The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 27, 1934 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 27, 1934
Page 10
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BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER FRIDAY, APRIL'27, 193J British Challenger Launched ~ ^WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON—^Christ's Standard of Greatness Text! Mutt. 20:1-34 Tli« International Uniform Sunday School I*ss<m fur A|iril 29. IIV W.M. K. UII.KOY. I). I). Kdllt.r of Advami- There were Incidents In the life, of Jesus Unit brought out the full contrast o! his teachings mid the value's iluil he si-t ii)wm life, us against the worldly motives and litails ol ):o\ver and .success tlml for-'the mast purl liilluenee men 111 worldly conduct. There were two disciples, •James und John, who had n very urn |>I Hull's mother. She upiwars l)i the New Testiimcnt record as ilie "inotlier of Zekedec's children." XL-bedce, apparently, wu.s only IncldenUil In that liiinlly life. Tim mother mis ilie strong determining Influence, mid she had . .riculenlcd In these two sons the Intense passion lo be foremost thai she herself hud for lln-ni. Je.sus perceived this uui]l|i> In Hie tuo brothers, and In- playfully nlckimmcd them "IWani-rgi-s," which means the sous of thunder, i cup Once lie rebuked tht-ir fiery spirit I and when they urged him to call down fire from heaven and consume some villagers who had treated tlielr Master disrespectfully. In tin.' actual result! These men eo lull of fire became full of love and jrenl for righteousness. Where they had itsplrul to bf- JJut Jesus evidently perceived 111 these ambitious, flery-splrllcd j men the qualities of strength anil the jxjwer of action that coulil make them mighty pillars ujx>n which to build his church, onci- iheir lives were purged of selfishness and worldly ambition. Here in our lesson the mother had come to him with an urgent request concerning her .sons, She asked that one should sit upcm the right hand und tlie other on Ihe left wlien he should come Into hLs kingdom. She had as deep a misconception oi the nature ol Christ's Kingdom and jwwcr us Itnd the young men themselves. HiH the young men were tru:- to the spirit of their mother. When Jesus pointed out to them the hardships and the sacrifices, they did not flinch. They declared themselves able to drink of thi' that he .should partake ol to bu baptized with Ihe bap-1 come great through lordinj; over others, they were lu i the Master's lesson that Br'Mtnrs; '• through character and low und M-ivkv. Una the greatest of M men Is the minister. Nc:t necessarily the mini who tairs a "O. IV or before wins? mum- "lie/." Is placed, but the man. wherever he Is found, who Ills heart anil life, in simple sljiceiily to the pitrjMxsc of Jesus serving his fellow men. rut innately this Is ;i ministry :u:d a within Hie r.-acn cl us all. We do not Imve to I;M l;orn of It. We <!o not need wealth ur favor i or influence lo .secure It. but wlu-re even the lowlii-st oj c/od's children will devote himself lo .iliiipli- tusks and duly und ID ;l life- of ministry and' service. hi- will find Unit he Im.s entered ( hull of fame ami tiu plans of the grail. refrigerator to chill. Then cseli piece out and cm Into square.;. In the center of each piece plucc one teasiwon of Jelly or preserves. Pick u ptlic four corners. to- purpose and Seiner to form u siniarc turnover and fold. Ilnke In a hot. 400 de-1 • grcos oi'en. until delicately golden. - How different 