The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 29, 1931 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 29, 1931
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BLYTItEVILLR, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ! THE mATriEviLLE COURIER NEWS I THE COURIER NEWS CO, PUBLISHERS ! C. B. BABCOCK, Editor H. \V. HATNES, Advertising Manager Sole Nations! Advertising Representatives; The Thomas F. Clark Co. Inc., New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas, Ban Antonio, San ftancisco. Chicago, St. Louli. Published Every Alwnioon Except Sunday. Entered as second class inatltr at the post oflicn al Blylhevllle, Artansas, under act of Congress October 9, 1817. Served by the United Press SL'ftSCHlPTION KATES By carrier In Hie clly of lily'.hoville, lie per week or $6.50 per year In advance. By rnsll within a raoliu ol 5C mUea, 13.00 per year, $1.50 (or six months, 85c lor three months; oy oral! Ui pcsla! ior.cs two to sljc, Inclusive, W.50 per year, In tones seven «d eight, $10.00 per year, payable In edrtcce. | II An American Dynasty Philip, F. La Folletto, 83-ycnr-o!il governor of Wisconsin, who was literally sucked into office last fall by Hit; iimlerlow oS reaction from the 1928 Hoover tidal wave, is displaying » degree of sliiUsinaii.ship that has astonished, if it has not always converted, even his hittere.-l political enemies. Pre-ekdioii apposition to this youngest of the l.a Folk-He family was based on the charge that regardless of the principles he professed, and they seemed very bad to the old lin= Republicans, hi3 youth and inexperience made his elevation to high office a dangerous tiling. Now they are admitting that whatever else may be the matter with him ability and training for n big job are not among the things he lacks. Here is material for nn interesting line of thought. In the days when monarchs governed their subjects under mandate, or at least KO it WHS believed, from God, the wiser of them took pains in the education of their heirs lo bring them up as competent Viders, That they were in a measure successful is attested by the fact that they maintained ' their dynasties for centuries. The', end, it is also worth noting, usually came after the crown passed to the shallow pate of some weak or self- willed prince upon whom the educational process had made tittle impression. The founder of the La Follctle dynasty was wise in the way.i of rulers. From earliest childhood Phil La Follette and Bob, his cld;r brother, now United States senator, learned at their father's knee the principles and the methods which made him for a (|imrtcr of a century virtual dictator of th? government affairs of an American stale. When- he died they were ready to I'll! his -shoes, and now it is said that the education of a governor has already commenced with Robert M. La Follelie III., aged live or thereabouts, heir presumptive to the throne of Wisconsin. Now there is no doubt a suggestion here for politicians ambitious for them- ?elv-:s and for their ; ons. To them we would point out that the lirst plank in every La Follette platform was the declaration, "A Public Ott'ice Is a Public Trust." The man who seeks or uses public office for his own benefit, or to serve the selfish interests of his friends, neither deserve? nor is likely to hold public confidence for long. The founder, in a democracy, of a political dynasty, must have the ability and the will to serve th; interests of the rank and file of the people, The enthusiasms of the moment pa-s, ami the most strongly knitted political machine* crumble and decay, but the lov-a ar.d the confidence of tlie people, nurtured by unselfish and far-seeing service, are a bulwark against political adversity. A Princess Marries That 'recent wedding of the Osage Indian princess, who was "bought" by tho bridegroom for -18 ponies, a >ilk flag and a new automobile, seems to us to have been an extremely fitting and proper pageant. It was a ceremony carried out in the old Indian tradition, with tho automobile as the only modern note-, and it made 1 interesting reading. Of course, it was all pretty expensive for tlie bridegroom. In addition to offering all of those gifts he had to untcrtain lf>0 of lite brids's relatives for a solid week, providing a great feast for them every day; and the whole thing must have run into money. Hut after all, Indian princesses don't get married every day. By all of our traditions, they are romantic figures, and it is only fitting that they get married in a romantic manner. THURSDAY, JANUARY 20, 1".;1 SIDE GLANCES By George Clark , »v ^?