The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 8, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 8, 1930
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, OCTOBERS, 1930 CLASSIFIED ADS BLYTHEVILLE, (AUK.)" COUUIEU NEWS •lira eenu a word for flnt in- Mtttoo tod cw Met t wort (or MC& Mibiequtnl Inter- Uon. No MlMrCMUcnt Ulw lur 1<« Uua We. Oount tt» word* icd Mod Ut* ewh. FOR SALE FOB SALE—Cash or Trade—my equity in property at 109 West Asli St., priced at a great deal below value. Dr. O. A. Caldwcll, Late, Ark. 23P-10-16 PAGE FIVE UliUIN IIKBE TODit AtTtBlure »ten Ike lift ol CELIA M1TCHUI.L. IT, whe> •>• leaima (he falter »he baa iup- M»rd 4ra4 U «llTt ••* tvrnllay. 8ke Irani her ••pretemlou* home !• Halllmure t»r a kome In Kciv Vorfc nllk her fitker. JUI1N MITCHF.LI,, ••< her urUKKraUt CrflBdMDlker, MAHGAKET ROAR H.I, her M.ilher. •'Irorcrd KIKkrll ••< m widow. fOR SALE—Brawn cloth coat, fur trimmed, size 18. $10.00. Call 875 6C-K10 FOIl SALE—Best bargain in town on Model A, 1929 Ford roadster with rumble scat, driven about 6000 miles, l» excellent condition in every way. Sec Morse and Kirsh- ucr. 7C-K14 FOR KENT FOR KENT—One of Shane opari- inunti un Wesi Main street, 'i'el- cplioiie 11)7 and 571. loll. FOB RENT-fi room Dougan. I 1 hone 334. house, 232 Itjckll FOR nEST—Furnished apartment. 108 Kentucky. Phone 683. 4P-K11 FOR RENT—Tliree room turnislied apartment. Reasonable rent. Call 158-W. 4P-KU FOR RENT—Front bed room, adjoining bath, private residence. Phone 419W. 8C-K13 FOR RENT — Four room stucco house, modern GOfi North Fifth St., Mrs. F. P. Carter. P1-KL1 FOR RENT—Steam heated, three room, furnished apartment. 603 West Main, Phone 642. 8c-ktf FOR RENT—Rooms, one week free. 914 Hearn St. 8P-K14 FOR RENT—Modern stucco residence 512 North First St., also four and five room houses. Dr. J. A. Saliba, Phono 410. 7C-K14 FOR RENT—On October 15th, modern live room house, garage and coal house at 305 North Broadway, one block from Noble Hotel. Photic 1512-F-4. 7P-K10 WANTED WANTED — Family Washings. '.Vashed »nd Ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown, 704 8- Late St. nclc-tt LOST AND FOUND hlch hung to him tightly, H H«'B got her!" tho cry runs LOST—Swan combination pencil and fountain pen without cap. Return to New Dixie Store lor reward. • GC-K9- LOST—Blnck mare. Has white feet and white spot on face. About ID hands high. Notify Alex Gibson, Burdette, Ark 6P-9 FOUND—Lady's purse with money and other articles. Owner may have same by paying lor ad and proving ownership. W. C. Cromwell, 218 W. Kentucky. 6P-K9 •jper yhotoKraphtr, IB !• Iov« nllk Ike «lrl, mmt before Itaiinr KalllMorr OJIa BrMtUrd to bi loynl to hli love, She U her new home. Jlllckfll nulli EVEr.Y.N I'.tll. HON.S. briutlful widow, to Intro- tmtf the «lrl t« yauac pcoule, Mr., Parana* (»•!•>» Celln a Meniik to VF|» MllravH'a nfieellune to her l.ouc IslnHJI 'hone fur • TOD JORIHX, InM-lnallnK rmt with H duhlou* rcputnllim, U al- tratfve tn Celin, nad Mni. Fnr«nnft encimrriKC» Ihe mulch. Wliea tbe other Kiekta leart, t'elln ennttn- Uf» her vUK. MSI DUNCAN, 10- elrtUjr imimlnmr. Invheji Celln to ftKcnri u imlwratnff iwrijr, At Ike pnrly- Celln naalM J'lrdnn. She fc\vltuN out rieroai her deplh and enll* for help. NOW CO OX WITH TIID S'lOUT CHAPTER XXIH fTMIB bright orange can bobbed 01 •^ tlia water for an Instant, then » wave, splashed over It. Tlio sec ond distress call was more fecblo then the first. Some of tho other bathers turned at tho cry, but Celta line BlniC'rf oft for herself straight ou to sea. Most of the party wen shouting and splashing In tin «urf. Others, diving from » rail evidently could not bear the girl' tbout. Jordan Had plunged