1 tlsm thai he was lo be roll | with. They feared nothing, and they held tack from .Mirntiehig noxn- ing, for the attainment nf their wliai [heir mother in view. It was all to be 1 Vlskrnntn Want Aiil ASTORIA, Ore. (UP) —At least S2.OCO.tKX) must be spoilt at fion- nerville Dam. across the Columbia river, on lisliways, if ilu- great Oregon salmon industry is lo be protected. Charles E. Knapp. pros- Went of the fishermen's protective union, declared. The Panama canal was ononc lo navigation In 19M. J3ITZ Last Time Today Mat, 2::io, id-Mr. Nile (i.-'ifi. ;:;-,'>~>c DEATH TAKES A HOLIDAY («iH)fy. .Movios, No, .'i .'(inifdy "Th<! New Dealers'l willi I'alleltB anil C;tl Lazaribi IV, mongrel terrli'r, has teen broushi back. Irom the dead, but his hialn has Iw n killed by the o|K>ralitm. Dr. iiobi-it Cornish. California physician, .shown here ieetliiig t),,. unlmul, asphyxiated inr terrier A|>ril i:i and started to restore life after Lazarus IV had teen (iioiiounccd dead for four minutes. Using Weed, adrenaii:i, ana heiiarln, he brouglit the dog back lo life, but the brain rnil'cd to respond lo treatment and the patient will be a "ImyH-tcss idiot." any 11 l'. t -t; clu-er «t-nt up from a pit-r thnt wns crowded with spcc- tuni v.):ni T. O. M. Sbpn-ith's Kndeuvoiir, Kmjlaiid's lliih challenger r :lu: iii'toin- Ameri.a's Cup. ictik llio wmns. us shown here, ut .li'iruiu-.:-.. <::, : : ,nd. 'Me v.'.di'.. u stirc.sMir to sir Thoanu, LiiHuii':. '.aiiii'd:-',:. v.ill .111 jirit In •.'.nrt th" ciiveled Iniphy otr Newjioil, R. I., in h;e])iembt-r.! i Yaririv to ; Ml.x tin- dry liigredlriits. blend in 1 lilt .\horicnliiJ, add the . b'.Mi::n e^t< lo i:.e rnilk an;l combine i'.in- two mix)urc-:. Doll one fcurth p- i I Inch thick. Euou^h lor t\vo oblong 1 n.^.open iiir-.s or. :,f:vcriil sm:i!l tarts . j <'r!ei:S|. I'ustry To vii-y t!ic tlavor of .small cus- One Juilf cup cottage, one t.ird luris aa:l the OM-II Inee fr-,i:i h-ilf cuii shortening; one half tcn- V».\ iviiy nx vir, i;;v ^T-IIV T-SS s L> n "'' salt; one cup [ijur. Mix icr:p> inai-; a rich, Il3ky crust t «i' into a smooth dough. Cut and cm- n drKc:niis. m'J -'! ple-jes and -xl In the cup Ibur: o-ic :i:'-f ica-j-ojn h.ik-. in>; jiowdrr; one fourth cu;) sutar;i Blend in i-e ereahiy 5hart?ninj Tc-:r, on Is-jhlly lloiired board an.1 roll one fourlh |n;)i thick.' makes cno:i»h tioui;h for a l.ire^'i r.'jloni! p.m. UM' ;.)r apj)lr-, c!ie:'.- blue-berry or any ol'ier op?n pic. Kirhcr I'iislrv Th'B J'OC i::;. is rsDrcillly lllh:-i;]l]s ' wll.i !umon ineriii'iiii". app! : . cu;-i lard pics mid u ?!T y cl ,, t , r d pirt. I Two t-ib!fS')oo:is sliorlenin-j; on?! half cup miik: on: half CUD sirjar; , two and on? half csips Hour: on? tMspMii laki:ij powder: 0:10 t -.;•;.] NoTiid To The Gly-Cas Praise In BIytlicville Air. (if Hurt Kin,]., i n f, v(l K ( , XCS fily-Cns JUKI (|, e ]{ L ,. lls Me Hurt I5cpn Wstnl- ins for iM;tnv YC;IM n strlkhi'j fnrt thai in ji\vf»] MiITcr- NEW HAVOLINE MOTOR OIL Come in (or a crankcaseiul oi this great new oil. It's Waxfree—and Taiiree—keeps your motor clean —gives it power and pep. Tty it nit ivln-rp nil kinds nf mcdtctiiM | , n .me! lrcat:ii-uls Iwrt foiled, this InVntlr AT nnv vrgol^blc Cily-Cas Iwj itivon - JUV Jtrl Ql- rn^inJi'fp viiiffif i\\i i <p ^I-(.M,I^.-I;,,.-, I astciindT.8.1 Distriluitors Phono ^. • ,.. sas MR. !!..