The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 6, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 6, 1938
Page 3
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6, 1038 JBLYTHEVILLR (ARK.) COURIER NEWS AclveiUufers Fought Death On Cruise « " -«S *W1— * -W-VAV ., ,. , , , ^.^ ,. J^Y™^ J.-"»-~W ITT Auctioneer To Ask Bids AI Deserted Plant On May 10 BY KONAr.n CJ. VAN TINE United 1'ress Staff Corrcs|i<ind<'nt BUFFALO, If. Y.. May 5. <U1>)»- An auctioneer is scheduled to Imni- uier the 08-yoar-oH Plcrce-Anow >J Corporation oiil of existence <m May 10. *f 'All that remains of tlic eoin- fpa'ny, /minded in 1870 to manufacture bicycles, bird cages and incubators, will l)c sold for the benefit, of creditors. And creditors probably will realize at the most only I sliKhlly more than $1.000,000 from a business which in 1929 reported j gross sales of $27.930,000 and not. income of $2,500,111. Fierce-Arrow's forerunner wns the (Jeorge N, Pierce Co., founded by George N. Pierce, George K. Bti'Be. Henry fifay nn<! Col. Charles Clirton, who for 20 years prior to his death in 1929 wns president of the National Automobile Chamber nf Commerce. First Model In 1901 A skeptical public got its glimpse of the company's first gasoline model — the Pierce Molorellc — in 1901. It was a success, and the company (lecliled to abandon bicycles and bird cages ami concentrate on automobile-making. From the beginning, Pierce cars were quality cars, which the average man could not afford to buy. When mass production technique •and low prices came to Ihe Indusi try. Pierce continued to produce curs on a handwork basis. Some custom-built models were sold loins high as $46,000. Tlic company's greatest prosperity came during the war when its plant, employing more than 5,000 men, turned out trucks for the Allied armies at an amazing rate of speed. As the years passed, business began falling off. The year 1933 ended with tile company in the red, and a year Inler reorganization proceedings were slarted in Federal court. .A large group of business anrt civic leaders helped contribute $900,000 so that operations could be resumed. In 1936, 'with the demand for quality cars still dormant. Pierce attempted to capitalize on the market for automobile Irailers anrt offered , a quality., trailer for sale. There were few. ; lakers, and more red-ink splashed "across the books. Operations Halted in 1937 Operations were halted again in Jp.nuary, 1937. A new reorgaiiiza- 1 w°n was discussed anil Postmaster * General James A. Farley suddenly (.merged as a leading figure in the plan. It was said that he had agreed to become the sales head of the company at a salary of approximately $50,000 a year, provided that a recapitalization could be achieved. It was planned to raise 510.700.000 by a public stock sate, and a Cleveland, O., firm agreed to purchase the entire issue for re-sale. The bubble burst with the recession. In Federal court again, it was decided that all hope, had vanished for re-establishing the firm. There was no source to tap for (lie needed capital. Last April 11. Federal Judge John Knight declared tlie Fierce-Arrow Motor Corporation insolvent nnd ordered its li- quidalion. An auctioneer is scheduled to vyalk into its deserted . plant May /M> and hammer, "the end" to its Society — Person;)] lirllc II. Hcnui'tt Chi'li' Met Mrs, lUuck Kovvlkes, Mrs. H. (;. 