<ta ^- .5J^NCA_SEm';cr. IKC. nco. U..S, PAM>rr,_ "Cnn't you loan mu a liver fill you find a show I've Iji'cn broliu fot- eight inimlhs now." "Foeman and Friend" There is something very iip in that story about tlie Confederate veterans nt the George Confederate Horns, in Atlanta, who unveiled a bron/.e plaque the other tiny to Alexander H. Wray of Patchogue, N. Y., a veternn of the Union army in the Civil War. Ever since 1007, Wray has Riven his entire federal pension to the Confederate Home—a total of more tlinn SaOOO; and the plaque expresseil gratitude lo "a brave foe who was in heart a friend.". One feels that it would be nice to know this man Wray. How nuu'h trouble, misunderstanding ami suffering could not have been avoided if all of iiis comrades in arms had felt toward their former t'oemcn as lie felt! WASHINGTON LETTER Tlicir height for Hm first period *as 159.5 ccnllnietcrs, tlie second period 1GOO, and [he third period 101.0. The lung capacity increased frcm 150.0 to 1G0.1 and lo 165.6. The girth of the »al';«t from 18.1 lo 80.7 and the Ihlrd group has nlso a girth of D1.7 Finally, the vital lnde\ increased i from 13.2 to 13 8 These (.Indies Indicate thai the girls entering col- lef.-'s today tire laller, heavier, somewhat younger, and. In general, of better physical vigor than the girls of 30 and of 45 years aso. 'Oils is probably due to better health conditions In homes and to the application of Lvnter methods cf hygiene find more healthful living. BE SURE YOU'RE RIGHT. COM PF.UL JCRES oiraV SEWE OiIuV U^DER-f'c Bl.'.HJiCBN I us URHV pf •'MIBLY itetWfTE! IBS REVOLUTION HE BECBl.lE UK RD'.URflL WftE NMY. MONITOR'S LAUNCHING On Jan. 20, 1862. the Monitor, the first successful Iron-clad vessel In the history of the United States navy, was launched at Grccnspoint," L. 1. Ridiculed at flis: as impractl-1 ' cal. because of its oJti pillbox j 'shape, tho Monilii!' proved its; worth n few moiit'-is later when it j met, tho strong Confederate craft j Merrhnac and ioeccd it to retreat In a disabled condition. Two montlis after this victory (he Monitor, with other Federal vessels, made an unsuccessful attempt to capture Richmond. The famous ship ended its career on Dec. 31, 1802. when it floundered in a storm off Hatteras and sank with four officers, and 14 men. rrrshlenl Hoover When Hu's In u! the. Show anil 'Hull's He. Dislikes ilic Sciialt BY RODNKY Dltt'CHEU NKA Service Writer WASHINGTON—A few monil;.; ago Mr. Calvin • Coolidge v, .< .nvlled to n meal at the \Vh:t? Department Called to Extinguish Grass Fires Two grass fires and a roof fre it)at resulted in but slight damage ] kept the city vre department' on ' tlie jump early tociny. The grass fires were both on Kentucky Avenue only a short distance a[jart. The first alarm nas sent in frcm thut section this morning and (he second Ihe afternoon. dirnl. dcllbuaiivc l:cc!y which was cxpeci-ed to yive an uninllucnccd lepcrt on pro'.iibllion and other problems in law enforcement, has been regarded by some ns Hoo- The roof of a residence on South ver's messenger boy, I Division sired was slightly dam- The president got in the ccmmisslon's early days, lo jam through a preliminary prohibition report and some sug- hOUGH OF EBGLES Cfl!5i?Y- lilSOFF GCLDRENHfJE LJ.S. B:OLO<SitBL S SINGLE INSTANCE IHMO3T11 rf~ i inr"in"n>iOTnr ti.H U ML11 TC; a r.y Gear:;!.' \V. 1 called my hired man and bin- • to th: run-do.