(;. Ill-XT of r!iemnnti.s:n. neuritis. f ,.,„, kidney, bowel (ro'ihlrs Ftesrt llio foHn-iln? prais'.n.; slatement made recently by Mr. R Ci. Hunt KH •N. ath St.. Dlytlicvlllc. v,-e:i known ln-nl man: "1 hart trfcd nil kinds of medicines before b'.it never one to equal Gly-Cas." he said. "I was mi<erab!e years r.lth stomach bowel troubles. Would becO!iic sick at my stomach after eatin;. foo<Is foiired. bloated sn. Always had to take strong laxatives to pet any action. I was in this . condition for years, then since 1 had the flu last winter my whole system seemed to go back on me. Was worn-out all the time, tired. drngTy and had no pep. But Gly- Cas wasted no time In helping trie. Khy by Ihe time I finished my second bos I was feeling like a new n-in. Gaining In weight and sirrneth. eat and sleep good and r<". ni\». It U wonderful to be : " 'veil afinii.—and 1 owe all my ,-rrwnl iood health to this one iii-.tic'nr—Gly-Cas." niy-Cas is' sold by Klrby Bros. Druj Co . and by all leading drug £iortJ> in surrounding towns. Main Son-lrr .Station niyihevtlle. Art. K. Ji. l.irkin Service SWIInn lilythcville. Ark. Shuusr-l.itdr Clirvrnltl To. niytheville. Ark. .1. «. lllankrnshlp -Sfr. Sla. Blythevllle. Ark. V. C. Williams * Sim Srrvirr. Stattun Ulyihevillc. Ark. Camv MouUrit. Tlichwny Gl, Nortli I>rll Senire Station. Dell. ArK. Stair Line Service St.illnn. I^achvillo. Aik. H. N. 1'arrnr * Sun Uo§\vuod Ridge S. Karrli YnrVjro. Ark. II. 51. V.illry Smire Station ..ArK-M:). Stnte Line Arch .). E. Hnlt.rrt tli-lway Oi. Holland, Mo. Walter Hulner Holland. Mo. I.eonarri Chevrolet Co. Holland. Mo. O. i:. Frailer ller.nouctale. Mo. J. I- l.tilicrap O.icpola. Ark. v \V. T. Thwcatl Lxixora. Ark. Hinson Scnicc Ststtnn O^ccola, Ark ,\. 1,. Sulv E.issett. Art. I 1 . M. Sotsr.iw .Tolnrr. Ark. .T. I). Vk'auchanip Manila, Ark. C. C. l^nfExton Number Nine A CO 01) O.I I, THE N-»»A GREAT Oil. NOW. IQ1A WERE ALL THE RAGE WHEN HAVOLINE It's true — there's a thirty-year tradition of quality buck of Havoline. That means something. But here is a fact that means even more to 1934 motorists. Today, Havoline's quality has been revolutionized. A patented solvent refining process has removed a harmful non-lubricating substance found in all crude oils, that ordinary refining methods are powerless to take out. A gummy, tar-forming substance {hat clogs the oil lines and may result injmpaired lubrication. Oil-tar ---- Now Havoline is Tarfrcc . . . and \Vaxfrce-tor Havoline engineers, a fe\v years a«-o, gave motorists the first ioo%-waxfvcc paranin-basc oil ---- The new Havoline is better at all temperatures. It is a money-saver; a booster of gasoline mileage ---- We advise you to try it. At all Texaco Stations and at better dealers everywhere. -If it is in this ran, you may be sure it is the new Havoline. INDIAN- REM.VIXO Co., Indianapolis, (ml. (Jffiliaie,l «ilh The Ttxas Comfany) Saturday Only MAT. imcl Nile— lflc - 2Sc| ACTION EVERY MINUTE As Ken and hlj wagon train . flghtthelr Woy through hostile Indians, prairie fires, ttorms, swollen streams and even mor» dangerous white men) With Dorothy Din, PMIo Me- Culloujh.Slory by Nate GatitrtX Dificttd by Alan James. Pro-l duc.d by Kin Maymid Pro-P ductioru. Presented by Carli PIC?U'RE. A ' k 'MAYNARO ,, a ,k A.'m u pi if. Tirst WAXFREE • Now TARFREE. Sold only i REFINERY-SEALED Cans. Sold by better dealers tnrousliout th* country and «t »11 Tev««o Stations SKUIAL - - CARTOON Sunday - Monday MATINEE & NITE—10c-35c1 Bing lingi and Carol* grows i^i neighborly CMMSE U CAROLE LOMBARD GtOROt OlfcCII BURNS & ALIEN ETHEl MERMAN LEON ERROL News Charley Chase Comedy

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