1'oivell nnd Mrs. C. Grccmvell wnv hosli'sM's ia (in* meinbcrs ot Hie Helle H. Ik'imetl MlvsUmnry Ktu'loly nnd two (juesls. Mrs. Lynn Smith nnd Mrs. I'misy .Mnlln Wlilppli 1 , Tnt'sdny I'vi'iiliijj nl tlie Hiwlki'.s country home ncnr this city. A .short btisliics.'i si'.ssloii wns liciil lifter whieii Mrs. w. I.. .Meyer ijuve mi interi'Mint; nnd Instniellve report »! ihe minimi Missionary moellni; in Ht. Louts M'vernl wi'i-fes aso. PAGE THREE = Weekly Sumlhy School Lcssotu Co-Operating In Service HV mi. i:. (i tutor. I), i). I'didir oT AilViim'e Wi- me Iti-jni! In 11 ,|ny when die- pies Una. when (hoy nindo tiiuL dls- i'r.veiy, llicy were am fun O r n|. tutors have laid hold of jxnvor 111' Ilii'n become Uidr m.soii lord viirloiifi pm-t.s of tin- world mid j It reminds , IS llmt men wlio an- whoro 11,,'y tliveiiten ili'iiociiicy. WV .MiUJcct, lu wills!, motives. Imd W (io should not like to Icel Hint we ' ' liny kinship with dlelalors, or Hint to Price "Haggling' Costs Woman $100 Liquor Fine HOT SPRINGS. Ark.. May (UP)—Price "haggling" this week cost an alleged liquor law violator $100 in municipal courl here. Mrs. Sarah Bennett. 55. of not Springs, charged wilh selling unlicensed liquor to a revenue department agent, denied before Judge Vernon Ledgcrwood that she (had made such a sale. The agent corrected her. saying ol thai ho had bought a pint •whiskey from her for 35 cents. "Why that's ridiculous. Judge. r . , „ ~, r „, T don't, sell whiskey for 35 cents fined TOf I hell Of i pint." she asserted. "Why do you sell It at ail? ,I«dgerwood asked. i "Because it is the only way 1 ^'Jii make n living." "S100 fine," the judge ordered. The doughty schooner Yankee is pictured at upper left as she sailed proudly inlo Gloucester havbor ' *"'• " 1K| Ml ' s tenrms 20 yomn; men and women adventurers safely home after an 18-month 35000-mile' round the' : !>"'L ""i" 1 '"* cruise. The trip included a brush with dc-ach when all were ' """ Island, lamed haven of the Bnunlv mutineers. They were mirs lliiti iLiliK ciul> Mr.s. Wiiyni) Uliner '.viis lni-.los Die JiiejHijcrs (if Ihc i.«o mljlc Jolls 1 Matrons Club nl her limni' on Wulker Avfiiue Wcdne.sdiiy nl- lcnn»ii>. .vn.s. J. !_,. Donulnii' lichl high sctjio nnd received hosiery. Mr.s. cvcil lludspi-th was smtml h und wns (ilvejj n tlin™ run nnd Mr.s. Clnra I'mikey <:in lor consolation nnd rtnvlved lini'ii handkeri'lnefs. Mis. t). |>. Knndolph and run, UoWiie, will leave I'YIdny for Kullon, Mo., where they will vlsii with I heir vlnnulitcr nnd sister, MUs Mur- jorle ,lc, a student nt. Wllll.un Woods Colli-KO. 'fhe si'hool observes Mothers nny each yenr nnd the mothers of (tie students me uucsls nl a series of parties ulveii diifliiK the week end, un<t Mrs. Kandolpli plans to attend llicsu allairs. K. W. .Shade has heen ([iiite III for Die |mt week nl. lil.s liomc on Rasl Klghii> street, Mrs. Teresa MeCJImrahnii entered Ihc, llo.spltnl ID Memphis this \\eek. was apparently no . - ..,„ ,. -. -• "• lh " I'll'C'cllvcMss of this man's ac,!1.'!'L^ 11 :':: I*". 