The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 9, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 9, 1936
Page 3
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.'THURSDAY, JULY 9, 1936 Demonstration Club News Notes '> Hcgwoud Club 'llio Dogwood Home Demonstration dub liiul a meeting Wcci- ni'ulay lUtmiooi), ul the home or Mi'n. Henry Lutes. Tlic feature of tlie I'ncetlng was n Uilk ijy Miss Com Leo Colciniui,| t'ouniy home demonstration agent, | who siH)ke on "Canning." Slie' I'oncliiUed her talk with an outline of Hie rest camp, to lie held at camp Pike the first week In Ceiilemrjer and urged the women lo attend. Reports were given by these chairmen: Mrs. W. J. Ruigln, lioiiH'liold manageincnt; Mrs. E. M. Mumligo, gnrdcnlng; Mrs, Curl <->i-een. yard improvement; Mrs. M. T. Queen, poultry. The 24 prc.sent were served refreshments by the hostess, assisted by her dnueliter and daughters in taw. The next meeting will be held nt the home of Mrs. Shed Ilevill on Wednesday, July 22. Huff man News Mr. and Mrs. Hulon Holme? of Osccola, were here Saturday ' for .n short visit with Mrs Ella Rav metlicr of Mrs. Holmes. Lorella, daughter of Mr. ami Mrs. George CnssWy, Is ill frum pneumonia at her liome Mr. and Mrs. Harry Sponslcr ml smii, Gary, Mr. and Mrs. l.iylor Adams and •daughter Hnt- tic Fern, and Miss Helen Swat-' •fora, of St. Louis, were week end visitors here. Mrs. Mattie Whltc- Imrct and daughter. June mother ami sister of Mrs. Sponsler and; Mr. Adams, returned with tlicm^ in St. Louis Sunday. i Mr. and Mrs. Walter. Campbell,' ol Bay, Ark., were guests Sunday or Mr. and Mrs. Bill Perkins. Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Moore, Mr anil Mrs. B. II. Williamson D W Blankeiislnp, Mrs. R. H. Green and Mrs. Fannie Copeland called "t the homo of Mr. and Mrs Steele Peery Tuesday after lenrn- mg of the sudden illness of thei son, Elmer. Shanty Town Doomed ''• Near Utah University SALT LAKH CITY (UP) _ Six University o f Idaho summer s°s- Eion students, arriving wiivi trailer IIOHSCS to live in "Vandalville" shanty town section near tha university heating plant, found themselves without homes. ' Moscow city health'officials ruled IViat "Vandalville" must be. dismantled because of health conditions, -some'20 students lived there In trailer, hojises during the school : yrar.:. ** Q- .! > ........ ^ ., j , Rial ty Warranty Deeds Klcldcr Institute to R. p. Kirsh- »ci-, lot 3, block 3, Heiun addition to Blytlievillc. Bcaiis arc seeds, cnbbagcs nre Icme?, onions are bulbs, polntoc.s are tubers, radishes nre roots, and tomalocs arc fruit. ATE word from Washington is llic new Orcsjou territory fi-ntciminl stump win go on fivs't day sale July ].|. The Mnmp will tic 3 cents in value nnd will be tin sizf.- of the current special delivery st.-mip. First day sales will bo held only in Lewistoii, Idaho; Astoria Ore: Missoula. Wont.; Walla Valla. Wash., and Daniel. Wyo The central design will be an outline map of the old Oregon territory, which ,HW comprise! Idaho. Oregon, and Washington and parts of Montana ami \Vyo- , minK. The map will show Ihn old « Oregon Trail and historic point* I in this territory where (hit day sale; will be made. First day covers may be sent lo postmasters at each of the cities mentioned, accompanied by postal' innnpy orders covering llic cost of lie stamps required. Not more tlian 10 covers may be sent to each postoflice. The Washington Airmail Society has ] c d a movement requesting the Postoflice Department to include a new G-cent air- mail,,, !