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Fairbanks Daily News-Miner from Fairbanks, Alaska • Page 8

Fairbanks, Alaska
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8--Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, Thursday, January 11, 1968 Mushers Warm Up YourDogs Accent on Us Mail your ijuestionslo "Accent on Daily Neivs-Minqr, Kox 710, Fairbanks. You need not give your name. "Ls is a ofeiphl unitlenlified local youngpeople. Village mushers, it's time to start your planning. The North American Open Championship sled dograces will be held near Fairbanks March 15-17.

Preceding them will be the women's races, March 8-10. Previous to that the Junior races are slated for March 1-3, The Jeff Studdert Invitational event is scheduled for March 13. Other activities will takeplace on the downtown streets, the events themselves and the dates having not yet been decided upon. A foregone conclusion that Dr. Roland of Massachusetts and his wife and dogs dogs will be on hand as usual and it is logical to expect that other name racers from the smaller states will put in appearances.

There is some possibility of Canadian entrants as well. There will be agoodrepresen- tation from Anchorage, both of mushers and spectators. Since last year the racing facilities on Farmers Loop Road have been expanded. There is a larger warm-up shack, and better serving and viewing facilities for the spectators. Usually at this time of year Wien Air Alaska runs excursion flights into Fairbanks at reduced rates.

A spokesman for the airline told the News-Miner that although plans have not been firmed up as yet, there is no reason to believe that they would depart from their custom of former years. Dear Us; What is the panel's opinion of peace demonstrations? Of the Vietnam war? Do you feel that the majority of young people, just out of high school, have the maturity or direction to make the most of college? That is, would you favor a year or two waiting period before entering college? Outsider Dear Outsider: In answer to your first question, peace demonstrations are fine if the demonstrators really believe in their cause. Toooften, protestors are just going along with a crowd and not thinking about what they are doing Or what they are trying to accomplish, However, many demonstrators have done a great deal of research on the Vietnam war and have reached honest conclusions that America has no place in Southeast Asia. These people have a right to express themselves within the limits of the law. When they go beyond the law, they are fighting for a cause and they truly believe their actions are justified--they are willing to suffer the consequences, and we have no right to judge them.

Opinions on stand in Vietnam differ greatly even within our panel. Most of us feel that we must finish what we have started regardless of whether we were right or wrong originally. However, we wish it would end soon as it is our brothers, boyfriends and selves who are dying in the fight. As for your second question, most young people just out of high school do not know exactly AIL ED ACROSS QHtl OB 1. College cheer .4, Preserves 7.

Emanation 11. Flightless bird 12. Pulpy fruit 13. Crystallized rain 14. Card game 15.Sequence 17.

Religious image 19. Urges 20. Warmth 22.23 Across 23. Km? of beasts 24. Sincere 28.

Theft 30. Remote than 32. Civilian dress 33. Morning prayer 36. Ballot 37.

Private 39. Rolled tea 42. Father 43. tree 44. Crest 45.

Craftsman 45. Legume 47. Congeal SOLUTION OF YESTERDAY'S PUZZLE DOWN 1. Twilled cloth 2. Canrjienuttree 3.

Cigar box 4. Panel member 5. Eng. river 23 28 33 37 42 45 16 35 29 38 46 Par time 24 min. AP ''A 36 39 6.

Ooily 7. Spaceman 8. Fresh-water mussel 8. Cross 10. Beards of wheat 16, Mimic 18, Self- opinionated 20.

Everything 21. Creek 22.3aliad 24. Compass point 25. Property 26.Convened 27. Three: prefix 29.

Ir. lake 32.Variety coffee 33. Netting continent 35.Lacerated 36. Clamp 38. Knock 40.

Cultivator 41. Befitting what they want, and many of them go to college to try to find it. If they accomplish their purpose, then they are "making the most out of college." Statistics show that students who wait a year or two after high school, thinking they will enter college later, seldom do, but there are exceptions. Luv, Us Dear Us: On Dec. 19 you published a letter regarding the lack of teen-age recreation in Fairbanks.