0 , lmU 'i"" 1 I"* bcc B «w ho was not In tin 1 rlifhl group and did not Jtfwi! the right pass-word, those- disciples were ready lo stop him from liuvi: a lovi- of place utiO iHiwer, may in Ihc same lime l»> capable mis of the Bounty crew. At hcmclamt. nt , below, some of the party line the rail for a first or t»i>»- Ml: I Hi* spirit mill the ul dictators are In any way related I" our pi'i:im:il Illc and conduct. Yet lii'iv is u ICSMJM llml oimhl to fiillnhli'ii us and pul us on our Kiinnl. .li'.sus Imd 1'nllcd ID mm n ( o'oii|> nl dlsdpli'S. Drawn hy Ills nros- '•'"'<• I His teuelilni:. llu-y had. us IIIH- nl them Mild "Jell nil IIIKJ «rs,^^ ^ir-;^^ iTiimi'iit jiil).' Kui-i'ly iinionu nii'ii ot this Mirt, nipiihli. of ulli'iiliLiin' In n splrltuul cause, llii'iv eimuld l«> no <iui'!>ll»n of M'lilslmi'S,s nnd Hie lust tit pliiiT and power; and yi-i. imr li't,M)ii li'lls us IHIW, ainimi: ilds C<TV |funi|!, their Im.t-tc out ijiiani Is »,s tci who was the Kl'i'iilrsl, or who Khontil have Hie Inipciriaiu pliicc tn tlie kingdom which they believed llml. .ICSHS was unmr in t'Miiullsh. kingdom, mid tlu'lr molives In fnl- votloii. One would have supposed Unit, tlie wry example of Je.sus woulil Imvo lii'i'ii Milllolnil. lo have rcject- cd nil scliMi (liuinjiitji mid motives on the part of the disciples. Vrl. •IIMI:, had to emplm.'.l/i' Ills toiu-h- ini( (linciriiiin: .M'rHrc ami hiimll- whidi ol tin in wns tln> ifronU'.sl He limk u little ehlld, anil tul:lii|. him INI.I ihHr mliM unil holding him I" Ills iii'nri, j;uld In Ilium, "\V!».' slnill rccolvr' on<- Mii'h llllli- eliliil in my ittimc, uvi'lvrlli me." It wii'i " lesson Mini (h ( . t||..^|j)),. : , w ,. n . , )/Jt , likely to Idiid I, Iliuin'h ||u-y wore- MUIV III l(in.',pliifr (lie liilliH-ss H( It-. ]ili:iliin;; •Ilii' p.irt or i,m les:,on hu s ctiuiilly liniiiiitiint ti'iidilii|r unit iHinrllm upon our }hv:: loili'u', r»r It fiiiicprns also this mailer of .le.sus Imd nut lii'cu as pure ' I'lnn 1 mid pii'ioniitive. iind lliu> us I hey minis tn l)c Inter on when It, Iji'i-iiinp clonr tlinl Jesus wns not (joliti; lo cv;(;iU)lsit nil eiirth- l,v lihii'.doni, hiil 11 (ijihHiinl Itlnii- cluni, It Is to lln> ciwllt. of Iho illscl- Death Decision Surprises Wilh an expression of disbelief on his face, Adam Hicchclli, above, registered surprise in the Jackson (Mo.) county jail when told that the Missouri Supreme Court had denied his appeal thai the death sentence decision of a lower court be scl aside on prejudicial error. RirchcHi was condemned to die for the murder of Defective Frank llertnan- 5on during the Kansas City Union Station TOISS.HTC in 1H33. School Library Tag Day Set For Saturday The animal tag day for the elementary school library will be held tomorrow. The teachers from the various elementary schools who will assist nre: Miss Elizabclh mislead, chairman, Mrs. Herman Rimer and Mrs. George M. Hunt, ot Uuige; Miss Lcnn Mae Oliver and Miss Sunshine Swift, of Central; Miss Mury Hubter ami Miss Mary Virginia Harrison, of Sndbnry. Miss Louise Beckham Is Cooler's Valedictorian COOTEil, Mo., May (i. — Miss Louise Ueckham, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Beckham. lias been selected as valedictorian and Miss Hnlh Fimdorbiirk. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Fnnderburk has been selected as salutatorinn oC- Cooler high school. The next, ninfc- inj students were Miss Adinc Copeland, MLss Glenda Chambeis, Miss Margaret Fowler anil Miss Corn Mac Brown. Omclery Code Moiloi ni/i il HAMILTON, Out. (DPI - The local cemeteries board tinnlly got around to modernizing by - laws governing funerals. One. of the regulations Ihcy rescinded was: "Drivers must. st.iii ( t | )y (|, L ,| r horses ticads during funerals." . | Mrs. Mr.s. Altar Boy, 6, Quickly Gains Latin Fluency NEW ORLEANS IUPI —.jnim Thomas Browne, a blond 0-year- , --- j. old first grader, decided two • Wc ' sL is expected Wcclnc>scl,ty for u monttis ago that he wauled, lo be fowltil vs. When lliey return lo their tin altar boy. ''" *'• '~ " " tnns. were (iue.sLs of . Charles Cirtgory this week. Kclley llml Mr*. Dniihi|i. the former Miss Peurl: KelUsy, are [or- mei 1 residents o[ this city. Mrs. J. o. of Moimtnlii'i- burg. Ark., lurivcd last week inul is the guest of her .sister. Mis. Chns. Uorroh nnd family. H<>v. it nO Mrs. Lynn .Smith s|ient. n few hoiiis in Ki'iinett •i'lmi-sihiy iirinr- noon. Mte (tlrnddra Reed | s n patlenl. In the Methodist, liospilnl In Mum- phis. Mrs. l.enn -Scott, who midmvcnl | mi opeiiillon lor unpemllclll.s In „ Memphis liospllal a tew weeks a«o, will tic able (u re.suiUL' lu>r duties at (lie Helm Iliindolpli Cotton Company Monday. Mrs. Clyde l/m ; . uf llramjndoclo spent n few lioiirn here Wedncwlny iilll'inoon iilU'ndhi]; in liushu'S'i ami . Despite the fact other altar boys were at least 4 years older, John determined to learn the Intri-ale rhythms of Latin responses. Today'the boy. shy in his miniature red surplice nnd starched while casscck.y ninnzed priests, nuns and members of tile con^-cgallon at St. Jame.s Major church in Oontllly New Orleans suburb, with his ease unil fluency in (he strange tongue. John i.s not certain what caused him to make his decision. The tr.iinmg, he said, was "kinila hard." The hoy's mother believes that his aunt, a nun, may have inspired him: He has another ambition — he wants lo be a magician. Laboratory for Wildlife LAWTON, Okla. (UP) — The Wichita mountains neiir here have become a Federal laboratory for the study of wildlife. Dr. Hartley H. T. Jackson of the U. S. Biological Survey said the study nnd others like it throughout the nation nre necessary "before effective game conservation laws can he drawn up and enforced." home Mis. West's molher will accompany them and s|icn;l llie sum- iiiei- in Aloimtalnshurj!.- Mrs. Amiel Price of NeivljiM-n, •Icnn.. arrived early Ihls week and Is visiting relatives and friends. Mr. nnd Mrs. Dick Wliipple of Clarksdale. Miss., are guests of her parents, Mr. ami Mrs. 13. C. Mnlin Mrs. Whipple is Ihe furn'icr Miss I'ansy Mnlin. Ulljoiirn (iiccn will drive In Jonesburo, Ark., Friday mut bring 'his brolher, Aqutlla Green and Inmily home with hint. They will s|:end the week end here us guest.s of his pareuls, Mr. and Mrs. John I Albert Fin-is of Uniggntiocln Wednesday afternoon In this city intending lo, Ployd .Neclcy, who has spent the past seven monttis in llie Otecn liospilal near Aslicvllle, N. C.. arrived Friday nnd visited with his family until Wcdnesddny. He lell. bore for 11 veteran.