The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 9, 1966 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 9, 1966
Page 10
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Ten -Blythtvllte (Arfc.) Courier News - Thuradiy. JUM t, 19M OUR BOARDING HOUSE — With Maitr Hooplt OUT OUR WAY ly J. H Williami FIREMAN'S MWHANbUg 14 Mfi&.ffl6M •SMiRK'CULUjMHONtMTON HIM AFTER FIR6- , T H , M MftM 6AVB UP FIVE STRAIGHT HOMEK6 IN A )/ wnH A p COL ICAGO RELIEF APPEAR ANC6/4MIRK I -.. / 1 SAW WILLIS 5UPPIN3 OUT TUB COOK WITH A SNiAKY LOOK OU HIS PACB.SOIEAMO UP S6HIMP HIM AMP ORA9BEP THE EWP OF HIS SLOPPy*HIKT- I TAIL BEFORE HE SOTALLTHE \ WAY OUT/ DOYC'UlVAkJTHIM FOR SQMETHIWS? HE'S RliSHTHERE.' NO-NO.' I Wrt» LOPKlNts »B HIM, »UT IVE CHAUflgP AAV MIWP MOW THAT WU'VE .' (JWLoa; THAT R3OK AMP TURW HIM UWSe-SUTKMP HIM OUT,'' CHICAGO RELIEF APPEAR ANC6/4MIRK (I -..g , Hg WROTE THAT P'LEAKV NO, IOM6ES COOLO - TH& BISSE5T OM6 SINCE WHY MOTHERS SET 6 SoTUEY OPENED A CAM OP EAOl,AWC> STARTED "WE WHY MIS CAREER BLEW UP. WANTED TO DO A EBCIAl SHOWING TMAT A 006 PREFERSTM5IR YOU SAY THEY FIRED I LITTLE WITHOUT I KNOTHEAD EVEN PAY*lSiau A DIME ? ./ ON HIS IP *» W*. he. TJ*. ttf. Bi N-. •Tm sorry to break our date, Stanley, but a baby sitter's "Just a bite. Herb! 1 read the other day that if you eat life is never her own!" «*f another parson's plate it's a sign of affection! O ' THIS IS OUR MOST MODERU COMPUTER? us PeeFecttY ADAPTED TO THE PROBLEMS TAX! i £-1 Television—T6Aight, Tomorrow—WREC Channel 3, WMCT Channel 5 and WHBQ Channel 13 ffKKC CbanneJ 3 Thiirs. Juns 9 6:00 Amo: « Anay C;30 Marshall Dillon 7:00 Gillisan's Isl. 7:50 Ms Three Sous 8:00 Thur. Kite aiovl* 10:15 News 10:25 We " * .leather 10:30 Late Movie 12-00 News & Weath 12:05 SiEn Off Prl. June 10 B:4n ADOVO rQ> oiouCU 7:00 Qooa mora. oiem. 7:50 CBS News 8:15 Capt. Kangeroo SiOO I Love Lucy 8:80 Real McGc?s 30:00 Andy of Mayeerry 10:30 Dick Van Dyk 11:00 Love ol Lite 11:25 CHS News 11:30 Searcb Tomorrow 11:45 Guiding Light 12:00 Dec. 12:30 As Wortd TvttW 1:00 Passwora 1:30 House Party 2:00 Tell the TrutB 2:25 CBS News 2:30 Edge of Nlte 3:00 Secret Storm 3:30 Early Mofle 5:00 WREC-TV News S-.25 WREC-TV wea. 5:30 Walter Cron^ltB 6:00 Amt» Tf' ft.naj 6:30 Wild, Wild West 7:30 Hogan's Heroes 8:00 Gomer Pyle 8:30 rn. Nlte Morte 10:00 Nexts 10:10 Weather 10:15 Late Movie 11:55 News-Wtbr. 12:00 Sign Off WMCT—Channel S Thurs. June 0 6:00 News nsporc 6:15 .Weatner €-.20 SpottB Report 6:25 Cam. 5 Rep. 6:30 Daniel Boone 8:30 Laredo 8:30 Zorra 9:00 Dean Maruij Sh. 10:00 10 O'Clk. NWS. 10:15 Norm Brewer .0:20 Today in Sport* 10:25 Weather 10:30 Tonl*flt 12:00 NewB 12:05 TV Chape! 12:10 Sizn O*T Frl. June 10 «:53 TV Chapel 7:00 Today 7:25 Today Mid Bouth 8:30 Tdday 9:25 NBC News 9:30 Concentration 10:00 Morning Star - 9:00 Eye Cfuess 1 10:30 Paradise bay 11:00 Jeopardy 11:30 Let's Play P. O. 11:55 Midday New* 12:00 Looney Zoo 12:30 Let's Maite » Deal 12:55 NBC New* 1:00 Day of Our Ldvei 1:30 Doctors 3:uu Anotnei World 2:30 You Don't sar 3:00 Route 66 4:00 Mike Dougiaa 5;30 H-B Report fl:00 News 6:10 Tll-Statfl fceport 6:15 Weather 6:20 Sports 6:25 Camera 5 6:30 Camp Ruuamuck 7:00 Hani 7:30 Sing Along Mitch 9:00 Man Item CNCLE 10:00 Ten o'clk. ffews 10:15 Norm Brewer 10:20 Today m Spts. 10:25 Weather 10:30 Tonight 12:00 The Beat 1 ;00 News 1:05 Weather WHBQ—Channel 13 Thurs, June 9 6:30 Batman 7;00 Gidaet 7:30 Dole. r j». Ot Henry Phyla 8:00 Bewitched 8:30 Peyton Placa 9:00 The Baron 10:UU Mia ooucn nevi 10:15 Moving Weath. 