™ euidl'.iun of ;lr in-law over last, night . tniil told Cimrch propeily and less in muii- them Ihal it looked like we were bc j s h m in for trouble with our Church. nl cre and preach about the things I listed alitr , gU ))c Wickersham, ag^d by fire tills morning. House and there were olluib gesled enforcement measures be- there and there cnmc a lime when Mr. Cooliclso said to Mr. Hoover: "Mr. President. I cnn't a-juv wllh you I'.to'.it that." And one of the While Hou>: secvctarics whispered to Ihe ur.iu next lo him at" the table: fore the commission had a chance to take a good Icok at prohibition. The recent charge Ihp.l the president had dictated al'.cralion of its finnl ccnclusions and rccom- mendtitions came as a Joll to nearly everyone, but nevertheless "That's the- first time anyone | t'.ie preside:-.! f.ecms lo gel, what ever said that to the chief." Mnyte the story Isn'! true, t I A student nt an eastern college rcviroiUsml Ihc official colors of his school by sclfutifie. expcrlmciu. He is reported to have dyed for his Alma Mater. If a modern American city had feeling, the first thing 11. mighi complain about Is Us joints. Ruth St. Denis says t'.iat dancing will soon dominate the sports world. She is a little law in her prediction. Uasoball pitchers have fjr sometime put. n "hop" on the ball, and \vrcJ5l- leis have always been known to fling. A new book has been written dealing with Adam and Eve. Will tliey cal! Ihis "Ihc book ol the year—1"? Then there's the witty reii-iiaircd hair drei- scr who called herself a beau-titian. OUT OUR WAY. By William '1 wouldn't, be passed on IKTL- U didn't ccme from a prelly gooo' iource. Such a story comes to mind as one reflects on Mr. Hoover and ils present, position, especially with iciiard to his troubles ess and" the rspcri that he made Ills Wickershmu coinmls- ••Inn abandon ils Intention to recommend a revision of ISIh amendment. H becomes more and more obvious that Mi'. Hcovcr is only he wants outside of Congress a. but! well as the fact that he dominates the Government and all its branches, wherever there is no constitutional division of authority. » * * Tlie instance of the Wlckcr- shain commission is not an isolated cue. It was Mr. Hoover! with I who promoted and endorsed the | eastern railroad consolidation,! bringing obvious pressure to bear: en Ihe Interstate Commerce Com-1 mission whose members arc presi- dciuially appointed but whicli is supposed to reach its conclusions with entire Independence. Hisj Fire Chief Hoy Head this afternoon issued another warning against negligence In the burning of refuse and grass in alleys and yards which arc permitted to get beyond control and necessitate fire alarms, ar.d resultant expense to the city. He advised thai all persons who must make such fires have available a garden hose of sufficient water to' control the bloze. The I ^r.po-.'iuure of the body ordinarily highest lowest, at 2 a. in. Board. I've been running our Church for the pas;, fifteen years and :iu-.v the other two members early In | of the Board have tried, with the help of the new Preacher, to get the number of Board Members increased from five to nine. I Jus; \ kncv; there was something up when this new Preacher began to talk about such a small Church Board and I just gave him to understand that I did not need a lot of men to help me run things; that ; with my fifteen years cxp;riencj I; could manage in the future as well as the past. The Preacher said he thnue'ic that was true but since. the community had more than trebled in population in the past' ten ; ear^> our meir.bershiu £houi:i be le.rgei\ That now it mure than fifty per cent less than it; '.vas tc:i years ajc, although h: tiii' him ;;n:l Church for the would get alciis ail rigiu.' ![ he keeps en he- v.ill find out I'm a man that- will not stand for :. Preac'ier running my Church. We::. I s.e now he is full cf "hijh-ful- utiiiii" notions and I think I yoin£ to have to gtt riti of hi::: and T think lie sees thru and thai is why he wants a larger Uoard. WeU—let him try It. Tile clii^f export cf ihe United States Is coucn. :-n:l of'.a. the thunder t^'.ic-:. for mile's at G p. m. and not want to hurt my feelings, bat lie did want, lo call my attention Rear! Courier N wishes were carried into ctlectj commission j happy when he can boss the show undliiiuled power. That | B -hcn ih; new power doesn't mean that he is just j Urn! SolUMtcr Rnssrii and Clue!. "bc.