said ho Is coi>tu that Joi thc present Mr. nppsoy>61t' wants 'no :cnsorshl|^. over, tlio radio,brdnd- ilie press 1 ns n frhole. Claim Buoys From Bremen Washed Ashore NEW YORK, Sept. 6;..(UP)— First hint of whnt inny hnvc happened to the ghost ship of the European war—the Qcrinnit luxury liner Bremen—came today when United Slates const guardsmen revealed that two of the life buoys of the $20,000,000 vessel had heen -svnsliKl nshore by Massachusetts surf. $3,000 Damages For Bigley Parnell Mitchell has Hied suit ,, ' - ' y Electric-Company, I Mil h work fro" cre"°e i, 1 in announcing the campaign. Mr. Lanjston also heads the Blythcvlllc cemmittee on which ?. r . c = R - D -' Hughes, Sheldon Hall, W. C. Higginson, B, G. -West, Kay Francis, Russell Barlmm, J. Mcll Brooks, B. A. Lynch, Prcd Warren £•,?• Tucl:er ' «• Hlghfill, Sam H. Williams, C. a. Smith, j. c Ellis lenlal and cxtcrnal W0rk "" «"»» , . . , . s ddie Rcgcnold. E. A. Stacy J H' Smart Jr.. E. E. Stevens. Clarence sorac ff. Wilson. Adolph Meyers, l, K Malthc-As, Prcd Rutherford 'oeorgte M. Lcc, Fnriuworth Black irenry Hmnphrey, Henry Lutes, George H Hamilton, Oliver W. Coppedgc w' Anacm ^ Copper ........ 31 , c. M. Abbott and Har- ' Vssocl « lc <' D - G ........... 71-2 . ------ ... •—v. i .|jwugV| »v. W. Shaver, c. M. Abbott and Harold Slernbcrg. Members of the Roseland corn- „, l " ^ ' ^ tmd'that trom the crcsolc Percy A. Wright'Is his attorney. Stock Prices NEW YORK, Sept. G. (UP) _ The lure of war time speculation snugged today when traders realized fast profits in stocks and commodities and markets turned irregular. Stocks were irregularly lower with some of! three points or more A. T. & T. IBS Copper 31 Search For Bandit Who Obtained $4,500 ROCKMART, On., Sept. a. (UP) —Northwest Cjeorgla officers (oday searched' for .the dclnpldatcd huin- .mobile in.which a bandit was reported to have escaped after robbing the Rockmavt bank of $.|,5DO. • The', gunman, a while man, held «P the cashier nnd a stenographer at no:n yesterday nnd forced them to hand over all currency In sight. The loot totaled around $4,!>00 bank officials said. He tied In an old-model car, 1>-cal officers pursued him but lost thc chose -when thc jobber turned off on a country rond. Tho bandit was described ns stocky, heavily built nnd wearing dark glasses. He carried off the money.(n a bro\vn bag with a zipper. Indications Arc Mail Fraud Cases Will End Sooner Than Expected Textbook Commission Will Let Contracts LITTLE ROCK, Bepi,. C. (UP)Gov. Bailey nm.o meed today ORLEANS, Sept; C. (UP)— The government begins Its second day of firing ,u the kingdom left by Huey P. L:ii(f today with at least one hit on the five men Indicted for mall fraud In the double sale of Belnvillc hotel furnishings. Only two hours were required in Federal District Judge Wayne o. Borah's court yesterday to select f jury, Imllcntlug that the trial may not last Ihc predicted three weeks. U. 3. District Attorney Rene A. Vloscn fired the government's opening shot. He told the court that a statement cf J. Emory Adnnu an employe of a Baton lioiign grocery chain would ho used against the other defendants In the sale of the hotel's furniture and fixtures lo Lculslann State University. Besides Adams, thc others who mdlctcd at the start-of thc ,;, T - —- -...»., presumably, in Uie Mosollo sector where Luxemburg reported,cmmonndinK was heard , Croat Britain opened a' campaign •• — '---' " nmrines in.the North Soil, (.he Bnglisli U- openc<] a' campaign against Nazi sub••-li Son, the English Cliannel and along nrens, reporting warships had attacked >,r news . "'liieh mystoriously held up r snvoi'nl Iipura iluHng thc night, set up ° ocollomic '-rfai-o to damp down n blockade ' ' Umt won Hi Official^prRdicfed that its paralyzing effects on German economy wmil^-be. felt', williin li.