The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on February 2, 1977 · Page 89
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · Page 89

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 2, 1977
Page 89
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highjacking to Cuba. Nobody sings, "This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius," but you wouldn't be surprised. happening on stage. She delivers her lines as if she were reading them for the first time. After 90 minutes the audience dutifully filed out and back to the gaming tables with nary a word of protest. Perhaps, it is just as well there isn't any porn in the production. Even the most brilliant attorney would be hard-pressed to find any redeeming social value by way of a defense. Kerrigan, a jormer entertainment columnist with the London Daily Mirror, now is free-lancing in the U.S. Linda in Vegas: Name's the Game itif wnat puzzies you is wny 4 (hp auriipnrp sits thprp whilp the cast labors over lines like: "I thought 'Deep Throat' was a Disney picture BY MIKE KERRIGAN about a giraffe." Then all LAS VEGAS The perfect match, the redoubtable Linda Lovelace and Las Vegas. They both deal in fantasy. So we sit in the Bagdad Theater of the Aladdin Hotel on the fabled Strip waiting to see her perform in "My Daughter's Rated X." We look casual. They would never believe us back in Dayton, Ohio. Ms. Lovelace, now the would-be stage actress, has been playing to what is described as "fair" houses in the 500-seat arena (at S7.50 a seat, including two drinks). But the houses were so fair that the show will close Thursday, two weeks prematurely. There are ironies. She arrives on stage wearing enough clothes to get her through the worst cold snap of the season and divested not one article during the next 90 minutes. There is something unspeakably odd about a supposed sex goddess who shows less cleavage than the waitress serving the drinks and not a few of the paying customers. The location makes it stranger still. Las Vegas is so obsessed with the quest for the perfect bosom that one of the newer hotels has a plastic surgeon on the premises. So much for the fact that Linda Lovelace is now rated PG. What of the play? "My Daughter's Rated X" was writ-' ten by Robert Fisher, who also directed, and Arthur Marx, son of Groucho. It was billed as a new comedy but failed to qualify on both counts. Ms. Lovelace plays a New York princess-turned-hippie-libber who has broken up with her baseball-playing boyfriend and returns, with her out-of-wedlock baby, to the home of her middle-class parents. Daddy, by the way, is a movie censor and (we learn in a passing reference) she has appeared nude in a film. Thus, the title of this event. Imagine, if you can, Gloria Steinem in a lovers' quarrel with Dizzy Dean and then turning to Ronald and Nancy Reagan for advice. You are getting close to the stereotypes. The points of reference are so woefully out of date. People who shop at Bloomingdale's, as the parents do, would hardly be fazed these days by something like a little illegitimacy in the family. There are Bloomies jokes, a few Desi Arnaz gags, early women's lib propaganda and a becomes clear. The couple at the next table were having an ar gument. She wanted to re turn to tnc slot macmnes, ne wanted to wait for Linda to appear. He knew the play would get better when she arrived. At that point she already had been on stage fully an hour, after arriving to total silence. Either he failed to thai thp Iflflv un Led Zeppelin Concerts Sell Out All tickets for the Led Zeppelin concerts on March 9, 12, 13 and 15 at the Inglewood Forum have