„ ils 1>roi , OSC( , nnd navy scries. The army and navy set, by the way will be delayed somewhat in production. First issue is not ex- peeled until about the middle o( August. • stj Looking ahead to I9M, a special .-•rtmimission is plannin K a rcqllcsl lor a stamp commemorating the «lh anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. 000 The C-ecnl Crater Lake stomn of Die National Parks scries , s ' 0| <1 cut, at Hie Philatelic ARrm.v I" Washington. The rest of the scries, although slill obiainoMc, does not ofTer very Kond spcci-' tnciis for collecting purposes. JLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Ensemble A PRINTED chiffon cape over rt rose pink chiffon evening gown makes n charming ensembletfor summer dancing. A cluster of multi-colored ribbons at the shoulder is a nice departure from .the. ubiquitous floral cor- sage'and is colorfully in Steeping with the summer tradition. (From Slein and Blaine, New York) Great Magnetic P.ock, Indian Landmark, Found GRAND MAKA'IS, Minn. (Ul>>-An ancient huulmhrk, the fi\:ti magnetic rock on, the Ountllnt ninijcr district,'was uncovered recently by an old selller. Tlw settler, following llic VIIBIIO dlrecllons of Indians still llvlivj I" .Ihc uren. found the 42-l'oot KX* niul directed rnnser.s lo Its locution. The landmark Is of ijuiy 4ranlle, pcriirmilcuhir on all sides, «"cl nuisnctlzed lo n (ilgli decree. Churlcs Swuiuon, nsslilHiil rnu- uer mi the Ounlltiit dlstrlpt, foiiiul Ills romiuss failed In' tlie vicinity "' tlie boulder. PAGE THREE , forests, 70.CCC.OGO [ic:vs FLUSH OUT 15 MILES OF K DNEy TUBES Medical aulliorltles ngrecHint your Kidneys etninln 15 Jlllol of liny i«i lf , PT.,' 1 '"H . w '''<'li hel|> 10 nuriry lhi> »looa mill kec|> you heallhy. Amount cS^^i^i^;^'^^ i fort, |J,o iti iiiic" j,"Vl.hty tiilics jicp.l ilushliiK 0111. Tl,|s ilaiisia .. il may Ije (lie Leulnnliiir of ii'Vi- i fc-iiiB biiekucho. leg ivilnst loss uf iwi" nnrt cnwKv. L-r-in,,,. up n ] Kt ,' iSi m .[, tl ( j ,ij.f ''''i'" 1 " 'ioii"'cmiily 3 pints u I nZ,°i!! ? 0t?oi rl '' o'»'oro limn i I n^T °, u ' asl0 ' 1'olaonous niiiltor D»'l w™«. ft Aif ^rtSw'fit 11 ^ Ooiuia 1'ills, whieh Imve been u.wi: .HiicVossfully by iniillonu of people fo' over (0 years. Tlicy give liappy relief Jnlw W^SS °,>o, l n'.° s 'ASL":r your ilrugBlal. - i -— -,r+- •—•-•-« <**jr-a f •^f • ,Mt"-^''5',r^ "THESE- -VALUE'S /CAN'T ,*'/. i^M »p BEATEN!" , . ' ^ J « 89c .81-OOGlyCas $1-00'Wampole Pt-eparation 89c Sl.OO Cardui W1GGLY CRRZ££ PKICRS FOU 'X33i)f^i»rsH?^ivj}VH:j»ij i •MMWHHiMl lb. 3c Lui'Kt' ^(i()s Do/t'ii aa»as iS3E?£ajn Karjn4H«; 6 ... H a. »,>""^ J /S,i #»*£as£!A!