-; Jiospllnl ill, Ont- woml, Ky. Mrs. J. VV. Tipton, Mrs. Fxlward James and Mrs. jimmle Tiptou siicnl Thursday afternoon In Ken- Rend Courier News Want Ads. Automobile Spark Plugs RooKevell Greggs. negVo, was finrd $25 and sentenced to ten (lays in jail bill Sin of hi.s fine nnd his jail sentence were held "]) by Judge Doyle Henderson in municipal court today after !ie was convicted of a charge of petit Lost Cane Students m _ . -., . . . »"••> tunviti™ ui sv cnargo 01 petit Make Memphis inn '••"'"•"V. The negro pleaded guilty ._ ' and then changed his pica to that Students of the Lost Cane school ° r llot B"iHy. He was grnutc went to Memphis yesterday which " pt)Cnl nllfl Ills boild W(ls s $50. The negro, wlio was an employe of the Babcock Motor ntcd an went to Memphis yesterday which " pt)Cnl nllfl Ilis boild W(ls set «' was the first trip lo thai, cily for most, of Ihc 212 In the party. The slurteiiUs were accompanied 1 — —~— -.~.". n,n.,,*,,,.,. by'the teachers, 12 parents and ' s nllc i f(1 lo have slolen a num- three members ol Ihc school board ber °' - spnrk I )lll 8 s fl 'onj the com- who drove the 18 cars and trucks! l >nn - v '- vvl "'" "'rested lie had six- used and who nsslslcd the bovs in hls POWWOW, officers said. Hcrshel Homes, negro, was fined $5 but IIK fine was suspended nf- ler he entered a plea of guilty lo n charge of disturbing ihe peace. used and who insisted the boys and girls In their tour of the cily. Since almost 200 of them had never been lo Memphis, they were driven over the city, taken for a rltle on the elevator lo (lie top .of a 22 story building and spent touch time at the zoo and Overtoil .fatk, where picnic Ivuich was \ The N^etherlands have a population of more than 1,500,000, Bride and bridegroom must be smoked In s.indalwood, massaged In cocoanul oil, and then visit the king together before Ihey can set lip housekeeping In the Marquesas, an island In the. Soiilh Sens, LOOK - LOOK Prices Reduced SEE'EM - DRIVE'EM COMPARE THESE PRICES PRICKS MARKED ON WINDSHIELD No. •!!>!)—32 Chev. Coupe, new sporl color paint Job. Special S HV.OU No. 401—'33 Ford V-8 Forrior. A tlancly pond car priced too cheap SKW.OO No. fif>7—'2!> Ford Fortlor. .Jnsl ihc car yo wire look- ins f»r S 2'1.75 No. fi.'!8—'20 Chev. Fordor. This car will surprise you. Tires & Molor good .§ 20.00 No. 182—'35 Ford V-S Coup*. New Autumn Brown ' color. Ready (o go .,..$2l7.(lO No. 39fi—'3-1 Ford Ttjdor. New seat covers. iVlolor reconditioned SI 53.1)1) No. 501—'34 Chev. Coach. This is a Master roodd in A-l condition $144.00 No. 460—'34 DodRc '/z ton Pick-up. Completely reconditioned. New paint $133.110 No. Hfin—'36 Ford '/i (on Pick-up. Color red. A dandy farm truck S2GG.OO No. 580—'31 t'/j ton truck. Dual wheels. Closed cab A steal $ 3;i.jj(| FOR BETTER USED CARS PRICK!) RIGHT SRK PHILLIPS. PRICES GOOD UNTIL MAY 14 PHILLIPS USED CAR LOT 5th & Walnut Phone 810 ROY CALVIN, iWffr. Used Car Dept. Mrs. K. M. Armmir and her mollier of Anmry, Miss., spent Wcdiicsiliiy In this city, 't'hny were lunclieim of Mrs. Maude Ch'ecn. O. II. Spatil(lln K is |» ijuic itock Ark., this week where lie Is r'e- rulvliiB trealmcnl. nt. the Urlnkley hospllal. llLs condlliiin Is somewhat Improved mid he will probably remain there until the middle, of the, month. .lohn repinled In Ihe Muster llml llH'.v liMd seen oiu> ciisltnij out is In His mime, nnd Ihiu llie.v Imd forbidden lilin ei'miw IK- WHS not. of their coinimny. Tliore WHY PAY MORE? liny From Yiinr Chevwk'l IH'sili-r unil 1'nv l.i'ss l!):i!i Clu-vrnlfl iMaslcr C<(ii|i ( . $27.1 liWS J'liril \'- N HelMM, Kedau S2II.1 19.1.1 <'lievi'iili'( Piaster Coach $27(1 Hill Chevi-nliH Cinu'li, unly ..