Part of it read, "Locally we have one theater and one dance. We kids are no millionaires. What these places need is a little competition," While it is true that in agrow- ing, vital and prosperous economy competition is good for everyone concerned as it stimulates improvement, better service and lower prices, any type of business if it is to survive must keep in mind the low supply and demand. There are many areas of business in Fairbanks that have long ago reached the point of saturation. Thatis, thepopula- tion is not sufficient to support, let's say another supermarket, or department store.

While additional recreational facilities are needed in Fairbanks, we feel the area of dances is adequately covered at present. We do not think the young people of Fairbanks are millionaires. The admission we charge to our dance is just sufficient to allow us to remain open. We charge less at SI.75 per person than does the club in Anchorage or for that matter than most teen clubs the West Coast. Can any of you honestly say that the economy of Fairbanks is vital or prosperous? If you think it is, ask a few businessmen in town.

They can tell you how each year it gets more difficult to make a profit. competition is the key to the success of our free enterprise system, but experience has proven that at times too many keys can jam the lock. Should you have any questions concerning our business and our admission price, we would be glad to answer them. Dot and Dave Resch Owners of the Upper Limits Young Adult Club Dear Dot Dave: We don't feel thatyou are overcharging us. The price is steep for a teen-ager who isn't working, but it isn't unreasonable.

Most of us realize your business is operating at a small gain and is below the prices of most other clubs in Alaska and on the West Coast. We feel that the Upper Limits serves Our community and its younger citizens very well. We would like to hear from parents and other teen-agers on this issue. If you feel you don't have time to write us a letter, you can call us at the News- Miner, 456-6661, Extension 262, between and 10 a.m. on Saturday.

Your questions will be answered in column as honestly as possible. just received! large shipment CEILING TILE As Distributor for SIMPSON CEILING TILE we wish to tell our customers about this fine new product Puts extra beauty into your home--so easy to and care See our selection Choose from OLYMPIC Plain White 2 EA. I Pin Punched-- White, 2 UtCUKAl IVt I ILt Smooth, White SQ. FT. DECORATIVE TILE TM.

FORESTONE FISSURED TILE DECORATIVE TILE, 2 12 EA FORESTONE FROSTED EA Marlite --Countertop Material--Carpeting--Ozite FULLER PAINTS Open 8-5 Daily 1620 Cushman 456-7758 By Edwin Peck News-Miner Correspondent During Minto's recent flood, Ray Popkin visited the village as part of the Red Cross team. Luncheon with Edith and Edwin Peck at the school brought out the Brooklyn accent of Edith. Ray was from the Bronx and his wife had gone to the same high school as Mrs. Peck. As a result, Ray went back to Brooklyn and enlisted the services of die Brooklyn Chapter of the Red Cross in sending pack- ages to the children of Minto.

Recently four large packages arrived with many which included among other things: balls, colored paper, crayons, rulers, towels, washcloths, soap, toothpaste, (toothbrushes, and combs. The Pecks individually packaged the supplies for distribution fay Santa Claus (student Glenn Alexander) at the annual Christmas program. SURVIVAL MIRACLE Three persons miraculously escaped death in the demolished interior of this Cessna 180 which crashed on Yukon River ice near Tanana Monday. Two were killed, including Ralph Calhoun, the pilot, owner of the Tanana Air Service here. Mrs.

Anni Harvey, 34, also perished. Her husband, William, 39, and their two children, Susan, 10 and William 8, survived. The plane was attempting to land at the Tanana air field during heavy fog when tragedy struck. (Federal Aviation Agency Photo) 23 by 36 Inch Aluminum Sheets Discounts To Quantity Buyers 25? There are hundreds of uses for these .009 used aluminum press sheets. Supply is limited to daily press, use.

Sheets have, smooth finish with photo image of news pages on one side. Commercial Printing Co. Inc. 200 N. Cushmon St.


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