after her Ills long fast strokes cuitliis th water caught attention from tlie group on the shore. "Look—someone's drowning!" Kato Duncan's hysterical soprano rose to a scream, Tlio boys on the raft turneil. Two of them dived Into tlio waves and started swimming toward Hint snot far out. where a bit of orange cap and a girl's arm. raised and struggling, coultl be seen. Jordan was ahead ot tliem. He hail nearly readied the spot. Suddenly tho oranuo cap sank from view. There were tumultuous cries from the shore: "She's gono under!" "Who Is It?" "Somebody get a boat!" "Oil. why doesn't he hurry—I" A lifeguard came racing down the beach. His absence had been against rules. With the aid of the frantic spectators he launched the lifeboat. LIsl Duncan and one o tho muu got Into the boat will him. There wns one pair-of oars Tiie lifeguard pulled on them man fully... "It's Cclla," LIsi was stammer Ing. "Cclla Mitchell! Oh, hurry hurry—!" List was crying am wringing her hands. Tiio crowd on tlio shore watc-hei »s though hypnotized. "Hfl'a got cert" . It was a youth- standing on tli raft who first saw Tod Jordan' arm emerge clutching at a figur ouder, taken up by tboso on the bore. Now tha two oilier swimmers bod cached Jotdati and Cells. They ver« trying to help him fight off lio Girl's grasping hold which kit ilm powerless. "Keep her afloat," 0110 of tin ialr shouted. "Tlio boat's nearly hero." Jordan struggled to quiet tbe ilrl. Tho lifeboat readied them, t was a matter ot several dcspcr- ato seconds to rat»e the balt-un- conscious Celia from tha water Ino tho boat. Strong *rmi reached out and pulled Jordan In. Il« fell heavily against the Bent, exhausted. T IS1 and tlio lifeguard attended ing bpme." 01 courso she's go- Th* young man wot attended other youlh tho girl wlillo tho rowed. It eccmed a long time before they reached the shore, Then tlio guard picked up CclU and carried her up tho LOST—At Hubbard Hardware booth at 1 fair grounds Shaffer lifetime fountain pen_ Return to Hubbard Hardware Co", for reward. 1P-K9 TAKEN UP--On September 20th, two black horse-mules, weight about 900 pounds, age 8 or 9 years. J. s. Trimue at Puxico Bridge. 25P-K9 TAKEN UP—On Oct. 1st., I bay more mule, weight about 800 pounds. J. c. Ellis, New Liberty. 7P-K14 beach. Ho laid her down, began to work over her. She's nil right," ho told Mil. "See—she's como loo. Want to get rid of some ot that water she swallowed. Get back, cverybodyl Get back and give us room!" His methods were effective. In five minutes Celia was able to stand and, with assistance, walk to tho club house. Jordan and the guard led her away. They wrapped her in a bathrobe and let ber lie back In a comfortable deck chair. "I'm-all rlehl" Celia InitBtM brokenly. She tried tn smile, bnt he effect was not convincing, "Darling. Just be qulot now and est. You'll feel hotter In a few Inutes," List eatd solicitously. Tho lifeguard banded Celln omethlng to drink. It won very ot and bitter, but she swallowed t. Then she leaned bcr head back nil closed her eyes. When she opened them again Tod Jordan wns beside her. Ho was watching her face Intently. Celia smiled. There was a glow if color in her ciieeka now, "You did It," sho said. "You saved my lite! How can I over :hank you!" "There's nothing to bo thanked 'or. Forget It- Feeling stronger?" She said that sho was. There was nothlug whatever wrong with licr now, but she owed this entirely to hii bravery. Jordan was modest. Anyone would have done what lie did. He just happened to see. her first. It was nothing at all. LIsl appeared and asked Celia how-she felt. Tho two girls went to the dressing room, whero Celia changed Irom the bathing suit to her tcuniE