been sold, nearly all of them in one day. Tickets for the first three concerts went on sale at 9:30 a.m. Monday at the Forum and other outlets. The March 15 show was added in the early afternoon when the first three were almost all sold out. By 6 p.m. there were only a few scattered single tickets left. According to a Forum spokeswoman, the remaining tickets were sold on Tuesday morning. These concerts are part of the first Led Zeppelin tour in two years. The tour will begin on Feb. 27 in Ft. Worth, Tex. Linda Lovelace ihere in jeans and T-shirt (worn over a bra) was the very same who shocked a nation or he was simply waiting for the play to get hetter i.e., dirtier. As a fully clothed actress, Ms. Lovelace continually smiles at the audience in total disregard of whatever else is 1 2 Part IV Wed., Feb. 2, 1977 Tlos aiigrlrB Cunts 4 A I XJ ! J K )V ! IV F.X n-R'IMX M I XI ADU I X MOV I liS HXTF.KiAl N ,Yl!- Al XJI J MC )VII5HNTliRAINMI:NT NUDE GIRLS Till 3 A.M. CANDY'S 7272 SUNSET BIVO. 874-7272 -an CINEMA MOTEL noiii Mini oiiiiuxo-..'. . . M0MIA MlVk v MIHKnH OPEN 24 HOURS Call 70C- 1719 AUNAMUIEL! 331 N Brookhurtt Siuhpim I X-Rated Color T.V. Waterbeds. Etc. 520.00 8 un lJtaervattaW7Hi-W0j TOAjJ L HOLMES a iMWlf LUXURIOUS S J i ' 5039 HOLLVWOOD BL. V' " jfi I 3r 483-MM Frt JZ '' . '' A OMnttNoon Parking iiTrT ' . k' tt ! Show Frl. sit. WIT LOUJPOP GIRLS tf'UVENUDE 9 n.- r., plus RAINBOW I On Stage flu KU Sliou. Ol ll . hivl i 1 V Golden Boys of the S.S. plus Mr. BEEF CAKE Shim Timi Tusilu ihHi Smuiht 9:JOijm $2.00 AHur I III"' all male '"f""-"' 4- VDRAKE THEATRE 7566 Mcirosc 852 9086m Frontier Inn Motel Adult MovVt-Color TV 7J6I Heath Bird 0nn(t County 1 llil Si ol mti Muiium Ristrritioni 1114) 12! 8315 r?r K I.' J , ADULT MOTH. , r-rice x-HSiaa Color TV Luxury Decor Nflf I It A JSSR A PIUS 2nd HIT PARIS ONLY I VISTA ONLY Youna CORDON CRAHT Matchmakers 1 oaii mcaxdowm PARIS VISTA tKMiUHMlMH 4Ul"W'lt WtCOUNT ADMIMMM TK.L MOON 2ND SMASH MONTH Wait SPECIAL PERFORMANCE JOHN HOLMES WHAT A WAY TO GO! HLfi TIMC SHOOT . till! VJi-l 1'tm.l Plus 2nd Erotic Feature nnvj pi iviNfi riVLLTWUUU LUXURIOUS X-1 Wl HOLLYWOOD BL. 4SJMSB FrM Opn 12 Noon Parking Ulo Show Frl. Sit. nTputHTI"' ' STAR 145 N. FIRST ST. 330-12S7 DIRECT FROM NATIONAL TOURITI LIMITED ENGAGEMENT The Fantastic, Exotic AZUREE 'cu (rjsl w ror mote man once' 'ft her inCflEDIBLE HPE D3HCE INDIAN WAR DANCE LOvE DANCE DANCE OF THE PRINCESSES ETC PLUS 12 T, plus 2 X-RATEO AOULT FILMS C0nM,.W THE HOME OF "HMD TMCITilt PF BURLESQUE . jLnn iiit.niiiL ibut . war. Hollywood LIVE NUDE GIRLS ON STAGE! 464-7121 iOpen 11 AM, Sun. 2 PM Late Shuw till 3 AM Fri. & Sat IV Vf W.V Rttak I . Si OFF J I WITH THIS AD I 3RD SENSATIONAL WEEK! BIG MALE DOUBLE HEADER! MIKE STEVENS in 'THE EXPERIMENT' PLUSl Russ Russ Meyer's PERSONAL fantacies! Funny rut Hughs pnwmjlic bliss Campy funny HicMy mitt supnHumaiV Se jnrjgjrji non-jtod eiptoua like fimwrij' r VAUQO A c.mpv ipe(i.lceni on cultuiil mtia wrwwht 't btlMfen u .ndtht demolition dtibv' Ucyer's most gripnic (Mm todJte Hotsy ptrlDrmtr1 ML . .Just dorft uft anything henry. Homer ! Mwttarj Marge Winchester m tlknt Intf Tn1lB(iil, Inc. productd ftdliKltd by RUBS MEVER GORDON DMV GRANT in 11 'J NOW SHOWING AT A THEATRE NEAR YOU' SIZZLING SO. CALIF. PREMIERE A SUPER SENSUAL SHOW FOR THE SWINGING ")0s PAUL, LISA & Starring: Gena Lee Dian Miller Tovia Borodyn William Margold CAROLINE A VERY ADULT RELATIONSHIP" NOW PLAYING LOI ANOILIS LUKUfllOUS MAYAN 1ft 8. Hill ST. 749-6294 OMN 11 NOOM EAIV lURKINC BOLtYWOOD X- 1 M59 HOLLYWOOD BL. 463-8466 ft Perking OpwillMwi Artlnq Lale Ihoan fit. ft lit. UINA PARK LUIURtOUB STUDIO 7UB BEACH BL. 714522-2816 0t 12 HOOM EAIV fARKINa PLUS A SECOND ADULT HIT AT EACH THEATER DEPRIVED DECilDEIIT DfllTinED n3zi GERminTi?39 sex is noToniron irt BUTtlUJEdPOrl UJITH "1 Srf-V Kitty x MOW PLAYItMG!