£K6»iBaj,:cj«Kaej Lai'H'o IK'Hd.s Knoh Gn linn Hi'iwi'k .Iiijj- f-nsiSEixKssMKfarfiai Oranges •\mc.y Calif. Do/.cn Cucumbers Wesson Oil '•••iBHHMHBB^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H^BM Wescolea Krchli I'otiiul Pin I one Can 66 Qiiui-1 ini. Can 46 lANSj^^ (^KINNKIt'S Miminmi or -J >>C -' 1^ C SpsiKhi-lli. 2 (or 10 liollk- c 23 (J coiffl ^^K,.ir KL.Vd Fly S])ray~HlC I'inl Mi-; .i.'i I't. ^1 Out H jf oh ,<(.' Lai-sc- It;ir 4 Lb. KREMEL n y"Lh 4 C KELLOGG PEP , k , 10 C JulTrev's f) Id Ibs -I5t ; ; 5 llw L Palmolivc f^C Hur 0' POST " ItAN KLAI S 10° IJMES I'Vir Ice Twi \'i Lh. Bour. Juicy -jC M M LI,. . ale '/2 Lb. , 43,: SARDINES I)cl ^ 15° Gay 1AC White JU I'hnn,. -Jfi- i,\ n-r, . " c - > " u y :is your physician orders. _ """ I( " ]hls ' Sm ' lce - - - -We WiHCall For and Deliver Your Prcsc SHAVING NKEJ)S 3oc Inffram's. Cream 23c 50c Mermen's (Ircarn :>!)c 35c HarliaKoI Cream . 2-lc Knilcrs 'Razor and 1'lu;. liliidcs. SI. 25 value ;)5c fiiHettc Kaznrand I>kg. lilade.s.' SL50 value .|<)c 75c Shavincr lirusbc.s .-l!)c . I'OWDERS, KTC. .'itlc Mexican Heat I'owdcr . ....... .•. li)c 25c Ammens Heal Powder 25c Zinc Slcaratp SOc Mcnncn ]<lr I'owdcr . ...... .*... ;jflc 25c Johnson's Baby I'uwder " . . . ..... . . SI Mennen's 'liaby Oil SIk 25c Alholcnc liaby Powder ....... ... l<tc I'OR THK HAIR 75c Fitch Shampoo .. f>!)c SI.fin Van Ess S1.l)!l 75c Vaseline Tonic .. (ifli $1 Lucky Tiger Sflc ")flc Henna San ;j!l c McKesson Hose Oil .. 2r>r Cameo liriiliantinc .. lOc $1.25 Argotaue Tablet* 98c $1.00 Alarm Clocks 89c $1.50 Citrocarbonatc $1.29 Jewel, L!i I7e .lewd, .'! I,b. .. 4!)c 5" Ib pail 29c 10 lb pail 55c DENTAL NICEIW OUTINfJ -StJI'l'LItiS Halli. Suits Sl:2!t linthin;- Caps ____ 2')c U» - ;•! o, O.'UInn "SI'.a!) Out ing- ,\\]gs, i/f Gal. 9Rc ,'!5c Chiimucrliiins Remed liciw Hitb Howl x 1'owdci;.. X^S aiiij Paste ..;. ;i!)c Rcnie'dy . . . f. v. SOc 1'clieco I'owrier . . ,'ii)c Sfle Aliss. Cordial Lis'.erine I'aslc ,''.. l!)c 30t Grove's Flab 25c JMoKesaon's Paste, 2 Tulics for ...... 3fx: Skcclcr Chaser . '.'. GOc McGee's Elixcr .'!5c's Ronu'dv .. 2!)c BWOHBOY- \!ri^KX- > VEAH-AND 40LF IS UKr? DEALIN6 WITH "THE FIRST) MIRACULOUS ' (»*KEPiTABLE I EVER v PLAYED/ J> ONCE \OO START ALWAYS COME BACK FOR MORE/ Watermelons 28 lo •10 Lb. Aver. Peanut Butter •fl2-0i!. Jar. Kach Ki-0/. Jar • Knch : Assorted Kliivors :i for Avdndalc Larifc Z'/> Can E 1 Devils I-'ood «>fj(j ICach " 0. K. •A liars I!) m p(]Y Siuigliclti inc K-U'l 01 - Soup 1'J '-ALOLII'HS 1f;c ^» Larj;c Siv.c lt>' I'I' JAHS r 'Mil r>">c: Quart (ii)c; >/,' Gal. O.'.c Kaeh r ci-ouKs ;to to i(ic GO Watt 1U 'roSr^l^nf I7DC" Gniham-inc M'O LJi. I/ PINTO>BEANS,oL,,39 c BROOMS FLY SPRAY 1<r T423 u r< FRUIT JUICB me IC1! -tl\C Can 10 CANDY Cliocolntc Hindquartcr Pound Id A Forequarter •***' Pound COVES iX R "L. 25° MOTOR WL 2(;: ;LS5° "•••BBHl 15c FRESH FISH HIVKIJ CATFISH or FJLLKT HADDOCK, Lb. Wis. Cream ' Lb. t Cot I acre. Hulk 191C -2 —^^^^^^^^^^m^m Sliced Bacon Kwick Krisp, lb . 32c Salt Meat For Boiling, lb . Me Spring-Fryers Dressed Hens FRANKS Or Woiners T7IC ers -J7IC Lb. H2 GROUND BEBP F T£ IT? C. Q. liccf Tender. Delicious Thick Rib, Pound Choice Milk Fed Calves Chuck, Pound 19c ISc SIRLOIN STEAKS C. Q. Hcef Pound 35c Veal Cliib Steaks Or Chops Pound POKK SADSAGE,,!? NECK BONES 7 1C Lb. I 2 SPARE RIBS VEAL 19c • For ,S(ew 101C LI), lu-2 PIG LIVER. Sliecri ri 1 ° Wilson Half or Whole Tender Naked Pound 49c Home Baked Pound 70c FLOUfi I Little Kihy 21-Lb. Silck . ! 79c •!S-LI>. Such 5,1.55 ,1 Bakings- Powder t)-0/. Can . .. <Jc. HJ-O/. Can .. 2lc

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