dress. Someone supplied a flannel Jacket nnd, thug Tvrapped warmly. Celia cam* hack to tbe veranda.' "What am I going to do?" List asked Jordan. "She says she won't BO home. She (3*«au:'t yant to spoil tha party." wearing itreet clothes. "I'm co- Ing to drive tier there," Cells shook her head. "Out It's nonsense. I'M perfectly all right, and I won't spoil Ubt'» nice. p»rly, I've behaved badly enough u it IE!" "Th» car'l walling." Jordan Indicated a black roadalcr with a ware ot his hand, "Coma on. We're leavlne right away." "You must!" LiBl told her. "It's aweet ol you to want to stty, Co lia, but what you need to do Is got Into bed and itay there until the chock's worn away. You don't re- allre it, but honestly you look terrible!" Protesting, Celia was led to tho waiting roadster. Sho know she was weak. That terrible, terrible moment when sho had found her self helpless still rose uu before her—frightful and unforgctahle. I,I el waved farewell as the: pulled away Sown the drlvo. Cclla dry, warm and comforlablo, smilci at the man beside her. "I've ruined your afternoon,' sbe said, "I wouldn't aay tlint." There was a pause and then Cc lln stoke slowly: "I'm aorry that I—wns rude—• when I met you today." "You mean you wouldn't want t run away from me BOW!" '"Ot course not. Why, 1 Joel owe you everything." • • • T ORDAN took ono hand from th wheel long enough to pat he arm. ".Don't say any more about that llttlo—adventure," ha told her. "U It's made you change your opinion of mo I can't even regret that you were frightened." Something In Ills volco made Cc- lla Mitchell blush deeply. Her eyes met his. Sha quickly looked away. "I don't really understand how It happened," she said, changing tbo subject, "1'vo known how to swim all my life. It's the one sport I was ever any good at. Mother taught mo when I was Bvo or all years old." 'You were out a long wuyi" Jordan said. "Probably didn't realize how far you'd goue, and those waves aro tricky. It might have been an undertow. Did it feel as though something was pulling you down?" Celia shook her head. "I can't say how it felt. It was terrible! All I remember ia try ing to light and going down and having water ail arer me and— oh, please let's not talk about ltl N The girl shlTvercfl. "That's right," Jordan agreed He managed to divert her alien tlon until tho car turned Into th drive at Larchwood. Jordan hclnc Cclli from, tho car and a uial opened the door for them. Evelyn appeared oa tho stall way. "Why, Celln," sD« exclaimed, "I ain't expecting you tioiuo so toon!" Sho hurried dowu to meet leui. Jordan explained what had liap- jencil. At once Mrs. Parsons bus- led Ihe girl to ber room. With lie mald'a asalitance she quickly ad Celia tucked iuto bed and the badoj ot the room lowered to cro- te a rosifiil atmosphere. Hilda routlit a glass ot hot milk with mtructioua for Celia to drink 11 * • • T nas pleaiant lo bo shown so much attention. Colin had rcnlly been terrified, and tho shock remained, llcactton now caused her o sink Into a deep ulcep. Slio nwoko refreshed. It was nearly sis o'clock. Celia bnthccJ and dressed for dinner. Sho foiuij Mrs. I'.irsous In tha living room, "My dear child—did you have a »J nap?" Cc-lla laughed, "Oh, yes. I'm entirely rnysolC row. Mrs. Parsons, don't you think It was wonderful of Tod Jordan to risk hla life to save mo?" "Indeed I dol" They bcurd a telephone ring. Im a moment Hilda appeared. "Mr. Mitchell la calling, ma'am," the maid said. "Mi 1 . Mllchell?" Evelyn Parsons rose. "I'll lake tlio call In the library, Hilda," When tho connection had been made, Evelyn's soft volco answered: "Yes, John. What lo It?" Tlio man's volco was agitated: "What's this about Colla nearly