-'sy" In any offensive .-cnse.i Accountant Kina. lit was thought; fundamental belief of his, It is which he has expressed, th.-.i responsibility in oncratlna a project should be centered on OIIL- man and taat there should be no division of au'.horily. Nairn-ally, a balky Semi-.- which refuses to cc-oprrnle with til'-- ad- minlstintlon to the point of cfccy- ine its wishes, appears to him to present a snag in what otherwise would be the efficient, openiiion of government. He has ulivay:. been Impatient with those w:-.3 di-a- prced wlUi him ' and. a'.'l-.iiri;h loyal and vahuible to Ins superiors wlien lie his h.u: si:- tin- pcriors. has acl:;:vcd ill! succc.sjcs in such ensue :-.oUl diclatorshi]) over tlcular field of cftori. Tint's one reason why it come about that 'Mr. HODVOV has has re- o b? ki-liind the stee.m roller ai j the 1 child health conference/ wliich trice! ;o set child health work away from the Children's Bureau I and'into the U. S. Public Health] Service. The Red Cro:-:; has been, shewing that if responded com- j plctcly ^to lii:; inliucncc. The cab-; met. "some of its own members, privately admit, has become a group ol While House servants! who no longer presume to advise the president at Iheir reiular meetings. Mr. Hoover, it appears, some- limes seeks information but never advice. • * « Whether public opinion will eventually be found largely in support of Mr. Hoover nnd his theory of the executive power is an in'.ercsling matter for specula-] lien. The country has no great; bin Rn:-(!.- Ihc Sennio wilh mo-.c.isiivj j love for Congress, hatred and the Senate hi..-. IT- ' ness depression has mac.e tv.ined the sentiment in klml. than ordinarily dillicnli for Ihr president lo attracl sympathy and aid Both Hoover and iiis con• doing I Outside CoiiRre>.s Mr. Ih>av;r re:'.:r.s with undisputed aii- ihcriiy. W;i-.erslmm. supi:»..\l to yrcssional opsiouenti. their utmost to se!l their sides ol of an i;i.i:reju-! the case to the people. Co-Eds Today Are Healthier Than Those of 30 Years Ago the bnsi- j it more I BY nil. AIOKIMS risiinnx ; fix Titl'lrr. Jauriuil (*f Ilic Amrriean'of As>nciAtinii. ami of llv- Eri.i. tho Hrnlth Masaztnr- Ti'.o point been!2 rc- i:-;s <;;u!irrt; ~ iciwvui v.crc ; 3)1 ovrr ll'.c rr.invtry. In r-omo i the CCIK-EL-S 1) • uiailivbtc I records g? b.^ck ns [at .is Ifiol. 'I'll: tct:il number of Ihc- y! from 1882 to 1015. Iti !?30 another F'n.iy \\^ T:U:|.' cl llu- trcsnn-.nn qirls from (H? tuir.e flvr ira;:tntioiis Tl-.c 11011115 pal llcul.irly noted une aso. wclgiU Uclchl. lini^ cv>p.inty. Eirlli n! thp <=' li iU: n yeais a', .'.vr iiui.i'd ir.:-. t'.'.; litlb over ITi y i:uv, sh.-.v in ihc r'-.y-, alcviAl con- i r. o?;;\^' peilwls o-. r.,rii. ;he fi^- : ;,. in Hit sec- f. In the li'.ir.i • ! 'NOW WE ARE THREE" Katherine and Bill—what fun it is to know them! They seem to get so much out ol' living. You met them just alittle over a year ago — the week before they were married. Ten days later it gave you a pleasant glow of anticipation to receive the trim card tolling you when they'd be "at home." And today you got another card, headed "Now we are three!" Bill's signature comes first, then ine's, and then- the guided, chubby scrawl of the newcomer, Jeremy. You Happen to know that although he is in line for an important promotion, Bill's present salary isn't large. Most other young couples would consider themselves "up against it" ii' they had to manage on so little. Yet Katherine and Bill maintain a standard of living that is the admiration of all their friends. You know how they do it, for Katherine has told you. They budget all expenditures. And when they decide a purchase is to be made, whether it is a new shade for-the reading lamp, or a suit for Bill, or shoes for Katherine, they study the advertisements until they find just what they want for the price they can pay. Careful, budgeted buying oi' consistently advertised merchandise enables them to get the most out of their dollars. It's a wise baby that picks parents like these. Take-advantage of theadvcrlist'Mi'nir, They arc your guide to praflinbic baying

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