- CDCCT Kirri. UntO I WLilWUUI) Aisiora)a..a,,,M,uni.vo 4.' u ..s . - .... .,,. 4 I(J FOX HOLLY WO00 A'i)ti Ml Ai COST MESA, tads Cum) Centei 919 4141 AN EROTIC DUO! A VERY CLASSY PRODUCTION lhal comes on Strong b mi JS 1ILM IRAPHICALLY EXPLORES THE! NEW SEXUAL LIBERATION1 .,,"...,, BFTEE ANTHONY JAIMF Onus HELEN MACtGAN ,.f,Ml.,,,i . ,."ONIfr, star of ORIENTAL BLUE and "MIGHT PLEASURES' mwt A0 COMFORT WITH THE FINEST IN FIRST-RUN ADULT ENTERTAINMENT! MITCHEII 60m!S FOUR STAR 5112 Wilshire tll HlkM til Bid 93E8211 PlihiRf tn Rtn Bai Ollitf Obcim 10 5iw MIICHEU BROTHERS SANTA ANA l565WtillllhSlrrtl Hanff PUl) S43 978T Bsi orljct Openi ID ISim I A PREMilRI SHOWING SNEAK PBEVIEW! FRI. 9:00 P.M. CENTURY 6667 8i5 CERRII0S. Alondra S 5531 MARINA DEt REV UA Cinemi ill 7980 ORANGE, tl A Cily Cioema 634 391 WESTW00D. O A. Cinema Cenlet 475 9441 HOLLYWOOD. Paramount 4S3 3763 WHITHER, Whither 697 00)1 WESTMINSTER Cinema Wesl 89? 4493 COSTA MESA. Cinema Center 979 4141 c FOR YOUR ADULT VIEWING PLEASURE" THE WORLD FAMOUS PUSSYCAT THEATRES PRESENT ANAHEIM. Loge 777 6446 BAKERSFIELD. Nile 323 7118 L0MPOC Valley Or In 136 1013 PASADENA Uptown 19; m PANORAMA CUT. Americana 893 6441 RED0N00 BCH Manna Cinema 31? 1109 N0RTHRIDGE. Pepperlree 993 0211 TAR2ANA. Moms 996 1300 X" Rated No one under 18 admitted. SEE DIRECTORIES FOR 2ND FEATURE CALL THEATRE FOR SHOWTIMES A HIGHLY INTIMATE AND EROTIC EXPERIENCE THE FIRST ADULT FILM SO INTENSE IT WILL LEAVE YOU EXHAUSTED! f Together for the 1st Time And Only Time The Notorious In Her Most Bizarre Performance I' M. mm- J Cr Annie Sprinkles 'A new kind of movie VV" Jdsl 1 4 "fl'UKtl '"V ' t& J about a new kind of yoiithWgi. ' SiSSL , , T!TTmmmmm i Ir I I The youth of tomornm....K&, 'fflrWt twe ucfillQ!! I tv.) longer a child Nife. V- CAVE VENUS II i not yet a WOMAN" ?y- . ".B ssishouywooo wmwjmio , fill 'iigiul .II1H.M HDmEsj Now Playing at lp 'JK V CORBIN CINEMA open at RITZlROXY YALE 19620 WKIUHBIW. 1 112! VrtSUSH HE. , , 136 N. EUtUO I m . OCEAN I1V0 MWIIB k JJJ8 KlllSWrlE , V34i-a2ia I 467-S787 A.m. ;ii8ll 9H3 I 435-3022 U RATED 828J81I NOW IN ITS 4th SEDUCTIVE WEEK , in Hollywood Punycat - 654-5744 7734 SinU Monies Blvd. Optn Dally 12 Noon Optn All Nlohl In Buena Park Pustycal 521-5337 6177 Such Blvd. Open Dally 12 Noon Call Thtatraa for Showtime NO ONE UNDER 18 ADMITTED f PUSSrCMT.45t?JSf ' Open Oilly 12 Noon hum ywotiit I NO HQIIVWOOP sunsit. tsiom unkdismm. rww Open Dull ll 1?Nboii - ,nu Optn AIIHighl Opm OHW MDOfl VIMl'HA irgrWlll-lKfVAtiniSO' MSSrCAT.SiJtJtl PUSSrCAt. 98BS1I1 mi SmliCli'i. 423 North E St. Opm Oilly 12 Koon Open Oilly 12 Noon A MASTERPIECE... THE PORNO HIT OF ALL TIME IS NOW IN ITS 2ND SIZZLING WEEK NO ONE UNDER 18 WILL BE ADMITTED ... THE DIUIIIE OBSESSION EROTIC 2nd FEATURE THE NIGHT CALLER Open Oilly 12 Koon i.tis m;i:i.i:s russrcAT.BMmt ilh ft Hill, O(tn0i.lrtt9 4bM Opn All N.ght ANAIIKm Open Oilly 12 Noon lirMIM.TIIN IMHK imc, mint Ptc.lic iflDiinci Opm Oilly 12 Noon t:AMI(.a I'AKK park, mm 21672 Shttinin Wtr. Opflti Qilly 12 Noon MINI. IU.r H M0VH,43SSS1 345 E OtunBl.d, 0pinOil,t9S AM Pain All Hijhi TUHKAMi: PUSircAT, Vi6m Canon lCmni. Optn Oilly 12 Noon Will Probably Never Be Same Once You've Seen Deep THROAT EASTMANC0L0R ADULTS ONLY PLUS- IIDII.YHIIDII II HIVKHSIDr, PUSSYCAT. 4S4 U4B fUSSYCAT. til-JSSO 665B HBllrnsetl Bitd , 3949 7lh SlreiT, ""i. D,i'ln'JJ II Now Ofjsn All HraM

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