10:20 Late Show Fri. Juae 10 6:25 DatQ nuM 6:30 Meet the Masters 7:00 Cartoon Time 9:00 Town & Country 8:30 Jack LaLanne 9:30 Where Action If 10:00 SupermKt. Swp. 10:30 The Dating Gama 11:00 Donna Eeed 11:30 Father Knows B, 12:00 Ben Casey 1:00 Conf. (or Women 1:30 Time for Ui 1:55 News 2:0o ueneral Hospital 2:30 The Nurses 3:00 Pun House 4:30 Adrenturo 5:00 Sews 5:10 Weather 5:15 News 5:30 Maverick 6:30 Pltntstonfii 7:00 Tammy 7:30 Addams Fatally 8:00 Honey West 8:30 Farmers Dauga. 9:00 Court Ma-reial 10:00 News 10:15 Weather 10:20 Lato Show Political Candidates The Courier News has been authorized to announce the following candidates for office in the forthcoming Democratic Primary election: Legislative Post No. 2 BILLY NICHOLSON * * * District Prosecuting ','• ~' Attorney ...' RAL?H E. WILSON "Cowpoke" ^WESTERN SHOP SEE US ... F;or Nocona Boots, Saddles, Clothin;, Driftwood Arrangements Sale Tack, Grooming Supplies, Si South of Blytheville on Hwy. 61 BE SAFE LET US PROTECT YOUR PRECIOUS FURS AND WOOLENS P} OUR BONDED STORAGE VAULTS. BESTWAY Loundry Cleaners PICK-UP * DEUVEEY 2012 MKMMK Carload Purchase! FOAM RUBBER fl"7 rft )/.3U Mattress Size ... Complete Auto Upholstery GILBERT'S 600 E. Main — PO 3-6742 PRICE Molten Fire Cupid Plants Petunias Colitis Lantana Sultana Verbenta Snapdragons McADAMS GREENHOUSE 206 E. Davis HERMON JONES BCSINE86 HEN'S ASSURANCE CM. 1490 Onion «n Pbou 274.4100 0*1) for PtM couuiuuon. Inuuuo* (01 miu PluaUM K«T tl»B. .'«rtaer»Blp u oor- pormtlon. Oroup, P«niion tttun- matt, nod Buell W. Carter, MFA Agent 600 N. 6th Next Door to Dixie Pig Phone PO 3-3361 Lawn Mowers & Small Engine Repairs AUTO TRUCK and TRACTOR PARTS CO. SERVICE SHOP PO 3-4511 316 North Broadway Your Authorized Briggs and Strotfon Distributor tor Mississippi County. ENGINES • PARTS • SERVICES AIRPLANE SPRAYING On SMALL 6RAIN JOHN BRIGHT Phono JO 4-2475 Attention Farmers CLOSE-OUT ON Cotton Hoes .. ea. $1.69 Fondren & Sons Hdw. And Gifts 311 W. Main "Free Parking In Rear" Ph. PO 3-4320 THIS « "• *8wi Mm Go* CONOCO SERVICE 488 ft DIVISION G. 0. POETZ OIL CO. Honest Irani Going CONOCO ! ITSSOINSTOSETHE ROUSHEST 7HRE6 WEEKS OF A^y UFE... IAST WEEK IOP6RATCD ON AN OLD MAM. I WARNED H W OFTHERISkS.AkP HE SAID, "n£ MOT SO MUCH THE WAY I'VE SEEN ACTINS SINCE I LEARNED OF MY...PROBLEW TWAT YEAR TWE ' PIRATES WEREW'T > HA2EL! NOW B£ REASOMABL THE YEAR WE <3rOT • — * MAKR1ED >ttoU DIDM'T WATCH BASEBALL. EVERY MISWT i COULO se FLVINS IN MY SLEEP? A SPtEMPIP TIWB TO KEEEAO THESE SXPERT& WHO POUBT THE EXISTENCE OFOTHEP HWAM LIFE M OUR SdflR 5V3TEM.,. MUCH LESS FLVlWft SAUCERS'. MKMtffiE 5AV5 H6 CAN'T LEW PLAV ITSAFB, ATTHI*TIMEl irAilSHfCOS NO MATTER HOW ] TH 1 PUNT WULIOH5, THRU WMWSTIC IT Irt 'INPUSTWAU E5PIOWA6E! LflTELV HE WAS JUST WHISTUW IN TR' PAKKr WKOL,..TRyw 10 KIP HIMSELF HE'S IU NO K<WaER, 5IWCE -THEY PON'T EXIST! PAPPV ALWAV5 INSISTED DFOis WERE OMIY IUUSIONSJ NOW PRIPS WONT LET KIM RUN HISE FROM ONE; ...ONE OF TH' TRULY HAS ANY- 1 HAVE A ... fiREAT MEN OF MOaKSTANP Up HOWABOUrN ONE A TH' GRAND WIZER! / WIZER, AN' LET VL«E BOILED AU.U5ATOR , EVERYBODY HAVE A, GOOC> LOOK ATCHA/ NOPE. A COUPIE OF NUBSE5 FELL OFF THE DPAWSRlDSE

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