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Arizona Daily Star from Tucson, Arizona • Page 34

Tucson, Arizona
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PAGE TWO SECTION 0 THE ARIZONA DAILY STAR TUCSON, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 1970 MISTER SMITH Exonerated In Slayings Green Beret M' Donald Studying Job Offers FT. BRAGG, N.C. (AP) Capt. Jeffery MacDonald. exonerated last month on charges of murdering his wife and two children, said Friday he is considering job offers from hospitals in four states.

he had decided to take a Drunken Captain Is Blamed For Ship's Sinking CORNWALL, Ont. (AP) -The sinking of the laker East-cliffe Hall in the St. Lawrence River July 14 and the resulting death of nine persons was due to the captain's "state of plain drunkenness," Justice Francois Chevalier of the Superior Court of Quebec said Friday. "That ship and all its contents, cargo and human beings were in the hands of a blind man who did not know where he was or what he was doing," said Chevalier, who headed a federal transport department inquiry into the sinking, in summarizing his 49-page report of the hearing. He said blood alcohol analysis showed the ship's master, Capt.

Richard Groulx of Montreal, who died in the sinking, was intoxicated. tlW. THo Wif "Now there's an Black Churchmen ATLANTA (AP) Bishop John D. Bright of Philadelphia has been elected to lead the National Committee of Black Churchmen, which is in session here. Tom Inglis FLOWERS 23 62 E.

BROADWAY 622-4643 3 nquJtt, rt iX 'A He said a previous report Long Beach, was er- roneous. The 27-year-old Green Beret physician said offers to practice medicine had come from hospitals in California, New York, Minnesota and North Carolina. He declined to identify the cities. "I'm waiting to see which offer is best," MacDonald said. "I don't have to decide right now because I'm still in the Army." MacDonald, from Patch-ogue, N.Y., was charged with three-counts of premeditated murder in the stabbing and bludgeoning deaths of the members of his family last February in their Ft.

Bragg home. The charges were dropped on Oct. 28 after a closed-door hearing during which MacDonald testified the slayings were the work of mysterious intruders. job in Fake Recruiter Charged By FBI TEMPE (AP) A man who posed as a recruiter of Pan American Airlines stewardesses on the Arizona State University campus has been arrested in Marietta, the FBI said Friday. The FBI said Frank Abag-nale, 22, was held on a charge of interstate transportation of a fraudulent $221 check on the airline which was cashed Tucson Oct.

27. Abagnale, jailed under bond, reportedly interviewed several ASU coeds in early October and told them finalists would be flown to Los Angeles for further talks. Anti-Poverty Awards By DAVE GERARD ACME AIR CONWTrONEI odd situation Hold Elections Bright is bishop of the 3rd Episcopal District of the American Methodist Episcopal Cruch. He succeeds Bishop Herbert Shaw of Wilmington, N.C. as president of the organization.

flowers evil ALBURNS 3600 E. SPEEDWAY PHONE 325.2634 DEPENDABLE SERVICE FOR OVER 45 YEARS THESE FRIENDLY GARDEN LAWN SPECIALISTS AWAIT YOU at PAVLG55 to Right General' ll mm ii ii mm ii i Rep. Edward R. Roybal, D-Calif, (second from left) Inspects awards presented to (from left) Hector Morales, Alberto Sanchez and Mrs. Melissa Cooksey at the second annual Poor People's Dinner last night.

The three were honored for their anti-poverty work In Tucson at the dinner sponsored by the Pima County Welfare Rights Organization. (Sheaffer photo) LANCERS' TUCSON'S PIONEER FLORIST 18 (22-4638 Welfare Plan Defeat i i i bcored By Legislator Congress and the majority of the nation's people do not understand the problems of poverty, Rep. Edward R. Roybal, told an overflow audience at the second annual Poor People's Dinner last night. "We're fighting for the right of Americans to live in dignity," Roybal said.

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Left iMgr. Jim White, Manager, "Marshall Garvin, Buyer Jack Taylor, Mgr. Bob Mgr. JackiJ vjeorge. Police Disperse Jewry Protest WASHINGTON (AP) -Eight students, members of the Washington Committee for the Release of Captive Jewry, were dragged by police from the Tass news service office Friday after they hand-cuffed themselves together inside the building.

The demonstration, to protest what students called a kangaroo court, and show trial beginning in Leningrad this week, followed a demonstration by the same group six weeks ago at the Soviet Embassy. Tass official Artem Melik-yan, inside the National Press Club building office during the demonstration, had no comment to make, "except tape recordings for the police." 719 WINTER RYE LAWN SEED CONDITIONS ARE EXCELLENT TO PLANT NOW. Get top quality, purity, and germination seed at Payless Prices. Use 1 lb. per 60 sq.

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VERSATILE. EVERGREEN. Pill Battle Begins In Ireland Contraceptives Bill Planned By Senator DUBLIN (AP) A movement has started to legalize the contraceptive pill in Ireland. The outlook is foggy. Leading the fight is Mary Uourke.

a young woman who might have been invented by George Bernard Shaw. She is 25 and has the looks of a star actress but in fact is a flourishing attorney, a professor of law at Dublin's ancient Trinity College and a member of the Irish Senate. "I'm not rooting for divorce or contraception as such," she explains. "As it stands here the law is being used in the wrong way. If we are a democratic society we should value civil rights.