$!(); IIKKI I'.ii'd V-H Tiulm 1,'iJCd works. !.•> liol Hint just, (ixaclly wlmi ha* been happening all through )ils-' lory, even O n the purt of profcswd-f ly Ohrlstlan men tind professedly Cliilstlan cliurchi'K? liecalise a man Ims not followed a particular (srotip, he has Ueeti cn!le<l u heretic.' Ho linn lieen lolil thai he must, not prcm-li itinl Hint ho musl not per- foim i.'.nod works, lici'iinei! he Is not iiiilluiil/i'd by wjinc i-liiireh or or-, Vil, II we worn truly Christian, •wo would rejulco thai, i;ood works me done, no Tiiiiltcr who It Is thai 'T'HY OUR SI'HCIAf. : A O>w Chow ration. You'll like the way.your cows ilo tin ii. Ynii'll H|< e the i-xini mill; il ni;ikes. You'll liUooiir low |>rico. ("oino in ami gel some. 1'he English Air Ministry recently published mi, "Air mnnno" for u-.<. i,y ^IUM,; KUllns while in (lie .stratosphere. \Ve have many others finiu. 'I'nirks—• I'ii'li-iiii u\v Tom Little Chevrolet Co, rhniii fur Sain L- K, Ashcraft Co. •'101 K. Main Kl. Ke.vslnne Helil ,t Iliilli....Cln.rdpii- Seeds SAVE MONEY ON Meats Groceries HKiHKST QUALITY GAINES HKT. US W. M:i!n Sidestep Those Long Days of Tedious Cultivating — Use a M'CORMICK-DEERING ROTARY HOE AS MUCH AS ON 10 GAL. OF HI-TEST NO NOX GASOLINE 1'onns.vlvimia Oil, Conlnincrs 2fic SAVEON GAS CO. 'I Mili-H No. of Sljiti! Ijiic II. W (il HOLLAND, MO. come in WITH smooiH, DRIVE AWAY 'TIRES rPHE popularity of the McCorrmck-Dccring rotary • J-hoa continues^ to »pread like wildfire. It is now iccognized as an indispensable tool for tlie early cultivation of corn, beans, mint, beets, and other crops. It is uncqualcd for maintaining proper tillage conditions in eccd beds from the time they are made ready for seeding until t)io crops are largo enough for safe cultivation with shovel cultivators. ' The big advantage of the rotary hoc is that it can bo used to break crust and restore proper conditions before it would be possible to use shovel cultivalors. One of the most crilical times in the life of a plant, is when the iprout is just coming through the ground. If the seed bed is covered mlh a crust at this time, many plants will not get through. The surprisingly gentle, and at the same time efficient, action of the rotary hoc points loosens the soil without injuring the plants. Come in and ask us to explain just how the rotary no* accomplishes all it does. We will quole prices, on request, on sizes for Horse and tractor use DELTA IMPLEMENTS, Inc. Distriljulors for the McCormick-Deering Full Line of Farming Equipment .312 Smith Second Hlythcvillc, Ark. • We invilo you (o drive in to our store and let us '' inspect your tires. Il is false and dangerous economy to Iry and gel an extra thousand 1 miles from your - old smooth lires. Come in and let us equip your car with new Firestone CONVOY tires— new high quahty-a new low price. Buy on our convenient budget plan. It is easy (o use. Terms are arranged lo suit It only takes a few minutes lo open an account and then you can ndo while you pay. P HIUIPS MOTOR CO. 5th & Walnut Phone 810

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