rownlug at tha boat dub thin af- erucon?" lio demanded. "Is U right? Newspapers havo been ailing me. Where's Cclla nowl" Telia's here," Mrs. Parsons as- urcd him. "Sho's—wait. I'll have er sncuk to you." She turned nnd ailed: "Your father wants to peak to you. Celia." Tho girl took tho telephone. "Hello, father! Yes, of course 'ra all right. No—nothing Imp- cncJ It was a swimming party mil I got out too deep. I'm ler- lb)y ashamed! One ol tho men —Tod Jordan—swam out and got nn, and then tho lifeguard brought us In in a boat. What? Oh, I rested after I got homo, and that's ill thero Is to tell. Como uomeT Oh—do I have to?" Sho turned, dismayed, to tha older woman. Mrs. Parsons look telephone and talked for several inluulcs. There was no dissuading John Mitchell. He eal-1 (Irmly that Celia was to return tho next morning. The dinner that followed was a n.ulct rnca!. Evelyn Parsons waa busy with her thoughts, and Celia mournful at the prospect of returning to tho ctty. After they aroso from tho table Celia wandered out on tho porch. Tonight the moou was veiled behind clouds, but tho stars were bright. She turned as Gbo .Ucard a volco. (To Ro Continued) New York Cotton NEW YORK, Oct. 8. (UP)— Cotlon closed steady. Open High Low Close Shepherd Dog Brings Aid to Injured Master Oct. Oct. Dec. nee. Jan. old new old new old "Lucrctln Is certainly a well bal- nnccd and spirited girl. "Well, she should be. Her father was a light-rope walker and hor mother was a medium."—Pele Mcle, Paris. I Jan. new Mar ..... May .... July 990 90G 1021 1020 1036 1031 1051 1071 1086 1017 103G 1038 1036 1048 1069 1088 1085 985 1018 1013 1032 1026 1045 1065 1082 Spols 1020, up 5, steady. 1005 1000 1033 1032 1042 1042 1062 1082 1097 V. E. WASHAM-Tnuufer Dally trips to Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight and jackages anywhere. Special r »te£ on carload lots. Local Phono 8M Memphis Plione 3-931 WERT He Makes 'Em See NOTICE With our recent partnership »|th Mr. Geo. Carney, we now bavc the best equipped Independent shop in town. CARNEY-JENKINS UAKAOE Pickwick Building "We know we-know bow" —Auto Parts— Why Pay More? JACKSON AUTO Haiti at Zlit PARTS Call 66 i Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing In Income Tar, Bookkeeping Systems Phone 5Z digram Bldg, BlythcTllle, Ark New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 8. (OP) — Cottonclosed steady. Open High Low Close Oct 931 1001 991 Dec 1020 1037 1012 Jan 1029 1047 1022 Mar 1049 10GG 1040 May .... 1069 1086 1062 July .... 1083 1100 1077 Spots 1005, up 5, steady. 1005 1030 1041 1059 1078 1097 MODESTO, Cay. (UP)—Another sample of the reasoning powers of dogs was related here by J. M. dgra^s, Coast Range mountains cattleman, wlio credits the saving of his life to Jerry, Ills fclg shepherd dog. Snodgrass was bucked off his horse and into a ravine 30 miles from the nearest town. He was Injured internally and was unable to walk. He called Jerry to him. Tlie cattleman lacked pencil or paper, and so he tied a handkerchief to tlie dog's collar and told him to go home. Snodgrass said Jerry streaked away toward the mnch. Mrs. Snodgrass said the dog came running, barking and whining excitedly. She saw the handkerchief, and. eyes, my hands, my .voice— MHS. Q.: Well, what do you att- mire about, him; MRS. P.: swers. His good 1'KErAKEDNtSS "Mose," said thu Judtje bternly, "You tire found giiiliy of having stolen two chickens from Mr. Har rlson's coop. 1'lw fine will be wich a brother-in-law, followed tlie idollars." dog back to his master. "Yassuh, judge," said Mosc, putting $10 on the Judge's desk. "Ah'b EGOTISM giving you ten bucks which wil MRS. 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