For many people, divorce and contraception are civil rights." Miss Bourke plans to introduce legislation to legalize contraception. Tackling divorce is more difficult, since it is outlawed by the 1937 constitution. To change trial would require a referendum. Like 95 per cent of the Irish Republic's population, Miss Bourke is a Roman Catholic. "The law should not be used to uphold or enforce the beliefs of any particular church in a democratic society," she says.

The first public meeting of the Irish Family Planning Assn. in Dublin recently voted for repeal of existing legislation against contraception. The chairman was Dr. James Loughran, who also heads a company running the Fertility Guidance Clinic which has operated for 20 months. Sen.

Bourke is a shareholder in this company and complains that its work is hampered by existing laws. Setting up of the clinic was a milestone. Until recently, even discussion on sex relations was taboo. Not so many years ago, girls who became involuntarily pregnant were banished from home. Another attitude now prevails, largely as a result of the example of the Catholic Church, which has set up many institutions to care for errant daughters.

Sen. Bourke says four mother-and-baby homes are willing to take in the unmarried mother and look after her. For 10 years Monica McEnroy has been campaigning for relaxation of bans on contraceptives. She is the wife of a doctor and mother of three children and has frequently stated the case for family planning on radio and television. She says: "It all began when, as a young midwife, I had to watch a young woman die through a miscarriage.

She had never been fit for pregnancy in the first place and she bled to death." The clinic began with a grant from the International Planned Parenthood Federation. Patients pay fees on a sliding scale according to means. In the first nine months only 140 new patients attended. Now an average of 40 new patients attend each week and weekly sessions have been increased from two to six. A 26-year-old mother in a letter to a daily newspaper said she had three children in five years of marriage, but her doctor refused to prescribe the pill for her, with the result that she and her husband live a celibate existence.

Oral contraceptive are imported as cycle regulators. Their unusual role gives doctors and patients a convenient justification for their us-e. Women who do not want to "go on the pill" or seem unsuitable for it are sometimes referred to doctors across the border. In Protestant-ruled Northern Ireland they can be fitted for mechanical devices. For all her confidence, Mary Bourke knows she is tackling a formidable task.

A view likely more typical than Miss Bourke's came from Mena Cribben, postmistress in the Dublin suburb of Santry. One can't plan a family." she said. "God alone decides when a child will be made. The Catholic Church has forbidden contraceptive and that In my opinion is rnotigh." Mulch Your Garden Hedges 'NIKKEI." DECORATIVE rm rv rrsrw UL-LlL With the deeper, longer sjr lasting red color, exclusive at Payless. 3 cu.

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Us 1 bog IDDADlflTAT HONOLULU (AP) Don E. Carter of the Hackensack, N.J., Record was elected president Friday of the Associated Press Managing Editor's Assn. at the group's 37th annual convention. Wendell C. Phillippi of the ORTHO, uiiuiue nuuunvi i hl Terrific Savings! At no other time can you add so much beauty and value to your home at so little cost.

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I'm absolutely astounded at the amount of talent that is locked up behind these prison walls." Indianapolis News was elected vice president for the 1971 term. Also elected were John C. Quinn, Gannett Newspapers, Rochester, N.Y., secretary; and Ernest Cutts, Charleston, S.C., Post, treasurer. Get Once-A-Year Savings Now on Westinghouse LAUNDRY REFRIGERATORS Westinghouse Permanent Press Two Speed Washer 4 Cycle 1 oooo I Westinghouse Permanent Press Two-Speed Washer Model IA4601 Wosher 5-position woter saver control with "Reseiict" setting 2 wash and spin speed selections Normal ond Gentle 14 pound capacity Ooubte-actron washing Heavy duty transmission and sosoension. TERMS FRI.

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Reg. ARBORVITAE nar- 9 4 Onlv Burlap Arborvitae, 12 thick cone shape, bright green Only DWARF GOLDEN UPRIGHT BONITA ARBORVITAE $569 mand that Congress pass the legislation for the poor that it has before it, inadequate as it may be." Roybal's remarks were pre-ceeded by the presentation of awards to three local anti-poverty workers: Mrs. Melissa Cooksey, Alberto Sanchez and Hector Morales. The crowd of 500 at the Sociedad Mutualista Porfirio Diaz included Raul Castro, the recently defeated gubernatorial candidate; Arizona legislators Bernardo M. Cajero and Manuel Pena; and Dr.

Currin Shields, president of the Arizona Consumers Council. Proceeds went to the Pima County Welfare Rights Organization. Roybal was critical of the Senate Finance Committee for its failure yesterday to approve a plan that would assure every American family of having an annual income of $1,600. He predicted, however, that the bill would be passed in the near future and that the maximum payment will be increased within three years to what he called a "reasonable level." "We don't want everyone to be a millionaire," Roybal said, "but we have a right to expect that people will not keep going to bed hungry." Roybal argued that such assistance could be provided by a nation that has the world's largest gross national product, supports a war in Vietnam, supplies a farm subsidy program for its farmers and gives aid such as the oil depreciation allowance to its industries. "With all this we could make efforts to meet the minimal needs of the poor," Roybal said.

Mrs. Cooksey was honored for her work in founding the Pueblo Gardens Day Care Center in 1967 and her subsequent efforts as the center's full-time, unpaid director. Morales is the executive director of the Tucson Committee for Economic Opportunity and Sanchez is director of the Manzo Area Council and was instrumental in founding the El Rio Coalition. Syrian Names 26-Man Cabinet BEIRUT, Lebanon (AP) Lt Gen. Hafez al Assad, Syrian strongman who seized control of the government one week ago.

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