-fcw^ectv" - -•• v The Kwift drive hy'-CJcrmariymcchmiixciV troops,- especially tanks, nib the 'honrf of Poland-.'emphnaW'the le- ' torininaliou of Adolf Hitler to nttonip't a "lightning" war III L'lG GflSC, The Gcrmnii forces ni»)nre.htly hail carried out the firist Vlinsc of their eami)ni K n aimoat on schedule as thp'ir noi'thcrn army sliced off the Polish corridor and drovp soiiUnvard from East I'rttssin to within 31 miles of Warsaw' • liicir artillery was pounding nt the "Polish' defenders before the capital nnd the gtmliro cotild be heard in-thc- eily as German tmika thrust closer and closer to Warsaw lens of thouRijnds more Poles were reported by Berlin' ' nave IPCM nkon livisnnm-u lo nave been [nlten prisoners. '» southern Poland were in flames The u«t ur ii v " nmcnts n meeting of the stale textbook commission would be held here Sc-)l M nnrn . a n> ', »•-...- u **•'"" Monroe Smith, Adams' ttncle and JoHificil city of BromberK in the corridor and Kielee in the industrial .sector, GO miles south of Warsaw, were captured and many railroads 'hnvc been cut/the German high command announced. *,•.«" The population of Warsaw, following thc departure of "' of nil of the government, moved southwestward to- Lublin. The Polish nrmy is considered by the allied commanders as a tough" one and in London and Paris the military experts did not believe there were nny real sio-ns that it was cracking under the German onslaught. They pointed out that nobody had expected the Poles to h&ld the corri- lor ngainst the full force of German arms. Yet the Nazin still have not succeeded in cleaving the Polish defenders from various points such ns the Mela peninsula and the Westcrplntle fort, near Danzig. Furthermore, Ihe Polish army had planned in advance to withdraw Us main forces within their "natural" strn- Icgic defenses behind the Vistula nnd Bug rivers, avoiding >""""< sacrifices by attempting to fight Die German mech- to adopt three textbooks lor the coming year. The texts to be adopted Include a language series, a hlstcry course and a boak on conservation o[ natural resources In Arkansas. Tho governor In announcing (hat contracts would be let Intlmnlcd that n clause would be Inserted investigation oi thc | anizcd nrmy on a 'flat terrain. Dr. James ^_ - - uncle and * . . _ LTwW'M tt^S| Lou ' SIana Produclion o, suspended oil company! '•'. nnd Monte Hart, New building contractor. Haspcl, New Orleans at- : Oil Is Increased 80 Slevens. clem Whistle, Wllks i vviiistlc, Bert Lewis, Gene Brad- I berry and Charles Rose. At Beth. Steel 80 3-4 ! Boeing Air 24 1-2 Chrysto- , 8t 3 . 8 IDS 3-4 . calling for thc state to buy now' f f." Ce 1M1 ' lnlt was rovlvfid editions of the history book In- j f ? r . '^ P " r "°f c of ^^audlng the eluding any changes that may J^'.'V 1 ^P'oye of one of Hart's BATON ROUGE, La., Sept. 6. ,— — .^—...ij tlo - (UP)—An Increase In oil produc- Icslllied tliat thc National Uon frcm 2,100 to G.OOO barrels dally Company went out of loday wns ordered by Gov. Earl K. Long in the Lisbon field In Louisiana. Lions Hear Lemons Talk About Business necessitated by the European war at Hie price submitted on Friday. The governor said that thc samo I'lstory book without a single revision has been vised for 18 years. enterprises, Fred Tanner, testified • • --....>.., n.avnn;u \VH: that the company never had offices Oil Governor Long said thc Increase was made possible by the Standard Present business concllttcns ^ere discussed by Charles S. limons at a meeting of 4.0 members of the "-;- ( Lioris club and a guest, Jim V. nonn oates, for luncheon at the Hotel Noble yesterday. Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, m., sept o 'UP)—Hogs: -1,200 Top. 10.00 170-230 Ibs., 9,00-10.00 H0-l«0 Ibs., 8.25-9.25 Bulk sows 1.00-3,75 Cattle: 3,200. Steers, 9.23-10.50 Slaughter steers, 7.00-H.25 Mixed yearlings, heifers 7.00-JO 25 Slaughter heifers, G.15-10.75 Beef cows, 5.75-1.00 Cullers and lew cutlers, 4/J5-S.50, , Leachvllle J:hn Bcarden ....w f.-jin »j(,<i_i(.icil Ut ciiatrman amf other members nre: N Y Central tsiue iioyt, Leo SeHmeyer, George Packard H.V, Earl tcclch and Lee Beadcn, Phillips ..'.'" Jot Massey Is chairman of the Radio committee at Manila which also General Motors 50,1-8 . : Int. Harvester.- $11-4 is Mont. Ward 60 1-4 /»» f<r tr ^>».-j__* -' . . - _ I _, Thre When Private Plane Crashes *j-y -s ,sraj£ f,- r 'XL**^-* -~ •- $75.000 and the other for $25,000— was given by P. E. Amos, vice president of the company. He said he Aircraft endorser) thr>m fnr Hnrt n- „ f ""tinii '! 5 o . »r ' Se ' )l - ° <UP> fnfrih CrCd mlnor f h endorsed them for Hart as a favcr, but never noticed thc face of the -Three j checks. The $75,000 allegedly was -- -nd 'or the double sale and the other lay | check a SSft ---=. -,..... uviiauii, rri-u Plceman, Socony Vacuum Hunt " Cl L ' T - Broom 1111(1 Ney Stailti " (l of N V ;;::;;;; The Dell committee members ore: u s E- M. Woodard, chairman, B. s. u <= 'Simmons, Tom P. Martin, Earl Magers, Otto Koehlcr, Taylor Freeman, c. s. Stevens and J. Y. Tnr- i ner. Mississippi c:unty residents con- Inbiilcd $3000 last season but this Sept ... . u .~. J ^ t .u "«nn^4 v t^vtiy i i-m-vrt » ***siitiiii}>nHHi I Or iXSUKG when n private airplane en route U S, U. was not represented by ^rom Houston, Tex,, to New York'attorneys when the hotel and furls 3-8 crashed into n ditch 25 miles nlshlngs were bought. Dufour Boyle •>' i south of here near Klrby's Place, Hie last witness of the day tesll- M(SS.. nflr*r n frttvflr) Innr4li\rr Iflnrl H 1-4 481-2 after n forced landing. jfled. Z. Glass, his wife and Mrs. 65 5-8 and were brought to Baptist lics- — [pita! here for treatment. rr nettt | A Pacific coast couple were mar- Fair Likely To Continue Operation Continued on ragn 3 open 8«3-8 867-8 «!• utrw-u \rj u u vi v HVIIL-UJ UJ 1] 1IILV CU1 86 7-8 36 7-8 marrlPri life by wireless. today. Continue Full Output LOS ANGELES, Sept. 6 (UP)— Assembly lines In big American aircraft factories turning out 100 war planes n week for Prance nnd Britain were humming today despite President Roosevelt's neutrality embargo. For the time being the ships were to be stored In ; warehouses. A representative of one of the three plants were holding $33,000,000 in orders for France and Britain said provision hnd been made In the contracts for the eventual Mr. Lemons stated that individual life In the present crisis is what pecple in that group or community make It even in sudden changes that are taking- place today. "Favorable fall conditions can not be seen at present," Mr. Lemons said, "but aid to retail business depends somewhat on price of cat- tonsced." The fact that the government lias given farmers benefits has Increased business In the past In this vicinity, the speaker stated. He Insists that people be on their' toes professionally, Mfcnomlcally, Individually and In all walks of life In order to t«ke advantage of sudden changes. the WEATHER Arkansas — Pair tonight and Thursday, .warmer In north portion tonight. ty of such an embargo. The fac- Memphis and vicinity—Generally torles are to complete the orders fair and warmer whether or not the planes ever Thursday; Friday, leave American soil. 'cooler. tonight showers and and

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